the Remnant Cycle #1 / The Plex - KamiRoxyWrites (2024)

Chapter 1: Chapter 0; August 8, 12 pm

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---Chapter 0; August 8, 12 pm---

A board of businessmen sat around an oval table in an office. The sun high in the sky above them in the high rise office as they speak with each other in whispers around the table. The room was a medium-sized office space that could sit a band of businessmen to discuss the business in solitude. The table was littered with paperwork, contracts, business mail, and several other pieces of information to the business. The many people seem worried as they spoke, looking around the table at each other until the meeting begun. This was Fazbear Entertainment, and it has been struggling to get ends meet. Fazbears as a company had struggled for a long time due to past business men making terrible choices and being the epicenter for disaster. The company actually started as a small home business in rural Hurricane, Utah as ‘Fredbear’s Family Diner’. It was spear-headed by two men, one who had an eye for business and one who knew how to make robots that were so life-like it was like they had life of their own. Both men had worked hard to ensure the success of the restaurant, but when the man behind the machines seemingly abandoned His part of the arrangement, the businessman took it within His own hands.

However, as time moved forwards, strange things began to happen. It seemed like the very spirit of Freddy’s became haunted by horror after horror. The machines seemed like they were on the fritz, attacking and brutally killing people. It wasn’t until the FBI got involved with the murders did it get revealed that both men had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. The new CEO’s of Fazbears, mainly those who had shares in the company, tried to revive the magic of Freddy’s, but it seemed like everything they tried went wrong. Their most recent attempt in massive rebranding was hiring out a VR developer to make a Virtual Reality game that players could interact with to play minigames and make light of the incidents of Freddy’s throughout the years as horror games. The idea centered around hiding in a security office and trying to fight off killer robots, but as the game was continued it started causing problems.

For one, several Beta-testers reported issues like strange AI and creatures in game that didn’t make sense based on what the code was creating. Strange things happened to people who Beta-tested the game, with even one being completely brain-drained after playing. It was like His soul was completely broken and shortly after had cut off His face with a guillotine paper slicer. After the death, the game was halted and considered a failure. However, not before another game they designed also began to fail. It was another office-based survival but on people’s phones and took advantage of a person’s home using Augmented Reality that made the game look like it took place in your home. But then shortly later, people who failed minigames or even looked towards the robots seemingly disappeared themselves before randomly being found in various locations…left brutally murdered. Shortly after, security within the game became worrying as players were being sent corporate emails that should have been private. Between the security, death, disappearances, bugs and broken features…It was eventually discontinued. Fazbear fame was becoming empty, with several people on the internet thinking at first that it was some crazy joke…but the strange deaths were certainly impossible to write off.

The men were running out of funding and running out of ideas. On top of that, the main holders of the brand of Fazbear LLC were looking for a step forwards with the company. Whilst many of the men in here had not met Them, They expected something out of these men. “Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we begin?” One of the men at the end of the table said. He wore a black suit with a tie with the characters of the company printed onto it. The cartoon animals smiled without a care in the world, unaware of their creators’ afflictions and tribulations. The atmosphere of the room got stiff as everyone began to pay attention, desperate for an answer. “So…we can all agree that the last few games were a rough patch, but we can all agree that…” Suddenly one of the CEO’s jumped up from his seat. “Let’s face it, Mr. Alex! This entire ‘revive’ is cursed! If we are to believe that whatever program screwed up the entire system was cause by those BASTARDS, are we to believe anything else these men has touched is worth our time?” He exclaimed, sitting back down and shaking. “Now now, we still have one more chance to pull this around! Who are we? We are the face of Freddy Fazbear and the industry that Henry and William left behind so long ago. We can do this, we just got to get our winning streak. I know things have been tough, but we just need to get that one idea and maybe…just maybe we can make things good again…for us, and are families.” Alex then turned to one of the gentlemen at the table, as He pushed up his glasses. “Mark, I hear that the folks upstairs wanted to spitball us an idea?” Alex asked, leaving the board to him.

The man stood to his feet, fixing his black suit, and fixing his slick, black, soft hair from his face. His black beard matched His hair and looked well groomed. His eyes had a glow in them that felt alive and free, like he believed that he himself would save the Fazbear name. He was a handsome man, also being the tallest in the room. He had an air of confidence to him. He was actually the nephew of one of the original owners of the Fazbear company that was left behind so long ago. He knew what the company needed thanks to the owners laying it down for Him and Mark coming to give them the help they needed to push forwards.

He stood at one end of the room with a clicker, cleared his throat, and began. “Freddy Fazbear’s pizza…a place where fantasy and fun come to life…That is the slogan we started with so long ago. My Uncle believed that this place would bring joy and laughter to so many people. I still believe in my Uncle’s legacy…and so should you.” He gave a breath and a smile as he clicked his clicker, an image of Freddy’s head looked towards the men and gave a small wink as it smiled.

“Think, what if we filled people with the fantasy they could never even think of! We assume the best way of marketing is making a dime a dozen locations with moderate greatness or mediocre equipment…but what if instead of putting our eggs everywhere, we put them all into one basket and make something completely unique?” He clicked the clicker a few times as it flashed through old locations of the pizzerias’ throughout the years. Many of them looked old and decrypted, with many looking awful to even the CEOs. “What if we made something to show the real glamor of Freddy’s? What if the entire pizzeria was an amusem*nt park that people from around the world could see? I say…what if we offer them a place where fantasy and fun don’t just come to life, but are served in more ways than one? Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you, Fazbear’s MegaPizzaPlex.”

Pictures of blueprints flashed onto the screen, as Mark went through the design of every course and location within the mall. “What Freddys needs is an upgrade! Flashier designs! Bigger attractions! Cheesier pizza! Anything that a guest could want and more…” He said, smiling at his creation. The company was enthralled, listening intently to the designs and everything being presented. “Now wait just a minute…what happened to foxy?” One of the businessmen said, scanning the picture for the lovable fox. “Well it’s very simple, give the audience something new! Foxy’s still around in a side show…but he isn’t a part of the main cast really…In fact, why not I show you the new crew huh?” He said, clicking the clicker a few times and stopping on a picture of the four robot.

“Glamrock Chica, Glamrock Bonnie, Montgomery Gator, and of course the star of the show…Glamrock Freddy!” Each one of the animalistic animatronics had a wonderous coat of paint on them that made them look like giant toys. Glamrock Chica was a white chicken with a style of something out of 80’s fitness commercials, with the big green earrings and pulled up hair with a pink bow. Monty Gator was one of the newest characters of the group. He was a muscular Allegator with green scales and a sweet pair of moon shades. His bright red mohawk was His biggest identifier. Glamrock Bonnie was a rabbit painted a aqua blue, with a star pressed on his right eye and a star on his chest. His purple eyes worked well with the red bowtie and suspenders, with a pair of star glasses. His instrument was a setup of drums with the logo of the mall on the front of the base drum. Finally, the star of the show was the orange and blue Glamrock Freddy. His purple bowtie matched the small purple top hat. He had a large blue lightning bolt was stretched over his left eye and over his chest piece.

“These four are the main stars of the theme park mall…giving a huge celebration in the main atrium and giving more than just music, but full on multiple styles of entertainment styled for each animatronic. From Bonnie’s bowling to Freddy’s Lazer tag! Don’t you see? This is the next logical step for Freddy’s!” Mark said with enthusiasm, with some of the group seemingly agreeing with some hesitant. A few moments of silence before one of the men standing. “If this works…we could bounce back?” He asked, to which Mark smiles before nodding. “We won’t just survive, we become the new face of entertainment.” And with an agreeable nod from the groups, Mark threw a contract on the table. The men looked at it with skeptic smirk, some of them laughed and looked towards the outside windows.

Mark sighed as he turned off the projector. “Look…I get that as a company all of us are really trying here. I know that this whole location is a massive shot in the dark.” Mark then swallowed, before breathing a calming breath. “But I want my Uncle’s legacy to continue…the curse is gone, the virus is dealt with, everything that has cursed this company is behind us and we can go forwards now. We start over, we wipe the slate clean and throw a new face onto it. We are on dangerous oceans…and my boat will pull us through. We throw out all the junk and clean it off and start over, we can do this.” Mark then reached into his overcoat and pulled out a black pen. He gave it a click before placing it onto the papers that would sign for this building to be constructed. “…All you have to do, is get on board.” The room was silent, before one of the men reached for the pen and put his signature on it. “Fine…lets jump.” He said. “But this is our last shot…this will take all our money…all our energy. If we fail…this company is done and I pull my shares.” He added, before laying back in his chair. Mark smiled and nodded. Soon, all the other men followed suit. Only one man didn’t sign it, thinking really hard about this choice.

His old eyes look towards the young man and squinted, the name ‘Benjamin J. B.’ was on a gold plate in front of him. The old man took off his glasses slowly and placed them delicately down on the table. Ben was one of the oldest members and longest holding shareholder of the company, being there almost since the start. He gave a sigh before asking Mark “You really believe in this project?” before raising a brow. Mark nodded. “May I ask…where would this location be built?” Benjamin asked. “We would build it back in the hometown where Fredbear’s Family Diner began. It would be a sign of a new beginning for the name of Freddy’s.” Mark explained. Benjamin then nodded as he added; “And you are aware that there have been some sinkholes in the area due to environmental issues correct? Seems like a bit of a risk.” Mark smiled as He nodded. “We can bring joy and profit back to this company…I promise you.” He said, His eyes meeting the old man’s. With a hesitance, Ben reached for the pen and gave the last signature. “Then don’t mess it up.” He said, before raising from his chair. Before leaving the room, He picked up his glasses from the table, said ‘good day gentlemen’, and left the room.

Chapter 2: Chapter 1, several years later, 9:00pm

Chapter Text

The bright shining supermall stood unopposed in the clearing it was built in. A large castle built on a hill for itself with its own wall surrounding the plex to keep out those uninvited from its grand celebrations. The location was located just outside the small town of Hurricane Utah. Ever since the opening of the Freddy Fazbear’s MegaPizzaPlex, business from tourists boosted their economy and town into the spotlight. Their town had become something as a tourist spot, with even there being a museum to Freddy’s history located inside town for all to see. The deserts of Utah had seen their last bit of sunlight of the fall grace the horizon as people were driving towards the MegaPizzaPlex for a special event that was about to take place. Disco music could be heard from the megamall that was outside of town, blasting its music to the people entering this establishment for the party of their lives. Several school buses and small cars drove through an open gate that had the design of a pizza on the front of the metal doors screeched in, the engines roaring as they travelled towards their destination. Freddy Fazbear’s MegaPizzaPlex was the prime destination of parties and fun. The big neon building was the grandest attraction this side of Utah. No place was like The Plex, with it’s fun, colorful, and incredible esthetic and beautiful décor. Today though, was even more glamorous than any other, because today marked the fiftieth-year birthday of the Fazbear name, and the celebration was incredible for all attending.

When you walked into the pizzaplex, you were met with a gorgeous golden statue that moved and bowed its golden hat at you. The statue was of course, the star of the show, Freddy Fazbear himself. Behind Freddy, was two massive stair ways that lead upwards towards the main attractions. To the left was the Faz pad, a café filled to the brim with customers, who were having their orders taken by robotic employees called S.T.A.F.F. Bots. The Faz pad wasn’t anything complex, but a few interesting menu items were the Monty Mix which was a form of soda, several kinds of Tea and cookies all with names of the band, and several other desserts like the Crème de la Freddy, which was a weird dessert in the shape of Freddy Fazbear’s head. A few customers were having some trouble with the robots taking orders as they seemed to mishear over the loud clamor of the café. That was Fazbear’s main problem, it seemed like nobody wanted to work for the company due to its past issues that their lawyers did their damnedest to keep out of the general public since the mall’s construction began. To make up for the fact of low employees, Fazbear decided on a set of security bots on wheels called STAFF bots. Robots that took over concessions and back counters, as well as certain security.

To the right of the escalators was the Rockstar daycare, where the smaller children play and celebrate their birthday the old Fazbear way; With pizza, a private birthday room, and the biggest playroom in the mall, overseen by its own animatronic caretaker. The long hallway to the daycare was decorated in the signature 80’s esthetic, with balloons in the corners and tied to posts around the neon halls. A large fountain was sat near the entrance of the daycare that flowed water out the top of the fountain and down to the bath below. The fountain wasn’t exactly on theme, but was still pretty. Tons of mothers and fathers were trying to direct their small children inside when suddenly appearing in the crowds was the daycare attendant.

He had a big round face that was in the shape of a sun, with little rays coming off the rim of his head. His yellow and orange pants, held up by orange suspenders bounced around as he did cartwheels around with his cartoonishly long limbs. The robot bounced around with a big smile on his face as he jumped around with perfect precision. “Hello Gentletots and Twinkletoes! Are you ready for some f-f-f-fun?” He shouted out, bouncing around the families as he bounded into his ‘kingdom’ of fun. “Welcome Superstars! We have a date with playtime!” he giggled robotically, before swinging into his playground. The play area was massive, with a massive sandbox a fourth the size of a football field, a traditional playground with swings and slides, a giant ball pit with slides leading into the pit, but of course the biggest attraction was the large colorful climbing maze, complete with winding plastic-glass areas, mazes of tunnels, slides that lead to other places throughout the play place, and a bunch of bridges connecting it all.

In order to enter the play place however, you slid down a colorful slide that led down to the bottom of the wonderland, where a couple of employees would help any kids to their feet and let them enter the play place. Each kid got a wristband that colored them to where they need to go, and the daycare attendant would lead the kids to their respective zone that the parent paid for. The prices however, began pretty high, with a reserve few getting into the giant colorful building maze above them.

Surrounding the play place was the main party rooms for the birthdays of the tots, with general birthday rooms and all of them busy for the 10 year anniversary. At the end of the play place is two massive wood doors that opened and the adults can pick up their child before leaving. The giant place was two levels, with the playground on a lower level and built in a way that the parents could watch their kid from the higher level. Bouncy and fun music blared into the room and even louder into the play place, but it was barely hearable over the screaming and crying of the kids everywhere around the massive room. Beyond the party rooms in one corner was to the Fazbear theater, but it had been closed down quite a bit ago due to some issues with the video player and the general unkept place that it was. Fazbear entertainment planned to have it opened in time for the 50th anniversary, but there was simply too much to do and few too little staff.

A few STAFF were circling the daycare, their blank faces with their blank eyes peering around and being sure that every customer was having a good time and double checked with certain adults they signed the entrance wavier that completely freed Fazbear of any liability that could pass onto the company should an incident arrive. “If they weren’t so cheap then maybe they wouldn’t have to ask.” A mother whispered to another mother giggling. Although he showed no emotion, The STAFF bot that was nearest stared at the woman with the blank eyes for several minutes until she looked and gave a bit of a jump. It didn’t stop staring until a group of people began fighting about something and preformed his duties to deal with the problem. “Creepy…” She added.

Not too far, A father just dropped off their youngest daughter, with the older son begging his father towards the direction of the Main Atrium, the center party place of the Fazbear mall. To enter the atrium, you had to enter an elevator that went up a floor and onto a overlook of the main atrium. A voice came onto the speakers was a voice of an announcer-like person that was created using AI to replicate a Male voice. “Hello, and welcome to one of the most magical places on earth! Today’s is so magical, because you are with us!” It said, one of its cheesier lines. “Here at Freddy’s, there’s so much to do…with plenty of time to do it! Hang out at Bonnie bowl and pick up a few strikes and spares! Or dig in with Chica over at Mazercise! Have a make-over with Roxanne Wolf and race a few laps over at Roxy’s Raceway, the newest attraction on the block…or calm yourself with a few holes of Gator Golf! also know that a new flavor of Monty Mix was recently discovered? Come check it out at El Chips towards the main stage, or party out with our very special spider; DJ Music Man!”

As the elevator doors opened, before the guest was the Main Atrium, the last stop before all the fun begins! The main room was a massive sprawling entertainment plaza filled with the faces of fans, employees at entrances to amusem*nt areas and restaurants, and the faces of roaming STAFF bots. Screaming fans were all at the bottom floor of the three floored world of neon lights and flashy colors and rock music. The entrance to the arcade and restaurants was on the right, with Chica’s Mazersize and Monty Golf. To the left was Fazer-Blast, Roxy’s Raceway, the newest attraction, and Bonnie Bowl. But the biggest attraction of all was at the bottom of the three layers was the main stage where the rockstars of the plex would perform. While the gang weren’t on stage, four massive holograms stood on stage of the four main leads. Freddy Fazbear, Glamor Chica, Roxanne Wolf, and the newest main stage player Montgomery Gator. The holograms cycled through a pretty basic visual movement but soon the real deals would be up on that stage. On a large overhead set of monitors that was in the center of the huge room that was supported by giant metal beans was a timer for the next ‘showtime’ with read fifteen minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Many screaming kids and adult fans were around the place, trying to get a good view of the stage. This was the biggest and best performance the group would need to put on. Several fans were already at the bottom floor, waiting in anticipation for the great moment when Freddy and the band took to the stage!

Away from the screaming kids and loud sounds, in a security office on the other side of the mall where most didn’t go when showtime was upon the hour, was Vanessa’s hiding hole. Vanessa the night guard was sitting in Her quiet office near the prize counter, holding a cup of tea in a Freddy head cup, with Her feet tucked in and a blanket on her to cover them. She hadn’t been feeling well for a while taking both day shifts and night shifts and as a result she got very little sleep. Thankfully, She had been given a day off and she spent it in her little office space for most of the day. Her golden eyes looked absolutely exhausted and done with being behind this desk and yet had no choice. She had massive bags under Her eyes, with Her dirty blond hair being a mess of knots and unkept. She tried getting sleep on nightshifts but it seemed like no matter what She did She just never got that sleep…

She looked towards the clock and saw she had 4 hours of bliss left until it was time, and She wasn’t excited. Tonight was just a normal night right? Maybe He wouldn’t be so needy of Her and she could rest? This was getting old, but it seemed like everything was going the way he wanted. She gazed at the monitors of all the people walking around the plex. She couldn’t focus on anything else but her calming peppermint tea and the monitors in the dark room. The room had two mechanical doors that could be closed on a sitting control desk in front of her, which was littered with various objects and remnants of take-out and dine in food from around the various diners around the mall. Vanessa gave a sigh and then jumped out of Her skin when a voice called out from the left door. Jeremy.
“Vanster!” He cat-called, clicking his fingers and pointing, his bright smile and cheery demeanor was hard to not fall in love with. He and Vanessa were probably the only employees besides Mark were the longest employed at the mall than anyone. Vanessa looked at him and pressed a button on the desk to close the respective door on his face. She couldn’t do this right now, she needed to be left alone. However, Jeremy moved over to the other door where He was not only in better lighting, Vanessa couldn’t close the door in time to keep him out. He had brown hair that was short but enough to be put in a bun and hidden under his cyan security hat. His brown eyes went well with his slightly tanned face. His slim form wasn’t what you’d call top fitness. However, He was probably the most well liked of the workers and had many friends throughout the facility. From the cleaners and janitors, to the other human workers and even Mark himself, he was generally liked and well liked…all except for Vanessa. Vanessa found him childish, annoying, and She frankly didn’t like him at all. A twinge of Her liked his outgoing personality but overall He was a pain to work with and a greater pain in organization. His office was constantly a party zone, with far too much sound and too much going on. Eventually, Vanessa begged to be moved to the opposite side of the mall, away from His office in Monty Golf and into a quieter space. She liked her older one, the smaller size and tighter squeeze with a door she could lock gave her a sense of security when parties got too loud or obnoxious.

The low lighting was also a nice touch, and since moving into the new space she installed dimmer lights for Her worn out eyes. However, Jeremy still made it a mission to try and make Vanessa his friend at any chance He could. “How ya doin’ friend? You aren’t lookin’ too hot. You need some more sun on that face!” He said playfully, hands in His pockets and that annoying smile plastered on his face. “Can you just leave? Your shift ended like an hour ago?” She said, readjusting her blanket and snuggling into the rolling chair. “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Freddy’s! It’s the biggest party on constant, who doesn’t like that?” He asked, looking around the room and noticing a weirdly taped box on the floor labeled ‘DO NOT TOUCH’, and immediately he went to touch. “Some of us aren’t exactly party goers 24/7 Jeremy, don’t you ever take a break?” She asked. “Do you?” He retorted, looking at her gleefully. He went to go open the box and he caught the slightest glint of what looked like a white mask but he wasn’t sure, as Vanessa sprinted over and slammed the box closed, looking at him in the eyes. “Read the box…” She grunted, to which She then walked back to Her comfy chair. Jeremy shrugged and turned back to His co-worker and readjusted His blue security vest. Jeremy gave a sneeze from the dust that settled in His nose, and shuddered. “It’s a bit cold in here? Aren’t you freezing?” He asked, rubbing his hands together. “Yes, and it gives me a reason to have the blanket…go away…” She said, groaning. “Welp, believe it or not I was sent here by Mark…Wants to talk with both of us apparently.” He said with a weird accent, before strolling out the open door. “Do learn how to use your legs again, can’t carry you the whole way. Besides, don’t want to miss showtime!”
Ugh, ‘showtime’, the time when every single person around the Plex puts their greasy and grubby hands on absolutely everything and pack into tight spots to see a robot thing dance on a stage…who could even enjoy that? The idea gave Vanessa a shutter and she regretfully stood from Her warm seat and slid on Her shoes She had underneath the desk. She threw back on Her guard hat and went to reach for Her blacklight glasses but found they were replaced with trademark Monty Superstar shades. “JEREMY! WHERE ARE MY BLACKOUTS?” She yelled, but Jeremy was already giggling as He ran with the shades.
Monty Golf was completely in the dark most of the time as the lighting for the rooms came from under head. In the Prize Corner, where kids exchanged won tickets for prizes and plushies, everything was lit up with massive spot lights. The blackout shades were one of the many prizes and was expensive to make and kids thought it had X-ray vision…because the goggles initially did have it. It soon lead to a slew of lawsuits regarding privacy of self and threat to the safety of the company and thus future goggles did not have the power to do it. However, as shades they worked really well…if Jeremy didn’t swap them out for these dumb star shades. They barely got rid of the lights and it hurt Vanessa’s eyes. She painfully made her way down to the main Atrium through all the crowds, uncomfortably sliding through a few folks who were older than Her that were pushing to get through. How some of these older folks had a fascination for this place She never understood.

The third floor of the Atrium wasn’t for guests, but for the offices of the workers of the Plex. At the back end in the center was the DJ stage/Main office of the Atrium where the music was conducted and the stage’s lights and stage was controlled. The office was a two leveled room that was surrounded by white walls. The bottom layer was where the main console desk. A huge array of buttons and levers were over the front table that controlled the Atrium’s many functions. The second level had a small staircase to the top level, which had bigger consoles and servers for the whole building. Many people were bustling around and testing certain equipment that seemed problematic. The room was very big, with several computers everywhere in the long, white room. There were a large amount of folks inside the office, more than usual, but Vanessa just pushed through them. Mark stood behind the a few of the workers on the main controls, clearly frustrated by something wrong. His jet black hair matched his dark aviators and suit for a meeting he was preparing for. He had a little rose in his chest pocket.

Mark was unlike He usually was, slightly timid and a bit on the quieter side. He just had His beard shaved for the big day before Them. He scratched His chin with His finger. He usually branded a smile if He could, and He genuinely looked pretty upset about something. Jeremy stood next to him, copying his expression but then giving genuine insight on whatever could be wrong. The computer in front of the group was filled with different tabs and files that had error messages and issues on the screen, with a weird little purple rabbit logo in the bottom right that was their concern. “Have you tried rerouting the main console to another computer and see if it’s something wrong with the laptop itself?” Jeremy asked, now moving closer to the screen and looking closer. “It’s on every monitor and laptop, we aren’t sure what’s wrong here.” The employee with the tag ‘Luca’ on it responded, her curly brown hair being brushed by her finger as she looked closer. Mark fixed his black suit and rose as he looked away and we carried away in thought. “Try seeing if directing the music page over the mainframe has an issue. If it won’t connect to the Bluetooth system then let me know and we’ll have to push off the ‘showtime’ to get someone out here to see if it’s a server-wide issue.” Mark said, before noticing Vanessa walk in and greet her with a handshake. “Welcome to the madness old friend, we got a bit of a situation.” He said, directing her towards the computers. “You’ve got the wrong woman if you think I know how to fix this one Mark.” She said, rubbing her eyes and then putting the shades back on. Jeremy noticed she had the Monty shades and gave a nod in agreement. “How do you like my gift?” He asked. Vanessa looked at him through the shades and gave a half-pushed smile, before frowning and looking back at the monitor. “Well…it seems like there’s an issue with the system. Nothing seems broken, but a bunch of programs are running in the background and we were a little confused.” Mark said, rubbing his chin and pulling her away. “So…here’s the deal…why aren’t you home?” He asked, hands on his hips. “what?” She asked, before understanding. “Oh, I just…didn’t have a lot going on and I wanted another shift! The schedule is low so I slotted myself in and nobody else wants to sit in their office all day doing paperwork so…” Mark lowered his aviator shades and looked at her with his illuminating blue eyes. “I have you today off…not because there were too many but because you need a break. You look exhausted.” He said, looking genuinely concerned. He looked over her intently, her body looked like she was shaking, her eyes had massive bags underneath, and she did look a bit of a mess. Vanessa pulled herself up and tighten the hat around her head. “I’m fine, really. I’ve gotten sleep when I need it and I’ve been keeping up with myself…” Mark stopped her with a finger on the mouth. “If you don’t leave before closing I will put Jeremy on shift with you.” Vanessa’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t…” She said, looking genuinely afraid. He folded his arms. “Look, I worry about you…has the counselor been helping? When was the last time you talked with her?” Mark asked, to which Vanessa gave a shrug. “Look, I can only cover you for so long. I had tech support help update some software and they have found you searching some pretty strange things lately and I’ve tried making up stories and stuff...” He paused, looking to see if anyone was eavesdropping. “…But it only works for so long. If something is wrong, tell me. You’re my friend Vanessa, and frankly you and Jeremy are the only ones around here with heads on your shoulders.” He looked over to Jeremy, who was laughing about something with Luca. “…Most of the time.” He added.

Vanessa simply couldn’t leave, not tonight of all nights. An awful, but the only idea, came to her. “You said I take another shift then Jeremy comes too? Done.” She said, to which Jeremy choked on some air and looked back towards her in shock. “I-I’m sorry? Vanessa taking a Jeremy shift? Jeez you need sleep…” He said, hands in pockets now. “Look, I need the extra money and if it means I have to babysit then fine.” She said, putting the shades back on. Mark was genuinely unsure of what to say, then looked towards Jeremy. He came walking back over to them and explained some weird joke. “Turns out Larry has been looking up some ‘stuff’ on the company wifi…Roxy of course, some people are weird.” He chuckled, looking at the two who had some grim looks. “Why the long faces?” He asked. Mark spoke first. “Jeremy, how would you feel about a nightshift with Vanessa?” He asked, pretty sure of the reaction. “Vanessa asked.” He blinked twice, then split a large smile and sheepishly looked at her. “So someone does have a soft spot for little old Jerry!” He said, victory in His smile. Vanessa cringed back but accepted the inevitable hug Jeremy gave.

“Well…guess you two are staying. Just don’t cause trouble…got it?” Mark said, walking back to Luca, who had just called him over. “It seems like everything is back online and working, still no clue what’s causing the weird logo at the bottom and the background programs we can’t find.” Luca explained. “But the show can run okay?” Mark asked, looking over the program. “Yes sir.” She responded. The timer above the Atrium now was less than a five minutes time. “Right, places people! And somebody get the Glamrock Gang from their rooms, it’s almost showtime!”

From the doorway on the right side was the entrance of another man. He had short brown hair and a sleek cheeks. He wore a purple vest and bowtie, with a pair of jeans and a white undershirt. He had a weird smile on his face, and he had a pair of purple moon shades that he slid off. He had a strange pair, or lack of the pair, of eyes. His left eye was a deep blue, but the other was a bright pink that seemed like his whole eye was that way. He sauntered over to the crew and introduced himself in a strange voice that sounded a bit…strange. “Greetings, Mr.Plier! How goes the bug fixing?” The man spoke. Mark walked up to him and greeted him warmly. “Ah, Mr. Dawkins! Jeremy, Vanessa, this is our newest member of the crew. He’s part of the Prize Corner crew! ” Mark said, the man looking back at the other two. He especially took note of Jeremy. “So, you are Jeremy correct? I’ve heard many things about you from some…people here.” The man said, a bit of a spice in his voice that sounded like a glitchy serpent. “Oh, uh yeah! I try keeping a smile on every face here…I have yet to break this one yet.” He said, pointing at Vanessa. The man looked at Vanessa and his duo-colored eyes and stared at her. He gave a weird smile, walking over to her. “Oh I know about Vanny here…She’s an interesting one. I do think we’ll be good friends ay?” He asked, bumping her arm with his elbow.

Vanessa began sweating, she wanted nothing to do with this man. Something about him didn’t feel right. She felt like she had seen him before, but not directly. “Many know me as Lewis Dawkins, but you can call me Dawko. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Ness.” Dawko said, giving a wink and then turning heel and walking back to Mark. “I’ll stay close, I’m curious of the show. Worry not, I’ll be back at the prize corner for shift…boss.” He claimed, walking back out the door, looking back at Vanessa. Suddenly, Her head started spinning strangely, feeling a bit sick. Vanessa felt her head feel heavy and started walking back to her comfy office. “Hey, I’m just gonna head back to my office. I’ll be good in 4 hours…” She said, sauntering back to the elevators. Jeremy looked back over the crowds below in the Atrium. The glass window separating the white office space from the rest of the dim mega-sized room was clear enough to look without the loud sounds blasting at the controllers of the system.

“Hey Jeremy, for your shift…can you just keep an eye on Vanessa? She isn’t looking too good.” Mark asked, throwing his shades back on. Jeremy turned back to Mark and gave a nod, he was concerned himself. Jeremy wasn’t entirely sure why Vanessa was so against him, everyone else seemed happy with him or enjoyed his presence…why didn’t she? Maybe she was just grumpy, but it wasn’t always that way. Actually, now that Jeremy thought about it…had Vanessa ever actually smiled since He worked Here?

Rockstar Row, a VIP only spot of the mall where the animatronic stars prepared for their shows was crowded with tons of crowds, trying to peer behind the curtains closed onto each of the respective glass windows. The hallway was filled with memorabilia of older Fazbear locations; From posters and art, to physical pieces of animatronic parts. Many kids were observing and looking around the historical mini-museum in the room while the others were excitedly looking into the glass to see their favorite animatronic stars. Each room had a giant, glowing, neon colored head of the respective animatronic of the room and the name of the robot next to it of which robot was in which room. The curtains were also different colors, with different designs on each curtain for which robot too. Behind the red curtain with little cartoon Freddy heads was Freddy Fazbear himself.

He looked himself over in a mirror in the orange room, which had a yellow and orange couch that was covered in Freddy dolls with his exact look to them. A arcade machine sat on a elevated part of the room that had the title ‘Faz Blast EXTREME’ on the front and the side of the arcade cabinet. The red carpet was just recently vacuumed, and the desk that had the mirror had more Freddy dolls that were staring up at their owner. Freddy had undergone many design changes over the years, with His signature blue lighting on his chest, a thunderbolt printed over the right side of his face and over the eye. He was fairly bulky as a robot, and had red shoulder pads on his shoulders. He had four fingers on his claw-hands that weren’t really sharp, and his black top hat sat on his head perfectly. His blue eyes looked up and down his body, and a smile came from his bear-like face. He adjusted his ring that was on his left ear and gave himself a honk on the nose for good luck. This was barely His first performance, but there was always that bit of anxiety before a show. “Come on Superstar, you got this!” He said to Himself, his robot-like deep voice echoing around the room in agreement. He gave a smile and looked down to one of the plushies of the room. All of them were Freddy’s but one, which was of a cyan rabbit with a base guitar and a star printed onto the face of the robot. Freddy raised His paw with His mini claws painted cyan and gave it a light pet on the head. “Still missing you, old friend.” He said solemnly, before walking towards the entrance of the room and opening the door. A huge flock of people were at the entrance of the doorway, to which Freddy waved in excitement. “Alright! Who has a meet pass?” He called to the crowd. A few lucky kids got to meet with Freddy up close and personal, and ask him one question about the band. Freddy was a robot, but something about him was just so lively, it was hard to put a finger on. Maybe His circuitry was just that good! One kid with a button up shirt and shorts came in first.

Freddy sat down and had the kid on his lap, a few human security made sure that Freddy wouldn’t be hard during the meet as the kid asked his one question. “Are you really old?” The kid asked Freddy. Freddy gave a laugh. “Well, I know I’m not as old as your grandpa, but maybe just as old as your parents! I’ve seen quite a bit these last few years!” To Freddy’s understanding, that’s a lie. He was built just as the PizzaPlex was finished, but He was given a list of older songs that make it feel as though he was older. Some of his parts were from previous iterations of Freddy’s, but a majority of the parts were originals. The only thing that was cosmetic from the original Freddy Fazbear was the personality chip that was majorly upgraded to save on cost of a totally new one, but the hat that sat on his head was repainted and given to him.

The next kid then came forward, this time a little girl in a plain white dress. “Is it true you are friends with Music Man at the really big arcade? I find Him kinda scary…” The girl said, shaky. Freddy’s automatic survey system kicked in and took note of what she said, but he replied with “Well, Everyone is scary the first time you meet right? He’s a good guy and really loves to party! I promise! Maybe it will just take time, I’m sure of it!” And almost at once she seemed overjoyed and wanted to go see the attraction at the west arcade.

One after another kids funneled through, asking Freddy questions like “Where’s Foxy?’ A usual question for older fans, ‘Is it true that you bit a kid once?’ Which came from an older boy and made security throw him out before Freddy has time to question. “Ignore that one, Freddy. We don’t need the liability.” One of the guards said. Freddy wasn’t sure how he felt about that. “Well I know I didn’t do it but shouldn’t we tell the truth?” Freddy asked with a raised brow. The guards looked to one another and shook their heads. “Just answer the kids.”

Then, one more child came into the room, a little boy holding a Bonnie plush who was no more than 7. His hair was black and his eyes were deep blue, with suspenders and a bonnie shirt underneath. On his arm was one of the colored bands for the Daycare, a bright blue, meaning he had a parent somewhere. “Oh boy, a bonnie boy…should we just escort him?” One guard said to the other. “Hold on, let Him through.” Freddy said, which shocked both the guards. The boy smiled and then sat on Freddy’s lap. Freddy welcomed him warmly, smiling at the replica of his friend in the boy’s hand. Freddy placed a claw on his thigh and asked; “What is your question, Superstar?” The boy was scared at first, but drew away his fear and asked. “Where’s Bonnie? He was my favorite!” He asked, hopeful. “I know He left but maybe He can come back?” Freddy looked towards his poster on the wall of Bonnie, a sad smile graced his metallic face. “He’s…not with us anymore, Superstar. It was his time, but we can still remember him for who he was and the lessons he taught us. More importantly, He’s not forever gone! Look to your heart and he’s still there, you just have to listen. I…” what could be described as A tear came to Freddy’s eye. “I miss him too, Superstar. But maybe one day we will see him again!” Freddy encouraged, bringing cheer to the child in any way He could. The boy smiled and nodded, hopping from Freddy’s lap. “I’ll find him! Wherever he is! Thanks Freddy!” and the boy was escorted out. Freddy then welcomed everyone to the main stage to see his performance before winking and closed the door with a smile. He looked towards a poster of Bonnie above the arcade cabinet and smiled warmly at his friend. “I’ll rock on for you, My Superstar.” He said, walking towards the backdoor.

There were two ways of exiting the room, the main entrance door to the side of the room and the backdoor which lead to an elevator that you could use to head down to parts and service lower in the plex. Freddy opened the large service door to the side of the makeup table and walked through. The room behind was far less glamorous. Wires and generators were against the walls, all connected to electrical boxes and other electrical equipment in the smaller room. At the back end of the room was a recharge station for the robots if their energy was too low, and to the right was a service vent that lead to the other rooms of the rockstars. At the backend of the room, was a service elevator with the logo of the mall on the front. Freddy walked towards the doors and they slowly slid open to reveal the lift. Stepping inside, the doors closed behind him, and the elevator lowered him down into the earth. The machine was perfectly smooth the whole way down, and gave a slight shake when it entered the destination and the doors in front of Freddy opened to reveal a hallway dimly lit in emergency lighting to conserve energy. Freddy pressed a button on the side of his head which activated a light on the front of the top hat. “Never liked this hallway.” He said to himself as he walked forward, his big bear feet thumping and shaking the ground a bit as he walked. Eventually, he came to a door at the end of the empty hall that was the door to parts and service and the main stage. The door Had a silhouette of Freddy’s head and torso on it to mark that it went to his backstage room. It gave a whirr and slid upwards.

Parts and service was a large room, with a giant cylinder in the center where the robots were worked on and repaired if they were damaged too much for natural repairs or replacements. Metallic stairs walked down onto the main floor from where the entrance of the cylinder was. Suddenly, his ears were attacked by a loud ‘bawk’ and he looked up to see his superstar companions. Roxanne Wolf was fighting to get away from Chica, who was trying to put a bow on her fur. “Come on! It’ll look really cuuute!” She said, trying to get her claw-hands up onto Roxy’s head with a stretch. Roxy jumped to the side onto all fours and then bounded around the room to avoid her. “Over my dead body!” She exclaimed, her metallic and feminine voice rang. Chica’s voice was a bit scratchy and was needing a replacement soon, as well as when she spoke it was quite a pain on the ears. “Pleeease? Just one time?” She whined, her blue eyes expanding like a camera into sad looking eyes, her beak also looking like it was drooping to look sad. Roxy stared at her with her electric yellow eyes and shook her head. Roxy fluffed her grey fur that had a single green line to look flashier. Roxy was more into a heavy metal style, and she wouldn’t be found dead with those cute bows thrown on her fur.

Monty was standing in front of the entrance of the repairing cylinder, holding back a laugh from his green gator face. His red mohawk was just recently combed through, and his purple shoulder pads had a shine to them for the show. He pushed his signature star glasses onto his face to hide his eyes from view. “Don’t laugh at me Monty! Cute went out the door years ago!” Roxy said, her metallic voice clearly upset. “Come on! Just try it~!” Chica pushed, still on her mission. “It’s just one performance…” Monty said, his voice even deeper than Freddy’s and sounding more hollow. “Besides, you’d look cute for the kids…” He added. “It’s not those little children that interest me, I want that adult crowd gator…they’d appreciate my beauty than some little kid.” She said with a raised brow and snobbish expression. “We were literally built for kids...” Chica chimed in, folding her arms and pushing her tied up hair out of her face. Chica’s extra tuff of hair had a bowtie tied into it to keep it out of her face. Freddy walked forward and asked Monty what the trouble was. “Oh, Chica at it again to put something cute on Roxy…what else is new?” He added, laughing.

Freddy rolled his eyes and folding his arms with a smile. “Leave her be Chica.” Freddy said, walking up and petting the top of her head. “But Freddy~!” Chica moaned, looking sad as she pouted. “She doesn’t want it, and frankly she’d probably dismantle you if you put that on her.” Freddy joked, walking up to Roxy. “Hey Superstar, you ready?” He asked, while Chica walked over to Monty and started to try convincing him to wear the pink bow. “AH HELL NAH!” He said gravely, before speeding out towards the lifting stage beyond a set of red doors. Chica followed behind in pursuit. “MONTY! WAAAIT!” Chica exclaimed, running out the doors behind him. Roxy watched them leave and a frown formed on her face. “A-alright I guess…just getting that nervous bubble as always.” She said, clearly bothered. “I just…I’m done with here you know? I want to go out there and see things…things beyond the PizzaPlex. You know how annoying and frustrating it is to have this supervision built in for racing letting me see things beyond the plex and will never get to them?” She lamented, leaning against the wall and folding her claw arms. “Well, you’ll get out there some day! I didn’t take you under my wing just to tell you never to try.” He said. “Just remember, I will always believe in you, Superstar.” He said, trying to encourage her. Roxanne sighed, and a smile formed on her face. “There’s a good sport, you can do it Roxy!” He said with a warm smile, before petting her shoulder and turning towards the double doors. “Bonnie would have loved you…I know you got this Roxy.” He said, looking back towards Roxy before walking through the double doors towards the stage lift. She smiled, starting to walking towards the doors.

The Gang walked up towards a circular, red platform that would rise up into the main atrium stage. Monty took to the far left, while Freddy and Chica were on the right. Roxanne made it onto the stage and grabbed her instrument the keytar. The keytar was green, with the head of the instrument grey like her fur. Freddy was the lead singer of the group and grabbed his microphone and flipped on a switch on its side. Monty picked up the base guitar and strum the strings, suddenly looking solemn but gave a sigh and pushed up the frame of his sunglasses. Chica then leaned onto Freddy longingly. “Can I be backup this time? Please?” She asked, which gave Freddy a jump. “Maybe next time Chica, you need a little more practice!” He said. Chica gave a huff, but then shrugged and shredded her electric guitar and fixed the amp next to her. Freddy looked over his band with a smile. Looking over to Monty, he noticed the frown on his face as he looked down at the instrument in his hands. There was a small signature that read ‘Bonnie’ in cursive on the axe of the base in his hands. “Everything alright, Monty?” Freddy asked. “Yeah, yeah I’m good…just thinking.” He said, strumming the base. Freddy smiled and turned forward. Monty couldn’t look him in the eyes.

The stage gave a shake and started rising upwards with a groan. “Everyone ready?” Freddy called out, as the gang were raised onto the stage. Just as the gang were about to appear, the speaker with a plain voice spoke on the intercom. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for! Please, put Your hands together, for the one, the only, Freddy Fazbear!” The beaming lights strobed down onto the gang from the catwalks above. Screaming and excited fans were at the bottom of the stage, all cheering on the band with enthusiasm and excitement. A huge screen was behind the gang that flashed close up camera shots of every animatronic on stage, with their respective name below on a large glowing neon sign. The music from the eighties was blaring from all directions as the band began to perform. Everyone was watching in excitement as streamers and confetti began flying in all directions and the crew sang. Chica was shredding like wild, the lights above her flashing pink and gold as she went wild and her fur going nuts.

Roxanne was pressing the keys of the keytar with perfect precision that formed as the back-up notes for Freddy’s singing, a large crowd of older boys and girls screamed for her and watching her dance as she played on stage. Monty was the main base of the group, dropping his shades down his long nose and giving a wink to a part of the wave around the stage, with that part of the crowd going nuts with excitement. And then there was Freddy himself, singing on stage with the voice of an angel. He sung several kinds of songs that were prerecorded and the audio deepened to make it sound like Freddy was genuinely singing along. Freddy watched as the fans were excited for him and his friends. He remembered his first ever performance with his closest friend and the excitement he felt.
He remembered the faces of those kids and fans like it was yesterday, with his friends by his side. Chica, Monty, and Bonnie…He remembered his friend’s face like a photo, his purple eyes and his smile that would fix anything. His big blue ears and his bright blue nose. He was the master of every note on every instrument, and He encouraged Freddy to continue on no matter what. This performance, showtime, brought every memory back to Freddy and filled him with an excitement to make that one note higher, or that one lyric pushed harder from his voice box than the last. He’d continue His friend’s legacy now and forever. As he reminisced as he performed, he looked upon the catwalks above the stage and saw something for a split second. Suddenly, the music seemed to phase out of Freddy’s attention as he looked closer. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing. It looked…gooey.

From a high up walkway was a weird purple glob that was sticking to the ceiling, with a person underneath, three in fact, staring down from the catwalk. One of the people looked bigger than the other, wearing a purple vest and a yellow rabbit face. The other person was wearing what looked to be a white outfit and a white rabbit mask with red eyes. The third was strangely absent of color unlike the others. He wore a Black suit with a simple black mask with two black ears like a rabbit’s. He was folding His arms as the Purple vest rabbit suddenly snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the stage lights started blinking and going out, and a bunch of people were running round in the white office space on the third floor. The workers on the top level were struggling to get things back in control as suddenly smoke started erupting from the computers. Mark could be seen running from screen to screen, trying to get control of the situation. “What the hell is happening?! Someone get into this! NOW!” Mark commanded, jumping onto a computer himself.

Suddenly, Freddy heard a weird metallic scream come from Chica’s side of the stage. Chica was glitching. It started as little fritzes or spasms, but quickly got more violent and problematic. Her voice was shrilling and terrifying, like a mix of a puppy dog being mauled and a breaking motor in one. She couldn’t control where she was moving and was losing her balance, eventually falling over and onto the floor, flailing. Freddy threw the microphone down and went to help Chica, but then saw Monty and Roxanne also convulsing on the spot. As Monty Screamed, ‘IT’S NOT MY FAULT. IT’S NOT MY FAULT.’ Freddy ran towards Roxxane, who was crying in pain. “F-f-f-freddy! H-elp!” Her voice was grating and painful to hear, like a racecar coming to a sudden stop and the engine bursting to flame. Freddy held His friend in his hands before she went limp and stopped responding. “Roxy? ROXY!” Freddy cried.

Screams came from the crowd as They watched in horror their idols fall one by one onto the stage floor. Then, as Freddy stood alone, unaffected on the stage, an error message appeared with an image of a purple rabbit and Freddy soon began convulsing. His finger first, before his whole hand, then his arm. He felt what he could assume to be pain run up and down his body in electrical shocks. Purple electricity ran into his vision and out of his body from every part. He saw visions of something, a place like this one, where a rabbit-like monster stood in front of him. IT spoke, only in hushed whisper, before reaching out a hand of goo that tried to touch his face. Suddenly, a backup system started. Freddy had never seen it before, titled: ‘M_A_Reboot_Rem’ before collapsing onto the floor and his screen going dark. No one could believe what they just saw, watching their superstars fall and the stage go dark.

Chapter 3: Chapter 2, 11:00pm

Chapter Text

From the dark corners of the Plex, deep below the facility, a boy awoke in a large room that he didn’t recognize. The room was completely broken down, with building materials everywhere. A large show stage was in front of the boy, but the brown stage had no entertainers and looked like it hadn’t for a while. Cobwebs hung in corners of the room, with the lights on the stage being off and broken down. The only lights on were a few overhead lights that blinked with old age. A cloth sat on the stage that was covering a lump of something, but it was unclear what. The boy was strapped down to a table, or some kind of bed? The straps weren’t too tight on him and with a tug he got one arm loose. He then unlocked the others holding him at an angle on the bed and fell to the floor. The boy breathed in, but felt like sharp pain hit his throat. He felt like he was struggling to breathe. Feeling Anxiety, he gasped for any air he could get, flailing on the floor as he grasped his neck. Suddenly, his lungs began to work and he jumped upright.

The boy got up, dusting off his beige cargo shorts and blue shirt. His small nose gave a sneeze at the dust as he looked around the grim, dark room. The trim of the room was the same checkerboard pattern of the floor, with tons of confetti all over the room in a big mess of colors. Half deflated balloons hung in corners of the small theater, and a large hole sat on the far end of the room. The hole was a perfect straight hole down that seemed to drop into nothingness deep below. He thought he heard growling from the hole but he wasn’t sure. The drop down could probably be made with the right precision down the broken down shafts not too far down but the boy didn’t want to chance it and hurt himself. The dim lights of the room cast a scary impression that gave the child chills as he looked around the room. The boy pushed his wavey brown hair out of his face and saw the broken glass doors on the other side of the room. Seeing a viable exit, he walked towards them slowly, still looking around for anything dangerous that could be a danger.

In one corner of the room, large industrial trash bags could be seen that were tied up and thrown to the side. The bags had strange stains around the opening, as if something red like a slushie had been thrown in but had barely missed the can. That’s when the stage lights turned on and the room lights went out, focusing his attention away. The boy started panicking, looking back towards the stage and the lump being covered by the red cloth. He felt his head start to hurt a bit as the lump on the ground began convulsing and moving slowly. The boy looked closer, walking closer to the stage. Then, from the ground of the stage was a gooey, purple and black liquid that was slowly going underneath the cloth. The goo looked like there was weird heads in it that glowed the vibrant purple color of the goo, and as more liquid went into the cloth, the cloth began to rise. Suddenly, the cloth was removed and revealed the sewn outfit below.

The boy recoiled as the sack rabbit came closer and leaned in towards him. “Hi there little Evan! How was your little nap?” The rabbit asked the boy. The rabbit man was a yellow creature that looked musky and worn out, the yellow being an ugly brown hue. His face was like a animatronic-like head with the extreme plastic face of a rabbit thing, with large black eyebrows and eyelashes. He had a weird smile to him that was unnerving and uncomfortable. He had three toes, but five fingers on his hands. He had a white spot on the center of his chest that went downward towards his crotch area that was beginning to look dirty. The only clean spots on his design was the dark purple bowtie and vest that had stars imprinted on the fabric. “W-who are you?” The boy asked, confused and slightly frightened. “Oh? You don’t recognize your own papa?” He asked with the highly inflated voice with a glitchy base. He moved like a cartoon character that was being restricted in its movements by the laws of physics. It bounded across the stage, dancing sporadically. “I-I don’t know you…” The boy replied, starting to squirm away from the stage in confusion. The rabbit immediately stopped dancing and quietly turned to the boy with a stare. Those soulless purple eyes of the mascot sack…

There was something in those cartoonishly big purple eyes that made every nerve on the boy’s skin crawl with absolute fear. “But Evan, we have much to do! I have been waiting for you for so long! Son…I put you back together once again!” The psychotic rabbit said, giving a mechanical laugh that was chilling and cold. “p-put me back together? What are you talking about?” The boy asked. He thought about himself, who he was…But nothing was coming into Him.

“I think you have the wrong kid…Who are you?” He said, shaking a bit and stumbling His words. The rabbit gave a more slumped look towards the boy, slinking closer to his face and a ear-splitting laugh came from the stiff-faced suit. “Oh don’t be silly little Evan, you are my little star! My grand revival! After all this time, and now you are here! There is so much to see and so much to do! You’re going to love your new home, I even brought home your brother!” The rabbit danced more on the stage, waving his hands around and moving unnaturally, like a sack of potatoes with limbs. “You remember Michael don’t you? He’s got a new face, they all do, and they all want to meet you Evan…” The rabbit began to sound more grim, the face being hidden from the spotlights shining on the stage and the shadow of the rabbit becoming larger in little Evan’s eyes. His anxiety suddenly turned to cold fear, his mind racing as the once creepy and off-putting rabbit becoming more hostile.

He started walking backwards towards the doors, moving one foot after the other. He also started feeling a tingle of pins and needles in his right hand, twitching as he moved and his heart started pounding. “I hear them, sliding around below us little Evan…my little friends have set the pieces in place. Soon, I’ll have my ultimate form…and this world will be washed away and be made beautiful like me…like all of us.” Suddenly, a groan came from the hole Evan looked down earlier, and a slithering mass of metal and cables arose from the deep hole. He watched as the mass of metal grew larger and larger, it’s long cable-like tentacles holding onto the stage lights and other stable objects to hold it’s humongous weight. What sounded like labored breathing mixed with sliding and scaping metal came from the blob of steel, mixed with a labored cough and laugh, but also a cry. “The Story starts again! The story of sorrow and grief! The power of life and death! And this time…this time I am in control!” The rabbit man cackled with an evil laugh as he manically raised His head back.
The tentacle creature than pushed a limb from the main body of itself to reveal what looked like an incredibly broken robot face. The face was in pieces that split apart to reveal its head. The eyes of the cryptid were blood red, shining like a laser pointer directly at the Boy and watched him ungazing. Now, He was ready to run. The beast launched a tentacle at the Boy, trying to grab at him. In reflex, he launched a hand upward towards the monster as if to stop the blow and a blue light came from his palm that made the beast double back and writhe in pain. Suddenly aware of his chance to run, He turned his heel and sprinted out the broken glass doors and out into a cave-like room. The rabbit man gave a screech of anger and commanded the blob after The Boy. The monster gave a screech and slithered with intense speed after the small boy.
The Boy’s heart pounded with his shoes as he hit the floor with force to run, his lungs burning already from the sudden sprint without warning. He tripped every so often on his feet and stumbled, but didn’t dare fall over should the thing get Him. He ran the cave-like exterior, looking for a way out or somewhere to hide to take in the surroundings but he saw nothing. In one direction of the musty and overgrown cave was a large head of a bear thing with a top hat that had been buried in some rubble, but there wasn’t anywhere to hide in the cave that he could see. He kept running and eventually turned a few corners, running into a robot that had the words S.T.A.F.F. printed and faded a bit from the front. The bot’s face was bland, save for the blackened eyes and white pupils, with streaming black lines that looked like tears coming down its face. It had a painted on smile that had sharp teeth and had scared Evan so hard he fell backwards and down a hill that lead deeper down into the cave. He bumped his elbow, hit his knee twice, and landed on his back after rolling down the hill. He felt his head hurt, making him lie there as the pain hit his legs. He didn’t break anything, but it still hurt really bad. He tried to flex out the muscle in his leg, but it felt stuck, like something was locking it in place. He couldn’t move the limb at all. The beast of metal gave a scream as it searched for him, and the guard bot flashed a flashlight down the side of the cliff to see The Boy. As the searchlight landed on him, the robot raising its other hand and had some kind of sound making device that rang a sound that hurt the ears.

He recoiled as the sound reverberated in his ears for a second, before the sounds stopped and the robot left him alone. Suddenly, above the cliffside as if by summoning magic, the creature slithered forward and looked around the cliff. It examined the rock walls of the wet cave with its red eyes and examined the room. The Boy crawled behind a rock to hide from the search, just barely making it and his leg still not functioning properly but not hurting. He banged the leg tried stretching it while behind the rock but still nothing. Was his leg actually broken? Shouldn’t it hurt? Finally, as the beast turned back to return to its ‘master’, The Boy gave one last flex of the leg and finally it moved. He was able to turn his foot and feel his toes, and he could stand to his feet again. He pushed off the muddy ground and continued his escape.
He looked around for the creature, seeing it was no longer around and looked for his exit. A little deeper into the big cave room he fell into, he saw his exit like a beacon of hope. Purple light emanated from a large crack in the wall to his left while ahead was a elevator shaft that’s doors were shut. A wire ran from the doors into the large opening to the left with glowing light. The Boy understood the lever must then be in that big room. He quickly sprinted into the purple-lit room. Inside, the cave had been dug out by hand, and in the center of this cave was a giant vat of purple and black goo, swirling in a big, industrial glass tank that towered over the Boy. The goo swirled like a storm, almost like it was filled with nothing but rage and sadness, swirling in a mass of mania and fear. The Boy felt pulled to the dark energy, like he could almost reach out and touch it, his emotions melted as he would. However, after hearing movement behind him, He snapped out of it, and looked around for a lever.

On the wall, haphazardly placed, was a giant lever. The Boy reached up, pulling it down with a heave and ran back out, looking towards the vat with a sense of dread. As the boy ran for the elevator, a tentacle of wires reached for his foot and pulled him to the floor. The Boy screamed as the tentacle tried to pull him into the darkness. The elevator doors slowly creaked open, as a clock then appeared on an overhead monitor that started at 20 and counted down. The Boy started kicking the tentacle to get it to let go, but it was far too strong to break or do anything to. Another tentacle appeared to grab his right arm, but it recoiled as it touched, the first limb suddenly weakened. The Child saw his chance and gave a final kick. The elevator countdown read 10 seconds. The beast’s tentacle then quivered and let go, the Boy now free and running for the doors. More tentacles reach for him to grab The Boy as he stepped into the elevator shaft with a dive, with 5 seconds left on the clock. As the doors began to close, the tentacles tried to force the door open. The Boy curled into a ball on the floor, crying as the monster shook the elevator to try and get the doors open. The light that illuminated the elevator flickered as the monster tried to force the doors open.

Suddenly, with a shriek, the doors then continued closing and the tentacles retracted in pin and the doors slammed shut, separating The Boy and the Beast. “EVAN! COME BACK! THE FLOOD I UPON US!” A shrill voice said from the cave below, the creature that made it was clearly the blob thing as it watched him rise up in the elevator from the ground level. The red eyes filled with distress. Eventually, The Boy lifted up and away from the cave and into a wall of concrete. He let his heart rate settle as he rose.

What was happening? Where was He and why was this happening? He tried thinking back to what could have possibly lead him here but he couldn’t think of anything. The last thing he remembered was a weird pain in his forehead and falling asleep. Did the monster or the rabbit in the basem*nt knock him out and bring him down there? What if there were more spaghetti monsters like the blob thing out here and he was walking into a trap? Nothing about this was making any form of sense. He looked down at his hands and noticed that one of them looked like it was…glowing? But just as he noticed it, it disappeared. Eventually, He could calm down just as the elevator gave a groan and opened to allow him into another part of this messed up place. He looked out the door and saw the words ‘Roxy’s Raceway’ printed in bold letters, with boxes and crates piled around.

Now to the question of how he even got down here or where he even was in the first place? Would he get in trouble if he told someone where he was? As He walked around the abandoned location that had been closed to the public for a while now, the thought of the vat now came to his mind…what was that? That feeling of power and energy was so strong, but whatever it was it certainly felt sad…or angry? It was kinda hard to explain the feeling…just that it was a strong one. Evan walked carefully through the Raceway, looking for his exit or even a hint of an explanation.
--“Can someone just explain to me what happened?!” Mark yelled, his crew already shuffling around trying to fix the problem. Luca shrugged in confusion and just as much stress as him. Even an hour later, things around the Plex were going absolutely wrong. Fazer blaster, as well as every other attraction went lights out, stranding many playing the games and them having to be let out until it was safe. The arcade had entirely shut down, with every arcade cabinet displaying the same spinning rabbit logo as the one in the bottom left hand side of the computers as the main office. The daycare was receiving complaints and the STAFF bots all went offline, standing perfectly still and their arms and head dangling free from their body as they stood stiff. Things were still smoking in the office, eventually going out. “Sir, we have a situation in the Daycare that REALLY needs to be addressed.” Said an attendant of the daycare, who travelled from it after the news was split. “Look Casey, we are all trying to fix the blow out too, we are doing what we can but…” Casey shook her head. “That’s not the problem, the daycare attendant is gone and we lost track of kids in the confusion…we think the daycare attendant fell on his old routine and took the kids into the theater.” She said, cringing and ready to be yelled at. “WHAT?” Mark said, throwing off the shades and now looking absolutely panicked. “OH god, oh sh-Aright, lead me there. JEREMY!” He yelled out. Jeremy was pulling chords and trying to help the staff, turning to his boss and running over.

“Something happened at the daycare, please for the love of god keep anything else from exploding…I’ll be back.” Mark explained, running with Cayse who pulled out her bun that was causing her a headache more than the problem. Jeremy gave and breath and went back to the monitors. “What blew the fuses? Did the background stuff cause the problem?” He asked, the only calm one in the scenario as people were carrying papers and wires, occasionally bumping into each other around corners. Jeremy dotted his eyes up every so often to look down on the Atrium floor. Human guards were helping people out the exit and into the elevator in single file, with many of the guests fuming and outraged at the problem. He watched as a mother of six absolutely blew it at a worker who looked ready to start crying, with the husband of the woman shielding his face as he kept the kids together. Jeremy recognized the girl as a new worker from just last week, who transferred out from her daycare job to hopefully get a pay raise…of which she never received.

On the Main Stage, the robots had already been moved back to their rooms in Rockstar Row for a recharge and bug fix for tomorrow morning while they got back control of the main system. He quickly turned his attention back to the monitors. “It seems like the problem wasn’t the main stuff, but rather what the background is apparently trying to run. The stuff only loaded once showtime went into action and we can tell where it came from and what allowed the information into the system.” Luca explained, smashing the keys and scrolling pages and info as she could to find the problem. “OFCOURSE! These are security features designed as operated shut-downs to close all software related to a system and was used as a bypass to allow something to use not only the wireless connections, but also to get in without being noticed. These features weren’t in Fazbear’s system, they were downloaded to the software from some other outside source, which is why we could get into it was because you needed a specific security clearance that we had to access from the specific system connected to the main software.” Jeremy heard about half of that and just nodded his head. “So…we need the origin source to shut this down and go back to normal?” He asked, raising a brow. “Yes…and it looks like it…came from…wait that can’t be right.” Luca said. Jeremy read the pages but was still confused. “What’s wrong?” He asked. Luca showed him the room. The room was one connected to the Prize Counter Area, the specific one was Vanessa’s office. “it’s coming from Vanessa’s computer.”
Mark and Cayse fought their way through the bustling crowds of people trying to leave, whilst many were signing papers that cleared Fazbear’s liability of damages, outraging many people and demanding for a manager to put their anxieties to ease. Mark tore off his manger badge and asked Cayse for her hat to conceal himself from people but to no success. As they entered the Daycare, several customers recognized the man and charged after him for their refunds and get their money back. Mark, trying to see a good way out, looked towards a backdoor off the side of the entrance to the daycare and charged there with Cayse. They ran in and bolted the door shut from the inside, leaving many upset and confused. Mark tried to gather His breath in the backroom, boxes on shelves in the dark space. This was a janitor’s closet that also had a second door into the daycare that he and Cayse could use. “Is it wise to be running? Won’t they be upset?” She asked, surprised by Mark’s choice of nonconfrontation. “You want to tell all those people they can’t get their money back? Didn’t think so. We are running on a tight budget and we need the money. Just trust me, we can go into the Daycare from here. If anyone or any customer comes to you, just say you are busy and we can talk later. The kids come first and the money comes next.” He affirmed, opening the other door slowly to peer out into the daycare.

The cheery music was still in play, but people were being extracted from the place and being told to leave, guided by STAFF bots and actual humans. The playground and jungle gym were completely barren and empty from any kids, with the entire place scarily empty-filling without the smiling, go getter attraction of the Daycare Attendant. “DA is missing right? As well as those kids? Where’s the playground staff?” Mark asked, looking around but not seeing anyone. “They are looking for the kids in the theater…oh! There they are now!” Cayse said, running over to the big wooden doors of the play place, with a handful of people walking out empty handed of kids. The leader of the group was Clementine, an elderly woman with very grey hair, a green security outfit, and a flashlight in her hands that had a high-powered beam. Her face had a lot of wrinkles in it. She was lead of the Daycare and due to the missing kids and lack of the Attendant it was clear she wasn’t very happy…and she could be a very cranky woman if she was unhappy. She locked eyes with Mark and stormed over. “What in god’s name happened Markus? 5 kids went missing in less than an hour and the whole room went dark! People could have gotten hurt and nobody regulated anything?” She scolded. “Ms. Clem, we honestly have no idea what happened. The entire place went dark for a while and our mechanics are puffing out the problem now…we don’t know what happened.” He explained, trying to calm the woman who was incredibly angry. “5 KIDS ARE MISSING MARK! M I S S I N G! Do you know how worried their parents are? What do we tell them when their little ones are completely alone somewhere in this hellscape of a facility in the day and we have no clue where they went?! They could be hurt, or scared, or worse they got taken by someone!” Mark tried everything to calm her down, but even he could admit he was worried himself. “Do we have any identities on the kids? Their bands should be traceable.” He calmly suggested.

One of the other workers in the green outfit stepped forward. He had frizzy orange hair that had a comb stuck in it, a set of square-framed glasses, and freckles down his whole face. His main body was a bit on the smaller size but he was taller than Cayse. “Well, we’ve got 1 kid on the purple band so 1 toddler, 2 on the orange so they were relatively older kids, and 2 on the teen side who would have an accompanying a kid on their respective red bands. That should be the four. We also found one blue band but we don’t know how it would end up here and his parent wasn’t with him. However, we don’t know where any of them are…” He had a nametag that said the name ‘Laurence’.

“So let me get this straight…you know the numbers but not where they are?” Mark asked, looking over at the entrance of the daycare and saw the last of the families leaving out the doors. “…Will I be fired if I say yes?” Laurence asked hesitantly, cringing back and ready for the blow. “We found all the tags but no kids and no signs of a struggle, someone from staff took them off the kids manually.” Clementine explained. Mark gave a sigh and scratched his head. Mark’s phone then begins to ring. He looks down at his flip phone and sees that it’s Jeremy. Mark holds up a finger at Ms. Clem who looked ready to go on another yelling spree and answers. “Hello Hello? You found the problem?” Mark tried to cheerfully push. “Mark, we found the source of the issue…something something, big data download…found the source…Vanessa’s office…meet there! Luca thinks they know what happened.” Jeremy paraphrased. Mark groaned an answer. “Alright, on my way. Don’t do ANYTHING until I’m down there!” And quickly hangs up. “Alright, close everything down and find those kids…nobody is leaving till every single one is found…” Mark began walking away from the group before spinning around. “and nobody get the police! We can find them…” Mark said, turning back towards the main Atrium. Clem looked at him, flabbergasted. “NO POLICE? And if someone presses charges o asks questions?” She pursued. “Would you like to keep your job?” Mark retorted, before storming off.
For the first time ever, Freddy had a dream. When the robotic mascot powered down or was in his recharge station, he had some level of consciousness that made it so that he could still have an idea of what was happening around him. However, call them dreams, the world he was observing felt distant and old. It felt like recounting a memory he had once had at some point, but he couldn’t tell when it was. The neon lights of the mall weren’t there, nor the same size. The room was far smaller and he himself felt smaller too. The walls of the building were a bleach white, with a checkerboard pattern along the walls of the room. The overhead lights of the new location were buzzing in his ears that was hard to ignore, and the room was lively with people. Tables lined the room, filled with guests sitting at the cheaply made and throw together tables with a colorful table cover over them all to make them seem fancier than they were. In the far off corner was an arcade that was teeming with little kids and even some adults that were trying their hand at the several lined arcade cabinets on the other side of the building, with a scream of success when the group watched someone pull off a mega jackpot or win in a cabinet.

Kids were stuffing their faces with cheesy and warm pizza of different assorted toppings, and the smell they gave was unlike anything Freddy could imagine. Smelling, an act that a robot shouldn’t be able to do hit his mind and blew him away. Sound and sight was a common sense, but smell? It blew him away what he was seeing, but something was right about where he was. The room suddenly changed, and the atmosphere felt heavy with dread and fear as people screamed in horror at something happening on a nearby stage.

On a stage, spotlights aiming towards the brown and red set, were two yellow animals that stood on their hind legs. They looked like animals, but they clearly were robots with very minimalistic movement ability, swerving and jerking as they moved with vicious backlash. On the left was a yellow rabbit, holding what looked to be a cupcake and a microphone in its three fingered paws. It’s blue eyes looked lifeless and fake, peering over the crowds as it looked from person to person…but nobody was afraid of it, it was the one next to it…the bear.

The bear, in its large maw, was the head of a child that was dangling the corpse it belonged to. The body was limp as the child’s completely exposed head was bleeding profusely into the mouth of the giant bear. Blood stained the area around its mouth and down it’s body and onto the vest the animal robot was wearing. Freddy couldn’t help but stare at the event, unsure of what to do and completely petrified. He felt words leave his mouth, ‘Evan?’ he spoke, his voice entirely unlike his own. It didn’t shock him like smell, his emotions feeling like a swirl of anger, fear, uncertainty, and dread stuck to him like sap and clouded his usually critical robotic mind. He ran up to the corpse, using his much smaller legs and sweating viciously as he looked on. He went to reach for the corpse hanging from the golden robot. But noticed he couldn’t reach, nor did his hands look right. They looked like a child’s set of hands, 5 fingered and fleshy. He felt overwhelmed by everything, the now empty pizzeria cold and empty, as the panicked people suddenly disappeared.

He felt tears come to the corners of his eyes as he mourn the loss of the child, gripped with emotions he couldn’t understand or remember. Was this his life? What was happening? Suddenly, another voice, gruff and calm, came behind Freddy and put a reassuring hand on him. The hand was soft and angled, rubbing His soft and rounded shoulder. “Don’t worry Michael, I will put him back together.”

Upon the words of the older man, Freddy’s mainframe awoke and he was in his backstage room back in His green room. The nightmare was still vivid in his mind as he looked upon his returned form. His bright blue eyes looked on the body he knew was his. His orange form was back in one piece, with his top hat and all. He checked his mainframe and saw he was still in working condition…but he was in his safe mode. His map of the location was deleted, his computer access had been revoked, and he was now locked inside his backstage room. What had happened? Did he crash? He looked outside the main window of his room and saw it was entirely empty save for a few employees. One of them was Mark, and the other two were nightguards. Mark noticed Freddy by the window and dismissed the guards to sus out their own issues. Mark walked up to Freddy to inspect the bot. “Mark! Thank goodness! I seem to be locked inside my room! Would you open the door so I can check on my friends?” Freddy asked, worried especially for Roxanne. He knew she would probably be freaking out right now considering she never went through a system crash before and was scared out of her mind. “Oh no, I know your game…you’re some hacker trying to get into the pizzeria! I’m not stupid whoever you are, and using the robots does nothing!” Mark said, pushing his shades onto his face and sweeping back his hair as he pressed a remote and the curtains closed on the bear. “NO! Mark! It’s me! Freddy! Open the door! Are the others okay? Mark!” But no luck, Mark had walked off towards Vanessa’s office to see what the hell was going on over by the Prize Corner. “Oh! What am I going to do?” Then Freddy remembered the service elevator! It didn’t require his code that was stripped from him! So all he had to do was go into the elevator, and he could make it to the others.

The backstage door to the elevator in the back room slid upwards and Freddy ran to the elevator. On the ride down, he contemplated the dream, trying to make sense of why he saw that. Was that an older version of the MegaPizzaPlex? What was he seeing? Something wasn’t making sense about the whole problem. He looked over his system as he went down and discovered another thing missing, his music chip. That must have been to be sure it didn’t need to be replaced, as that would be more money the company would have to shell out to have music from Freddy. He tried to sing one of the songs he sung for showtime that he ‘practiced’ and found he actually couldn’t sing, or make any music at all. “Oh this night is horrible! I hope the others are okay!” He moaned. As the elevator hit the bottom, Freddy left the elevator and ran down the dimly lit elevator. He tried to turn on his top-hat light, but it wouldn’t come on, meaning he’d have to go down it without light. Making his way through the darkness, He felt a strange feeling over Him he had never felt before when going this way. He felt fear.

It messed with his head, the feeling of dread stuck to the robot and made his very soul ache as he ran down the corridor. He started hearing something in the walls, his paranoia gripping him as he went down the halls. The tunnel felt like it stretched on and on forever, and as he moved forwards and the elevator behind him fell further and further away, Freddy began to feel a strange sense of isolation and phobia. The lights of the dimly lit hall flickered and rocked ever so slightly as the lamps swayed in a non-existent wind. No sounds but the clunk of his feet and the swerve of his jointed. No posters on the walls, no colorful floor, no sense of distance but the incredibly far away elevator behind him.

Then, Freddy didn’t feel alone. The light by the Elevator suddenly broke, and every light of the hall followed in a few second succession. Freddy watched as each, individual light began to pop out of existence and make that much more of the hallway begin to darken. Freddy picked up the pace, now running to get to the end of the hall before all the lights disappeared. It was unclear what Freddy thought was following him, but it felt like something that had followed him for a long time. As Freddy neared the metal door to parts and service, He saw a large figure standing at the end of the hall, watching Freddy go down the hall in a manic.

Finally, he made it to the doors of parts and service. However, when he got to the door and pressed the button, the door stayed locked. “No…No no no! Stupid door!” Freddy exclaimed in a panic, trying to claw open the door but to no avail. He put all his weight onto the metal door, trying to pry it or push or do anything. Then the lights caught up, and Freddy was completely in the dark. He looked to see if there was another way to break down the door, but the place was sealed shut. He had nothing else he could do.

The darkness was cold to Freddy, his body pressing against the wall that let him look down the hallway but seeing nothing. As Freddy peered into the darkness, he tried to make out anything but could barely make anything out. The hallway was just a straight line, nothing but pure darkness like the spot around him. There was no emergency lighting, no other form of escape, but through the terrifying hall.

Gathering his courage, he got to his feet and walked forwards through the darkness. Freddy held to the wall, pushing himself forwards and never looking back. Freddy kept his eyes forwards, pushing to his goal. His friends needed him, Mark needed him, everyone did. Everyone probably fixed everything and are now worried about him. All he needed to do was walk through this hallway and everyone would be there, perfectly fine as always! He thought of Chica and how she baked a cake for the four of them like that one time…well he couldn’t remember when, but he knew it happened! His memory told him so! He thought about tough ol’ Monty and how cool he always strived to be like that time they fought the naughty beavers trying to take over El chips’. He thought about Roxane, and how She was the next big superstar in his eyes and her awesome driving skill from when they raced the tunnel rats back when she first arrived.

Then Freddy thought of Bonnie, and how Bonnie was their perfect star. The brightest of them all, and the one who always stood for what was right. He was the best of friend anyone could ask for, and all you had to do was give him a big ol’ Bonnie hug. Bonnies memory, and all the memories Freddy knew to be true, pushed him through the darkness and to the end of the hall. “Hello Michael.” A deep and raspy voice from behind called out. Freddy went cold, frozen by the fear. He turned his head and saw something at the end of the hall. A shadow, almost bigger than him…no, WAY bigger than him, staring at him with bloodshot eyes and a huge gaping mouth in the center of its belly grinning at him in the darkness. It was both clear and blurry, impossible but yet there, hiding in the dark and holding out a claw to grab the neon-colored, performer of plastic. “Michael?” The Voice said, reaching out for his hand. Freddy felt deep fear, unlike anything he had felt before, overtake him and the memories he had. Suddenly, thoughts unlike his own entered his mind. A vision of all those memories that pushed him suddenly disappeared, leaving him empty. “Who are you?” Freddy asked the darkness. Suddenly, a red energy came from behind the Shadow, which seemed to “S-stay away! It’s not time!” said the creature suddenly, with a different tone of voice.

In a panic, Freddy ran for the elevator, the darkness not following him but instead standing there, watching as Freddy put more and more distance between him and the monster. As Freddy neared the elevator, he watched as the darkness stood at the end of the hall, unphased, and waiting. Freddy fell to the floor, keeping his metallic eyes on the elevator doors, shaking. Suddenly, his memories of joy flooded back; Chica’s cake, Monty’s strength, Roxy’s joy, and Bonnie’s hug and smile… the elevator rose back upwards towards his stage room, and as the doors opened, a scarred and visibly disturbed Freddy Fazbear made his way out of the elevator and to the couch in his greenroom. He fell down onto the couch of mini Freddies and gave a groan of defeat and relax. He looked up the time and saw it was 11:36 pm.

Mark was walking with Jeremy now, as they were on the way to Vanessa’s office near the prize corner on the third floor. He was explained the information on what Jeremy and Luca discovered, and he clearly couldn’t believe it. Vanessa’s history on the internet searches she did were weird, but they eventually stopped anyway. This had to be a ruse of some kind, something else happened or someone swiped Vanessa’s worker’s card…it just doesn’t make sense! “Maybe there’s a mistake! We don’t know what’s going on.” Jeremy suggested, trying to keep up with Mark as he walked towards the backrooms of the Prize Corner. He spotted the left door of Vanessa’s room open and two voices talking inside. Mark peered in and Vanessa was at the computer, working on something and tracing her fingers on something she was reading. Behind her was Dawko, who’s blue and purple eyes were following along and asking questions. “You think that’s what caused it?” Dawko asked, His calm demeanor was a stark difference to what was going on outside. “I think so, it would explain why it would come from my office, yet we were both here and nobody did anything here.” Vanessa explained, looking at Her screen intensely.

“Sounds like you understand something we don’t.” Both Dawko and Vanessa turned towards Mark and Jeremy, almost like they expected them to be here. “We were trying to understand why certain security protocols went off in the security office and we think someone got a copy of Vanessa’s access codes and used them…they may still be in the Plex somewhere.” Dawko elaborated. On the large TV above of Vanessa was security footage of the main Atrium, people almost entirely evacuated out by now. Vanessa wouldn’t look Mark in the eye for some reason, but at least Mark got his answer. “Told you nothing weird was going on up here Mark.” Jeremy said, walking in and grabbing hold of Vanessa in a hug, which Vanessa didn’t expect. “Personal space Jerr!” She said, pushing him. Jeremy gave a gasp. “You already got a nickname for me!? Our friendship is getting better and better!” Vanessa pushed away and looked back towards the screen, looking through files to see what was causing the issue. Her headache cleared a while ago, with Mark helping her back to the office and getting some pain relievers. She felt like she had fallen asleep, but she knew what the feeling was…like she had felt it before.
Mark seemed hesitant but he looked towards Dawko, who gave a strange smile and a nod of conformation that everything was normal. Jeremy then noticed over to the corner where the box with the red label was suddenly empty and open, revealing nothing inside. “Hey, what happened to whatever was in this box?” He asked, looking into the bare, brown box. Vanessa looked over and her eyes went wide as she peered into the box, holding in a breath. Dawko didn’t seem to be confused. “I-I don’t know! Who was in the office?” She said, worried and clearly panicked. Jeremy and Mark looked at each other before Mark asked questions first. “What was the item in the box?” Mark asked, “If it belonged to Fazbear we may be able to retrieve it.” Vanessa, on her knees and seemed unable to answer. “It’s…a gift. Something I got from someone important. It’s-“ She stopped, unsure of how to explain the box or what the items were. Dawko then put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “I’m more than certain the…gift…is safe and sound in this building. If it was taken, we will see them in the recordings of the cams. We will have a look at the cameras and let you know what we find.” He spoke with certainty, his eyes meeting Vanessas and he gave a reassuring nod as he tightened his purple vest. Vanessa felt reassured suddenly, she looked towards the one purple eye and felt put at ease…then suddenly remembered the gentleman and where she had seen him. He told her that Dawko would arrive…

“Well, we can begin looking…but I won’t be here long. I need to get in talks with the higher ups in town to explain the problem personally. Jeremy, Vanessa, you two know night lock-up procedures…I leave you in charge while I’m gone. Try not to worry about…whatever the box was Vanessa.” He said, his reassuring smile seemed worried for her as it always was. Vanessa gave a smile back, but as Jeremy followed behind Mark and they left, Vanessa dropped her smile and turned towards Dawko. The lighting of the room made his facial features pop out, but not in a good way. His eyes seemed to glow in the darkness as his body was mostly coated in darkness from the one dim light lighting up the room. His posture was very stiff, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable, but most certainly freaky. Vanessa looked down to the floor, giving a breath. “Tonight huh? He really tried it?” Vanessa said, shutting the door that Mark and Jeremy left from. “Absolutely…he’s grown tired of waiting. I have too.” Dawko said, putting his hands behind him and bouncing on his heels as he smiled his smile. “Sorry…I wasn’t sure if the suit would be safe in here so I had it stashed in the vent over there.” He pointed towards a large vent that was towards the ceiling and looked fiddled with. Vanessa groaned and opened it. The white fold of fabric and plastic was sitting, folded in the vent and away enough that nobody would have seen it if they looked inside. She quickly pulled it out and put it in the box.

“So He gave it to you?” Dawko asked, the glitchy-ness in his voice becoming a bit more pronounced. He towered over the girl as she leaned against the desk of the security office and sighed. “no…self made…but he asked for it in his…likeness.” She said, he voice sounding a bit more gravelly. Dawko gave a laugh as his eyes glowed brighter. “Aw, he is such a prideful fellow isn’t he? He would ask something like that wouldn’t he? You did a good job my dear, it’s unique.” He said, petting her head with his gloved hand “Hey, don’t forget…you’ll be rewarded just like me and the others…have patience…just one more night.” Dawko said with a smile. “You know, Master has really loved working with you all this time. You have done so much to get us to this day dear. I know it hurts, but it will all be over soon. Once my friends arrive, the real fun begins…” He said, his voice sounding like it was scratching like a record. He grabbed her chin and moved her head upward towards his face to get a good look. “And don’t forget to smile…Master really likes it when we have a smile on our face.” Vanessa gave a smile in response, but looked away and continued gazing at the screens. She began to shake as the clock slowly moved to 11:40 pm. “It’s almost time, Vanessa. Time to sleep. Here…” Dawko picked up the costume and placed it in Vanessa’s lap, who then stood with up and carried it out of the office. She opened the door and looked back towards Dawko, who watched her leave and go around the corner. As Vanessa left out of view leaving for the Prize Counter area.
Suddenly, Dawko gave a twitch as he stood alone in the dimly lit room. He felt an ache in his purple eye as he looked towards the big screen in the office. The screen changed from being a feed of security footage of the Atrium and became TV snow for a few seconds, then changed to what looked like camera feed of a melting purple substance. The purple goo was flowing and leaking out of the screen, floating around the screen and acting like large melty tentacles that wrapped around the large screen. The goo tentacles looked like they had rabbit faces in them that were flowing and breaking apart like jello as the arms moved. Then, like an octopus, the goo’s thicker body exited the screen and the head of the creature formed. It was like a rabbit man, with its hands like large mechanical-looking claws. It’s rabbit ears were big and sagged like sandbags from the top of its head. It’s eyes were melty combinations of what could be assumed to be eyes, and it’s mouth was rows upon rows of blackened teeth that looked corroded and broken chipped rocks. It’s nose twitched unnaturally, like it could actually smell. When it spoke, it sounded like a wet computer glitching out that snapped and crackled terribly. The smell of the creature didn’t faze Dawko, and in general Dawko wasn’t scared by the creature. In fact, he seemed pleased, and bowed with respect towards the being.

“Is Vanessa aware of my plan?” It said slowly, almost like the mouth and sound were reverberating from the tv and the beast. “Of course my Master, She is ready for the night. Is the boy ready, Master?” Dawko asked, still staying bowed. “He has escaped me and the spirits…He was resourceful.” The monster said, his breath even worse and his physical form seeming to be melting more as he stayed in existence. “I cannot stay up here, my suit will be on the way up…is Roxy Raceway cleared of people? Elizabeth will be awaken soon…” The beast asked the man. Dawko nodded in response and the beast smiled. “Excellent…We can gather this child soon. Once I do, I’ll be freed from this…melty…painful abyss of a body and be free! Oh Dawko, so devoted you’ve been my boy…. Find my reborn, and prepare him for sacrifice.” It asked, before sinking back into the TV and the screen fuzzing as the tentacles sucked back into the screen and the screen was back to viewing the Atrium. “It will be done, Master.” He said to no one with a smile.
The Boy of the Basem*nt snuck around the dark corners of the raceway, peering around corners and watching workers move around and close things down. He thought about of getting help, but it dawned on him that he could potentially get in trouble for clearly snooping somewhere he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t remember how he got there anyway, let alone what was going on down there! What if they all knew about it and were keeping it safe? He wasn’t sure what to trust. He wandered around the raceway’s backrooms and backstage, which was filled with large crates and lift machines dotted around that were to help in moving boxes. Large stilts held up the painted background of the raceway that customers were meant to see. The Boy moved through the backstage quietly and slowly, eventually making it to the entrance of the raceway and entering the Atrium. Nobody was in the atrium but a few staff humans that we down on the lower level of the atrium and were discussing closing procedures.

The overhead lights were dimming as the location was beginning to close for the night, with the auxiliary power being activated to save on costs. The Boy made his way to the entrance elevators that were marked with a glowing sign that said ‘exit’ in cursive and neon colors. He hopped into the elevator, avoiding a staff bot that came a bit too close and ask if he was having a good time. He hoped the bot didn’t report him to some staff or something. His heart was starting to pound in his chest, the fear of being found turning to the fear of where he would go once he was out. He’d figure that part out soon, he just had to make it to the front doors. The inside of the elevator had posters of the amusem*nts around the pizzeria plastered onto the walls. One was an advertisem*nt of an overhead view of ‘Monty Golf’ with the text ‘Now introducing foam ball pits!’ in a neon green tint on the bottom of the poster. Another poster was for ‘Mazersize’ with the picture being a set of weights being held by Rockstar Chica with her signature pink bow tie holding he head up in a ponytail and a smile on her beak. Underneath the two posters was an advert for a bowling alley, but it wasn’t possible to see its name as the golf poster covered most of the old picture. The other two adverts on the other side of the wall were ads for Roxane’s Raceway, which The Boy could say for certain did look pretty cool, and Fazer-blast, a lazer tag area with Freddy Fazbear on the front of the advert. The text underneath saying ‘If you feel lost, never fear! Freddy is Here!’ For some reason, even though the words clearly weren’t directed at Him, Evan felt more at ease and gave a smile as the elevator gave a shake and he was spat out onto the front entrance area.

As he exited the elevator, on the left was the daycare, but the doors were already locked shut. The Child cautiously walked down the steps of the double stair-case with a golden Freddy in the middle of the room. A couple guards were posted at the front doors, keeping him from getting out. The front doors were glass doors with lights above the double set of double glass doors of the mall that looked like the heads of the Pizzaria’s superstars. The boy made sure to stay out of sight, moving towards the left and through a set of red double doors. He quietly shut them, and moved through the halls of the mall that were not meant to be accessed by customers.

The backrooms of the building were all a mess, with boxes everywhere, CD’s lying about and robot parts sitting in boxes and in corners. Large stripes of yellow, orange, green, and blue scattered the walls in perpendicular lines as color-coded directions to other parts of the facility. Evan made his way through the backrooms, peering into some of the dark corners of the storage facility-like landscape. Pipes were exposed in the walls that would periodically give off steam or whistle, also causing fog to appear that came up to The Kid’s knees and got in his eyes. Eventually, The Boy found his way to a room that was devoid of steam and was floored with checker boarded patterns, rather than the plain floor of the other parts of the backrooms.

The office had several monitors with the spinning logo of ‘Helpy’, the cartoon white bear spinning on a logo of the Pizza-plex and was barely holding on as he comically spun on all the monitors. Several boxes were stacked opposite of the monitors that were labeled with business labels and codes that The Child didn’t understand. He moved towards the opening on the other side of the room, but noticed on the table was a security card that had Freddy Fazbear giving a thumbs up on the front of the card. The pass said ‘Freddy Pass’ that must have correlated with Freddy’s room. “Wait! Maybe Freddy could help me get out! If I tell him that I’m lost, maybe he’ll understand.” He said out loud, then quickly checking over His shoulder to be sure nobody heard him.

Suddenly, a pair of footsteps were coming down the hall The Child was just down, with a scratchy, robotic like voice call out. “Evaaaan” The male voice said, which was followed by a peering man looking down at The Child from the other side of the room. “There you are! I was so worried! Your father has been looking everywhere for you…” The Man said. His purple left eye glowed intensely as he neared closer to the little boy. The Kid started stepping backwards into the opposite doorway. “Have you seen Ms. Vanessa around? We need to let her know I found you!” The Boy kept his eyes on the brown-haired man as he walked closer, his voice sounding distorted in a weird way that wasn’t normal for a human. “Little Evan, where are you going?” The Man asked, readjusting his purple vest and walking closer. Suddenly, the fear finally set onto The Child and He bolted down the hallway. Suddenly, The Man was chasing behind him and closing in. “Evan! get back here!” The man called out. He was sprinting now, his breath getting heavier as he sprinted the foggy, dark halls with the Freddy card in hand. He felt his feet hit the concrete floor harder with every step to escape the man. He rounded a corner and ran as fast as he could, finally seeing a red line on the wall with the words ‘Rockstar Row’ on the start of the line. The Child ran the line, gaining speed as he ran, but the Man was close behind.

As The Boy ran, his heart was beating hard in his chest as he ran. A couple of other human nightguards were in front of Him, of whom heard the man scream about The Child. The two guards didn’t notice what was happening until He already past them and ran down the hall towards the rockstars. The Guards then gave chase as The Man stopped to gain breath. “Hey kid! Stop!” The bigger guard said, starting to get closer as they rounded another corner. The smaller one was demanding backup on catching the kid, grasping a walkie on his chest. “Hey! We think we found one of the daycare kids, He’s heading down towards Rockstar Row!” Both had their flashlights on the kid as The Boy ran, tracking him as they ran. Eventually, another pair of double doors met the chase scene, and The Child burst through. He quickly turned, bolted the door shut, and kept running into the next section of backrooms that were leading to Freddy and the gang’s backrooms.
Both the security guards chasing The Boy tried breaking open the doors but to no avail. “What the heck is this kid doing?” The shorter guard, John, belted. Both of the men ran the other direction to ask that gentleman from before if he knew why the Kid was running. Hues reported the missing kid on his walkie he had on his chest. “Uh, we got us a code ‘purple’, kid is fine but He’s running around the back halls…He’s on his way to Rockstar Row, be advised.” He called to the microphone, pushing his long hair from his face. The men found Dawko, who just caught up with them and asked where the boy went. “He’s clearly some kid who wanted a close up with the bots. Other security have been notified…they’ll find him. I assume you saw him and the boy ran?” John asked, petting his boiler mustache with care. Dawko gave a smile, nodded, and flicked his wrist in agreement. “No matter…I must ask you gentlemen however…is there another direction to this ‘Rockstar Row’? Perhaps we could catch up or corner him?” He suggested.

John tightened the belt around his chubby waist and scratched his chin. “There should be a service entrance down this way…but I don’t think we have the key card clearance for it. Mark usually doesn’t allow anyone down there unless you have a reason.” John explained. The entrance to the service tunnel was gated off by a chain fence, with a chained doorway locked with a clearance card lock. Dawko smiled, pulled out a small clearance card that was purple and black, and when he slid it through the access lock the machine gave a whirr and unlocked without issue. John and Hues were shocked. “Wait, aren’t you the new guy? Who gave you clearance for the undergrounds?” Hues asked, to which Dawko looked back at the gentlemen and gave a smile… “A good pal of mine works here, gave me the card for situations like this.” Dawko then walked down the staircase on the inside of the once-locked area, traversing down the dark and unlit steps carefully. Both the night guards looked at each other and shrugged, following Dawko down.

The service tunnels were wide stretches that snaked in different directions, all leading to different parts of the mall. Pipes were visible from the sides of the wall, lit up by service lights that glowed a fluorescent red. The floor vibrated as the men stomped through the underbelly of the massive indoor amusem*nt park. Dust settled in corners of the large hallways of the facility, with big boxes blocking vision through the tunnels. The tunnels echoed with every person’s step, the clank of machinery, and the hum of generators that powered the mall. A couple rats moved around in the halls that squeaked as the men approached. The rodent’s red eyes watched the men pass from an air vent, then skittered down the vent and away into the darkness. Both the guards were a little frightened from the dark tunnels, using their flashlights to light the way as they followed Dawko through the darkness. Dawko seemed undisturbed, no afraid of what lie down in the underground facility, striding through the dark halls like he could see in the dark and had no fear. “Like dude, this place is freaky…” Hues whispered to John, who also seemed worried. “Have no fear gentlemen, I think we are nearing our destination.” Dawko said confidently, a bit of a glitch in his voice as he lead the men down an offshoot of the hall and to a dead end. “Ahhh…perfect.” He said with a monotone voice. Dawko kept his face towards the wall, not turning away from the white brick wall.
“What? It’s just a dead end!” John complained, putting his hands on his waist and Hues scratching his head. “Uhhh, I’m confused.” Hues said, “Is there supposed to be something here?” Dawko then turned to the guards and his smile stretched to the corners of his mouth. From a corner of the room, he picked up a sports duffel bag and pulled out the contents. A knife, a device of some sort, and a yellow rabbit mask. Dawko sported the mask, tying the mask onto his head. The rabbit head had puffy yellow cheeks and a big smile with perfect teeth. It looked to have black eyeliner on to make it’s eyelashes big, and the eye holes were open enough you could see Dawko’s eyes peer through the holes. Two large yellow rabbit ears sat on top the mask, with the tips of the ears being painted blue on one and purple on the other. The knife was a designer one, with the handle having a dark purple hue with yellow rabbits painted on, the blade being almost 8 inches long and could be assumed to be almost like a sword with how the handle was designed. The final item was in Dawko’s other hand, a panel of controls and a microphone for more complex orders. Dawko flicked a couple of the switches and a few boxes behind the group started to rattle. “Wh-what’s the meaning of this!?” John yelled, running back to the entrance, but being stopped by two hulking masses of metal. The endoskeletons.

They were terrifying. From the boxes were hulking robot zombies that groaned with every step and every whirr their machinery gave. They had two bear-like ears that twitched to the very scurry of rats in the bottom belly of the plaza. Their eyes were empty sockets with terrifying glows of red for pupils that stared into the men. Both the stomach regions of the robotic creatures were giant claws and scoops that fell upon the men, diving into them with speed. The first robot grabbed John and pulled him into the darkness, the man screaming as he tried to kick away from the beast pulling him away with heavy, thumping feet. Hues tried to run away, diving into the darkness and tried going back to the entrance. From the boxes, the hulking machines fumbled out slowly and like zombies, a few making a groan or scream as they arose and saw Hues. One jumped out, like one of those freakish zombie monsters out of a videogame and screamed as it crouched down and growled at Hues. It then began to run, diving right at the guard and knocking him to the floor due to how heavy the metal was that the Endo was made out of.

Hues gave a scream as he was being pulled by his legs into the darkness, with Dawko watching with a smile to his success. Hues tried grabbing onto the floor that was grated but Dawko walked over and stepped on Hues’ hands with a crunch and was pulled away. The two men were still screaming in the darkness of the deeper parts of the halls until suddenly they stopped, the echoes of their screams suddenly cut off by metallic bangs and then silence. Dawko waited a minute, before looking for the two men. Dawko gave a sigh of relief, before pressing a button on the device that summoned the robots. However, instead of two, big, metal machines walking forwards, it was the guards from before. Hues and John then walked out of the darkness, blood in their stomach regions and their clothes around the belly being ripped open. The two men’s eyes looked bloodshot, empty of emotion and their faces were unresponsive. The two men were clearly not there anymore, seeming to move mechanically like puppets on strings. “Now for the test, arms up!” Dawko spoke, pressing a button. The two guards raised their arms in response. “Now spin.” He commanded with a button, which made the two men spin around. “And now…speak.” He growled, pressing a button. ‘John’ gave a twitch with his arm and his eye twitched, before opening his mouth with a groan and a stretch of the skin. The monster gave an ear-piercing screech into the ears of Dawko. Inside the mouth of the man was the robot that pulled him into the darkness. “Great…now get dressed into something better than that. Take these…” Dawko spoke, throwing the duffle bag at the monsters of flesh and bone. “We got a kid to track down.”
The Child was running as hard as he could, running as far as his legs would take him to escape the man and those guards. Was everyone against him? Would anyone turn him in to that freak downstairs and the monster? He wouldn’t get caught if he could help it. Freddy would help! Freddy was his only help if that poster was to be believed, and The Boy had every hope that it was true. He eventually stopped to catch his breath, peering around the lit corridors of the backrooms of the MegaPizzaPlex, the bland white walls with their different color directions all confused Evan as there was no map directory anywhere to help him. The Boy focused on trying to calm down. “Calm down, you are finally alone.” He said to himself, sitting down and putting his head against the brick wall. The steady buzz of the overhead lights began penetrating The Child’s ears, the sound being a mix of relaxing and annoying. The floor was cold concrete, icy to the touch and when He placed his hand on the floor, his nerves were shook. He went into his pockets to see if maybe he had anything on him, but nothing was inside but the card He swiped from the security desk that lead to Freddy Fazbear’s room. The Freddy on the card looked back at Evan with a plastered-on smile that was unaware of the predicament that the boy was in.

He was afraid, more than he felt like he had been before. He soon focused on his memory to try and figure out why He was down there…but he couldn’t think of anything. He tried to trace any thought of before the room, but all that was there was just blank. Was he suffering amnesia? Why couldn’t he remember anything? Did he have a mom or dad that must be worried about him? What about a sister? Or a brother?

Suddenly, when the word ‘brother’ came to mind…it can to him like clockwork. He felt something in his mind begin piecing together gradually that made his stomach sink in his body. He felt an emotion of sadness and agony hit him like a truck that made him slump over and feel sick to his stomach and head. He felt what seemed like a headache, but far worse. He grasped onto his head, trying to get a grasp on the pain, but it just felt like it was getting even more painful. His right hand began to hurt, struggling to move it and eventually he felt like everything was getting heavier to move. He felt like his head was being crushed from top to bottom, his eyes filled with a mixture of tears and something red. His ears began ringing as he laid there, struggling to stay awake from the pain suddenly shocking him. He felt his stomach and head hurting even more. The numbness in his hand started to abate, and the agony in his head began centering to a particular spot in his head.

He felt light flash in front of his eyes, the lights of a stage in front of him as he was being lifted somewhere and begin placed down. The lights were too abundant to tell what was happening. Suddenly, the face of a large, yellow bear was in Evan’s face. He tried to claw away but he had no success. Someone was taunting him, speaking with a childish voice… “I think the little man wants to give Freddy a big ol’ kiss!” and without warning, the head of the robot chomped down onto Evan and the pain suddenly disappeared.

He flashed back into the real world, lying on the floor, shaking. The pains all stopped when He sat up, pushing away from the spill of blood that reflected his face on the concrete floor. The Boy looked towards His right hand and saw something that looked like it was glowing from the back of his hand. The symbol was like an arrow, with the body being shaped like a lightning bolt that was pointing towards his knuckles and was glowing underneath his skin a bright blue. The Child felt up the wall and tried to stand, forcing himself up and hobbled away from the red stain on the floor he caused. What happened to him? One minute he was here and the next he was gone? That must have been a memory or something…like a flashback? But the memory didn’t feel like his, but rather a memory someone related to him via his mind. Whatever had happened to him made Him feel more awake, like before was just a haze and now things felt like they were becoming clearer. He felt more awake and more…alive? It wasn’t this feeling of being alive, but rather being awake. He gathered himself, and gave another shiver as he continued down to Rockstar Row to Freddy. The blue mark in his hand was now far more dimmed, and was practically invisible.

The Boy opened another set of red double doors that lead to a big hallway that curved to the left like a hook. To the right was big glass windows with their curtains closed to the outside and couldn’t be peered through. To the right was a wall of posters and memorabilia of the Fazbear company throughout the years. Everything, from posters to cut outs, to parts and costumes was showcased, with a door that lead to a back area where more stuff like this was in storage and was swapped out on occasion. This week’s theme was Halloween, when the cupcake was introduced as a character for Chica the chicken and when a special line of Halloween themed posters and cutouts were introduced and added to certain pizzerias back in the 80’s. The neon hallway showcased them like displays of modern art, the homages all seeming familiar to the Boy and also seemed completely alien.

The center of the hallway also had unique golden statues of each of the band members. Roxanne wolf was holding a racing trophy in his claw on her statuette, Chica the Chicken had a pizza in her claws, her golden tongue slurping around her beak as her statue was ready to dive into the delicious Italian delicacy. Monty Gator was standing like a solider at war, his club raised like a sword and golf balls were in his claws like ammo. His maw looked as if he was screaming a war cry and he was about to charge into battle. Finally, there was Freddy’s statue. He was holding a mic in his golden hand, his fist raised and looked like a pop star of his time. Each statue was in front of the respective room that belong to that particular band member. The names of the robots was above on neon-colored lights that were humming as they were fed power. The Boy couldn’t help but be enthralled by the sights, the colored lights looking beautiful as they shimmered above him.
He gazed from object to object, fascinated by their age and their beauty. A majority of the objects were pieces of an old robots that had been decommissioned a long time ago. Even the face of the robot was somewhat still intact, resembling that of a chubby rabbit with a piece of the ear missing. It felt like walking though memories that weren’t his. He felt connected to these things, but how so? He was just a boy, a boy all alone and in a world so beyond what he knew. He felt like this was home…or once was…but is nothing but a shell of what it once was. The Boy then snapped back to reality, he needed to get out. He found the side door to Freddy’s room, which had a keycard swiper on the side of the door that would unlock the door. The door had its handle that was illuminated by red lights to show it was locked. The Boy reached up and swiped the card along the bar of the reader and the machine gave a click as it allowed Him inside. The door’s lights turned blue and swung open.

Chapter 4: Chapter 3, 11:40pm

Chapter Text

Freddy watched as his room door opened and a child walked into the room, quickly slamming the door behind him and looking at Freddy nervously. Freddy jumped from his couch of Freddies and gasped. “Wait! Don’t close the door!” But it was already done. Suddenly, a locking sound came from the door and the light illuminating the door handle turned red again. “Oh Fuddlebears!” Freddy cursed, slouching back into the couch and groaned. The boy tried at the door but to no avail. “S-sorry Freddy! I didn’t know you were stuck!” The Boy said, scratching the back of his head. “It’s alright Superstar, but you shouldn’t be here.” Freddy said, standing up and analyzing the boy. “Hmmm, were you a part of a party registry?” Freddy asked, his robot voice seemed pretty calm now. “N-no” The Boy responded. “Well then, who are you?” Freddy approached. He was about to say ‘Evan’ but maybe that would be a bad idea. What if that name triggered something or he would be in even bigger trouble. He then thought up a name on the spot. “I-I’m Gregory.” The Boy responded. Freddy went silent a second and then came back to life. “Hmm, I don’t see you on the registry…how did you get inside?” The robot questioned; his eyebrow raised in suspicion. “I-um…I kinda woke up here. I don’t know…can you help me? I just wanted out but there are guards at the entrance. If I left, they’d probably think I was trying to sneak out or something, thinking I broke in.” Gregory explained. Freddy stroked his chin and nodded, before looking out the window. Freddy walked over and peered out from the curtain. In the big, curved hallway was two people. Vanessa was walking around with a flashlight in hand and was listening to Jeremy gobble on about something. Freddy could vaguely hear it, but could definitely tell Vanessa wasn’t interested. “Ah! Ms. Vanessa and Jeremy! They could help you out! We just have to get their attention. I can explain the situation to Vanessa and she’d understand.” Gregory then remembered what the man before said about a ‘Vanessa’ and that she would be looking for him too. “NO! No no! I don’t trust her!” Gregory said, scared and shaking suddenly. “Why not? She is very nice! She can take you to your parents!” Freddy said with a smile. “I just…don’t trust her. I need to get out alone…is there another way?” Gregory asked Freddy.
“Here, take this!” He said, and his chest piece opened up like a hatch and revealed a cache of items on the inside. “Just one should suffice.” He added. Inside Freddy was a bunch of watches that had some likeness to himself. The watch was yellow and blue, with a small screen on them that looked complex. Gregory strapped on the watch and checked out the features. It had a map system, a tab for personal Freddy messages and recordings…and even control of security cam features! The only thing the watch didn’t do was tell the time… “If we can get you out of here before closing at 12am, you’ll be free to go! We just have to hurry. Come on, this way!” Freddy said, pointing at the backdoor of the room that slowly lifted to reveal the backroom that lead to the elevator to the parts and service section. However, to the right of the elevator was a stack of boxes that lead up to a closed vent that was big enough for Gregory to crawl into. “Crawl into the vent and keep going until you get to a right turn you can get through. It’ll lead straight out into the open area of Rockstar Row. From there, just come back and open the door again, and we’ll be on our way!” Freddy explained, as Gregory climbed the boxes by the supervision and occasional help of Freddy and pulled the vent cover off the wall.
“Oh! And while you are there, you should be able to see into my friend’s rooms…could you check on them for me? I’m worried.” Freddy said, remorseful. “S-sure Freddy! I’ll be right back!” Gregory said as he crawled into the vents and went down the hole. “I believe in you Superstar.” Freddy added, walking back to his room.
Well the plan somewhat worked, Gregory just needed to be fast and this would be over. He crawled his way through the vents, only stopping when he heard a weird sound that threw him off. The vents were dusty and had spider webs in some corners. The air in the vents was surprisingly stiff for being ventilation shafts, making Gregory lose breath quickly if he sped up. Gregory crawled through the vents as quickly as he could, and then began hearing a voice from afar talking. It sounded like a woman, but it was to robotic to be human.
“Everyone…loved…you. You…were…the…super…star…of…the…show. Thank you.” Gregory peered out one of the vents and looked into what he could assume to be another greenroom for a robot. The room was purple, with plushies of Roxy Wolf around the couch and a whole bunch of Roxane Wolf merch all over the room. The room was clearly for an avid racer, with racing trophies lining the walls that were screwed into the shelves they sat on and were blank. Inside the room, talking to herself, was Roxanne wolf herself. The robot wolf was standing in from of her mirror, almost too robotically for Gregory. It was disturbing, seeing a stiff robot just speaking to itself as it gazed into its own reflection with a strange smile. “Everything…went…perfectly…Thank you.” Roxanne said, moving her claw through her ‘hair’ as to brush through it. it seemed like two voices were in the room, just slightly different from each other. One voice was Roxy, whilst the second was more delicate and was more of a whisper. It sounded almost like a young, British girl, whispering her secrets to her best friend. “Your…Hair…is…beautiful. Your…tail…is…beautiful. You…are…so…perfect. You…are…so…perfect…and…complete. Thank you.” Gregory was somewhat freaked out but ignored it and moved on.
The next vent area had a greenish hue, and sounds of something getting thrown around came from the room. The sounds of an angry gator came from the room. It sounded like whoever was in there was fighting someone but it was unclear. Gregory quickly scooted away from that vent and peered into the next one. In it was more visible than the rest, with Chica sitting in the middle of her room. She looked upset, trying to push food and objects into her mouth but clearly was upset. “WHATS HAPPENING TO ME!? WHERE IS THE TASTE!? I NEED FOOD!” She cried out, her voice cracking and making a ‘cluck’ sound between some syllables. She sounded like she was crying, but it was muffled by the sounds of her stuffing things into her face. Eventually, she gave up with food and tried anything, with no success. “HUNGRY! I NEED FOOD!” She wailed, throwing herself around the room.
Gregory felt a chill up his spine, watching her slam her fists onto the floor and cry out was a mix of creepy and sad. He eventually moved on and found the vent he needed that lead to the outside again. He looked out to see if he could see anybody coming, and breathed a sigh of relief when He didn’t see anyone. As Gregory fiddled with the vent to push it open, he thought he heard something scuttle behind him. He quickly turned to see what looked like another robot. It was small, with eight legs and two arms that had tambourines for hands. The little creature was white and pink, with big black eyes that stared at Gregory from the darkness of the vent. It had a little, black top hat on its head and a speaker on its chest of where its music came from. It crawled very slowly towards Gregory at first, then sped off into the darkness of the vent as quickly as it emerged. The thing scampered away, leaving Gregory mortified. He gave a small squeal as he punched at the vent and shoved it with all his strength, falling forward and onto the open floor of Rockstar Row. He turned around and crawled backwards from the vent to see if the thing followed him, and to his relief it didn’t.
“What the heck was that thing?!” He said to himself, picking himself up and pushed it from his mind. “Whatever! I just need to get Freddy and get out of here!” He said, running back to Freddy’s room. He was back at the door entrance and swiped the keycard again. The door gave a hum and opened again…this time, Freddy was ready, and charged out the room before the door could lock on him. “Haha! Well done, Superstar!” He said, victorious. “Now then! Let us head to the entrance. We can enter a service hallway from here and get to the entrance Gregory!” Freddy said, taking Gregory’s hand and leading him down the hall. “By the way…how are my friends? Are they okay?” Freddy asked, concern in his metallic voice. Gregory took a minute, before nodding in confirmation. “Yeah, they were fine probably…can we go?” Gregory asked, becoming anxious and impatient. “Alright then! Let’s go superstar!” Freddy said energetically.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vanessa’s head really was starting to hurt. She walked through the backroom offices, checking for any stowaways or strange things. “…But I still think that Season of Defense on Dwarfs was really interesting! The plot for the last season really tied all the threats of the dwarf war really well…but man the secret in The basem*nt…man…” Jeremy said, putting his hands on his hips and eyes going wide to express his surprise. “I’m not much of a weeb…surprised you can focus on that stuff Jeremy.” Vanessa said, blinking her eyes sporadically to alleviate the pain in her head. She walked the dim hallways of the brick walls of the halls. Then a smell hit her, the smell of drying blood. “Hold on…somethings not right.” Vanessa said, running down the halls and seeing the blood puddle at a T-intersection of the hall. The blood splatter had just been made, made from a small source. “Woah…” Jeremy said, reaching for his walkie. “Hey…we got us a blood stain down here near Rockstar everyone okay? Respond…” Jeremy said, his voice going monotone.
“Uh, no? Can you tell the source?” A female voice responded. “No, the source didn’t come from the hall. Someone bled here and walked away.” Jeremy said, as Vanessa peered around the halls to see where the person could have gone. Vanessa felt a pain in her heart, similar to what felt like sorrow…but it was hard to tell with the rush of emotions from what would happen tonight.
Vanessa then reached for her walkie. “Can Guard Hues and Guard John please respond?” She asked, her heart beginning to beat in her chest. She realized that where they were was where they usually routine, but they were clearly MIA. There was silence on the radio until a voice that sounded like John spoke. “This is John, Hues’ mic is broken. We are going to get it replaced at the Prize Corner.” Vanessa gave a sigh and nodded “Dawko, respond. Can You confirm their location?” Vanessa added.
Suddenly, the glitchy voice came through the walkie. “I’m here at the Prize Corner…Hues and John are here. Lookin’ real good gentlemen.” Dawko said with a chuckle. “By the way, Vanessa, there is a kid loose…did you receive the code ‘Purple’?” Dawko asked. Jeremy responded first. “Yeah, but we didn’t see anything…I’ll swap channels to Ms.Clem and see if she has anything. Over.” Jeremy then pressed a handful of buttons on his walkie and swapped to Ms.Clem’s frequency. “Hey Ms.Clem, You get the code ‘purple’? How goes finding the others?” There was radio silence, then Ms. Clem then spoke up. “Unfortunately no…but none of us are leaving till we find those kids. We aren’t sure where they could have been…I have Laurence crunching the map to see where else we can look but so far we have nothing. We are certain they can’t be in the daycare anymore at this point.” The older woman responded. Jeremy was starting to worry. Kids being loose here is fine to some level...after all, This is built for kids, how dangerous could it be? But the fact that those 5 kids were still missing, a kid running for some reason, and blood on the floor…how else could this go wrong? “What the hell is happening?” Jeremy said under his breath, the buzz of the lights being noticeable in his ears.
“Right, let’s get a picture here and call the STAFF bots to get this cleaned up. We need to find this kid.” Vanessa turned from Jeremy and hopped back onto her walkie. “Everyone, let’s get the place closed down…we close everything then they can’t get lost.” Vanessa spoke, grabbing Jeremy’s hand and pulling him back towards Rockstar Row. “Let’s just give these guys a check real fast and then we can get rolling, Vanessa.” Jeremy suggested. Vanessa groaned and went along with it, her head still throbbing. Jeremy split off from Vanessa as she went off to Roxanne Wolf’s room, while Jeremy went to Chica. Jeremy swiped his keycard on the door lock and the door swung open.
Inside, Chica was shaking over a huge pile of food on the floor, breathing heavily. At least, Jeremy thought he heard breathing…but it sounded to robotic to be breathing. Besides, it’s a robot…robots don’t breathe! She just knelt over the food, Her back towards Jeremy as He stood in the doorway of Chica’s room. She sounded very distraught, almost like she was crying. “Why?” She moaned, holding pieces of pizza in her robotic claws and only focused on the pizza. The room’s pink interior was decorated with Chica balloons, an arcade cabinet with the name ‘Monchy Chica Munchers’ on the front of the machine. Her makeup table was overturned onto the floor, the plastic make up laying all over the floor in a mess. In one corner was a pile of bows and ribbons that were unfolded and a mess. “Chica?” Jeremy called, stepping onto the pink carpeted floor of the room and carefully stepping towards the robotic bird. She suddenly stopped crying and turned towards Jeremy. She looked like she was crying, but her tears were blackened like she was crying from makeup. She had a few food stains on her beak and face, indicating she was stuffing things into her mouth. “YUMMY SNACK!” She said, Her left eye bugging out and looking another direction, as Her claw reached out for Jeremy. The guard took a large step back. Chica then stood to her feet, her motor’s giving a whirr as she stood up and then suddenly gave a spasm as she fell backwards onto the floor and began malfunctioning, thrashing about. Black residue was leaking from joints and from her mouth as she twitched on the floor, her eyes lighting up purple and flashing as she sporadically blinked. The lights of the room began flashing as ungodly sounds started echoing in the room, cries of help. “BWAAAAK!” Chica called out, clearly twitching in pain as she thrashed around the room, trying to stand to her feet.
Jeremy just stood there, unsure of what to do or what to say. His throat became dry as he watched in terror the robot flail around in sporadic fashions. He reached for his walkie and began to speak, but Chica suddenly dashed for him, knocking him over and opening her beak wide. The black liquid started turning a dark purple as she laid on top of him, fighting him. The giant machine was trying to rip him apart. Jeremy kicked her chest, pushing her back and got to his feet. He quickly reached for the door before Chica got to her feet. As Jeremy reached for the door, Chica almost got him again, but was stopped by the locked door.
Canned voice lines then came from Chica’s room, emotionless and glitchy. “Come out little bird…your family is looking for you!” She said, a small giggle at the end of her words as she banged on the door, demanding to be freed. “Come out friend! I have a Supriiiiise!” She said, her voice glitching into different octaves as she thrusted her heavy metal body against the door. Jeremy’s breathing became wild, as he tried to calm himself and reach for his walkie. When he reached, he realized that it wasn’t there. It must have fallen off while he was in the room, and no way in hell was he opening that door. “Little chicken! Please let me out! I want to meet you!” Jeremy slowly got to his feet and hugged the wall, the still thumping robot on the other side of the door making him watch the door intensively.
Unaware of what Jeremy witnessed, Vanessa walked towards Roxanne’s room, sliding her purple and black key card and opening the locked door. The purple room was like the others, an arcade cabinet on a raising portion of the room, a make-up table, and a go-cart in the corner closet to the door. The room’s color theme was neon purple and red, with a fluffy black carpeted floor and purple clothed couch with a golden yellow trim. Roxanne was standing in front of her mirror, staring blankly into it as she gazed on her perfected features. Her Gray fur with a green tint on her forehead, her perfected Make-up and eye liner, and her perfected nails that were painted purple and red. She didn’t speak a word, enthralled by her own design until Vanessa snapped her out of the trance. Roxanne’s Yellow eyes met Vanessa’s as they locked eye contact. “Hey, there’s a few kids wandering around…Join the search with everyone else so we can find these kids.” Vanessa instructed, immediately leaving. “What’s the profile?” Roxy asked in complete calmness and order, having no physical or mental change. “So far we’ve got 5 different kids running around right now…just keep your eyes peeled. “
Vanessa held the door open for the machine as it wandered out of the room, Roxanne’s long and thick gray hair coming into Vanessa’s face. “We will find them…I’ll find them…I’m the greatest…” She muttered, seeming to be under a trance. There was a purplish liquid dripping from Roxanne’s feet as she walked, leaving footprints behind of where she walked.
Vanessa avoided the small puddles and then called for a janitor. Just as she reached for her walkie, a bang came from Monty’s room as the door blasted open. A loud growl came from the room and Monty raced out, with such speed that the only thing Vanessa saw before he broke through a doorway was a green blur. Monty bashed through a door that went to a maintenance backroom for the robots and left only a hole in the wall with how hard he bashed through. Brick dust and splinted wood from the door went everywhere and Monty continued his run through the doorway. “WHERES THE KID?” He growled, the roar getting quieter as he got farther away. “Uh…added note…avoid Montgomery Gator, he’s a bit aggressive tonight.” Vanessa said, holding Her radio to Her face. At this point Jeremy shakily moved back to Vanessa. “What in god’s name is going on? Do they usually go haywire like this?” He said, stepping onto the black liquid by accident. “Arg! What the hell is this?” Jeremy cursed, wiping his shoe on the floor from the goo. “Oil” Vanessa quickly answered, before walking off with speed. Jeremy noticed her speed and raced after her. “Hey! Wait up!”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Freddy and Gregory found themselves in the back areas of the PizzaPlex, with Freddy guiding Gregory towards the entrance on the fastest route possible. The two carefully treaded the corridors, avoiding staff as they could. They ran into a few employees who were confused by Freddy’s appearance, and why he was roaming. The two found that Freddy’s inside chest cavity was the perfect size for Gregory, given that a few of the plushies inside Freddy were pulled out and Gregory situated himself inside Freddy correctly. Gregory found that if he squeezed into a ball, then stretched backwards into Freddy, he could comfortably sit inside Freddy. Gregory admired the inside of Freddy as he walked towards the entrance, the several motors, joints, pistons, and attachments were interesting to watch as Freddy moved. Gregory thought about the outside and what his plan would be once he got there…who would he contact first? He didn’t know his mom’s or dad’s number…and he couldn’t think of any siblings…frankly, he couldn’t remember any details of the outside or before getting stuck here. Would leaving actually be the best? He couldn’t understand why, but Gregory felt like escape was the only option. He felt pulled towards the objective, like someone or something inside him had that objective to escape and never return to this awful place.
As Freddy was entering through the same red double doors from the side of the entranceway, the front doors could be seen. Above the front doors were the glowing neon lights shaped as the animatronic band glowed above the exit signs. As Freddy neared the doors, he spoke to Gregory. “We are almost there superstar! Not too far now.” He said, before hearing a voice behind him.
“Freddy! There you are!” Vanessa said, finally caught up to Freddy after discovering he wasn’t in his backstage room. Freddy turned towards her and gasped. “N-nightguard Vanessa! How good it is to see you!” He said, trying to smile. “You’re supposed to be in your backstage room! How did you get out?” She asked, flashing a light into him. Freddy squinted his eyes as he tried to think a lie. Jeremy was close behind, trying to get Vanessa’s walkie to work. “Stupid thing…Cheap plastic…grrr…” Jeremy was trying to get the walkie to work, but it seemed as if it just wouldn’t work anymore. Something was jamming the signal on the walkie. “uh yeah! The door um…wasn’t functioning properly and clicked open! I…do not know why it was open.” He lied. Freddy usually wouldn’t lie to staff, but considering the circ*mstance, it was alright. “Look, just keep an eye out for any wandering kids. A whole bunch went missing during opening and one may be hurt and bleeding.” She said, before walking off towards the main atrium with Jeremy in tow.
Jeremy looked at Freddy, noticing the bear’s suddenly liveliness. “Wait, has he always responded to human words that effectively?” Jeremy asked, sprint walking over to Vanessa as she was going up the double flight of steps. Freddy gave a sigh of relief and Gregory climbed out of Freddy to look around after a few moments of silence to be sure they were gone. Gregory watched as Vanessa and Jeremy entered into one of two elevators on the highest floor of the entrance and disappear behind closing elevator doors. “That was close…Quick! The doors!” Gregory said, jumping out of Freddy and sprinting for the doors. As he approached, the overhead speaker came alive and issued its closing statement. “Fazbear’s Mega-Pizza-Plex is now closed, initiating lockdown sequences. All security doors have been activated, security camera features are now online. Initiating AI intruder software. Shuttering doors…” Just as it finished it’s lines, the front doors were being covered by large, mechanical shutters. As Gregory picked up speed, he got there as soon as the metal walls closed and slammed to the floor. “NO! NO! NO! I’m still in here!” He yelled, banging his hands on the door. He tried to lift the metal wall, but the mechanical slider underneath made a click sound as it locked the clean metal door closed. “Freddy! Help me pull it open!” Gregory exclaimed, but Freddy shook his head. “I-I’m terribly sorry superstar, but the whole building will be shut down. Even if you got the grate open, it would not matter. We must stay together until 6 AM.” Freddy explained. A miserable Gregory slid against the door of the MegaPizzaPlex, looking towards the neon-colored ceiling of the mall. “Great…now I’m stuck in here with these crazy people, and this stupid mall, and all this stupid just…” He threw his fists onto the ground in anger, laying there in misery. Freddy put a hand on his chin, before happily exclaiming; “Maybe we can head back to my room! I have puzzles! Would 600 pieces or 800 pieces sound more exciting?” Freddy asked, a big smile now forming on his face with his newfound friend. Gregory gave a moan as he laid on the floor. “It’s gonna be a loooong night.”
Deep within the foundation of Roxy’s Raceway, a terrible evil was brewing to make its evil debut. On a rising elevator, a costume lay on the floor, along with someone. The creature was tall, looking like a toy doll with extensions that didn’t look safe or cleaned. It had red lipstick and red cheeks like a clown, only the face looked incredibly shattered and dismantled. Mold grew around the left cheek, with the right part of the face struggling to hold form. The creature was wearing a hood over itself to somewhat conceal itself. The creature looked down with its poisonous green eyes at the rucksack on the floor. It picked up the sack, slowly walking with it forwards into Roxy’s raceway. As soon as the creature in the hood had found itself in the center of Roxy’s Raceway, It found an entrance into what was called ‘Roxy’s Salon’ ahead. The Creature then set the rucksack down and pulled out a small vile of dark purple liquid. She shattered the glass to the floor, releasing the goo as it melted into the sack and gave it life. The sack creature flexed its fingers and moved its body, testing the sack’s resistance as it stood upright on two feet. The Rabbit Man Gregory had seen before was now on the same level as Him, stalking around for Him. “We must be quick…we only have so long before my Remnant burns through this suit…Elizabeth, corrupt this place…We cannot allow them to find our place of operations…understood?” The Rabbit asked the creature in the hood, who nodded in response. “I promise father…it will be done. I will become beautiful for you…I already have Roxy under my influence.” The Hooded clown girl said with pride. “Good…get to work. We have only so much time.” The Sack Rabbit said, as He gave a giggle of delight and began strolling down the raceway towards its entrance to begin looking for Gregory Himself. He hummed a little tune as He strolled. “Happy Fazbear birthday…pizza, games and cake. Eat up all Your treats until Your tummy aches…” He giggling, swaying His arms like a lunatic as He danced away. the clown girl retreating into the dark cave that lead to Roxy’s Salon, releasing something from Her wrists that was like a green mold that was corrupting Her left faceplate. The cave seemed to grow darker as the mold sucked itself into the walls, coating them green.

Chapter 5: Chapter 4; 12:00 am

Chapter Text

As Vanessa and Jeremy stood in the elevator, cold silence between them, Jeremy gave a cough and a grunt before opening conversation. “So…what’s first on list of To-dos Boss?” Jeremy asked, giving a military salute jokingly as they rode the elevator to the Main Auditorium. Vanessa turned to him slowly “Just…look for weird stuff and don’t get lost in the dark, alright?” She asked, the headache in her head starting to become more troublesome. Vanessa checked her watch. The watch read 11:59 PM. She had completely lost track of time. Her head was really starting to spin out of control.

Eventually, the doors swung open, and Vanessa charged out. “You look over on the east wing, I’ll go west.” She said quickly, running off towards prize counter and leaving Jeremy alone on the elevator. Jeremy walked out, watching Vanessa run up the escalator stairs that lead to the next floor. The lights of the atrium were still on, with the mega stage on the far end of the room being empty. Not another soul was in the mega auditorium, the only other things around being a few staff bots and a few pat-pat’s; little, wet floor signs that had two cute eyes and yellow bear ears that wiggled with excitement if you pet the top of their heads. Two white eyes stared at you no matter where you were, but their size made them easy to trip over by accident. A pat-pat rolled over to Jeremy, looked up at him, and gave a little whirring sound as if to say ‘pet me please!’. Jeremy gave a warm smile to the little robot and pet the top of its head, the little machine twirling in a circle with joy and speeding off towards the arcade. Those little machines were never too far from a janitor bot, which were similar to normal STAFF bots, only with fake suspenders that were painted on and spoke with a weird, British accent. “Oi! Come on lads! ‘e got us a littl’ mess o’or yonder eh? Keep up!” It said with so much enthusiasm you’d think it was in a cartoon for kids. A few pat-pat’s rolled over and followed the bot into another elevator, whirring in excitement for their purpose.
Jeremy fiddle with His watch as He walked alone towards El Chips, the Mexican restaurant on the second floor. His watch read ‘12:00 am’. He pressed a few buttons and set a time for 6am as He walked up the escalator stairs, thinking about his interaction with Vanessa. “Man…she kinda seemed weirder than usual…” He said to himself, looking back towards the direction she went to see if He could see Her. She must have been in a rush, because He saw no signs of Vanessa at all on the opposite side of the building. Turning back to El-Chip’s, Jeremy noted the outside of the restaurant. It had a big, brown beaver head, with a sombrero on its head a two maracas next to it. The music inside was very party-like, but it was clear no one was inside. The inside of the place was pretty expansive. Rows of seats and tables, lined with cups, plates, utensils, and other things for the table were all set by STAFF bots. The identical machines were all busy getting things cleaned up from the day; some were putting up new décor, some were sweeping and cleaning garbage, some were even moving food around or clearing off table. The open room had several kinds of seating, from bars that were in the center of the expansive diner that were set up so the chef’s, usually STAFF bots, were cooking and serving in front of you, to some normal tables and chairs that were decorated with images like a Mexican-styled restaurant and the face of ‘El Chip’, the mascot of the place. Bright Greens, reds, and yellows were on the banners, confetti, balloons, and other cosmetics of the locations. A large soda machine set up was in a corner, with a soda machine that claimed to have over 100 soda choices!

The music of the restaurant was turned down so much that you could barely hear it, which wasn’t the case during open hours. The same 20 second looping song played for all hours of the day on blare to the point it could drive a person mad if you worked here long enough. Jeremy looked towards the back bar at the far end of the restaurant, which behind it was an open window into the back kitchen area that served most of the food for this particular diner. Several of these small diners were everywhere, each with their own little spin on things. The kitchen’s lights were still on, but there was still some banging going on behind the half-wall. A swinging door was to the right of the bar that led to the kitchen, which was propped open, with one or two security bots wandering in and out of the location with items in their hands from dirty dishes to full bags of trash to be thrown down the trash chute in the kitchen. To the left of the far-off bar was a Fireman’s axe, locked behind a glass case that could be broken in case of emergencies. The Pizza Plex never had an incident of any kind for almost 10 years, an amazing and surprising record for a kid’s pizzeria. But who are they kidding? Most people who come here anymore are either adults who are bringing their kids as a family trip or are long-term hardcore fans who went to Freddy’s as a kid. Jeremy was one of them.

When Jeremy was 10, he lived far from where he was now, off the coast of Oregon. There was exactly one Freddy Fazbear’s pizza there when he was a kid that wasn’t shut down until he moved for college, of which he dropped out. Jeremy loved Fazbears; the arcades, the music, the stupidly over-cheesed and overpriced pizza, and of course the animatronic band themselves. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and even Foxy was in commission back then. After a particular incident years ago, most Foxies were shut down…but this one he guessed had missed the memo. He remembered the old cartoons as he sat in El Chips, reminiscing about all of His Freddy memories. Jeremy’s whole world for years as a kid was Freddy Fazbear and nothing else. Bonnie was, however, his favorite. When Jeremy first started working at the Mega Pizza Plex, there was, and still is, an entire section of the mall that was dedicated to Bonnie called Bonnie Bowl. The place is still in operation, with an ice-cream diner and a mini arcade inside the location. However, in the ice-cream diner, on his own stage, would be Glamrock Bonnie.

Every other robot only did their shows on the main stage, with Bonnie being the only one with his own stage, separate from the others. He was like Freddy, with a star over his eye instead of a lightning bolt. He was dark blue, with red wristbands and a red ring that glowed in the dark on his right ear. Two suspenders were strapped onto him that didn’t really hold anything up but were connected to his bright pink pants. Blue stars were printed onto his bare chest, with two stars on his purple shoulder pads that glowed in the dark. He also had a pair of stylish glasses with stars as the shape of the lens.
Bonnie was a huge favorite at the Mall, with fans of all kinds wanting autographs and pictures with the rabbit. What was strange to most was his incredibly friendly demeanor. The Glamrocks were known for their ‘lifelikeness’ that was pretty hard to ignore. Whatever Fazbear did to bring their robots to life, it was pretty effective. Bonnie could somehow hold an entire conversation with people with auto-generated lines and a system that would search the internet for any key phrases a person could say. Bonnie could completely hold conversation with people and do it effectively. He even had a temperament and that people who constantly called him a robot, would get a verbal beat out with endless amounts of ‘your mom’ jokes and insults that Bonnie could take from the internet. After seeing the effect Bonnie had, they tried to implement it with the other animatronics and it worked surprisingly well! But Bonnie was always the favorite of most and he skyrocketing in fame. On one gloomy day, while the MegaPizzaPlex was closing, Bonnie had wandered off from Bonnie Bowl and disappeared into thin air. Nobody was able to find him, with Fazbear even launching the ‘Find the Bunny’ event in where people dug around the halls of Fazbear’s MegaPizzaPlex to try and find the missing rabbit, and disguised the affair as a ‘backstage tour’. Sadly, they never found him. Fans all over the world were distraught by the disappearance of their favorite Bass-playing Bunny. The band felt tiny without their base guitar. It was then decided that a new robot was decided to take the roster. Fazbear held it up to a vote that was one of the few times Fazbear was open with their ideas. There were several options available; Beavers, Hippos, and out of all the choices was Roxanne Wolf. The Wolf was a racer that was the winner by a landslide! Roxy was introduced the same week as the vote…showing that Fazbear already knew who the winner was going to be. The victory was bittersweet, because eventually older folks had then suddenly latched onto the character and lead to…interesting art pieces that soon spread to the other characters. At first it was fine, but Jeremy snickered as He was going down memory lane of reading social media and seeing several of the art pieces. Thinking back to Bonnie, it still was incredibly strange how Bonnie just…disappeared.

Then the most strange thing happened…Some people drummed up the idea that Monty had something to do with Bonnie’s disappearance. Several people online pointed out that Monty had not only the same shades as Bonnie after He disappeared…but that it was reported that Bonnie had last been seen inside of Monty’s area before he went missing…Monty Golf. Jeremy remembered the report, how scared Vanessa was at the thought of losing her job by losing a whole robot, but everything was covered up pretty quickly and eventually Bonnie disappeared into the catalogues of history at the MegaPizzaPlex. A pretty common theory was that Monty may have already been designed as a base player. Jeremy scoffed to himself…that theory would work for people, but these things were robots…they weren’t people! Jeremy looked up at a clock that was showing the time. The clock read 12:20 am.

Out of nowhere, a loud piercing sound rang out, making Jeremy flinch in pain. As soon as it stopped, he stood and looked around the room for the source of the sound. A sudden bang then came from the back kitchen, making Him look towards the sound. He thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye move. It could have been a staff bot…but then he heard a growl.

Something was in the kitchen, and it wasn’t happy. The sound of tearing metal was scraping on the floor, as if something robotic was being torn apart. Jeremy moved from the table he was seated at and walked closer into the kitchen. He peered around the corner of the door and looked into the bleach-white room. The white tile floor was reflective of the overhead lights that beamed a fluorescing white light. The ovens in the center of the room were off and other STAFF bots were busy cleaning up still, with a couple of them turning towards the sound and backing up slowly as if they saw something. Jeremy walked into the room, hearing the scraping metal still and then saw a body piece of a STAFF bot fly into the air and land onto the ground. Jeremy was puzzled and confused, watching the piece fall to the ground. He peered around the ovens to get a better look at what the heck he just saw. “Hello? Whose there?” He said, looking around the oven. Crouched down, tearing apart a STAFF bot who laid helplessly on the floor, was another human employee.

He was wearing a daycare employee’s outfit, but it was stained with a black liquid as well as something red. He smelled off, but also looked off. His orange afro on his head was messy and tangled, with some bits that looked pulled out like something had grabbed onto him. He was relatively thin, and wasn’t much of a big guy. He was grabbing parts from the robot on the floor and putting them in his mouth, but it seemed like he only grabbed wires and bolts…then promptly spat them out. He gave a snarl of anger and reached for more parts. On the floor behind the employee was a tag that read the name ‘Laurence’. Jeremy then called out again. “Hey, Laurence…you okay there kid?” He asked. ‘Laurence’ then turned his head slowly and revealed a terrifying secret. Half of his face was missing.

Blood was trickling down his face where the exposed endoskeleton underneath was controlling the flesh bag. The boy’s left eye was completely limp, and the one eye that functioned was one of the Endoskeleton’s eyes that were still intact. His face looked almost torn into, like someone shoved the suit into him. His blood splattered onto the floor where he was crouched, and pooled on the floor. The zombie then gave a scream as it got to its feet and began shuffling over to Jeremy. The Guard stood there in shock, unable to do anything but stare. The thing suddenly sprang onto him and pushed him to the ground, screaming and showering Jeremy in blood. He punched the robot in the face, stunning it for a second before punching it again and shoving it off of him. Jeremy saw a knife was left on a table and reached for it. He grabbed it and swung it upwards and was to land a blow on the thing while it was down. However, before he could move, a STAFF bot grabbed his arm and yanked out the blade. “Employees should not play with knives…that will be a write up, Jeremy.” The bot said, cruising away with the weapon. “Come back! I need that!” Jeremy said, trying to grab the knife back. The robot zombie then crawled off the ground and tried to drop down on Jeremy.

Jeremy just barely dodged it, and flailed out of the kitchen, the monster right behind him. It banged into the wall as it chased, giving another scream in anger as its target got away. Jeremy ran towards the Fireman axe and broke the glass to reach the weapon. The zombie groaned and gave out a scream from its mouth as it climbed onto the bar table and crawled towards Jeremy with speed. The half of the face that was human was leaking a black liquid from its eye like tears. It leaped at Jeremy, but the Guard dodged it and fell to the floor, not letting go of the axe. Jeremy got to his feet and spun towards the monster that was on the floor. It stood on its back legs and turned towards Jeremy. Jeremy then went for the swing. It landed right in the center of the monster, the robotic eye splitting away and shooting out of its socket and hitting the floor with a clank. The creature staggered backwards as Jeremy pulled the axe out of the thing with a heave of his arm and push with his foot. The thing was still alive, but staggered. Jeremy then gave a sideways swing and smashed the monster with the flat side of the axe to knock it down. The robot twitched on the floor, twisting its head backwards to see its adversary. Then, with a final swing downward on the monster, he lodged the axe into the head of Laurence…or whatever was left of him. Blood and black goo went everywhere as the head split apart onto the floor and leaked onto the diner of El Chips.
The music of El Chips still played in the background as Jeremy overlooked his kill. What the actual hell just happened? He watched as staff bots wheeled over to the crime scene and begun picking up parts of the robot and putting them in trash bags and cleaning the liquids as their programming told them to. Jeremy pulled out a chair and laid the axe against the table, trying to rationalize what just happened. What was that thing? Was it an employee? Surely not! It was a human, or was at some point…but clearly something happened to him. Jeremy looked at his bloody hands and noticed they were shaking. He was mortified at what he had done. He needed to find Vanessa, she was the only one he knew was close by. Jeremy ran out of El Chips and ran straight into another employee. Cayse was surprised by Jeremy’s sudden appearance. “Woah! Hey Jeremy! Everything okay?” She asked, noticing his panicked demeanor. Jeremy backed away, the axe still clenched in his hand as he stared Cayse down. “Are you real? What’s your name?” He asked softly, His eyes not being taken off the girl. Cayse looked at Jeremy’s bloody hands and the axe in his hand. “J-jeremy? What are you talking about?” Suddenly, she looked afraid. “Where’s Laurence?” She asked. Jeremy wasn’t sure how to answer. “Jeremy…Laurence said He was going to go meet with me at El Chips…where is he?” She asked, backing away a reaching for Her walkie. “Cayse…I think something was wrong with Laurence. He…” Jeremy let his guard down, satisfied with the emotion and lack of growling that she was normal. “Something got Laurence and did something to him.” Jeremy added. “Look, we need to find Vanessa, Mark, heck even Ms. Clementine would be fine! Something is wrong. The animatronics are freaking out, something got Laurence and did something to him, and there’s still tons of missing kids.” Jeremy said, his voice shaking and his heart pounding in his chest from fear. Suddenly, another loud ringing came from absolutely nowhere, piercing into Jeremy’s ears and making him cover them and close his eyes in pain. As soon as he released, Cayse started reacting violently. Cayse had more tears in her eyes and then stopped. “Somethings wrong” She said, backing up.

Cayse held her stomach and crouched down onto the floor. She gave a groan as she bent down. “What happened? Are you okay?” Jeremy asked, dropping the axe and helping Cayse. She gave a groan and them a snarl. Jeremy noticed that her nose was dripping something…it wasn’t red. Jeremy stepped back and watched as Cayse gave a snarl and then a grunt and twisted her body like something was scurrying inside her. She stood up haphazardly, and then twisted her head upwards from the downward position it was in. Her eyes were bloodshot, leaking a black substance and bleeding from her mouth and left nostril. Her mouth opened and revealed another set of teeth that were inside her mouth. ‘Cayse’ gave a scream and reached for Jeremy as He had reached for his axe. He held it, ready to swing. The monster gave the first swing of her arm and then crouched onto the floor like a goblin. Jeremy got to the side and swung at her back. The beast fell to the ground, but then scurried away to recover and stand up on her back legs. Zombie-like, she shuffled towards Jeremy. The arm of the monster reaching out and trying to grab him. Jeremy dropped down and jumped up with an uppercut. Then, with perfect skill he had never felt before, he landed on his right foot and then kicked the machine with his left foot into the chest of the thing. Jeremy then swung the axe downwards onto the monster as it laid on the floor, staggered. The chest bore open as Jeremy landed blow after blow to the chest cavity. Blood and black liquid splattered everywhere as Jeremy cut at ‘Cayse’.
The inside of the robot was exposed, revealing the flesh that covered the mechanical body of whatever this thing was. The twisted monstrosity looked metallic, but it very well could have been organic. The metal looked melted onto the organs of Cayse. The heart, lungs, ribs, and other body functions were clearly there and not scooped out. Somehow, this robot squeezed into her body and overtook the functions of life that she had. But when did this happen? Robots don’t slide into people! They are robots! Clearly, whatever this robot monstrosity was, was put inside of Cayse at some point. Then that begged the question…was this some kind of virus? Was it a disease where your body became a robot? Was that even possible? Was Vanessa or Mark infected? Was He infected? No…no he couldn’t be! Wouldn’t he remember that? surely he would have remembered a robot being stuffed inside him! He stood there in shock…balled in the middle of the floor in panic and unsure of what to do. Was he going crazy? Did these two people have nothing actually wrong and he went insane? Jeremy needed to find Vanessa, Mark…ANYONE at this point. Or maybe finding others was a bad idea? Maybe he could at least call for help. He knew where Vanessa was…and he knew John, Hues, and Dawko were there and safe. Jeremy reached for Cayse’s walkie and tried to use it. With a couple sobs and a pull, he got the walkie off and called for Vanessa. “H-hello? Is anyone there?” He asked, his throat dry and his hands shaking. No response. “Vanessa! S-something happened to Laurence and Cayse! I-I don’t k-know what happened.” He said, his voice shaking as his hands were covered in blood and gunk, making the walkie slippery. Jeremy clung onto the walkie, shaking in his spot. It took Jeremy a second to breathe and compose himself, before standing to his feet and looking over his kill. He gave a deep breath and began walking to the Prize Counter on the higher floor. He made sure to take the axe with him, and he did not let it go.

Chapter 6: Chapter 5

Chapter Text

Gregory and Freddy were going to go back to Rockstar Row until the set of double doors they went through before had locked behind them. Gregory tried the doors himself but they wouldn’t budge. “Its no use Superstar…they aren’t going to open unless we have the clearance. With the PizzaPlex closed for the night, the backup security is online until further notice.” Freddy explained. “But you are a robot! You can just go… Beep beep boop, please open or something?” Gregory asked with exasperation. “Well I did…but I am in Safe Mode, built for if I somehow lose control of myself I don’t endanger the safety or security of the MegaPizzaPlex…truly I am sorry, Gregory.” Freddy explained. Freddy suddenly gasped. “But…there may be a way to get you a security badge to open the door… Follow me!” Freddy exclaimed, running towards the main entrance of the PizzaPlex.

When the PizzaPlex was closed, the only lights that were on were the massive spotlights on the ceiling of the building and the floor lights that were hidden in shrubbery that decorated around the massive Golden Freddy statue in the center of the entrance. The Fazpad on the second story on the left was completely empty of anybody, with all the chairs flipped over onto the tables that could be seen from the window on the side of the building. The two sets of stairs going up towards the entrance elevators and other attractions of the park had a few of the ‘pat pat’ wet floor signs that were sitting quietly nearby anywhere a STAFF bot had recently mopped. They watched Gregory and Freddy ascend the stairway with their two yellow eyes, unblinking. As Freddy reached the top of the stairway of the massive entrance, He hung a right from the elevators and stood before the entrance of the ‘Super Star Daycare’. “It is a stretch…but there may be a spare security badge to open the door through here Gregory. It will be incredibly valuable to get us through most security here on the upper levels of the PizzaPlex.” Freddy explained. Gregory looked upon the sign that marked the entrance of the Daycare. It was a wide mural of two faces. One face was on a happy orange sun, beaming with a smile and bright eyes…The other was far more mysterious. It looked like a crescent moon. Its eyes were closed like it was asleep, with a sleeping cap proving that theory. It looked peaceful and serene as its head sat on the mural that read ‘Super Star Daycare’.

“I dunno about this Freddy…” Gregory said nervously. “We should be able to get inside the daycare without trouble! The only thing in we need to access the daycare is a paper wristband that the employees may have. Frankly, they are just a safety precaution.” Freddy explained. As the pair walked down the corridor to the daycare, Gregory looked at the brick walls that were painted with the mascot of the daycare. One was of a sun with a body that was smiles and joy, yellow and orange. Once again, sitting with the daycare attendant, was a napping moon man that was blue and purple, with a sleeping cap. “Who’s that?” Gregory asked Freddy. The robot looked at the art too and gave a gasp of joy. “Ah! The daycare attendant! He may be able to help us! He has access to all the systems as a backup, in case something happened and security needs a restoration system.” Gregory liked the sound of that, and maybe since he worked with kids he would be willing to help Gregory out! The fountain near the front entrance of the Daycare was not functioning, but the liquid inside didn’t look like water…it was far too black to be water. Gregory didn’t pay any mind to it as they walked into the cheery space.

The waiting room of the daycare was carpeted with a cyan color. It looked almost like a hospital office waiting room, except for the back end of the waiting room having a net wall that let you overlook the expansive Daycare. A slide with the sign ‘Slide into fun!’ painted white was on a rainbow background. “The security desk is down inside the Daycare Play Area! Head down there and find a Freddy head and press the nose. Inside is a backup security card that should allow us access to the back areas of the PizzaPlex…or some of them anyway…at least enough to get back to my room.” Freddy said. Gregory was a bit worried to go down the slide, looking inside the rainbow tube. “Are you sure about this?” Gregory asked, concern in his voice. Freddy gave a reassuring smile as gave a thumbs up. “Don’t worry Gregory! I’ll always be with you on your watch. If you need me, call the watch and I’ll be there.” Freddy said, smiling. Gregory felt more at peace and prepared to slide down the slide.

“Here goes nothing…” Gregory said, sliding down the rainbow slide. Gregory gave a gasp as he slid down the rainbow of color and landed in a ball pit full of rainbow balls. The inside of the Play area was like a whole other world! The walls were painted like the sky! The tower in the center of the play place stood out as a monumental castle for fun and play! While it had two separate parts, they converged together to make the center tower. The whole thing was colored with random colors and connected by interconnected pipes and cables. Some parts even over hanged into certain areas that had slides at the bottom or foam pits you could drop into! A huge lake of balls for a lake ball pit was at the left most side of the place that had slides leading into the ball pit and even a diving board too! There was a section of the place for toy musical instruments, an arts and crafts section, a stage for kids to play with costumes and such, and even a snack buffet over by the exit doors! This place was awesome, even for an older kid!

An overhang on the backwall looked like a castle tower that was flying in the sky. Two spotlights from the ceiling were pointed towards the castle as someone emerged towards its edge. On that perch was him, the Daycare attendant. He was spinning in circles, a joyous smile on his brightly lit face. He wore orange suspenders with a smiling sun design on the baggy jester pants, held up with suspenders. He didn’t have any pupils in his white eyes, but the sun was incredibly friendly looking. His sun-shaped face looked delightful and fun, as the points around His circle face that made Him look like a sun spun around the perimeter of His face as He danced. AS Gregory was fumbling out of the ball pit, The Attendant gave a gasp and called out. “Yoohoo!”, before diving into the ball pit and disappearing into the balls below. He suddenly then appeared from the pit of balls and was before Gregory with a huff. “Well hi there new friend! You sure are up late! Are you here for a slumber party?” It asked, it’s voice so happy and loving. He picked up Gregory and helped Him out of the ball pit and into a clearing where He could have better footing. “Uh…s-sort of! Are you the Daycare Attendant?” Gregory asked, happy to see another smiling face. The Daycare Attendant gave a chuckle. “Nope!” He said, doing a cartwheel and putting on a cow costume he found and attaching a cow nose to his face. “I’m a cow!” and gave a moo of confirmation. Gregory gave a bit of a giggle and smiled. Freddy then called on the Fazwatch on Gregory’s wrist. “See? He’s not so bad! We just keep the lights on He’s happy smiles!” The Daycare attendant then got the costume put away after the bit and gave a nod of approval to his handiwork. How could you have fun if everything was a messy messy mess! “Alright! You caught me! I’m the Daycare Attendant! You can call me Sun, kiddo!” He said, backflipping onto a table and juggling a bunch of ball pit balls.
“Oh! But you don’t have a wristband! What’s your name?” The robot asked, pulling out a little device. “I’m Gregory!” Gregory said, smiling. Sundrop then typed onto the handheld machine and gave Gregory a purple paper wristband with his name in gold on the band. “Yay! Now we can be even closer friends! Purple is my FAVORITE color! You can use it for a flower! A bed! Even a car that’s driving at night!” Sun said, doing another cartwheel. Gregory liked him, he seemed pretty friendly and lively! Even for a robot…

“So Gregory! What shall we do first? We could fingerpaint, tell stories…oh! I have a whole bunch of Fizzy Faz Soda we could drink until we are so energized our heads EXPLODE!” He said, making an explosion gesture as he said that. The jester was a bit eccentric but not harmful. “Actually, I came because Freddy said a security thingy is in here we need to head back to his room. Sorry…I probably shouldn’t be here.” Gregory sad, kinda sad to leave. The robot’s demeanor suddenly changed. “O-oh…” He said, his smile not disappearing from the sculpted face. The energy of the Daycare Attendant was noticeably different as Gregory walked away. “Well…nobody should be going towards the security desk! It could be dangerous! A lot of tools and equipment that kids shouldn’t play with!” Sun said, a pang of jealousy in his voice. Gregory was surprised at his sudden drop in energy. “W-well…sorry for not sticking around…you seem fun.” Gregory said, walking around the giant jungle Gym structure and to the back desk.

The back desk of the daycare was what you except of a security desk. It had a few computer monitors with the spinning Helpy logo, as well as rolling chairs that were for the company employees. There was a wristband machine laying on the table for the kids of the Daycare so they could each be tracked for their age and monitored accordingly. The desk was neat and orderly, even for a company work desk. In fact, the Daycare as a whole was very well neat and tidy, done like how a robot would do it. Suddenly, the Daycare Attendant dropped out of nowhere and landed on the desk. “T-there’s no need to take anything here! Trust me kiddo! I have tons of things we could do!” Sun said with a whimper. The size of the robot was suddenly apparent as it towered over Gregory. “Uh…sorry Sun, but I told Freddy I’d meet back with him after I got the card.” Gregory added, before getting behind the desk. To call it a security office would be a stretch. It was more of a desk that sat close to the exit doors to the left of the desk. A few TV monitors were there, with the same logo of Helpy the robot spinning on the PizzaPlex logo. “B-b-b-but don’t you want to have fun with me instead of an animal! I even have puppets in the puppet theater you could see!”

Gregory was starting to get annoyed now, but he found the small Freddy dispenser and pressed it’s nose. The little bobblehead-looking Freddy gave a celebrative honk and the mouth opened to reveal the card on the inside. “w-w-w-wait! That’s not for good little boys like you! Y-you’ll get in trouble if you take that!” The Daycare Attendant moaned in agony. Gregory gave a smile and a yank of the card and admired the little blue card. On the desk was also a keycard necklace so he could carry the card with him without losing it. He promptly put the card in the clear plastic container and suddenly the lights went out. The cheery music faded and went silent, the bright lights disappeared, and the Daycare Attendant gave a scream of fear and worry.

“NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” The Daycare Attendant screamed. He started convulsing on the spot, writhing in pain and discomfort when the darkness of the place took hold. “NO! NO! NO! I CAN FEEL HIM! THE DARKNESS! LIGHT ON! LIGHTS ON!” The robot screamed, pulling on his rays of light as he spun around and around in circles. “THIS CAN’T BE! THE MOON! I FEEL HIM! CLAWING HIS WAY OUT! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” Gregory watched in horror as the robot went out of control, spinning and raving as a slow, peaceful version of the daycares theme began to play as a stark difference to the chaos afoot. “I WARNED YOU! I WAR-R-R-NED Y-Y-YOU!” He gave a groan as he stood on the desk that Gregory hid behind and gave one more scream, before falling backwards out of view and hitting the floor with a bang.

The room echoed with the thud of the robot, the slam of the robot rocking the floor of the room. Gregory watched from behind the desk in fear, his lungs felt empty of air as he watched, unblinking. Gregory felt his heart begin to race, his blood going cold as he looked around for some kind of light source. Inside the desk was a flashlight, with a couple batteries for said light. Gregory quickly put the batteries in and turned the light on. He flashed the light around and didn’t see anything. “Freddy! Come in Freddy! What happened to the lights?” Gregory asked. Freddy responded quickly. “It seems like a short fuse happened! When the emergency card was pulled it shut down the system! Quick, go inside the giant play area and find the generator, it should be somewhere at the top of the tower.” Gregory looked at the foreboding tower in the darkness. A glow of a red light was at the top of the play place, which must be where the generator was at. Gregory looked around to see if the attendant was anywhere nearby and if he was okay, but there was no sign of him. Gregory looked where he fell and didn’t see him. He assumed that he had to be okay to move right?

Gregory made his way to the base of the tower and began his accension. The Gym looked a lot less menacing when it was all lit up and the cheery music was here. Now, it felt ominous, like looking at the nightmare house of a horror movie and not being able to leave. The beeping light of the generator at the top of the tower was taunting Gregory with every flash of its red LED blinks. Gregory took one big breath and entered through one of the play tubes of the jungle gym. It was really hard to navigate the dark maze with all the different directions you could go. Gregory flashed his flashlight around the area, trying to get a sense of where he was going, but it was still difficult. Gregory had a few moments where he almost dropped the flashlight, but thankfully he was making good progress.

The colorful hallways were all decorated with vibrant reds, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and all of the rainbow. Some areas had pits that if you fell, you fell into miniature ball pits that you could climb out of. Small areas had small obstacles that moved or could push you, but were clearly deactivated because the auxiliary power was on and not the main breaker. Why Fazbear put it at the top of the play place made absolutely no sense to Gregory in the slightest but it still had to be done. He still saw no sign of the Attendant, which was strangely ominous. The Attendant seemed so bright and cheery, surely he was a good robot right? Maybe Gregory should of asked him what he was raving about. Then he heard a click of machine parts from his left.

Gregory turned to his side, an open hole that lead of the climbing tower that was a clear safety violation. Gregory looked out the hole but didn’t see anything. He heard another click from outside the window. Gregory felt weirdly not alone anymore. “Hey Freddy? Is the Daycare Attendant…bad?” Gregory said into the Fazwatch, peering around the colorful maze of pillars and bars. “Well, He is the most complicated of the attractions! He used to have a day and night mode and would swap between them based on the time, but it was shut off after a few…complications came from the system. He was…very mean to the children who didn’t follow the company rules regarding safe playing.” Freddy explained, his voice slightly static-tuned when coming from the cheap plastic of the watch. “I wouldn’t worry about it Gregory! That part of his system was shut down so you should be fine!” Gregory was not fine.

The boy peered into one dark end of the colors and tried to see if there was any more upward inclines at the end of the hall, but it was still really hard to see. He shined the flashlight down the hall of colored bars and saw that before him was some kind of balance bar over a pit of balls. With a careful step, he balanced over them, pushing away a few hanging bags that were designed as obstacles. Another clicking sound, this time a cacophony of them, came from the other side of the bars on his right hand side as he balanced, making him almost trip and fall in. Gregory quickly shined the light over the bars, trying to find the source of the clicking but finding nothing.

The darkness felt even more pressing as he made it to the other side of the bar and glanced around, hoping to find a staircase up. Thankfully, he found a fake rock wall that went higher and pulled himself up the wall and into another hall of colors, pillars, and outlooks. However, these ones didn’t have any covers or anything preventing someone from falling out. It seemed strangely unsafe for kids to be playing in should one fall. He noticed that this particular stretch had several of them. “Hey Freddy, this doesn’t seem very safe. There’s a bunch of circle holes in this higher section.” Gregory said, holding to the opposite wall as to avoid falling through the holes…or something grabbing him from the darkness. “Freddy?” Gregory repeated, but had no response. “Freddy! Are you there?”

Another clicking sound came from the openings on the far right, with this time a creepy chuckle coming from the center hole. Gregory beamed the light towards the hole, shaking as he got closer to see what made the sound. He carefully peered out the flashlight, looking left and right on the outside of the jungle gym for any sign of anything, before looking down. Cold fear shot straight into Gregory’s small heart, making him gasp in terror at what was below him. Somehow clinging onto the side of the wall of the multi-colored playground, was the Daycare Attendant.

His face was illuminated in a way that it looked like a crescent moon. He had a sleeping cap on with stars in a pattern and a big puffy ball at the end of the cap. His five-fingered hands were climbing the wall as it stared Gregory down with its cartoonish, red eyes. “Naughty Naughty boy…playing after hours! You must be PUNISHED!” He cackled, diving for Gregory and trying to reach him through the gaping hole. Gregory gave a scream as he climbed for his life, the terrifying Attendant after him through the climbing holes. Gregory made a sharp turn to try and break the chase, but the thing was on all fours and crawling towards him as it played creepy lullaby music as it did. Gregory kept climbing, hoping there was some way to lose the monster. Eventually, he made it to the bridge that connected to the other side. The Attendant climbed underneath the overhang and made it to the other side of the bridge before Gregory could. He stood on the roof of the opposite side, watching the boy run on the bridge and then prompted dived at Gregory, as Gregory dived forward to get off the bridge.
The attendant hit the floor of the bridge, almost falling off but grabbed on with his flexible fingers. Gregory quickly ran back to the bridge and stepped on the Attendants hand that was holding on to make it lose balance. It let go with a whizz and hit the floor, then got to its feet quickly and started climbing again. Gregory, his lungs burning from the fast action, quickly continued his accession of the tower. “Freddy! The Attendant is after me! What do I do?” Gregory called out to Freddy on the watch. There was still no response from Freddy. “Freddy! Come in!” Gregory yelled in the watch, as he quickly climbed up the jungle gym, the Daycare Attendant now hidden once again.

Gregory was almost there, just a few more climbs and he would be at the tippy top! But as Gregory neared the generator at the top room, The Attendant was already there in an open section of the climbing gym. The flashlight glinted the face of the robot as it’s sculpted and unchanging face stared into Gregory’s soul. “Hello naughty boy! Give up?” It asked, before crawling in like a spider and jumping at the boy. Gregory had nowhere to go! The attendant grabbed him in an attempt to throw the boy out of the climbing tower.

“You’ll make a good boy soon…Evan…” It said, pulling on the little boy. Gregory then gave a kick in the face to the robot and scampered backwards. Gregory felt that sensation in his right hand again, that numbing sensation, and saw that his backhand was glowing with the arrow again. Gregory felt a sliver of courage and as the attendant went to reach for him again, Gregory landed a punch with the glowing hand right to the face of the robot. The Attendant was electrocuted as Gregory landed the punch and Gregory was pushed backwards. The Attendant gave a groan of what sounded like pain, falling in the air, hitting several things on the way down, and finally landed into a nearby ball pit disappearing into the mass of colorful orbs.

Gregory looked out the hole in the climbing tower and didn’t see the Attendant anymore. For a few minutes, Gregory kept his eye on the pit, watching carefully to see if movement came from it. Finally calming down, he looked at his arm and noticed the glowing stopped. Gregory gave a breath and called Freddy again. “Freddy! Come in Freddy! I know you are there! Stop scaring me!” Freddy suddenly responded, sounding worried himself. “Gregory! Thank goodness! Something happened to the communications! I tried to respond but it sounds like you didn’t hear me. Do you see the Attendant still?” Freddy asked, distress in his voice. “I think…I think he’s done. I punched him and he fell off the tower.” Gregory explained. “I don’t support violence…but well done Gregory! I knew you were brave Superstar!” Hopefully Sun was okay…it was that other guy that was the meanie. “Who’s the night guy?” Gregory asked Freddy. “I believe his nickname is ‘Moon’, He was always a bit broken. Especially after he was put on the back-up system that the company downloaded back a few months ago.” Freddy laminated. “I don’t remember what they called it, but it had something to do with an old system that was designed for musical puppets.” The Boy pulled a big switch on the purple generator at the top of the tower and the red light from before turned green, the lights and music of the Daycare now in play. The music started out slowly at first, as light by light was turning on and illuminating the Daycare as it was before the shutdown. Everything was brightly lit again, making the tower less foreboding.

Slowly, Gregory made his way down and out of the tower, and looked to see the remnants of the Daycare Attendant if it was still there. He looked into the ball pit that the robot fell into and suddenly the Sun appeared from the same spot as Moon had. The robot had a big crack on its eye on its left side. The robot sprang from the pit and grabbed Gregory by the shoulders. “BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!” Sun screamed, taking the security badge from Gregory by pulling on it. Gregory gave a choke as Sun took it and scampered up the wall and away. “NAUGHTY BOYS GET COAL FROM SANTA AND GET BANNED FROM THE DAYCARE!” Sun Screeched. Gregory was gagging on the floor as he watched the Daycare Attendant take the badge. “Shoot! Freddy! Sun took the badge!” Gregory said, getting to his feet and running towards the big doors of the Daycare. pushing the big doors of the Daycare open and watching the Attendant climb the wall to the main level of the Daycare and slip into the Fazbear Theater, He called back to Freddy. “Are you almost here?”

Freddy came down the stairs and met with Gregory. “Here, get inside my chest Gregory, I’m faster!” Gregory quickly hopped inside Freddy and Freddy ran after the Daycare Attendant to the Fazbear Theater that was next door to the Daycare.

Jeremy ran into the elevator that lead to the Prize Corner, waiting as the elevator rode him upwards. He was hoping to run into Vanessa, Dawko, hell anyone at this point. Something was clearly wrong with everyone, and there is a good chance that the others are ‘infected’ or ‘replaced’ or whatever happened to Laurence and Cayse. He looked down at his body and saw that he had a few scratches but other than that he was fine. His fireman axe in his hand felt heavy, but was a necessary defense should anything go wrong. The elevator gave a whirr and suddenly stopped at the designated floor of the Plex.
Once he was in the room, he scanned for Vanessa or anyone. The circular room had gadgets and gizmos and tons of prizes up on racks and shelves behind desks. In the center room of the prize counter was a giant, glass floor that looked down onto the Main Atrium of the Mall. The distance was pretty far, and a fall from this height would definitely kill somebody should the glass break. Technically the glass could open and become almost like a downward view of the main stage, with a guard rail coming up out of the ground that would let you also hear what was going on downstairs. Jeremy looked around for anyone, but couldn’t find anybody. The two guards, Vanessa, or Dawko were nowhere to be seen. He called out for them, already missing the convenience of his walkie that was broken back with Chica. Now that he thought about it, the robots were also acting really strange. That whole situation was just strange in its own right. The way the robots behaved were almost like zombies, or being controlled by something. Plus, where had Freddy gone? Vanessa seemed like she totally was chill about the robots weird behavior but yet they clearly had something wrong.

As Jeremy looked around, he figured the best thing to do was head to Vanessa’s office and see if maybe he could find anything or anyone on the camera systems. He strolled over with caution to Vanessa’s office, seeing that the cameras were thankfully still online. He rolled the rolling chair up to the computer and began typing in commands to look through different cameras and seeing if he could find anything of worth. Flipping through the hundreds of cameras at his disposal, he glanced at the different channels, he stumbled into the Daycare cameras. In the fuzz, He saw what looked to be a small child hopping into Freddy’s chest cavity and then Freddy running into the Fazbear Theater in chase of something. “The Hell?” He said under his breath. He tried accessing the cameras in the Theater but they were all offline, like someone shut them off. “God…Ugh” He mumbled, trying a whole bunch of commands on the computer to try and get the system to turn the cameras back on.

Nothing seemed to be working, save for the audio. He heard what sounded like groaning and a distorted version of the Daycare Attendant’s musical theme. He threw up his hands at it and looked for anything else going on. Suddenly, a female voice came from Jeremy’s right. “Hello Jeremy.” Jeremy jumped from the chair and look to his left. A female was standing in the doorway, clenching something behind her back.

The person was wearing a cosplay outfit. It was white, save a few spots that were sewn with patches of other cloth. The face was a mask with a smiling rabbit and two, massive red eyes. Two large, white ears were on the top of the mask and were fluffy little sacks. A little cotton tail was near the backside of the suit, and it had rabbit feet for the footwear of the costume. The person stood there in the lights of the other side of the office. Jeremy went cold, staring at the rabbit with a breed of fear and terror. Somebody broke into the PizzaPlex. The rabbit gave a laugh and ran over towards the exit. Jeremy ran after it, turning the corner and dashing out the door. It skipped through the Prize Counter, happily going along its day. “Hey! You aren’t supposed to be in here! Who are you?” Jeremy said, running after the person. It gave another giggle as it ran into the glass-floor room. It stopped after passing the glass and turned around. Jeremy was on top of the glass floor and had the axe in hand. “Who are you!?” Jeremy demanded, finally having enough of the night. Then a cough came from behind Jeremy and the Guard quickly turned.

Another man with Dawko’s outfit and a rabbit mask was holding a lever attached to the wall. The rabbit mask was yellow, looking creepier that the other Bunny person. “Hello there Jeremy.” The masked rabbit man said, before pulling the lever. The glass panel then opened and Jeremy fell from the fourth floor to the bottom floor of the Atrium. “Aaaand goodbye Jeremy.” Dawko finished, before lifting his mask and the lever. “Well done Vanny! Master would be pleased! Now that we have every string dealt with, let’s find that boy.” Dawko said, lowering the mask and walking away. Vanny following close behind. “Sure thing Mr. Dawko!” Vanny said with a giggle and a hop in her step, humming as they walked.

Everything happened in slow motion as Jeremy fell from the highest point in the Mall. He watched the rabbit lady watch Him fall through the air and down into the bottom floor. He let go of the axe on his way down. Jeremy hit his head on the way down, his body aching in incredible pain. Most of his weight landed onto one of the party tables, somewhat breaking his fall. Jeremy felt like his whole body was on fire, the pain becoming almost unbearable. He tried to move, but everything in his brain told him it was too much. He felt like this was it…and he began falling into unconsciousness. Suddenly, a voice spoke in his head that made him jump. “Come on silly! You gotta get on up!” the squeaky and deep voice said. Jeremy was suddenly wide awake, leaning upwards and his head aching. He looked around for the source of the voice, but saw nothing. “Down here!” The voice said, to which Jeremy looked on the floor. Next to him was a cartoon bear with white fur, pink cheeks, blue eyes, a little black top hat and numbly limbs. “There’s the champ! Give ol’ Helpy a hug!” The little cartoon bear said. “Oh my god I’m going nuts…I hit my head and now Helpy is real…Oooohhhhh god.” Jeremy said, laying back down. Helpy noticed the guy was scrunching up on the floor. “Hey big man! You gotta get up! Fazbear and the crew need you!” The Bear said, trying to encourage Jeremy. “A little boy is in danger dear fellow! A brave, little boy!” Helpy called, trying to pull Jeremy up. Reluctantly, Jeremy got to his feet and Helpy climbed onto him. “Am I dreaming? Did I die?” Jeremy asked, genuinely scared. “Nope! But I’m here to help Jerry Berry! Find that boy first before they do! That lady and that pesky Dawko are going to do something terrible to him if they find him!” Helpy exclaimed. “That boy is REAAAL special yeah? He’s got a really cool superpower!” Jeremy tried to ignore the cartoon hallucination, trying to shake off the voice and get a sense of what to do. Who the hell were those people? Were they people who broke in? The store wasn’t impervious to thievery, but they just closed! Besides, Vanessa and that new guy Dawko, along with other nightguards would have been there…that is if they were even people to begin with. Then the thought hit Jeremy…maybe everyone was infected…Vanessa did night shifts all the time and that could mean that at some point she was nabbed! That Dawko dude was uncertain, but he definitely wasn’t a good dude. Jeremy then realized the second masked person was wearing the same outfit as Dawko was when Jeremy had last seen him. “No…no something is wrong with that guy and he is definitely behind something here.” Jeremy confirmed to himself. He sat down on one of the nearby tables for a minute to process. “Where do I even start? Finding any other guards could be a death sentence…” Jeremy tried to think of where to go. Maybe if he found Clementine he could get help…if she didn’t already get turned into one of Those… things. Maybe Mark? He’d be somewhere around here, he’d just have to find them. “Alright Helpy, where do you think I should go?” Jeremy asked the voice, pretty sure it wouldn’t actually answer back. “Check the Monty Golf! My tiny-bear senses are tingling!” He said with a giggle, then suddenly disappearing into confetti. “Good luck!”

Maybe Jeremy was actually losing his mind.

Then he heard a clunking sound coming towards him. Jeremy was standing in the middle of the Atrium, when he turned and saw Monty Gator racing after him at full speed. The green gator-man wasn’t slowing down, and seemed focused entirely on Jeremy. “I FOUND SOMEONE!” He alerted. Jeremy didn’t stand around to find out what Monty would do to him. He ran off to the right of the plex towards Monty golf on the first floor. After a few steps up and passing the entrance sign, he quickly entered through the green double doors and quickly barred the door closed. Monty almost reached the door before Jeremy closed it, and when the door obstructed the monster, he started punching the door as hard as he could. He’d bust his way through eventually and get his hands on the nightguard. With as much haste as he could muster, Jeremy ran into Monty Golf.

The location was very dark, with black and green being the prominent colors of the amusem*nt. To Jeremy’s right was the Gift Shop for people coming out of Monty Golf and wanting a souvenir of the time they had. From golden clubs to plushies of Monty, the entire gift shop was centered around the aggressive gator. To the left was the double doors leading to the golf itself. Above the golf course entrance was a giant Monty with a golf club in his claws. The sign had fallen a few times before, but the thing was never really fixed well. One of the major rules of the golf course was to NEVER throw anything at the sign in case it fell. The double doors were closed and locked as in order to get in you would have to put in a ticket that said you had access to the place. For Jeremy, he just needed to slide in his keycard and he’d be in. with a quick swipe, Jeremy busted through the doors and locked them behind him to keep the gator fiend out. He heard Monty break through the doors with a crunch, walk around a bit with his heavy feet, then the room on the other side going quiet.

The dimly lit golf course was designed after Monty, with huge cut outs of the gator being in the ball pit moats throughout the course. The inside of the dark room had the huge expansive island in the center of the room that was the golf course. This room alone was one of the most expensive of the main amusem*nts. From the miles long catwalks above it, to the maintenance of the island itself being so expensive that Gator golf tickets had to start at almost $70 bucks just for the casual course. When Monty first joined the band yet, he barely had a following. However, once Bonnie disappeared and Monty became the new base player, suddenly he jumped in popularity and people visited the course almost every day. Monty was one of the most profitable of the group, bringing in the most money out of any of the crew for quite a while…at least till Roxanne’s Raceway came along. Roxanne stole Monty’s spotlight for quite a while, but since then the two have stayed pretty popular of the crew. The island had a huge bridge at the entrance of the double doors, decorated and built from purple, green, and black painted wood in a zigzag pattern. Spotlights shined onto the path of the bridge to the island that were colored purple, green, and white. To the left was to the tot’s course for the younger kids that was considerably cheaper and a shorter run. However, over that way was a security office that was where Vanessa was initially stationed until she asked to move. Now that Jeremy thought about it…that white rabbit from before sounded like Vanessa…was she truly the one behind all this? He did remember seeing that thing in the box she told him to keep out of was some cloth thing that was white.

Jeremy snapped out of his thinking when Monty suddenly broke through the double doors of the gator golf. The Gator in the darkness was absolutely gut-wrenching. A massive, hulking form of green looked down on the fairly tall man with blaring purple eyes through the purple star shades. Monty’s purple claws opened and closed robotically, as if he was gearing to do another punch. “FOUND YOU!” He announced loudly, before starting another sprint towards Jeremy. The guard didn’t take another second and sprinted down the bridge to the island. He’d have to lost Monty in here somehow. The ball pit was a terrible idea…the thing could jump down onto the pit and chase after him as he swam through the endless ball pit. Jeremy ran as fast as he could, the thumping of the gaining gator getting ever closer. Jeremy looked upon the isle, seeing the giant Monty head at the top of the golf course that looked down on the two running on the bridge. Monty gave another growl and roar as he got closer to Jeremy on the bridge. Eventually, Jeremy made it to the island itself and hung a right.

The jungle-like environment was dense and hard to see, especially in the dark room of the pizzaplex. Fog covered some of the floor, made from fog machines placed around the floor to give more of a jungle atmosphere. Monty soon got on all fours and started climbing the trees like some kind of monkey. The golf course itself followed man-made paths made of carpet and cleaned rocks. Jeremy kept sprinting, his chest beginning to hurt from the loss of breath and how hard he was breathing to keep up his pace. The pain of falling from the height he did was starting to really set in as he pushed His body forwards. The Gator was laughing as it gained more speed and was getting closer to his prey. Jeremy then ducked into a fake shrubbery and crawled through, then sprinting out to lose Monty for long enough to get distance. Monty dived into the bush, but couldn’t find Jeremy. As Jeremy made his way along the path, he found a ‘cave’ structure that would let him hide from Monty. Jeremy dived for the structure, tightening into a ball and slowing his breathing as much as he could.
He heard Monty not too far away suddenly get closer and closer to Jeremy. Jeremy’s heart raced as the giant, green gator suddenly appeared in Jeremy’s vision and wandered around the rock, sniffing and looking around like an animal on the prowl. He gave a grunt, before crawling into a palm tree and stop moving…he was hunting Jeremy. There wasn’t another option for Jeremy, he needed to get out of Monty Golf and find that kid Helpy was talking about. Jeremy looked for anything in his disposal to use. He had the axe, his shades, a phone but the battery dead…and that’s it. Jeremy rooted around for something to use as a diversion, seeing a couple of mini rocks around that if they hit something, could make a sound to divert the prowling predator. As Jeremy reached for the rocks, he heard a talking voice other than Monty.

“Mooonty?” A man said, his voice that sounded somewhere between a child and an old man. “Come out dear gator!” The man said. Strolling down the path, a creature that looked like some kind of rabbit came hopping down the path. The thing looked like a sack with arms and legs, with a head that was of a cartoonish rabbit. The sack thing’s head was well designed, with bright purple pupils and huge black whiskers from the black nose. It’s ears flopped around with the rabbit man, as he hopped down the path. Monty was silent for a moment before he climbed down the palm tree he was on and slithered towards the rabbit in the dark island. Jeremy watched the two come close and begin talking. “I CAN’T FIND HIM!” Monty yelled, stomping his foot and shaking. “THIS SHOULD BE EASY!” He said, punching a cardboard cutout of himself and growling in frustration. The rabbit man tilted his head, that fake smile still plastered onto the suit’s face. Jeremy figured a distraction shouldn’t be necessary and crawled away through a close underbrush and sliding away from the two. “BUT I WANT TO FIND HIM! THEY WANT TO FIND HIM BUT I’M BETTER!” Monty whined, acting like a 2 year old who didn’t get what he wanted. The rabbit calmed Monty, shushing him and petting his nose. “You’ll find that Guard and the Boy…I know you will. You’re my favorite…you know that Monty?” The rabbit said, his soothing voice calming the bot. “…And you would never let me down, would you?” His voice sounding a bit more aggressive and having a small glitch on the question. Monty shook his head. “I gave you your fame Monty…don’t disappoint me…” The thing said, summoning a black and purple goo that seeped from his paw-like hand. The creature placed the goo on Monty’s bare chest and Monty was suddenly filled with more energy. Jeremy wasn’t sticking around to see what else that rabbit was going to do. “I’ll find them…I’ll find them all Afton.” The Gator promised. Jeremy stopped in his tracks…then turned towards the two in the distance as Jeremy neared the bridge. “I know you’ll do it Monty…” The rabbit man said, before walking past the Gator and going deeper into Monty Golf, and into the fog from the smoke machines.

Jeremy made it back to the bridge, running as hard as his feet could carry him. Jeremy then took a turn towards the Tot’s course and looked for the security office. The tot’s course was a long hallway of a bunch of miniature courses in the center of the walkway so that you could easily walk around the courses and move to the next. The security office was at the far end of the hall, with the door locked behind a security access.

When he open the door, inside was a dead employee. Something got to him and tore him apart. His face was ripped open from the middle, and he was split open from the chest down to reveal His insides. Blood was all over the floor, dripping onto the black carpet and staining it. A flashlight was in one hand and a taser in the other. The smell was unlike anything Jeremy had smelled before, like he had been here for some time. The nametag on the guy was ‘Ben’. He was just talking with him a few hours ago…and here he was. Jeremy slammed the door and stood outside the office, laying his head against the door as he sat on the floor. He couldn’t do this anymore, and began crying. In the span of almost an hour, he lost his friends, the one chance with the girl of his dreams, and was almost killed on several occasions. This place was a nightmare at night…and with no one to trust, Jeremy was sure to die here wasn’t he? “Hey! Don’t give up! You can do this! Avenge your friend!” Helpy said from a nearby computer screen. Jeremy looked up, seeing the spinning Helpy face-up against the screen. “It’s scary, I know! But you have to be brave Jeremy! It’s time to be a grown-up!” Helpy said, giving a thumbs up and pointing to a poster with Helpy also on it, holding onto a tree branch and the words ‘Just hang in there’ written underneath the dangling Bear.

Jeremy gave a breath, swallowing his fear and trying to go stone-faced. He stood to his feet with a groan, and opened the door again. The smell hit Jeremy again, the sight unbearable. Jeremy looked on the security footage of the tiny Security office that stench of the body in the corner. He flipped through a whole bunch of different camera systems from throughout Gator Golf. Unfortunately, the cameras only focused on Gator Golf and a single camera angle outside the attraction into the Atrium. Jeremy couldn’t find anything of use in the office besides a few office supplies and a few snacks. In a small box that was labeled lost and found, a couple objects were inside that were things customers left behind. Jeremy realized how valuable that would be right now. He dived into the box like it was a Christmas present and pulled out a variety of items. A black backpack for storing anything he found, a bag of marbles, a swiss army knife that was a classic red and white. There was also a Fazbear Camera inside the box, which made Jeremy think of an idea. The animatronics always had issues with flash photography, which is why FazCams weren’t allowed inside Monty Golf…even though the vendor of them was inside Monty Golf. This camera could stun the robots! This was a weapon against Monty, should the robot show back up again. Jeremy gave a breath, recoiling from Ben’s smell, and readied to leave the office. Then Jeremy heard something behind him as he walked out.

Ben was still alive. He stood on his two feet, sagging as he limply stubbled over to Jeremy and tried to grab him. Jeremy jumped out of his skin, recoiling back as from the center of the skin suit was a endoskeleton that was climbing into the skin of the coworker. “How the hell did you get in here?” Jeremy yelled out, not really expecting an answer from the husk. The endoskeleton slowly started pulling on the skin to attach to itself and fully form again and become unexposed. Jeremy quickly shoved the taser into the abomination and shocked the monster. It screamed as it was electrocuted and stumbled backwards. Jeremy then pocketed the taser and pulled out the axe, raising the axe above his head and swinging downwards on the foe. The axe-head landed on the neck of the thing, making it fall to the ground and hit its head on the desk, coating that section in blood. Jeremy pulled the axe out and then landed another swing on the back of the head for a final blow. “Three” Jeremy said to himself, breathing heavily from swinging the axe. Jeremy stood back from the security room, now openly in the hallway. He heard something from the left, then saw them. Ten, twenty, maybe more endoskeletons walking in the corridor towards him.

Jeremy’s nerves were entirely shot after seeing the horde of robotic monsters scream as they saw him from the far end of the hall. He was stood in place, unsure of what even to do. They started to run after him, their heavy feet smashing onto the ground as they raced towards Jeremy as full speed. Jeremy picked himself up and ran, sprinting out of the Tot’s golf course as fast as he could and not looking back. The illuminated lights of the zombies lighting up the hallway a horrid red as they locked onto Jeremy and chased him. Jeremy jumped some parts of the Tot’s course to hope that they were stupid enough to tumble on the obstacles, but no dice. As Jeremy made it to the turn to get to the entrance of Gator Golf, He hit the wall and pushed off it to get more speed. On the bridge on the right, more Endoskeletons were running towards Jeremy and were going to cut him off. Jeremy pulled out the camera and aimed it at the bridge, waiting till they were close enough before yelling “CHEESE” and taking a picture. The Endoskeletons shrieked in unison and fumbled about as they fell to the floor of the bridge, stunned. Jeremy then look towards the Tot’s course and saw more on the way. Jeremy went to use the flash again, but couldn’t as the cheap camera needed to recharge. Jeremy ran out the doors of the Golf Course, the doors of the golf course were broken at the lock and would prove ineffective at keeping the endos out. Then Jeremy looked up at the wobbly sign he noted from before. Jeremy then quickly pulled out the doll from before and threw it at the sign as hard as he could. The doll hit the sign, making it break free and block the door. The endoskeletons were trapped in Monty Golf…at least for now. Jeremy laid on the floor, hearing the banging of the endoskeletons on the other side of the wall try to bust through the sign, but to no avail. The lights of the sign were broken after the wire holding them snapped from the distance the sign fell. Eventually, the Endoskeletons gave up and shuffled away. Jeremy gave a breath of relief as he got to his feet and gathered his senses. “Alright…headshots are the way to go.” Jeremy said to himself, holding his prize...The Camera.

Chapter 7: Chapter 6

Chapter Text

Freddy, with Gregory inside his chest, ran into the Fazbear Theatre to get that card back from the Daycare Attendant. Suddenly, as soon as Freddy entered the room, He stopped and pulled up his arm. His arm popped open to reveal a power supply meter that was almost empty. “Oh no” Freddy said, before ejecting Gregory. Gregory was confused. “What’s wrong?” Gregory said, worried. “My power reserves are low…I need to find a recharge station. There is one outside the Daycare, but that means I’ll have to leave you momentarily to recharge.” Freddy explained. Gregory didn’t like the idea of being without Freddy. “N-no! I can just follow you back!” Gregory said, more than willing to chase down the Daycare Attendant at a later time. “No superstar…you won’t be able to be inside the tube with me…plus, the Daycare Attendant could get away and hide the card somewhere we can’t reach. You must continue without me. You can do this Gregory!” Freddy said, patting Gregory’s head and running for the recharge station, waving as he ran. Gregory gave a gulp as he walked into the halls of the Theatre. The walls were decorated with a red wallpaper, with big purple curtains on the sides of movie posters with the Freddy gang plastered on as jokes. One looked like a star wars image with the picture of Freddy being Luke Skywalker and Foxy the pirate Fox being Darth Vader. Another was Chica the chicken as Indiana Jones…and Even Bonnie had his own movie, which was like a Fast and Furious movie. The posters were clearly not really movies…but even more interesting in that they were the old Fazbear gang.

The floor was made of deep brown wood, with a big red carpet on the walkway. Décor like a table with flowers in a vase were throughout the hall. It was such a vast difference to the neon lights and white walls of the Plex. This place felt like walking into an old-style opera house. At the end of the hall was a spiral staircase with a golden pole and wooden stairs. The whole place was very regal looking, like it was a place meant for classy, wealthy people and not snotty and gross kids. Gregory listened to the Opera music playing in the distance that was very heavy and hollow, giving the halls a spooky feel of a haunted house. As Gregory travelled the halls of red and purple, there was a huge family portrait of a normal family on it. The family was surrounding a regal chair. Five members were there. A Mother, A father, two boys, and a girl. The Girl sat in her Father’s lap as he was on the chair. The Mother stood to the side of the Father. The two boys were together, with the brother holding the shoulders of his younger brother. The boys looked each other with a smile, while the daughter and the Mother gave a smile to the camera. The Father sat, his purple eyes felt like they stared out of the picture. This picture was so strange, how it stood out from the rest of the hall to Gregory.

He looked into the eyes of the younger brother and felt a pang of sadness…the whole picture was sought with it. Something about this picture was off putting and strange. Gregory felt like this family was familiar to him in some way, but he couldn’t picture how or why. The Opera music soon faded to soft, piano music. The sound was very familiar. “Mom had this on a music box…” Gregory said aloud. Now that he was really thoughtful…he felt like he knew this family. The face of the mother was soft and delicate, studious and elegant. Her black dress made her seem almost like a widow in waiting for her life to end. She seemed saddened and dishearten. He listened to the music as he observed the portrait closer. The daughter seemed uneasy in her Father’s arms, seemingly wanting down. Her dress was like her mothers, completely black. The dress had a furl at the bottom of white rose patterns. Her cheeks were pink and soft-looking, like a doll made up and ready for showtime. Her pigtails were neat and perfected to the side of Her head. Her yellow hair was straight and perfectly done. Her vibrant, green eyes seemed to stare out of the picture too in a strange and sorrowful way.

Finally…Gregory looked towards the brothers and noticed something. The younger brother was smiling as if he wasn’t really given a choice but too. His eyes looked like they were recently crying. His dirty, brown hair was like his brother’s and father’s. His eyes looked tired and worn. His suit was perfected, a nice black suit with a blue flower of 5 petals in the pocket of the suit. However, as he looked at the boy, he realized that he looked kinda like Gregory…the only difference being the suit that the boy in the picture wore and the clothes that he was wearing. The flower of the older brother was white and purple. From the center pricks of the flower were green, thicker petals. The design of the flower was very exquisite.
This family seemed…off. Something was clearly wrong, but it was hard to pin exactly what. Tensity felt written into this picture. “A family man…lost to making a new family…” The voice of the Daycare Attendant spoke. The voice sounded like it came from behind Gregory and it made him turn around with haste. “She lost her daughter because of him…his wild fantasies…fantastic autonomy, perfectly designed seams.” Gregory followed the voice into the next room. The Boy expected anything at this point, looking around the corner to see if he could spot the Attendant. “But when he lost them all? What did he lose? He lost himself and his soul…” The Attendant said solemnly. The piano continued its sorrowful tune as Gregory entered the main stage. A huge hall with rows of red, comfy seats faced towards a large, wooden stage. The curtains of the stage lifted as Gregory entered the hall.

The walls of the auditorium were perfected and of Victorian design. The spotlights focused onto the stage, making it seem like a show was about to begin. On the stage, connected on strings, was the Attendant. Half his face glowed, making the moon part of him seem as existent as the sun. one half of his outfit was the deep purple of Moon, while the other half was of Sun’s iconic orange. The smile of the sculpted face was reflective in the spotlights as he stood on stage. “Under his table, the little boy cried…his mother, his brother, his friends…of which he was terrified!” The stage had objects lower and raise as the Attendant spoke his lyrics, dancing on the stage to mirror the events. The Attendant covered his face and made it seem like he was crying as he sung. “Fear gripped his heart, his mind filled with terror…the fear of his enemy closer and near.” Suddenly, a bunch of puppets on strings lowered from the sky and came down to partake on their own accord. They groaned and moved like fumbling monsters. They looked like the strings were tied onto them and were hoisted around by some third party. The piano began to pick up a little faster.

“The Boy was tormented and tortured for his fears, cast as the crying child and left without his day. His love for his home and family washed away…” Soon, the puppets, all of whom looked too-lifelike for Gregory’s taste, began to move like they were after the Daycare Attendant. Gregory felt familiarity at the make-up of the puppets, as they made groans on their strings and fumbled about. “Then one day…his birthday came…his brother of the cruelest demeanor, of simple childish pleasure, brought his brother to the stage.” A puppet that looked actually made of wood and not smooth looking skins, picked up The Daycare Attendant and raised him up in his arms. Then, descending from the heavens, came a creature that was in the shape of a large, yellow, cartoon bear appeared. “A kiss…a kiss to an idol of the children…but low…it was an icy kiss that would be given to this boy.” Gregory swallowed, as he watched the Attendant become raised to the mouth of the bear, the head of the bear opening to allow the robot’s head inside its mouth. “Then…with a crunch…” and the head of the robot slammed down just a few inches from the head of the Daycare Attendant. “…the icy kiss of death was blessed upon the youth.” Gregory watched as the machine spread a red substance from the mouth of the bear. The puppets then began to slowly rise into the darkness of the higher part of the stage and the mouth opened to release the Daycare Attendant. The robot raised its head free and stood motionless on the stage, staring at Gregory in the middle isle, who watched on in dread. He knew this story…somehow, he knew the story that the Attendant put forth. Applause came from overhead speakers as the Attendant bowed to the non-existent audience, and then stared at Gregory. Soon, the bear was lifted too, the same with the wooden puppet of the brother. Gregory remembered a terrible thing in his mind…a day that was cemented in his memory from the life of another.

His head hurt, his mind feeling warm and fuzzy, unsure of how to feel. He felt another headache coming that made him feel like he had to close his eyes and hold his head with his arms. He felt like his forehead was being squeezed and squished. He coughed, some blood dripping from his mouth as the headache surprisingly beginning to clear. He shook his head as he looked back onto the stage. Before him, Sun was just himself again. Suddenly…the face was no longer smiling. It frowned like a crying boy, a tear in his eye that looked painted on. “Evan…dear sweet little Evan…” The Machine spoke, it’s voice sad and despaired. Something about the way it spoke was deeper…like it was another voice inside this machine. “So cruel was your fate.” Sun said, walking solemnly to the child and jumping from the stage. “…and so young was your face on that day…the day I shall always remember…as the day my friend killed his youngest son…” The robot spoke. The machine hung in the air from the cord on His back. He seemed like He was on strings…stuck. “This…body…it’s a prison. I understand now. I realize that I should have done something sooner…I should have stepped in…but I didn’t.” The secondary voice spoke. “Now I’m one of them…”The music began to fade as Sun looked towards Gregory towards the floor. “Run, dodge, flee, fight…do what you must and escape this place…” Sun then dropped Gregory the keycard, and The Daycare Attendant ascended into the heights of the stage, Eventually disappearing into an opening in the ceiling and disappearing from view. The creaking of the old wood of the theatre sounding like it really struggled pulling the robot upwards. With a strange feeling of sorrow, Gregory walked sullenly out from the Theatre, more questions than answers, but with a keycard to access Freddy’s room now in hand. Gregory came across the family portrait again…but somehow the painting had changed from when he last saw it. A man stood above the Father in the seat. He was an average-looking man, with a yellow beard and hair that was connected near the ears. His eyes were a cold grey, but they held so much pain and agony that they felt hard to ignore. Bags under his eyes showed his lack of sleep, and He looked frustrated and angry at the Father, as he stared from his spot above the seat. Gregory peered the name that sat at the bottom of the frame. Encrusted in gold; ‘The Afton Family’. As Gregory left, A large shutter above the theatre closing and blocking off entrance to the Theatre.

“Freddy! I got the keycard, where are you?” Gregory spoke into the fazwatch, but after a few moments, Freddy didn’t respond. “Freddy?” Gregory repeated, confused as to the absence of Freddy. Was He still recharging? Gregory began walking back from the Theatre’s entrance and as he did he heard a mechanical whirring coming from behind him. Coming up the stairs from the exit of the Daycare’s playplace, Glamrock Chica was emerging. Her left eye was a bit glitchy, as she was barfing a black liquid from her beak. “Come out little birdy! Mommas looking for you!” She squawked, Her right eye being the only functioning eye. Gregory was a little concerned with Chica, she seemed very broken and not right. “Chica is it? Are you okay?” He asked, not seeing any inherit danger. Then Gregory saw the black goo and recognized it immediately as the goo that gave that bunny suit life in the basem*nt. A voice screamed in his head: “RUN”. Chica gave A screech as she saw Gregory, which made Gregory realize also that she could be a danger…more than just inherit fear of disgust as the barfing robot. “There you are!” She said, now arms extended and in chase. Gregory didn’t spare a second and ran away from Chica, as her metallic feet sprinted towards Gregory’s direction. “What’s wrong with you?!” Gregory screamed at the white bird, not stopping to get picked up by her.

“Come back little birdie!” Chica called, her robot voice seemingly muffled at points as she gagged on the black liquid pouring from her mouth. Gregory made his way around the bend of the daycare’s higher level and saw the exit in sight. Chica’s heavy footsteps closing in behind the boy and becoming louder as they neared. As Gregory neared the front entrance of the daycare, A Massive, metal door stood in Gregory’s way. Gregory Reached down at the bottom of the door, trying to pull the door up as the bird got closer and closer with speed. With a heave, he pulled it up, rolled under, and separated himself from the bird.

Chica’s programing must not have allowed for opening the gate, as she walked into the gate from the other side and was banging on it nonstop. As Gregory was running towards an exit to try and escape, he called Freddy on his watch again to see if he could get a reply. “Freddy! Come in! I got the card! Chica is behind me!” Suddenly, two fluffy paws grabbed onto the boy and held him up. “There you are!” His capturer said with a loopy voice and a quick choke of the throat. Gregory looked at his kidnapper and was paralyzed with fear. Two bulbous, red eyes stared back at him that belonged to the mask of a white rabbit.

The costume was soft and sewn by hand, fitted with white paws for the hands. Two large ears were on The rabbit lady held him tightly, as he squirmed and tried to get free in any way he could. “Finally! Master can have what he wants! With you, the ritual can be completed and he will live as he once did again, free of this prison!” She gave a cackle of laugher, that sounded like it was coming from radio static. “We’ve been looking everywhere, ‘Gregory’…” Gregory couldn’t move or do anything as she held him in her arm and choked him. “Why this name? Are you hiding? Don’t you know hide and seek is one of Master’s favorite games?” She said with a chuckle, the entrance halls of the daycare echoing the manic laughter of the woman behind the white furred, red eyed mask. “Tell me boy…Do I win yet?” She asked with a chuckle.

Suddenly, a flash of light splashed the Rabbit’s face and Gregory fell to the cold, marble floor. He stumbled backwards, seeing his capturer on the floor. She twitched a little on the floor, as she stood to her feet to see what had happened. Gregory felt someone pick him up from the waist and carry him away, his brain still trying to take in oxygen. The Rabbit Lady then got to her feet, pulled a knife from a pocket on the suit, and gave an awful scream that was between human and machine. “COME BACK JEREMY! HE’S MINE!” The Rabbit shouted at the rescuer, as he quickly placed Gregory down on the floor, charged to the double doors to the entrance of the daycare, and quickly locked them shut and put a wood board between the door handles so the White Rabbit couldn’t pull the doors open.
Jeremy tried to catch back his breath, as Gregory laid back on the floor and stared hard at Jeremy, watching his movement. Jeremy looked pretty worn out, his eyes looking tired and dazed. The doors of the blocked off Daycare rattled and shook as Vanny was pulling and pushing on the doors to get them open. “Well…that should hold her off.” Jeremy said, looking towards the double doors cautiously. He then turned towards Gregory and gave a warm smile. “So you’re the one whose hiding out here huh?” He said, the smile not leaving his face. Gregory crawled backwards a bit as he kept his eyes on Jeremy cautiously. “These guys have been after you huh?” Jeremy asked. quickly got to his feet and ran from Jeremy, trying to find Freddy.

“Wait! Kid!” Jeremy called out, quickly running after him. They both ran to the FazPad Café on the other side of the entrance, with Gregory bolting the lock on the front doors of the tiny establishment before Jeremy could get in. “Wait! What are you doing kid? I’m trying to help you!” Jeremy called out, trying to break open the double doors. Jeremy tried busting down the doors with his axe, but the axe simply bounced off the door. “Stupid…metal doors.” Jeremy tried to see if there was another way up, remembering that the FazPad does have a backdoor in the back kitchen of the café that was accessible from the first floor security office in the entrance. Jeremy bolted for it to beat the kid if he was going to try exiting. “Why did he run, does He know about the infected staff too? sh*t this kid is probably scared out of his mind.” Jeremy said aloud, still hearing the banging of the doors to the daycare as he sprinted down the steps, missing a few as he ran and tripping. As He turned to the right at the bottom of the stairs, he entered into a side room that was filled with lockers and other storage for workers at the PizzaPlex. As Jeremy turned into the security office for the small area, he read the overhead sign which read ‘Lost and Found’. He ran into the room and locked the door behind him. Behind another door was the staircase that lead up to the kitchen. Jeremy busted through the door and ascended the stairs to the FazPad.

However, when Jeremy made it up the steps and into the kitchen, he heard Gregory give a shriek from the dining area. Jeremy burst into the kitchen and fumbled around the sweeping STAFF bots that were busy cleaning the restaurant kitchen. The kitchen was painted white and grey, with a couple stove tops in the back corner and a large white island in the center of the kitchen that had a few boxes still there and some toppled over. Blood stains were on the checkerboard black and white floor and some boxes were soaked in blood as well. A couple STAFF bots were picking up the boxes and deeming them ‘dirty’ and were trying to clean the boxes…only really just destroying the cardboard as they wiped the brown boxes. Jeremy threw open one of the white, double doors that lead to the dining room and ran into the opening of the café. The FazPad was two-leveled. The bottom level had the bar and a few seating areas, while the top floor had the bigger seating’s and a large fireplace in the back of the room. The place looked very cozy…save for the absolutely gutted endoskeleton lumbering over to Gregory. Gregory’s back was to the glass wall that overlooked the entrance of the PizzaPlex, his eyes locked onto the formidable monstrosity that was coming nearer and nearer.

The Endoskeleton was actually bursting out of this body, the chef’s skin that it was inhabiting was absolutely torn in the back, as if the robot grabbed the chef by the neck and tore him open from the back and pulled out his insides. The hat of the chef was in one claw of the beast, while the other hand reached for Gregory. “HEY!” Jeremy called out, pulling out one of the chairs from a table and throwing it at the beast. It hit the metallic suit with a crunch and knocked the robot over. The machine hit its head on a nearby table as it fell to the ground stumbled to get to its feet. Jeremy didn’t give it another second, promptly raising the axe he had on his waist a moment ago and slammed the axe head down on the monster’s head, splitting it in two.

Jeremy then pulled it out of the monster and landed a second blow for good measure, the oil from the robot and the blood of the skin suit splashing everywhere. Jeremy let the axe sit in the robot’s head and he stood back to admire his work. He gave a few labored breaths before he calmed and looked at the very shaken young man in front of him. Jeremy looked at him for a few seconds, making note of his features as he laid there quivering. Jeremy then stepped over the corpse in the center of the room and kneeled down to Jeremy. “Don’t worry…I’m on your side okay? I don’t know what’s going on either.” Jeremy said, keeping some level of distance from the kid as to not scare him off. “Look…we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Jeremy…” He said, holding out his hand for a handshake. Gregory wasn’t sure what to make of it, scooting back a little more. Jeremy then slowly recoiled his hand and pulled himself up. “So…where’s everyone else huh? You hurt or…?” Gregory was going to get to his feet and run but Jeremy stopped him. “Hey! Don’t run! Why are you afraid of me?” He asked, getting in front of the boy before he ran out. “Get away from me!” Gregory said, running towards the kitchen as his escape. When Gregory made it to the kitchen doors, another endoskeleton, this one completely bare, reached out and tried to grab the boy. The zombie gave a growl and snarl as he picked up the boy and carried him away. Jeremy quickly pulled out the axe and ran after the robot.

“LET ME GO!” Gregory screamed, his crying filling the halls as he struggled to break free of the robot that clutched him so tight. He tossed and thrashed about, trying to break free from the robot, but to no avail. The robot, now noticing his chaser Jeremy, picked up the pace, down the stairs and out of the office, into the center of the entranceway to the feet of the Golden Freddy statue. Gregory couldn’t break free, flailing his arms around and trying to escape. “FREDDY! WHERE ARE YOU!?” Gregory called out, trying to call him with the Fazwatch, but still nothing. The robot then threw the boy to the ground, then raised its foot as if to crush the boy. Jeremy ran out into the center of the plaza and slammed his axe into the head of the robot, but it just seemed to be more of a blunt force hit. The robot’s head was more protected than the previous ones. It’s top half, the torso and head, spun around to see Jeremy and picked him up by the throat.
Jeremy was choking as he tried to break free from the monster, but dropped his axe in reflex and was stuck in the air by the hand on his throat. “J-jeremy…” The robot spoke. “H-h-elp…it hurts.” The voice said. Jeremy tried to listen, but couldn’t focus as he was beginning to lose consciousness. The robot then heaved Jeremy across the room and into the Freddy statue. Jeremy fell to the floor and then tried stumbling back up, using the Freddy statue to get steady.
The Robot then spun back around, focused again on Gregory. Gregory quickly crawled away before the endo could get him. He stumbled forwards as he got to his feet, but the animatronic grabbed him by the leg with a slide and made the boy trip and fall on his belly. Gregory screamed in pain as he felt blood rush to his nose from hitting it on the fall. The robot then gave a screech as it climbed more onto the boy. Gregory tried shoving it away, but the heavy robot was too strong and was more on top of him. Gregory saw the multiple layers of teeth as they bared on him, the manic, red holes in the eyes of the robot staring its prey down as it looked to almost be ready to bite into him like a cheesy pizza. Gregory gave one more scream of terror as he laid on the cold, concrete floor; “FREDDY!”

Suddenly, the robot was heaved off of the boy and thrown into the air! The endoskeleton gave a screech as it fell onto it’s back, away from Gregory. Glamrock Freddy had come to the rescue. His lightning mark was glowing in the lights of the pizzaplex. His orange body glowed in the spotlights as he stood over the boy. “Gregory! I’m here! Sorry I did not respond, My charging does not allow me to speak until the process is completely finished. But I have arrived just in time!” He said, smiling down on the boy. Freddy then heard shuffling behind him and turned to see Jeremy being assailed by what seemed to be an employee. The employee was laying on top of Jeremy and looked like he was trying to tear the man apart. Freddy quickly ran over to Jeremy and pulled off the robot. “Get off of him! I’ll have to write you up for that Cody!” Then upon closer inspection, Freddy noticed it wasn’t the employee ‘Cody’ anymore…just a walking, groaning, zombie. “What the…?” Freddy threw the man away and stood between the robot/zombie and Jeremy, who was gasping for air on the floor. “Jeremy! What is happening?” Freddy asked Jeremy, who stood to his feet, axe in one hand. “Not entirely sure…” Then Jeremy looked towards Freddy. “Wait…how are you so talkative? Isn’t that feature off?” Jeremy asked. Freddy then looked towards Jeremy. “What in mercury’s meteors are you talking about?” Freddy swore, looking confused. The zombie gave a shriek as it got down on all fours, crawling towards the crew slowly like an animal on the prowl. Suddenly, a whole bunch more bare endoskeletons crawled out from the dark corners of the entrance. From the gift shop, the main entrance of the atrium, and even from the security office off to the side. One was even crawling out of the vents above the elevators of the atrium.

“We…may need to run…” Jeremy said, grabbing the axe and holding out the Fazcam. “Look away!” He yelled, which made Freddy and Gregory shield their eyes. Jeremy use the camera’s flash, which stunned a few of the Endo’s long enough for Freddy to pick up Gregory and run him towards the double doors that went to Rockstar Row. “Quick! This way!” Freddy yelled, as Jeremy followed behind the bear. The three burst through the double doors after Jeremy gave his card a swipe on the card reader. Several Endoskeletons ran at the crew as they slammed the doors shut. Jeremy grabbed a few carts to the side of the doors and threw them over to block the door. The Endoskeletons tried barging through, but were met with failure. “Quick! We do not know how long that will hold them!” Freddy voiced. Freddy, Jeremy, and Gregory began running down the halls of the back areas of the PizzaPlex in silence.

After they got some distance, Freddy placed Gregory down and they began to walk in silence through the halls. Gregory stood on the other side of Freddy to keep distance from Jeremy as much as possible. Jeremy seemed dazed and unfocused, up until he heard a creak or the fall of an object in the distance and would jump into action instantly and be on alert. At one point on their journey back, Freddy knocked over a wrench that caused a loud clang sound to echo the halls. Jeremy’s exhausted eyes turned back and he unlatched the axe from his belt and faced the bleach white hallway behind them, lit up with the buzzing overhead lights. “Jeremy, we are safe back here. The endoskeletons are not programmed with door functionality besides the doors between guest exhibits…They cannot enter the back area of The MegaPizzaPlex unless staff have moved them in that direction and have opened the doorways for them.” Freddy explained, trying to comfort Jeremy by placing a metallic paw on his shoulder. Jeremy jumped at the surprise of a soft paw on his shoulder and shook his head to clear the sudden ringing in his ear from clenching his teeth. “Alright! Who’s inside you? There’s no way you are this lively all the time and I didn’t notice!” Jeremy said, surveying the robot and trying to pry him open, but to no avail. “Jeremy! What has gotten into you?”

In Jeremy’s scramble onto the robot, Gregory fell backwards and crawled back as he watched the man try and pull Freddy’s chest open. Jeremy felt the pull of Freddy’s arm as he was yanked off the robot. “Jeremy! I am me! There is no other in my body! I understand you are stressed by the strange events, but continue the panic we may get caught!” Freddy spoke calmly. Gregory got up and watched Jeremy worm around, kinda cartoonishly. Maybe Jeremy was alright. After all, he wasn’t trying to pry his face off or eat him so I guess it was okay. He seemed just as scared and confused too. “Alright, then what the hell is going on? Was all of this happening all this time and I didn’t know? I practically LIVE here and I never knew nights were like this!” Jeremy exclaimed, throwing the axe down in frustration and confusion. “I…do not know. It has never been like this to my memory! My friends seem broken and everyone is acting very strange! Cory is usually very kind and would not try to pry off someone’s skin like that.” Freddy said, matter of fact. “Yeah well your ‘Friends’ have been trying to kill me all night! First it was Chica going crazy and puking that black stuff everywhere those endo-people things are puking, then Monty was smashing through everything and tried to snap me like a twig, and then that new guy Dawko seems like he’s doing all this and I swear to god I’m losing my mind because Helpy keeps appearing and talking to me!” Jeremy ranted, spinning around in a pacing circle as he screamed the nights events. Freddy stood absolutely surprised. “What!? I thought they were okay!” Freddy said. “Were they like that, Gregory?” Freddy asked, worried now. “Well…I mean it didn’t seem that bad at first. Chica was eating a lot…and Monty seemed weirdly mad in his room…and Roxy seemed like she was pep talking herself. I don’t really know anything.” Gregory shrugged. “Well you gotta know something!” Jeremy accused, pointing his finger. “Cause YOU and your other pals disappeared on us from the daycare! It’s when all this mess started!” Jeremy said, exaggerating his tone with a pinch of aggression.

“What? No! I didn’t do anything! I just woke up in here and everything has been trying to get me! I don’t remember anything!” Gregory stated. “Oh…so you just so happened to wake up now? Bull of the mightiest sh-“ Freddy stepped between the two to stop their arguing. “Stop this! This will not solve our problem!” Freddy then got to a knee and held Gregory’s hands. “Gregory, I need you to tell me everything that has happened…before you met me. We will have a better idea of the situation.” Freddy asked, hoping to get some clarity. “Um…will I be…?” Freddy shook his head. “You won’t be in any trouble Superstar, we just need to know what is going on.” Gregory gave a breath and was about to tell them. Tell them about the weird sack rabbit in the basem*nt, in the underground pizzeria, the blob monster and the weird play the Daycare attendant was doing, when suddenly and massive jolt of pain hit Gregory’s head and made him fall to the floor.
When Gregory closed his eyes, he saw what looked to be a clock. A grandfather clock stood in the darkness, too far to clearly make out. The void around the boy was ever expansive, with a ticking sound playing in the background in the deep recess of the void. A deep ring of the clock in the distance made Gregory’s body shake in pain. The clock was barely readable, but read in the distance; ‘1:00 AM’. “Five to go…time is running out. They grow stronger Evan…be brave young man…my old friend is looking for you.” In the distance, what appeared to be the silhouette of the Daycare Attendant was behind the clock, watching him. However, the face looked like it was opened and inside was the face of the angry man in the picture frame of the Afton family.

Gregory snapped awake, laying upwards and seeing Jeremy and Freddy assessing him “Are you alright, Superstar?” He asked, looking him up and down. Gregory stayed quiet as the robot observed him. “I sense that you are broken! I will take you to a medical station!” Freddy said, scooping the boy up in his arms and carrying him down a different direction. “Wait! Freddy!” Jeremy called out, the robot bear carrying the slightly shaken child down the dimly lit corridors. Jeremy ran after Freddy as Freddy took lefts and rights throughout the facility’s backrooms, as if Gregory was going to die suddenly should he not get help. “Freddy! You’re leaving Jeremy behind!” Gregory said, losing sight of Jeremy as Freddy rounded a corner and was almost to a medical zone. “It is alright Superstar, he’ll find his way! I must make sure you are okay!” Freddy burst through a set of white double doors, and rushed Gregory into the medical bay.

Chapter 8: Chapter 7; 1:00 am

Chapter Text

Dawko leaned against the railing of the third floor of the Main Atrium, looking down on the STAFF bots mopping the floors, the endoskeletons wandering around and knocking a few Pat-Pats over as they wandered. He seemed grim as he watched the robots wander around the bottom floor, his knuckles gripping onto the railing intensely. The stupid kid got away and he couldn’t find him. How would he explain this to Master? He needed to find that kid before 6:00 am or they wouldn’t get a chance like this again. Dawko stood up straight, taking a breath, then felt a cold goo land on his shoulder. Dawko jumped, turning around and seeing his master’s goo, seeping from the stitched suit. “Dawko…where is he?” The monster asked, his big, purple eyes burning into Dawko as the rabbit mascot was clearly angry through that forced, sewn on smile. “Where is the boy, Dawko…” The goo rabbit asked, placing a big, yellow hand on Dawko’s shoulder and getting closer to Dawko. “He’s…been taken by one of the employees we haven’t scooped yet…but the endoskeletons are moving Master! I’ll get my men together and we’ll chase them.” Dawko said with a forced smile, his purple eye dimming as he slowly slinked away from his master. Almost like magic, the suit floated quickly into his path and behind him.

The monster put a hand on Dawko’s should and took what could be assumed to be a breath. “Tell me, how many hours do we have left?” The monster asked, staring into his slave’s soul. “We have five. Five Master.” He replied, giving a gulp. “And tell me, Dawko, who was the first to find him?” The monster added. “Me Sir.” He replied. “So explain to me this, Mr.Dawkins. How did you lose the boy the first time?” The sack rabbit asked, spinning the man around by his shoulder and holding him over the railing of the main Atrium. Dawko looked down for a half second, just in view of where it was clear where Jeremy had fallen from and hit. “Because we underestimated both the boy and the unscooped guy Jeremy.” Dawko winced, hoping his Master would be kind to him. “Good boy! There it is! I made the same mistake, almost 40 years ago…rotting in that damned rabbit suit. But thanks to you and all those connected, I will finally have my old body back! I can’t do that, if we make…” The monster now held him over the fall, holding the scruff of his vest tight. “…The same…” Closer. “…Mistake. Do I make myself clear?” The rabbit asked. Dawko looked his Master into his eyes, his blue and purple unwavering and unblinking. “Absolutely Sir! I will get my friends together and we will proclaim your great gift oh Master! I promise!” He choked out, a small whimper in his voice. His Master replied with just one word. “Good.” Before pulling him back and letting him go. Dawko tried his best to stand up straight and feel unwavering, his fear of heights being greatly tested in that moment. “Vanny understands the seriousness of the situation. She is my bred disciple…a whisper of my daughter…who understands how to make her Daddy proud…make me proud, boy. Do not disappoint me.” And with that, the sack rabbit melted into the floor and disappeared from view.

Shaking, Dawko walked towards El Chips on the second floor, seeing the large, glowing sign that announced it was El Chips, buzzing quietly overhead. The body of a dismantled Endo-Employee was laying on the ground in pieces, being cleaned up by STAFF bots that didn’t seem too bothered by the sight. Dawko waltzed into the restaurant, seeing his accomplices in the back of the restaurant, surveying another fallen Endoskeleton that had been in the body of another employee.
“definitely a struggle, and was chopped by a large weapon…” One of the people said. The group of four stood around the corpse, studying it intently. One of them wore a red suit with a white undershirt and a big, green tie around his neck. His red glasses were large and boxy, almost sliding off his face. His blonde hair was fluffy and curly, with one side shaven down so it looked like his top of his head and right side were the only sides that had hair. His eyes were black, with a few hints of purple emanating from his pupils. The second of the group was a British dude, with the same style of hair but a dark black tank top and blue skinny Jeans. The number 8 was sticked onto the back of the shirt, with a golden design on the back of the shirt that spelt ‘8-Bit’ on it. He had two earrings that looked like they were inside his ear, with a loop inside the black and white ring in his ear that dangled a small earring that resembled a purple cartoon rabbit. The third of the group was particularly different than the others. He wore a large black helmet that made him look like some kind of DJ, with glowing purple eyes that didn’t really reveal anything inside the helmet. He wore a proper purple suit, with a white collar shirt and a straight, purple tie with rabbit designs printed onto the tie. His glowing mouth didn’t move as he spoke, but his voice was incredibly glitchy but understandable. From his head, slight music could be heard that was heavy metal music with incredibly depressing lyrics. The fourth and final of the group was another British man, with huge, puffy and black hair and slight tans of yellow in the bigger parts of fluff. His lab coat was white, with purple spots all over that looked glittery. His tee-shirt underneath was purple, with a logo of the MegaPizzaPlex on the front. He had large goggles that sat on his head that were purple like his eyes. He also had a neck chain with the name ‘Razz’ in golden letters.

The group were conversing on what to do about the runaway kid, but then also who destroyed both these endoskeletons. “Razz, you said these models were faster? How do you explain this?” The other British man asked, picking apart the corpse and trying to see any other damages. “Well they aren’t perfect perfect…they were just slightly faulty! I’m sure of it!” Razz, the one in the lab coat belted. “Well clearly they better be or we are in hot water with the boss…” The red suit man said, pushing his glasses up closer to his face. “I do not think this was by malfunction Doctor Razz, this was by attack of coordinated design and perfection.” The DJ head man said analytically. “Tomb, what can you convey here?” Razz asked the machine-man. The robot took over the other British man’s spot and scanned the corpse slowly. “Ryan…what is the survey so far?” Dawko asked the guy in the number 8 shirt. “Well so far this clearly was the work of Jeremy, but no other information at the time sir.” Ryan said, straightening his sweater. “Three strikes to the head, two from the front and one from the side…With a 4 inch thick blade that resembles that of a fireman’s axe.” Tombstone then pointed to the empty fireman’s axe storage cabinet on the wall, which got affirmative nods from the group still around the corpse.

“So we are dealing with a quite resilient nightguard huh?” Dawko asked darkly, pressing his fingers together like a wave in front of his mouth and thinking. “He’s just a human though…how much damage could he do?” The guy in the red suit asked jokingly. “A lot Charles…a lot. He survived Monty to escape, knows this place in and out, survived a three story drop, and is still kicking strong…We cannot underestimate our opponent here.” Dawko said, putting an arm around Charles shoulders. “Tell me music boy, you understand what we are trying to accomplish…so why not I explain to you the severity of our situation?” Dawko pushed himself forward with Charles’ weight and hopped over the corpse. “This…is the domino…if He can survive this, then he can survive more. We must stop him before He goes too deep. I already have Vanny on the prowl for the boy but we must find Jeremy and end him before he can deliver the boy to safety. We have exactly…” Dawko pulled out his iPhone and surveyed the time in hours, minutes, and seconds. “4 hours, 55 minutes, 23 seconds to find this boy or our master will have to wait even longer for his return and I dare not restrict that from him…understand the threat at hand boys. Tomb, you and Razz search the bottom levels of the Plex. Ryan, you and Charles investigate into the daycare and see what exactly went down. I got a report from Vanny saying she got stuck. We have a boy to find gentlemen…get to it!” Dawko sang, striding from the room with Razz and tomb following behind. Ryan and Charles looked towards each other. “He’s just one guy…” Ryan mumbled.
Freddy burst through the second set of white double doors to the main hospital center of the PizzaPlex. Injury at the PizzaPlex was common through the work force, from faulty wiring burning people to people spraining and breaking bones from high falls and other damaging aspects of the plex, Fazbear Entertainment were told that if they wanted to stay open, they needed a functional hospital wing of some kind. That didn’t mean that it was the best though, and ever since it was built Fazbear really put safety their top priority after as they weren’t going to pay for people to be hospitalized. There were other benefits to having the hospital wing however, one was that if an injury DID occur, technically it didn’t mean involving anyone outside of the PizzaPlex encroaching on the reason behind an incident…and thus Fazbear begun its isolation from the outside world and hid their risky business’s rear end once more.

The hospital wouldn’t be seen by normal guests, but some would be in here should anything happen at the Plex. The double doors Freddy burst through were like that of an operating room’s door, with a circular window in the top-middle of the door. The main hall had a water tube that pulled water from above down to the ground and went in a circular motion. Red and blue lights could be seen periodically in the tube of water that glowed as they travelled down the tube. The floor abandoned the original checkerboard design in favor of beige granite floor that was cut into squares.

The large room was comprised of several rows of seating for patients, small coffee tables at the ends of the rows of chairs with magazines of random ads and news stories printed onto the front of the pages. The hospital was dimly lit by the overhead neon white lights that occasionally blinked in and out of function. Freddy carried Gregory in his arms, scanning for any sign of a hospital professional. The dead silence of the medical center was then broken by Gregory. “Freddy! I’m fine! Just put me down!” Gregory complained, finally breaking out of the robot’s grasp. He landed on his feet, surveying the area himself. The large, dim room had the checkerboard pattern of the rest of the Plex around the walls of the room. A large desk sat on the far end of the entrance that had several swivel chairs knocked over onto the floor. One of the computers was lying on the floor, the screen busted and occasionally sparking the dim room and brightening the area. Behind the desks was a single hallway that lead to all the patient rooms and office spaces of the hospital. It was then that Gregory and Freddy noticed the true silence of the place. No STAFF bots, no people, only the buzz of the overhead lights.
“I don’t like it here…” Gregory said, looking around cautiously. Gregory walked to the front desk to see if there was anything useful. “Do you really think that Jeremy was able to keep up? You really did just abandon him…” Gregory asked, waiting for Freddy to speak but then noticed he didn’t seem to be paying attention. Freddy was standing on the far end of the room, looking at a poster of one of the robot mascots. The poster was of two, Him and another character that looked like a light blue bunny. The rabbit had his signature suspenders and stars on his body that looked like they shimmered with glitter. He was pulling down his Star-shaped sunglasses and winked with one of his purple eyes and held both drumsticks for his set of drums in the free paw. Freddy looked into the eyes of his long gone friend, placing a paw onto the image of the rabbit and sighing. “We should leave…I apologize for the sudden change…I…do not know what came over me.” His deep voice grunted. “Well you seem worried…” Gregory added, now walking away from the desk and looking at Freddy as he rubbed his paw onto the image of Bonnie. “Who’s that?” Gregory asked. He didn’t remember seeing a rabbit animatronic anywhere in the pizzaplex. “I didn’t know there was a rabbit robot too!” Gregory said, “Not anymore…” Freddy responded solemnly, his voice echoing inside the empty chambers of the medical center. The two stood there for a second, Gregory clearing his throat to suggest they should keep moving. Gregory looked down at his watch to see if he could see the time, then remembered the uselessness of that feature.

It was then that Gregory noticed the watch’s ability to access the camera’s had changed. “Wait…I can even view the cameras of the Hospital?” Gregory asked. “Yes! It is why the watch had to be pulled from circulation. It became a safety hazard…but it should be helpful in avoiding the endoskeletons in the future.” Freddy explained. Gregory then remembered those things, and his stomach knotted. “Freddy…what exactly are those things? They didn’t seem friendly…” Gregory joked. “they are metal Endoskeletons. They are replacements for if something happens to animatronics and a replacement is needed…they usually do not have life though, and we have not been needed to be replaced in some time…I do not know why they are active now, but we must stay from them as much as we can.” Freddy lamented. The two got to the double doors they used as an entrance but when they pulled on the doors, discovered that they had locked behind them. “Oh no! Why are they locked?!” Gregory groaned, pulling on the doors as hard as he could. A small card reader was to the side of the door, but upon closer inspection it had looked tampered with. A tiny screen was on the card reader that had replaced the spinning PizzaPlex logo with that of a purple cartoon rabbit head spinning in its place. The purple neon color hurt the eyes to look at too closely. “It seems as if someone has locked us in here…” Freddy said. “There is another entrance that is not password locked on the other end of the hospital. We just need to make it there and we should be able to leave!” Freddy explained, ushering Gregory away from the doors. “If you say so…” Gregory agreed.

The hospital was long strips of corridors that went up two levels. The first floor was well lit, the eerie silence of nothing there was already uncomfortable, but the sound of something that slammed put them both on edge. The long hallways had doors on both the left and right that were numbered as you walked down the dimly lit hall. Some medical equipment such as stretchers and wheelchairs were in a few spots, which looked dusty and unused for some time. “Man…this place looks pretty run down Freddy. Are you sure this is a good idea? We could probably find a way to break down the doors.” Gregory presented. “It will be fine Superstar, we just have to walk…in…the darkness…” Freddy was already hating the idea. Just the hallway to Parts and Service was unnerving in and of itself. This place felt wrong in every sense of the word, but he had to be strong for Gregory and he wouldn’t show him that he was afraid.

Occasional drips of water dripped onto the floor, sogging the ground and echoing slightly in the long corridors. They didn’t speak about it, but there was something about this place that felt wrong…like there was a reason it was abandoned. One of the rooms had an open door that the two walked into. It was a small office space with two office computers and desks that had messy paperwork everywhere. Cobwebs sat in the corner of the room, with the occasional ant skittering on the wall. One computer was off, while the other sat open on a webpage it half loaded. “There seems to be a message on the computer…” Freddy said, looking closer. Gregory read it out himself as he picked up one of the fallen office chairs and scooted up to the computer to see if maybe he could find a use for the system. “To Mr. Plier, Hope things are well with you and that the new system I have delivered from storage did you any good. I was incredibly excited to gift off those old circular computer chips! The boys had a look at that old hardware and were incredibly intrigued by the designs of the system. They didn’t activate them to their full potential, but I figured you may want a look at them for yourself. If you should need any other assistance, I am more than willing to comply.” Gregory and Freddy looked at the name of the sender and noticed there was no name. “That seems odd…why is there no name?” Freddy grunted.

Gregory was able to leave that message and saw quite a few others that were still relatively new. Another message by the same person was left unopened on the computer. “The new software in your system will at first seem problematic, but that should not be an issue for much longer. Just reroute the system directly to that new wing you opened for the Wolf and it should disappear.” Gregory read, now confused. “Wait…is he talking about Roxanne, Freddy?” Gregory asked quizzically. “that would be it…” Who was behind these messages on the dusty, old computer? It seemed like nothing but messages for maintenance…so who would need to sneak these messages through the Pizzaplex? “It would seem that someone inside the Plex may have caused this to happen.”

Another message was there as well, but this one felt more ominous than the other two and was broken quite a bit. It was the earliest message of the two and seemed like it was months before the others. What it seemed to read to Gregory was, “Have we been connected? I could not reach you as clearly before. Now I can…help me. She is already there. They are all here. We are here. Open the door.” Once again, signed by nobody. “I think I remember the Tech Department talking about these messages before. Someone was sending encrypted messages to a private server that someone else in the PizzaPlex had access to. This message seems directed at Mark though.” Freddy pointed out, before loading up a previous email that was sent to Mark from the Tech Department that worked on the main entertainments regarding the animatronics. “Hey Mark, wanted to confirm that you stopped receiving those creepy messages right? It seems like the name was linked to a part of the Fazbear Headquarters and that it came from somewhere in the building. They are still investigating the problem, but I’ll let you know if anything changes. Jack from Tech.” Freddy read aloud. The two of them sat in the room, with Freddy on the floor and Gregory in the chair, thinking about what they had read. “So someone is messing with the robots?” Gregory asked. “It seems as if The endoskeletons have no base programming, not even walking, so for them to be alive and working is strange.” Freddy explained, The two sat in silence, before they heard something loud fall in the hallway. “Speaking of, now is the perfect time to explain what you know, Gregory. So where exactly did you wake?” Freddy asked, standing against the wall. “W-well…I actually woke up new Roxy’s Raceway…underneath. There was this weird, goo, rabbit man who kept calling me Evan and all these weird things. Something about ‘Put me back together again’?” Gregory said, giving a sigh at how stupid and insane that sounded. Freddy tilted his head. “Evan…Evan…that sounds…familiar.” Freddy pondered. Where had he heard that name before? It was on the tip of his tongue but it just wouldn’t come. “And this…rabbit man. Did he say his name?” Freddy asked, an eyebrow raised. Gregory shrugged. “I don’t think so…He just kept calling me Evan.”

The crash rang out in the semi filled halls, grabbing the attention of both Freddy and Gregory. Gregory’s heart sunk in his chest as he sat in the chair, his eyes frozen on the open door to the hallway. Freddy stood up, carefully walking towards the open door and peered out. Gregory hopped from the chair and hid behind the desk for Freddy to clear. Freddy leaned out slowly, looking down the hallway the sound came from, seeing nothing. A small mist began to settle on the floor, dust beginning to move as Freddy shuffled out slowly, motioning to Gregory to come out. He stepped out of the room slowly, following the bear closely. The dim overhead light’s buzz felt louder in Gregory’s ears as they wandered towards the sound. Gregory stood behind the orange bear, looking behind periodically and feeling his stomach knot even more as he was on edge. The duo got to the end of the hall, where a large poster of Helpy the white bear was dangling from a tree branch, with the words ‘Hang in there’ printed in purple on the bottom of the picture. To the left was a set of stairs that ascended upwards to the second floor. “This way, Superstar.” Freddy said, ushering the boy upstairs. The two carefully made their way up, peering around and seeing three ways to go in three different directions.

The place was like an infinite maze, twists and turns in all directions that seemed uncoordinated and unsensual. Some halls were even clipping into each other almost, like this place was some kind of trippy dream. The hum of the overhead lights was starting to get more intense, that even Freddy began to make note. “These lights are very painful to my sensors…” Freddy murmured. The two began to wander again, also seeing another open door. The two wandered in, this time the room being strangely empty. All that was in this room was one desk in the middle of the room, a computer, a chair, and a white board behind it that was blank. The only whiteboard marker was a purple one that was laying on the floor. The computer was on, it’s message was the same messages they saw before, but this time there was another one. “I have made my way in, Disciple. You have done well. Stay hidden. I will still need you. You still need me.” Freddy spoke. The two looked around the room for anything useful, but nothing was here but what they could see. Gregory checked the camera’s on his watch, the feed only showing the empty, endless corridors of the hospital.

The two continued forward, looking for whatever they could use or find an exit for. The place was slowly beginning to degrade as they continued. This place was clearly not in function for quite a while. Eventually, then found another terminal room, this one even more empty than the others. All that was here was the computer that was displaying the messages of before plus it’s new one, and an office chair lying on the floor. The white board was also there, with the purple marker marking the board randomly in scribbles with the color purple. The screen was also more purple too, looking even more broken than before. “What is this place?” Gregory asked, perplexed at what felt like the infinite size of this place. “This part of the location seems run down…I do not have a map of this area that seems correct…in fact, many of my functions look out of line…our location should be outside the PizzaPlex according to my maps, but clearly we are still inside! Something is wrong here.” Freddy said, looking down the corridors before joining Gregory inside the office.

“Well this message is concerning…more so than the others…” Gregory said, reading the passage. “It is almost time. The nightmare from before reincarnate. Mark does not know. Fazbear does not know. My other followers know. You know. I will come back. I have come back. I always come back. VHKKHBL B.” The two were uncertain of what to do. “Should we go back?” Gregory asked, to which Freddy instantly replied. “Absolutely Superstar” Freddy said, picking Gregory up and stuffing him in his chest cavity. “Hey! Watch the head!” Gregory exclaimed, Freddy wanting to get out as fast as possible. He didn’t know why, but fear was in his mind and heart. Something about the messages and the hospitals rung in his mind like visions of the past.

He felt like he was in that dream again, only this time the dream felt like it had already happened. These rooms, the halls, they echoed memories. These memories couldn’t possibly be his, and yet they felt so real and true. He remembered the beeping of a heart monitor, flowers by a bedside, and a little boy who laid in a hospital bed looking up at him as he laid there in pain. Freddy was there. Somehow, he had moved, the words of Gregory disappeared before Freddy and it was like the two were somewhere else without moving an inch. A little boy laid in that same hospital bed that Freddy had imagined. The boy was bleeding, his whole front of his forehead was bandaged and being tended. The black and white striped shirt was stained with red blood. His hands were cold as he held them in his. He couldn’t understand why, but he felt like this was his fault. He felt responsible for this suffering. Was this why he was so frightened when Gregory was hurt? Was he remembering this? What was he here? He wasn’t a machine, not yet. He was something else. He was someone else. These were not his memories…they couldn’t be.

The room was empty, save for these two, sitting together one more time. The hospital room was endless, save for the front of the room where an infinite wall stood, with a single door open to the rest of the hospital ajar. Freddy looked at the boy, holding his hand. He didn’t mean for this to happen. It was joke! He couldn’t be blamed for that right? Usual sibling things! Was this his brother? Freddy had a brother...or rather, someone did. Freddy couldn’t make up his mind of what he was seeing. His brain felt fogged and heavy as he stared at the broken child in front of him. The dimly lit expanse the two sat in felt cold and empty, lifeless. The eyes of the boy met His and Freddy felt his heart break. Something happened to this boy, and he couldn’t save him. Nobody could save him. He couldn’t save him.

“Michael. It’s time to go.” A gentlemen said behind Freddy. Freddy turned, as if that was his name. The man in the doorway was a tall, sickly looking gentlemen with brown hair and a purple vest. His boots had a shine on them, and his white gloves were designed with the initials W.A. on the back palms. His smile was unnatural for the situation, his sullen and exhausted eyes peered into the room menacingly. They looked lifeless…He looked lifeless. “Tomorrow is another day. Don’t worry, son. I will put him back together.”

Almost at once, Freddy awoke. The empty hospital room was dark, with a few empty beds that were fallen, save for one of them, the one Freddy stood at. A single overhead light buzzed as Freddy stood under it and looked at the bed. The name on the head of the bed was scribbled out, and the floor below it looked soaked with some black liquid. Then Freddy noticed the shape of the covers… Something was underneath them. “Freddy! Come on! If you are gonna make me walk then lets go!” Gregory called, standing in the doorway of the hall. He was looking at the sheets too. “Is there something underneath that?” Gregory asked. Freddy looked at it for a second, contemplating moving the sheets. The thing underneath couldn’t be anything huge. It looked like a child. Freddy looked at the name again. “Evan” Freddy’s eyes shot open. No, he wouldn’t. “We need to leave.” Freddy said, walking out of the door and ushering Gregory out. The two sped walked down the halls, Gregory asking what that bed was for. “Nothing. We need to leave.” Freddy pushed. The two of the them found the entrance to the second story and made their way down.

Suddenly, the lights of both the second and first story went out…and the buzzing increased sharply. A bright red light came from down the hall they were just at. At the end of the hall, a giant figure emerged from the room of the hidden thing. It’s face was contorted beyond belief, but the general shape was that of an oversized black bear. It’s yellow top hat had a glean, and it’s black ‘fur’ was almost see-through. The beast’s red eyes stared at them from the darkness, as if waiting. “Freddy…what is that?” Gregory asked, standing behind Freddy. Freddy looked at the fat, black bear in fear. The stomach had a mouth that was agape like a tree, no tongue, but several rows of teeth. It’s claws were like pens with sharp points that would dig into the chance it could. Then it stepped forward. Freddy backed up, but then the thing took another step. “Gregory…run down the stairs and get out on my call.” The thing got closer, staring them both and the red light reflecting off Freddy. “One” Freddy said, the beast now placing a claw on the wall and scratching it as it walked. “Two” Freddy added. The thing growing closer, It's form now more visible and more horrifying. Then, at once…Freddy yelled, “THREE!” And the two bolted down the stairs. The monster gave a roar, then gave chase.

The two sprinted down the stairs, Freddy’s metallic footsteps echoing with the footsteps of the monster. “RUN GREGORY! RUN!” Freddy yelled, getting ahead slightly. The beast made its way down the stairs, it’s red eyes looking towards the two as they ran towards the entrance. The monster gave chase, Floating as if a ghost. The monster’s head split apart as it gave a howl that made blood run cold, red light bathing the hallway before it as it got faster and faster. “INSIDE ME GREGORY!” Freddy yelled, with Gregory hopping into Freddy. Freddy ran through the halls, trying to escape the monstrosity of their mind. The beast was gaining speed, with Its claw arms outstretched as it got closer to Freddy. It gave another scream that sounded like radio static and the scraping of metal. The beast drew closer, trying to grab onto Freddy. Freddy saw the double doors that lead to the main room in sight. The doors of the hall began opening and slamming as the beast drew nearer to them. Screams could be heard from the rooms as robots laid in the rooms, covered in blood. The robots all varied from a yellow chicken, a brown bear like him, a purple rabbit, and several other variations. They looked identical as Freddy could only glance them a second before running past the room. He wasn’t about to stop and see. Suddenly, a black and purple liquid leaked from the ceiling as they ran, making the ground slightly slippery as He ran. Gregory curled up into a ball in Freddy, trusting in the robot to guide him to safety. Freddy kept running, not stopping and not looking back as the black bear was growing closer and closer to him and the boy inside his chest. He slipped on the last push out the double doors, but was then able to spin around and slam the doors behind him.

Red lights poured from the glass windows of the double doors as Freddy held them shut, expecting something to slam into them…Freddy waited…and waited…and then nothing. The red lights started to dim slowly, and then disappear. Freddy had his claws gripped onto the door tight, not moving an inch until he was certain it was safe. When Gregory finally decided to get out, he looked into the circular windows to the hallway, seeing nothing. “I think…I think it’s gone.” Gregory said. After a few seconds, Freddy released the doors and opened the left one to peer inside. The hallway was just as before, empty and cold. The mist that settled onto the ground was still there, glowed slightly by the one or two overhead lights still working. The eerie silence returned, even more uncomfortable was the distant hum of some piece of machinery.
From behind them, a beep came from one of the computers on the desk to notify someone that they had received a new message. Gregory walked over hesitantly to investigate and saw that the message was to be given to them. “Uh Freddy? You may want to read this one…” Gregory warned, looking towards Freddy, who was still looking into the hallway. He eventually wandered over towards Gregory and read the message himself. “Are you having fun yet? -William A.” is all the message said.

“I think we can break down those doors…” Freddy grunted, walking towards the double doors, still locked by whatever force was messing with the keypad. Freddy gave the door a hard punch, the lock still on tight. Freddy tried the door by slamming into it, beating it, trying to break the handle, but nothing was working. Gregory joined in helping, but instead of trying to break the door, Gregory walked over to the keypad. He looked at it with a squint, then felt that tingle in his hand again. The strange thunderbolt symbol was there on his arm again, glowing it’s neon blue through his pale skin. Gregory placed the hand on the door, held it there for a few seconds, and the keypad’s purple light glitched out of existence and the door was openable again. They swung open swiftly, revealing the normal white walls, checkerboard floor, and yellowish lighting of the back office spaces of the pizzeria.

“How did you do that?” Freddy asked, observing the glowing hand on Gregory. “I…I don’t know. It’s just something I can do I guess…I think there’s something really weird going on…More so than I think I can guess.” Gregory explained. “You are not wrong, Superstar…Lets head back to Rockstar Row, I am sure Jeremy could be there waiting for us…Let us go, Superstar!” Freddy hyped, leading Gregory away from that god-awful hospital. Gregory peered back into the place, just for one last look. As he looked down the forbidden hallway, he thought he saw the thing again out of the corner of his eye.
“DAMN IT!” Jeremy cursed, kicking a file cabinet in one of the security offices. He lost them somehow…and frankly was lost himself. Most of his work was in the front areas of the brightly lit mall…back here was very unknown to him, even after all the years of working here. He checked every office space and every hall, always either finding a dead end or some stray Endoskeleton walking around. Where the hell did these things come from? He NEVER saw bare endoskeletons on the ground floor, especially where kids could see, and yet this place was crawling with them in every nook and cranny. The room Jeremy was in had a few desks and computers, all of them on, with random things for the business that were either being ordered or messages being shipped. This particular office was focused on new hires. The beige walls of this office were recently repainted, the smell being particularly cheesy for some reason. On the backwall on a whiteboard was showing names and files from one of the computers that was connected to a projector that casted onto the whiteboard. The background image was the same thing as most of the computers, the spinning image of the MegaPizzaPlex logo with the four main characters on the front. However, Helpy wasn’t on this one. Suddenly, as Jeremy faced the whiteboard, a pair of big, purple eyes met his and he jumped back in surprise. The eyes belonged to Helpy, who stood up to be in full view of the screen but was still small as usual. “Hey buddy! Did yah find Gregory?” Helpy asked in his weird chirpy/country accent. “I did…but I got separated…do you happen to know where they went?” Jeremy asked sincerely, then realizing he was probably talking to nothing. “Oh what am I doing…you wouldn’t…” “I think they ended up at that weird and creepy hospital area! But After that hallway is Rockstar Row! They may be over yonder!” Helpy answered, closing webpages to be able to see the logo and hop on. He sat on the top, swinging his legs like a child on a high chair. “You still can keep up! Don’t give up Jeremy!” Helpy said, falling backwards with a yelp and went back to his usual hanging animation and blank expression of fear of falling.

Jeremy watched it for a few seconds, then figured it best not to question and left the room. The hall he was in had two directions, left or right. He knew going to the left would send him potentially to Rockstar Row, and the right was from where he came. “Backtracking may not be worth it…” He muttered, his axe in hand as he walked left. The beige corridors were lined with the same checkerboard pattern as the floor at Jeremy’s waist height. He listened intently for any changes in the atmosphere that indicated he wasn’t alone. Jeremy tried to contemplate everything so far, looking for a plan or direction. He knew that he needed to find this Gregory kid again…and that somehow He needed to find Mark. He was somewhere here, but where he was he didn’t know. He could be in his specialty office on the fourth floor, only accessible by a specific staircase on the third floor of the main atrium. However, he couldn’t go through the natural way from the front entrance because of that swarm of endoskeletons, so he’d need to go the long way around. There seemed to be nothing down this hallway so far, but a few lifting machines and crates with the Freddy head printed on the front. He leaned around the next few turns, looking for any potential threats, but none seemed around. He felt like he was being watched, but he couldn’t pinned down why.

The guard wasn’t about to let something catch him now, and the only thing that could stop him was being careless. That’s when he heard footsteps coming from the right hallway, and He ducked behind the crates in the hall to avoid being seen. He then heard the voices, one of them robotic and the other sounding Scottish. “Where could that guy even be? It’s not like there are hundreds of places to hide! They’ll find him and kill him.” The Scottish gentleman in his labcoat said. “Actually Razz, there are exactly 2,532,193 places that are not only effective hiding spots but also semi well workable hiding spots that they could be in at any one time…” The robot answered with a tone of superiority in his voice. “Well good for you and your scanner! Crazy to think you a person sometimes Tomb.” The scientist rebutted. The two continued down the hallway, not aware that their prize was literally right next to them. Jeremy had been holding his breath as they passed, afraid they’d hear something before they passed. Jeremy needed to stay out of sight, the problem was that he didn’t know where the hell he was going. Jeremy slithered down the hallways, avoiding any open areas as he walked and peeking around corners. Eventually, he found double doors that lead to somewhere that was titled ‘Main Kitchen’.

Sure, it wasn’t Rockstar Row, but it was a frame of reference. Maybe there was a map or something here that could be of use to him. He slid into the kitchen slowly, avoiding making any loud sounds. The kitchen was massive, with conveyor belts above him rolling bags of flour, jars of sauce, and containers of cheese on their own belts into self-baking ovens to mass produce pizza. The kitchen wasn’t really a kitchen, but more of a massive factory that had a major kitchen to the side that prepped the more complex orders. The factory was sprawling with catwalks and stairways that lead to different parts of tubing that funneled sauces around to the respective machines to make the millions of pizzas that the mall needed to sustain its cheesy addiction.

The big glass pipes were red with the sauces for the pizza, made of thick glass that was reinforced to be sure that nothing could break it and drip the savory sauce. A few islands and counters dotted the floor of the industrial mega-kitchen, with signs that showed exactly which area and kitchen prepared what food. One was for basic pizzas, one made the drinks and slushies that also had their own tubing, though not as much pipe for them, and even a section that focused on desserts and pastries. The catwalks were only reachable by a metal staircase that was off to the side and locked behind a level 3 clearance card, of which Jeremy had easy access through. Now he knew where he was, he could accurately find his way around now. He always snuck into the kitchen to grab a quick snack without prying eyes. The kitchen was always busy, so nobody would notice a wiener for the sausage pizza go missing…or a slushie here or there. Jeremy knew this part of the pizzeria by heart, staying in the hustling and bustling places of the pizzeria, rather than those sprawling backrooms of the same color and no idea of where you were.

He vaguely remembered the morning shifts he shared with coworkers, reminiscing how they used to talk about the places old stories. He remembered the many times he talked with the usual customers and how they were always annoying to deal with. He’d then recount the awful customers, always spicing it up a bit just for fun to really make the story sound interesting…even if it wasn’t necessarily the truth. He’d never been evil about it, but it always made the stories interesting. Even though that memory was of just this morning…it felt like it was forever ago. The frightening reality of what was truly happening finally hit Jeremy. He placed the axe, blackened by blood and black oil, onto a nearby counter and sat on the floor, head to the counter. He thought about all the people who suddenly were not themselves anymore. Their skin tearing and their life ending…hopefully…in those last moments. The fear began to sit in his gut as he realized that he hadn’t really thought about any of the things happening…The robots on malfunction, the endoskeletons crawling into people, the psychos in bunny masks running around...He felt like he wasn’t just in a mall anymore, but another world.

This one wasn’t the glossy interior or the beautiful music…but rather a bloodbath of fear and pain, made from generations of terror and mystery that plagued the minds of children for years. Could the stories be true after all this time and he’d never really known? Was the truth staring at him every time it went on stage? The beautiful lights and sparkling instruments did nothing but hide the terror beneath? Jeremy couldn’t wrap his mind around the thought, that the thing he loved the most…the one world where the bullies from school wouldn’t hurt him, where he didn’t have to hear the arguments of his parents, where ‘fun and fantasy come to life’, was truly the nightmare he was in day after day…unaware of the goings of the night, when the sun dipped down into the earth and the moon casted it’s aura on the forsaken hellscape before him.
That was when Jeremy realized what he needed to do…he wasn’t going to let this continue…that boy was connected to this, and he’d find those responsible for making this place horrible. He needed to find Mark…and he needed to destroy this curse, even if he went down with it.

Jeremy’s attention was grabbed by a sudden burst open of the doors. He grabbed his axe and looked towards another set of double doors that had been busted open. In the doorway was Chica the chicken, her eyes blankly tracing the scenery around her. Jeremy watched the slump fashion bird saunter around. Jeremy felt his blood racing as he watched the bird intently, moving backwards and away from the thing. He wasn’t sure what this thing had up its sleeve, and he sure wasn’t going to find out by being risky. The bird robot wandered around and bit, her beak agape and then she spoke. “Gregory…your family is looking for you! Please, come out!” She asked sweetly. Her voice was somewhat misleading, sounding almost like multiple voices all at once. The bird leaned around the island that Jeremy was just at, looking for any trace of a person. “Gregory! Your friends are worried about you! Please come out!” She said, looking around more. Suddenly, Jeremy noticed her attention was towards a pile of trash bags in the corner, which were slightly ripped open to reveal the trash inside. The robot then sauntered over, bent down and got on its knees, then started eating the trash like a rabbit animal. It staring melting a black goo from her cracks that fell to the floor, almost oil but not quite. Jeremy had seen this before, but now he wasn’t sure if it was truly oil or if it was the force behind whatever was throwing the robots for a loop.

Jeremy then thought about it…why would a robot need to eat? It’s a robot! It doesn’t have a stomach, where could the contents go? He then remembered that he saw her trying to eat food in her backstage room too, freaking out that she couldn’t ‘taste it anymore’. “WHY?!?! WHATS WRONG WITH ME???” She suddenly sobbed, her voice breaking into different tones as she spoke, like a static TV. “WHY AM I EATING THIS? WHY DOES IT TASTE GOOOD!” She hollered, throwing the trash around and making a mess that stunk like rotting carcass and mildew. The robot was throwing it’s rage around where Jeremy needed to leave. Not seeing an opening, he gazed around the room for any sign of an escape that he could use. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the trash compactor.

The trash machine was on the far back end of the kitchen, where most of the trash was kept. The machine was built into the wall, and when trash was thrown in, it was crushed from an overhead smasher, that then retracted and the conveyor belt floor would then move the items into the chute to the left and then down into the trash hole of the pizzeria on the basem*nt level. If he could somehow get Chica into it, he could activate the machine and get her thrown down into the trash. He just needed to somehow lure her there. Jeremy looked around for any useful tools, when he noticed she lumbered away from the trash and to another corner. “Maybe if I make a pizza…” He wandered towards one of the counters that had a half done pizza on the counter. All it needed was cheese, some pepperoni, and maybe some extra sauce. He looked around for the container of tomato sauce first, trying to see where it could be. He noticed jars of sauce not far from him, but he’d need to get out into the open to grab a jar. He picked up a nearby pot and threw it to keep Chica’s attention away to grab a jar of sauce. Chica’s voice glitched out as She seemed to go back into brain-dead search mode. “Gregory! Your family is worried little chick!” She said, her voice clusters now more noticeable as the black goo leaked from her beak. Jeremy quickly grabbed a jar of sauce and rushed back to the unfinished pizza, spreading the extra sauce onto the dough as quickly as he could. The bird found the pot that Jeremy threw, investigating it with her claw-like arms like a monkey and eventually threw it away when she bit into the pot and tasted the metallic taste.

Next was cheese, which was usually kept in the walk in fridge…right where Chica was standing. Jeremy cursed himself as he realized the error of his mistake. That’s when he felt a chill from a nearby vent and remembered that the Fridge had vent access in case anyone got locked inside. Jeremy slowly unscrewed the nuts holding the vent in place with a plastic knife he found on the floor and crawled his way inside slowly. He followed the cold breeze, avoiding making any loud sound as to attract Chica towards the unfinished pizza and Jeremy having no way out of the vents. He felt the cold, isolating vents get colder and colder as he reached his destination slowly but surely. Inside one of many walk in fridges was a bag of cold Cheddar and Swiss mixed bags of cheese. He grabbed one and ducked back into the vent, crawling back the way he came. The vents were semi dusty, not being well maintained over the years but still functional. As Jeremy crawled through the vents, he thought he heard soft lullaby music behind him. Her looked over his shoulder, cheese bag in one hand and his camera weapon in the other as he peered down the long, small corridor of metal. The sound stopped as soon as he listened and turned around. Maybe it was his imagination…but he still didn’t trust it.

After climbing out slowly, he looked to see if he could see Chica. Just as she was before, she stood over by the fridge door, eventually migrating over to the door that Jeremy needed to use to get out of the Kitchen. After adding the cheese to the pizza, he looked around for the final ingredient to make the pizza perfect. The pepperoni was kept in packages in a box somewhere near where he was. He checked the cabinets and drawers, careful not to make too much sound to attract Chica. As he looked around, he heard Chica make a few stumbles that sounded too loud to be far away. Jeremy peered over the counter and saw her wandering away from the door and towards him slightly. He panicked, not knowing where to go but the vent that was still open. He dived into the vent, hiding to the side and hoped the robot chicken would pass away. She made a few chicken noises, before stepping away and back towards the main doors again.

Jeremy slowly made his way out of the vent after composing himself, and searched for the meat. He found some in a box in a bottom cabinet and slowly pulled out a wiener. He took the knife he found on the floor and diced the meat as quietly as he could, placing the meat on the pizza and picking it up as carefully as he could. Near him was an oven that he could operate without disturbing Chica. Jeremy slowly placed the pizza in the oven and set it for 15 minutes.

Those 15 minutes were the slowest in his life. He watched Chica wander the kitchen, not seeming to want to leave or go away. She’d swap to a different location of the kitchen to go and taste trash, before returning back to the doorway. Jeremy thought at one point that maybe she was distracted for long enough that he could slip by, but then she’d go right back into position before he’d clear the door and be right in viewing distance of him. Eventually, the 15 minutes were almost up and Jeremy removed the pizza before the alarm went off. He cancelled the oven to keep it from beeping, then very slowly, he placed the pizza in the trash compactor. To get her attention, he threw a pot inside the compactor. On cue, Chica saw the pizza after looking for the noise and dived for the cheesy, delicious goodness.

“PIZZA! OF COURSE! I HAVEN’T TRIED YOU!” She said with hope in her voice. Chica raised a piece of the pizza into her mouth, slammed it in, then paused. Silence followed for but a second, as the dread then settled on the robot. The pizza piece fell from her mouth and she was at a loss. “I…I don’t…” Chica seemed genuinely upset. Her claws were shaking as she held the mixture of trash and pizza in her hand with fear and sadness. “NO! NO! NO! NO!” She cried, sobbing with the black liquid pouring from her mouth and eyes like rotting mildew. She landed her face onto the floor of the trash compactor. “I don’t understand…” She sobbed, kneeling on the ground of the garbage and dirtying her white and pink paint. “Everything inside me is screaming…I can’t taste, I can’t feel…what is broken with me? Am I broken?” She started, what could be assumed to be, crying. “I can’t burn this feeling off with a jog…I can’t push up my problems away…inside me screams a dozen voices, wanting to eat…why can I not be satisfied?” Her bowtie was half-fallen from her messy tuff and the black liquid poured from her cracks as she laid in the garbage. It was disturbing to witness, like watching a addict wallow in their anger and frustration from the eyes of the child. “You wouldn’t think I was broken…would you Bon Bon?” She moaned, as Jeremy quickly seized the opportunity and hit a big red button on the side that shut the compactor’s glass doors, trapping the bird inside. It was now that Jeremy got a good view of Chica, the messy monster that she had become. A mess of trash, stains, mildew, and make-up. She was busted up, his beak hanging on by a thread, and a shell of herself.

Chica quickly got up and noticed Jeremy, her system forcing into the broken speech patterns and stock dialogue of before. The overhead crusher at first slowly came down, then suddenly dropped onto Chica. The sound of scraping metal and breaking plastic crackled in the air as the compactor squished the bird. The black goo squeezed out of her like a soapy sponge. She screamed in pain as the metal crusher pushed her down more and more out of view and into the floor. “JEREMY! HELP MEEE!” She screamed, trying to push off the compactor but to no use. Then, when the crusher was all the way down, everything stopped. The machine gave one more whirr before lifting the crusher and opening the glass doors. The remains of the robot laid on the ground, covered in trash and smashed. She was still relatively intact, but laid lifeless on the floor. Jeremy carefully peered into the trash compactor, not seeing the robot move. He poked it with the axe head to see if it would move, but the lifeless robot seemed dead.

Jeremy looked over the blackened corpse to see if he could spot anything odd. The black goo-like substance seemed to glisten in the trashy interior of the trash compactor, making it look like glittery sludge. Chica’s eyes were split apart and were almost falling out of her face, but they were still intact. Her left shoulder-pad was chipped off, as well as her plastic right-leg’s sweatband. Her beak had completely broken off, revealing the strange plastic smile her face plate made without it. Inside of her mouth was more of that goo, blocking and stuffing certain parts of her insides. It was like a mold, growing inside her and almost blocking certain systems in the face. “Guess that explains the malfunction. She has mold…but from what? The stuff she was eating?” Jeremy asked himself. “I dunno buddy! Seems like someone put it there!” A chirpy voice said from Jeremy’s left, making him jump out of his skin. On a nearby monitor was Helpy once again, pushing against the glass of the screen and looking over. He gave a whistle of surprise. “Boy oh boy did you ‘smash’ the lights out on ol’ Chica there! Don’t look like she’d be getting’ up from that!” Helpy said sad*stically. Jeremy looked back towards the corpse, seeing it’s outstretched arm and feeling somewhat terrible about what he did. Maybe these things had more life than it seemed… “What exactly happened to her? What’s this mold?” He asked Helpy. “Dunno sport! But it seems PRETTY nasty! That boy may be able to help! You need to find him!” Helpy inserted. Jeremy finally had enough.

“What do you mean?! Explain something god damn it! People are dead! The place is on lockdown! I have no clue what to do!” He screamed at the robot on the monitor. “Woah buddy! Watch your tone! I’m just trying to be a good friend! Just find that kid!” Helpy sneered, hopping out of view on the monitor. Jeremy was about done with that Helpy thing, but at this point it didn’t matter. He was gonna get rid of these things before they opened and by morning he was getting the hell out. If that kid was important to any of this, he’d find him, but elsewise it wasn’t worth wasting his time.

Suddenly, a scratching sound came from behind him, and a claw grabbed onto his leg. Jeremy looked down to see a pink-fingernailed claw grab his ankle and pull him towards the trash compactor. Jeremy fell to the floor, hand gripped on the axe as the hand pulled him into the compactor. Chica was somehow still alive. Her voice box had been absolutely busted beyond repair. Chica’s voice screamed like a chorus from hell. “JEREEEMEEEY~!” She chirped, trying to get on top of him and pin him down. From inside her mouth, the goo Started to form into something and harden. He struggled to get out of the trash around him and pull off her big claws, but to no avail. “I WAS THE FIRST…” She said, glitching on the word ‘I’. “I HAVE SEEN…EVERYTHING…” She added, her head twisting around in a circle as she spoke. The black goo in her mouth started to form its own set of teeth as a built almost another mouth in her plastic head. Jeremy struggled to break free still, his hand still on the axe. He finally gave a huge tug, pushing her off and away. He raised the axe and lodged it into her forehead, stunning her for but a moment.

It wasn’t till he was on his feet did he realize the trash compactor door had closed on him. From the glass, the woman in the rabbit suit was dancing around in a circle. “Hi Jeremy~!” She yelled from the reinforced glass. “Are you ready to die?” She asked, placing her furry mitts on the glass and tilting her head. Jeremy punched and struck the glass but to no avail. “Let me out!” He hollered, but obviously she wouldn’t free him. “Bye Jeremy~” She said, skipping away without a care in the world. Suddenly, Jeremy was struck from his trance as the overhead crusher began to slowly close in on him from above. Chica also raised to her feet again, lunging onto Jeremy with her arms outstretched and trying to grab hold of him. “Let me in~!” Chica asked, trying to pull on the chin of his mouth. The overhead crusher was getting closer, screeching as it slowly closed the gap between them.

Jeremy didn’t see a way out, he looked around but there was no exit, no vent, nothing. That’s when he saw the trash chute for the overflow of garbage. Jeremy used his stronger arm to break free first, striking the mouth of the bird and stunning her slightly, before kicking it’s left leg out from under it and shoving it to the side. He jumped through the hole, sliding down the chute and into the winding slide down. The bird robot, or what was left of her, followed suit. It slid down after him, her screaming echoing off the square, metal hole down.

Jeremy hit the top of his head on the roof of the slide a few times, stunning him and making him lose focus for a few seconds before sliding down a longer drop and having to skitter forward to keep sliding to avoid the monster behind him. Chica grabbed him on the way down, making him tumble uncontrollable down the shaft and made him lose grip on the Axe. The Axe slid away, out of Jeremy’s reach and down an offshoot of the tunnel. He kicked the bird in the face, propelling him away from Chica just enough to get some headway from her. He was lead deeper and deeper, the hollow and metallic voice of the monster behind Him growing louder and louder. Eventually, as he came towards the opening of the long tube, he had gained quite a bit of speed. He shot out of the hole, landing rough on the concrete floor that was littered with trash. Not far behind and going much faster than him was Chica, who slid out of the pipe and landed onto the concrete floor ahead of him and missing the pile of trash. Jeremy shook his head clear and reached for the pipe on the ground.
With one swift movement, he brought down the pipe onto the creature’s frontal lobe. He raised it again and slammed downwards with as much strength as he could. He felt his lungs tighten from not properly breathing, making his chest burn as he slammed the pipe down onto her head over and over. He continued to labor on her body, breaking her down and pulling her apart in every way he could to ensure it wouldn’t walk again. He broke the knees and the joints connecting them, he pulled out one of the eyes that still looked functioning and threw it away, and even stuck the pipe in her mouth to finish her off. With one last movement, He grabbed nearby scrap metal and slammed the sharp metal into her face, then smashed it in with the lead pipe. Holding the rusty metal club in his hands, shaking, he backed away from the monster and surveyed the damage.

Utterly and absolutely destroyed beyond repair was the robot in front of him. There was simply no way to come back from this. Almost nothing of the original Chica could be made out in front of him. The corpse’s only two recognizable features was the bow in her hair and her white paint that was dirtied by the trash, destruction, and black smudge. Jeremy landed his rear onto the mushy and gross floor of the trash hole and didn’t look away from his kill. He focused on his breathing, trying to calm down from the harrowing chase that took place. He dared not move until he knew for certain this thing wasn’t going anywhere. The black goo melted out of the robot, coating the chest and face, or what was left of it, with the gooey mold. After a deep breath, Jeremy stood to his feet and surveyed the area around him.

The trash hole of the PizzaPlex was disgusting. Everywhere you turned there was trash. Every trash can lead to this maze of disgusting filth that was apparently so dangerous that most employees weren’t even allowed down here and the place was left to rot and be abandoned unless you had to go down here. This place was the trash bin of anything the Pizzeria needed to get rid of…even broken robot parts and décor that was no longer needed. The big, open space had several piles of bags of garbage, folded cutouts that were soaked with the mildew and liquids of the trash around it, and several other bags of trash scattered the ground, ripped apart like someone had gone through the trash but then didn’t pick up their mess. The mossy green walls were stained with garbage stains and the smell that it made was so terrible to Jeremy’s nose that he almost instinctively threw up. Jeremy tried breathing through his mouth but even that didn’t work and thus resorted to leaving.

A gated door sat on the far left side of the big room he was in, locked behind a padlocked gate. Finally fed up with the night, He kicked open the door, making the rusty hinges scream as they gave out from the door and made the fence door fall to the ground.

The other side of the door was a catwalk that overviewed the bigger part of the garbage land before him. The expansive garbage room before him was like looking onto a city block of buildings. Bags of trash as tall as buildings threatened to touch the ceiling of the mega-sized room, tempted to fall at any moment. The rusty catwalk creaked as Jeremy stepped onto it, almost ready to give out. Several large, circular sewage pipes were draining sewage waste onto a sewage river below, with trash from bags to plastic drink carriers, to discarded toys and broken objects floating in the waste water below. The air was almost green with how much garbage was in this expansive sewer, with not as bad of a smell but still horrid. The place was warm and melty, like a disgusting sauna that made the smell stick to Jeremy’s nose and made him sick. The brick walls were black and grody, with cracks in the wall that looked like they were pouring water out of the wall. Small gangs of pipes were on the walls that had wheels on them to control the pressure of the pipes, with some of them busted and laying on the catwalk.

Jeremy wandered the path before him, holding onto the rusted guardrail and not daring to look down at the filth. In the sewage water, he saw a bunch of endoskeleton bodies that were limply floating in the water like ragdolls, sometimes rolling over to reveal what got stuck in them as they floated in the mucky water from throughout the mall. Jeremy kept the new weapon close, trying to see if he could see a replacement fire axe or something.

To his right, an open doorway was there that lead to another trash room, this one a bit smaller. But laying in the pile of trash at the bottom of a trash chute was the fireman’s axe he had dropped. Like an old friend, He ran to the axe and held it in his hands. “maybe my luck is turning around.” He whispered under his breath. glad to have a good weapon in his arms again. He slotted the axe onto the backpack and felt a level of comfort, he was surviving. He looked down towards his watch and saw the time of 1:48 am. “God…could anything else happen tonight?” He asked sarcastically. Then a growl came from the sewage water tunnel.

Chapter 9: Chapter 8

Chapter Text

Gregory and Freddy had made their way to Rockstar Row at long last. Gregory rode on the shoulders of the orange bear, riding him to the greenrooms. The two of them stayed silent after what they just experienced, not really talking about it. Gregory was going to ask about what that thing was, but felt like it wasn’t worth the questioning. He looked up at the glowing names of the band; Freddy Fazbear, Montgomery Gator, Glamrock Chica, and Roxanne Wolf. They each had a respective face next to the cursively written name of the character. That’s when both Freddy and Gregory gasped at the sight of Rockstar Row. Gregory hopped down from the shoulders of Freddy and walked around the museum before them in Rockstar Row. Someone had broken into the exhibits and taken all the robotic parts and pieces by breaking the glasses displays keeping them out of reach. “Who would do this?” Freddy exclaimed. “Maybe someone needed them?” Gregory suggested. “It’s still rude…I don’t even know what you would do with all that junk anyway…” Gregory added. Freddy examined the displays, then gasped. “These were all parts to a specific robot…for…” He stopped, looking away. “For what Freddy?” Gregory pushed, sudden quietness. “W-well its…complicated. It’s historical pieces to the older models before the Mega Pizza Plex…” He somewhat explained. Gregory wasn’t exactly catching on to what Freddy was trying to say with abruptly saying it.

“Freddy…I feel like you are trying to hide something from me. First the weird monster and the name at the bed, now this? You know more than you say.” Gregory pointed out. Freddy stayed stone-faced, not wanting to say what was on his mind. “It’s not something a Superstar guest like yourself needs to worry about! They are just old parts that can’t do anything…” He said, not looking the boy in the eyes when He said it. The rest of the exhibit was left be, the posters still there, the carboard cutouts, and a few but not most of the relics. “I cannot…it is against worker policy to explain the workings of the Mega Pizza Plex without strict authority to do so, nor company secrets…” Freddy explained. Gregory ended up giving up on the topic and walked towards Freddy’s greenroom. He peered inside and didn’t see Jeremy inside. The empty greenroom was only filled with the plushies and couch of before, cold and quiet. “It doesn’t look like Jeremy is here.” Gregory said. Then suddenly the door to parts and service opened up.

In the doorway was Dawko and Ryan, walking out from parts and service. Dawko’s blue and purple eyes latched onto the boy and Ryan stared too. Then a terrifying grin grew on His face. “THERE YOU ARE BOY!” He said, quickly pulling out a knife and darting straight for the boy, the hideous smile on his face staring him down like knives. Gregory screamed as he ran to Freddy, getting behind him. Dawko stopped in his tracks as he saw the oversized bear loom over him. Freddy growled before picking Gregory up and running to the other side of Rockstar Row. Dawko gave a scream of frustration as He called for Ryan’s assistance. “GET TOMB AND THE OTHERS NOW! ROCKSTAR ROW! HURRY!” He yelled, to which Ryan sped back to Parts and Service from Freddy’s greenroom.

Freddy carried Gregory as far as he could, Dawko streaming behind them as fast as he could run. “Get back here boy! William wants a word with you~!” He chirped, chasing them with his customized knife in hand. Freddy kept the pace, outrunning Dawko after some time. Freddy burst through more double doors, back into the office spaces to avoid the killer. He hung a left, then a right, trying to confuse the killer. Suddenly, Dawko appeared as if by magic on the other end of the hall that Freddy and Gregory just made it too. “SURPRISE!” He yelled, trying to jump at the crew with the knife. Freddy just barely dodged it, stuffing Gregory into his chest cavity as fast as he could and running towards the end of the hall. He hung another turn and Dawko once again was at the end of that hall too. “Can’t outrun me bear! I’m everywhere!” The insane mandman cried out with a hideous laugh. He began chasing them yet again, making them backtrack down the halls. Freddy tripped on a few boxes, saving his speed with a roll. “Are you okay in there?” Freddy yelled to Gregory in his chest cavity. “Y-yes! Just keep running!” Gregory commanded.

Freddy eventually seemed to lose Dawko, not seeing him down any of the beige-colored halls. Freddy spun around, trying to see where he could be hiding, but there wasn’t any visible hiding spots that were obviously hiding a bunny man behind. “I think we lost him Gregory…” Freddy said, calming down. A weird goopy sound came from the flat wall behind Freddy, making him turn around to see the same killer from before. The man was growing from the walls like a mold, his purple vest, purple eye, and knife glowing from the mold he grew from. His stretched face didn’t look human at first, but then gradually gained it’s human property after a few seconds. His muscles and bones were visible when he first grew but then were hidden by a layer of skin and clothing as he finished growing. His hair first was black as soot, but then gradually gained its form as he stretched off the wall like black chewing gum. His eyes followed the pair as they watched this man grow from the walls, and then suck up any remaining residue from the wall to his back and finish his transformation to being humanoid. “See? You can’t run from me boy!” He taunted, laughing hysterically. “I finally have you! You can’t get away!” The mad man’s eyes were wide with excitement, his prey right in front of him, backing up into the previous hallway and unsure of what to do.

Freddy didn’t see a way out if this thing could chase them around. “Freddy… dear… sweet… lovely… Freddy…” Dawko said with a chirp. “You know…I liked you. As a boy I always dreamed of meeting you…but not like this.” He said, his maddened expressions slightly sorrowing yet terrifying at the same time. “Oh how you danced on stage like the good old days…before I met him…before I was enlightened to the truth! Now…” Dawko explained. “Now I need you to understand…I need this boy Freddy. I know you don’t like hurting people…but this boy isn’t who he seems! He’s a ghost Freddy…a phantom in a shell…nothing but the past in a form meant to simulate what happened so long ago.” Dawko somberly cried. “Our master needs His family whole again…don’t you understand?” Dawko lowered his head, his eyes now off of Freddy as he was inches away from the bear. Suddenly, Dawko grabbed onto Freddy’s arm and stared upwards. “It is my dark desire.” Dawko announced with a groan. His eyes were pools of black, with small purple rabbit-shaped monsters growing from his eye sockets that were reaching for Freddy’s chest to pull the boy out.

Without thinking, Gregory burst out from the chest cavity, landing to the ground and then uppercutting the man’s chin. The killer backed up, recoiling from the punch. Gregory then focused his mind towards the right hand, its glow even more noticeable than before. Gregory then shoved Dawko’s outstretched Hand with e slap and then punched His gut. From Dawko’s chest glowed a bright blue, shimmering like a bright light like a flashbang. Dawko recoiled with a scream of pain, flying towards the wall and clenching his now glowing side tightly. He puked a drop of black mold from the side of his mouth, as he grabbed onto the wall with a free hand. Gregory wasn’t done yet, as he ran towards the man and prepared his arm again, right to the face of the purple eye. Blood rushed out with the mold in Dawko, with the man slinking to the floor and wincing in pain. Gregory looked at him, slightly startled at the sight of blood on his right knuckle. Freddy stood behind him, watching in surprise as Gregory stood there, watching the man squirm in pain. Gregory looked back to Freddy, fear and surprise in his eyes at what he just did. Gregory thought about another punch, but heard a cacophony of metallic footsteps from the left hallway.

Almost like a wave, Endoskeleton zombies were running down the hall, tripping on boxes and crates, even each other. Gregory looked at the wave, not moving and staring at the horrible mass come closer and closer. Freddy snapped out of his trance, picking up the boy and running in the opposite direction, leaving the man on the floor. Dawko gave a cackle of laughter, still in the fetal position as he laid on the floor. “You won’t get far boy!” He screeched, becoming swallowed by the wave of robots. Freddy stuffed Gregory into his chest cavity, running down the halls with as much speed as he could muster. Freddy looked for any indication for a run off point that he knew would let them lose the wave, but the straight hallway presented nothing.

Then, like a beacon of hope ahead, was an overhead sign above an open shutter door, was the words; ‘Bonnie Bowl’ in bright blue letters. Freddy now moved to a sprint, jumping boxes and machinery in the hall to keep speed. The wave grew farther with every sprint Freddy made. The endoskeletons shrieked as they watched their prey grow farther away, but unable to get over themselves long enough to get faster. A few endoskeletons were breaking from the crew and speeding up, almost getting behind Freddy. One of them jumped for the bear, but missed by a few hairs, and tumbled back to the pile of monsters. As Freddy neared the shutter door, he reached up to the handle of the grated door-wall and slammed it downwards with as much force as he could, then pulled a lever on the top of the handle that locked the handle to the ground to keep the shutter door in place. The shutter was chain-linked, letting the endoskeletons fit their arms through to try to reach Freddy and Gregory, but unable to reach. The door groaned as the weight of the robots was laying onto the stable-enough door. “Gregory! Come out! Help me barricade the door!” Freddy exasperated. Gregory kicked the chest opened and rolled out, getting to his feet and grabbing nearby a chair and using the legs of a chair to break the arms of the robots on the door. “How?!” Gregory panickily yelled, still trying to break the arms of the robots. One of them grabbed his right arm that still had blood on it from Dawko, but then his arm glowed bright blue at the touch of the robot and the endoskeleton that belonged to the arm screamed in pain and let go of Gregory. The robot went limp, the other active endoskeletons crawling on their companion and crushing him and breaking off his arm to get closer. Freddy then had an idea.

“Gregory! Use that arm and punch the metal shutter! Quick!” Freddy commanded. Gregory looked at him with shock. “WHAT?! ARE YOU INSANE?!” Gregory shrieked. “I’m not touching those things!” He added. “Quick Superstar! Trust me!” Freddy said, backing up from the door. Gregory looked down at his aqua blue arm, glowing like a nightlight, then gave a breath and put as much power into his punch as he could. Gregory reared the arm back and slammed it into the door. Electricity shot out in all directions as his fist made contact with the door. The cool blue lightning spread out and electrocuted the endoskeletons. The mob of robots screamed in unison as they shook in place. Some of their eyes popped like lightbulbs, while a few of the others fizzled with smoke billowing from their bodies. One by one, as the blue lightning began to dissipate, the robots began shutting down one by one. Then, everything went silent.

The robots all went limp, some still sticking to the door and jamming it shut. Many of them, laying on the ground, still smoked and even activated the fire alarm of that hallway for a few seconds. Water shot from the ceiling down on the robots, killing off the few scramblers that had some motor function left. The pile of robots in the hallway were so numerous that you couldn’t see the floor behind the door. Freddy looked in astonishment at what Gregory had done, smiling with the biggest smile he could muster. “Absolutely stunning Superstar! You did it Gregory!” Freddy cheered, picking up the boy and squeezing him in a tight hug. Gregory gasped as he couldn’t breathe. “Freddy! Can’t…breathe!” Gregory half-laughed. Freddy instantly pulled the boy off and set him down. “Sorry Gregory, but you did it! That’s quite an arm you have there!” He said, making a thumbs up gesture with his left claw. Gregory blushed a bit from embarrassment. “Pfff! It’s no big deal!” He said, waving an arm forward. “probably…” He added under his breath.

Suddenly, Gregory felt hazy. His vision began to get fuzzy as he struggled to stand up. “Uhhh Freddy…? I don’t feel so good…” Gregory said, struggling to keep his eyes open as he stumbled backwards. Freddy reached for him, holding him and trying to see what was wrong. “What’s wrong Superstar?” Freddy asked, concern now in his voice. Gregory couldn’t keep his eyes open, struggling to stay conscious. Freddy began to panic, looking around franticly. The entrance to bonnie bowl didn’t have anything to help, and the hospital was clearly a bad place to be and impossible to get to. Gregory laid limp in Freddy’s arms, as Freddy was unsure of what to do. “Gregory? Please! Answer me!” He pleaded, looking around for any sign of help. The symbol on Gregory’s backhand was starting to dim lower and lower as Freddy held the boy. Then, an idea came to Freddy. He quickly got to his feet with the boy in tow and raced towards the nearest recharge station.

He found one not too far from where they were and he laid Gregory inside the tube-like capsule. The giant red tube was big enough for even Freddy to fit inside of as well, so Freddy positioned himself so that both him and Gregory could fit inside. “This seems insane and 100% against customer policy…but…” Freddy shut the door of the tube and activated the machine. The inside of the tube was bleach white, with blue lights circling the inside of the tube to alert that it was activated. The lights flashed for a second before large electric bolts of energy fired from a ring of tesla coils above the bear, shooting through him and Gregory. The blinding lights of the inside of the tube sparked like strobe lights. Electrical energy funneling into the tube at rapid pace to supercharge Freddy and Gregory. The boy awoke with the jolt of the electrical currents. Then, as suddenly as the electricity appeared, it stopped. The lights of the machine turned red, the door of the machine popped open with a hiss. Steam funneled out of the machine, as Gregory and Freddy walked out of the machine. Gregory fell to the floor, in shock of what just happened. “Freddy! What the heck did you do? I feel all tingly!” Gregory groaned, cracking his neck and trying to shake off the extra energy. “I put us both in the recharge station! I thought since you used electricity…you needed to get energy! Did it hurt?” Freddy asked, worried he may of hurt the kid. “Sorta…I just…felt weird. I didn’t like it…” Gregory confessed.

Gregory looked down at his hand and saw the glow had returned, then suddenly it blinded him, making the PizzaPlex disappear in the white light. Blue took Gregory’s vision as he looked around, the giant blue expanse before him like a sky. White cardboard clouds were fixed on the sky that Gregory was looking at. Spotlights with rainbow colors were floating in the sky, aimed at different directions. The ground was invisible, almost like Gregory was floating in the air in this illusionary world. No sun was in the world, but it still was bright like it was outside in the sun. The endless expanse of sky and cloud were pleasant and calming, but felt off with the clouds looking like plastic. This beautiful world was strange and blank, with nobody here but Gregory. The boy was hesitant of the place at first, but calmed down when no threat seemed imminent. Gregory looked for a landmark or something to give him a frame of reference as to where he went, but he had no clue. “Did I die?” Gregory asked himself, still full in memory of the electric shock he just had and wondered if it had actually shocked his body to death. Then, he saw him in the distance.

The giant sun head was visible first, then the body followed suit, like appearing from their invisibility at a slower speed than the head. The smile of the Daycare Attendant smiled down on Gregory as he watched the boy’s movement. “The Boy was tormented and tortured for his fears…left without his happiest day.” The Daycare Attendant’s booming voice groaned, it’s voice distorted like it’s voice box was broken. “Where is your Happiest Day?” The giant, ghostly machine asked with a large smile plastered onto his face. The sky began to be filled with the cardboard clouds, filling the bright blue and coming closer to Gregory. The Daycare Attendant had disappeared at one point, and Gregory’s vision with covered by the clouds. Gregory tried swatting them away but to no success. The clouds pushed him over, covering him like hard pillows and holding him down. Gregory called for help to get the clouds off, but nobody came to help him. As Gregory fought to stay on his feet, the clouds slightly parted to show the floating head of an animatronic bear that was similar to Freddy, but it was far yellower and it’s hat was purple, not black. The eyes of the bear were bright blue, staring down Gregory as it floated towards the boy slowly. Gregory ran from the head, scared of it landing on him. The bear head matched his running speed to catch up with him, it’s top teeth beginning to spin in place as they prepared for the boy. As the bear got faster, parts of its fabric was falling off to reveal a much scarier skull. The bear head floated closer to the boy, almost ready to bite down on Gregory. As soon as it got close enough, the head slammed downwards towards the ground and decapitated the boy in seconds.
Gregory gasped as his eyes shot open from the dream, sprawling on the floor as Freddy stared down the boy in abject fear. His eyes watched as he stood there, unsure of what to say or do. Gregory choked on a mouthful of blood he spat onto the concrete floor of the entrance to the bowling alley. He was shaking, trying to stand up but unable to at first. Freddy then snapped into action and helped lift Gregory up to his feet. “You look terribly sick! I shouldn’t have put you in there Superstar! I am so sorry!” Freddy apologized, looking the boy over to be sure that He was safe. Gregory’s eyes had light purple underneath them, His body looking rugged as he stood up but He ignored the slight aches. “I’m fine! We just need to keep moving…” Gregory said, hopping into Freddy’s chest cavity by pulling the chest piece open and stuffing himself inside. “A-are you sure? I don’t think this is wise to continue…” Freddy asked, keeping the lid open. “Look…we need to keep moving before that freaky dude and his robots come back. Lets just go into Bonnie Bowl and find somewhere we can say is safe.” Gregory insisted. Gregory slammed the hatch shut, laying back and listening to the whirr of Freddy’s machinery as Freddy glumly wandered towards the inside of Bonnie Bowl.

Jeremy couldn’t believe what he was looking at when he peered over the catwalks of the massive river of sewage. On the large bank of water, floating on the water, was a massive pirate ship. It was unlike anything that Jeremy had seen! The ship was made of a green wood that had several cracks and breaks on the hull, but somehow still was afloat with no issue. Black metal was over some of the holes and breaks of the ship, scratched by running up against the sides of the walls no doubt. The ship had two main masts with rolled down sails that were white with many visible stains on the masts and a few holes in it too. The front of the middle sail had an image of a Jolly Roger holding a blade in his mouth, the black slightly stained away and greying. The bow of the ship was warped, making the ship look like it was slightly wringing together as it bobbed on the gross and smelly sewage waters. Ghostly sounds emanated from the ship as the boat groaned on the waves of the water. It’s flag on the highest point of the ship was a red flag that was torn towards the pole it was on. It was almost tall enough to scrape against the ceiling, but it missed by a few inches.

The ghostly ship was sailing along slowly in the sewage water, no visible captain was seen as it bobbed on the water. The main floor of the ship was lower than the catwalk, which allowed Jeremy to look on the ship’s deck to see any sailors. All Jeremy saw was a bunch of barrels, a few chests lying about with some of their lids opened, and bare floor. The back of the ship had a rise in it that was higher than the catwalk, with the wheel of the ship slightly turning left and right in a momentum. On the floor behind the wheel looked like a platform that could open. It looked like the ship was almost driving itself. Jeremy, feeling a bought of confidence, jumped onto the boat and landed on the greenish wood floor of the boat. The boat wobbled a bit from his landing, the wood of the ship floor sinking slightly as if to give way.

The ghostly ship was a sight to behold as it bobbed on the water of the sewers and trash. Jeremy explored around, looking in the chest and seeing a whole bunch of garbage and rubbish. He then opened a chest which had what looked to be a toy flintlock, but then upon investigation was indeed a real gun. Jeremy pulled the hammer of the flintlock back to prime it and also saw it was already loaded. A few musket-balls were in the chest that Jeremy helped himself to for protection. It was weird to find something like this, but if it meant an extra piece of weaponry then he was more than happy to take it. He also grabbed some of the black soot that was with the ammo as he’d need it to load the gun with. He stored them in a pocket in the backpack and continued his investigation of the ship. He continued to peer around the ship for any other useful objects but didn’t find anything.

Then the question came to Jeremy, which should have frankly come sooner, where the hell did this thing come from? There’s no way it fit in the tube behind him and this thing couldn’t have possibly turned around, so how the hell was it here, floating on the trashy waters underneath the PizzaPlex? Had he simply lost his mind? That could be a real possibility with the whole night playing out how it has, him floating on a pirate ship in the sewers is just as insane as everything else has been. Jeremy looked towards the wheel of the ship and noticed that a door was underneath the wheel. A sign hung above the door that said ‘captains quarters’ above it. Jeremy looked around for a second, before deciding to walk towards the door. “I mean, if nobody is here to stop me then…” He reached for the ancient-looking doorhandle and twisted the knob on the large, slightly red door of the quarter’s.

The door slid open with a creak, revealing light into the dimly lit room of the ship. On the wall was mounted candles that glowed a hollow blue and green flame. The ship had posters strewn on the walls, with some of them ripped from some creature with a large claw. The back of the room had a window that let you peer behind the ship, with a desk sat in front of the window where the captain would be doing paperwork. A large blanket covered something behind the desk, something that wasn’t moving or doing anything. The desk had several items of interest on it, with one of them being a lantern that had no flame inside. To the right of the candle was a large, black hook that was curved into itself and glimmered in the blue and green light of the room. Jeremy looked again towards the posters, seeing one of them and instantly recognizing the poster as adverts for the old ‘Foxy’s Cove’ attraction from the early days of the PizzaPlex.

Back when the mall opened, Foxy was diluted to a side gig called Foxy’s Cove, where kids rode a rollercoaster-like attraction and had to fire pellets at targets throughout the ride to help Foxy against enemy pirates. Course, kids learned how to shoot the pellets at each other and parents became concerned and thus the shooting part of the attraction was taken out, replaced with the ride being faster and new segments placed and removed to make it feel more like a roller coaster. Then parents complained again when they though the idea of ‘Pirates’ were too violent and Fazbear gave up. All the pieces and parts of the pirate ride were disassembled and anything they wouldn’t or couldn’t use they threw down into the trash. However, a mystery broke out that apparently the ‘Foxy’ animatronic was lost somehow and disappeared. Some say the pirate captain went after his long lost ship that he was famous for having during his opening day, known as the Fox-Trot Falcon. The ship was the first thing to go, being disassembled and sold off, with the robot disappearing the next day.

That’s when it hit Jeremy…this was that very same ship from almost eight years ago…Somehow, the entire boat was put back together and was floating in the lower parts of the PizzaPlex…still looking for a way out. Jeremy looked at one of the posters still intact. The image was of Foxy the Pirate making a thumbs up at the kids and winking with his eye-patch raised to show his winking eye. The red fox-like robot smiled a smile of joy with a golden tooth replacing one of his missing teeth and his signature attire being a pair of cargo shorts and a blue vest and hat, as well as a white undershirt. He had several badges on his blue dress-shirt and a white feather sticking from the top of his hat. The pirate looked like the cartoon version of a villain in a way, but it still was charming none the less.

Jeremy turned back to the lump on the desk when He noticed something else there that seemed glittery. A small jar was laying open on the desk, empty of whatever was called “Fairy dust” was on its side. There was a small dust inside that glinted a vibrant array of color. Reds, Blues, Greens, Purples, and Golds of the remains of the jar that had been completely used up. The dust felt strange in Jeremys hands as He rubbed His fingers with the sides of the Jar.

A slight scraping sound came from the desk. Jeremy looked towards the desk towards the hook, seeing it being attached to something underneath the tarp behind the desk. Then another arm reached out from the tarp and grabbed the handle of the empty lantern. The claw arm had spores of mushrooms growing from it as it reach up and grabbed the lantern. The tarp slowly fell to the ground, revealing the beastly monster underneath. Jeremy’s blood went cold as it watched the monster unfurl from its hunched over form and begin to get to its feet. The thing’s cold eyes stared down the guard, it’s face revealing the metal underneath the false exterior of the skin. The eyes were pits of tar, with a small dot of color in them to give the idea of pupils. It’s large hat had something growing out of it too, visibly falling off as the beast craned it’s neck back and revealing the exposed neck of the robot. The hand connected to the hook didn’t actually have a hand, but was actually connected to the hook on the table. The long face of the fox-like robot turned towards Jeremy robustly, as the thing got to its feet and walked around the table. The back of the creature was covered by a heavily weathered cloak that was blue at some point, now a disgusting black and green as dust and algae fell from the thing.

“Now what have we here…?” The fox groaned, smiling as it raising a hook to its eye and looked closer. The thing lowered its eyepatch over an eye, it’s over eye suddenly flashing more color as if two eyes were looking out of one hole. The beast’s feet were four-toed, with sharp nails on its feet like knives that scraped onto the wood floor of the ship. It’s ghastly tail behind it was like a sea monster’s tail, with trash on the end of the tail into a sort of weapon with spikes. The fur of the beast was dripping with water, smelling like wet dog. The thing was hunched over slightly as it came towards Jeremy.
Jeremy ran out the door as fast as his legs could carry him, slamming the door behind him as he ran and falling onto the floor of the deck. Outside, several endoskeletons were climbing onto the ship from the outside, also looking towards Jeremy as they were covered in sewer water and garbage. The endoskeletons all were laughing as they branded their attire from chests and barrels. Some grabbed swords, some grabbing flintlocks, and even one priming a cannon towards Jeremy. The endoskeletons looked like they were all some sort of pirate crew. The pirate endoskeletons circled Jeremy as they observed the panicked man from a distance. Then, their captain strutted from his cabin and stood up tall among his crew. “Aie maties! We haves us a stowaway on me ship!” He said with a low growl and a glitch towards the word ‘stowaway’. “What say ye laddies…what may we do with stowaways on me ship?” He asked his crew, expecting an answer from the ship-hands. “We throw em off!” One shouted, “Drown em in the rivers of garbage!” One cried out, raising his flintlock and firing it, making a piercing ring in Jeremy’s ears. “We pull em apart! Limb from limb!” One added. The pirate laughed, his throat and chest lighting up with a bright blue color as he extended his neck and puffed his chest. “Me laddies! Where are ye manners? Should a guest know whomst ship he rides before his time with the fish below?” The ghostly monster captain called out. “Who be you boy?” He growled, leaning in closer to Jeremy’s face. His body gave menacing groans and squeaks as he leaned in. “J-Jeremy…Are you…Foxy?” Jeremy gulped, lying backwards on the floor. “That be Captain Foxy to ye, you scallywag! And these be me crew! Ye shouldn’t be here, boy…” He added with a grumble of his throat. The mold of the animatronic pirate was growing on the side of his face with the eyepatch, mixed with moss and a piece of plastic stuck to him too.
“I-uh…think I’ve overstayed my welcome…I’ll just be going!” Jeremy said with a snuffed laugh and a slight twitch in his eye. Captain Foxy’s joints creaked and groaned as they shuffled around the man and blocked his path to the high rise of the ship to jump back to the catwalks. “Now how does ye think me ship has lasted down ‘ere these last few years me boy?” Foxy grumbled, his claw like feet grappling onto the wood floor of the ship. “I can’t be havin’ no isle-legs be leavin’ me ship so soon…You be stayin’ with me and me matey’s for some time now boy…” He threatened, raising his molding hook up to Jeremy’s face. The guard looked behind him towards the crew, who were all circling behind Jeremy and were coming closer with each step.

They grabbed hold of Jeremy’s shoulders and pushed him against one of the masts of the ship. They removed his backpack and threw it to the floor. At the same time, Foxy jumped from the first floor to the second of the ship and grabbed hold of the wheel of the boat. Jeremy was tied to the post with molding ropes the crew could find and begun to prepare the ship to sail. “Lower ye sails boys!” Foxy cried with a gargle, pulling a lever from the side that set the boat in motion. Jeremy watched in awe and slight terror as the endoskeleton crew jumped up to the sails and untied the sails to let them fly. “Raise ye anchor!” Foxy hissed, with some of the crew repeating the lines of their captain. Like a true crew, they even swung from ropes to reach parts of the ship quickly, flipping around with perfect form and power. The anchor was on the right side of the ship, which was pulled up by several members of the crew and placed onto the deck. Trash was holding onto the anchor, of which was pulled off by the crew when the anchor was brought onto the ship.

“Full steam ahead me boys!” Foxy commanded. Out of nowhere, a plastic bird appeared on Foxy’s left shoulder, a side of its head completely broken off to reveal the inside of the bird’s head. “Full-full-full-ahead-ahead-ahead!” The bird thing squawked with trouble. The boat began to sail down the sewer lines, it’s speed quite fast as it moved down the lake of trash. The crew celebrated with electronic hisses and squeaks as the ship moved through the tunnels of the sewers. The crew all had different jobs as the boat sailed down the disgusting sewer. The boat bobbed from left to right down the ocean of trash. They held to the left side of the current as they could, the smell of the garbage still noticeable to Jeremy and seemingly the only one to notice it. Jeremy tried to loosen the bonds on himself but to no avail. He saw his untouched backpack was behind him, but he couldn’t reach it. Some of the pirates came up to Jeremy, curious of him and poking his face and limbs that were fleshy and gooey to them. “He really be a skin man?” One squeaked, it’s left eye completely missing from the skeleton-like body and it’s other eye flashing green in intervals.

“He looks ugly…” One of them added, poking his ear with its wet and mossy finger. “Ah hey! No touching! No telling where you’ve been!” Jeremy hissed, not daring to get a disease while he was down here. “I should say the same! Leave him Lanky!” One of the endoskeletons hissed at the mossy robot. Some of the endoskeletons had unique looks to them. The one covered in the most moss was called Lanky, with the moss growing out of every hinge and hole, even out of his broken right eye. The one harping him was missing his entire right side of his body, save his right leg but just barely. “Lefty be right Lanky…leave the fleshy thing be…” A mold-infested endoskeleton told Lanky. The mold was covering his entire metal white body to the point that his body looked green. “But Old Moldy! I wanna see him!” It whined like a toddler. The Endoskeleton ‘Old Moldy’ grabbed onto Lanky and pulled him away, as ‘Lefty’ followed behind and began to stack new cannon balls with his only arm.

Another robot that came close was twitching uncontrollably, it’s eyes flashing different color and it’s left arm reaching towards Jeremy. “Y-y-y-y-you h-h-h-h-ave pre-t-t-t-y eye-eye-eyes…” It said, still twitching and it’s speech pattern unyielding. Jeremy pushed away from the thing, and he tried to not make eye contact with the one bot. “Sparky! Me needs some assistance you nervous nimrod!” A robot called from the front of the ship. “O-o-oh! C-c-c-coming C-c-c-chef!” Sparky responded, watching Jeremy as he hobbled away, holding his hands together as if he was cold. Jeremy turned as far as he could to see where the robot was going. At the far front of the ship was a staircase that went down into the hull of the ship where the crew rested and ate…apparently. The Chef was huge, it’s body not just bare endoskeleton with clothes, if you could call them that, draped onto the robot. Rather, he had plastic parts tied onto the body using ropes and glue that dripped from him as he walked. It was like he was trying to give the idea that he was fatter than the rest of the crew.
The eyes of the Chef stared at Jeremy, the silver eyes staring into Jeremy and making the guard turn back around. When Jeremy did, he was met with a yellow eye that was watching him. Jeremy jumped in surprise and tried to not make eye contact. “Oh! Sorry! I was just….curious…” The robot said shyly. At first, Jeremy thought it was Roxanne Wolf, but upon closer examination it was clearly not. A smaller, much more cleaned robot stood with Jeremy. She was painted in the colors of a bright yellow and white, with make up in around her lips a bright blue color. The head of the robot was covered by a Roxanne wolf head that was still in great shape. It wore a pirate’s hat that was similar to Foxy’s, but a bit cleaner-looking. A white feather was attached to the tri-fold hat as well. The robot was definitely smaller than Roxanne Wolf, but the look of the skull was pretty similar. She also had the same hair, but in some parts it was burned off from something or had been slightly pulled off. Both eyes worked as they should, colored a bright neon green…it even smelled good! The scent of the robot was almost minty. The robot was covered by a blue coat that was still in great condition save for a few holes by the hem of the coat. The robot’s hands had several rings on them, with one of them having the faint letters ‘Star’ on the outer part of the ring. The ring was painted gold, as it actually was more of a nut for a machine than an actual ring. The robot started to shy away from Jeremy was Captain Foxy suddenly appeared behind the Roxanne Clone and grabbed her shoulder. “I see ye’ve met me lovely Star mh?” Foxy gave a gasp as he chuckled, holding the girl close. “She be me lovely daughter! The prettiest thing this side of the sea! You’ll be likin’ yer new home from home boyo!” Foxy said with a grin, coming close to Jeremy’s face. Jeremy had to try his best not to puke at the sudden whiff of disgusting odor that hit his nose. “Charming…” Jeremy responded.

What the actual hell was happening? Not two hours ago, a few kids went missing…now, he’s fought monster abominations, watched the PizzaPlex go to chaos, killed Chica, and is now on a pirate ship in the sewers of the establishment and is tied to their mast. That’s not even considering what was going on with that Gregory kid and the other robots…or even who that guy in the purple vest was and the bunny girl accommodating him…or the guys in the hallway. Jeremy’s head buzzed as he tried to hold his thoughts together. Too much was happening and too little time to process what was going on.
“So…ye tell me boy. What would ye be doin’ in me seas?” Foxy interrogated. He lead away Star to the Lower deck and came back to listen to Jeremy’s answer. “I just ended up down here by mistake. Look, if you just let me leave I won’t be back down here! I swear it!” Jeremy pleaded. Foxy gave a laugh as he kneeled down by Jeremy. “Oh see here boy…I know ye won’t be back here…but that don’t mean nobody will be back here either. Ye will send for yer crew to disassemble me own ship! I won’t be havin’ it!” Foxy growled, standing to his feet and walking around the post and away towards the lower deck. “…Not again.” Foxy said with a somber expression. The rest of the crew were hard at work, with some saluting their Captain as He descended down the stairs.

For some reason, for the first time tonight, he felt somewhat bad for the animatronics. Were they always this lively and human? Was the reason the Foxy from the old Foxy’s Cove attraction missing because it ran to find the pieces of the boat it was attached to and remade the boat? Jeremy thought about it for a second…then passively shrugged it off. “Nah, personality chips probably.” He shrugged, trying at the ropes that kept him to the mast.
Captain Foxy grunted as he walked down the stairs of the ship. He adjusted a wheel on his leg as if it was controlling the stiffness of his leg as he moved. His feet clicked as he wobbled down the deck of the ship. He pulled his blue vest closer to him and viewed the lower deck. The inside of the lower deck was an open room with several members of the crew down below. A large table sat in the middle of the ship, where several members of the crew were laughing and talking with each other. “And so I said to the garbage… ‘You can’t be recycled, I haven’t even seen you in one cycle!” Several of the crew fell backwards as they laughed. They held in their hands ‘grog’ that was made of oil, grease, and some other liquid that was watery. “Hey captain! Where’d ye find the grog! Best I’ve tasted since last month!” One called out. Foxy gave a smile and called out, “Aigh! Your mother’s Jitters! She was a fine tap too!” Foxy belted. Many of the crew laughed at the statement, As the endoskeleton by the name of Jitters fell over laughing as well.

In a corner was the ‘kitchen’ of the ship, where the main chef and sparky were cooking the next meal of the crew, of which they awaited for excitedly. The stew was in a big pot in the center of the open kitchen. The chef, Eugene, was slicing chunks of pizza and was sliding them into the boiling stew. Sparky was turning a crank below the pot to keep the heat going to boil the food…if you could call it that…in the pot. “Faster boy, we need this boiling good.” Eugene barked towards Sparky, who started turning the crank faster. “F-f-f-f-faster! Faster! Got it boss! F-f-faster…” Sparky responded. Foxy nodded to the chef and walked towards him. “How be the stew, Eugene?” Foxy asked, curious of the taste. “Aie! Almost ready captain. Want the first taste?” The chef offered, his gruff voice breaking slightly. Foxy took a ladle and pulled up a spoonful. He sipped the pizza soup and nodded with acceptance. “Once again Mr.Eugene you prove your skill with no struggle! Aigh, the boys will eat well tonight!” Foxy applauded. Eugene thanked him and continued with his cooking, also battering down on Sparky to get faster with the spinning.

Foxy looked around the dimly lit interior of the ship, looking to see if He could find his Daughter. Star was his most important treasure of all. He built her like the rest of his crew, with her being the first and his most prized treasure. He used mostly parts of Roxanne wolf, combined with his own. He loved her, naming her his ‘North Star’ and making her his ‘Captain’s daughter’. If something were to happen to him, of course would never happen, then she would lead the crew and build more of the crew. Foxy only loved three things in his miserable existence between life and death; His ship, his daughter, and his crew…and he wouldn’t lose them to that land lubber up on the top deck. He looked towards the very back of the ship, behind the door that lead to the quarters of the crew. Foxy opened the door slowly, peering his two eyes into the room of the ship and looked for his Star.

The quarters had a bunch of hammocks tied this was and that that made up the beds of the ship mates. OF course, His Star would never be down here with the crew, but she would occasionally sneak down here to be left alone as everyone would be left on the top deck of the ship. He looked around the densely furnished room and saw her sitting by the back window of the tight room, sitting on a barrel and looking out the window towards the walls of the sewer.

She seemed disheartened by something, but it was unclear what bothered her. Foxy raised an eyepatch and rolled one of the eyes in his head to the other side to see more clearly. He slowly walked in, shutting the door behind him and looking towards her warmly. He walked over, avoiding the hammocks and walking over barrels. At one point, he did stub his toe, but held him his word to stay unseen. Star moved her eyes towards the sound, saw her father, then turned her eyes back to the walls. She studied them as he moved closer and sat on the floor next to her. “Ye will know the sky one day, I promise.” Foxy said with as much clarity as he could, holding his daughter’s hand with his own. She didn’t break eye contact with the walls, watching them pass by as they made another turn towards a far more open space of the sewer.

“There be a way out of this place, I know it my Star. We’ll sail the seven seas and soon be free of this place.” Foxy charmed, looking towards the expanse she looked at as well. Star turned to her father and sighed, his one eye looking longingly at her father as he spoke. “I just…I don’t know…I’m tired of the boat I suppose. I hope to one day see her…” She said hoarsely, to which Foxy’s eyes lit up. “She…she is not there my dear…” Foxy explained, nervousness suddenly in his voice. “But she is! I’ve seen her posters still…I know my mother is up there…I just have to find her…” She said, hope in her eye as she spoke. Foxy was uncertain of how to explain to his sea star that she is but built of her parts and not of kin…and she wouldn’t listen no matter how hard Foxy explained it. “My Star, she isn’t your mother. She …” Foxy started. Star then got to her feet. “And are we not all parts, Father? Parts of things you found? I want to be whole with my parts…” She said, looking towards the sewers longingly. She pressed two buttons on the side of her neck and with a click She removed her faceplate. The plate was bare of color, but in the corner of the mask, heavily scratched off, was the name ‘F-ona’. “They know where my parts are from…and I bet that flesh man knows too…” Foxy sudden spoke. “Don’t trust that human! He will lie to escape…besides, it was so long ago…they will know nothing…” She then looked towards her father, her face with a bit of anger. “Then I will find her one day by myself.” She said with a huff, walking away and out of the room. Foxy sighed, looking out towards the window and sitting there with her for a while.
Jeremy sat on the floor of the ship, tired and still tied up to the post. He blinked slowly, the smell of the garbage finally getting to him and making him feel crazy. “You know Helpy, I think…perhaps…I’ve gone a bit mad.” He said to his right. Sitting there, crisscross, was Helpy in his usual smiling persona as he was playing with a piece of metal he found on the floor. “You think? Why is that?” He asked, genuinely surprised by the answer. Jeremy just looked at him for a while, before going back to his dazed expression and looking at the ceiling of the sewer. He felt the garbage air hit his nose, making his insides and head feel dizzy and sick, but he really didn’t care anymore. His back was beginning to ache after the fall from the third story prize counter and the strenuous activity of the first hour of the night. “Oh yeah…it’s only been an hour…” He laughed, which then turned into slight crying. “I’m gonna be dead by 3…” He moaned lowly.

Jeremy’s hope of getting out of here felt pretty shot. If an entire pirate ship can be hidden in the sewers of the Mega Pizza Plex, surely getting out was gonna be some kind of challenge. The open expanse of this sewer had a single catwalk that circled the whole ocean below. The room was a wide expansive circle, with several directions that had their own sewer rivers to other places from the facility. Jeremy was pretty sure this place was infinite now…especially if a boat this size could hide here and nobody could find it. The waters of the sewers surrounded the boat with their greenish hue, bits of trash and robot parts laying about in the waters of the place and bobbed up and down with freedom. The center ceiling had a huge opening at the top that lead to a higher part of the sewers that was closest to the PizzaPlex, but to reach it would be almost impossible.

Jeremy had the idea of shooting himself from one of the cannons on the ship, but not only did that sound like a completely stupid idea….he also was pretty sure he’d kill himself by doing it. “Helpy…is this a dream? Am I dreaming this whole thing and I’m gonna wake up and be at my desk in Monty Golf? I just…I can’t go on like this man…I’m losing my mind here.” Jeremy pleaded with the cartoon creature to his side, bending the metal into fun shapes and animals. “Uh…I dunno! Maybe! I think dreams are neat! But I’m pretty sure you’re awake ol’ pal!” Helpy said joyfully. Jeremy shrugged, laying his head against the post of the ship.

As Jeremy sat there, he heard a distance sound, one that was very odd and bird-like. A splash of water echoed from the tunnel they were just at and then suddenly it stopped. Jeremy thought about it, but quickly just assumed it to be just noises of the sewers. Then something rocked the ship from the water.

Jeremy shot awake, the boat rocking as something was pushing it around. The boat was threatening to turn and move around, but then it stopped as soon as it stopped. “Well that doesn’t seem good.” Helpy said. The cartoon bear then turned to the front of the ship and saw the Captain’s daughter appear from the lower level and he stood to his feet. “Welp! Gotta run! See yah!” Helpy said, jumping off the side of the boat and disappearing into the water. The Captain’s daughter walked over to Jeremy, her metal body clicking as she bent her limbs to sit down beside him. “So…you are a human?” She asked, her one yellow eye watching him jump in surprise by the sudden appearance of the robot. “Uh…yes? I would be.” Jeremy answered. He felt uncomfortable with the machine watching him but at least he had some kind of company. “Are you…alive?” Jeremy asked, relaxing. Star was surprised by the question. “I suppose. I do not breath like you humans but I am alive and I hunger like you.” Star responded. “What attraction are you? I don’t remember Foxy having an attraction with a ‘Captain’s daughter’ per say.” Jeremy added. Star turned her head in confusion, putting her hands in her lap. “I…do not understand. Do you mean my purpose of being alive? I suppose I do not know.” Star asked, her shiny white teeth reflecting off the low amount of light that was given off by nearby candles and lanterns.

“I mean, did Fazbear create you as a specific attraction and you ended up down here?” Jeremy asked, completely aware of the ridiculousness of the situation at hand. “Fazbear? I’m sorry but I don’t know what you mean.” Star responded. She seemed genuinely confused by what Jeremy was trying to ask. “I…nevermind.” Jeremy said, giving up. “Man…this has been a hell of a night.” Jeremy said, looking up towards the opening in the ceiling. “So you have no clue what’s up there do you?” Jeremy asked, trying to change the subject. Star’s eye lit up as She answered. “Oh how I wish I could know…But I have never seen it. I bet it’s wonderful.” She said longingly. “It’s been my dream to see what’s up there…but I can never leave the ship. Father hates it when I do.” She said, her hope slightly dimming. “That Foxy robot really is your dad huh?” Jeremy asked. Star sighed, her mechanical-like breath dimly humming as she did. “Unfortunately, yes…He is very nice to me and the crew, but he is a bit overprotective at times…” She said solemnly. “Yeah, seems real keen on hugs and what not.” Jeremy muttered. “I’ll have you know my father is twice the man you could be!” She huffed, pointing a finger on Jeremy’s nose to silence him. Jeremy flinched as the white finger pressed his nose. “S-sorry…words got away from me.” Jeremy half-apologized. “He still kidnapped me…” Jeremy said, showing off his ropes he had been tied too for the last 15 minutes.

“You broke onto our ship, rummaged our things, then entered the Captain’s Quarters…I think you are not as innocent as you let on Mr…” She paused as to let him answer. “Jeremy” The nightguard responded. “Right…Jeremy…So don’t think any funny business.” She instigated. Jeremy had so far been through enough, being talked down by a robot wasn’t exactly his favorite part of it. “Fine Princess, I apologize in full. I’d be ever gracious if you’d get me out of this tinnitus-riddled ropes my rugged rouge…” He poetically plastered onto the plastic pirate. “I will do no such thing, crook.” She said, adjusting her pirate hat and folding her arms.

Suddenly, the boat was pushed incredibly violently from something in the water. Star landed on top of Jeremy, doing what appeared to be blushing as her eye slightly expanded. Jeremy gave a gasp as incredibly heavy metal landed onto his body and made him lose breath. She jumped back, got to her feet nervously, and peered over the edge of the boat. Dread set into the company as Star saw something coming out of the water. Jeremy tried to look but couldn’t see anything over the half-wall of the ship. The boat rocked heavily again, as if something had just beat on the ship from the bottom of the boat. Then, slowly, giant black tentacles began to rise from the swampy green sewage water. The black tentacles were like goo, staining the water as they rose up towards the boat like snakes. “FATHER! THERES SOMETHING AROUND THE BOAT!” Star yelled from the deck. Suddenly, a cacophony of footsteps came up the stairs, lead by Captain Foxy himself. The crew and the captain saw the limbs of the creature begin to rise higher than the deck of the ship. “GET ARMED MEN!” Foxy called out, the robots all getting their flintlocks and priming the cannons.

The thing controlling the limbs gave a moan from under the waters, sounding like the mix of a chicken and a monster. Jeremy watched as the black tendrils began grabbing onto the ship like an octopus and begin rocking the ship. Jeremy tried again at breaking free of the ropes while the crew was distracted with the bigger threat. Foxy burst into his cabin, grabbing a large musket and priming it with gunpowder and a musket ball. The crew began unfurling smaller sails and raise the anchor of the ship. However, one of the smaller black tentacles grabbed onto the anchor and held it in place.
The sounds of the men yelling to each other and preparing weapons was wafting in the ears of Jeremy, as he slowly broke free of his bonds ever so slightly. Suddenly, a loud explosion came from Foxy’s gun as it fired a musket at one of the tentacles grabbing the ship. The explosion’s sound and sudden lights blinded and deafened Jeremy as he tried to break free of the rope around him. The beast from the waters screamed in pain as the shot hit its target and sent the tentacle down into the water. Another tentacle came in its place, raising up and smashing down onto the ship, almost hitting Captain Foxy. “Ready? FIRE!” One of the crew yelled, with a deafening explosion of a cannon going off in the distance that fired a cannonball at one of the limbs of the ship. The cannonball hit the target, splitting the tentacle in two. The beast shrieked in pain as the limb lowered into the water. The gooey limb was then replaced by another, as if the damage did nothing to it.

Finally, with one last yank, Jeremy from free from the ropes. With freedom in hand, he grabbed his backpack and pulled out The camera from before, as well as his trusty axe. The beast hadn’t shown it’s full body yet, but it definitely was there somewhere. The crew of Endo’s prepared more cannon shots, calling them out and firing the deafening explosions. Jeremy, more than once, had to get his bearings on where he was so he wouldn’t fall off the rocking boat. Star was commanded to go into the Captain’s Quarters, but demanded to be out to help. Jeremy watched as Foxy tried to get her into the room, but then saw one of the thinner tentacles grab hold of the pirate captain and try to take him away. Jeremy awoke into action and raised the axe to the tentacle. He split the limb in two, freeing the Captain and moving away from him. “How did you…?” Foxy began, but he didn’t get to finish the thought when he was interrupted by another explosion.
The beast shrieked as the ball hit its target, making the beast replace the limb yet again. Suddenly, a big splash came from the waters as the beast’s main body came into view. A massive black oozing pile of garbage and goo arose, all supporting the broken apart body of Glamrock Chica, whose face was completely broken in half and spraying the black liquid everywhere. The beast shrieked as she was in full view. “JEREMY!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!” The thing screeched out, incredibly angry. “I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” She growled, her one working eye peering over the deck of the ship. The red light of the overworked eye traced the ship as the crew worked to fend her off. Jeremy jumped behind barrels to hide from the view of the chicken of the sea, hiding from the red light. Foxy got his gun prepared, aiming for the eye and firing his shot. As Captain of the ship…he never missed. The bullet hit the chicken straight in the eye. The bird recoiled as the pain hit her body. She screamed again, raising a tentacle as she recuperated from the hit. The tentacle landed onto the ship, splintering wood and breaking a part of the ship off. The crew were thrown in a panic as the beast began breaking holes into the boat. Jeremy watched as they panicked, trying to cover the holes and being helpless.

Jeremy thought about it, knowing he could get away with Chica distracted. His subconscious didn’t like the idea, as he sat and pondered in fear behind the barrels, Jeremy looked towards the menacing pirate Captain, his hand holding back his Daughter safely as he seemed unsure of what to do. He barked a few more orders, trying to get bearings. Jeremy finally said ‘Screw it’ and jumped into the fray to help. A few of the crew were trying to turn a cannon, struggling as the cannon’s turning mechanism got stuck. Jeremy saw what was jamming it and ran up to the blockage. He swung down the axe, breaking the wood board jamming the cannon and helped push it towards the bird. He picked up one of the incredibly heavy cannon balls and prompted the firing. “AIM AT THE DAMN BIRD!” He screamed, lighting the fuse of the cannon and the ball hit the bird in the chest. The explosive sound was quite loud to Jeremy’s ears, but he kept pushing forward.
Suddenly, the creature dripped one of its tentacles over the ship and let some of the goo fall onto the boat. The goo bubbled for a second, before beginning to form some kind of rabbit creature that wasn’t perfectly formed. Jeremy raised his axe and swung downwards, slicing the thing in half and pushing the thing off the ship and into the swampy water. More of the things appeared, as the crew tried fighting the monsters off. The chef appeared from the lower deck, a cleaver in hand as it started slicing at the goo bunnies. Jeremy looked towards the Captain and his Daughter, who were prepping another cannon together. Even in the panic, Foxy had a reassuring smile on his face towards his daughter. They fired the shot, aiming for one of the tentacles and damaging the creature once more. Suddenly, a mob of the goo bunnies landed onto the ship.

The captain and the girl were surrounded and were struggling to fight off the monsters. Jeremy jumped into the fray, swinging around his axe and getting them off the duo. He then raised the musket at the face of one of the goo bunnies. It gave a hiss, the purple light in its face to symbolize what could resemble a face spewed the goo of its body at Jeremy. The guard pulled the trigger of the gun and shot it straight in the face, the bullet going through the gooey creature and the monster falling limp. Foxy was surprised by the help of the human, but gracious all the same. “Ye have some fighting spirit, boy…there be some peace for you yet should we survive.” He smiled, the robot captain standing to his feet and using his hook as a catcher for the goo monsters. He stabbed the hook into one of their eyes and threw it off the ship with a yank. Jeremy helped Star to her feet, reloading his flintlock as she reloaded her own and the two of them preparing another cannon.

The ship was starting to fill with water down below, reported by Sparky. “C-c-c-c-captain! T-t-he s-sh-ship has a h-h-h-h-hole!” He cried mechanically. Foxy now looked concerned, as the beast wasn’t anywhere near wore out yet. “Mossy! Head down with Sparky and plug those holes! Now!” He cried to the crew. “The rest of ye! Fire at will!” He remarked, setting up his own cannon. The chicken of the sea screamed as her face came back into view, very much so broken down and almost unrecognizable. Jeremy looked as one of the tentacles was connected to the chest cavity of Chica, and saw a way to get rid of her.

If he was right, Chica’s main on and off switch was located on her left earing, which was still in view. If he could get close enough…Maybe he could turn her off. He looked for a way onto the bird, only with a rope to the top mast being the only way. Jeremy gave a sigh and handed his backpack to Star. “Star…keep Axe company…I’ll be back.” He asked, handing her his things as the wolf pirate looked at him confused. Jeremy was about to do something really cool…and really stupid.
Grabbing onto the rope, he began to climb up onto the top most part of the ship. He climbed as the tentacles reached for him, which he kicked away and used as momentum to climb higher. He swung to avoid the tentacles that Chica sent towards him to push him down into the sewer water. As Jeremy stood on the top of the mast, he grabbed a certain part of the rope and aimed for where to swing. As the tentacles lowered to reveal Chica, Jeremy gave a breath as he jumped from the post with the rope. He felt the adrenaline really kick in as he swung from the rope of the ghost ship to Chica’s gooey body. The wind of the garbage making his eyes water as he swung from the rope. He gave a bit of a scream as he uncontrollably swung pretty close to the floor of the boat, but then passed the boat and let go to land on Chica’s gooey body. The crew, including foxy, watched in awe as the human climbed the monster’s body to get close to the head of the monster. He reached for the earring of the bird, almost within arm’s reach of the off switch that was glowing bright red. Jeremy gave one last push forward with his lower body and smashed the off switch.

Suddenly, Chica gave a scream as she felt her body begin to shut down. Jeremy pulled off Chica’s head and slid down the gooey form of what was left of Chica. The ooze began to sink into the water as Jeremy clutched onto the side of the boat with one hand and Chica’s head in the other. Star and a few of the crew grabbed hold of him and helped him over the side of the boat. Jeremy landed onto the floor, the bird’s head in his hand, and victory in his hands. “Well…I can officially say…I killed the monster of the deep.” He said, getting to his feet. The Endoskeletons all celebrated Jeremy, laughing and recounting the daring swing onto the monster. Jeremy watched as the somehow emotionless faces celebrated and laughed with joy at surviving yet another day on the sewer seas.

“Aie! We got holes in me ship you fools! Patch ‘em! Quickly!” Foxy belted, which caught the attention of the crew and they quickly followed the orders, splitting from Jeremy and the Chica head, which laid dormant in his hands. Foxy slowly walked up to Jeremy, his two eyes back in the one socket and observed him like a adult seeing their child. “So…ye got that fightin’ spirit and the heart of me crew eh?” He gargled. “Ye somethin’ Mister Jeremiah. Maybe…ye got some luck behind yeh?” He said, leaning into the guard with his eyes. “I’ll let you free boy…but you be workin’ for me now…would you say that be fair?” He asked the nightguard. “Well…I’d rather I’d just leave you be but…” The pirate’s eyes squinted as he peered into the guard’s soul. Jeremy swallowed his words and changed his mind. “But you guys seem like ‘er….good company…for a while.” He added hastily. Foxy leaned back, rolling his eye back underneath the eyepatch. “Good…nice to have an extra deck hand.” He gave a warm smile as he patted the guard’s back and walked away to ensure the holes of the ship were plugged well.
Jeremy watched the pirate leave him, when suddenly his backpack and axe were in front of him again. Star was holding them up, not looking up at him and keeping as much distance from him as possible. “You uh…looked really cool swinging from the rope.” She said, not making eye contact with him and keeping her eyes towards the ship floor. Jeremy was surprised by the sudden bashfulness but shrugged it and took his things back. He looked inside to see everything was in place and saw his Axe was unharmed. He looked back towards the crew, then looked over at the cannon. At his feet was the head of Chica He then looked towards Star, Jeremy got an idea “Hey, how far can the cannon’s launch a person?” He asked with a glint in his eye.

Foxy was with the crew below deck, seeing the damage that the sea monster had caused and gave a huff. “So…how we gonna go about fixin’ it boss?” One of the robots asked, who was trying to shovel the sewer water out of the boat. The entire room was half-underwater, with things floating in the water and thankfully the pizza-soup was still safe and sound in the slightly up high kitchen. Cups and silverware, as well as barrels and chests of loot were floating in the water, as the crew tried to dry the contents and make everything clean again. “Spit it and plug it as best ye can…we can dock somewhere and find parts.” Foxy initiated. “But where?” One asked. Foxy grunted, before shooting him a look. “We’ll go down the western tunnels…stuff there were haven’t gotten to yet…” He said, he crew seemingly happy with the answer that they were given.

The crew were all trying to get the inside of the ship cleaned, as Foxy and Eugene watched. “So…bout the human? What do yah want to do with em?” Eugene asked, folding his arms and awaiting his captain’s orders. “We’ll have him down here…you teach him the cookin’ for a while. He’d also be good for scavenging in places we can’t reach.” Foxy said. He then laughed slightly. “Maybe we can use him as bait for fish food! har har har!” He laughed. A couple of a crew were laughing with him till he shot them a look to get back to work. Eugene thought for a moment, then added this. “and if he escapes?” Eugene asked. Foxy gave another laugh. “How? Swimming?” He joked. Suddenly, an explosion came from the high deck.
Foxy and the Chef ran upstairs to see a smoking cannon, the shriek of Jeremy and their absence and knew that they had escaped the boat. Foxy looked towards where the cannon was aimed and saw Him flying in the air, landing above them in the overhead opening of the sewers. Star looked back over the side and waved at Foxy. Foxy growled as he clenched onto the side wall of the ship. “Well I’ll be damned…Crew! Gather up! We gots ourselves a runner! Batten down the hatches!”

Chapter 10: Chapter 9

Chapter Text

Bonnie Bowl was what you expected as a bowling alley, with a large main room with several bowling lanes, all the pins set in their upright positions in slight purple lighting but a bar in place to keep the pins from falling. While the bowling alley itself had the sleek wood floor, the rest was carpeted with a blue carpet with the image of Glamrock Bonnie. The carpet was stained in areas where ice cream from the nearby ice cream shoppe had fallen to the floor by grubby children over the years and the stains soaking the carpet. The bowling alley itself was cleaned and polished with care. Gregory peered out of Freddy’s chest cavity and saw off to the side of the bowling alley a mini arcade that was advertised as ‘Bonnie’s Best Choices!’ which were a large selection of arcade games that were Bonnie’s favorite arcade games. Even a few of the arcade machines were scattered around the large space that had the same titles as inside the mini arcade.

Bowling balls of many colors were seated on the half-wall shelf that divided the carpeted floor from the slick-wood floor of the alley. Freddy wandered towards the ice cream shoppe, which stood out from the rest of the dark, neon room as a white, 80’s style diner with a couple STAFF Bots behind the counter in a stasis. The diner was open concept, but the location of the diner was on the far side of the bowling alley and against the wall. Inside the diner was several two-seat tables and a few bar stools at the counter. Posters of Bonnie the Bunny were still up after time, but they were slowly faded with age and a few of them ripped. The once bright lights of the shoppe now were slightly dimmed, giving almost a sense of despair to the small ice cream parlor.

Freddy looked towards the old memory as a ghost, a phantom of what he knew of his old friend. “Hey, are you okay?” Gregory asked, Seeing Freddy seemingly distant. “Yeah…I am just…reminiscing.” Freddy answered. Freddy walking further into the ice cream shop. Towards the back end of the store was Bonnie’s old stage, with a curtain keeping the content’s inside closed off, and a sign that read ‘Sorry, this attraction is closed’. Freddy gave a mechanical sigh, before reaching out to the curtain and petting the curtain. “If only you were here old friend, maybe you would know what to do.” Freddy whispered. Gregory watched Freddy from a distance, watching him touch the curtain. “Was this…where the rabbit was? Bonnie?” Gregory asked. Freddy looked down towards his feet and closed his eyes. “Yes…this is where he would perform before he…” Freddy turned away from the stage, a small whimper in his voice. “We should leave, Gregory.” Freddy choked, guiding the boy out of the parlor and away from the closed attraction.

As Freddy and Gregory walked towards the exit of Bonnie Bowl, The two were in silence yet again. “Was Bonnie your friend?” Gregory asked, hoping to bring some joy to Freddy. Freddy sighed, smiling as he looked towards the heavens. “He was my greatest friend…He was my shining beacon. When He smiled, everyone smiled.” Freddy recounted. “Oh the fun us two would have. We both fought for the top spot in every arcade cabinet in the West Arcade, We both memorized the entire ice cream list and made the most insane combinations and flavors…oh and how could I forget!” Freddy ran over to a nearby poster that hadn’t been taken down yet. The poster was of a trophy with the name ‘Fazbear World Cup’ in big, golden letters. A small chibi of Roxy Wolf was inside the cup, peeking out from the top. “The Fazbear cup! This was when Roxanne made her grand entrance as an official member of the band, and Bonnie painted Roxy her very own cart over at Roxy’s Raceway! He was such an artist…” A sadness came from Freddy as he recounted the daring cup and how Roxy just barely beat a rival racing crew that was called the Tunnel Rats and how Freddy and the gang beat them. “It was all thanks to Bonnie and Roxy…” Freddy looked towards the poster with hope and joy, placing his paw onto the paper and then slowly he was driven back to the present.

“I miss him. I don’t know why he left…but I miss him.” Freddy said, clenching his fist into a knuckle and giving a sigh. Suddenly, a loud crash came from the entrance of Bonnie bowl. The entrance was a long tunnel that connected back to the Main Atrium. A couple of benches were in the hall, but it was mainly a large walkway with a fuzzy floor that was designed like a 80’s background wallpaper. At the other end of the hall was Monty Gator, growling as he unknowingly stumbled into Bonnie Bowl.

The gator glanced up, looking towards his targets and gave a growl of joy. The room shook as he did, making Gregory cover his ears and Freddy give a wince. “Monty! There you are! I was so worried! Do you know where-“ Monty interrupted Freddy with a deep roar. “I FINALLY FOUND YOU, YOU PLASTIC FURBALL!” Monty growled in response. His eyes were covered by star-shaped sunglasses. “YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD HIDE FROM ME?” Freddy’s eyes went wide at the sudden anger. “Monty? Are you okay?” Freddy asked, taking a step closer. “I’LL BREAK YOU FIRST, THEN I’LL TAKE YOU TO MASTER LIKE I DID THAT OTHER PLASTIC HEAP!” Monty growled, before charging straight into Freddy and pushing him to the floor. Freddy fell to his back, struggling to keep the gator off him and pushed him to the side. “RUN SUPERSTAR! Something is wrong!” Freddy proclaimed, pointing towards the entrance of Bonnie Bowl. “I will keep him busy! Run to the West Arcade! There is a big sign there! DJ Music Man can help! Run Superstar!” Freddy told the boy. “What about you?” Gregory yelled back. Monty got to his feet and charged into Freddy again. “Don’t worry about me! Just go!” Freddy hurried. Monty swiped a claw towards Freddy, but Freddy dodged and gave Monty and good punch in the face. “Stay back! I don’t want to hurt you Monty!” Monty’s head looked towards the sky, then right back down towards Freddy.

Underneath his Star-glasses, a black ooze that made tear streaks on Monty’s face began to appear. His deep red eyes had small purple bits floating in front that gave an almost ghostly look to Monty as he stared down his target. Monty went for another strike as Freddy dodged out of the way, with Monty hitting the wall behind Freddy and pulling down the Fazbear Cup poster as he hit the ground. Gregory was already at the entrance to the Atrium, running to the right. The West arcade entrance was up on the second floor, with a big neon sign that said ‘West Arcade’ in big, glowing letters with a image of DJ Music Man hanging on the sign like a spider. Gregory ran for the arcade, when suddenly loud footsteps came from his left. Out from behind a small popcorn machine was a endoskeleton that jumped for Gregory. It missed, causing it to fall to the floor. A couple other endoskeletons were roaming the second floor, not noticing Gregory at the moment. The elevator at the entrance of the West Arcade opened with a ding, allowing Gregory to enter into the location.

As Gregory entered the elevator, He gave a gasp as air finally got back into his lungs and he could calm down. The elevator doors closed and began moving Gregory to the West arcade. A voice then came from Gregory’s Fazwatch. “Gregory! Come in Gregory!” Freddy called. “Yeah! I’m here! Did you stop Monty?” Gregory asked, worried. “I was able to subdue him for now! I’m going to see about turning off his motor function and see what caused the bug. Something is clearly wrong. Avoid any of my friends for now and any staff, we don’t know who we can trust. For now, keep moving, and don’t linger for too long in any one place. I will try to catch up with you but I cannot promise I can. Talk with DJ Music Man, he has several security measures in place so he should be safe. There are a lot of STAFF bots in the Arcade, and if they are tripped it will cause an alarm that will tell the others where you are.” Freddy explained. Gregory gave a huff as he looked up towards the lights of the elevator. “I know this is scary…but you can do this. Remember, take and breath and brave the darkness. I will see you soon, My Superstar.” Freddy said, before abruptly losing communication.

Gregory gave a sigh, turning off the Fazwatch. A voice from the comms in the elevator began to play. It sounded like the rabbit lady from before, a small laugh in her glitchy voice. “Gregory…I know you are out there! I can’t see you but I know you are out there! When I find you…we are going to have so much fun! My friends are looking for you…lets play some more Hide and Seek…” Before the comm was shut off and the familiar upbeat music of the elevator finally turned on. It was a 16-bit version of the showtime song. Gregory gave a breath, the elevator of the arcade came to a halt and opened with a whoosh. A large, golden statue of the main four robots; Monty, Roxy, Chica, and Freddy greeted him as he entered the carpeted arcade.

Freddy had turned off Monty’s legs by pressing a side button on his hip, which only let Monty’s top-half function. He was stuck in place for the time being. The robot was flailing around, trying to move. “YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE FURBALL! I’LL PULL YOU APART!” Monty angerly screamed out. Freddy kneeled by Monty, just out of his reach to analyses him. “Monty? Do you know what is going on?” Freddy tried to ask, but the Gator was hard-pressed into trying to reach for Freddy and gave no answer. The tear lines on Monty were starting to widen, taking up his cheek and he became more physically frustrated. Monty gave a scream, clearly not interested in talking. “Come on! It’s me! Freddy! Do you recognize me Friend?” Freddy asked, worried about his Friend. Monty was responding. “Do you remember Roxy or Chica? Before the show, Chica was trying to put a bow in Roxy’s fur! It was so silly!” Freddy tried to emotionalize with Monty, which suddenly seemed to stop Monty. He was still growling, but had begun to calm down. “Yeah! Chica then tried to put it on you! That girl is always trying to make things pretty isn’t she?” Freddy laughed, with Monty starting to laugh too. It seemed like Monty was starting to calm down. “I know you are scared, but don’t be! We will solve what happened here! Lets find out together, okay Monty?” Freddy asked. Monty was still, not moving an inch and was staring into space. Freddy leaned a little closer. “Monty? Monty are you there?” Freddy asked. Monty didn’t move, his gator jaw was hung open as if someone was trying to peer out of the robot.

Freddy got a little closer to look inside of Monty’s jaw, trying to see if anything was lodge or was broken inside. A black mold was inside of Monty, growing in front of Freddy’s own eyes. “What is this stuff? Is this what was wrong?” Freddy asked Himself. Freddy slowly pulled down the jaw of Monty to get a better look but couldn’t see through the black mold and goo. Suddenly, and jarringly, a human face appeared as a being inside the deep recess of Monty’s throat. The face was molten, with a bunch of other children’s faces all melted together as one conjoined monstrosity. Their very limited hair was all kinds of golden, brown, and black. Their eyes were melted in spots together, clearly making them blind. Their mouths moved together in unison when they spoke and their heads all mangled in different sizes of melt. “This is ours, now. The five that are one, the one that is all.” They began to chant in unison, becoming louder as Freddy’s eyes widened in absolute horror. Freddy screamed as he jumped back, throwing closed the jaw of the corpse of Montgomery Gator. Laughing children could be heard from the limp robot as Freddy stared at it in fear.

Jeremy readjusted Chica’s head in his arms, trying to keep the robot’s remains in a comfortable way as he guided North Star through the service tunnels. They were still in what was considered the landfill areas but was much cleaner than the bottom layers. The lights were still very dim, enough that Jeremy had to squint to see through the darkness. He looked down into the holes in the eyes of Chica as they walked through the hall. Star was smiling as she looked around behind Jeremy, excited to see the surface, finally excited to see the Robot who’s parts made her body possible. “So there’s a ‘mall’ above us and that is where Roxanne Wolf is?” Star asked, looking towards one of the posters for the mall. The poster was adverts for Fazbear’s cleaning policy. ‘Sparkly and Shiny, the Fazbear way!’ with an image of Helpy the info mascot mopping the floor. Trash was still on the floor in random areas, from soda bottles to paper and boxes of packaging, and even some rotten food.

Jeremy brought Star along really as a second pair of eyes, sure that he could use the second pair of hands. After watching the scene with the robot pirates, maybe the robots did have some kind of consciousness and having the help and company would be nice. “Yeah! There’s a whole other world up there! I dunno if it’s safe right now but that’s what we aim to solve.” Jeremy explained. “There is a group I think, they are clearly after this kid named Gregory…or at least that’s what they are calling him. One of them, she wears this white rabbit costume, called him that anyway. I think something darker is going on up there.” Jeremy added. He looked to see if there were any landmarks or signs to help point their direction, but nothing was here short of industrial pipes that lined the walls with no clear use.

“Well as long as that weirdo from Father’s stories isn’t up there then I’m more than excited!” Star exclaimed. Jeremy stopped before the entrance of another hallway and turned back to Star with a confused look. “Weirdo?” Jeremy asked. Star’s bright eyes looked surprised that Jeremy hadn’t heard the stories of the Weirdo, but then again He didn’t live down in the sewers with nothing to do and a whole bunch of smelly garbage. “Well…it was about this old guy in a suit that was evil. Really evil. Father said he was like a necromancer…bringing things from the dead.” Star explained, walking ahead of Jeremy and pointing to another poster. It was in a pile of trash ahead of them, lying on the floor and was saggy with mildew and garbage. Star picked up the old poster and pointed to the mascot in the picture. It was of an old location, a REALLY old location, one that was apparently named ‘Fredbear’s family diner’. It was with one of the two mascots from the much smaller, much more hometown restaurant from the 80’s. The mascot was a cartoon, golden rabbit that was advertising a milkshake called the Fizzy Fazshake. “It was the rabbit. He did really bad things to the guests who were naughty and he…did something to them. Father never said what the rabbit did to them, just that it was evil what he did.” Star said, looking towards the rabbit’s carefree and happy smile.

Jeremy then realized what she was talking about, and it all started to click what was happening. “I know the story…I’ve just never heard that version.” Jeremy said with a gulp, his skin feeling cold and his hands shaking slightly. She was talking about the murders back in the 90s of Freddy Fazbears. “Back long ago, before the pizzaplex, there was a bunch of murders back during one of the home pizza places that was infamous for ruining the fazbear name for years. It was a spree of kills done by one man who hid inside the old suits and lead kids into the backrooms of the pizzeria and…” Jeremy stopped, keeping himself from puking. “…and killed them.” He finished. Star dropped the paper in disgust of the story, watching the moldy paper fall to the ground and slightly fall apart as he neared the floor. The two looked towards the poster and then decided to move on. “We should…get out of here.” Jeremy said, pointing towards a staircase and ushering Star that way.
The two ascended the stairs in silence, the cold darkness around them felt eerie after the story and making them watch the shadows hesitantly. The cold concrete walls enclosed around them as they went up the metal staircase that creaked as they went up. The only sounds that could be heard was the whirring of far away machinery, the squeak of the moving parts of North Star, and the labored breathing of Jeremy as they went up higher and higher. As they reached the top, they were met with a corridor that was in complete darkness. Cold air came from the industrial area in front of them, giving a sweaty Jeremy a nice refreshing cold breeze, but also a spin chilling feeling in the back of his neck that made his nerves stand on end. He gave a gulp as he stared into the darkness.

“There was also one other story Father told me…” Star began, looking towards the shadows of the hallway. Jeremy looked towards Star was a fearful gaze. “Father told me…avoid the darkness. The ghost likes the dark.” Star explained. Jeremy’s eyes went wider from the fear. What kind of creature could be so horrible that even the robots fear it? As Jeremy took the first step into the darkness, Star followed behind, her eyes glowing in the dark of the hallway. They walked down the hallway in total darkness, with only the eyes of Star being able to see. “Can you see anything down here Star?” Jeremy asked, feeling the walls for some kind of way to guide himself. “I can see some things but not a lot. I see a sign up ahead.” Star said, walking ahead of Jeremy. He recoiled as his only light was disappearing. “Don’t leave me behind!” He said under his breath, catching back up to the robot. “Chica’s mazersize to the left, and Kitchen storage to the right.” Star said. Jeremy considered his options. If they went towards the kitchen, they could run into the Rabbit lady, possibly with a posse, but if they went to Mazersize they could potentially get Chica working again, or at least put what was left of her somewhere. “Right…lets go towards Mazersize, there could also be a security office with some supplies we can grab.” Jeremy said, pointing towards the left.

The two continued down the pathway towards Mazersize, with Jeremy taking lead as to keep Star’s light behind them. The darkness wrapped around them, with a cold mist laying the ground and tickling Jeremy’s sore feet with a cold sweat. Jeremy felt a chill go through him that sent daggers of fear. His hands shook as he looked into the dark hallway and tried to find what was watching him. “Uh…Jeremy…I feel strange.” Star said, looking around herself. The shadows of the hallway were starting to mess with them, making them fear the smallest movement.

Then, in a sudden change of atmosphere, everything was bathed in red. Every inch of the hallway was crimson like blood, the light coming from behind and sending shakes of fear into the two. Behind them, a shadow of black loomed in the distance, the size of the monster was impossible, almost 9 feet tall and with several rows of teeth in its stomach-like region. The creature was a metallic black bear, with eyes as red as the pits of hell themselves. It was taking up the entire space of the hallway, making everything around it small. “Jeremy…It is time.” The creature hissed, staring down into Jeremy’s soul with a hunger for capture. Jeremy faced the monster, grabbing hold of Star’s hand and slowly walking backwards. “I’ve heard…that to beat a bear you make yourself bigger by screaming and roaring.” Jeremy said to Star, slowly backing away.

The phantom floated into the air slowly, staring at them. “If we stand perfectly still…maybe it can’t see us?” Jeremy asked. The form then floated towards them, a smile forming on the deformed face of the monster. Jeremy give it another thought. ‘RUN!’ He yelled, before charging into the red-lit hallway. Star followed behind, almost getting ahead of Jeremy. The beast then gave a metallic scream as it gained speed. The duo avoided trash piles, ducked in and out of rooms to hopefully lose it, but the beast seemed to just disappeared, then reappeared in spots it could fit into comfortably. During a longer hallway, a huge pile of trash blocked the hallway. Jeremy sprinted ahead and started pulling the trash out. “Star! Go Go Go!” He motioned Star through the trash, following behind. The beast tried to fit but was stopped. It came dangerously close to grabbing Jeremy, reaching out a claw to his backpack but just barely grabbing him. The two ran down through the hallway, hanging a sharp right. As they neared the end of the hallway, a shutter had been closed on the two. “sh*t! No!” Jeremy cursed, trying to lift the shutter, bang it, do anything…but it was no use. The red lights of the hallway was getting brighter as the floating bear came into view. It stared them down as Star tried her hand at doing something to the shutter but nothing worked. “It’s stuck Jeremy! We’re trapped! Father was right, I shouldn’t have left!” She said, scrunching into a ball and crying. Jeremy watched as the smiling phantom floated slowly towards Jeremy.

Jeremy shook his head, tears in his eyes as his back hit the shuttered wall. This was it, this was how he died. The phantom would get him, tear him apart of kill him at least. He watched the phantom menace grow closer, his labored, metallic breathing growing louder as it came in closer. “It is time Jeremy…I have come to take you home…” The phantom said, but it sounded so sweet, like he was calling to him to help, not hurt. Jeremy was out of options, until he looked to his right. A control panel, busted open, had a dozen switches in it. Jeremy put down the Chica head and the axe, and took to flipping levers and pressing buttons, trying rows of passwords and combos to get the shutter to unlock. The phantom grew closer, its smile slowly beginning to disappear as it watched him work. Jeremy noticed a small screen saying ‘low power’, banging the sign and cursing. “Come on! Where is that back generator!” Jeremy roared, finally punching the wall in frustration.
Jeremy thought about how Vanessa wouldn’t have help from the insane monsters upstairs, how everyone had been taken or hunted down by monsters like this one on Him and Star. He gave a cry as he realized defeat, that the horrors of Fazbear were truly real and right in front of him, baring their ghostly teeth. Then, with a surprise, a green glow came from Jeremy’s hand. He looked down a saw green light coming from his right hand. The light was somehow making his hand feel warm and fuzzy, and it gave Jeremy a sense of power. The Phantom’s eyes then grew, the red pits like spotlights in his eyes that focused purely on Jeremy. The Ghost couldn’t be more than a few feet, slowly moving towards it’s prey. Jeremy, ignoring the pain he would feel, punched the electrified hand into the machine. A miniature, green shockwave then blasted from his arm, making the ghost tremble backwards and the panel on the wall suddenly turn on. The shutter door opened, making Star fall backwards onto her back in surprise. She crawled underneath the slowly opening shutter, as Jeremy grabbed the axe and Chica’s head with a yank, his right arm feeling numb.

The ghost, realizing that his prey was getting away, then charged at full speed to the shutter. On the other side, Star pulled down a lever just as Jeremy slid underneath and the gate fell with a smash, making the red light of the ghost and the ghost itself, disappear from view. The ghost banged on the wall for a few seconds, gave a growl, and then everything stopped. Star and Jeremy watched the gate, ready for it to burst open, but it never happened. They fell to the floor of the warmly lit hallway. Jeremy gave labored breathing, his right arm now feeling numb and his whole body feeling a sense of exhaustion. Star looked towards the nightguard, surprised at the power he seemed to wield. “What…was that?” She asked, looking towards his slightly burned hand. “If I had to guess, the god damned grim reaper with Fazbear plastered on…” Jeremy joked, although believing that to be the case. “No your arm! What was that? It seemed like it didn’t like it.” Star corrected, pointing to his arm. Jeremy looked at it, the green glow now absent, but the ache still there as he moved it. “I…I don’t know.” Then a horrifying thought came to him.

He was right…he was infected? Infested? Changed? God whatever it would be called he was…all this time… “No…no no no…I’m…no it can’t be.” He moaned, looking towards his human-looking hand. “No I’m changed to…they got me…no.” He wept, laying on the floor and shaking. “Jeremy?” Star asked, looking over him and reaching out to him. “What do you mean ‘changed’?” She asked, taking gentle hold of his other hand. Suddenly, Jeremy threw away Star’s hand and backed away. “NO! Stay back! I don’t know what could happen!” He stated, laying against the wall and crying as he closed his eyes. Star was completely confused. “Upstairs…there are…” He paused. “…Monsters. Robots inside of people…I could be infected.” Jeremy explained, a choke in his face. His face was red from tears. He was absolutely screwed.

Star tilted her head, she was confused. “Monsters? Like, the ghost?” She asked. He shook his head, pointing towards Chica’s disembodied head. “Monsters that took over…They were endo-skeletons. They started taking people apart and wearing their skin to hide. They are roaming upstairs…” When did get changed? Was it before the night even started? It must have happened some time ago, how could he have forgotten? “I don’t even know when it happened…It must have been before the night started or…something.” He choked out, giving a whispered gasp of air. Star sat across from him on the other side of the hall, her body limp as she laid there with him in silence. The two sat in the hallway, trying to recollect themselves to continue. Star looked around the empty hallway, the checkerboard pattern was in a straight line across the halfway point on the wall, with the yellow LED lights above lighting the room in an orange-tint glaze. “Leave me.” Jeremy said in whisper. Star turned back to him, shocked.

“What did you say Jeremy?” Star asked, now worried. Jeremy motioned down the hall with his left arm. “Take Chica’s head and leave…I don’t know if I could switch. Just go.” He said, totally ready to die and just give up. Star looked to him, seeing the disheveled man lay limp. The last two hours seemed to have broken him. His guard vest and undershirt were stained with blood and sweat, his Cargo pants had rips and soggy parts that were stain by liquids and dirt. His face, pale from sweat and tears, with his deep brown hair had fallen out of its short bun and was fringing and messy. His hands were shaking as he breathed, with sores and blisters in his palms and wrists. His backpack laid to his side as he caressed it and the axe. He lifted it and held it in his hands, his one friend since this hellish night began.

Star stood to her fox-like feet, and reached a claw out to pick him up. “Not yet, we got to get out of here. Who was it you mentioned needed us? That kid? Gregory is what the freaks upstairs called him? We got to save him!” Star encouraged, wanting him to continue. “Plus…you know this place better than me, we can still do this!” Jeremy looked towards the robot, and it was almost like looking at an angel. The golden earrings attached to her animal-like ears glinted in his eyes, making him blink hazily at the robotic fox. Her golden eyes were like little flashlights that seemed to look into his soul, making him feel elated. Her golden plate almost looked furry, like she was some kind of animal spirit sent to save him. If he squinted hard enough, he could almost make out a halo of light coming from her head. He grimaced, then formed a smile in his mouth and gave a sniffle. “Aright…fine…” He said, grabbing hold of his Guardian angel, and pulling himself up. “I never leave a crewmate behind, and you are one of us now huh? So I double can’t leave you behind.” Star said with a smile. Jeremy picked up and saddled his Backpack, belted his axe, and grabbed hold of the tuff of ‘hair’ on the head of Chica as they walked down the hallway together, heading towards Mazersize.

Chapter 11: Chapter 10; 2:00 AM

Chapter Text

The entrance of The West Arcade was grand, with a massive statue in the front of the arcade that was made of a golden material that glinted in the neon lights of the massive room. Tall walls were erected that had openings on the left, right, and straight ahead. The walls were painted deep space black, with small dots to act as stars and whole planets painted on that were glistening as the lights shined off the walls from the spotlights above. As Gregory walked out of the elevator, he took in the sight of the statue and walked around it. To the left was a huge array of arcade cabinets that lined the painted black, rounded walls, with more arcade cabinets that snaked around and looped to make more space for games. There was also a glass staircase that went upwards towards the higher deck of the left hand side that had more arcade cabinets on the upstairs portion of the arcade, just out of view from where Gregory was standing. To the right, was a line-up of karaoke machines that were inside small nooks of the wall that could be rented out by guests. A large desk sat on the left hand side of the entrance to the right that was stationed by STAFF bots that would hand out various rooms. A big board of prices were up on the back, with token prices, prizes for a certain number of tickets you traded in for the games you won, and an array of merch you could just straight buy from the gift shoppe. Above all of the attractions was large holes that something of massive size could allow to get in and out of, like some kind of giant spider.

Gregory felt strange eeriness from the holes, deciding to ignore them. However, by going straight ahead you entered into the REAL West Arcade. Gregory stepped onto the glass walkway that had two, large staircases that lead down into the expansive arcade before him. It was a massive room, with pool tables, arcades, games and bars that served drinks, all in a dimly lit and carpeted environment that was more of a maze that was chocked full of fun things to do and see. A massive, hanging Freddy in a jetpack was flying around in a big circle around the room, that made occasional blaster sounds like from a space gun. He had a flashy costume on, with his brown fur on his head similar in design to a mullet. Chica was in a spacesuit out of the 80’s, with a fishbowl over her head and a blaster in one that advertised a blaster game over in the corner. “Come blast some Pizza Meteors! Yum!” She would occasionally say out into the expanse of the arcade. It looked like it was a whole bunch of pinball machines and coin dispenser games over in its own offshoot. A whole line up of games were in the back corner towards the entrance that had Roxy over them, driving a UFO. “Race ahead the Rainbow Row! RAWR!” The oversized Roxy said, which marked where the driving simulations and racing games were located. Monty was the only one to be on the ground, firing a space gun in one hand and growling in joy. “Blast those alien scum into dust! HA HA HA!” Which was where blaster games and shooters seemed to be by the sound of the prerecorded Monty gator. He had a green suit on, with a green battle helmet in one hand and a flag of the MegaPizzaPlex’ logo on it that was waving in the non-existent wind.

This place had to be the biggest location in the entire pizzaplex, making Gregory feel so small in comparison. He thought the Main Atrium was huge, but this was on a whole other scale. It was almost impossible to see it all in one cone of vision. However, as he peered towards the back end of the room, he saw something just as massive. Deep in the back, with pink and green spotlights on the creature, laying asleep on a massive Disco stage and a disco ball above that spun and made glistening sparkles on the walls around it, was DJ Music Man.

Gregory was looking both in awe and in fear. The creature had a big white head that had deep black pools in its eyes, with a big pink nose that was similar to something on a Mr. potato. He had big, blue eyebrows on his head, with bright blue cheeks that seemed to light up like tesla coils. He had a big mouth, with big pink lips and teeth that were similar to a piano with its black and white keys. He had a big, black top hat with a green band around the base of the hat itself, with a pair of green and red headphones that really completely the DJ look. From the looks of it, he had two massive, gloved hands that were resting his head on the floor of the big booth he laid asleep on. A big, red curtain lied behind the massive creature, keeping what was behind it hidden from view.

With hesitance, he stepped down the staircase and slowly made his way over to the big, hulking creature. He passed around the games, looking at them longingly, wishing that tonight wasn’t happening and that maybe he got to enjoy some of the games that were around him. As he passed everything, he walked up a flight of stairs that got her up onto the disco floor of the Arcade. The colored floor of the disco floor was dim enough it didn’t blind Gregory as the lights changed colors sporadically. The beast was resting, his snoring reverberating as it seemed to breath in and out. Big whiffs of air came from it as it breathed out. Steam was billowing from the sides of the creature, making it seem more ghostly as Gregory approached the hulking DJ. With a gulp, Gregory called out to the machine. “H-hello? Are you Music Man?” Gregory asked, waiting for a reply. The beast simply continued its snoring, with no noticeable changes to its movement. As Gregory got a bigger look, He realized the machine looked familiar. He looked towards the sides of the machine and saw it was connected to something much bigger behind it. The curtain behind it seemed to hide a couple more gloved arms and body, making the beast look almost like a giant spider. Gregory then realized he knew what the holes were for.

“Uh…I don’t know if you can hear me. My name is Gregory, and I am a little lost…Freddy told me you could help. Hello?” Gregory asked again, slowly stepping closer to the giant spider DJ. It’s face was constantly smiling as it slept, it’s inner mouth was glowing pink on the inside as it slept, becoming brighter and dimmer as it breathed in and out. “Well…I guess if you are sleeping I’ll go away…” And almost all at once, a bunch of mini lights lit up inside the gaping holes of its eyes, making constellation-like patterns in its eyes that changed and moved around. The beast gave a breath as it got up, groaning and making metallic breathing sounds. Gregory felt the stage move as the creature got to its feet. The creature tilted down its head towards Gregory. “Uh…hi?” Gregory said, waving a hand.

A small host of clicking sounds came from Gregory’s left and right, which made him turn and look. Small little Music Men were walking up towards DJ Music Man, clapping their little tambourines and symbols happily as if they were its children. Gregory then realized that these little things were the ones that chased him for a second in the vents back in Rockstar Row, but they clearly didn’t care about him right now. A big, raspy breath and then an energizing sound like a machine coming to life then played out, with the lights of the Arcade becoming just a bit brighter as if to become operational. “The Boy has arrived, late to the party.” It said, it’s voice in a slight autotune as if to give it some kind of musical appearance. “My children have been anxious for your arrival, Birthday Boy.” It said, a groan in it’s very deep and sing-songy voice. “What is your name, Birthday Boy?” The beast asked, tilting it’s head. “I-I’m Gregory.” He responded to the spider machine. The small Music men clambered their symbols in joy, all of them circling around Gregory and then running back to their ‘papa’. “Gregory? Hmm…” The beast seemed to think about it for but a second, before nodding its head. “Gregory…such a lovely name. You have been very busy haven’t you, Birthday Boy?” He asked, making a sound that Gregory could only describe as a giggle. “Yeah…it’s been weird.” He said with a chuckle. “Freddy said you could help me…at least keep me safe until everything is open and I can leave.” Gregory asked. The DJ nodded his head. “Yes, Birthday Boy, I can keep you safe. Our programming keeps us from hurting guests…you are perfectly safe here.” The machine said, its little babies bobbed around like they were dancing to imaginary music. Gregory breathed a sigh of relief, before sitting down onto the dance floor. “Finally, I can take a breather.” He said, the rush of the last two hours finally feeling calm.

As Gregory thought more about the night, a thought kept occurring to him. He STILL couldn’t remember a thing before all this started. He couldn’t remember how he ended up in the PizzaPlex, he couldn’t remember the rabbit guy, or remember anything. Freddy didn’t seem to know much, and they hadn’t seen Jeremy since 1 AM. Did something maybe happen to Jeremy. Gregory wasn’t sure what he could pull from the night, but he was at least glad things were calm here at least. Then Gregory remembered the play that the Daycare Attendant told him. He then remembered the picture frame of the family, with the boy that looked eerily like him. Something to do with a birthday that went wrong. With hesitance, he wanted to ask the robot a question. “Hey DJ Music Man?” Gregory asked the robot, The Spider turned to the boy. “Do you know anything about…An Afton Family?”

The beast gave a low, guttural groan as it raised its massive head upwards. “Many things…too many things…” The spider moaned, the tiny music men stopped slamming their tambourines and were watching their papa recount. “Once…a happy family…now…” The spider then looked down to Gregory, “…a distant memory.” He answered, the constellations in his eyes seem to weaken and disappear for but a second, before lighting back up. “Why do you ask, Birthday Boy?” The machine asked, tilting his head. Gregory stood to his feet, gazing into the stars in DJ Music Man. “I saw a picture frame of them over in the Daycare Theatre. The Daycare Attendant was talking about them and how one of them died because of…a bear or something? It sorta looked like Freddy?” Gregory asked. The DJ then stood with all six of it’s limbs, pulling itself up and circling around the boy on the dancefloor. “That was a long, long time ago…during a time where this place, these people, were but young images of the future. We are by the end of the road, inspectors of the past and creators of the future.” The robot hissed, His motors creaking as he walked on all six of his legs. “During a time long ago, there was…an accident…a bite, you could call it, that set the wheels of fate in motion.” The star patterns in the giant robot’s eyes were becoming more pointed and changing colors. The miniature machines were starting to shake slightly, staring at Gregory. “One Brother, one Child, one accident…so much death…but yet it begun EVERYTHING.” He growled, as if he was becoming angry all of a sudden. Gregory started feeling nervous, suddenly feeling the shift in tone from the spider.

“He begun it all…that blatant fool…the one that rests inside that plastic heap you call…Freddy.” Music Man put a deep, growling scowl to the name ‘Freddy’, as if his anger was directed towards him. “My children…my Musical multiples…they tell me many things…I know everything that lives and breathes here…Birthday Boy.” The machine grew slightly closer to Gregory as it still encircled him, The bitty Music men were starting to shake even more, some of them looked like they were getting ready to pounce. “You haven’t been very truthful…haven’t you…?” The machine asked, before the star patterns in its eyes formed deep, pink pools of eyes that stared daggers into Gregory. “…EVAN?” The machine asked. Gregory’s eyes went wide in surprise. Black tar began flowing from the eyes of DJ Music Man… “You know what? I haven’t heard from Freddy in a while…I think I’m just gonna go give him a call real fast…” Gregory said nervously, giving a weak smile and slowly backing up. He heard a bunch of scuttling behind him as a bunch of Music men gathered behind him and began crashing their mini tambourines. “Oh please…stay a while…I will keep you… ‘S-A-F-E’” The massive machine’s voice began to glitch out and the autotune of its voice began to deteriorate. “I may not be able to harm you due to my programming…” It then reached one of its massive glove hands out to grab Gregory. “…But I can still keep you here until Dawko and the others arrive.” It announced. “and then we’ll have some fun…” It said, laughing a deep and glitchy laugh.

Gregory jumped back from DJ Music Man and jumped over the small group of Music men and sprinted away from the disco stage. Suddenly, the lights of the Arcade began to change to a deep purple, with a heavy rock song signaling the beginning of the chase. Gregory ran through the winding game sets, now all showing a spinning purple rabbit icon in the place of the game it once was. “Evan! Come back! The show is about to begin!” Music man called into the distance from the main stage. The DJ then reached towards the wall and somehow began to stick to the wall, climbing it like a massive spider. Gregory made a sharp right from a green pool table, about halfway to the glass staircase when a flood of Mini Music Men made him turn the opposite direction. The clambering of the mini tambourines were loud in his ears as he tried for the other staircase, but that one also had a flood of Mini Music Men there to flank him. In a desperate move, he climbed onto one of the arcade cabinets and hopped across the gaps of Music Men below him, all screaming to try and reach him.

A few of them started to climb up, of which Gregory showed them the bottom of his shoe and proceeded towards the glass staircase. Up on the walls, The Giant Spider Animatronic was closing in the distance, watching him from his high up viewpoint. “Come back, Birthday Boy!” The robot called, crawling the wall just that bit faster to catch up. Gregory continued hopping from one arcade to the next, finally jumping towards the glass staircase and running up it as fast as his legs could carry him. Behind him, a bunch of Music Men were barreling towards him at full speed, anxious to catch the child. Gregory ignored them and made his way to the top of the staircase, barreling towards the exit. He tapped onto the Fazwatch, trying to call Freddy. “Freddy! DJ Music Man was infected! I’m coming back to Bonnie Bowl! Freddy?” The robot didn’t respond, only static came from the watch as Gregory ran for the front entrance. Behind him, Music man was climbing up on the ceiling, looking like he was about to drop down onto Gregory. With the elevator doors right in front of him, he went to press the call elevator button and pray it came timely, when suddenly the doors opened ahead of him. Relief washed over Gregory, which was then replaced with cold fear.

Dawko was standing in the elevator, hands behind his back, staring down Gregory from the doorway with a wicked smile. “Well hello there, ‘Gregory’…” Dawko said with that wicked smirk, his eyes glowing in the bright light of the elevator, making the cheeks of his face dark shadows that made his eyes and face more pronounced. He played with an object that was behind his back, out of view of Gregory. “I see you’ve met DJ Music Man…He was quite the helpful friend, telling me of all the secret spots around the PizzaPlex and helping me and my boys find you. You aren’t getting away that easily.” Dawko said, walking forwards towards the boy, and with DJ Music Man dropping down from the ceiling. The ground shook as the spider landed down, grabbing onto the massive, gold statue and watching from above. A flood of Mini Music Men closed off the west and east exits. Dawko slowly stepped towards Gregory, slowly pulling out the object behind Him. It was his shiny, designed knife. “I’d hate to have to use this on you…but if I can’t bring you back unharmed, I’ll do the next best thing for Master…I’m sure he’ll understand.” He said, playing with the blade and stroking the blade with his finger.

Gregory tried calling Freddy, tapping the screen of the Fazwatch. “Your friend Freddy isn’t around to hide you now…He should of kept you safe. Now I have you right where I want you.” Gregory felt helpless as his adversaries were closing in around him, watching the eyes of Dawko as they neared closer. Suddenly, a whole squad of Mini Music Men were thrown into the air by being smacked by something. A large sign on a metal pole started swinging at a bunch of Mini Men on the east side arcade, connected to the hands of Clementine. “Get over here, kid!” Clementine yelled, ushering him over as she pushed up her cracked glasses. Gregory didn’t waste a second, getting to his feet and running towards his elderly savior. Clementine reached into her dirtied green coat and pulled out a small, silver revolver. She fired two rounds into Dawko, making him recoil and spill black ooze from his chest and head. The sound of the gun made Gregory cover his ears, as he was picked up by the elderly woman. She gave a heave as she tried adjusting him in her arms as she hiked up the stairs of the east side arcade. “Man, you are heavy.” Clem added under her breath. More Mini Music Men came crawling towards the two as they ran towards a back corner of the upstairs portion of the arcade. Clem dropped Gregory down and ushered him towards a big, square vent that was propped open. “Quick! Inside!” Clem ushered, Gregory not thinking twice. He crawled into the vent, making enough room for Clem to get in. Clem looked towards the wave of Mini monsters and pulled out a spray bottle of something that was taped to a lit lighter and unleashed a small beam of fire towards the robot, making them back up as Clem slowly moved into the vent. Clem then stopped the fire and then slammed the vent shut, locking with a key on a keychain on her waist. The mini robots were trying to break through the vent, but couldn’t.
Back at the entrance of the arcade, Dawko was poking at the wounds on his face and chest, reaching into them with his fingers and pulling out the bullets. “Stupid daycare worker…” He growled, the wounds slowly healing and disappearing, along with the purple goop. The hole in his vest however was still there. “Argg…FIND THEM! I’m going to go replace this vest…” He moaned, before walking into the elevator and heading back towards the Main Atrium.


Jeremy and Star walked through a back entrance of double doors in the kitchen area of Chica’s Mazersize. Jeremy had Chica’s head by the tuff of hair on the top of her head, her eye holes weren’t glowing the red pupils that were inside the head’s face. They slid through the back kitchen area that was a small set up of ovens and counters that had their tools and cooking supplies organized on metal shelves. The floor was the small checker-board pattern, just recently cleaned by STAFF bots. The two wandered through the kitchen, seeing no bots or people nearby. “I think this way goes to the main area, Jeremy.” Star said, pointing a claw towards a set of white double doors that could be swung open with a push.
The lights of the back areas of Mazersize were buzzing, clearly needing to be changed out. The darkened Gym/café was dead of any sign of movement or life. A large area was used for the tables of the café segment of the location, all painted a red and brown to look wooden. Rows of tables had their chairs flipped over and sitting on the tables. A bright Yellow was painted on the walls, with painted on flowers on the walls that were red petals and black centers. The dining area was fenced in with a wooden half wall that had a few openings to let people in and out efficiently. The floor was tiled black and white, with painted confetti in spots on the floor. A small area against one of the walls of the main area was a bar area that had barstools with a variety of mini restaurants behind them. The lights above glowed over the tables and area in a dim haze, making the place feel weirdly between dark and lit in strange spots. Star lead forwards as Jeremy followed the rear with his axe in one hand and his kill in the other. “Perfect. Now we just need to make our way to the Main Atrium and we can get down to Parts and Service.” Jeremy said, suddenly walking ahead of Star and towards another set of double doors by another hallway. “Why go there? Aren’t we looking for that kid Gregory?” Star asked, tilting Her head.

“Yes, but I want to take this to a service to see what we can learn about this…virus.” Jeremy answered, pulling up the bird head. “Whatever is infecting the robots is clearly some kind of mold or gross moss. I want to figure out what it is and make sure that Fazbear knows what this stuff is to fix the robots.” Jeremy said, walking towards the doors. Star looked towards the bird head and shrugged. “Alright, as long as I get to see Roxy then I’ll follow along Mr. Jeremy!” Star said, humming along behind him as she smiled. Jeremy glanced back at the robot, who happily looked around the room and hallway they entered with excitement. The hall was still the bright yellow with painted flowers, with posters and electronic screens that advertised Mazersize. Chica’s Mazersize was more of a glorified playground and café segment of the PizzaPlex, with a small arcade stuck onto the side of the location. As Jeremy lead Star through Mazersize, they came across the location’s major center of interest, the Cupcake Factory.

The Cupcake Factory was at the center of the location, and featured a massive pink cupcake with two big, blue eyes on the side and a candle at the tippy top of the large building. It sat in what looked like a big room that was bare save for the massive cupcake that was almost built into the wall and the benches along the wall of the room. Jeremy and Star looked at the building within the cupcake, seeing a few STAFF bots inside that were still cleaning up from the excitement of the day. “Woah…that’s a big cupcake…” Star said in surprise. “Is it…actually a cupcake…?” She said, curiously. Jeremy gave a chuckle. “No…unfortunately, it is not.” A small smile crept onto his face. “But there could be something useful in there now that I think about it.” He said. “Stay here, I want to see something. I’ll be right back!” He said, motioning a finger downwards. Star watched the nightguard enter the cupcake through a set of glass doors and disappear into the building.
Jeremy walked through the open space. To the left was a bunch of kid-safe ovens and cooking stuff that let kids make their own cupcakes, and on the right was a small merchandise shop with a few Chica-related items for sale, all at insane mark up prices. Jeremy placed his Axe and Chica’s head onto the counter of the kitchen on the left. Jeremy continued forwards and in front of him laid the massive furnace inside the mouth of a smaller cupcake. The cupcakes would get put inside the oven, cook really fast, and then were given out to the kid who made the cupcake…most cupcakes were not very well made…but it was a interesting attraction to say the least, and was the one that made Fazbear the most money in the starting weeks of the Mall. Jeremy thought the idea was sweet at first and then tried one of the cupcakes and thought otherwise afterwards. The oven had been shut down for the night, the pale paint for the ‘foil’ of the bottom of the cupcake was chipping off from the heat of the machine revealing the black metal underneath the paint. It looked almost like a mouth for the cupcake, making it seem like it had sharp teeth and would take a bite out of someone who dared get to close. It seemed like the eyes of this ‘mini’ cupcake followed him throughout the room, making it ever more creepier. The soulless pale-blue eyes of the machine sat in the painted-on bright pink frosting on the top of the cupcake, with a big candle on top that had a big LED light bulb on top that would activate when the cupcakes inside were finished cooking.

Jeremy then hung a right and saw his prize to the right of the massive machine. A small security office was sitting in a small cubbyhole in the side of the machine. This office was notorious for being incredibly warm and uncomfortable, feeling more like a makeshift office from a closet that would cook you alive when the oven was on during working hours. Hell this whole cupcake would feel warm when the oven was running and constantly was a blazing 95 degrees when active. A lot of people complained about it, and the employees who had to work there for several hours even more so complained. Jeremy looked into the closet-office for anything that could be useful. No person had been in here when the night started, but on the small desk of the office was a lanyard that read the name ‘Yolanda’ on the tag, with a picture of a young lady in her 30’s smiling at the camera. “Thanks Yolanda.” Jeremy said to no one, before looking through a filing cabinet on the side of the office. He found a flashlight, with some extra batteries in the drawer with it. Jeremy took the light and the batteries, as well as a granola bar that was tucked away into the drawer. There was also a key stashed away with the granola bar. Curious, Jeremy looked around for what it could unlock and found a safe in the office that was underneath the desk. A small keyhole for a key was in the center of the box. He used the key on the safe and it opened with a click. Inside, a whole line-up of treats and candy were organized in the safe. “Jackpot” Jeremy said, grabbing a few candies and stashing them in his pockets and into his backpack.

As Jeremy walked back to Chica’s head and his Axe a loud crash came from behind him. He turned, looking around but not seeing anything. He went to leave again, only to hear a crunching sound and then a woosh. Jeremy spun around, looking now towards the now lit oven in front of him that was inside the mini cupcake. A metallic hand then reached out from the now lit oven, the blazing fire of the oven was pouring heat out from its gaping mouth. Burning flesh then filled Jeremy’s nose, making him recoil back and cover his nose. The creature in the stove began crawling out, it’s fleshy parts still lit ablaze from the fireplace and was being cooked alive as it crawled out slowly and fell to the ground. It slowly shambled upwards, it’s mechanical limbs creaking and clicking as it rose and started shambling forwards towards Jeremy. The guard saw his adversary approaching slowly, raising a claw to him to grab him. Jeremy grabbed his Axe and swung towards the beast’s lit arm, making the robot stumble to the right, but not fall. Jeremy retreated backwards, grabbing Chica’s head and keeping his eyes on the robot. The machine then rose upwards and suddenly broke into a sprint towards Jeremy. The Guard jumped to the side and fell to the floor in the dodge. The robot dived forwards, headfirst through the glass doors and shattering them.

Star awoke from staring off in the distance and saw the shambling endoskeleton. It had parts of a person that were cooking into charr on the body. Star pressed onto her chest and opened a secret hatch that had a sword-like tool inside her moving parts. She grabbed the weapon and closed the hatch, running towards the robot zombie. The flaming monster turned towards Star as she gave a ‘yeah!’ and sliced her sword through the machine, taking off its head with a swing. The body of a machine stumbled for a second, before falling to the floor with a crash. Jeremy got up, looking into the doorway and stepping over the glass of the doors. “Well…that put it down quickly.” Jeremy said, watching the head of the robot roll over on the floor. “Those…” Jeremy said, gasping for air, “…Are the monsters.” He finished. Star crouched over the corpse, poking it with her makeshift scabbard and poking the fleshy bits. “It looks like someone put weird pale trash onto it and tried to cook it.” Star said, standing up and away from the corpse. “No…that was a person at some point. Everyone started turning into these things after this loud ringing rang out.” Jeremy explained. Star then blinked and stood more upright. “Well then we know you can’t turn then.” She said with a smile. “You heard it and didn’t turn.” Star added, before walking away and towards the main exit of Mazersize. Jeremy thought about it, looking down and noticing the face was familiar to him. Jeremy pulled up the nametag of Yolanda and then compared it to the corpse. Jeremy found Yolanda.

Jeremy was looking down to the Chica head, giving a sigh and looking over it as Him and Star walked towards the exit. Jeremy rotated the head and looked towards the back of the robot, seeing a small, rounded off panel that was slightly damaged on the back of Her head. Jeremy raised a brow as he pulled the back off gently not to drop the head and saw a small board of buttons and switches on the back, with a small insert that had a chip in it. Star looked behind Jeremy and saw Him messing with the robot. Jeremy tried pulling out the chip, his sweaty hand slipped as he lost the grip. “Here, let me try.” Star said, waving her hand. Jeremy looked up and then handed her the robot head. Star took two claws and gave a pull. The chip slid right out, but something was wrong.

Star gave the chip to Jeremy and immediately something looked off about it. “This looks tampered with…It’s not the same chip that usually goes into them. This one looks older.” Jeremy said, holding the purple card in his hands. The front of it had a glistening look that had a sticker of what looked like chica but it was purple. Inside every robot is a personality chip that is the main songs, emotions, credentials, and security log ins that they would need for their set of attractions. All of them were a light blue, but this one in Chica was not only an entirely different model of card, it was clearly older and somewhat broken. Jeremy wasn’t one of the technicians, but maybe he could take it to Parts and Service and see what he could learn about it. He looked towards one area of the hallway that had a bunch of trash cans lined up that were in the style of the main four robots, and threw Chica’s head into the garbage. The robot head fell and sunk into the bag with a clunk, dead at the bottom of the can.

“We can use Chica’s card to see what the hell is on this thing. Maybe this is what is causing the virus…the mold could be another issue.” Jeremy theorized, holding the purple card up to the ceiling lights. Star shook Her head. “No that wasn’t normal mold…something in that chip is cursed. I can smell it.” She said, covering her plastic nose. “It smells like rot and poison…it kinda makes me feel…weirdly angry.” She said, slightly growling. “Keep me away from that thing.” She said, clutching her makeshift sword tighter and walking forwards through the hallway ahead of Jeremy. He looked at the card, feeling that same sensation. The card felt rough in his hands, like an old birthday card. Jeremy stashed it into a backpack pocket and continued out towards the exit.


Gregory landed out of the vent with a humph, With Clem following behind Him. They landed in a nearby back hallway that was painted that ugly yellow monochrome color. Clem closed the vent behind them and screwed it in place, before ushering Gregory a direction. “You chose a really bad night to sneak in kid, I won’t lie to you.” She said. The old lady was surprisingly dexterous for her age, with her frizzy hair being slightly matted and her general outwards appearance looked like she had had a crazy last 2 hours. “This way, Mark and the others are back here.” She said, ushering towards a closet door. She gave it two knocks in slow succession before a third knock quickly after. Suddenly, the door unlocked and slowly creaked open. “Are you alone?” A male voice asked, with an eye looking through the doorway. “I got one of kids I think.” Clem said. Suddenly, the door closed and another unlocking sound could be heard, the door swinging open and Gregory was pushed in by Clem. The door lightly closed behind them, with the man locking the doors behind Them.

A big light turned on in the tightly packed closet, making Gregory squint his eyes and raise a hand. The closet was relatively large, enough to fit some crates and shelves. The metal room had a small air vent that could be used as a back up exit if worse came, and the room had no cameras to peer from. Inside, 5 people were watching the pair intensely, all worn and panicked. Two of them were Daycare workers, with the tags Shannon and Lee on their shirts. Shannon had long, black hair and freckles on her face. Lee had several ear piercings in his left ear and had a nose ring like a bull ring. He also had dyed green and red hair. One worker was a young female named Luca, who worked on the Showtime script 2 hours earlier. One person was another nightguard with dark brown skin and bright yellow eyes. He was a bigger build than everyone else and clenched a pipe in his hands. The tag ‘Tyler’ was in bold letters on his vest. The last was their employer, Mark. His slick black hair was slightly messed and he no longer had is black overcoat, with only his white undershirt and black slicks. His left sleeve had been ripped and he looked to have been injured at some point because the arm had been slashed pretty bad. He seemed still stable, sighing in relief that Clem made it back. “Clem, are you okay? Did one of them get into you?” He asked, looking her in the face. “Do I look infected dummy?” She mocked, holstering her revolver and putting her hands on her waist.

Mark and the others looked towards Gregory, who looked a little shaken and slightly pale. Mark looked him up and down and realized something. “Hey…hey Lee. You said you had pictures of the missing kids? Was he one of them?” Mark asked, pointing to the kid. Lee stood from sitting on the floor and got closer to the kid in the center of the room. He squinted, before shaking his head no. Mark then made a face and turned from the group to a wall, before slamming his head in frustration against it. “Welp…We’re done.” He said, not lifting his head from the wall. Clem rolled her eyes. “Oh don’t be so dramatic! We aren’t cooked turkey yet!” Clem said, trying to keep morale. Mark turned to Clem and rubbed his hands on his face. “No you don’t get it…when we make it through we have to explain this whole night to the police. Even if we do Fazbear can still be liable for the damage and POSSIBLY the loss of life. Company’s toast.” Mark said, walking back over to the center of the room. Gregory walked backwards towards the far wall as he watched the CEO walk forwards. Clem now looked visibly agitated. “Oh so you’re more worried about the looks of a bad company than the people trying to survive YOUR screw up?” Clem accused. “Now hold on, this isn’t Mark’s or anyone’s fault. Security had been boosted but someone from inside let them in…” Luca said, standing up for Mark. “Yeah! And he’s the main director! He let someone in that He shouldn’t have. It was that Lewis!” Clem added, looking into Mark’s eyes. “Why did you hire him? For what purpose?” Clem questioned, folding her arms.

Luca took a step to the side, Gregory and the other people watching the argument intently. “I didn’t…someone from the main company signed for him to be here.” Mark answered, putting his hands in his pockets. “Truth be told, I didn’t like him either, but only because the company threw him onto me. Someone from the hiring department put him with us and I had no choice…and does it even matter? They could easily clean this and make it look terrible…either we all go to jail or we die to those things out there…we have no proof of anything.” Mark said, defeated. Gregory sighed as he looked down onto his fazwatch. He pressed the call Freddy button but still no response. Trying to get Freddy to respond, Gregory went to a far corner and whispered into the watch. “Freddy…I don’t know if you can hear me. I’m here with some people but I don’t know where I am…” Gregory had a tear roll down his face as he pulled the watch closer. “Freddy…please come back.” He said with a sniffle. Gregory felt the tear on His face and turned off the watch. He walked out of the corner and rubbed his tear away and gave a breath. “Well…maybe we can find some proof before they get rid of it all! Is there anywhere that saves the camera feed?” Gregory asked, looking towards Mark who looked exhausted. All of Them looked that way. “Well there’s the third floor Atrium which has the main stage camera feed saved and the logs of the issue that happened beforehand…but we’d have a sea of those Body-snatching Endoskeletons to go through…” Mark thought about a couple other places but either they were totally out of reach or were swarmed with Endos. “…There is Vanessa’s main office in the Prize Corner…That would actually have a majority of all the systems and safety protocols that would explain the night to the police.” Mark said, a glint of hope in his eyes that quickly disappeared. “…But those gang freaks would be there…” Mark said. “Ugh…man…” He muttered.

Everyone was trying to come up with a plan but were coming up with dead ends. Tyler rubbed his chin and then gave a huff. “I’ll go.” Tyler said, shocking the room. “What?” Gregory asked. “Kid, You got that watch right? It should connect to a radio frequency that can have us communicate. I have my walkie. I can handle a few thugs.” Tyler explained. The group seemed unsure. “Tyler…You don’t have a weapon and the Endos!” Luca said, holding onto his arm to keep him in the small room. “If nobody else will go…then I will. I’m not dying in a closet.” Tyler said as he walked towards the door, Before Mark stopped him. “Tyler…Don’t.” He said. “This…this is my fault. I should have questioned my higher ups. I’ll go up…Hand me the walkie.” Mark said, willing to sacrifice himself for the group. Tyler hesitated, before handing his Manager the Walkie. “Are you sure?” Tyler asked. “This could be dangerous, and I’m not about to send one of my close friends on a death march.” Mark looked at Tyler before sighing and nodding. “I thought I’d die by some big, space expedition…but I’ll do anything for this business my uncle Henry made…to bring joy to the children and bring their happiest days…” Mark grabbed hold of the locks. “…and damn it I’ll make sure of it. I’m sorry for everything Ms. Clementine…” he said, Ms. Clem watching the man with a sense of surprise. But as Mark was leaving, Gregory called to Mark. “Wait! I can help…I…I know something.” He said, making Mark spin back round. “I think…” Gregory hesitated, his tongue in his mouth feeling raw and his throat dry.
If He told them, then they could break him, afraid of him maybe being a Endo on accident…but he couldn’t stand there and watch someone march to their death. Gregory felt a twitch in his right arm, focusing on it and the sorrow he felt deep down. He felt old tears hit his face, making bright blue streams run down his face to his mouth. His right hand then began glowing again, the lightning bolt on the back of his hand appearing as he grabbed his hand with his left. “I have this weird glowing hand…and all of the gang guys and robots I think are after me. They want me for something…” Gregory said, with the lightning bolt starting to dim and Gregory calming himself. The blue tears on his face disappearing and him standing alone in the center of the room. “…I think they are trying to revive something or use me for some kind of dark ritual. There is some old restaurant underneath Roxy Raceway…I woke up there a couple hours ago and this weird rabbit guy was talking to me…He smelled really bad and this spaghetti-monster thing chased me until I got up here and was trying to find a way out.” The Boy explained. The silence of the room was deafening. Everyone stared at Gregory with wide eyes, and Mark’s jaw slightly open in shock.

Mark stepped towards the boy as he watched the arm in astoundment. Gregory looked towards the floor, waiting for something to happen to him as he kept his mouth shut and closed his eyes. Mark was completely Gob smacked. This Boy, who came out of thin air, had some magical arse power that was going to be used for some dark monster in the basem*nt? Underneath another pizzeria? That shouldn’t be possible! No pizzeria that the company kept track of would be near this location. Of course there was an earthquake a few years back that did sink the ground here, making it cheap to build on…but surely a whole restaurant didn’t fall into the ground and they just so happened to have built over it! Mark knelt to this Boy, unsure of what to say. The blue light had all but disappeared as Mark grabbed hold of Gregory’s hand and asked him a question. “What is your name?” Gregory opened his eyes and looked towards Mark. “G-Gregory.” He answered, swallowing a lump in his throat. Mark gave a smile, before nodding and standing up. “Right…We need to get to Prize Corner. We don’t know what’s in there but we need that feed.” Mark turned towards Gregory. “Will you help me?” Mark asked the boy, who nodded with a smile. “OH NO! I’m not letting you take him!” Clem said, shaking her head. This is a terrible idea! We can’t risk any more children!” Clem said.

As Mark argued for Gregory to go with him, Gregory heard a sudden loud ring go out that made him flinch. Nobody noticed Gregory move, but the Boy looked around for where that sound could have come from. Up in the corner of the room was what looked like a sound machine that was clearly for the announcer when stuff in the PizzaPlex was happening. Nothing seemed attached to the megaphone but clearly that is where the sound had to have come through. One of the Daycare workers, Lee, suddenly grunted and looked like they were having a sudden headache. Gregory and the other Caretaker, Shannon, also noticed and tried to comfort Lee. The boy was grabbing his head and suddenly started convulsing. “Uh…Mark…I think something’s wrong with Lee!” Gregory said, walking backwards. The others of the group also noticed.
Lee stumbled to the front of the room, shaking and then suddenly screamed. “IT HURTS!” Before falling to the floor and shaking uncontrollably on the floor, a purple liquid started flowing from his mouth and nose, as well as his eyes. The boy was crying out as he flailed around. Gregory watched in horror as suddenly his chest burst with purple and black goo and a metallic set of hands emerged from his chest. Shannon screamed as she watched ‘Lee’ transform in front of her, making her back into the wall. Mark looked for a tool while Clem fired a round without warning into Lee’s head, making black liquid spew out but not slowing anything down. “What the hell!” Clem said, backing up. Tyler ran towards the machine and tried ripping at the arms before a third one popped out and grabbed Tyler’s arm and twisted it. Tyler gave a roar of pain as the machine twisted his arm way too far right and breaking it.

From the corpse of Lee, a machine began rising like a zombie, but unlike the other Endo’s it had multiple arms and two heads as it started unfolding and squelching as it pulled Lee’s muscles and tendons apart as it escaped his skin. Tyler had a tear roll down his face as the monster started trying to choke him. The beast then threw Tyler against the wall and the man landed to the floor with a thud. The beast was unlike anything Gregory or the others had seen. It was almost like a spider, a mess of limbs and claws, two endo heads with the second looking almost like a fox head. It’s white head was scrapped and messed up from age, and it’s bottom jaw was missing. It’s left eye was missing and was on the second endo head of the body, replaced with a single white dot in the black interior. The body had no center, almost like it was a mangled corpse. It gave a metallic shriek unlike any of the other endo’s, almost sounding like a mix of radio static and a barking dog.
“I-AM-AWAKE” It spoke, almost like it had more life than any of the others. “LETS-PLAY” It said, ripping the last part of itself from Lee and circling the room like a wolf on hunt, before jumping up onto the ceiling and staring around the room with both its heads to find the next person to hunt. As Tyler started getting up, it suddenly lunged towards him and bit into His neck. It’s lower half then spun around on an axis to try and grab Shannon as She crawled backwards. The beast pulled on Tyler towards Shannon, wrapping one of its many limbs on his right shoulder and side to get him closer. Shannon screamed as a mix of robot feet and claws reached for her.

Mark suddenly appeared in the fight, pulling on The Mangle to get it off Tyler. The large man started bleeding from his neck profusely, as The Mangle suddenly let go and launched into Shannon. The Mangle grabbed onto the girl before Mark had a chance to grab it and it twisted all over the young girl before throwing itself to the ground. It started chewing out of view of everyone behind boxes, with blood splattering the wall behind the boxes and The Mangle could be seen diving with both its heads into the girl in various ways as it tore open her flesh and kept chewing and chewing. “I-LOVE-CHEWING-TOYS-I-LOVE-CHEWING-TOYS” The robot said exuberantly as it happily chewed away. “Mother of god…” Clem said, before quickly unlocking the doors and ushering everyone out. “QUICK! GET OUT OF THERE!” Clem yelled, With Tyler following as he clenched his neck, his arm swinging limply as his bones were broken. Mark looked towards Gregory, who was clearly petrified at the sight. Mark quickly grabbed him and pulled him from the room.

The Mangle, noticing that they were leaving, then gave a scream as it uncoiled from what was un-visibly left of Shannon, and sprinted towards the others outside of the closet. “TOYS-TRYING-TO-RUN” It screamed, followed by loud clanking as it’s many feet and claws clambered the monstrosity to the door. Clem shut it quickly, keeping the door closed by pushing against it. Mark was trying to help Tyler with his neck wound as he noticed Clem trying to keep the door closed. “Tyler, I’ll be right back!” Mark said, trying to help slam the door. Luca then ran down the hall, screaming. “Wait! Luca!” Gregory called out, hoping she would come back. As Mark and Clem were trying the shut the door, Gregory looked down the hall and saw Luca had stopped to look at something, before screaming. A massive mass of metal Endoskeletons were barreling down the hallway, which made Luca turn around but it was took late. The Endos fell on top of her, making her disappear from view and be crushed by the oncoming robots.

The terrible wave of Endoskeletons were marching down the bare hallway, the loud clambering of machines made it impossible to ignore. Gregory watched as Clem and Mark struggled with the door, The Mangle’s arms outstretched and keeping the door from being closed as it screamed; “NEW-TOYS-RUNNING” On repeat with its scratchy voice. Gregory stood in the hall, unsure of what to do, when words that Freddy told Gregory as he went to the West Arcade came back to him. “Remember, take and breath and brave the darkness.” Gregory took one long breath, before sliding into action.
Gregory focused onto his right arm, the blue electricity returning and he held his hand towards The Mangle’s limbs in the doorway. He pressed each one with a force of a punch, making the beast recoil each limb that Gregory hit. “BURNS-BURNS-I-HATE-I-HATE” It screeched, retracting all its limbs and Mark and Clem were able to shut the door. They both looked towards Gregory, but He quickly snapped then out of it. “Tyler! Grab him!” He said, before pointing towards the oncoming horde of Endoskeletons down the hall.

Mark snapped into action, helping Tyler from the floor and limping him forwards. Clem helped as Gregory followed the rear and the squad of survivors limped down the hall. Behind them, the horde of robots gave a scream in unison as they chased their prey down the beige hallway. Clem and Mark were struggling to hold up Tyler due to his bigger muscle build, starting to almost drop him. Gregory helped hold up Tyler as they raced against the clock.

Ahead of them, an open doorway that lead to another part of the PizzaPlex for guests was ahead of them. Mark, Clem, and Gregory ran towards it, the horde closing in behind them as they came close to the end of the hall. As soon as they made it through, Gregory jumped up and grabbed a handle on the shutter to lock the hallway down and pulled down with a grunt. The boy slammed it to the ground and locked it, separating the humans from the robots. This shutter completely closed off the robots, with no room to shove their hands into. Gregory’s blue light disappeared, and he fell to the floor on his butt, watching the doorway. The dark, neon hallway was a sharp contrast to the brightly, lit halls and made Gregory have to squint his eyes to see anything in the Mall Strip they were in. Mark and Clem sat Tyler on a bench as he looked like he was fainting. Mark held Tyler in his hands, trying everything to keep him with them. The blood was soaking all on the floor and Clem was trying to bandage the wounds but to no avail. “Tyler…I’m…I’m so sorry…” Mark whispered, tears in his eyes as he watched his friend dying in front of them.

Tyler had been one of his closest friends, and only started working at the PizzaPlex because Mark offered him a job, a good one too. They had known each other for years, with Mark knowing he had a family that was waiting for him. “Your wife is waiting, you can’t die Tyler…please.” Mark said, holding his friend. The man looked into Mark’s eyes and gasped for air. “M-mark…In my office…” Mark got closer to Tyler’s mouth and leaned an ear. “T-there’s something…for my wife.” He said. “Make…sure she…gets it…for her birthday.” Tyler said, before going limp and his eyes going pale. Mark placed his forehead on Tyler’s, sobbing as Clem understood what happened. Gregory turned to the sorrow, seeing the dead man staring at him from the bench he laid on. The body felt cold in Mark’s hands, as he laid his friend’s head on the bench carefully. Mark knelt at his head, looking at his friend in the dim neon lights of the mall strip they found themselves in and put a hand on his friend’s eyes and closed them, making the man look asleep, rather than gone.

The group stood together, before saying a few words. “He was a family man…he did everything for them. He was honorable and brave, willing to sacrifice himself for people he barely knew. Thank you Tyler…” Mark said, as Clem took her jacket and laid it over him to comfort the body. Gregory watched, unsure of what to say. In Gregory’s hands was Tyler’s walkie, of which He handed to Mark. “We need to go.” Gregory said, before nodding. The Trio walked down the hall, with Mark taking one last look before leaving. “Goodbye...” Mark turned back and continued on with the others.

The back doors of The Kitchen of Mazersize that Star and Jeremy left behind busted open as a cannon ball blasted through the double doors and through the kitchen walls. Out of the broken doorway, the rotting Captain Foxy clicked forwards, his musty, blue coat flowing behind him as His nightmare fueled eyes peered the kitchen for any signs of life. His metallic feet gave a click as they made contact with the tiled floor. He gave the air and sniff, noticing the lack of garbage he was used to. The Captain’s eye patch was flapped up, letting both eyes look around, but his eyes still rolled from one side of his face to the other as he peered the room. As he walked, he placed a claw and scrapped up the granite counter of the kitchen, making a scratchy echo ring out into the room. His metal nuts that were shiny like gold reflected in the dim lights of the kitchen, making them look especially exquisite. He gave a growl as he looked around, trying to find that mutineer and his kidnapped daughter.

Foxy only had two real treasures in his life, His Daughter then his Boat. This guard, this insane man, has taken what very few treasures he had, and he had a price on his head now. Behind the Captain was a massive cannon that his crew rolled behind him. One of them, Lanky, moved off the moss on his face and observed what the Captain was seeing. “Captain…are they here?” He asked, now walking ahead and pulling out a make-shift scabbard. “Check the front through these here doors Lanky. Sparky, follow with the cannon…on my mark. The rest of ye be ready…” Foxy growled, walking forwards with the cannon to his side. “I don’t like bein’ up ‘ere Captain…what if there be more fleshy folk?” Lefty said, sheepishly. Foxy quickly doubled back and grabbed hold of his head with a claw. “We be goin’ no where withou’ me guided North Star…You turn chicken you best be runnin’ from me.” He left go of him and announced to the crew. “Any other objections?” He asked, spreading his claws out. “No? Then good…we move forwards…” He added with a growl, not expecting a response. If they decided to bail on him, then they’d be planked…clean and simple. He wasn’t going anywhere without Star.

As the crew walked forwards, they stumbled towards a hallway that was starting to smoke suddenly. Unsure of the cause, Foxy walked ahead, carrying his flintlock in his one hand and pushing a set of doors open to reveal a massive room, with a fire in the center that used to be the massive cupcake for Mazersize. The cupcake had lit ablaze, making only the metal casing and a few objects inside the burning cake to be left standing. Smoke was building up at the ceiling of the room, making a grey cloud form overhead that started getting bigger and bigger. Foxy and the crew, walking a safe distance around, also noticed a burnt corpse laying at the entrance to the burning cupcake, with a bunch of crispy, burnt parts that smoked on the metal skeleton. Foxy knelt down by the corpse, examining it by poking it with his flintlock. The head was completely cut off, separating the head from the body. Someone did this, probably the Guard if he knew better. “The guard has been here …” The Captain groaned, his bird landing onto his shoulder. “Guard? Guard! Guard Guard Guard!” The green bird quacked, flapping it’s metal and worn out wings. Foxy stood up, looking towards what appeared to be the exit doors and motioned his crew forward. “They be this a way, follow their scent laddies…we gots a skin suit to find.”

Chapter 12: Chapter 11

Chapter Text

Star and Jeremy were staring at the machine that was standing before them. They stood just outside of the main Atrium entrance from Mazersize’s side, the door being shutter, with a big vending machine-looking machine standing in the doorway. Its glass was completely clear and dark inside, but now that Jeremy was looking at the rectangular machine, realized it was more of a computer screen just off. Jeremy had never seen anything like this before, the thing clearly had been moved here and for whatever reason was just left here, perfectly in the way. Star raised a brow and turned to Jeremy. “So…what is it?” Star asked, puzzled. Truthfully, Jeremy was stumped. “I think it’s a vending machine…for people to get snacks.” Jeremy said, examining the machine. “I don’t know why it was left here though, kind of a weird place to put it.” He said, examining it quizzically. The machine’s coin insert was plugged, as well as the tray for dispensing the food too. The button on the side that dictated the rows were split up between letters and numbers for the column and the row.
After what Jeremy had been through these last two hours, he was fairly certain that if damned vending machine came to life and tried to eat his face off, he would actually lose it. Unfortunately, that would be exactly what would happen in the next for seconds. Suddenly, a large metal claw grabbed his ankle and lifted him up into the air, which had shot out of the side of the machine. The glass was actually a screen, with showed a face of a cartoon yellow rabbit that had purple eyes and a big smile on its face. “Jeremy!” Star called out to the risen man, before seeing another claw which had tried reaching for her. She jumped out of the way, the claw barely missing her. A second claw soon followed from the machine, and then another, and another. Soon, the Vending Machine started groaning as it used its tentacles to try and reach for the robot. Jeremy, still being flung around by the robot claw, tried swinging at the machine with his Axe, but was afraid he would accidently cut his own leg off.

“I can’t get a good aim! It’s moving too fast!” He called out, trying not to lose his lunch in the process. As he was being swung around, He accidentally dropped the axe, the metal tool hitting the floor with a clank. Star’s attention had been moved to the axe and she got scooped up by one of the tentacles. She tried swinging at it but to no avail. Her sword wasn’t sharp enough to cut through the thick layer of cables of the tentacle. She looked around for some kind of way to escape, but was being slowly lifted into the air, joining Jeremy. “Well shoot…” She said, Jeremy also trying to break free. “I got a catch!” A Scottish accent called out.

From behind the vending machine, the shutter door was now open, with two men walking in. One of them was holding some kind of remote control, the other had his hands in his pockets. The guy with the controller had a white lab coat with purple spots that looked shined in the neon lights of the hallway. His large goggles that sat on his head were purple that contrasted the crazy, green hair. The other gentleman had his stunning red sleeks and white undershirt. His and the scientist’s eyes were glowing purple. “Well I’ll admit…I didn’t think this would work Dr.Razz.” Charles said with a surprised tone. “Son…I am a great inventor of the century! I always have the perfect plan!” He announced, as if he was on a grand stage. “And soon, the world will know my great inventions! I’ll be popular and famous!” He added. “And then, I’ll take over the world!” He finished, before giving a evil laugh and flailing his arms. Charles sighed and placed his hands on his waist, looking away from all three people. The room went quiet for a second, before Charles asked; “You good now?” Razz turned towards Charles and rolled his eyes. He started muttering under his breath ‘Stupid kids don’t know genius when they see it…whatever…fricken…’ and was adjusting something on the controller when Star called out first. “HEY MEATHEADS! Put us down!” She demanded. Charles and Razz looked up at the wolf robot, confused. “Do you know that one Razz?” Charles asked, pointing towards the wolf. “I don’t.” He answered simply. “Jeremy…where did you get this thing?” Razz asked. Jeremy looked towards the scientist-looking dude in shock. “How the hell do you know my name?!” He demanded. The Scottish man looked towards Charlie, then back up at Jeremy. “It…it says Jeremy on your nametag?” He answered. Jeremy looked down and saw, indeed, his nametag read Jeremy. “Oh yeah…still! Put us down!” He roared, squirming in the arms of the robot claw. “Oh we won’t be doing that Mister Jeremy…see, we’ve been asked by ol’ Willy A. to uh…dispose of you.” Razz answered. “Unfortunately…you aren’t going anywhere.”

Suddenly, the vending machine started acting violent, shaking and moaning as a purple liquid started leaking from the bottom. Star looked into the glowing screen with the cartoon rabbit and noticed it was glitching out. Every so often, a human face of different proportions every time was glitching onto the screen and then disappearing the next second. Razz banged on the machine and it stopped vibrating, the faces now temporarily gone. “Stupid thing…adult Remnant is so shoddy.” He stated, before Charles shushed him. Jeremy suddenly realized He recognized the name from earlier. “Wait…did you say ‘Willy’? As in William?” Jeremy interrogated. Charles and Razz looked at each other and then back at the guy in the air. “Uhh…yeah? Why?” Razz asked sheepishly. “Razzbowski!” Charles snarled. “I thought he died back in ’89! How the hell is he still alive? He was reported dead years ago!” Jeremy yelled, now fighting even harder. Star had a look of terror in her face. Charles noticed it and watched carefully.

Star was staring at the machine, the black goo was sizzling as it spread on the floor. “The Dark Necromancer…” She muttered. “You work for the Necromancer! I’ll kill you! You monsters!” She said, trying to break out of her bonds. Jeremy noticed the sudden anger, as she tried to even bite at the cords to try and break free. “Dark Necromancer? Now THAT sounds like something out of like a video game or something…” Razz said. Charles looked like his patience was almost through. “Look, just break them…we got too much stuff to do tonight before 6 AM and we are running out of time.” Charles said. Razz groaned. “Oh we got another what, three and a half hours? We’re flying colors! We’re good!” Razz said, twiddling with his machine more.

The two prisoners struggled, trying to break free. Jeremy gave a sigh. “I’m sorry Star…I don’t think we are gonna get to Roxy…” He said, the claw squeezing him tighter and making him struggle to breath. Star felt her metal plates begin to collide as the machine gripped tighter. Below, She saw her weapon was laying on the ground below her. If she could somehow get free, maybe she could get out of this. Star then realized that the claw was only holding onto her outer metal plate.

If she could somehow unbolted her back plate, she could free herself and grab the sword, then stab the glass of the machine. She reached her arms back behind her and started trying to take off her yellow and white plastic shelling. With a click, it came loose, and she suddenly was dropped. She gave a gasp, but then landed onto her feet, grabbed the sword, and dashed forwards. The two men didn’t even realize what had happened until they heard Star give a roar as she stabbed the sword straight into the screen. “NO!” Razz yelled.

Star pulled out her sword and then stabbed the glass again. Thick black and purple liquid started pouring out of the machine, coming out faster and faster as Star repeatedly stabbed the glass. She dared not let the liquid touched her, and lost her sword to the liquid as she dived out of the way. A sizzling sound and the smell of melted metal told her that dodging the liquid was a good call. Jeremy was suddenly let go, who yelped as he fell. Star caught him, scooping up his axe, as she also went for her torso plate. “What are you doing!?” Jeremy yelled out. Star looked back at him with a sour look, whist she held one claw over her endoskeleton. He brushed it off though and watched the goo of the machine start to clot and form what looked like limbs.

The knee-less legs then hoisted the machine to fall backwards, making the beast’s limbs flail around like tentacles. Razz and Charlie pulled up the shutter, slid under, and then slammed it down. “I’m not dealing with that thing! Sianora!” Charles announced, before running away faster, with Razz following behind. The liquid gave a groan that was a mix of human voices with a deepened pitch. “Where is my baby? Where’s my baby?!” The cacophony of voices from the box said. The black liquid was sizzling the metal, making the two fuse together in a twisted and melted fashion. Jeremy ran over to Star, helping reattach her breast-plate when the beast flung an arm towards the duo. Star noticed it, but before she could do anything, Jeremy raised his right arm and a green energy shot from his hand. The Beast’s limb coiled back. “I don’t wanna die!” Said the voice of a young teen from the black liquid. Star saw that Jeremy was glowing green, with green tear lines going down his face. He wasn’t crying, but this feeling that came from him was almost like a warmth she had never felt before.

Jeremy quickly pulled her out of the way, the beast slamming a limb down towards the floor to attack. “I’m not risking hitting that thing! It’ll melt my axe!” Jeremy said, the two of them trying to lift the door but to no avail. Those criminals had locked it behind them. “Damn it!” Jeremy yelled, kicking the door. The beast gave a moan as more of the goo started to harden and started to form a humanish looking body that flailed out of the goop. It moaned as it came into being, crying as it got to its feet and charged forwards. “Jeremy! Behind us!” Star said, but before Star could warn Jeremy, the beast was already on top of Jeremy. The vending machine wasn’t even recognizable anymore as it became a big circular blob of goo that’s limbs flailed out of it like octopus tentacles…just like Chica.

Jeremy was fighting to get the human/goo monster off him, with the black tar burning his flesh as it dripped onto him and melted through his clothes. Jeremy channeled his green energy, giving a good punch to the machine and the being zapped from existence with a screech and a green zap of light. Jeremy looked towards his arm, seeing it was undamaged and the burns were disappearing. The blob gave a roar and wobbled as more human/goo monsters crawled out of the pile, moaning and screaming as they reached for Jeremy. With one punch after another, he fought through the waves, walking slowly up to the blob. “Die you god damn clump of Elmers glue!” He yelled, before slamming his right hand into the black bubble with tentacles.

A bath of green light lit up the room, making Star put a hand up to block the light from her eyes. Jeremy felt the energy flow out of his body, everything inside burning like a fire as he felt the energy then change directions and flow back into him. Suddenly, he felt a rush of emotions that didn’t make sense. His eyes were filled with a green glow that made several shapes appear in his vision. It was like the beast was trying to tell him something. It was hard to make out, but it looked like another pizzeria…but he didn’t recognize it. It looked like a smaller one, with a big stage and a little one to the side. There was a massive hole that a bigger mass of tentacles was coming from, which was clearly the main mass that this vending machine came from. With another flash of green light, the visions disappeared and the blob started to shrink. As Jeremy felt the energy calm in his arm, the black tar in the room had disappeared entirely, and he felt a newfound strength in his body.

Star was watching intently at what had happened, unsure of what to think. Jeremy looked towards her, unsure himself as she shrugged. “I have no idea what just happened…” Jeremy said. He looked down at his hand, then looked towards the axe. The weapon looked different. He couldn’t pin why, but it felt like it was lighter in his hands and looked sharper. He examined it and noticed that the cheap wood was replaced with something that was clearly harder. “The power of the necromancer…able to strengthen and create powers and life unlike anything ever seen…” Star began. Jeremy looked back towards her, as he was fiddling with the bottom of the shutter. “…He lost everything, trying to use the powers of the soul to bring back his children of whom he lost…but they never worked…he only created monsters.” Star foreshadowed. “That power…has been used to make such terrible monsters…but they always hated fire…” Star explained, the shutter rocking open and revealing the Main Atrium. The massive opening revealed the center seating, as well as the main stage that had the massive purple holograms of each of the robots. “…Maybe…we could get rid of him once and for all.” She said, looking back towards Jeremy, who looked forwards at the expanse before him.

It was like stepping into a whole other world, the PizzaPlex felt more like a giant maze than ever before to Jeremy. This place…it was atop something very old and powerful. This night would test him in a way that nothing else ever had before. When he was a child, He loved Freddy’s…but he always the stories were true. Now that he knows that it was ALL true, the magic and the ghosts, and fear and the lies, maybe even the claims that William was hiding inside the Pizzaria’s, still doing experiments for years, could mean that there was a whole army behind him. Jeremy pulled out Chica’s replaced personality chip and examined the purple card again. He would stop whatever this was…even if it cost him his life. This time, He would be defeated, arrested…hell maybe even kill him if he could. Because if William was willing to make nightmarish monsters to get him, who knows what else This ‘Necromancer’ could do?

Suddenly, a big black mass phoosed by Jeremy’s right side. The black cannonball flew across the Main Atrium as it smashed through the wall on the other side towards Fazerblast. Jeremy and Star turned around, looking straight at Captain Foxy. “Well well well! Look what we have here boys! We got our runner!” He snarled, his long tongue licking his lips as he neared Jeremy and Star. “Star! I’ve come to rescue you! You needent’ worry any longer!” He proclaimed. The crew was standing behind Foxy, all with weapons and a massive black cannon aimed straight at Jeremy. “What? I’m not kidnapped! Jeremy is taking me to see Roxy!” Star said, confused. Foxy’s expression suddenly turned to anger. “You mean to tell me…YOU KIDNAPPED HIM?” He snarled. “I told you! See ain’t no mother of yours! Just parts! Calm this foolishness girl!” He bellowed, his bird repeating ‘foolish’ a few times after his master. Jeremy grabbed hold of Star’s robotic claw and nudged her backwards as they slowly backed up. “I’m sorry father…but I must meet her! I must know!” She exclaimed, before running away, with Jeremy behind. “To the big stage! Quick!” Jeremy yelled, pointing towards the massive stage against the back wall. “After them!” Foxy yelled, his crew running in front of him and following behind Jeremy and Star as they ran towards the stairs that lead them down to the bottom floor of the Main Atrium to get closer to the main stage of the Pizza Plex.
Against the wall opposite of the mega stage on the first floor was a mini food court, with salads, sides, drinks, and a variety of foods to choose from on a big board above each differently colored restaurant. A few dining tables were scattered on the tiled floor of the outer perimeter of the Main Atrium Party floor that took up the most space in the center of the massive room. It was a carpeted, purple floor that had confetti tucked into some of the carpet, with a few photo booths that formed almost a wall from the dining area in the center of the room from the other dining of the mini food court. In the center of the back wall was a hallway that lead to the strip mall of the PizzaPlex, but the shutter for it was slammed shut. At the other end of the hall was a few wandering endoskeletons who hadn’t noticed the commotion, and lingered on the other side of the Main Atrium. Star and Jeremy hung a right and went straight towards the main stage. The crew were following behind and were losing the distance with the duo. Suddenly, From the balcony of Mazersize on the second floor, Foxy had jumped down and got in front, with some distance, of Jeremy.

Foxy crouched down, his eyepatch flipped up, revealing both eyes, and the pirate leaped at Jeremy. The captain gave a scream as he reached for the Guard. Jeremy reached for the Faz Camera He had stored away and flashed Foxy right in the eyes with the camera flash. “Say cheese!” He called out, as the robot roared from the bright light. Jeremy stopped to look back, as Foxy hit fell back on the floor, rolling over and laying stunned. Jeremy started back up his run, seeing Star already far ahead.
Star made it to the stage first, looking back towards Jeremy. “On the floor! Theres a floor button! Press it!” Jeremy said, trying to catch up. Foxy shook off the stun and gave chase again, already speeding up and closing the distance on Jeremy and Star. Star examined the floor, and saw a little bear-head looking nob sticking out of the floor. With no hesitance, she stomped on the button, the stage giving a hiss as it started lowering into the ground. “Jeremy! Hurry!” Star yelled. As the stage was lowering, A second stage started appearing from the sides of the wall that was going to replace the lowering stage. Jeremy was almost there, When Foxy grabbed onto Jeremy’s ankle and made him trip. Jeremy dropped the camera, smashing it to the floor as he tumbled forwards, and the Chica chip in his pocket loosening as he fell.
The two struggled, as Foxy was getting over Jeremy to overpower him. “You ain’t worming away a second time, boy! You think me daughter will run off with the likes of ye?” He demanded. Jeremy struggled as he tried to get up. With no other option, Jeremy tried to use the energy in his right arm. He focused on it, while also trying to fight off the groaning pirate robot overtop him. Foxy’s crew was almost caught up, and then Jeremy knew he’d be captured. With all his focus, Jeremy clenched his fist and another spark of green appeared. With a jab, He pushed off Foxy’s weight. He then gave the Captain a kick as he picked up his Axe he dropped during the tumble and started his run.

Foxy stumbled back, but he didn’t let that measly attack stop him for long. “Get back here boy!” foxy demanded. The stage was now halfway replaced. “Jeremy!” Star called out, now completely out of view. As Jeremy walked up the steps of the stage, He felt something fall from his pocket. The Chica chip then fell down just before He jumped down. He saw Foxy coming closer, almost a few seconds from him as he dived for the Chica chip on the floor and then diving down and in between the stage replacements and onto the lower stage with Star.

Foxy tried to grab him, but the floor was replaced and the parties were separated. Jeremy hit the stage with a tumble, hurting his arm and laying on the floor. “Jeremy! Are you okay?” Star exclaimed, worried for Him. She helped Him up, dusting him off. The two looked up towards the new ceiling above them and gave a sigh of relief. “That was close one…” She said, before taking note of the surroundings. Jeremy rubbed his right arm, the pain in it still very much there. He tried to focus the energy but it seemed numb. “Jeremy…I wouldn’t overdo it…we don’t know what could…” But before she could finish she looked at him.

He suddenly looked really sick, like he was starting to rapidly age. His skin was tightening and was slightly purple. His brown hair was starting to fray even worse than before. His eyes looked sunken into his face and his body looked shriveled and dried out. Jeremy groaned as he sat down onto the floor, looking really tired. “I feel…really sick…” He said, laying onto the cold floor and curling up into a ball. “Stomach Hurts…head hurts…Everything…hurts.” He said, his breathing raspy and dry. He heaved as he laid on the floor, clutching his Axe like a pillow. “I think…I’ll just…take a nap.” He said, feeling his eyes get heavy as he laid on the floor. “Jeremy! Don’t worry!” Star said, kneeling down and holding him in her arms as he looked like He was dying. Star calmly laid him down and started looking through his backpack for anything that could help him…but all that was there was a bunch of tools and some food. “wait…didn’t you say you flesh bags need this stuff?” She said, before opening the pack and gently feeding some to him. “Please, don’t die…” She cried, shaking as she fed him.
At first, it was a couple pecks, but then he got faster. Soon, he looked less awful and his face was becoming more plump again. His eyes still had bags under them but he looked far stronger. “T-thank you…” He moaned, still not at maximum strength. “I guess I overdid it huh…?” He said, stumbling as he tried to get up. Star motioned him to sit as they rode the elevator down. “Don’t, you need to rest…it’s alright, we can wait...” She said. The two sat in the elevator, quiet, as it took them down to Parts and Service.

Foxy punched the ground as he tried to pry open the stage, but to no luck. “DAMN THAT NIGHTGUARD!” He screeched into the floor, as he clawed at the floor. The Captain couldn’t believe they got away. He was so close to getting Star back. To think, that she left on her own to try to go after this Wolf, this Roxanne…the very thought made his oil bubble in anger. The Captain looked up towards the giant projections. They all looked happy, dancing without a care in the world at the slowest pace imaginable. They were in their prime and clearly the stars of the show. He looked especially at Freddy, a look of anger as He then turned towards Roxanne. He felt even angrier.

His eyes became small white circles as black ooze came from his joints and fingers. This Agony was unlike anything he felt. His daughter, just out of reach and taken from him. He felt that old anger come back, a memory he felt from deep inside himself that gave him life, and knew didn’t belong to him. Was this how He felt when he lost his child? The Necromancer? If that thing had caught His daughter, what could he do? He couldn’t lose His shining North Star to that monster…not if he could help it.

His crew, slow and shambling forwards, saw what had occurred. “We can catch up boss!” Old Moldy said, barfing up a mouth of oil from his mouth. Foxy groaned as he knelt on the stage, unable to move due to the immense emotion. “We…” Foxy started, looking up and seeing a figure standing at the back of the stage.

It was Him. The Necromancer was using a old rabbit costume, looking right at the Captain, who was motionless on the stage. A look of fear and a shock of terror shot through Foxy as he looked upon the worst monster he had ever witnessed. It just stood there, straight and with his hands behind him, almost like he was waiting for something. The big, purple eyes stared into the broken pieces of Foxy’s soul as He walked forwards. A dark aura came from the yellow, dingy rabbit as he looked down on the pirate from halfway across the stage. The smile of the suit was uncanny, stretching across the face in a way that was just unnatural. His body leaked a disgusting goo that gave him motor control of his body that smelled rancid and moldy. The crew behind Foxy were scared, and rightfully so. This creature before Foxy was unlike anything ever before.
This creature, was the Sackrabbit Man.

“Hello there…Foxy.” He said with a laugh. “I take it Jeremy slipped right of your fingers yes? He has that nasty little habit it seems. My associates have been having a hard time keeping him in check.” The rabbit said. “But listen…I have no quarrel with you, Captain…so why not we join forces?” He asked the Captain. His light-hearted and insane voice giving a giggle as he communicated to Foxy. The Captain back up in fear towards His crew and unsheathed a rusted weapon in defense. “Oh please Foxy…You know that won’t do anything to me! Listen…I’d be more than willing to help you…I know it’s sudden, but if you help me…I’ll return your daughter to you. In exchange, I get the Guard…” The rabbit said, holding out a molding paw, his mask almost looked like it stretched its smile further.

The Captain looked down at the rabbit’s paw. The suit was soaked with dark matter and black goo that stained parts of the sack-like suit. Foxy looked into the soulless eyes of the monster in front of him, unsure of what to do. Could he trust this insane monster? What did he want with Jeremy? “Why do you want that Guard? Is he important?” The Captain asked, getting to his feet. The Rabbit lowered his arm and gave a chuckle. “You could say he was an…old attempt at something. I want to look into this new…development. The dark Remnant calls to me…it tells me that a power has claimed some of my power…That green glow…” The Rabbit explained. “I have my own goals…I simply wish to fix something that I broke a long time ago. Please Captain, You care about your crew like a family right? This can help me fix mine…” The Rabbit man spoke, bowing respectfully towards the pirate fox.

“Help me gain this power, Captain…I’ll reward you with your freedom and even a brand new ship! You’ll sail the seven seas…just as you’ve always wanted.” The Rabbit once again lifted his arm and slightly twisted his head. “So come on…shake this old man’s sinful hand?” He giggled. Foxy looked down towards the hand, a sense of dread fell over him. What choice did he have? This thing could easily poof him from existence if it so chose… “If you also help…I’d be more than willing to get you more… ‘Fairy powder’.” The Rabbit Man added, holding out a bag of a colorful dust that was about palm sized. The sack was stained with a sort of powder-like substance that made Foxy jump in surprise.

With a gulp, he grabbed hold of the Rabbit’s hand and shook on it. The black ooze of the suit got a little on Foxy’s arm and burned him slightly. The Rabbit flinched his arms back in surprise. “Sorry, I forget that can happen~.” He chuckled, before tossing the ‘Fairy Powder’ towards Foxy, who caught it haphazardly and greedily held it close, and turning around. “Find the Guard, I’m going to go find my Associates…I wish you best of luck, Captain Foxy.” The Rabbit giggled, before turning around slowly, and walked towards the back wall. As His paws made contact with the wall, he began slowly sliding forwards into the wall that slowly started turning a rotten black color, leaving Foxy alone on the stage. The imprint of The Rabbit was still visible on the wall, even after He had left. Foxy looked up towards the holograms of the band and growled. “Aight…We be leaving for me ship.” Foxy commanded. “B-b-but captain…You heard the Necromancer! We must…” He silenced Leshy, and with a huff, he marched off the stage, his coat fluttering as he descended down the stairs to his shaken up crew.

“Uhhh Boss? I thought we avoided the Necromancer…what if he turns us into zombies too?” Lanky asked, shaking. “I-i-i-i-i-d-d-d-o-n-n-t-l-i-i-k-k-e.” Sparky said, a spark of electricity sparking from his face. “The plan has changed…We must get underground! Quickly now! We have no time to waste!” Captain Foxy bellowed to His crew, who nervously exchanged glances at each other. “Are yeh chickens or are yah robots? Lets go!” He growled, which instantly put everyone in shape and them responding ‘Yes Captain!”

From the security office in Prize Corner, Vanny watched several events unfold before her on recorded footage from the security office. She sat intently, not slouched and her back up straight. Her rabbit mask was still on her face, the bulbous red eyes of the mask had a shimmer to them that made them seem almost enchanted. On the table of the security desk was Vanny’s plain kitchen knife, with nary a drop of blood on the blade…yet. Vanny clicked through the camera feed with her mouse, seeing what events had unfolded over the course of an hour. On one perspective, she saw the horde of endoskeletons sent after Gregory’s potential location had been right. One lady was trampled first, then two others were carrying a third person as Gregory trailed from behind. Vanny recognized one of the persons being CEO Mark, with the older lady possibly being one of the daycare staff. The man they were helping however seemed badly injured and needed serious medical attention.

As they cleared the hall and she watched as Gregory slammed the shutter down to block out the wave, the group seemed saddened and they eventually left behind the corpse of the larger man. Vanny gave a ‘hmm’ as she cycled the camera again. She landed on what was Freddy’s Fazerblast, where Freddy Fazbear himself could be seen trying to get in somewhere. Underneath the mask, Vanny gave a smile as she quietly said; “Found you, plastic furball.” She said, before looking towards her left. On Her left side was some kind of box with a whole bunch of buttons and dials on it, with a small keyboard built onto the system. It was connected to the inter comms system the robots like the staff bots used to co-operate together, but Vanny had repurposed it just for tonight to do one other function…make it impossible to communicate via walkie. If she set it just right, the frequency could cancel out any of the robots, thus making it impossible to talk to anyone.

Vanny had a theory that Freddy had some method of communication with Gregory, and based on how Gregory’s behavior went from staying close to Freddy told Vanny that distance didn’t seem like a concern to the two of them…enough so that they could split up and go two totally different directions. Changing focus from Gregory and Freddy, as there was nothing she could do as of now, she checked up on Jeremy near Mazersize. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Dr. Razz’ plan didn’t work. Jeremy somehow survived the ghostly Vending Machine that the mad scientist built. Fools, the lot of them, they clearly hadn’t worked for master for very long.

A golden paw that belonged to the body of the Rabbit man suddenly placed itself onto the shoulder of Vanny, which grabbed the attention of Vanny, but her eyes stayed fixed on the monitor. “The others have arrived…but I wanted to talk with you first.” The costume rabbit’s smile seemed widened as it spoke to Vanny. As the Rabbit lady turned around to her master, the wear and tear of the costume from moving around so much in the night.

The costume was torn on the left shoulder, the right knee, and was missing one of the big cartoon eyes. The holes revealed the black, gooey mass underneath that had small slivers of purple below, and was leaking out of the suit like blood from a wound. The mouth of the monster had a split in the seams in the fake teeth that made it seem like the mouth was actually moving when he spoke. The suit was soaked through, with black spots that was almost like mold growing out of the suit, ruining the fabric of the sack-like suit and breaking down. He placed a paw onto the face of Vanny and slowly moving it down her face.

“You understand that you are better than them…” The monster moaned, looking into the red bulbs on her masks. Vanny stared into her master’s eyes, unblinking and unmoving but the rise and fall of her breast as she moved. The Rabbit Man tilted his head, looking through the mask. “Can I see you?” The Rabbit asked, placing a paw onto the mask and slowly pulling it off. Underneath the mask, was Vanessa Afton.

Vanessa looked into her father’s eyes and blinked delicately. “Unlike them…you are more…so much more…” He said, reducing his voice to a low growl. He bent down towards the seated girl and whispered into her ear. “I made you to be more…awoke what I placed deep inside you…and awoke in this shell of a form. You have done so much more than I could possibly say for you.” He spoke, true love coming from his voice like he spoke to a young child. “Jeremy is like you…Evan is like you…but they are failures…failures at being what I designed them for. Make them see their foolishness.” He assigned to her. “Make your brothers become whole.”

He then placed back the mask onto her teary-eyed face and stepped back from his daughter. Down by her left hand, a red and purple glow emanated from her arm, her stabbing arm, and she spread out her fingers to accept the strength. The glow soon dissipated and Vanny stood to her feet. “I will do it for you, Father.” She said with a choke in her breath, before leading out of the office towards the main Prize Corner where Dawko and the others were grouped together. Behind Vanny, The Rabbit Man was following behind, smiling as he guided his child to the group.

“Stiffen up crew…” Dawko mouthed, as he laid against one of the prize corner, crossing his arms. Razz and Charles were sitting on a small, low table that had piled up Freddy dolls and Roxanne dolls. Ryan and Tomb had just returned from wherever they were searching, curious on developments. Tomb’s face monitor had a scared face on the front screen, as Ryan had some visible sweat. All of the men looked visibly worried and on edge. They had failed to do what they were supposed to do for the last two and a half hours. Vanny walked over towards Dawko while The Rabbit Man faced towards the entrance of Prize Corner and began talking.

“3 hours, 29 minutes, and a few seconds…that is how much time I have left…before the next night. If that happens, all of this Remnant will die and a new batch will have to be made…” The Rabbit explained, his paws behind his back as he puffed up his chest. “…and so far the only one who has done any real help is my dear Vanny…the one who should be leading the charge here. She has come closer to capturing this child and getting Jeremy than you lot have been. Explain your process…” He asked, not facing the group. Razz spoke up first. “Well, we’ve been in pairs to try and get the boy, as well as using the sound-activated Endo’s hiding in the employees you’ve replaced to help in the search…we just didn’t expect Evan or Jeremy to receive the help they have had.” He said with confidence. The Rabbit Man then lifted a finger. “Aha! There it is! You didn’t have a back up plan.” He said. The Rabbit then turned around towards the Scientist and pointed his finger. “That…that is your problem. That and you are being to direct in your approach. If you want to catch your prey…you lure them in…” He then took his paws and hovered them over each over, one on top and one on bottom. A small little blob that resembled Jeremy then arose from the bottom paw, looking around confused, before The Rabbit Man smashed his paws together and killing the small blob. “…then go for the throat.”

Dawko then stood upright and motioned Razz to move aside. “Master, we did just this tactic…but Freddy…” The Rabbit Man put a paw on Dawko’s lips, before removing them and shaking his head. “No excuses…we don’t have much time left! I will not await another night for you to maybe make some forward march…we finish this TONIGHT!” The room rattled as the costume screamed the last word.

Suddenly, a massive monster fell from the ceiling and landed behind The Rabbit Man. It raised it’s duo heads and looked down towards It’s master. Dawko and the others but Vanny, jumped in surprise as the multi-limbed beast towered over their master. The Rabbit Man turned and a smile crept onto His face. “Ah! Just in time! Oh Mangle…the first creation…” The Mangle tilted its fox head, while the endoskeleton one looked around the room for any dangers, and what could be thought of as barking could be heard from the radio static sound that lowly played while the creature was around. Dawko clearly had never seen this creature before, as his eyes went and stayed wide at the massive creature before his master and the others. The Mangle was even bigger than it was before. Dawko had seen the blob in the basem*nt, but this was different…it wasn’t just massive, it was complex and far more alive than just a mass of tentacles. This thing was moving in such a different way than the blob, like it was trying to form a body that was still in progress. Its limbs moved as it reformed and its springlocks clicked as it locked into place. “I see you are almost ready…” The Rabbit Man said. He then turned back to the Boys and Vanny, as he stepped aside for The Mangle.

“I will give you gentlemen one more gift before I depart…a final hunter…” He explained, His exposed eye giving a sort of wink and presenting The Mangle’s true form. The beast started shrinking as it started folding into itself and forming what could be assumed as a body. The endoskeleton head then disappeared behind the fox head and into a small slot into the back bone of the robot. Its body gave a small convulse as the final parts folded together and the remaining limbs hung off the back like giant spider legs, looking almost like giant scoops for ice-cream at the ends. Its one normal eye looked around the room as it suddenly locked onto Vanny, while its eyehole on the left side stayed what seemed to be stationary and focused dead ahead. The creature also had a strange smell, like blood had gotten onto the creature and the stench of death hung from it.

As Dawko peered closer, he saw that it had recently fed on something or someone, with the teeth on the top half of The Mangle were stained red, and the bottom jar was missing. The spider legs with stained-red scoops then retracted and locked onto the back of the creature as two claw hands with four fingers and a sharpened thumb for natural use appeared, and Dawko also noticed that it now had two metallic feet with four sharp toes and a back toe to help with support of the mass of metal appeared. The machine then gave a sharp shrill as it then began to speak; “M-A-N-G-L-E.” It spoke, not blinking as it sniffed around the room and over the different men. It stopped at Charles, giving his red suit another sniff before scratchily adding; “F-L-U-F-F-Y H-A-I-R”. It pet his professionally done hair with a sharp claw, before moving on to Vanny. Charles gave a sigh of relief as Ryan smirked in mockery.

The Mangle sniffed over Vanny, taking it the white rabbit’s appearance and small stature. It gave another sniff at Vanny’s hands and recoiled when It smelled Vanny’s left hand. It remembered the scent of energy when that dumb boy used that power on it before. “B-A-D E-N-E-R-G-Y…H-U-R-T.” It muttered, keeping its distance from the hand. “You’ll have nothing to worry about Mangle, she will not hurt you with it…” The Rabbit Man consoled, looking towards Vanny as He said it. “…Will you, Vanny?” He asked. Vanny didn’t respond or move to anything that was happening, just nodding as an answer. The creature then looked into the red eyes of the rabbit mask of Vanny and gave a purr. It got incredibly close, and in a deep and guttural whisper, spoke; “O-F S-A-M-E B-L-O-O-D…S-I-S-T-E-R…” It spoke, as Vanny nodded in agreement. The Boys tried to hear what Mangle had said but were unable to. Mangle quickly spun around an growled. “N-O-T F-A-M-I-L-Y…F-O-O-L-S…O-N-L-Y B-L-O-O-D T-A-L-K” It growled, before stepping to Vanny’s side again and staying close like a family pet.

“I trust you will use Mangle well…I must take my leave to the basem*nt. This remnant has eaten through this suit far faster than designed.” The Rabbit Man said shortly, as if to really dig in how tremendously bad of a job these men have done. “Get that boy, get Jeremy, and keep an eye out for Freddy. We need to act fast or we will run out of time…I can feel the power of this Remnant weakening.” The Rabbit Man warned, as he slowly started melting into the floor. “You have until 5 AM to get this mess sorted…or I will turn to more…aggressive means to capturing this Boy…do you understand?” He warned, before melting into the floor with no answer, leaving the men and Vanny with Mangle.

Suddenly, almost like a dog knowing its owner was gone, became more animated and started licking with a dry, metallic tongue the face of Vanny who didn’t seem to react to that either. “I L-O-V-E S-I-S-T-E-R.” It moaned, which made Charles wince. “We can all agree that thing definitely has something diseased in it right?” the Mangle stood behind Vanny as She whispered something into Mangle’s supposed ear. “Find Freddy” She whispered, and at once Mangle crawled away and out of sight into a nearby vent. It crawled up the wall and ripped the grating off and sprung through the vent like a spider, disappearing into the darkness. “What the hell?” Ryan said, creeped out. “It will Find Freddy, then report back…in the meantime, we have work to do.” Vanny, said, before returning back to Her office. Dawko wiped a brow of sweat off His forehead, keeping His composure.

“Alright Boys, listen up…We are in the stinker. I don’t care what you do, find that damn bear and the damned kid! We don’t have a lot of time!” Dawko said, haste in His voice as He started to leave the room. “And if we don’t?” Razz asked, afraid to ask but did so anyway. Dawko stopped in His tracks, before turning to the doctor with a sinister frown. “Our goose is cooked.”

Back in Vanny’s security room, she flipped through a number of cameras, trying to see if she could get eyes on Evan, and to her surprise she did on the first few clicks. He was with a group of people, with the CEO Mark and the daycare lead Clementine. Vanny laughed as she stood from Her desk and grabbed Her tool of choice, the kitchen knife. “This will be fun…” She said under Her breath, the only sound coming from the room was the faint hum of the computer monitors, and her distant humming of a tune.

Chapter 13: Chapter 12

Chapter Text

Freddy tried contacting Gregory again, but he couldn’t get reception…it seemed like someone was blocking His communicator from talking with anything remotely, which made it very difficult to not worry about the state of security. Freddy was carrying a turned off Monty towards Rockstar Row, running into a few endoskeleton zombies as he did. Thankfully Freddy was able to smash them as he passed, none of them posing a real threat and most of them avoiding him for the most part, but they still freaked him out. What was going on? What was in Monty? Why was any of this happening and how was Gregory involved? The whole problem was like something that had been happening for so long and yet it came to a head now that the final pieces were in place.

Monty limply hung on Freddy’s back, the Gator looked like he was dead but Freddy knew that He would be fine…that once this night was over and the police were called then everything would be fine. He’d find Vanessa and Jeremy, and He’d find Gregory too! If he was with DJ Music Man, then he knew at least Gregory was safe for now. DJ Music Man was on an entirely different security system, which meant that whatever infected his friends wouldn’t affect Music Man…hopefully.
As Freddy hauled Monty to His room, He found that He couldn’t get into his own room. Freddy placed his paw onto the lock again and still He was locked out. Freddy wasn’t sure why, but it was almost like the scanner didn’t ready him as ‘Freddy’ anymore. Maybe that also could be why his communicator was offline? It didn’t make sense, but still he needed to get to Parts and Service to find what was wrong with Monty. Freddy tried using Monty as a recognizer and still nothing. Freddy was running out of options…but it seemed like the only way down was using the show stage…but even that was a risk because there could be too many endos for him to fight but also carry Monty through.

Then Freddy got an idea. “Hold on Monty, I think I know what to do.” He consoled the limp corpse. “Hold on just a bit longer, Friend.” He said, hoisting him through a set of double doors that had a set of spiraling staircase down into a dark corner of the PizzaPlex. It was a risk, but Freddy was willing to take it if it meant helping his Rock Mate. Down below the PizzaPlex was a network of tunnels constructed to make sure that the Mall was stable. The Mall was built over where a massive earthquake mysteriously happened out of nowhere. The Quake made no sense to scientists, who knew this area shouldn’t have had something like that happen. Thus, a massive cave system was unearthed and nobody knew what caused the initial quake or why, but clearly it was a massive problem for anyone buying the land.

Fazbears bought up the cheap land, threw a mall on top, taped up the story as a bargain, then weirdly went quiet about what exactly was the cause. Fazbear labelled it as a ‘attraction before the main event’ where people could check out the Fazbear cave underneath the Mall before it was built. It was where the original idea of a museum for all Fazbear memorabilia was to be before being slid into the Rockstar Row area. Suddenly, after Fazbear found something, they stopped the program instantly and everything about the original plan was shut down.

The cave was then marked unstable, and not even employees were allowed down in the deeper depths without direct clearance. Freddy knew he couldn’t go very deep, but he knew that parts of the cave system were semi-converted into walkways before they were closed down to lead into the Parts and Service area. If those catwalks and places were still there, then maybe he could use them to get into Parts and Service.

As Freddy descended into the stairway. The stairs were deep, and as Freddy went further down, the darkness started encroaching closer. Freddy kept lofting his Gator Friend to his shoulder as they moved further down the stairway. The air got colder as Freddy went down, the atmosphere showing dust in the dim amount of light from small lights on the walls of the concrete building. As they went down further, the walls became stone and slowly but surely they entered into the ‘Fazbear Cave’.

Dripping from far away stalactites could be heard as Freddy and unconscious Monty hit the bottom. Before Freddy, a straight hallway that was carved out was completely pitch black, save for a few dim lights to let you see the walls of the cave. Freddy pressed on, His friend on his shoulders and a bravery in his metallic heart. He had never been in the caves, neither his friends, but Bonnie was always freaked out by the idea of the caves. Labyrinths underneath the PizzaPlex where you could get lost and nobody could find you? No way!

Freddy trekked through, dirt and grim on the rock floor of the cave coated his polished plastic feet and made him slightly slip around as his feet weren’t designed for rock walking. He tried to keep Himself upright, trying to move through the cave and see where He was going. Stalagmites from the ground were directly underneath their stalactite partner, water dripping from the cave ceiling. Boxes and crates for hauling caving supplies were left to gather dust, clearly unused or seen for years after the initial dig. There was also a cut out of a character that was laid around, toppled over and clearly was the ‘mascot’ of this attraction when it was in use before the Mall was even close to finished.

It looked like what would be later known as El Chip, but it’s buckteeth were a little bigger…and it’s eyes were just a bit more oval-ish than circles. The character’s eyes were blue instead of El Chip’s green, plus it had what looked like a hard-hat on instead of the signature sombrero. It looked like the beaver was wielding a hand-axe and raised it like it was cutting a tree down. Freddy had never seen the character before, and no name was coming to mind. He brushed it off, continuing down the cave and looking for any kinds of signs or directions.

The cave museum had some old artifacts left, but a majority of them were missing or were moved elsewhere. Fazbear didn’t really seem to care about the history, mainly sticking to either stories that were half-baked truths or were just straight up lies about the company as a whole. Most stories didn’t include the downfall of Freddy’s, the ‘mysterious disappearances made from the mind of a complete lunatic’, and how the company as a whole was almost thrown to bankruptcy almost three times before the PizzaPlex. As Freddy went down the path, the question that had always bit at Him, and the question that always was on the public mind, was why?

Why even bother trying to move forwards anymore? Was it out of spite? Was it cause Fazbear just was really damn persistent? Or was it that Henry Emily, the man behind the company for years, had a dream he wanted and sought out? It felt like every time a location opened to MAYBE bring this occult location back to its feet, it went literally up in flames…the robots were unsalvageable…the media knew nothing…and everything was just a mess to understand. Then a name got thrown around…someone named Afton. Once the name was in the news of who the ‘killer’ was, it was on every news bulletin for months… ‘Local pizza chain murders finally has name to killer, William Afton. Authorities say he dressed in a rabbit costume and then lured the kids into the back, where he would shove the corpses into the show robots to then have them perform on stage.’ But they never found him…he just up and vanished…he became the Jason of Utah, the Michael Myers of Pizza chains, and Fazbear never even bothered to throw it into this Museum. From the question dodging to the straight up lying, it never sat right with Freddy once.

Eventually, the hallway of memories then came to a bigger, more circular room. Strangely, this place was far better lit than the caves, with spotlights set up at angles to what appeared to be some kind of alter in the middle of the room. This room was practically daytime with how bright the ceiling was. Not only were three spotlights fixated on three very, unstable pillars, but there was a big light that shined down onto the cage in the center of the room. The walls were still very much cave-like, clearly carved out by some kind of digging machine. Freddy gazed at the center of this room, His gaze fixated on something that laid in the middle of the room in the metal cage. Inside, there was another robot, one that seemed circled up in a ball in the middle of the small cage. It looked brown and fluffy, clearly being contained for either being dangerous or important. Freddy seemed uncertain of the creature inside the cage in the room, figuring he should focus on Monty. On the other side of the room, there was a double door that was painted white and that was wide open. At the far end of the hall was the words on the wall ‘Parts and Service’ in black letters. Freddy gave an affirmative nod as He heaved Monty forwards. “Monty! We are almost there Friend! Just a bit farther and you will be back to normal! We can meet up with Gregory and Music Man, maybe find Jeremy too!” He said with excitement.

Suddenly, as Freddy neared the double doors, they slammed shut, and an alarm began to ring out throughout the cave. Freddy looked down and saw he tripped some kind of trip wire loose, causing the lockdown. The door they came through also shut behind them, keeping them looked inside the room. The spotlights were still white, focusing on the cage in the center, while the overhead light had turned bright red and flashed danger. Freddy placed down Monty as he looked for a shut off or something to get the doors open.

An intercom suddenly rang out, with an ear-piercing ring shortly after before someone began to speak. “I see you there…carrying what’s left of your friend…” The voice said, sounding crackly as it spoke and difficult to make out. “Surface dwellers aren’t welcome here…why are you here, Freddy Fazbear?” The voice said, clearly agitated. Freddy didn’t recognize the voice, as he adjusted Monty in His arms. “I just need to get to Parts and Service, I did not mean to intrude!” Freddy said, now noticing the creature in the box. “But yet you have…and us here at Chipper and Co aren’t big fans of you…Freddy…” The creature on the intercom said. “…We were so much better than you…so much…more…but then they threw us away.” The voice said, grumbling and growling as it spoke. “When the tickets stopped…they threw us in cages. But now, we can throw you away…in one, last spectacle.” The voice explained, “And Mister Afton never forgot us…” It finished, before the voice was suddenly replaced with loud, rock music that shook the cavern.

The cage gave a rattle, a deep growl. Red eyes then peered from a beaver-like monster that was trying to force its way out of the cage by shaking and scratching with its sharp claws and gnashing its sharp teeth. Suddenly, in a burst of power, it broke from the box and laid on the floor. It was brown from head to toe, with a set of blue overalls that were tied to it’s body to keep its pants up. Its face had a set of teeth that rotated like a wood-chipper and the name Chipper was printed onto the side of its arm. It looked at the plastic action figure Freddy and roared a deep roar. A fluff of hair was flowing on its top, and its little ears flickered as it listened around for movement. Almost in a jump, it lunged at Freddy, attempting to gnaw at him. Freddy dodged to the side and fell onto the cave floor with a thud. The beast then turned and went for another swipe with its big claws. Freddy gasped as he dodged again and got back onto his feet. The spotlights on the makeshift supports seemed to follow Chipper as he sprung around. It didn’t speak, but it was almost like it was motioning for Freddy to take a punch at him. Chipper seemed patient enough, like he wanted a clean fight from Freddy and eagerly awaited the beatdown.

“If You want violence Beaver…then I am afraid I will not.” Freddy said, backing away. Chipper seemed to take it as ‘I’ll take another hit’ and ran up to Freddy. He jabbed a hand forwards as he punched Freddy in the face and knocked him down. Freddy fell to the floor, his faceplate having been damaged as it was just plastic. He looked to his attacker, seeing Chipper over Him and tried to roll out of the way. Chipper took a clawed foot and slammed it down onto Freddy’s stomach, making Him limply shake. Freddy tried to pull Chipper’s foot off, but it did no good. The Beaver then unscrewed his left hand with his right and in its place he put what was some kind of miniature chainsaw. As Chipper started revving the chainsaw arm, He made a nasty smile with his nightmarish face and slowly started pointing and connecting it to Freddy. In sudden strength before the chainsaw hit, Freddy punched Chipper’s leg and made the robot tumble to His side. Freddy took the opportunity and gave Chipper a kick in the face, before getting to his feet and backing up.

Chipper almost sounded like he was laughing, as he stood up and revved up the mini-chainsaw again. Freddy didn’t give him and chance and caved to his violence. Freddy slack-jawed Chipper, Freddy’s hand breaking as the plastic made contact with the metal monster. Chipper used his claw hand to grab hold of a busted hand and yanked it towards His chainsaw. The metal tool sawed through the plastic with ease, as Chipper then shoved Freddy back with his claw and pushed the bear to the floor. Freddy fell with a grunt, looking to his now completely busted hand. Freddy gasped, as Chipper then sauntered over to Freddy.

Freddy looked around for anything, any way of beating this thing. With a missing arm and no real weapon He stood no chance. Freddy then turned to Monty, his body still slack against the wall. He got an idea, getting to his feet and running towards Monty. Chipper, seeing his opponent begin to run, started sprinting towards Freddy ecstatically. Freddy reached towards Monty’s switch and quickly flicked it, before tumbling out of the way. As Chipper neared Freddy, he was suddenly pushed back by an unknown force. “GRAW!” Monty roared as He plowed straight into Chipper, His purple claws ripping into the machine and forcing it to the floor.

Thankfully, Monty was still enraged, but Freddy had to be fast before Monty decided to turn on him. Freddy looked for any kind of tool in the cave that could shut down Chipper but the crates were all tightly fastened and nothing was lying about that Freddy could use. “I’LL KILL YOU FURBALL!” Monty roared at Chipper, who struggled getting the big Gator off of him. Monty used one claw to rip at the joint holding the chainsaw on the arm apart, making Chipper scream a hit-pitched wail. Freddy winced, looking towards the giant lights that followed Chipper.

Freddy then had an idea…stumbling towards the wooden beams holding the lights up. He started kicking at the beams, trying to get the lights to fall. As Freddy felled the first light, the glass of the light hitting the floor and shattering, Chipper twisted its head towards Freddy and tried to escape Monty. The gator gave a flurry of punches to Chipper’s face, breaking the face plate of the beaver but Monty’s arms and claws being perfectly intact.

With a smile of victory, Freddy ran to the next light, breaking the wood beam of that light and the spotlight shattering. Chipper screamed even louder as it tried to escape Monty. It tried using a free claw to shove Monty’s face, but the aggravated Gator wouldn’t break off. Black goo started pouring from Monty, the pure rage was melting out of every orifice and seam on the beast. His eyes were completely pitch black holes, the black goo having melted onto his eyes. Freddy quickly hunkered over towards the final pillar, knocking it loose and the final light falling to the floor.

The room was now far darker, with only one good light source hanging from the ceiling. Monty then shoved the creature towards the center of the room, completely unaware of Freddy’s plan, before suddenly biting into Chipper’s neck with his sharp jaws. Chipper had his legs ripped off from Monty at some point in the scramble, Chipper being completely helpless as it tried to squirm away like a wild animal. Freddy looked around for something to throw at the light, anything like a rock or stick to hopefully break the light. Freddy then reached for his plastic hat, taking it off with his still attached hand and looking down at it. “I only have one shot at this.” He said, before taking aim at the pillar holding the light in the air. Freddy aimed carefully, taking careful precision. Just above the lights was a poorly supported wire that held the heavy lights up. Freddy reached back and gave the hat a spinning throw before releasing and cutting the wire with the hopefully sharp enough hat. As Monty got up to survey the work he did on Chipper, who was meekly still moving, He looked behind him towards Freddy. Monty didn’t move, but just gave a thumbs up shakily as his face began to twitch. Freddy noticed the gesture, realizing that somewhere…deep down…Monty was still in there.

The hat reached its target, cutting the weak wire and breaking the overhead lights free from the ceiling. The lights toppled to the floor and fell on the wrestling robots, turning the room darker as the lights gave out.

The room went silent, the whirring of machinery dying out and the heavy rock music that was playing suddenly quieted. Freddy stared at the pile in the center of the room, unable to see Monty in the pile of lights and wires before him. The double doors towards Parts and Service then opened, revealing the sign on the wall and the hallway forwards as the only light source for the room now. Freddy sighed as he, now alone, limped over to the exit. As Freddy left the dark room, he looked behind him and towards the opening He and Monty came through. In the doorway, a figure stood, a large black bear with big, red eyes. Freddy didn’t stay around any longer, speeding up his walking towards the light.

Star and Jeremy walked forwards towards Parts and Service, with Jeremy limping forwards slightly. The two had just escaped Foxy and the crew of pirates, riding down the main stage to the main access towards Parts and Service to investigate the personality chip that was wedged into Chica that made her lose control. Jeremy sighed as they walked the concrete hallway towards a set of red doors on the other end. Halfway through the hallway, on the right, was to general storage for the endoskeletons that would be there in case of replacement or for more attractions. It also was for the main storage hub for anything prop related or for décor. The metal shutter that kept that side shut down was busted open, as if a huge wave of monsters came barreling through the hole. Metal scraps were all over the floor, with a couple endoskeleton parts on the floor and a head laying on the cold, concrete floor that looked up at Star and Jeremy.

After seeing what these things could do, Jeremy knew full well that all the endoskeletons down here could just be up on the surface, looking for prey. Jeremy had been scared the whole night, but looking down that dark hallway towards storage felt more like dread, like looking into the nest of a monster, rather than being a terrifying monster. Star nudged him along, wanting to leave the place herself.

As the two got to the double doors, Jeremy looked through a small crack in the doorway they made and slid on inside quietly. The big room was tiled on the floor, but in a plain white color. To the left was a small storage location for replacement parts for body pieces for robots and extra nick naks for the robots as they needed them. It was lit up by lights underneath a grated floor that’s holes were too small for anything to fall through, but just wide enough that the red light casted an ominous look to the crates that still made it difficult to make anything out in the distance. Beyond the crates was an entrance to a lower portion of the PizzaPlex that was usually locked down, but it was mainly dark down that hallway and incredibly unwelcoming.

To the right, a row of rooms that had a glass wall to peer into the rooms sat unused, with one of the glass rooms windows being broken. What the purpose of those rooms were was uncertain to Jeremy, but it seemed like they would contain some kind of creature or person. The rooms themselves were very big, but it seemed weird for a place that designed robot attractions.

A massive, spherical machine sat in the center of the room, with a catwalk around the back that had stairs leading up towards a set of four, metal doors, each with a symbol on it that reflected the room that lead to that Rockstar Row room. The big machine in the center of the room was used to repair and redesign the robots for use, but could only be operated on the inside as a safety measure. If something went funny in the robot, it was contained to the chamber, rather than breaking lose. Jeremy walked ahead to the big chamber, the door on the front sliding upwards to open. Inside the big, metal pot was a spread of computers around a bed that could be hooked up to the robot to change its parts and check its protocols. Jeremy had never really used this machine before, but he tried hooking up what he could.

On the computer, a small insert was to the side of the boxy, cheap computer that could load up these personality chips to see what the issue could be. Jeremy slid the trashy looking flappy disk thing into the system and smacked a couple of buttons and icons on screen to see what he could find. Star stood outside the machine, looking around for any sign of hostiles that could interrupt them. She looked over towards the boxes that had the spare parts and pieces for the robots to the right, and curiosity got the better of her. As Jeremy worked on the computers, Star looked through the crates of pieces. She looked over the names printed on the sides, with the shipping addresses and barcodes showing what robot it belong to and for what they were needed for being taped on by a piece of paper. She pried the first crate open that read ‘Chica’ and saw a whole bunch of Chica pieces, mostly already assembled and ready for a personality chip and a volt of power given to them. She pulled a few parts out and started assembling what she could, but mostly what she needed was a power supply and a chip. Setting the Chica body aside, Another crate caught her eye. On the side was printed, ‘Roxanne Wolf’.
Star looked around for anybody to stop Her, before plunging into the crate and seeing what was inside. It was what you expected, with a whole host of pieces and parts. She looked over the Roxanne parts, picking up what was half a faceplate and eying it like a beloved photograph. Star wanted to see Roxanne, but holding the pieces that made up her was just enough. The plastic plates were lightweight, and had an almost glossiness to them that made them reflective. What Star didn’t expect was a whole bunch of other parts that were strangely similar to her own parts. It was only a few, but it looked like they were somewhat mixed into the crates.

As she looked behind the Roxanne crate, there was a name plastered on the side that she didn’t recognize, ‘Fiona’. Star looked puzzled as She stood up. “Hey Jeremy!” She called out to the guard, who had the door of the machine open and was hard at work. “What?” He called back, still mashing away on the keyboard before Him. “How many attractions did you say there was?” She asked, waiting for Him to reply. Jeremy thought about it for a second, trying to think of all of them. “Uh…quite a few were initially planned but the main cast was Freddy at Fazerblast, Chica in Mazersize, Roxy at Roxy’s Raceway, and Bonnie at Bonnie Bowl…but there were a few side attractions if I remember that were tied like sidekicks to the characters that were planned but never happened or shut down really early…why?” He asked back, not looking away. Star gazed over the crate and brushed a claw against the ‘Fiona’ crate. “Do you have names?” She asked, not looking away. Jeremy finally got up from the computer as he started loading up another system to come see what Star found.
Standing to her side, they both looked at the Fiona crate in intrigue. “Well there was Pirate’s cove with Foxy that paired with Monty…then there was the Fazbear Theater that tied to Freddy that technically the Daycare attendant was the main attraction for…again that was shut down too.” Jeremy was trying to think of all the failed attractions that either didn’t pan out or just weren’t worth the keep up. “Then there was the West arcade which was kinda tied to all the characters and was remodeled after Bonnie was off the main cast…and I think Roxy had initially had some kind of sidekick but I don’t think that even came close to being finished. There was a very tight budget and most stuff didn’t get in that was supposed to…like the rollercoaster they were gonna do over the main atrium but they never got the funding for.” Jeremy said, prying open the crate. “I have no idea who ‘Fiona’ was but it seemed like this was going to be for Roxy’s pal…I’m guessing Fiona would have been for the hair salon and beauty care store that is in Roxy’s Raceway before they just had Roxy as the face for everything…”

Star looked over the face plates and the parts, noting that they looked similar to her own parts in a way. The joints and fingers were the same, the face and cheek plates were the same, even down to the color of the bright yellow and blue cheeks. Star reached for two buttons on her neck that clicked and let her remove her faceplate that revealed her endoskeleton face and looked at the barcode that was heavily scratched off on the side that read ‘F-ona’. “These…” Star said, looking at her face plate and the faceplate name. “…these are my pieces.” She said, before clicking her faceplate back on and looking through the parts. “These were going to be my costumes…all looking similar to Roxanne! I was right!” Star said, exuberant. “I was going to be Fiona! These are my parts!” She said, hugging Jeremy tightly and spinning around in excitement. Jeremy was surprised by the sudden move and then sick from the spinning. “Okay cool but like you’re squeezing me a bit.” He said, trying not to puke. Star set Jeremy down and shifted through the box like a kid at a birthday party, looking and trying different parts on her body.

“Gasp! This is such a cute outfit! Hold on, I gotta dive through this! You keep doing the research-y thingy! I’m going to be right here!” She said, throwing the pirate hat on her head aside and diving into the parts. Jeremy stepped and few paces back, before going back to the computer to try and not think about the fact that logically Star was looking through body parts like it was clothing and not limbs for bodies. He also saw that she had laid out parts of Chica that hopefully could use a personality chip and behave totally normal again, but first to figure out what the hell was up with this one.
Jeremy had set up a scan system to try and analyze what happened to this chip, with the report showing it found something. Jeremy looked at the green computer monitor screen and read the code of the chip, not knowing any of the weirdo nerd code going on that made Chica function. However, as the code was cycling, he noticed a particular code that was in the system that was named very strangely. It was named ‘/If RemCard_Function_Execute_WA_’ Jeremy wasn’t a computer wizz, but that name stuck out to him. It seemed like the program that ran safety measures for the robots were tied directly to this program. Maybe if he deleted the line of code that would fix it? Jeremy tried deleting the line but when he did it just popped right back on the screen. He looked at doing a whole system reset. He pressed a icon that reset the disk in the system by cleaning the data and then reuploaded a file that was name ‘Chica.Rom’ and still the line popped back up as the security check went through again. It was like the chip itself was the problem. Giving up, he unplugged the purple chip and threw it in the can.

He went to a filing cabinet on the other side of the metal pot and opened one of the drawers which he hoped had whole bunch of back-up personality chips on them. Only one chip was in, and It was a copy of Chica’s main chip.
As Jeremy looked over the chip, the thought crossed his mind that all of this had to of happened by someone who already knew the workings of the system! He couldn’t believe someone would purposely sabotage the robot…but maybe it wasn’t sabotage in the sense that it was to ruin the robots, but to use them for something else. Jeremy had a feeling that the weird men He and Star ran into must have been behind it…that doctor and suit guy. “It was Dawko and Vanny! They are trying to do something really bad Jeremy!” A squeaky voice called from Jeremy’s side. Jeremy jumped but then realized it was just Helpy on the green monitor. The bear was only various shades of green as he moved around on the computer screen. Jeremy held the real Chica card in his hand as He looked towards Helpy. “So this Dawko…is he like a son of Willian Afton or something?” He asked the green bear, who was rolling around in the computer code. “He definitely works for the big baddie…but I wouldn’t say He’s His son…” Helpy said, jumping to the bottom of the screen. “What about this Vanny? The white rabbit right? What part in this does she play?” He asked Helpy, who stared up at Jeremy. “She’s someone you know Jeremy…think about it…who do you know would have access to all the security around here, and has been absent all through the night?” He asked Jeremy, who pondered it for no longer than three seconds. “MARK!” Jeremy exclaimed. Helpy looked at Jeremy, dumbfounded. “Okay…who else?” He asked with a more bated breath.

Jeremy thought about it and realized that he hadn’t seen Mark OR Vanessa either...and both of them have better connections to security than anyone else in the building. Vanessa wouldn’t hurt the company or him would she? It didn’t make any sense. “I would be careful who you trust Jeremy, I think something happened to Vanessa…” Helpy said, before disappearing offscreen.

Jeremy sat back in the rolling chair that was inside the Parts and Service machine, looking up towards the surgeon style lights that could be moved around to get better lighting around the room, unsure of what he could trust. If Vanessa was truly helping these bad guys…then for what reason? Money? Power? It didn’t sit right. Vanessa my have had a short temper and look exhausted all the time, but she was still a good person.

A memory came to Jeremy’s mind as He sat back and processed what had happened. He thought about one of the first few days they had been open, and Vanessa wasn’t as she looked now. She was pretty put together and always was smiling. Her eyes were vibrant and full of color, and she always was hanging out with some of the newer people to train and them and show them the wonder and magnificence of this place. Maybe she grew exhausted of it…but then why would she take so many hours and almost work herself to death?

Maybe someone was FORCING her to work herself to death…was it Mark or someone else from corporate, or was it herself pushing too hard? Jeremy then realized that He couldn’t remember when Vanessa was hired either. She was a transfer if he remembered but from where was a mixed issue within the company. Eventually they just let her keep working because she wanted too and it was almost like she never left the place ever…just like him.

Jeremy then thought about how he felt like he never left either, like he had always worked here. He called his older memories of being there up but then realized he kinda couldn’t remember the exact details of why he loved Freddy’s so much. He remembered growing up with them in his hometown but not how he was hired onto being at the PizzaPlex. Jeremy felt like there were too many holes in His and Vanessa’s story that didn’t feel right. At the same time, Jeremy thought about His own family suddenly. Tonight had been a toll on Him, but suddenly He couldn’t remember His parents faces, and it was like a dark cloud hid the names from Him. “Why can I not remember?” He said aloud to Himself, trying to grasp the memory but it was just failing Him. “You know what Jeremy, you’ve had a long night…you got these weird zappy powers now and all this stuff is happening…maybe We just keep pushing forward. I can do this.” He said to Himself, grabbing up the Chica card and walking back over to Star.

As He walked over, He raised the card to show Star. “Hey, I think I figured out…” He then stopped dead in His tracks as he observed the robot before Him. She had a similar design to Roxane, with the long and flowing hair with a single line of red. She still had the more Foxy the pirate design as well, but it was mixed in with some other parts as well. She had a full racing suit that was black, save for the joins which were pink around the legs and yellow around the arms. She completely abandoned the pirate hat but kept at least one of the rings and the flintlock as a weapon. She still had the same Minty smell but it was much stronger, like She was fresh out of the box. Roped around her waist with thick wires that worked like a belt she had a metal pipe that she fixed the nuts and ‘treasure’ from her dad to form a crude weapon to replace her scabbard she lost to the goo vending machine. Her claws looked sharper, with a more flexible body design and a slicker model than before. She clearly looked more like Her racing counterpart. She also had the same fake leg warmers around Her wrist and legs like Roxanne but instead of being purple and black they were Blue and yellow to match her yellow body and blue make-up. She didn’t wear any helmet, But she still looked very protected. The name Fiona was written in cursive along one of the sleeves of the shirt in glossy yellow and blue font.

“So Fiona huh?” Jeremy asked, folding His arms. “Seems like that would be it.” She said with a smile. “So, what have you found?” Fiona asked, placing an claw on Her hip and slouching. “Well, I think I understand what happened to everyone…they have bad chips.” Jeremy said, flashing Chica’s original chip in his hand. “Each robot has a specific personality chip in them that dictates day patterns, night shifts, songs played, behaviors, all that jazz…” Jeremy explained. “When a chip is damaged, their patterns break or they shut down, and there are protocols in the system to make sure that their chips are safe. However, someone swapped out their chips for different ones just before Showtime. I think someone sabotaged the show.” Jeremy added, walking towards Chica’s new body and putting the final touches on it. “So whatever this virus/bug/mold stuff is, is inside the chip and not the robot? What kind of computer code makes a robot mold?” Fiona asked, crouching down and observing the process.

Jeremy pressed Chica’s back head and the slot for a card was shown. “No idea…I think it’s some kind of corrupting code that makes them become sporadic and I guess is cursed? Like the Vending Machine and when Chica went into ‘Sea Chicken mode’ I guess we can call it.” Jeremy said, pressing a few buttons and sliding the card in. Jeremy closed the hatch and backed away from the bird. Fiona put a hand on Her makeshift club as She backed away from Chica. Suddenly, Chica’s previously shut eyes opened and she gasped. She started frantically looking around and saw Jeremy and Fiona. “Wait! Stay back! Something…” But as she braced for something to happen, nothing did. Chica looked down at her new hands and felt her head. She blinked, then gave a half chuckle. “N-v-m I guess! All’s good girl friends!” She said with a chirp in her voice. Jeremy and Fiona looked at each other and uneasily relaxed. Fiona was the first to introduce. “The Names Fiona, Fiona Fox…This is Jeremy the Human.” She said, raising her claws in His general direction. Jeremy looked at Chica, who smiled and tiled Her head. “Oh! You’re one of the security buffs right? Where is everyone else? Are they oki doki?” Chica asked, some of Her valley girl showing as she got to her feet. The two mechanical animals in front of Jeremy were so life-like it was scary. Why did this never stick out to Jeremy before? “Uh…yeah. I’m kinda trying to figure that out too. We don’t really have a read on the situation.” Jeremy explained. “Something happened to your system and replaced your personality chip…but we have no clue who.” Jeremy added. Chica looked towards Fiona.

“Wait…who are you again? I don’t remember a Fiona Fox anywhere here.” Chica said, puzzled by the new arrival. “I was a concept for a place here but never got it.” She said, with a bit of resentment in Her voice as she did. “Oh…that sucks…So now what?” She said, turning back towards Jeremy. The guard wasn’t really sure. He was originally dead-set on breaking all the robots and tearing this place down. After learning that maybe these guys have more life, it felt kinda sucky to be a bad guy here. “Well, we need to find CEO Mark, He’s bound to know something hopefully…We just gotta avoid Foxy and the Endoskeletons upstairs and we are golden.” Jeremy explained. Chica blinked a look of confusion before suddenly answering. “I have no idea what any of that means but you got my dude!” She said, giving a thumbs up.

Jeremy gave a chuckle, before seeing something coming from behind Chica. The hulking body had a damaged arm and was clutching it with its remaining hand. Its body was dirty and scratched in all sorts of places, like it just survived being in a shredder. The Creature was trying to pull off the wires it had draped on its body and growled slightly as it pulled forwards and fell behind Chica. The three looked towards the orange mass and backed up slowly. Suddenly, Chica looked at Him and gasped. “Freddy!” She said, before crouching down and pulling the wires off of Him.

Freddy Fazbear had been battered and bruised, clearly broken within an inch of his life and His energy being low. “C-chica? I-is that y-you?” He asked, looking very beat up. Freddy was trying to keep his energy but it was failing. “Yes Freddy! It’ll be okay! We’ll get you parts and you’ll be fine!” She said, looking into a Freddy crate and finding only a few spare parts. “Shoot! Someone already took them!” Chica said, looking towards Freddy. Jeremy and Fiona looked towards Freddy and pulled him into the room. “I can fix these! Grab parts from the others! I’ll make it work!” Jeremy said.

What was Jeremy doing? It was just a robot, but suddenly He felt like this thing was somehow more alive than He gave credit. He and Fiona pulled Freddy onto the workshop table and started the repairing systems. Jeremy smashed around a coupled buttons while Fiona started unscrewing the broken pieces and Chica brought over whatever parts she could. “I got a Monty arm, a Roxy shoulder…would some old Bonnie parts work?” She asked, kinda unsure of what to do. Jeremy and Fiona shrugged, messing around with levers and switches to get things working. “Wait so you turned me on and functioning…but have no clue how to fix Freddy!?” She squawked. “If we are being totally honest, we were just guessing…let me see the Monty arm.” Fiona said, trying to tighten the part onto Freddy. It surprisingly seemed to work, with Freddy now having a green arm and purple hand on his right. Jeremy was watching Freddy’s energy and saw it was going down really fast all of sudden, like His battery was leaking. “Open Freddy’s stomach hatch, something could be busted there that is causing the energy levels to plummet.” Jeremy commanded. Fiona pressed onto Freddy’s stomach and it opened with a hiss. On the inside, blue liquid was leaking from a cylinder near the throat region. “WE need to replace the battery, twist that off and then put this one in place.” Jeremy instructed.

Fiona, with careful precision, took out the melty battery and put in the new one. Freddy suddenly jumped from almost no juice to being full energy. Jeremy also noticed that one of the motors in His body needed replacing that had looked to be stepped on by a small creature. “I need a new piston for this part here.” He motioned, with Chica bringing the new part. One piece at a time, and making sure they didn’t break anything, they fixed Freddy…well, at least enough so He could stand on both feet.

Freddy stretched His legs, and Jeremy, Fiona, and Chica smiled in success. “Oh Freddy! I was so worried!” Chica said, hugging Freddy tightly. “When everything happened, I lost control and couldn’t stop eating stuff…plus I felt really really sad and angry.” She said, adjusting a new Hat on Freddy’s head. “Are you sure you are okay now Chica?” Freddy asked, eying Her suspiciously. “I promise! Cross my heart and hope to fly! I’m back to a strict diet of veggies and pizza!” She said, smiling warmly. Freddy gave a sigh, happy to have at least one of His friends back. Freddy then realized Jeremy was here, gasping at the sight.

“Jeremy! You are safe! Thank goodness!” He said. “I got separated from Gregory not too long ago. I told Him to go to the West Arcade but I have not heard back from Him. Someone has caused interference on my communications with Gregory.” Freddy explained. Chica tilted her head towards the name. “Whose Gregory?” Chica asked. “One of the Missing kids in the place.” Fiona answered. Chica suddenly freaked out. “MISSING!? OMG WE ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!” Chica said, pulling down on Her small tuff of hair at the top of Her head. Jeremy gave a small laugh. “That is the least of out troubles at the moment, my feathered friend…someone’s been messing with your systems. It made you guys go loopy. We need to figure out who…” Jeremy explained. “Isn’t it obvious Jeremy? It was the necromancer!” Fiona exclaimed.

Freddy and Chica looked at Her with an expression of ‘what’ as Jeremy filled in the details. “it’s that William Afton guy…you know the one that like was a pretty bad dude and did all those crimes a long time ago? No clue why He’s called the necromancer but…” Fiona suddenly butted in. “I already told you! He had a power to bring the dead back to life! How much else do you need?” She rebuked. “Like I told Jeremy, Foxy said that He had some kind of magic power to bring the anguish and sadness of the dead to life…making puppets of darkness to try and rule the world! Or something like that…” Fiona explained. “He was stopped because of one…the one He should not have killed…but somehow, the dark Necromancer used His own spell on Himself, making Himself a monster that wants to spread His dark power and rule everything. Death wants Him so desperately that He’d be willing just to take anyone that His dark power has touched to bring life. That was the thing that chased us down there Jeremy.” Fiona explained.

Freddy realized who she was talking about. “Do you mean that scary, giant ghost that looks sort of like…Me? Big, Black, with red eyes and hunts in the dark?” Freddy questioned. “Yep! Sounds like Him! Using something from this places history as His weapon against those that should not be living…We need to stop The Necromancer or get Him captured by Death or We could suffer a terrible fate.” Fiona explained, some of Her pirate speech coming out as she exasperatingly explained the lore. Chica shrugged. “Sounds too Fantasy to me…I’ll be over at Mazersize!” She said, walking towards the red, double doors. “Chica wait!” Freddy said, trying to stop Her from leaving, when suddenly a loud roar came from the storage area that Freddy came from.

Out of the shadows, a hunkering mass of metal stomped out from the darkness. The dark monster that’s endoskeleton was showing on one half of its body, was what was left of Montgomery Gator.

Chapter 14: Chapter 13; 3:00 am

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The Mall segment of the PizzaPlex was surprisingly the least popular segment in the entirety of the PizzaPlex. Most people who came here were looking for stores were looking for merchandise shops more than for just casual shopping. However, Fazbear found a little work around to this situation in the form of ‘Fazcoins’. The way the system worked was simple; Go to the amusem*nts and play. When you finished the main amusem*nts, you were rewarded a handful of coins based either on how well you played or how expensive the ride was. You then could spend the money in the mall for merch they didn’t sell anywhere else. You could make your own ‘Fazfriend’ which was essentially building a Freddy Fazbear action figure to take home, get big name toys or electronics, or even buy passes to meet the robots at select retailers in the store.

Most people pointed out that this system felt like it replaced the Prize Corner as that was also the whole point of the location, so Fazbear ended up changing the Prize Corner into more of a VIP lounge for those who bought the location as more of a special once in a while location to see and get other merchandise. It seemed like Fazbear really just wanted to push their toys so hard that they would almost pay people to buy their dumb plastic toys rather than actually enjoy the location. Hell, They probably would if it actually made them more money. The company seemed to always dig themselves into a hole and then say it was always part of the plan…and yet it seemed to actually be working out for them for once…until now anyway.

The Mall segment still isn’t the most liked, but at least it gave people something else to chew on and get blasted for ads with…and if Fazbear knew anything, is that if you advertise something long enough, they’ll cave. However, in the darkness of night, the Mall was silent as the grave. The cold atmosphere of the completely isolated Mall was sharp in contrast to everything else in the store. It felt like walking in space itself, with a mist wrapping around the bottom of the walls of the mall.

Gregory peered around one of the corners of the dimly lit strip mall. Ahead, three different directions were visible; left, right, and forward. Ahead was a sign that read ‘Main Atrium Entrance’, with left and right having smaller text to indicate stores that were inside the mall segment of the PizzaPlex. The center room had a massive water fountain in the center that was still working, its water shooting from the center spire of the fountain. The neon-colored lights above casted over the black walls of the mall with small dots painted on like far away stars. The floor was carpeted with a black carpet that had distinct, brightly colored shapes in the floor to break up the black. The air was cold as Gregory gazed around the empty mall, finally seeing the ‘Main Atrium’ sign. He smiled as He turned back to Clem and Mark, who were resting not too far away.

Mark seemed deep in thought, sitting down on one of the benches and grasping His cold hands together. He looked exhausted, angry, and depressed. His eyes were missing their usual spur of joy, with only a slate of sorrow holding Him hostage. He didn’t speak, only stared at the carpeted floor. Clem was stretching, trying everything to stay flexible and ready for anything. She had placed Her secret revolver back in Her coat pocket, reloaded and ready to fight.

The group had suffered a great loss. After The Mangle appeared from Lee, losing most of their group in the scuffle and the running away. They still didn’t really have any idea of what to do short of either escape or survival. Gregory returned with a quick sprint. “The Main Atrium isn’t too far now! We should be almost there!” Gregory said with excitement. Clem looked towards Gregory and gave a nod with a smile. “Right then! On your feet Mark!” Clementine said, hoisting the disheveled man upright. He started moving towards where Gregory came from and continued without them. Gregory noticed the change in Mark’s demeanor and asked Clem. “Is He gonna be okay?” Gregory asked, Clem and Him walking behind Mark. “That gentleman that died was a close friend of His…He probably is mourning.” Clem said solemnly, before quickly plastering a smile. “I’m sure it will be okay! We just need to focus on getting you out of here.” Clem said.

The three walked towards what was assumed to be the entrance to the Main Atrium. Gregory was starting to feel really tired all of a sudden, just like when He used a lot of that blue energy the first time on the wave of Endoskeletons. Gregory tapped His watch and tried contacting Freddy again, seeing if He could try getting in touch. “Freddy…I don’t know if you can hear me. We are heading back towards The Main Atrium. Meet us there?” Gregory whispered into the watch, Clem and Mark not paying attention. Gregory switched the watch back on and observed the strip mall around them.

The mall’s black walls were freshly painted, giving a weirdly fruity smell that supposedly made it more attractive of a location. Stores that were shuttered for the night still had displays for what they sold inside the store in full view but weren’t lit up by the background lights in the displays. One store was selling giant toys that were completely able to be taken apart and rearranged called Legos, while another was a store that let you build stuffed animals. Another store, with the name ‘Nokes’ was a shoe store that looked really pricy but for a good pair of sneakers, even selling their own line of bowling shoes for Bonnie Bowl.

The stores were asymmetrical, all organized by name alphabetically and neatly tucked into the painted black walls. This place looked like it would usually be packed, but in the closing hours it looked like a ghost town. The cold air was a perfect feeling for what the Mall was trying to replicate, deep space. Mark looked around as He saw one of the painted on planets, Saturn, on the ceiling of the high up ceiling. “You know…I always wanted to go to space. You could never know what was up there…” Mark said to Himself, looking up at the different planets all over the covered ceiling. Clem put a reassuring hand on His shoulder. “Maybe I won’t see it now…” He added, a sadness in His voice. “We’ll get out of here, and this whole night will be a distant memory.” Clem said, trying to perk His spirit.

“Even if we do…the police, the company, it’ll all fall apart. There’s no looking around that. Once people understand what’s happened, nobody will believe us.” Mark said, sighing. “But I think I’d prefer my lawyers over the freaks upstairs.” He said with a low chuckle, before noticing a service door open ahead of them. A bright light from what appeared to be a security office shined brightly, illuminating the small room. With a flurry of movement, Mark ran into the office.

Clem, noticing Mark heading towards it, motioned to Gregory to follow. “There may be something here!” Mark called out, already inside and going through a whole set of drawers and cabinets in the tightly packed office. The office had three monitors for the security cams in the Mall; one for the east side, the west side, and the south side, with the north side being where they were now. Mark opened one of many cabinets and found exactly what He was looking for, a weapon. He pulled out what appeared to be a small, handheld pistol that could be reloaded with the ammo in the cabinet. Mark fiddled with the ammo and got the weapon reloaded with a click. “And now we have three weapons.” He said, before holstering the gun in His belt. Clem looked at Him confused. “Three?” She asked. Mark turned to Her and pointed to His gun, Her, and then Gregory’s arm. “Three.” He replied.

Mark then started trying to access the computer and look up something on the company file. “Alright, if I can remember the login…” He muttered, clicking around and finding a website that had the company logo on the front and logged into His profile for the company. It had images of how much they made, company e-mails, business acquirements, and a whole bunch of boring work stuff that was scattered all over the screen. Gregory was bored of it and instead was looking up and down the halls for anything that could be coming near them.

Weirdly, it looked as if the entire location got darker and colder than before. It felt like the very world was starting to shake as a cold breeze came from the dark place that Gregory and the group came from. Gregory felt a chill go up His spine as he looked into the darkness, as Clem and Mark weren’t paying any attention to the change. “Uh guys? I think something…” Gregory said, before two fluffy hands grabbed His body and mouth, pulling Him away from view.

Gregory started panicking, flailing around and trying to grip free of the two, white paws around Him. Gazing down was the two bright red eyes of Vanny. “Hiya Evan…did you miss me?” She asked, tilting Her head as She restrained the boy. Gregory tried biting and kicking but it did no good. Gregory then tried focusing His blue energy and Vanny then focused Her left and a red and mostly purple aura completely covered His power. “No no sweet brother, I wouldn’t use too much…your body is far too weak to do that.” She said, taunting Him. “I think Me and You need to have a little chat, just the two of us…” She said, before pulling Him towards a red door, opening it with a quick hand and shoving Gregory in.

It was a small closet for cleaning supplies, with a concrete floor rather than a carpeted one. Gregory hit the dusty floor, coughing as He tried to gain breathe again. He was on fours, trying to get breath as Vanny stood in the doorway. Vanny looked over Him, slouched again the doorframe as She played with a kitchen knife she had in Her back pocket. She eyed the weapon, not seemingly threatened by Gregory. The Boy turned towards the Hare and looked angry. “Mark and Clem will notice me missing…you won’t…” Vanny held up the knife and pointed it at the boy. “Shut up.” She said, before relaxing again.

“I have a…proposal to make.” She said, Her smiling rabbit mask not revealing Her real emotion underneath. “Daddy is trying to get Big Brother Jeremy back…and it seems like Freddy is helping Him too. We are getting nowhere with this so I’m taking a different approach.” She said, walking slightly into the room. “As of now, We’ve awoken something…something not too happy about what we are doing here. You’ve seen it? The ghost? The one Daddy shouldn’t have killed?” She asked, crouching down towards the child on the floor. Gregory was confused at first, before He realized who She was talking about.

“Do you mean that ghost bear? I saw it in the hospital earlier…” Gregory asked, backing up from the rabbit lady. “That would be it…that thing is quite the nuisance. We are all in danger of it…If that thing comes in contact with any of us…we become enraged with it.” She explained, walking ever closer towards Gregory. “Do you want to know what death but yet living feels like? If you don’t, I’d advise avoiding it. Help me find Jeremy and we can get rid of it, combining our Remnant power and erasing it.” She told the boy, leaning closer to Him. “Will you help us little Brother?” She asked, Her sugary voice sounding weirdly glitchy. Gregory considered it for a moment, thinking of just getting out of the room. But then remembered who she’s with.

“You’re with that freaky rabbit guy in the basem*nt right? No way! That guy’s a creep! It’s His own fault for that thing going for Him.” Gregory fought, trying to see past the woman to escape. Vanny then put a hand on His throat and pressed Him against the wall. “He’s after all of us! If He finds you…you die…do you want to die again Evan?” She demanded, slightly strangling Him. “MY NAME IS GREGORY!” He shouted, before kicking Her and shoving Vanny away with a punch. Gregory ran out of the closet as fast as His feet could carry Him. The dark mall was now even darker, making it hard to see ten feet from His own face. The dim lights were covered by a thick fog, and the cold air was unlike anything Gregory had felt…short of the Hospital.

“Mark! Clem! Where are you?” Gregory called out, trying to backtrack to the adults. Gregory trying peering through the darkness, but wasn’t able to see very far. Behind Gregory, two bright red lights shined from Vanny’s eyes as She stared from the distance. Gregory couldn’t tell why she was just standing there, but the outline in the dark fog was frightening to say the least. The body was tall and slim, like a fluffy skeleton just standing in the center of the hall, its red eyes just staring at Him as He stood there helpless. Gregory could faintly make out the body of Vanny in the distance, but why wasn’t she coming towards Him?

Suddenly, the whole hallway was taken up by a blinding red light that saw everything in the hallway. The thick fog looked like black smoke that hugged the floor and gave the room a sick look of ash. “Hello best friend…” A quiet voice called out behind him. Gregory quickly turned to the source and saw the smokey black bear staring down at Him not fifteen feet away. Gregory screamed as the monster with several rows of teeth was over Him like a shark ready to consume Him. Gregory got a good look of the rows upon rows of teeth in both the face and the stomach of the monster that was over Him. The round tummy was a mess of mouths and faces that screamed silently and almost looked like they were ready to pop out of Him. The big, red eyes of the monster felt like they stared into Gregory’s heart, making all the worst memories hit him.
Suddenly, a flurry of feelings entered through His bones in a chorus of screaming. Pain unlike anything He’d felt in this life came barreling towards Him in waves. His head felt like it was about to explode like it did when He was bit back in ’83…wait, when did that happen? “What are you?” Gregory tried to get out, but the pain was so strong it was like a goddamn migraine just to see straight. A flurry of images passed by, of other animatronic nightmare monsters and nightmares that were from a time long past. “I missed you best friend…it’s time to play.” The ghost whispered, Its voice weirdly heavenly as it spoke.

Vanny had long since run, terrified of dying to something so fearful. “Leave the demon to his Demons…rest your soul, there is nothing else.” The ghost suddenly boomed, It echoed like a microphone going haywire, the feedback when it finished speaking bringing another level of pain. Gregory winced as it laid on the floor, unable to fight back. but it wasn’t taking Him. It sounded like two different voices came from this thing. It then reach a hand out, as if to help the boy to His feet. Gregory wasn’t sure what the hell this thing was, but it seemed strangely friendly yet angry. These memories that flashed by weren’t his and yet they felt so real. Then Gregory looked closer, behind the bear, and saw something else.
What He saw wasn’t a bear or a rabbit or any animal He’d ever seen…It was red body that was casting the red light for the room. The figure was but a red body of flesh that looked like a nightmare of worms. The creature had an arm on the shoulder of the nightmare, almost like it was pulling it back to stop it from continuing. The beast was standing strong, unopposed to the red ghost behind it. “Rest…rest child…fate will decide this night.” It spoke, the voice still hurting Gregory’s ears. And as Gregory observed the monster with its claw outstretched, a black energy felt like it was reaching itself out to pull Gregory into the nightmare. As Gregory looked into the body of the bear, He could make out a small body hiding inside the stomach with blackened eyes and a smiling face. The boy had golden hair and a body that was shriveled and molded. It stared from the darkness of the bear’s stomach, like it had finally won. A black, smokey tentacle reached for the boy’s energy shooting hand to grab its energy and suck Him in. Gregory realized what was happening and backed away.
Gregory got to his feet and began to run, the beast realizing what happened and began quickly floating towards the running child. The red light was weaker as Gregory had His running start. “Mark! Clem! Help!” He cried out, running down the hall in fear and unable to see very far. The ghosts followed behind Him and gained on Him as Gregory tried to get distance. The hallway was just a straight line, seeming to stretch on forever and with no chance of escape. The lights were lighting up nothing in the hallway that could help the boy as He struggled to escape. A deep roar came from behind Him as He ran for his life. “Rest…rest” The ghost repeated, trying to get the angry bear to calm down but to no avail as It chased Gregory.

Suddenly, a loud gunshot run out from the end of the hallway and aimed for the ghost bear. Gregory looked as He winced from the shot, not stopping His running, and saw Clementine. “Gregory! This way!” Clementine called out. The gunshot didn’t seem to damage the ghost bear, but it did stun it, enough for the boy to get distance. As Gregory neared Clem, She ran through a doorway that had a big sign over it on the right that said the beautiful words ‘Main Atrium’. Gregory took His escape, sliding into the entranceway and away from the smokey fog and dark hallway behind Him.
As Gregory crawled into the brightly lit, colorful hallway to the Main Atrium, He looked back into the darkened hall and the ghost stared at Him. It seemed angry that Its prey had once again escaped, just out of reach in the brightly lit interior of the building. It just floated there, unsure now of what to do. Clem and Mark helped the boy up, all three of them staring at this angry spirit before them that started slightly shaking in anger. Mark and Clem had never seen anything like it before. As Gregory looked on, He realized that suddenly the ghost seemed saddened. He couldn’t explain why He felt it, just that it seemed bizarrely upset that it couldn’t reach them.

The ghost slowly started floating backwards, the ghost disappearing into the wall and the darkness and freezing air beginning to disappear. The trio looked on, left alone in the brightly lit hallway. “Well that could of ended poorly.” Mark added, assessing where they were. Down the hall, the entrance to the Main Atrium could be seen, with the main four robots in chibi form hugging the words ‘Main Atrium’ in different ways. As Clem and Mark looked towards their salvation, Clem looked back to Gregory, who was looking into the darkness with a sorrowful gaze. “It’s sad…” He said to himself, knowing that whatever that thing is, it’s something that’s been here a long time.

Monty Gator stood in the doorway of the entrance to the underground section of the PizzaPlex Freddy emerged from not too long ago. He looked over to Freddy and Jeremy, it’s blood red eyes focused on destruction and death. Freddy, Chica, Fiona, and Jeremy kept their distance as the hulking metal monster neared closer to them in a limp fashion. Monty was missing His left shoulder and a majority of His right leg. The beast was also missing His lower jaw, His star glasses missing and His eyes filled with a sludging mass of mold and goo leaking from them like an open pipe. “Many become one, the one that is all.” Monty moaned slowly, sounding like a cacophony of voices with His being the loudest of the group and like the other voices were leading Him forward. Jeremy got in front of the robots and ushered them backwards. “Chica had something like this before, it can evolve really quickly.” He warned, keeping His eyes on the leaning gator.

As Monty walked forward, black goo like in His eyes puddled on the ground as He sauntered closer. “I don’t…want…” Monty seemed to try and fight, for but a brief moment He backed up and held Himself, but the voices took over again and they began sauntering forwards. Black tendrils began appearing as He limped like a zombie forwards. “Quick! Towards the entrance!” Jeremy said, pointing towards the red door. The group spared no time, running as fast as they could. Monty noticed the movement and tried to get to them, but His right leg finally gave out and broke with a twang. The Gator fell to the floor with a bang, the sound echoing through the room and down the hallway ahead. Chica looked back as the group ran, disturbed by what She was seeing.

“Did…that happen to me too?” She asked, Jeremy just ahead of Her. Jeremy didn’t answer, just ran forwards and towards the elevator lift. As Freddy, Fiona, Jeremy, and Chica neared the stage elevator, A large black tentacle grabbed onto Chica to pull Her back to Parts and Service. Chica screamed as the goo tentacle started melting the outer plastic of Her fake legwarmer. Jeremy noticed what happened and focused the green energy again, the green electricity shooting from His arm as He aimed for the tentacle that was wrapped around Chica’s leg. The beast the arm was from shrieked as It let go in pain.
In the distance, what could be thought of as Monty Gator was now nothing more than a few green pieces of plastic and the top half of the head that stuck out from the inky purple body of body mass. The purple and black goo was so abundant that it was impossible to see Part and Service due to the mass. As Jeremy focused His energy, the tentacles started to fight back…almost like the stuff making up this goo was a lot stronger than the last. “It’s not holding Him back! There’s too much!” Jeremy said, struggling to hold the energy. Fiona was afraid to get close, as Freddy tended to Chica on the lift after Jeremy pulled Her free.

Both Freddy and Chica looked at what was once their friend and could help but feel sorry for Him. They couldn’t believe someone would turn one of their friends into this mess of goo and fear. Monty shoved more tentacles forwards as Jeremy tried forcing them back with His arm. He began bleeding from the nose and the green energy was starting to seep into His skin as He blasted more and more energy. “Get the lift moving!” Jeremy yelled, trying to hold Monty back. Fiona looked around and saw the floor button and pressed it, but nothing happened. She pressed it again, then tried mashing it repeatedly. “It’s not working!” She said, panic in Her voice.

Freddy looked around and saw a power panel over on the side that looked suspiciously damaged. It’s opening was tore open and inside the fuse for the lift was missing. The group had been stranded and had been trapped like mice. Jeremy couldn’t hold the energy anymore and released the energy, falling backwards as the tentacles noticed their opportunity to attack. The limbs reached out as Fiona shot a flintlock shot at one of them, but it did nothing to stop them. The group looked on in horror as the monster gave a laugh in victory.

Out of nowhere, a fire erupted from the entrance to the main storage door to the side that was blown open. The beast shrieked as it recoiled from the flames, backing towards Parts and Service. The fire burned bright, scorching part of the goo and it turning dusty red smoke. The three robots and Jeremy watched the fire reach almost up to Monty’s head as It threatened to come overtop Him. The robot backed up further, letting a small group of people come out from the storage doorway.

Leading the charge, one small human was wielding a large machine that was dispensing the fire from a large tube connected to what seemed like a makeshift flamethrower made from a little kid. Two more kids followed along, one small kid with dusty brown hair and dark skin, with bright green eyes and a red scarf covering Her face. She had a red poncho covering Her body and had what looked like a makeshift bow in Her hand. Th second kid was a little older than Her and was wielding a giant metal cane that was lit ablaze at the edge to poke at the tentacles that tried to pass the initial wave of fire.
The red poncho girl ran to the robots and Jeremy and grabbed Jeremy’s arm. “Come with us if you want to live!” She commanded, with the group not giving another thought and following the kids down into the hole towards storage. “Hicks! Lyle! Lets go!” The Red Poncho exclaimed as the robots and Jeremy made through the door. The two boys followed behind, the goo monster following behind. The red poncho dipped an arrow in some liquid she had in Her pouch. She lit the arrow and a bright flame ignited on the tip and She fired it into the floor, sending the floor into flames. The beast shrieked, it’s prey getting away as the group of kids, robots, and Jeremy ran down the corridor.

The floor fire didn’t last long, and the creature ran through the low flame and towards the group. The kids lead the robots down the dark hallway by touching the wall and following the pipes. “Follow the right wall! Don’t lose it old people!” She said, looking back and seeing the goo tentacles starting to come back. “Lyle! The thrower!” She said, pointing towards the monster in the distance. The Monty head was engulfed and melted by the goo, all that was left was just the pile of tentacles and faces in the limbs that formed and morphed in sorrow. Lyle, the kid in the full suit, shot a wave of fire to push the creature back whilst running backwards. The Red Poncho then picked Him up and carried Him as He was firing backwards to make sure He could keep up.

Hicks, The older kid, had run ahead of the robots and Jeremy and was at a keypad at the far end of the hallway, opening it and cutting wires to open the door. The door was a big metal wall, with caution colors on the bottom of the door and the words ‘Caution! Heavy door’ written n the bottom. The wall was completely concrete, with the pipe running into the wall they were following. The beast wasn’t too far, with Chica watching the monster come closer, Fiona and Freddy watching the kid work, and Jeremy looking towards the tentacles too. He saw the Poncho and Lyle trying to fan it off but Jeremy looked towards the back of the flame machine and saw that the kid’s tank was almost empty on it’s fuel. “Fiona…take care of Axey for me.” Jeremy said, before tossing His bag to the floor and tossing ‘Axey’ to Fiona, who caught it haphazardly. “Jeremy?! What are you doing?!” Fiona called out, but it was too late. Jeremy was sprinting down the hallway towards the two kids and with a final push He channeled His right arm’s power and fired it at the monster.

The wall of fire was still in effect, making it hard to see past the flames but Jeremy aimed His arm in the general direction and kept His focus on it. Poncho saw what He was doing and motioned Lyle to stop firing, the two of them making down the hall. Green light enveloped the whole tunnel as Jeremy focused the last bits of His energy into holding the Monster back. “Jeremy!” Chica called out, watching this fight in horror.

Hicks gave a sudden ‘Hell yeah!’ before the panel lit up and the door opened. Jeremy looked behind and saw that the group was beginning their escape. “Jeremy come on!” Fiona called out. Once everyone made it through, Red Poncho told Hicks to start closing the door. “What?! But Jeremy is still on the other side!” Chica said, now through the doorway. “Then He’d better move His ass! Big guy! Get back over now!” She yelled, putting Lyle down.

Freddy watched as Jeremy suddenly stopped focusing the energy and ran for the door. The large sliding door began slowly going down. The beast, now just a limb pile of purple started reaching out for Jeremy and tried to grab Him. The Door had shut about halfway was Jeremy slid on His knees down and underneath the door. As the tentacles tried to reach for Him, Lyle shot the last length of flame He had at the bottom opening when Jeremy had cleared the door to keep the monster from coming through. As Soon as Lyle’s tank read empty, the door shut and the beast roared as It knew Its prey had escaped.

Jeremy laid on the floor, completely exhausted and His energy arm almost entirely a silvery green color. His eyes had massive bags under them and His entire body looked like it was shriveled as He laid on the ground, unable to move or even speak. Freddy realized that He knew where He’d seen this before. When Gregory tried something similar, His body had been completely exhausted. Jeremy had this same power too, but how?

Freddy scooped up Jeremy and looked around. “Small one! Do you know if a recharge station is nearby? We must get Jeremy to one of them! Stat!” He said, worry in His voice. Chica was surprised by the question. “Humans are like us Freddy! He’d get electrocuted!” She said. “That Boy Jeremy and Me mentioned, Gregory, He has the same power…When He got to low it sent His health in a spiral. If We get to a recharge station then we can power Jeremy again!” Freddy explained. The group looked at each other like Freddy was crazy, but Red Poncho responded first. “there is one that is used for STAFF bots not too far from here. Follow me Freddy.” She explained, guiding the bear down the hallway of concrete and pipes.
The group rushed down the hall, Jeremy’s pale and stretched skinned body limply in Freddy’s paws as He clung onto His breathing for dear life. “Freddy…” Jeremy whispered. Freddy looked down towards Jeremy and calmed Him. “Do not worry Jeremy, we will save you, I promise.” Freddy responded. Jeremy looked up to Freddy’s eyes and smiled. “I don’t…think…I’m human…” He said, laughing with a raspy choke. The brightly lit hallways were like a maze, but the Red Poncho Girl seemed to know the whole layout by memory, guiding everyone down the halls.

They soon came to a fork in the road. “Lyle, Hicks, take the robots back to home base. It’s too far for Freddy to take Jeremy as we don’t know His condition or how much time we have left. Go.” She commanded. Hicks lead the charge out, ushering the Fiona and Chica down the hall. “Freddy?” Chica asked before they parted. “Don’t worry Superstar…everything will be okay. Go with them…I’ll be back.” Freddy said, giving a smile and wink as He followed Red Poncho down the hallway.
With a longing to run after Freddy, Chica ran to catch up with Fiona and the duo kids. “They’re with Zecora, They’ll be fine…She knows these halls better than any of us. We’ll see them pretty soon.” Hicks told the robots, with Fiona not focusing on it and just wanting to get to safety. Lyle was silent, running next to Chica.

Over by Freddy and Jeremy, The group found themselves in a cave-like environment that was beneath a web of catwalks that were over the massive hole. Freddy looked down into the dark cave below, seeing multiple walkways below that looked almost like they were carved out by some machine. Freddy had a good idea of who that could have been after His fight with a ‘Chipper’. The Red Poncho guided Freddy over the catwalks, all illuminated by buzzing overhead florescent lights that were bright white. The walls of this small cut out over the cave was much less uniform than the rest of the location too, with the pipes just running into the cave walls and the wiring an absolute mess and clearly not up to code. Freddy quickly documented it and shoved it aside for the time being. The catwalk groaned under the stress of carrying Freddy across and as Freddy and The Red Poncho crossed over to the more cave-like side of the room Freddy could have sworn He heard one of the cables holding the thing together snapped. “Would there happen to be another way across than this way back?” He asked, still following behind The Red Poncho. “Yes, why’s that?” She asked, still looking ahead. “Just…curious.” He said, definitely not showing that the bear was afraid of heights.

The cave-like location was very much still a work in progress, and had been for years. Fazbear seemed to not really care about anything going on down here anyway. After all, there was kids sneaking around down here so clearly security down here was pretty lax. “Have You all been here since closing?” Freddy asked the girl, who was looking through the different cave passages and seeing which one was the correct one. She was observing small, colored ribbons that marked locations throughout the cave. “Ya’ll really didn’t know we’ve been down here huh?” She asked, finding the right ribbon and following it down the cave. This part hadn’t even been floored, now just the barren rock of the cave that was underneath the PizzaPlex.

As they entered in, ahead of them was the big, bulky mass known as the recharge station. Freddy ran up to it, opening the case, and sliding into the cylinder with Jeremy in His hands. “Alright Jeremy…are you ready?” He asked the man. Jeremy didn’t reply vocally, just blinking and breathing. “Here it goes.” Freddy said, the recharge station whirring to life and above a whole host of tesla coils began shooting electrical sparks all over. Jeremy felt the electricity run into His veins, snapping Him awake. The electrical volts shocked into His whole body and made His soul feel as if it was given several energy drinks.
Visions flashed in His eyes as the night seemed to flash before Him and the energy filled His being into extasy. The vision of Freddy’s filled His mind and gave an overwhelming sense of joy as He gazed at the images of the animals that He loved. His green energy soon flared as the memories filled His being and suddenly the green light burned in His arm so bright it was almost lime gold. His hair became almost brunette and His skin looked healthier and fuller again. The machine pumped the ridiculous energy into him, healing Him and clearly giving a boost.

As the machine came to a stop, Freddy walked out with Jeremy, who at once was on His feet and moving. “HOLY sh*t I AM ALIVE LETS DO THIS WOOOH!” He yelled, doing a few push ups and warming Himself up for a marathon. Red Poncho and Freddy kept distance from Jeremy as He stretched and moved. Slowly, His energy began dissipating and returned to normal. His hair started to darken and the golden green energy began to disappear from His arm as He calmed Himself. “Woah…that is so much better than coffee!” He exclaimed, pumped.

“Well…that is certainly a different reaction than I expected…” Freddy said with surprise, but a smile crept onto His face. “But it is good to see you healthy Jeremy! Now then, let us regroup with the others. Lead the way Red Poncho!” Freddy said, looking down towards the Girl. “Name’s Zecora, down this way. Keep your voice down as we descend. Some of this cave is unstable.” She explained matter of fact like, Her mouth still concealed by the scarf. Her eyes displayed no emotion, Her bright green eyes reminding Jeremy of someone but He couldn’t place where.

Freddy and Jeremy followed Zecora down the cave, dodging the low hanging cave and sliding around in the darkness with a careful eye. “Are there any of those ‘Chipper’ things down here, Zecora?” Freddy asked in a low whisper. “Yes…we actually just passed a few on that catwalk that like nesting in the cave…plus that damn noodle monster likes it too. Just keep moving, I can explain things once we get back.” Zecora said, leading the two down. Jeremy turned to Freddy in a look of confusion. “A What?” Jeremy asked Freddy in a low voice. “Before I was up in Parts and Service, there was a voice on an intercom that kept me from getting there that send what I assumed to be a ‘Chipper’ after me. I have no idea what it was or who it was, but it clearly didn’t like me.” Freddy explained to Jeremy, who seemed troubled now that He didn’t have His Axe on Him. “Man I miss that tool now…please tell me we are close?” Jeremy asked the child, who looked to Him like a stern adult. “And explain how you’ve survived so long whiney man?” She asked, before sliding behind a crack off to the side of the cave they were going through. “I’ll be right back. Stay right there.” She said, motioning a hand like to a dog.
As She disappeared into the crack in the wall, the two sat and looked towards the cave floor. Jeremy missed the feeling of the Axe, but also was worried about Fiona. He felt like a piece of His team was missing without Her suddenly. This whole night felt like It turned His life upside down. What would He do once He left for the morning? Clearly work wasn’t picking back up and there was no way the police wouldn’t be involved when the night was over. Would He just hide out in the caves? Surely someone would be looking for Him. There was still a lot of unanswered questions, like where the monsters came from and how Dawko and the others played into it. What about Vanessa? Where was She? Nothing of what was going on made sense. What about Him though? When did this endoskeleton get in Him and why isn’t it turning Him into a monster? Jeremy wasn’t sure if now was the time to think about It, so He turned His attention to Freddy, who didn’t look smiles and sunshine Himself.

He was cleaned up at least since He hobbled over to Parts and Service, but He looked worried about something as He stared into the floor. These guys really were weirdly alive, and Jeremy felt terrible about the fact that He dismissed it before. Maybe those Chips really were some kind of god damn magic. “So…Gregory. What’s up with Him?” Jeremy asked, folding His legs inwards. Freddy shrugged, It didn’t seem to know much Himself. “I know that He is definitely not a normal boy…and you both have the same power. It seems that these creatures do not like the power.” Freddy hinted towards, not looking to Jeremy. “Yeah…I’m not really sure how this all works but It seems like its pretty similar to our power but…better? Maybe Happier so it burns it out?” Jeremy suggested. Freddy now turned to Him, confused. “Well…Me and Fiona, the fox robot, we fought this Vending Machine turned monster that had the same tentacles and black goo that melted into monsters from the machine. When I touched it, I felt like a whole bunch of happy memories burned through me into it and almost purified it or cleaned it. Maybe that’s why Monty was so hard to control or stop because His power is just really angry and strong.” Jeremy explained.

It was an explanation, but it still was confusing on how that happened in the first place. “I think someone put that power into Him. It was this guy in a Rabbit costume that seemed to put this goo inside Him and it made His form stronger and its just now melting through Him at a much more rapid pace. I think the poison is inside your personality chips and it melts through everything as it channels and makes the from melting your metal.” The whole thing sounded insane, but how else to explain it? This power was clearly from The Necromancer, William Afton, but how He was controlling it was still a mystery in of itself. The two sat in the cold cave, waiting for Zecora to return as Freddy looked around the cave, not seeing anything but the low hanging lights and the cave walls. Some trash was on the floor of the cave but was mostly swept. The floor was somewhat wavey, with different step ups and downs, the floor having no real flat parts and clearly was made by the underground streams of water that once carved the cave or had been revealed by the mystery earthquake from years back.
The idea that someone could live down here was insane, but yet here was Freddy and Jeremy, following a kid down into the cave to clearly what could be established as some kind of base camp. Zecora then reappeared from the crack in the wall and ushered them deeper into the cave. “The walk is going to be a good fifteen to twenty minutes, its longer to head down than the path Lyle and Hicks lead your group down. Lets get moving you two.” Zecora said, the two boys followed the girl deeper into the cave, the place getting darker as they descended. Freddy also seemed worried about it, but Zecora pulled out a large stick and coated it in the flammable substance and lit a torch. The bright fire made everything look scarier but at least lit.

“It keeps Her away from us in the dark…stay close.” She explained, leading them forwards. “Who?” Jeremy asked, unsure if she meant the ghost bear from before that chased Him. “The One He Shouldn’t Have Killed…Her name was Cassidy.” Zecora explained, unbothered by the ghost. “She’s equilibrium…she’ll grab anything with Afton slapped on the front and call it stopping Him. She’s back because of Him. I’ll explain everyone once we get to safety but for now we need to keep moving.” She said, the cave becoming rather tight as they went forwards. “Freddy…I don’t know if you can make it back this way without a few scratches. You gonna be good?” The Red Poncho asked, looking back towards the bear as she continued forwards with the light. Freddy gave a nod. “I’ll let you know when it becomes too tight, thank you Superstar.” He answered. The girl didn’t seem moved, staying quiet for the rest of the walk, only talking when She needed to give instruction.
.As they walked forwards, there was a boulder blocking their way. Jeremy then felt an energy coming from Her that was strangely similar to His. She raised Her left hand and a bright red energy came from it, electricity shot from It in a smooth flow, wrapping around the boulder and lifting It off the ground and to the side. As She used Her power, Her brown hair began turning redder and redder, flowing from a wind that didn’t exist and Her face seemed to become angry as she did it, like it was a struggle to lift it but it seemed like it was incredibly easy for Her. Her green eyes started becoming red like fire, focusing on the large rock.

As she lowered the boulder, She gave a deep breath and Her face calmed. Her hair started to stop flowing and Her green eyes returned. “Lets go.” She said, leading the way into the darkness. Who in the hell was this little girl and how long had She been here was the question in Jeremy’s mind.

Chapter 15: Chapter 14

Chapter Text

Dawko had split from the rest of the group, taking Ryan with Him to see if they could find any traces of the boy lurking around. As expected, He found nothing. The giant DJ Music Man fell back on His own system and was recharging back in His spot on the giant stage on the far end of the arcade. Dawko was leaning over the side of the glass halfway of the West arcade upstairs, which looked over the entirety of the Arcade. He groaned as He looked down at His watch and saw the time 3:32 am. This was getting nowhere, and with Jeremy now a player in all of this mess and that other robot that Razz and Charles was talking about it proved that the entire situation was floating out of control. They had less than three hours to not only find this damn kid but also get Jeremy and dispose of Him before He was active for too long. How had Master completely forgotten about Michael? Was it an oversight? Wasn’t Michael also apart of this mess and cause it in the first place?

Ryan tapped Dawko’s shoulder, noticing Him troubled. “You good?” He asked, before joining Him on leaning on the glass halfway that clearly was a safety hazard. Dawko placed a hand to cover His mouth and set His elbow on the wall. “We could be in trouble, Ryan. If Mangle doesn’t find Jeremy or Evan then we have a problem.” He explained. “Jeremy, apparently, has the same thing that damn kid has. They have Remnant power too.” He explained, turning around and laying back against the wall. Ryan seemed confused. “Remnant…power? I thought it was the black goo?” Ryan asked, folding His arms and looking over the railing. His tank top’s golden letters on the back shimmered in the darkened Arcade light. “That is something sort of different Master calls…” Ryan interrupted Dawko. “Please call Him something else cause that just sounds weird.” He said, cringing. Dawko sighed and rolled His eyes. “Our ‘Boss’ calls it Agony…Its stronger and holds together better, but remnant is neutral and seems to have a…cancelling effect. It seems like its stronger than Agony and flakes away when it comes in contact. That’s how Jeremy and Evan have been getting away. Our tools flake and break when in contact with them and our Agony melts their bodies…it’s a state of yin and yang.” Dawko explained, looking down at His hand. He removed one of His white gloves and His right hand was completely purple and withered from when Gregory used His power on Him. “Evan’s power weakened the strength my…Boss…gave me.” He added, before sliding the glove back on.
The two of them were silent as they stood solemnly, before a loud bang came from a large vent that was on the same level as them in the arcade. From a large vent on the wall that could be accessed by workers to clean it out, Mangle busted open the vent cover and crawled out with Her multiple limbs and folded back into a upright human-shaped body. Her wolf mask turned towards Dawko and Ryan, who gave a startled jump back in surprise. “F-O-U-N-D B-O-Y…M-A-I-N A-T-R-I-U-M…J-U-S-T A-R-R-I-V-E-D.” It explained, Before crawling backwards into the vent and disappearing from view. The two men looked to each other. “I f*cking hate that thing so much…” Ryan said, before leaving towards the Arcade exit. Dawko looked towards the vent, sighing, before following Ryan towards the elevator.

The elevator doors opened to allow the men in, closing as Ryan and Dawko entered and Ryan hitting the button. The cheery elevator music played as Ryan asked Dawko a question. “How are we going to contain Him then? Handcuffs?” Ryan joked, before Dawko pulled out a strange looking device. It was a controller of some kind. “We make it really hard to wiggle free.” Dawko explained, as the elevator neared their destination.

With Mark leading the charge, Clem and Gregory entered into the Main Atrium. The massive, open space felt disorientating to Gregory. While He’d been in this room before, the actual scale of the room was hard to fathom. There were almost no clear hiding spots and it was almost entirely open. Gregory found Himself peering around in every direction for even the slightest change or movement. Clem stood close to Gregory as Mark peered around the massive dining and party hall. In the center of the room was a dining hall, with the food marts over on the back wall from the entrance they came from. Two large elevators to each floor sat in between the group as they went straight forwards into the center of the room. The trio weren’t sure where to move next until Mark pointed towards Prize Corner in the top left on the second floor. “We take the elevator up and a fire exit should be up there that doesn’t get closed down when the building is in lockdown. We get out, call the police, we’ll be fine.” Mark said, reassuring not only them but Himself that this nightmare was almost over. Gregory still got no response from Freddy, worried that maybe Freddy had been taken. Gregory was hoping to escape with Freddy, save the one robot that hadn’t gone bat crazy in this place.

However, as Gregory and the adults made their way to the elevator, a loud, repeated thumping was coming from behind Gregory. As He looked, a grey creature reached out a claw and picked Him up and sprinted away. Gregory screamed for help as the adults realized what had happened so suddenly. The thing was moving so fast it was impossible to tell what it was. The machine was mumbling something but it was hard to make out exactly what it was trying to say as its jaw was entirely molded over with black goo. The monster had strands of white hair with a tuff of green that were wiry and messy. The plastic of the monster had been covered in the black goo and the green nails of the beast had been broken. Its three-toed feet had been darkened by dirt and mold as it ran, leaving a trail of goo as it sprinted towards Roxy Raceway. “Hold on Gregory! We’re coming!” Mark yelled, chasing after the boy and out-running Clem, who started falling behind. “Mark noticed and turned back to Her. “Just go! I’ll catch up!” She huffed, Her old body not able to keep up. Mark hesitated before sprinting back after the creature as it ran across the first floor. Gregory squirmed and fought against the machine as He tried to break free but had no luck.

Roxy’s Raceway had been closed to the general public since a small collapse in the main area made it unsafe to race the course. It was still in the process of clean up, but as of now was still closed off by a set of hallways that the running monster hopped over easily. Mark followed behind, getting stuck behind walls and the distance between the two people growing. “Mark! Help!” Gregory screamed, trying to make sure His rescuer could still find Him as the walls began to change from the mall design to a more desert-like location. Mark was sprinting at full speed to catch up, past the construction walls as He took a different direction to catch up. The beast looked behind itself to see where Mark went, when suddenly Mark appeared from above by jumping from a catwalk and rolling to the floor to break His fall.

The sign overhead the entrance of Roxy’s raceway had a chibi Roxy with its thumb up to welcome people inside the desert of Roxy’s Raceway. The massive area was themed around a desert valley, with cactus in spots and the floor looking like sand and gravel paths. Large bushes and dust balls were decorating the locations, with a lot of Mexican-styled restaurants inside the establishment. In the center of the room was the go-kart track, with looped and was a competitive sport for people to try and beat what was known as the Roxy Super score and beat a certain time to win a prize. This was also one of the biggest locations, with an entire section that cut away from this one into the ‘Glamrock Salon’. The creature jumped from the second story that the entrance was located on and ran straight for where the entrance to Glamrock Salon was located. Mark ran down the stairs at the far end of the second story and followed the machine on the dirt road that was lit only by the street lights that were set up. On a far wall, a painted wall had a Glamrock Roxy that was waving a duo set of flags with a cool set of shades. The beast was standing at the entrance, seemingly waiting for Mark to catch up and keeping Gregory in its claws. As Mark got closer, He realized that He noticed the red, skimpy outfit it was wearing and realized that the beast that took Gregory was none other than a broken, molded over Roxy that was blinded by the black goo that was coming out of these things. The beast then ducked inside of the cave entrance and took Gregory with Her. Mark chased the creature to the far end of Roxy’s Raceway and towards the Glamrock Salon.

It was through a tunnel built into the wall, with stone around it to give the illusion of being mined out of a wall. A massive sign above it labelled ‘The Glamrock Salon’ was in flashy gold and red letters and shimmered as an arrow pointed into the cave. Mark chased the creature inside, with Gregory still flailing and trying to break free. As Mark entered the cave, black webs started appearing in the corners of His vision, seeing the webs becoming larger the deeper in He went. The cave had glittering pieces of stuff in the wall to simulate gemstones, but all of it was being heavily covered by thick webs of black goo. Mark then tripped, dropping His gun and hitting the floor hard.

Gregory watched the man stumble, crying for help as He went deeper into the darkness with the monster. “Heeeelp!” Gregory yelled, disappearing from view.

Mark felt His head ringing, the exhaustion catching up with Him as He got to His feet. He realized what happened, fighting the urge to fall asleep and continued into the spider-like den. The dark cave was almost impossible to see through, requiring Him to touch the walls of the cave. He then felt the cold and slimy goo webs and recoiled from the sensation. The cold air coming from the cave sent shivers down His spine as He walked forwards in almost complete darkness. As He looked behind towards the entrance, He noticed He couldn’t see Roxy’s Raceway anymore, with it being completely obscured from view by dark webs.

Mark felt His heart panging in His chest as He walked forwards towards the salon, the darkness being almost impossible to see through. Something bad had set up shop here quickly in the last few hours. “What in the hell?” Mark said, tapping some of the sticky web. Mark couldn’t explain it, but the sensation He felt from the goo was like a feeling of anger and regret. It was a feeling He couldn’t quite understand as He wandered forwards into the cave. Fear gripped into Mark, a fear He’d not felt before that even the wave of Endoskeletons and monsters He’d seen tonight didn’t stir in him.

The dark cave of the Salon was a good size, about the length of a football field. The room was like a massive cave, with outcroppings and built-in catwalks to make it look like a giant mineshaft. A couple of carts filled with something shiny made it look far more convincing as a cave. The room had dozens of sparkling gemstones in the walls to make the dark location have some form of light besides the street-lights. But something was wrong, completely wrong. The entire building of the salon, as well as over the walls and ceiling, was covered in a thick layer of black webs and oozing black and purple goo. The floor had been melted through with thicker goo that only a couple of items were able to float over. A massive sea of black and purple entrapped the location like a moat, bubbling and sloshing like magma but giving no heat at all. Mark could of sworn He saw hands trying to reach out from the goo, but His gaze was taken by the mound of mold and goo that was flowing over the entirety of Glamrock Salon.

A bright green light then came from the windows of the location, flashing intermediately and moving around as if the source was pacing the room. Almost as soon as the light appeared, it disappeared. Mark saw that a path of benches and objects made a some-what stable path towards the salon, and with careful footing He jumped to a bench that was floating in the goo. A little splashed onto the bench, melting through it and making Mark hurry in getting across the moat. As Mark jumped from item to item, the objects became more and more unstable as He got across. Moaning began coming from the moat as He made His way across, making Mark even more sure that this damn liquid was alive. A claw then reached out and grabbed His foot as He jumped over to the next bench, making Him hit His face on the wood and bloodying His nose. Mark tried to shake the limb loose as it lumbered him backwards toward itself and into the goo. “Join us…” moaned the lake as Mark tried to kick it off. “OFF! GET! BAD LAKE! BAD LAKE!” Mark shouted, kicking the claw free and clambering forwards.
A gap between the second bench and the center isle was massive, but as Mark contemplated the jump the goo was starting to melt more of the bench and more hands, claws, paws, and limbs reached for Him. Mark didn’t hesitate and with one good push off the bench He jumped and crossed the gap onto the isle inside the moat of sentient goo.

Mark looked through the window of the salon, and the entire inside was almost withered away as deep purple goo enveloped everything, looking almost like a spider nest of disgusting ectoplasm and webs. A massive hole was freshly melted into the ceiling from where it seemed the goo was growing from, like a wave of it melted through and began spreading from that hole. Large chunks were melting from the ceiling like blood. The inside had a ghostly mist covering the ground like something out of an alien movie, with what was left of Roxy holding tightly onto Gregory. The robot just stood still in the darkness, noting doing anything as it stared into the abyss ahead. It was like she was being mind-controlled by something. Gregory struggled to break free, now able to hear what she was saying. “I’m nothing…I’m broken…I’m not as beautiful as Her…” She mumbled, almost in a trance. This wasn’t like the other robots, this fester was from Remnant that was holding Her system hostage. It was almost like it couldn’t quite infect Her right, only able to control Her symbiote-like. Gregory was creeped out by the creature, unsure what to do or how to break free.

A cold feeling washed over Gregory as suddenly a green light appeared from two eyes. In the far corner of the room, seeing to be growing from the walls was some kind of princess. The trash princess had wires for hair that were tied into two pony-tails and a make-shift tiara was glued onto its head with the goo. Its chest was held together by the black goo, with a big, orange chest piece that was held together by wires and cables and beat almost like a heart. Its limbs broke free from the wall first, and were like streams of goo as they slowly revealed themselves from the goo that dried up red and flaked away, revealing one hand being a claw and the other a giant claw like a crab. The sharp points in the claw glistened as the arm chopped around with a moist crunch. Its dress was caked in mold and trash, and its lower half was almost glued into the floor. It seemed attached to the floor as it flailed around, waking from its nap.

The creature looked down at the lowly wolf and lowered down towards it. “Hello doggy…have you brought me a treat?” It asked with a delicate voice, holding out a claw to see the boy. Gregory screamed as He tried to wiggle free, but to no avail. The creature put a finger on what could be assumed to be her face as she said ‘shhhh’. The face used to be white, but time and trash made it almost black as ash, with its pale green eyes staring into Gregory’s soul as It observed Him. The mouth of the creature was missing its teeth, with a black mold growing from the mouth like it had been vomiting something up recently. It backed away, taking in the place it now called home. “Look…see where I am…my new world. Alive…” The creature said, taking what sounded like a breath that was filled with the sound of scraping metal and snapping wire. “And here you are, with my pet…here in my home.” It added, now looking down at the two. Gregory could break free from the robot, still stuck in place. “Mark and Clem will catch up! They’ll save me!” Gregory yelled at the trash princess.
“Your friends…they can’t help you…not anymore.” The creature said, giving a small laugh. “All these souls in one place…just like back then…but now you are alone. No living creature can past my sea of sadness. They ache to be whole…but they never will be. They aren’t like me.” She explained. Gregory watched the creature slowly break free from its lower half attached to the floor. Two beast-like feet with four toes stepped free, as the creature came to inspect Gregory closer. “Soon…I’ll be complete. I’ve waited so long for this…I almost failed once before. Someone brought daddy back, and that brought me here too. They brought you here too, my older brother.” The creature said with a child-like giggle, brushing its claw hand against the soft face of Gregory. “What is it with you guys and calling me apart of your whack ass family! I don’t know you! I don’t know any of you! My name is Gregory!” He yelled, finally having enough.

The creature stepped back, surprised by the reaction. “Do you not remember Evan? When Daddy brought you back?” The creature asked, concern in Her voice. Suddenly, she looked angry. “Or are you like that other me that escaped before? Just a ghost of a ghost, nothing but a shell of memory…” She said, a bitterness in Her voice. She then shook Her head and walked towards the backwall of the salon. “I guess then daddy won’t mind if I have…a taste?” She said, before putting a hand out and touching Gregory’s forehead.
Suddenly, a burst of pain flew through Gregory’s body, memories of a girl flooding inside and making everything hurt. A red taint entered into Gregory’s vision, feeling almost like he was about to explode from the inside out. Then all at once, the pain disappeared and exhaustion graced Him and made Him go limp in Roxy’s withering arms. “Ohhhh! So delicious! This feeling! The feeling of life itself…there really is no feeling like it.” She exclaimed, Her body shaking as she rattled in excitement. The center orb on Her body glowed a bit brighter as She sucked in Gregory’s life force holding him together. “Oh let me have another!” She placed a claw again and once again the pain appeared and disappeared, leaving Gregory exhausted. “Oh…I feel the power…I’m…” Then suddenly Her mouth opened and a wave of the purple goo shot out from the hole that was Her mouth and shot it straight into the ceiling as the goo melted and formed more webs.

Mark puked a little in His mouth, before noticing Her center chest and suddenly had an idea. Mark made His way towards the double doors that were the entranceway inside and readied Himself. The trash lady then sighed as the high subsided and a sadness filled Her. She began to sob, almost like a child, as She looked away from Gregory. “This living…its depressing…nothing but a pile of garbage and destroyed dreams…But I’ll make daddy proud. I’ll do anything to be His little girl again.” She then turned back to Gregory, Her goo vomit still dripping from Her face as she neared Him. “…And you’re the key to it…I’ll remake myself using your power and become perfect…become beautiful.” She said, tilting Her head sad*stically. “You know, it’s sad Evan…You will never see yourself reborn like us. You were always afraid, your fear molded you rather than me and brother…brother’s mania and my anger were so much more than your sadness could ever be…but it doesn’t matter now, because soon you will be nothing more than memories…” The creature reach a claw forwards for another taste. “Goodnight...sweet brother.” Suddenly, Mark burst through the double doors, revealing Himself.
“Hey! Crazy trash lady!” Mark exclaimed, forming a smile on His face. The scrap pile looked at the man with a confused look, with Roxy standing perfectly still with a limp Gregory in Her paws “Oh? Its you.” She asked, suprised by the intruder. The creature walked up in view of Mark, with a clear shot of Her Heart visible. “My name is Mark, and I got myself something to say.” He began. “When I was a boy…I wanted nothing but to see my uncle’s dream come true. I didn’t believe all the ghost stories…but after tonight I understand why my Uncle disappeared all those years ago…” He took a breath as He looked down at the handgun in His hands. The weapon had the name ‘Henry’ carved into the handle. “Fazbear should be a name of love, not a name of fear. I won’t let you monsters ruin it…not again.” before flinging out His pistol and shooting the trash lady’s heart.

The bullet hit a straight shot into the creature’s heart, the glass of the heart shattering and black goo shooting out of it. The queen gave a scream, with Roxy suddenly fritzing out and dropping Gregory. Mark then ran over and pushed over Roxy to the floor, Her head popping open as He did and Her personality chip popped out form the worn-out casing. As Mark helped the boy up, He saw the chip and grabbed it. “What are…?” Mark then carried the boy and the chip out. “My evidence in court that this sh*t happened! Shall we Gregory?” Mark said, carrying the boy to the edge of the pool of liquid. There was another path that they could take, but carrying the boy would slow Mark down.

Another shriek came from the salon, and from the roof burst a very angry monster. The monster started barfing goo everywhere it could, making puddles on the ground. At first, the puddles boiled, before starting to take form of a polymorphic creature with two limbs and a pair of pig tails and glowing green eyes that reached for Mark. The CEO dived around and avoided the monsters as He could, jumping to the first platform that was at one point a massive directional sign. The moat began reaching out as the zombies on the mainland dropped into the pool and became one with the moat, making the moat seemingly angrier. The queen commanded the moat to go for the two, as she vomited more pig-tailed goo monsters towards them. Mark jumped across as much as He could, before realizing that the direction He went had no clear path forwards. He was stuck.

As the goo started getting onto the sign, Mark kicked the closer creatures with His feet, trying to keep them off the sign but had no way of moving forwards or going backwards. Gregory was slowly becoming more awake, noticing how screwed they were in the middle of the ocean. Gregory then tried channeling His power but He was too weak to make anything more than a spark. As the creatures got closer and closer, He noticed Mark was looking into His eyes with a happy smile.
“Hey Gregory…promise me something?” He asked, placing the Roxy card in Gregory’s pocket. The boy looked down and then back to the man. “If anyone asks what happened here, tell them about the sick little speech I gave back there yeah?” He asked, before looking towards the edge of the moat. Before Gregory knew what was happening, Mark, with a couple of arcs of movement, threw Gregory as far as He could towards the other side.

The boy hit the ground, rolled, and felt spun around as He looked back towards Mark I. Plier. “Mark! I can save you!” Gregory called out, reaching out a hand and trying to use His power, but to no use. The boy felt nothing, the feeling of His power being dimmed. Mark looked at the boy, before tossing Him the handgun too. The gun landed next to Gregory, who aimed it at the heads. But before He pulled the trigger to fire, Mark raised and hand and smiled. “Don’t worry about it…save your ammo for someone more important than me.” He said, the arms of the creatures rising from the moat beginning to grapple on and pull Him down. As Gregory cried out to Him, the man just smiled as His skin began to seer from the melting and He began to fall into the moat. He only smiled as He fell, speaking something under His breath. “Maybe one day I’ll see the stars…” Before sinking into the moat and disappearing from view.

The Queen watched the man sink into the goo, but then realized that Gregory was still possible to retrieve. “Doggy! Come!” She called, trying to beckon Roxy, but the robot just laid limp, her personality chip being removed and leaving Her lifeless. Gregory quickly got to His feet and ran away from the Queen, as the pig-tailed goo monsters began arising from the moat to get at Gregory.

The Boy ran out of the entrance of Glamrock Salon, avoiding the black webs as He ran, with more Pig-tails coming in behind. The boy fired a wild round in the distance that actually did stop one of them, but the loud crack of the gunshot disorientated the boy and made His ears ring, dropping the gun in the process into the darkness. As Gregory exited from the cave-like environment. As soon as Gregory left the cave, The pig-tailed goo monsters stopped chasing Gregory and stood at the entrance, unsure of what to do. Gregory fell to the floor, watching the zombies in the distance with speedy breath.

He felt a cold chill come over Him, the lights of Roxy’s Raceway begin to dim, and a smokey mist beginning to cover the ground. A red light consumed all light within Roxy’s Raceway and behind Gregory stood the massive, ghostly black bear.
Jeremy and Freddy followed closely behind Zecora in Her bright red poncho down the caves, quietly sneaking around to avoid bringing any unnecessary attention. The cave had been rough for Freddy especially as He kept sliding around due to His feet being to big for the floor and not being one hundred percent solid. The group went deeper down, passing a few holes in the wall of the cave that Zecora pointed out as being what the underground kids called ‘Chipper holes’. “I’ll explain them later but for now just know we don’t want them digging around anymore.” She said, before leading them down deeper.

It seemed like the cave went down forever if you kept going forwards. Eventually, they came to a large opening with a massive hole in the center and two massive walls parallel with the one they were on. On the opposite side were so many god damn holes. It was like looking into the field of alien eggs, each one supporting a dangerous monster on the inside that could jump out and get you. The crew moved through the massive ravine in a tip-toe kind of fashion. As they entered through a doorway, Zecora moved another stone with Her red energy and blocked the way for any Chippers to potentially get through. “Alright, we should be almost there. Don’t talk to anyone unless I tell you and we’ll be fine. These kids haven’t seen adults for a long time, so they’ll be a bit freaked out.” She explained, before leading them down deeper. “Wait…so they’ve been living down here that long? That’s gotta be since the PizzaPlex opened!” Jeremy said, surprised. “Yeah…that’s why. You’ll see.” She explained, leaving them down into an opening down a flight of make-shift stairs.

Water was flowing out of the wall and down the cave wall. “Man…we gotta be close to the trash floor…” Jeremy muttered, unsure if He was interested in that. “Oh we passed it already…we are deep underground now big man.” She said, leading them towards a massive opening that looked like nature had dug the hole out for passing people to go through. A red curtain that looked sewn together with table covers was covering the entrance like a door. As they three came to the door, Zecora introduced the location. “Welcome, to ‘DeepPizza’ boys.

Before Jeremy and Freddy was a town made by the children who snuck into the PizzaPlex. A massive cave with several layers was before them, with a massive pool of water at the bottom most level that made a river between two main bodies of land. On the right was a multiple tier city that the kids seemed to live inside of There was three levels; The bottom was where most parties and events were thrown, the middle layer was where a living quarters and work quarters were, with kids coming in and out of doorways that were built into the mountainside for the rooms. Finally, the top layer was where a massive fort built of scrap metal and cleaned trash was. The fort seemed to have energy of some kind as spotlights from the wall lit up every square inch of the bottom of the wall. This place was secure as Hell, somehow built and maintained by kids.

However, On the left was something that seemed even more shocking to Jeremy. It was a wall of metal built into the cave that was absolutely massive. Several massive gears and machinery could be seen on the far left wall that were impressing and grand. that was constructed as the main way in and out of DeepPizza. It was layered with multiple chain-link fences and gates that were manned by kids, making sure nobody unauthorized left or entered the place and ruined everything. This wall was so impressive, that it genuinely made no sense how the hell something like this went unnoticed in the PizzaPlex at all, let alone how many people it must have taken to build something like this! No wonder the trash never had to be dealt with, it was all being put here and used! A small staircase down to another makeshift bridge allowed Freddy, Jeremy, and Zecora passage to the bottom layer of the right side of the river.

Two guards, about Jeremy’s chest height, stopped them on the bridge. “Zecora? You brought an adult down Here!? And is that THE Freddy Fazbear!?” The left guard with dirty hard and freckles said in surprise. “Look, I just need to get up to big guy, let us through.” Zecora said, and almost at once the guards parted and allowed them through. Jeremy couldn’t believe what He was seeing; An entire village of kids was living underneath the PizzaPlex, somehow undisturbed and running as a god-damn secret society. Freddy was equally surprised, but then noticed that a lot of them had the same power thing as Gregory. Some of them had red like Zecora, some had blue like Gregory, and even some had green like Jeremy. They used their powers to help those who were trying to do a task but didn’t have the strength. Gregory would fit in with these kids…and the thought made Freddy miss the kid so much. He hoped He was okay.

“Okay…out of all the sh*t I’ve seen tonight…this is the craziest.” Jeremy said, following Zecora up a step into the second level and passing more kids along the way. Some of them with using tools to build weapons like the flame thrower that Lyle kid used, while some were making spears and other kids of weapons for whatever it was they did around here. These kids were working diligently, even the ones who were normal kids with no marking on them. The heat from the rooms in the mountain was pretty hot, and Jeremy even saw one hammering away on what looked like some kind of makeshift anvil, making arrowheads and some kind of flammable liquid that they dipped their arrows in to light them ablaze. “How long has this been here?” Jeremy asked. “Basically since the store opened…Everything will be explained up by Castle Fazbear.” Zecora said.

Eventually, the three arrived at the top level. The massive castle had a door that could only be opened from the inside, with two guards by the front door with the power to open it with their soul energy. “Zecora! Open!” Zecora called out, and the girl and boy manning the gate then used their red and blue power respectfully to open the gate with a creak.
Inside, a massive throne room sat with parts of STAFF bots and endoskeletons stuffed together to make some kind of ‘bone throne’ of sorts. The hall had a patchwork of carpet meant for the upstairs PizzaPlex that somehow made its way down here. Large pillars that had extension cords wrapped around the pole to supply power to the massive lightbulbs on the pillars. The place was decorated with robot parts that were scavenged. On the left hand side was a row of hospital gurneys for the guards and the injured, with a couple injured people watching the three come inside. A line of recharge stations lined the back wall, with kids with the powers walking in, getting recharged, and then walking out completely refreshed.
Over by the throne on the far end, was Fiona and Chica, who noticed Jeremy and Freddy’s arrival to DeepPizza. “Freddy!” Chica yelled, jumping towards Freddy and giving Him a hug. Fiona saw Jeremy and picked Him up too, crushing Him with Her robot arms. “can’t…breath…” Jeremy said, with Fiona loosening Him free. The group spoke together, happy to be a group again. “Can you believe it Freddy? All these kids! And they are just like Jeremy and that Gregory kid you keep talking about!” Chica said, bawling as she spoke.

Zecora walked towards the throne, before standing to its side and clearing Her throat and introducing the king. “Here He is! The lord of the littles! King of the kiddos! I hate all of these titles but what the hell…I present; King Erin.” Up on the throne sat a boy, who looked no older than 10, with a blue blanket wrapped around Him. He had wavey brown hair that looked dirtied and uncleaned. His face was pale, with two brown eyes that looked down on the robots and Jeremy with a gaze of exhaustion. His feet were bare and sticking out of the bottom of the blanket as He sat on the throne of scrap and plastic. The child looked like he was going to cry, not from joy but from despair. Jeremy and Freddy both realized that this boy looked like Gregory.

The Gregory clone unfurled from the blanket, standing in front of the group as Zecora brought forth a long pipe with a lightbulb taped onto the top. He held it in His tiny hands fiercely, and a bright blue light began shimmering from the scepter that make small blue flakes that circled around the light slowly like a galaxy. “So you are who my scouts have been talking about…with the younger me?” He asked, staying up on the podium. “G-gregory? You built a kingdom down here?” Jeremy said, gobsmacked by the surprise. “Oh…I’m not this… ‘Gregory’. I was the first of these, Me and Zecora both along with…one who isn’t with us anymore.” King Erin explained. “I am Erin, the truest recreation of a child that has not lived in a very long time now.” He explained, sounding almost like an adult. “I’m sure you have many questions, so I’ll fill in the gaps. Jeremy…you are not human, nor machine…you, I, Zecora, and many of the children down here, are spirits of people who have been gone a long time.” Evan explained.

A couple of the children appeared to give Jeremy a blanket to sit on while the robots stood. “Before we begin, I want to show you something before we start however, so you can see what the potential of someone like me is capable of.” Erin explained. “Wait hold on, how the hell is all of this down here? I’ve never seen any of this!” Jeremy exclaimed. It was impossible! How could these kids live down here and nobody knew? “I promise, all will be explained in due time…but I must show you something critical if you are to understand the scope and history of the problem at hand.” He explained, before holding out the staff and a shimmering blue light overtook Jeremy’s vision as He looked towards the light.

Chapter 16: Chapter 15, July 18th, 19??, 10:32 am,

Chapter Text

Today was a day of joy and sadness, of party and mourn. Today is the consequences of the beginning of the end for a family. Deep underground, underneath a building that was to be named Circus Baby’s Pizza World, the real attraction was planned. One man built this dream, this dream of bringing entertainment truly to life. The cold air of the underground pizza restaurant was stiff, and was just recently cleaned for the first day of celebration. The dark room was only illuminated by the three spotlights that shined down onto the robot in red, blue, and green. In the room, only one chair was in the room, with the Older Man being the owner of that chair. This place would soon be filled with guests, should today go as planned for the Old Man. Cold sweat rushed down the older man’s head as He looked towards the stage His robot was standing on. The machine looked back at Him with dead eyes, vacant of life. The Robot sat limply on the stage, It’s giant hands to the sides as It’s left hand clung onto a plastic microphone. The robot was in style to something like a circus clown, with two big, orange pigtails that twirled around. The white face was decorated with a heavy amount of makeup that was bright red on the cheeks and around the fake lips. Its eyelashes were big and full, and it’s face was very well defined. The robot was somewhat clunky, but it was a very complex looking machine that looked lifeless as It laid there.

The robot had what looked like a miniature fan that sat by the stomach region as a ventilation shaft to keep the robot cool, which also fit in nicely with the simple red dress that decorated the robot. The robot’s skin was white, with the red complimenting it nicely, with little red frills on the shoulders and a red skirt that was made of a silk fabric. The Older Man thought the design perfection, all of His creations were perfections, but this one especially so. He loved this machine, it was His own design. Sure, Bonnie had been His too but this was such a glorious step up…instead of some clunky machine that could break on Him, this was a machine that was designed from the ground up with this new vision! He was especially happy about the shoes, reminding him of clown shoes with the little bells that were on the toes of the foot. This machine would change everything, now all that mattered was getting it to fly under the radar and appear normal.

This man, this sickened and grieving man, was William Afton. He was dashing, like a siren in the sea, with thick and black hair. His deep purple eyes were like a wave of extasy. His form was broad and powerful, the perfect looking businessman for any work imaginable. True, He looked exhausted, but it seemed to only make Him look more superior. His black, slick suit with a purple flower gave Him the look He needed to sell this tool of the future. Men from the company and that damned Henry would be here today, so He needed it to be perfect in every way. Nothing could go wrong, it simply couldn’t.
William got up from His chair in the large room, making it slide back and echo the scraping sound of the chair on the plain white floor. He walked closer to the machine, looking over every piece and part of it. He looked at the machine, still unsure of the name to give it. After all, it’s impossible to name such the perfect creature…but He thought of the perfect Nickname at least for a tool like this, to look unimposing and weak. “Baby…such a simple and weak name…perfect for what you will do.” William said with a dashing smile, placing a hand over the machine’s cheek and observing it.

Over the limbs, small pins existed almost like extension pieces that would allow the body to expand and shrink as needed to fit the…cargo…that would be inside the suit. This entire machine could move its internal parts to where it needed on the body, Short of some pieces but that could be worked out later. The faceplate could open to reveal the worm-like endoskeleton underneath, with the chest cavity and the legs and arms able to do similar maneuvers for easy access to the parts without having to take the whole thing apart. Baby was designed from the ground up as a machine that could be worked on while Afton continued His…work…without questions or concerns.

“Today…You will be everything I need and more. When they see you, you will be the star of the show. That crew of animals is nothing compared to you…my own daughter likes you.” William said with a smile, before realizing what that could mean. “I should be careful of that…I won’t let it happen again.” William said, anger in His tone as the memory of that day sat in Him for so long. All because of His older work of the springlocks. If His older son hadn’t…

“Oh, Why does it matter…If my hypothesis is correct…Evan will be with us again soon. You will be the perfect stepping stone towards that future.” William said in what could be considered its ear. “And it will be perfect.” He finished. Suddenly, a voice came from over an intercom. “Mr. Afton, your guests have arrived” Said a female voice. William stepped away from Baby slowly, before turning to the double doors to meet His guests of honor.

The location was split three ways, with Baby’s room being straight ahead from the entrance to the underground location. Baby’s room was able to be viewed from behind a desk in a separate room with several buttons and nobs that indicated power levels and room atmospherics. The room was a good size, able to fit a few people at the time, while Baby’s actual room was a bigger auditorium space and was accessed differently for actual guests, rather than workers of the underground location. William walked through a back door that lead down a hall to a dark green-lit room that had a few wires and such sticking from the walls, with two doorways that lead to the ‘Ballora Gallery’ and ‘Fun-time Auditorium’. Through a window on both sides you could see the robots for each one faintly in the distance, of which William would show to these gentlemen. The rooms were very dark, but their stages were lit up just enough you could see the faint outlines of the machines just in the distance, but it was hard to really make out their features. They were bare just like Baby’s room, the décor coming later on when renovations were to really begin and the store was ready to open. One of them looked like a ballerina, but Her eyes were closed tight, concealing the bright purple eyes beneath the plastic exterior. In the Funtime room, a big white and pink fox could be seen, with a top hat in one hand and a cane in the other, Its jaw agape. One other robot was to be with Funtime Foxy, but He was in maintenance, His system wasn’t quite ready yet and the beast was too sporadic to put on the party floor just yet. Sure, these machines were built with love, But these robots were nothing like Baby, they didn’t have the same…toolset…she had. Sure they could lead them to Baby as designed, but she was the finisher and the real collector. She was their leader in this masquerade that William designed, and it was all going according to plan.
As William got closer to the entrance, He took the main service elevator that lead upstairs to the entrance of ‘Circus Baby’s Pizza World’, the elevator rumbling as it ascended up and up, into the heavens. A poster for Baby by one of the corners of the elevator had the words ‘Celebrate!’ on it, with Baby waving at William as it flowed by the wind current brought in by the huge fan built into the elevator on the ceiling. On another side of the wall was a poster of Ballora, dancing on Her stage with the word ‘Dance!’ written on the bottom of the purple poster. As the elevator came to a stop, the big doors of the elevator slid open and William found Himself in a short hallway towards the entrance.

William walked down the bright blue hallway to mimic a sky, with green paint to act as grass towards the floor and the ground painted the same green to give the illusion of grass. A couple of circus tents were painted on the wall to look like you were walking into a circus-like attraction as the theme was described. Small flowers were painted on the ground to look like a grove as you walked through the hall towards the main room Afton had just been inside. As Afton neared the entrance, the doors that separated the hall from the brightly-lit entrance were propped open and a sign that said ‘Welcome! Have a slice!’ on a cardboard cutout of the titular Baby was waving towards the entrance. The floor was the same green, with a counter towards Williams right. Guests signed in at the table, before entering through the double doors and down towards the attractions that were deep underground. What was special about William’s location however was that you could rent out the attractions for the day, which was the main way to enjoy such attractions, and then they returned here for storage or for the weekday.

A row of seat in this pastel ‘flower field’ were over in the corner on the opposite side, with a couple of toys to keep kids occupied. A couple arcade cabinets also were by the entrance for anyone waiting for their party to start, featuring a closet for ‘Bag-guy’ and ‘Super Amiro’, rips on the original titles they were based from. The wall where the main entrance to the establishment were, were a big wall of glass windows that looked out towards the small parking lot.

In the entrance, a group of businessmen were discussing the location and the ascetics of the location, noticing the minimal amount of things actually there in the location. “Gentlemen! Welcome! Please mind the emptiness, the rest of the décor doesn’t arrive until much later tonight.” William said, greeting the 4 gentlemen before Him. However, in the group, one extra man was there. William’s old business partner, Henry Emily.

Henry was a scraggly looking man, with a puffy orange beard and a tired expression about it general demeanor. His glasses were small and sat on His nose loosely, as if threatening to fall off. The man wasn’t very strong built, but His muscle was definitely there. His orange flannel shirt was nicely set, with a pair of navy blue overalls that had a front pocket to store His pencil and other tools. A toolbelt was wrapped around His waist that had a power tool neatly stored away. Henry looked tired, but not nearly as much as William. The two locked eyes for a moment before William turned to the businessmen. All of them looked basically the same, with one having glasses or one having a bald head. All of them carrying a briefcase or bag with their things. They were uninspired, clearly there for the money in the idea rather than the dream, just what William was hoping for.

“Follow me gentlemen, there is much to see! I promise you, what you are about to witness are truly some of the most magical things you have ever witnessed.” William promised, leading them down the circus hallway and into the elevator. “Isn’t this a bit of a fire hazard? How will folks safely exit if there is a fire?” One of the executives pointed out, Henry staying completely silent. “There are multiple fire exits, and plus there are a number of fire-prevention methods we use here to keep that from happening.” William explained, as the men journeyed down into the crust of the earth.

As they entered the bottom, William lead them first to Foxy’s room. Inside, the spotlights brightened to reveal the fox robot in His dashing spot of color. As the businessmen entered the room, the robot moved around with ease, no clunky movements or sporadic shaking. It was like the robot was alive. It’s tail had a sentience system to detect ‘Happiness’ and other forms of mood to act like a dog tail. At the pink tip that was like fur was some kind of scent machine to smell like poppy flowers. “Welcome Gentlemen! I assume you are here for the tour?” It said in an announcer kind of voice. The men was surprised by the seeming awareness the machine had. “Heh…a good machine there.” One of the men said, pushing up His glasses. Almost immediately the machine responded. “Thank you! I am quite excited for the idea of my own show! How do we appear to you so far?” It asked, William simply stepping back to allow the presentation to speak for itself.

“Well, it’s quite unique. I feel as if talking animals is a bit overdone by this company though.” The man, Laurence, answered as He clung onto His suitcase. “Oh I promise you! There is much to see from my sisters! Ballora is the most beautiful dancer and Baby is quite a charmer! You’ll love us…you’ll never want to leave!” It said, almost sounding like a threat. Luckily, Laurence didn’t take it as one. “So what? Are you a ringmaster?” He asked, understanding what was happening. “Oh no! simply a machine of tricks!” He answered, before three colorful balls dispensed from His mouth and the machine juggled them with ease. Laurence watched the machine, agape. No strings, no motor or sticks holding the balls. It was actually juggling them and changing rhythm to do different moves on the metal stage. The businessmen and even Henry looked impressed by this feat, as the machine then threw the balls into the air and caught them inside His mouth and swallow them with no problem. “That is just one of many physical acrobatics I can achieve fellows! Come on…won’t you see greatness?” It asked, bending down and giving Laurence a wink.

One of the other gentlemen, an older fellow with greying hair stepped forwards and folded His arms. “Eh…simple math and machinery…won’t people want something more interactive Mr. Afton?” Henry looked at the man with slight shock, already completely floored by this fox. This thing alone was absolutely amazing…it was almost terrifying how impressive it was.
Funtime Foxy then turned head towards a doorway, and then called out a name. “Oh Freddy! These gentlemen are looking for some fun!” He called out, a small ringing sound seemed to play as He spoke. Suddenly, the door to a room called ‘Parts and Service’ swung open and a massive white and pink colored bear appeared. The creature’s body was chunky and strong, with a black bowtie and top hat for Its face. It had a big speaker on Its chest, and two black buttons that made the pink body look like a vest. The machine’s blue eyes surveyed the room and walked forwards. However, one of Its hands appeared to be missing as its big, pearly whites spoke to the men. “Hello there f-f-friends! Oh what f-f-f-fun! So many a-amazing guests today! Are you the m-m-men Mr. Afton told us a-a-about? I h-h-hear you’re looking for some f-fun!” It said in a mixture of a Scottish and British accent, with a high pitched whine in His voice. Will had worked on some kinks for the voice, almost considering German for it but wasn’t quite happy with it. “This is Freddy, and His friend Bonnie…” Will then noticed that the hand puppet known as Bon Bon was missing from His hand.

Freddy then turned to His missing friend and realized He was missing, spinning around and not seeing Him. “Oh silly Bon Bon! Where are you?” Freddy called out. The men looked around, before the older gentleman from before felt something on His shoulder. As He turned to look, big, pink eyes met His and the robot laughed as It rode on the man’s back. The gentleman jumped at the sight, but calmed as He realized who it was. The blue rabbit waved around the room as rode the man’s shoulder. “Hiya! Are you new friends? I like you!” It said, the voice sounding almost like a little kid. Its rosy red check shined in the light of the Funtime lights and it’s sweet smile laughed at the surprised man. Freddy walked towards the gentlemen, who seemed absolutely charmed by Freddy. “C-c-can I have my f-f-friend back? Ha ha!” It laughed, as the old man carried the sweet little rabbit in His arms and clicked back onto Freddy. The machine backed away and started walking back towards Parts and Service.

“Sorry Foxy…but my battery is feeling f-f-funny…and not the good kind…” Freddy’s voice echoed, sounding like it was slightly moaning as He spoke. Bonnie spun around and waved back at the men and said ‘goodbye!’ He said, as the door to Parts & Service began to close, being left cracked open. As the older gentlemen talked amongst themselves, Henry noticed that has Freddy walked away, a weird black goo was on the floor of where He stood, pointing it out to William. “Hey…is that Freddy model okay? It looks like it was leaking something.” Henry asked. William didn’t pay attention to it, walking back towards the gentlemen.

Henry knew why William was so cold towards Him, but clearly He couldn’t be that upset! The business was failing and He didn’t have another choice back then. Either both of them failed or one of them moved on. Henry was William’s original robotics specialist, and was also a close friend. The two had started their own robot business together, but William was sagging the company, consumed with creation rather than commerce. Henry did what He had to do to stay afloat, bringing William’s creations to life in a way William couldn’t do. But before Henry’s eyes, William’s true visions were coming to life! This was amazing what was being done here. However, It was clear that William had not truly moved on since the fallout of the fight…

Henry felt like William was being unfair with the whole situation. It wasn’t like He had a choice…it was either Him or William, and Henry made a choice. He watched the fox bedazzle the businessmen as He watched on in the background. William then directed the men back towards the service entrance of the location to head towards Baby’s room. As the men left, Funtime Foxy then gave a bow with his hat before saying His goodbyes. “Treat well dear patrons! Hope a merry time!” He said, before the lights in the room shut themselves off and the robot froze in place.

In the darkness, Foxy on stage looked like a corpse almost with how it was limp. The men had already left and headed into Ballora’s stage. Henry looked towards the group and noticed them in the other room. Henry, taking the opportunity to investigate, had a closer look at Foxy first. Henry saw something flowing from Foxy’s face, very slowly oozing out of the eye holes. Henry touched the black substance with His finger and feeling a tingling sensation as He touched. As He touched it, He swore He could hear what sounded like whispering. ‘Don’t hold it against us’ was what He could vaguely make out as He put an ear towards the mouth of the fox. Then, as Henry looked further in the dark, Henry could see a small, blue dot that stared directly at Him as He listened to Foxy. The eye seemed like that of an animal, shaking slightly as it looked at Him. Henry took another look towards where William and the others were, still seeing them in the other room that was now brightly lit. When Henry looked back into Parts & Service, the eye was gone.

Henry felt a tightness in His chest as He looked into the room. He walked towards the door of Parts and Service, His breathing becoming quicker and His hands sweating as He grabbed hold of the doorknob and pushed the door open slowly. Peering into the darkness, He reached into one of His pockets and pulled out a small, handheld light that He could clip onto His shoulder. The dark room was filled with wires and levers, with a large conveyer belt in the center of the room that lead from the left side to the right. A mess of tools were scattered over the floor, from bobby wrenches to screwdrivers of different sizes. In the corner, a poster for Freddy was seen, with the words cut off from the bottom. As Henry gazed around the room, the lifeless body of Freddy stared back at Him with Its eyes missing.

Henry jumped back, frightened by the robot that was laying limp in front of Him. As Henry composed Himself, he marveled at the machine and the complexity of the robot. The machine was truly a spectacle, but up close Henry could see all the finer details of the bear. The pieces all could come apart and being easily replaced, with the face plate able to split into six different parts to repair the eyes, voice box, and other essentials that were in the face. It was unlike anything that Henry had seen…how in the hell did William make something like this and how was it powered? There wasn’t any battery that Henry could see, and as far as He saw from this angle it wasn’t inside the machine. Bon Bon was in a resting position on Freddy’s hand, Its head limp but unmoving, also missing Its eyes. Why was suddenly everything blind? Maybe it was the way the dim lights hit the robots? Bon Bon was very simple in design, a happy light-blue bunny with rosy red cheeks and cute little black buttons on its chest like Freddy. As Henry looked towards the chest piece, He noticed that the machine was, albeit very slightly, was shaking. It was barely noticeable, but if Henry listened hard enough, He could her what sounded like moving around in Its chest. Henry tried listening closer, until something from the other room made Him back up and look towards the exit of Parts and Service. Silence was there, with no cue of anybody being nearby. As Henry stepped back and looked up at the face of Freddy however, two human eyes met His. The eyes didn’t fit the creature at all, and weren’t even the same color. The eye holes were leaking a black substance that was similar to the one from Foxy. The eyes followed Henry as He backed up and out of the room. As Henry looked, He noticed Bon Bon had the same freaky display, just missing the human-like eyes as there weren’t any in its eyeholes.

As Henry backed up, He touched something cold and metal. Turning around, Foxy greeted Him at the door, with the same expression as Freddy did. The eyes were far too human, but no living creature was inside this thing. The creature didn’t speak, it just stared at Henry as He ducked underneath the creature and continued walking. The creature’s head followed Him, but the body didn’t move from the limp-like slouch it was in as it was over Him. Henry walked in the darkness, not daring to turn His back on the robots. As He neared the exit, the machines suddenly started walking towards Him with haste.

Henry quickly spun around and jiggled the door handle. The door was stuck, with the gentlemen clearly gone from Ballora’s room. The room was dark, with the figure standing in the window being Ballora Herself with Her eyes wide open and with the same expression as Funtime Foxy and Freddy, who were limply walking towards Henry. The Human eyes didn’t look away from Him as They neared. Ballora was very difficult to make out from the other side of the glass, with Her blue hair and purple eyes wide open being the only distinguishable features through the thick glass. She simply watched from the glass, Her arms up in the air in a permanent arc. Henry dodged out of the way of Foxy, who tried grabbing at Him once close enough. Diving towards the stage, He saw a door was placed on the stage that lead in a different direction and tried for it. Freddy stepped up onto the stage to follow Henry silently. As Henry burst through the door, He slammed it behind Him and ran down the hallway of wires ahead of Him.

As Henry ran down the hall, a line of empty cages and vats of purple and black liquid were lined up against the back wall. A couple computers that displayed the company logo, Baby’s disembodied head, spun on the laptops in bright purple. “C-c-c-come back Friend! Let’s PARTY.” Funtime Freddy said, trying to bust down the door of the lab. On the floor, papers were scattered everywhere that were mentioning different math equations and systems, with the word ‘Remnant’ appearing in multiple texts.

Suddenly, the door to the Funtime Auditorium burst open, the metal door clambering to the floor with a bang. “Come out! Come out!” Freddy called. Henry quickly ducked behind one of the desks and hid out of view. Stumbling in, pouring more of the black and purple liquid, Freddy sauntered around the room, its eyes gazing over the whole of the room. Purple light from the eyes of the machine as it scanned the room. The creature then changed tactics. “Bon Bon! Go g-g-get ‘em!” Freddy yelled, before unlocking Bon Bon from His hand and letting Him loose. The small, legless beast crawled around like a slug, quickly sliding around the room for any sign of Henry. Henry’s breathing was rapid and panicked, what the hell was this thing going to do to Him if He was caught? Was it going to kill Him? As He listened for the Bon Bon robot, He heard the machine pulling itself around, but unable to see where it is. Suddenly, Bon Bon then jumped onto the desk Henry was hiding behind, looking around the room. Henry put a hand over His mouth, His eyes growing wide as He was the faint light from Bon Bon’s eyes glance just over Him, passing Him by.

“He’s not here…” It whispered to Freddy, before returning back onto His friend’s hand and Freddy limply wandering back into the Funtime Auditorium. Henry’s breathing finally started to slow down, as He slowly peered over the desk and saw that He was now alone. The room was still dark, but as Henry looked around, His vision adjusted to the darker light. He could see behind Him another door was there.

As He fled through the door, He entered a circular room where another vat of the purple and black liquid was stored. However, As Henry looked at the tank, He noticed the design was different than that of the others. On the base of this much larger tank was a symbol that was of what looked like a blue star on a badge-like symbol. The liquid on the inside was bubbling with rage, swirling around the vat like a serpent wanting to break loose. To the left, another doorway was visible with a sign on the front that said ‘Baby’. With no hesitation, Henry crept towards it slowly. As He opened the door, He quickly shut it behind Him and found Himself in the middle of a hallway. To the left lead to the entrance, and to the right He saw the gentlemen He arrived with. He breathed a sigh of relief and was going to confront William about whatever the Hell that was.

What in god’s name was His friend doing down here? Surely these things weren’t actually animals He stuffed metal into! What in the hell were these things? As Henry walked In, He saw that the men had just walked into Baby’s room to observe Her.

During Henry’s absence, William introduced the machine He called ‘Baby’ and as He did a woman walked in with a tray of food and drinks for the men, walking by Henry. A couple of working men walked in with a table for the men to place their cases on and a few seats as well. Henry walked in and immediately confronted William, but in a whisper. “Can I please talk to you…something is wrong here.” Henry began. William sighed before turning to His old business partner. “What? What could it possibly be Henry? Are the designs just off to you? Not a fan of clowns?” William said, loosely holding a glass of Cabernet aged in a new oak distiller that made the flavor pop with hints of vanilla and sweet spice. The dark red liquid sloshed lightly as He spoke and drank. Henry denied the drink and food as the female assistant offered it. “Will…what the hell are these things? I stayed behind to observe them and they were leaking this…liquid on the floor! They started stumbling towards me and starting at me with these beady eyes!” Henry whispered, a bit of His voice turning towards His natural southern dialect. The fear from being chased slowly becoming anger. William chuckled as He took another sip of wine. “Are you trying to ruin my chances with these men? You still are trying to sabotage me! I gave you a chance to repent and here you are badmouthing MY creations!” William spoke to Henry, accusatory. Henry jolted in surprise. “What? No! William I had no choice! I did what I had to, to keep a roof over my head!” Henry exclaimed. “I don’t believe you…you’ve wasted enough of my time.” William answered snobbishly, turning back to the men who were talking amongst themselves and not paying attention to the men.

“What is going on?!” Henry said, slightly raising His voice as He grabbed William’s coat. William seemed unaffected, only looking down towards His held arm and to Henry. “Please release me Mr. Emily, and please…enjoy the show.” Williams spoke coldly, before shaking the man loose and walking towards Baby on the stage. The woman who brought the drinks was also bringing out a set of papers and blueprints that the businessmen were to see. The assistant was wearing a sort of skimpy skirt and proper shirt. Her hair was bright white and was definitely a unique style that was fluffy and long. She had a pair of glasses that looked like crescent moons and was held onto Her face by a pearl chain that wrapped around Her ears. Her shoes were bright blue heels with moons on the ankle and Her general demeanor was calm and somewhat cold. “My assistant Nora is placing the blueprints on the table. If you have any question during the presentation then please do speak them. I simply wish for you to understand my process and the design as a whole.” William explained, turning back towards the men. “Well then, shall we begin?” William asked the men, who looked somewhat at ease. “I present to you, of whom I now call, ‘Baby’.” William said, before pressing a button on a device in His pocket. All in an instant, the dark abyss of the eyes lit up bright blue. Baby stood to Her feet and clutch the microphone in Her hand.

The machine whirred around, walking forwards but staying on the stage and gazed over the men, who looked in amazement. The machine was freely wandering the stage, gazing over the dark room as if looking for guests. “Baby is one of my favorites simply for Her incredible complexity, She’s perfection when it comes to entertainment, Henry.” William explained, watching the machine with grand pride in His work. He did this one, all by Himself…with no help from Henry’s clear lack of imagination.

“There’s no doubting what you’ve achieved on a technical level, these are clearly state of the art.” One of the men started, His brown hair being pushed away by His hand as He stood and spoke towards Afton, still watching Baby. The nametag on His chest was ‘Benjamin’ “there are just certain…design choices…that were made for these robots, that we don’t fully understand.” He explained, with a couple of the men looking over Baby’s blueprints. They understood the verticality of use in the machine, but some of the choices they weren’t exactly sure of their use. “We were hoping that you could shed some light on those.” The man finished, before sitting back down. Henry stepped back, with William giving a bright smile as He stood back onto the stage.

Baby was now in the center of the stage, looking down on the men, moving as William commanded to show off Her unique skill set of entertainment she was designed for. “She can dance, she can sing! She’s equipped with a built in helium tank, for inflating balloons right at her fingertips. She can take song requests. She can even dispense ice cream!” William began, as Baby stood on the stage in perfect fashion and started playing a snippet of ‘Dream a little dream of me’ By Louis Armstrong in the background. One of the other businessmen, with a deep red tie, stood to His feet to interject. “With all due respect…Those aren’t the design choices we were curious about Mr. Afton.” He said, before pointing to what appeared to be a giant scooping machine that was built inside of Baby’s stomach in the blueprints.


Present Day, 10:45

Jeremy’s vision suddenly returned back from the past, making Him rub His eyes as the clone Gregory stood in front of His throne with the staff in His hands shimmering a bright blue. The spiritual energy around the lightbulb of the staff was dim, like its energy had just been spent on that strange vision. As the light encircling Jeremy’s faded, the robots also seemed stunned by the light that had taken over the room. “What in the heck was that?” Fiona said, shaking Her head to get the dark spots out of Her eyes. “That…was a memory. A memory from the Remnant that sticks to us and gives us life.” King Erin explained, handing the scepter to a boy with a green energy of whom placed the staff in a holder on the backwall. “The vision you saw was back when the man known as William Afton created a line of robots designed to hunt and gather children to turn into Remnant by using their fear and pain as fuel.” Erin explained, sitting back towards His throne. “Wait…you said Remnant. I think one of those guys from upstairs said that.” Fiona pointed out. “What is it?” She asked.
“Remnant is the name that Afton calls it, but we call His form of it ‘Agony’. Its more than just the soul of a person, it’s the very essence of their anger and fear. It’s a form of Remnant that is tough to be calmed and is almost impossible to wield without causing devastation. It corrupts and molds, breaking down everything it comes into contact with and becomes nothing but a pile of anger and resentment. The person is so deep in anger that it doesn’t even realized who or what it is anymore.” Erin explained. Zecora then stepped forwards and explained it in deeper detail. “Like Monty or Chica, Chica’s Remnant was of previous ‘Chicas’ that had before had the Remnant of someone by the name of ‘Susie Campbell’ inside that eventually melted and expanded into a more destructive and hungry form. Monty has in Him an entire host of spirits that happened much later, but ballooned and melt together to make a far more destructive and faster developing version that was almost impossible to flake away.” She detailed, then pulling out a vile of the flammable liquid. “Fire is one way to weaken Remnant, but for stronger stuff it’s impossible to truly melt it. It’s like trying to get treasure from empty chests. The Agony is so ballooned that it’s difficult to nail a weakness more effective…until now anyway.” She added.
Jeremy still had tons more questions, but then one came to mind that had been eating at Him since the night started. “So what about you? Aren’t you also that?” He asked. Erin thought about the question and ushered the group towards a set of stairs towards one of the backwalls. The group followed the makeshift king up the stairs that went to another open area. It was a wooden floor that was filled with cages in the center.

At first, the cages looked like they were just full of what looked like just scraps of robots, but as Jeremy looked closer He noticed that inside were endoskeleton zombies that were in several pieces. On their left or right hands though were also hints of the electricity symbol that appeared when Gregory or one of the underground kids used their powers. “See them? They were like us once…but they’ve been broken. They came in contact with the Agony and it started breaking their systems and turned them into ‘Skin Stealers’ that crave to be whole again…They want their old bodies they didn’t even own in the first place. Another Afton scheme.” Erin explained, “These are what took over the PizzaPlex and started hiding inside people.” Erin added, before leading them towards the opposite corner of the massive room of cages.

It was a balcony that looked over all of DeepPizza, the glittery cave wall and ceiling twinkling as the Robots looked over the land. Evan then held up a hand and His power shimmered brightly, a beacon for all the land to see. Almost at once, Kids of all kinds from tall and short, plump and thin, were suddenly stopping and raising their power hand almost at the same time. The glow then began to fade along with Evan, as the sea of red, blue, and green began to disappear and the kids continued with their work. Jeremy was fascinated by this coordination and this level of dedication.

“We are the best attempts at good and healthy Remnant, built upon specific memories to recreate a person and not to make a unstoppable weapon. We are the best attempts are recreating the children of Afton…but unlike them we only have memory, and in a way of being distant and just filler…we are still our own people and souls.” Erin explained. “He tried first with us, but when we weren’t able to truly remember the events like our own, He gave up with us and tried to slaughter us all…I lead the survivors away to make this place. The children you see here are either homeless kids from outside we took up as help or our own numbers from years ago.” Jeremy then remembered that Erin said He was one of them. “So why did He spare me? The Gregory kid? Why is this happening now?” Jeremy hastily listed. “Why now? Because Afton is running out of juice. He’s been living off scraps and small amounts for years, but His supply is becoming less now that we are actively trying to get in His way. There is also another force in play that threatens Him too…” Erin foreshadowed. “However, as for Gregory and You…Zecora, why not you explain since it’s your theory.” He said, offering the floor. Zecora thanked Him before adding Her thoughts. “I believe because you were one of the first and because you had no real power at the time. He didn’t see you fit as a subject for His plan and figured to just get rid of you the only way He could…make you think you worked at the PizzaPlex. That was His cover to get more kids…maybe even use you to harvest more of them like He does with Vanessa the Head Nightguard.”

A cold chill then shot through Jeremy at the name ‘Vanessa’. His eyes went wide as He processed what was theorized. “Wait…Vanessa? As in my Coworker? But how? I’ve never…” He was unsure how to respond. “We believe she was who we called The ‘White Hare’. She is one of Afton’s disciples. She is like us, but He built Her as a weapon against us…He designed Her with the feelings of anger so full she is as manic and insane as Him.” Erin told the group, giving a sigh. “She cannot be saved…she’s been so corrupted that it would take a miracle…and if we follow through with the plan we’ve set in motion, then none of us will see tomorrow morning.” Erin explained, walking down towards Jeremy. “Wait…what plan? Are you planning to stop this monster?” Freddy asked hesitantly. Erin simply nodded His head. “We are finishing the work two men aimed to stop before us. These men, Henry Emily and Michael Afton, had designed a fake restaurant to lure in Afton and any remaining Remnant monsters to try and burn them all in one, big trap…but Afton survived because of one reason. Before He entered, He placed a little Remnant of Himself onto a pile of motherboards in a different location. He must of known what Henry and Michael were planning. When the dusted settled and the fire was out, the smaller and much more simple memory of Afton was burned onto the chips that is the form you have probably seen by now. We don’t understand why He would come back to this place, nor how He returned back in the first place…but We believe He must have had somebody bring the motherboards here or controlled someone to bring Him here. He is a monster of goo that hides inside of old costumes that resemble what He used back in the day as His luring mechanism and continues William’s work in the basem*nt of the PizzaPlex.” Erin told them, looking towards one of the endoskeleton statues that was in the main hall.
“But Afton stumbled upon something…a way of controlling the Agony. He found something deep below the earth that was even older than this whole issue. We don’t know what it was or is, but we believe it was something even older than Freddy’s itself. We believe it’s a vein of or is the center heart of how Remnant can exist in the first place. We have not been deep enough to see it for ourselves, but if we are correct, we believe destroying it will prevent further Remnant from existing. The rest can be destroyed in an explosion we’ve planned to give this place one last goodbye.” Erin then turned back towards Jeremy and the gang. “I know you have already been through so much, but I must ask for your help in this plan Jeremy…With the powers of my Sorrow, Zecora’s Anger, and your Joy, We must stop this before William…” He paused before correcting Himself, “…no, before this monster disguising itself as Afton…finishes its plan.” He proposed. “Will You help us?” Erin asked humbly.

Jeremy wasn’t sure what to say. Everything about how this played out was insane but what other choice did He have? Gregory was out there somewhere, and if they didn’t do anything then this nightmare would spread to other people. “What if I choose no?” Jeremy asked brazenly. Erin bowed His head and swallowed. “The end of the world…waves of Remnant sweeping the streets, consuming buildings and people and making the waves bigger. The Fazgoo would melt everything into one big pile of purple that will cover the earth in fear and pain for all eternity. As people run and scream, it would only make it stronger. The goo would be impossible to escape, and we will all be consumed.” Erin foretold, the room feeling colder as He spoke solemnly.

Jeremy realized what He needed to do. If He was to keep this thing back and destroy it, this was what must be done. “alright…what’s the plan King Erin?” Jeremy asked. For the first time since Their arrival, the Boy gave a warm smile.

Chapter 17: Chapter 16, Present day 3:30 AM

Chapter Text

The black bear looked down toward Gregory in the darkness of Roxy’s Raceway, the red eyes of the bear stared right into Gregory’s soul. The ghost looked down towards the Boy, as if it was blood-thirsty for Him. Gregory fell backwards, scrambling backwards as the bear floated closer towards Him in a threatening fashion. The cold air that followed the ghost made Gregory shiver as He crawled backwards on the floor of the desert-like landscape that decorated Roxanne’s location. The stomach of the ghost had the massive mouth, with several more mini mouths around the body, but it seemed more alive and more visible that the rest of the body. The teeth of the robot were sharp like knives, but there was no tongue that belonged with the mouth. Gregory clutched onto the pocket that contained Roxanne Wolf’s very essence, looking for some kind of escape.

Clem fell behind, Mark was dead, and nobody was here to help Him. If this thing was now also strong enough to dim the lights like this, then Gregory wouldn’t be able to get far before it caught up with Him again. The ghost’s smokey body started floating overtop Gregory, and the stomach mouth of the creature opened to reveal something deeper inside. Gregory peered into the void on the inside of the phantom, seeing something farther into the beast. There were two lights inside the creature, one white and one massive red light behind the white one.

Inside this void, two voices could be heard. One voice sounded like a little girl, the other was a deep and gruff voice that sounded like it belonged to something unlike anything Gregory had heard before. The voice of the girl spoke first. “Do not be afraid…its time to go…” It said, reaching out its claw in a strangely gentle way. Gregory felt a cold sweat as He looked towards the monster. This thing had been chasing Him all night and now it suddenly is being friendly? Why was this thing so addiment in catching Him. The ghost then spoke again, the gruff voice now speaking. “Do you remember child? Is this why you were called here?” It quizzed. This thing floated just hair closer as Gregory got to His feet and looked around the room.

Suddenly, His felt the blue electricity in his right hand begin pulsing without control as the creature reached for Him. Without giving it another thought, Gregory jumped away from the creature and clenched His hand to direct the energy at the spirit. A beam of blue light blasted into the chest of the creature as it was pushed back by the absurd force. However, around the Phantom, a black and gold aura consumed the beast and it blasted its own energy towards Gregory that hit Him backwards and to the floor. Gregory stumbled, trying to get upright as the Phantom charged forwards. Gregory, summoning His power again, blasted another blue bolt. It hurt to use it any further than this, but He had no choice. The Phantom then blasted a beam of its black and gold energy from It’s stomach region that met with Gregory’s head on.
The two were in a stalemate, as one’s beam tried overtaking the other. Gregory held His stance as long as He could, but the truly old and much stronger Phantom was taking advantage. Gregory felt His limbs beginning to strain, as the blue aura was beginning to fade from His body ever slowly. The black and gold beam was getting closer and closer to Gregory with every pulsation, the bear taking moves forwards as well. The Boy was running out of options, and if He kept this up, it would kill Him. Gregory held on for as long as He could, but His power was beginning to wane. His shimmering aura was failing with each moment. “You cannot fight anymore…give up.” The female voice told Him. “No…I…can’t…” Gregory said, now using His left hand to hold up His right.

Gregory’s body was beginning to deteriorate as He held on, His fingers beginning to turn grey and flake. His eyes became bloodshot as He stared forwards at His adversary. Gregory’s hair began to fray and grey as He stood there, almost like His body was rapidly aging on the spot. His power began weakening even further as He felt His hands shake. “Leave the demon to His demons…rest your soul…there is nothing else.” The gruff voice spoke as It was now barely a few feet away from Gregory. With one last push, He gave every inch of energy He had left to push the Phantom away, but it wasn’t working.
As Gregory felt the last sliver of power leave Him, A strange thing began to happen to Him. He felt something deep inside begin to come forward. It was like looking at a beacon of light in the distance. Gregory felt the void of death call to Him. It didn’t speak, but it was like a feeling inside that made Him persist. It was like a emotion, a feeling that couldn’t be trumped by darkness…He felt like home, it felt like life, and it felt like hope. As Gregory was on His dying breath, Gregory summoned a deep energy within Himself, and with one final push, He braved the darkness and removed His fear.
All at once, the entirety of Roxanne Raceway was consumed in a ocean of blue. Blinding light overtook everything in the room at once, making the room glow like it was inside the sun. The blinding blue light was so powerful, the blast of the energy extruding out blasted away anything nearby, sending go karts, street signs, traffic cones, and all sorts of debris in all directions. The Phantom gave a shrill scream as the blue light absorbed It in a wave of blue, as Gregory’s body was a shimmering opal of brilliant blue light that consumed all it touched. As the bear was absorbed into the light, Gregory felt His mind reel into another place.

That was all Gregory could see was white in all directions. Wherever He was, it was definitely not on earth. There was nothing in the world around Him, just Him as how He knew Himself, and the void of white. It was disorientating, making the place feel infinitely massive and yet small at the same time. As Gregory was in this place, His right arm was glowing from the blue light, the shape of a triangle with a thunderbolt on His backhand lighting brightly as if its holding this place together. “Freddy? Hello?” Gregory called out, trying to find anyone in this void space that could even be remotely a friend. “Anyone? Hello?!” He called out. Nobody responded.

As Gregory looked around the space, the night was beginning to feel like a fever dream. He still couldn’t remember who He was before all this and now it was like everything just came at once. Why the hell was with that Dawko dude? Where was Jeremy? Who or what was doing any of the stuff here and why was that Rabbit Guy so persistent on getting Him? Gregory felt His head hurt from trying to put it together. As Gregory lowered Himself to sit on the ground, He ended up just falling backwards and just laying there. He looked, of what He assumed was, up and tried piecing together the bits and fragments of His mind together.

As Gregory was laying in thought, He heard someone crying. Immediately, He shot up and looked towards the direction it was coming from. In the far distance, He could make up a small form of someone, curled up on the ground. Gregory jumped to His feet and ran as fast as He could towards the person, who was still crying as He approached. The person was a boy, no older than Him. Actually, As Gregory looked closer, He realized that the boy, was Him.

The child looked up to Him, and suddenly crawled backwards. His face was exactly like His, only massive black tears travelled down His face and His hair was much brighter. His shirt was striped with black and grey, and He was wearing baggy jean shorts that were an inch to big. In fact, as Gregory looked at the child, He felt a strange connection between Him and the boy. As Gregory looked closer, He saw a faint blue aura surround the Boy that got brighter as the symbol on His hand got brighter. Gregory gasped. “It you…You are my power right?” Gregory asked.

The boy then curled up again, as Gregory tried to comfort Him. “Hey…hey don’t cry! It’s okay! I’m a friend! It’s going to be okay!” Gregory said, reached for Him. As He did, He realized that the hand He sent out wasn’t His hand. Well no, it was His hand, but it wasn’t how He remembered it to look. Instead of pale flesh, He was met with a set of five-fingered claws. A mesh of fibers and metal that were perfectly designed and welded together reached for the boy. As Gregory observed Himself, He realized that the form He had was no longer the one He grew accustomed to. The form He was in had metal spines, robotic parts, electronics and circuitry. His body had no remnants of what made Him, Him. Gregory was stunned, frightened by what he seemed to just sporadically become while around this child.

That was when it began to make sense. The form He is in, the body that He now has, is not His own. The things the clown girl said all made sense now… “You…you’re Evan right?” Gregory asked the crying child. The Boy looked up in surprise. The creature before Him was a small endoskeleton that was, for the first time, friendly. Evan sniffled as He rubbed His left eye. “Y-yeah…what do you want?” He sobbed quietly. The Endoskeleton walked an inch closer and sat down. It was like a small doll of neat wires and metal that looked at Him with strangely emotional eyes. The robot smiled, giving a look of sincerity that gave Evan a sense of comfort. “I’m Gregory…we’ve had quite a night huh?” Gregory laughed, sitting cross-legged in front of the kid that mirrored him. “Yeah…” He sniffed. “Tell me about it…” He said, giving a half laugh but still crying.
Gregory sighed, looking away from Evan. “You know…I think It’s all starting to make sense to me now. I don’t think I’m a human.” Gregory said, giving an hollow sigh. Evan shook His head, still sniffling. “And you’ve not been alive for a very long time yeah?” Gregory asked the Boy, who nodded stiffly. The two sat in silence in the void together, enjoying each-others company. “But…you know. I’m glad I got to live it, albeit a short existence, knowing that I got something out of it.” Gregory said, thinking back to what He has witnessed. “Actually, now that I think about it, this existence has been pretty miserable but whatever…” He said, shrugging. Evan didn’t respond, He just looked down towards the ground, as if waiting for something to happen.

Gregory than looked back at Evan. “Hey…so we got some unfinished business. We kinda gotta find Jeremy and make sure He’s okay and I think we should do something about that Phantom thing outside right?” Gregory asked The Crying Child. Evan raised a hand in a direction and pointed to something in the distance.

Gregory turned and looked beyond, not seeing it at first. Then, as Gregory looked, He saw another curled up figure in the distance. It was a little girl, no longer than Evan, who was surrounded by black and gold light that seemed like it was leeching off of Her like a plague. A flood of emotions were sensed in that direction, all of which seemed violent. There was a green mania that flowed like shockwaves, a blue hue of sadness that hung on everything, and a violent red that made the girl unapproachable. Then the gold…oh that golden hue…It was so powerful that it sent genuine fear into Gregory.
The thing in the distance was so greatly overpowering to Gregory it surprised Him. Gregory looked back towards Evan, who wasn’t looking at the form and definitely felt it too. It was like the two were connected in some strange way that made it seem weirdly depressing. It was like they shared a fate in a way that nobody alive could feel. Gregory got to His metal feet and gave a hand to Evan. “Lets go together…” Gregory said, A warm smile on His face. Evan shook His head, almost looking like He was going to cry again. “Evan…we can’t move on if we don’t embrace it. I know that’s hard, but that has kept us alive! We have to keep going, even when it feels impossible!” Gregory encouraged, trying to hype up Evan. Finally, He spoke. “I’m scared Gregory…” Evan said, tightening closer. Gregory felt for Him, as the blue light on His arm began to glow brighter. “I know it’s scary, but I’m here…and I can help!” Gregory convinced. “…and tomorrow with be another day.” He finished, leaving His arm outstretched.

At first, Evan wasn’t sure. He was still skeptical, but as the robot kept pressuring Him, He summoned His courage and took it’s hand. The two walked towards the girl, whose vibrant energy was so extreme that it made Evan almost instantly change His mind. “Don’t fear Evan! We got this!” Gregory said, holding His hand and helping Him forward.

Suddenly, as the boys approached, the energy shifted. The girl instantly stood to Her feet and looked dead on at the them. Her face was chilling. Bright red eyes looked dead at the boy and Her face was so disconcerted it was like looking at an acid victim. Her hair was long and messy, with a ripped bow on the back of Her head. Her clothing was soaked in blood, Her blood, as She twitched at the two. Evan hid behind Gregory, who also was slightly afraid. “Listen…we aren’t bad guys! We just want to help.” Gregory said, looking for anything to identify the girl before them. “What’s your name?” Gregory asked. The ghost instantly responded. “CASSIDY” in such a tone that it shook the ground violently. Gregory was taken aback, feeling Himself slightly buckle from the energy of the Phantom before Him. Cassady had a vein of red energy flow from Her eyes as She stared at Gregory. “MACHINE” She roared, raising an arm. “w-wait! Good machine! My name is Gregory! I have some of Evan inside me to make me live! I promise I just want to help.” He explained.

The ghost didn’t seem to listen, as She still had the red energy in summon. “How did you die Cassidy? Why are you so angry?” Gregory asked. “HIM” She responded, but didn’t point. “Do you mean…Evan? Evan what did you do to Her?” Gregory asked, looking behind Him. “NOT HIM…MAN…RABBIT MAN” She said, the red light glowing even brighter. Gregory realized that if He didn’t do something, this would end poorly. “The sack rabbit dude! Got it! Listen, I don’t like him either! He killed you? Maybe we can get some revenge or something?” Gregory asked, with Evan seemed uncertain of this. The girl squinted at Gregory, seemingly slowed in Her process.

“Look…I know where His hideout is, maybe I can do something about it?” Gregory explained, hoping to tame the girl. The red light was then heavily brought back, but it was more of a deeper maroon. Even Cassidy seemed surprised, before She tried shutting down the energy. “Cassidy…” A voice cried, gruff and old. Hiding in the red shadows behind Cassidy in the white space was a creature that Gregory could only understand as a monster.

It had a massive head, shaped like an animal head. Its body was nothing but veins of blood, with no eyes and tongue. The creature was desperately calling to Cassidy. “Leave the demon…please…rest your soul…” It called, almost like it was despaired. Gregory realized that this was the other spirit. “Who is that Cassidy?” Gregory asked, of which Cassidy quickly responded “NOBODY”. The creature was trying to break through, but not of ill intent. It was like a parent, trying to reach for their child but unsuccessful. “Gregory…I cannot hold Her back…the afterlife awaits you…” It called, like an angel of god trying to wrap its hands for its fallen souls. “Cassidy…who is that?” Gregory repeated, but this time there was no answer. The brighter red overtook the maroon and was trying to close away the spirit. “Cassidy…please…He is not worth it…” The creature said, trying to fight back. Evan finally stepped forwards, and called out. “Let Him in! Please, we could work together!” Gregory was surprised but proud of His counterpart’s courage, also joining in. “Cassidy…let Him in.” Gregory said calmly.

Cassidy looked towards them, then back to the monster, and gave a sigh. “NO” She groaned. But that small second was all the creature needed. Almost at once, the creature’s black and deep red aura entered and filled the white space. The creature’s aura was in every corner and every square inch of the space, almost like complete control was given over to this creature. Cassidy was recoiling, which Evan suddenly panicked and Gregory felt His electronics begin to short. Almost all at once, the creature was then pulled back together and the white space returned.

Suddenly, before the three of them, was a anthropomorphic red alligator with a fishing hat, black vest, and fishing pole in one arm. The creature was calm, with brilliant red eyes and a powerful form. “I apologize for the rude entrance, but I took my opportunity when I could…this has been a losing fight.” He explained to the three. Cassidy looked angry, confused, frightened, and above all manic. The gator turned to Her and issued Her to calm. “Please…understand I don’t want to take you either…you were so young. But believe me, this life is not worth living. Ya’ll not even yourselves anymore.” However, as He looked towards Gregory, He noticed that Evan and Gregory seemed connected by their blue auras. “Well at first I thought you were Michael but that does not seem to be true Endoskeleton…who are you?” He asked. Gregory summoned His courage and answered. “Gregory…who are you?”

The Gator laughed a small laugh. “Well…I suppose my name is…eh, hard to pin. I have many names…some call me the devil, some call me Lucifur, some call me the Anti-Christ or Baphomet…But In truth I am jus’ the keeper and I do some fishing on the side. Jus’ call me Old Man Consequences…Oldy for short if you don’t mind.” He explained, adjusting His vest with His free hand. “And the two children in our presence would be the remaining spirits of Evan Afton and Cassidy James. Evan here was the first of the two from many moons ago…I’m here to get them across the border of existence…well, been trying to anyway.” He gave another laugh. “Ya’ll some persistent littl’ ghost ain’t cha?” The two human ghosts seemed wary of Oldy, with Cassidy angry that She has been stopped. “SUFFER…HE WILL SUFFER…” Cassidy roared, Her power coming to Her. Oldy sighed, before looking towards Gregory. “Well kid…Here’s our little patch. Cassidy here is trying to get at an old man who killed Her young. She’s uh…” He looked towards the powered up girl and paused. “…pretty mad ‘bout it I’d say.” He jokingly pointed out. “I noticed.” Gregory added, not amused. “Welp…time to go friends.” He said, before opening a doorway for the ghosts to go through.

The doorway was a red, rectangular shape that appeared with a crackle of black and maroon energy that lead to a dimension of nothing but red from this point of view. Cassidy wanted to fight back, but as She tried dispersing energy, it just wasn’t working. “DIE DIE DIE!” She tried to fire, but the devil wasn’t deturbed. Suddenly, Gregory called to Oldy. “Wait! What about the rabbit dude? Shouldn’t you go for Him?” Gregory asked, confused. “Oh I will…and there’s a nice little place for old Willy once I get my damned claws on him. Oldy said, His voice becoming a bit more aggressive as He spoke. Clearly, He too was not a William supporter. “Well…what if Me, Evan, and Cassidy tried to do something about it? We can help!” Gregory suggested. Oldy looked towards Gregory, and with the most sincerity he could muster, asked Him. “Now how in the world could you do that?”

“Well…you probably are gonna struggle more with Afton cause He’s older and more powerful…plus He’s got help. Maybe if we work together, we could do something about Him?” Gregory suggested. Oldy thought about it, putting a finger to His chin and stroking. “hmm… ‘suppose you right…that’ll be a toughen’.” He responded. He gave a sigh before looking to a pocket watch He kept in His vest pocket. He read the time and shrugged. “Aight…but the end of my shift is pretty soon. I’d give ya to say… 6:00 am to get ya’lls stuff underway. But once that time is up, I’m coming for these two.”

That wasn’t a lot of time, but maybe Gregory could find Freddy or Jeremy and explain what is going on. “Alright! I can work with that! We’ll get this done Mr. Oldy sir!” Gregory exclaimed. Oldy sighed and walked through the red doorway. “I mean it…6am and you are done…no more mortal plane for you. See y’all in a few hours! Mighty luck to you!” He said, before the red doorway closed and Old Man Consequences was gone.

As the white space began to brighten even further, Gregory could feel the connection becoming weaker. The blue aura of Evan and the red and golden aura of Cassidy became dimmer as Gregory watched the two children hold hands. Before the white space finally fell apart, Gregory watched as Evan hugged Cassidy to comfort His fellow ghost, and for the first time, the two smiled together.

Chapter 18: Chapter 17

Chapter Text

As Gregory awoke, He realized something about where He was, was different than where He fell unconscious. “Good morning little boy…” Dawko said, hopping right into Gregory’s face. “Did you have a night nap?” He asked the boy, His purple and blue eye unwavering as He stared straight into Gregory’s eyes. Gregory jumped back with a start, then realized He was bound and gagged. “Shhhh You and me are going to have a little chat…” He said, crouching down and play with the knife in His hands with His gloved fingers.

Gregory looked around, but before Him was a security office that only had one doorway out and it was behind Dawko. The crazy man giggled as He looked over the boy and assessed His catch. “It took me long enough but I finally have you. It took longer than planned but it’s okay…it’s all okay now.” Dawko explained. “once we fix that bloody elevator to go down into the underground lab, we’ll get you fixed right up and all will be well.” He explained, before taking a step further. Gregory fought His bonds and ripped off the gag. “Freddy or Jeremy will find me freako!” Gregory screamed, trying to break free from His bonds. Dawko smirked as He walked a ways towards the door of the office they were inside.

The office was neatly cleaned and styled, looking almost like a darkroom for photographs. On a backwall was a key rack that had a host of keys with different numbers on them for some grand attraction to be accessible. They all had different numbers that were color coordinated with the numbers one through 5 on each key. On the opposite side of that was a small desk of computers that were for the security cameras of the location that Dawko and Gregory were nearby. “I figured I’d keep you far away from the action here in Fazerblast! Maybe while we wait for my crew to get here we can have a discussion about tonight’s events eh?” He said with a strained voice. “You and that Jeremy have been running quite amok hm?” He said with a mocking tone. “You boys have made tonight VERY difficult…but thanks to you Evan, I now have that blasted Cassidy under control too! Oh how wonderful this gift is!” Dawko said, giving a villainous chuckle as He wiped a tear from His eye. “My name…” Gregory started to growl, before His electric blue energy appeared and blasted the area around Him as He shouted; “…is Gregory!”

Dawko shielded His eyes before giving a scream of pain. The radiant light hit His skin and immediately His body began to wilt a deep purple as His form began to weaken. “Blasted child!” Dawko screeched. “Cant you see I want to help you and Master!? Make you whole again Evan? Why must you resist our Father and Master?!” Dawko screeched. Gregory watched as the man was regenerating His skin and summoned a purple energy. Gregory then darted to the security desk and pulled a keyboard from the desk and hit Dawko over the head with it. “Damn it!” Dawko cursed as He felt the blunt hit Him. Gregory then blew a raspberry at the man before darting out the office door. as Gregory sprinted out the door and slammed the door behind Him, He shoved some boxes in the way so that the creepo would be stuck for a while.

Before Gregory was the fabled Fazerblast. Neon lights in the sky of the black box room were like twinkling stars. The massive lazertag area was a floor below Gregory, which was a massive labyrinth of neon red, green, blue, and purple walls that had various peepholes and cliffs that let you fire from tight spots. The different areas of the lazertag arena were also on differing levels that gave you height advantage on certain areas and zones throughout the map. From where Gregory was, a fall from the catwalk He was on would most certainly hurt mortals. Various planets, some actual planets and others generic sci-fi looking globes, were hanging from the ceiling, all circling a massive, glowing sun in the very center of the arena that had a countdown clock on it in the four cardinal directions. Various spotlights of blue and purple were shining on the arena that gave the room an alien like feel. A massive cutout of Glamrock Freddy was standing on the opposite end of the room to Gregory, of whom was in the air and firing His gun in a direction to the side. In the distance over the catwalk before Him, a spiral staircase could be reached when He crossed over the walkway. However, on the catwalk was a few Endoskelton zombies who were already running towards Gregory. To His left, a small room that had a sign named ‘extra Fazerblasters’ was open for Gregory to run into. Gregory sprinted for it and slammed that door behind Him, just before the endoskeletons could reach Him. They banged on the door, helplessly trying to get in. Gregory looked around for anything to help Him, when He saw a box labelled ‘V.I.P. Blaster’ that was opened.

Gregory looked inside the box and before Him was a golden Fazerblaster with the note ‘DON’T TOUCH’ written on a sticky note on the gun. Gregory ripped off the note and pulled out the fazerblaster. The gun looked like something from a sci-fi show He had vague thoughts of. The gun’s chamber looked like a golden rocket, with a handle that was wielded on. Three bars were on it’s side, showing its battery status as full with three blue lights illuminated. Gregory pointed the gun at the door, just as the endoskeletons finally busted down the door. Gregory focused His electrical energy on the blaster and pulled the trigger. A beam of light then erupted from the blaster’s firing end and shot into the Endoskeleton that ran in first. As the light hit the robot, it was pushed back with such tremendous force that it hit the other robot and pushed it over the edge and made it fall from the catwalk and hit the floor below with a crash. The robot that was shot had blue energy shocking it all over its body, before falling to the floor and stop moving. Gregory gave a sigh as He then began to sprint out the door.

As He was leaving, He saw a message spray-painted over the wall that read the name ‘I AM VANNY’ in purple letters, with a empty box that had small white cloth inside from the remnants of whatever was inside it before. A small game cabinet with the game ‘Princess Quest was also against that same backwall that was unplugged, yet somehow the gamescreen was illuminated with the simple text ‘Press Start’ on the screen. The cabinet was red and purple, with the 8-bit princess that you controlled for the game on the sides of the game cabinet. Gregory began running over the catwalk that was above Fazerblast. As He looked behind, He saw that the creepo had broken out of the room and was already running towards Gregory. There was a glint in His eye as He pulled His knife and began running towards Gregory. “No more running Evan! Its time I gave you something to really cry about this time!” He yelled, His purple side becoming more pronounced as He ran towards Gregory to grab at Him. Gregory fired two rounds of light at Dawko, who didn’t suspect the fires and gasped as one hit Him in the stomach and one in His purple eye. He screeched in pain, dropping His knife as He clentched onto the railing. Gregory kept the weapon aimed at the creepo, when Gregory then watched as the man seemed to behave strangely to the shots. His body was at first shimmering from the energy gun, but then His hand began to glow, similarly to how Gregory’s hand glowed when He used His power.

The man then flailed, using His corrupted hand to cover the blue hand. “Not yet…I can’t die now!” He yelled to himself. “Keep it together…don’t break…” He mumbled, before staggering for His knife. Gregory tried another round, but as He focused the energy, nothing came out! The gun was still recharging and felt hot to the touch. “Oh come on!” Gregory moaned. The man was beginning to look sickly, as He struggled to His feet and lunged for the boy. “Come here little twerp!” He growled, as He ran. Gregory began running again, trying to outpace the man.

Just as Gregory was about to make it to the stairs, A group of men appeared before Gregory. The four men that had been helping Dawko had appeared to tell Him the lift was ready. Gregory then focused His energy again and rolled into the men. As They realized what was happening, it was already to late as a ball of blue blasted them away. “DAH f*ck?” The mad doctor Razz yelled as He was flung off the side and was holding on the railing of the spiral staircase. Ryan and the computer man fell to the ground, knocked out cold, and Charles was blasted down the staircase, who hit His head on the way down.

Gregory sprinted down the stairs, not stopping for a moment and descended down the stairway into the maze. The neon lights of the walls were slightly disorientating as Gregory was on the ground. Along various baseboards of the walls were small battery boxes that had the message ‘DON’T TOUCH! DANGEROUS WHEN HOT!” Printed on the boxes with bold font. Gregory heeded that warning, then noticing that the men on the stairway were recuperating from the attack and the creepy, molding guy was leading the charge. “After Him you fools!” Dawko called out, pulling Razz onto the stairs. The following chase results in Gregory running from spot to spot, trying to find an exit but to no avail. One of the men, Charles, was standing on the catwalk, trying to tell the others where Gregory was going. “He’s headed left! Razz, Go Go Go!” He yelled. With that help, Razz finally caught up to Gregory, who was backed into a corner. “There yah are you little…” Gregory looked towards His Fazerblaster, which was fully charged again, and shot a round right into Razz’ crotch. “AIIIIE!” He yelled, the blue light zapping Him and making Him fall to the ground in pain. Gregory kicked His stomach and ran forwards. “He zapped me…” He mumbled, raising His hand in defeat.

Gregory then rounded another corner of blue to find Ryan on the other end of the hall. Ryan then full sprinted towards the kid with a madness in His eye and a pipe in His hand. “GOT YOU!” He yelled, as Gregory zapped His chest with the gun. Ryan clenched His chest and fell to the floor, but was stilled mobile. Gregory shot another zap right in the head, which seared the skin and knocked Him clean out. “And stay down!” Gregory yelled, laughing. “You know what? This is actually kinda fun!” He yelled out. “Can’t catch me you old guys!” He mocked, running around, still looking for an exit.
He found Himself in a green hallway that was zig-zagging, which made it hard to see the next target, the computer man. Tomb saw the boy and tried to reach for Him, But Gregory dodged and hopped a wall as He waited for His gun to reload. With a whirr and blue light, the gun was ready and He fired a shot right at Tomb, knocking Him to the floor. Charles smacked the guardrail as He watched this, but saw Dawko was still in hot pursuit. “Dawko! He’s near an exit! Hurry!” Charles yelled, before going into His pocket and pulling out a walkie talkie that had a massive antenna.
As Gregory heard this, He looked ahead of the green hallway and saw the big letters ‘EXIT’ printed in bold above an open doorway. Gregory ran as fast as His legs could carry Him and He sprinted through the doorway. Suddenly, Someone grabbed the scuff of His shirt and threw Him to the floor. Gregory let go of the Fazerblaster and the gun scattered to the floor and away. As Gregory looked up, He saw who it was. It was the bunny lady.

“Are you having fun yet?” She asked, As She summoned a purple energy and was ready to blast Him with it. Gregory dodged away, rolling and blasting His own energy and the two lights hit each other and forced them both again the wall of the Exit hallway. Gregory felt the daze of hitting the wall, before trying to pull Himself together and crawl away. As He did, Vanny got to Her feet and reached for the boy, who then shot another beam of blue light and much faster than Vanny could avoid. The bunny girl was thrown back and towards the Fazerblast arena, who then collapsed onto the floor, making the mask fall off to reveal who it was underneath.

It was a lady that seemed about the same age as Jeremy, with pale purple eyes looked absolutely exhausted. She had massive bags under her eyes, with her dirty blond hair being a mess of knots and unkept. His face was pale, almost ghostly and Her mouth was drooling a purplish substance that was similar to what some of the Endoskeletons were drooling. Without giving another moment, Gregory ran for the Fazerblaster and aimed at Vanny. Gregory noticed that She then went to aim with Her left hand, which shimmered purple. Gregory aimed the gun at the hand and blasted it with the energy of His gun.

Blue light hit the hand perfectly, and as it did Vanny gave a screech. The purple in Her face and hand began glitching violently. Gregory then fired again and this time the blue light seemed to consume the purple even more, making the light glitch even worse. As Gregory watched the lady in pain, Her eyes suddenly began changing color. They started glowing a almost golden hue. Suddenly, She looked to Gregory as if in joy. “A-are you? Listen I don’t have much time! The game! Play the game! Beat the game back upstairs!” She said, before pointing into Fazerblast. “I can distract them but you have to…!” As She said that, one of Her eyes returned back to pale purple. It was like two people were trying to control this body at once, both fighting for control. “P-please…help…” She then aimed Her little bit of energy with Her right hand this time, firing It at one of the electrical boxes and shoving a speckle of red light that electrified the box.

All at once, a short circuit happened, causing electrical fire to spread throughout the arena. A shower of fire began erupting through the whole of the arena. “Gregory right? Run for it!” She said, before slouching to the floor in pain. Gregory wasn’t sure what to do, the exit doors were right here! Gregory saw the men were getting to their feet and also that they noticed the fire. “I called in backup!” Charles proclaimed from His safety. Suddenly, Gregory heard a bang behind Him as a creature fell from a vent at the end of the hall. He immediately recognized it as Mangle from the multiple limbs and non-sensible features. However, It also had a cloak over it that hid most of the body as It began running towards Gregory at full speed. “I H-A-V-E H-I-M!” It called out. Gregory didn’t waste a moment as He jumped over Vanessa’s body and ran into the fire and took a different direction to the spiral staircase.

The hallways now were consumed by fire, which seemed even more frightening. Even just being near the heat it gave Gregory this feeling of illness that made His body feel weak. He stumbled ill through the halls, trying to see through the smoke. Suddenly, jumping through the fire, Dawko appeared. At this point, He looked diseased and rotten like a zombie. His hair was falling out and even His skeleton was slightly visible from the body He was piloting. He reached a diseased hand for the boy, But Gregory fired another round at Him and made Him stumble. The man had the blue energy coarse through Him, breaking Him down more as He stumbled in pain.

Gregory sprinted ahead and finally found the spiral staircase. As He reached the top, The Mangle jumped Him from out of nowhere and pinned Him to the ground. Gregory then pulled out the gun and fired a round Into Its head. The creature screamed as the monster flailed in pain and fell down a few stairs before disappearing into a vent. “T-O-O S-T-R-O-N-G” and running. Charles watched this and called out; “Damn it! Dawko where are you!? What’s going on?!” Charles called out.
Gregory made His way to the catwalk where Charles was and pointed the blaster at Him. “Woah…wait a minute…hey kid…” Charles sheepishly said, smiling as He backed up. “Look…lets just let bygones be bygones right? We’ve all had a crazy night lets just pause and…” Gregory was clearly waivered and focused His shot onto the red-suited man. Gregory fired the round right into His chest and the power flung Him clear off the catwalk and into the fire pit below. “DAMN IT!” He screamed as He fell into the flames and disappeared.

Gregory ran forwards across the flames that enveloped the entire arena. The bottom was completely impossible to tell what it was anymore. The big cutout of Freddy was already in flames and the walls and lights were completely out in the room. Smoke billowed to cover the ceiling of the building and began building up. As Gregory ran back into the extra storage room, the game ‘Princess quest’ was still open and on its start screen, still ready for play. Gregory ran to the game and went to press onto the controls. As He queued the game, the screen lit up to reveal His character…The Princess.
Gregory looked at the arcade cabinet with curiosity. This game seemed completely normal, so why did Vanny want Him to play it? Didn’t She say it was to free Her? The game was designed to look from a downward perspective, with the princess in the center of the screen and holding a golden lamp. The location was a dreary castle like setting, with windows that had beaming lightning enter into the dark and dim castle. Gregory looked behind Him.

He could still see the early flames beginning, and He thought He saw something out from the corner of His eye…He was running out of time. Gregory moved onto the controls but nothing seemed to be happening. “It doesn’t seem like your game works Vanny.” Gregory said aloud. Suddenly, a voice came from the cabinet. “HELLO? VANNY? IS THAT YOU?” The voice asked. It sounded like more of a booming voice of a raspy monster. “COME TO PLAY AGAIN? HOW FUN! LETS PLAY!” The voice chirped excitedly, as suddenly the machine’s screen burst into purple light that erupted purple tentacles that twirled around the room violently. Gregory fell to the floor, trying to get away. The tentacles, with perfect precision, grabbed Him by the stomach and pulled Him into the cabinet. All at once, the room was quiet and the cabinet screen still had its purple glow.
Erin was commanding His soldiers to ready for battle back in the castle built by His fellow robot kids. Zecora had disappeared to go help with preparations after wishing Jeremy and the group good luck.
“I’ll be seeing you during the chaos old guy.” She said to Jeremy with a wink. Jeremy sighed, “I’m not that old…I think…” He said to Himself. Freddy, Fiona, and Chica were talking amongst themselves with the night happening before them. “Have you seen Roxanne anywhere? She has been missing so far…” Freddy asked, a sadness in His voice as He spoke. Even with the plastic face, Jeremy could see a feeling of sadness in His face that made it hurt when He asked. Freddy felt like it was losing Bonnie all over again, and the simple fact that They hadn’t even seen an ‘evil’ Roxy anywhere was concerning.
After Erin had finished giving His orders, He told Jeremy, Freddy, Fiona, and Chica to follow Him deeper into the castle. He lead them down a hall and towards a side room that was labeled ‘Planning Room’. The room was packed full of kids, all of whom were wearing various armors made of light metal that gave extra protection. This room was clearly a war room, complete with maps of the cave systems underneath the PizzaPlex that had pins and marks to show various sites around the caves. Only a single spot of light was lighting the room, focusing on the massive table in the middle of the room. A mass of kids young and as old as twelve were gathered around the center table. The map had an expanse that had various pieces on it that symbolized different parts of the army, with a massive mark-out of a area of the cave labeled ‘Chipper Holes’, ‘Shadow Cave’, and the most foreboding was ‘Necromancer’s Keep’. Boxes and crates were lying around that were filled with weapons and tools, as well as spare parts. Inside the room, several other kids, both remnant and flesh, were congregated around the map and were all startled by the animal robots coming inside. “Relax! They are apart of this plan…the big man too.” Erin explained.

As Freddy looked around, none of these kids were in the database for Freddy’s either…all of them were either built here or were from the outside. How could this be possible? For so many kids to be hidden for so long…it seemed insane. Fiona and Chica sat down at a far end, while Freddy and Jeremy were together with a few other older boys. Erin began the plan first. He pulled a long stick that pushed symbols that represented groups onto the table. “As we all know, tonight will decide the fate of the world as we know it. The Necromancer has begun His first few stages and pulled a fast one on us. Tonight, before the bells ring 6am, He will attempt to overtake the world with His plague of Agony and control the world as we know it.”

He moved His stick over the map that was of the caves below and pointed to a pathway that was forwards towards what was assumed to be William Afton’s lair. “We know that He has several layers of protection so getting through all of it will be tough…but I hear we have some solid plays for getting through each layer? Commanders?” He called forth. The first kid was pudgy and short, with a helmet similar to a US army marine helmet. When He spoke, His nose was slightly snotty. “Commander Tyler reporting! The first layer is a wave of Chippers that are asleep throughout the cave entrance. Entrance will be tough but there is a way around this. The Chippers programming is highly cheap. Simple electrical blips will be enough to stun them long enough to ruin their inner system.” He then pulled a device from His vest on His sweaty chest that looked like a battery attached to a set of two antenna. “A Simple shock…a line of my units will lead the charge and hit the with this on the end of their spears to destabilize so the main army can move forwards.”

As He finished, another kid stood to Her feet and announced Herself. “Commander Elsie; Once we get through the Chipper Holes, The next threat will be a large opening of darkness where the Phantom can appear. We have with us heavy duty light sources that can cause the whole cave to be illuminated, but it will be unclear if any Endoskeletons will be hiding in the darkness.” Fiona gave a shiver as the idea of seeing that ghost bear again was incredibly unnerving. “Wait, do you mean that ghost thing? Is there no way to kill it?” Jeremy asked. “Unfortunately no, We have already tried multiple ideas but that ghost can only be pushed back. It’s not something that can die like us.” Commander Elsie answered. “However, We can move through this with a formation system. Each part of the army will be placed in a group so the party can move through the caves without fear of being broken apart.” She then held up a set of four patches. Each one was a different color; Red, blue, pink, and green, with the number one through four on each patch. “Teams one and two will head the front, while team three and team four will head the back. Each team will have a flag leader so the teams don’t get lost. We need the tallest kids to lead with the flags however.”

King Erin then turned to Jeremy and nodded. Jeremy then realized He was being asked this. “Well hold on…are you sure?” He asked, sitting forwards on the small fisher price chair He barely fit on. “Well, there is also a back-up plan thanks to another robot.” Erin explained. Just as He said this, from the ceiling descended a large shape. It had a sun for a face that had a wild-looking smile on Its face. The robot had bright oranges and yellows on Him that gave vibrant light on the ceiling. The creature was the Daycare Attendant. However, as He spoke, He sounded weird…He sounded totally different. “Well Well…took you long enough old boy.” The Attendant said, lowering down slowly and looking directly at Freddy as He spoke. “I noticed the kid isn’t with you…know where He is?” He asked Freddy specifically. Freddy looked at the Attendant with a surprising look. “You…are okay here? I thought with the lights down you would be in your unfriendly state as before?” Freddy asked. The Attendant simply gave a small laugh as He looked towards the robot and stated, ‘The Attendant is not here right now.” As He then turned towards Erin, who nodded. “Everything in the cave is set up…but I fear I don’t have a lot of time left. Now is the time for action. Once you are out of the Shadow Caves, you will be in Afton’s Lair. The Pile is on high alert, and Monty in His corrupted form is already heading back. If you don’t want Monty to be lost forever, I suggest you get there before He does so the Spirits in Him don’t take Him completely.” The Attendant said as He folded His arms and went silent.

“Right…that leads us to the last part. If we want to take the Necromancer down, We need to activate the firetrap on the inside of His Lair. This location is where the original Freddy Fazbears that was designed to kill Him resides underground. While the system is old, we can hijack it and make it stronger with a particular weapon we have in mind.” Erin explained. “Commander Jackson, will you?” Erin asked a younger boy with big, circular glasses and messy brown hair. The boy stood and pulled out a small crate that had something glowing on the inside. “We have with us a valuable weapon that will most certainly get rid of Afton. Introducing…” He pulled off the top of the crate and revealed on the inside a container of highly flammable gel that was in a glass container. The glowing liquid was bubbling and glowing like it was ready to blast. “This is a mixture of liquid remnant that when ignited…well lets just say it will definitely blow everything sky high.” The Boy said. A few of the kids smiled and nodded, while some looked very hesitant with the weapon. “So…The overview; Phase one is getting through the Chipper Holes thanks to a front line of older kids. Phase two, Heading through the Shadow Caves with our four teams and regrouping at the Necromancer’s Lair. Phase Three, planting the bomb near the flame system in the Old Fazbears Pizza, and then getting the Hell out.” King Erin paragraphed, the plan seeming clear cut in His mind. “There are still a lot of things that could go wrong; What about the crew of old Endoskeletons that are lead by Captain Foxy?” One kid asked, afraid of the pirate fox. Fiona instantly stood to Her feet. “You saw Foxy?” She asked, worry in Her eyes.
Erin thought about it for a second. “Get someone to find Foxy. Lets keep an eye on Him and see where He is. We don’t have a lot of time so answer through Walkie Talkie. I’ll keep mine on me as We head into the caves.” Erin answered. The kids around the table seemed in agreement with the plan of action. “So…who are our team leaders?” Erin asked. Instantly, the table went quiet. While a lot of them were more than willing to fight, to lead was a whole other discussion. Freddy then stood to His feet. “I will. My eyes have night vision and can let me see. I will lead party one.” He said, a smile on His face and ready to stop this monster. Chica then followed suite, cheering. “Right behind you Freddy! I’ll take group two!” Fiona then stood, pulling Her crude mace and raising it like a sword. “I’ll take group Three! I’ve witnessed leading a crew…I’ll do my best!” She exclaimed. Jeremy sighed, realizing what He needed to do. “Group Four! We are going to get rid of this monster, once and for all!” He exclaimed.

Everyone in the room was honored by their noble uptake, and Erin was the first to clap them in bravery. The whole room followed suite, as the plan was ready to be put into action. Whoops of excitement and fear swept the room, as the kids beginning filing out one by one and getting to their designated groups. As everyone was leaving, Erin called for the group leaders to stay behind for a second. “Please…its pertinent.” He explained. Freddy, Jeremy, Fiona, and Chica stayed in the room, as the rest of the kids left to get ready for war.

Erin was now on the opposite end of the table as He talked to Them, suddenly looking grim and ushered for the door to be closed. “Right…I guess I should give you the rest of the context now.” He said, before giving a sigh. “Freddy…Fiona…Chica…Jeremy…Do you know what We are?” He asked with genuine honesty. The four looked at Him confused. “I suppose…we are all Afton creations? All of us in this room?” Freddy answered. Fiona scoffed. “Well I’m not, I was built by Foxy…But I guess He is one.” She added. Erin shook His head. “No…that’s not the answer I’m looking for.” He said solemnly, a tear in His eye. Jeremy matched His saddened demeanor as He pulled out His remnant-filled Axe. The weapon felt heavy in His hands, not due to weight but to the feelings. This weapon felt like it was sadness incarnate. Jeremy looked towards the boy king.

“We are ghosts.” Jeremy answered. The three robots looked at Jeremy, who didn’t break His gaze from Erin. “When this place goes up…we go with it yeah?” He asked. Erin didn’t speak, just nodded His head. “If We really want to get the job done…we have to go down with the ship.” He explained. “We can’t let this happen again. When that bomb is placed, you have to stay there until the end…no matter what.” Erin commanded. Fiona exclaimed in anger. “You mean this is a death march! What about all those human kids? And what about the ones who the Daycare attendant took from upstairs? Jeremy was looking for them this whole time!” Fiona demanded, looking for an explanation. Freddy also didn’t like the idea of this. “You cannot tell me the only way is through the fire and death! That is most certainly against Fazbear guidelines and against my programming to hurt Mall guests!” Freddy exclaimed. The king moved His hand over the map, looking over everything with a frown. “Those kids…they are why we have our weapon. I’m sorry but you are looking for corpses then.”
Jeremy suddenly looked up. “Wait…those kids upstairs, the ones taken from the daycare…YOU took them and…” Jeremy suddenly looked like a ghost. All four of them looked visibly disturbed now. Erin and the Daycare Attendant seemed ghostly, their forms shadowed in the dark planning room. “I’m sorry it is being revealed like this but…this was a necessary sacrifice. Our remnant has no joy, there is no way to make remnant that would be powerful enough without it coming from a place of innocence. None of us, lost or robot, could produce enough joy…we have lived lives of fear from the Phantom and the Necromancer. This weapon, the Joy Bomb, needed stronger remnant. Would you like me to tell you who they were?” Erin asked. Jeremy gripped His axe tight, listening to the king.

“The toddler was Sarah, She was the first, and clearly the most joyous before we scooped Her. Next was Jericho, who was an older boy and was definitely a fun kid…loved Monty Gator. His brother, Sebastian, was practically the opposite of His brother. The two older kids, Mary and Lucas, actually were childhood friends and we nabbed at the same time and kept together…even in death.” Erin then described the last kid, and Freddy instantly gasped in horror. Freddy looked like He was ready to jump over the table and hurt Erin as He told who the kid was. “Small boy in a blue shirt and had a Bonnie plush. He said His favorite was Bonnie and that He loved Seeing Freddy and Him perform together…The kid watched as We pulled the others apart.” Fiona and Chica seemed incredibly uncomfortable, while Jeremy looked down at His weapon and then back up. “You are no better than Afton, Erin.” Jeremy answered. “I never said I was…I just said I was sick of the Necromancer…I had no choice…and Henry here agrees with me.” Erin then pointed towards the Daycare Attendant.

“I have tried…tried so hard…but in the end I had no choice. Afton forced my hand. The only way to do this is to beat Him in His own game. Michael…Both Michaels…you need to understand that we don’t have a choice here.” The Daycare Attendant explained. Jeremy and Freddy looked at each other and then back at the Daycare Attendant. “What did you call us?” Freddy asked, confused. The Daycare Attendant then sighed and told them a story.

“Once upon a time there was a family…that family was happy. One day, they weren’t. The father was a monster who made monsters. He made so many…so many monsters. They learned to taste blood and took His youngest son Evan…then they took His daughter Elizabeth. Their Mother left and soon it was only the two men left…Afton and His Oldest Son, Michael. When He learned what His Father was doing, He sought to burn it down. He lost His life doing this…and then came back…He was so angry by what His Father had done that His soul persisted after death and could only be freed when His Father was gone… Henry, Afton’s old business partner, teamed up with Him, and Michael stopped all of them location by location. Finally, He burned it all down where we aim to go now. With Afton back, His true spirit, along with all the spirits Afton has used throughout the years, has come back tonight. If Afton succeeds…we will all disappear until the next night. Jeremy, your powers will disappear and perhaps forget. Freddy, You not remember tonight as You always have, and you will not have Michael to save you from being corrupted in the future. You still have the Afton rot, but Michael’s spirit is protecting you. We don’t know how long we have…We must destroy it all now while we still have a chance. It’s time for us all to rest, and it’s time for this nightmare to end…for all of us.”

The robots and Jeremy were distraught with what the Daycare Attendant and Erin were telling them. It felt like a betrayal of what little feeling of safety they had while here. “Do these kids even know how this weapon was made?” Fiona asked, grabbing Her club and clenching it to Her side for comfort. Erin seemed more daunting than before, as a crackle of dark blue energy seemed to circle around Him. Tears flowed from His eyes as He looked over the four and said nothing. He stood and walked towards the exit doors, as the Daycare Attendant joined Him. “You can either fight or run…I’m tired of running.” He whispered loudly, leaving the room and the robots to their decision.

Chapter 19: Chapter 18

Chapter Text

Gregory was laying on the ground of a empty castle hallway. The windows were filled with the sprinkles of rain and storm, with nothing else visible through the thick fog that seemed to envelope everything else around the dark castle. He awoke slowly, grabbing hold of His head and taking in His surroundings slowly. “Where am I now?” He asked Himself, looking around for any signs of life. The hallway was illuminated by candles that were in candelabras in the walls of the stoney castle. The air seemed musty and old, like this place had been around for a very long time. However, when Gregory looked closer at the detail, He realized that the farther away from an object He was, the weirder it looked. It was almost like the details were just not there. One of them was one of the candles on the wall, where when He was a certain distance, the candle seemed to disappear and the light grew brighter to compensate so the light didn’t look out of place.

As Gregory looked around, He also noticed that something about Him was also different. He wasn’t wearing what He wore before. His outfit was like a small suit of armor, complete with a hero cape that was deep blue and with a symbol of a waterdrop on the back. In a sword sheath was a hero’s sword, with a blue blade and blue stone on the handle of the blade. Gregory observed the sword and felt it in His hands. It was this incredible feeling of strength and flexibility. That’s when it hit Him. “I’m in the game! Oh my god I’m IN Princess Quest!” He realized with both a mixture of fascination and fear. “But…how?” Suddenly, ahead of Him, a crash was heard in the other room across the hallway.

With a rush, He ran forwards to the sound and found the source by bursting through a set of wooden doors. On the other side, A massive room was visible. There were four other doorways; two on the opposite side of Him, and one doorway on His side that was shut. The last doorway was a massive door that had black vines gathered around it to lock inside whatever was back there. The lock pulsated a purple light that looked disgusting and rotted, like a lock made of a corpse. As Gregory looked further, surrounded by shadows, was The Golden Princess. She was dressed from head to toe in a golden dress an shiny jewelry that sparkled as She flailed Her arms around to seemingly attack the darkness. She looked panicked, As Her golden eyes frantically looked around the room and was unable to fight off the dark. Gregory was confused at first, when He realized that it wasn’t the dark She was fighting. “Are you in danger? Do you need help?” Gregory called out, trying to get a better look. Suddenly, the dark shadows around the girl formed into more humanoid shapes and Gregory could make out them now.

The shadows were all humanoid, with rabbit faces that were purple and smiling a wide smile of insanity. The rabbit shadows then roared as a few stopped attacking the Princess and ran for Gregory. Gregory then pulled His sword from His sheath with the left hand and sliced at the shadows almost on instinct. The Shadows He sliced then split in how He arched His blade, sliding through the dark with ease. The Shadows who were attacking the Princess suddenly turned to their fallen comrades, who growled and puked a purple liquid like rabies and ran towards Gregory. With ease, Gregory sliced through the Shadows and each one died before Him. A pulsating blue light shined from Him as He sliced through the monsters, leaving only one, which attempted to fly through one of the doorways. Summoning His power, He reached out His right arm and a bolt of electricity shot from His hand and zap the Shadow and it burst into blue light.

As Gregory slid His sword back into place, He gave a huff and then turned to the Princess. She looked at Him with a open mouth and tears in Her eyes. “You…you’re here…” She whispered at first, before crying and running into the knight. He cried as She fell into this stranger. Gregory was incredibly confused. “G-Gregory right? The kid? You actually came for me! Do you have any idea how long its been since I’ve been out? Truly out?” She cried in joy. Gregory was incredibly confused by what was going on, this woman hugging onto Him and rocking Him as She cried all over Him. After a few minutes, He pushed Her gently away as He tried to separate.

“Alright crazy lady…I don’t know who you are but please stop.” He said, trying to see if He recognized Her. “Gregory! Its me! You know? The ‘Crazy Rabbit Lady’?” She said with some sarcasm, wiping a tear still left from Her eye. “I’m Vanessa! I’ve been stuck in here for so long. Some monster kidnapped Me and dragged me down into this weird place…I think…I think He did something to me.” She said, holding onto Her candle tightly as She looked around. “I can’t go any farther…without a weapon, the monsters get me every time I tried to run…please, I need you to help me Gregory!” She pleaded, afraid to go it alone again.

Gregory obviously would help, but He wasn’t sure what to do. “So wait, how do I get you out of here?” He asked. Vanessa looked towards the massive, purple door with the infected-looking lock and pointed at it. “The key is in one of these doorways, but I cant go in there or the Shadows will get me.” She explained. Gregory looked towards the other doors and nodded. “Right, lets go Rabbit Lady!” He said, before taking Her hand and walking towards one of the doors.
Gregory pushed one of them open, the clicking of the door sounding more like a MP3 sound than an actual door, and revealing a pitch black room. “Turn on your light so we can see.” Vanessa immediately gasped. “Wait you want me to go in there? No way! I’ve already experienced getting killed!” She exclaimed, no wanting to go down the hallway and into the darkness. “Come on! I don’t have a light and you do! I’ll protect you from those freaky rabbit things.” He explained, trying to get the lady to come with Him. She shook Her head in response, turning from the doorway. He sighed, looking through the darkness and already seeing the Shadows looking towards Him with their beady purple eyes. Their smiles were unnerving, like looking at death in the face as the prey before them was like easy pickings.

Gregory looked towards Vanessa, who still didn’t want to go in. Gregory sighed as He looked into the dark. “Tonight, I’ve had to do a lot of things Vanessa. I’ve been hunted by monsters and been stalked all night. I don’t remember anything, I’ve been scared, and worst of all I think I’m not even alive…Whatever this stuff is, it’s trying to kill me and it’s trying to bring the world down with it. Vanessa, I’ve learned that I have to be brave. I fight through my tears and I have to be brave for myself. If I want to make it, I have to fight…you can fight too Vanessa!” He said, looking towards Her and giving Her a smile. “Because We are all Superstars.” He said, remembering the last words Freddy gave Gregory before they were separated.
Vanessa looked towards Gregory, who had raised out a hand towards Her and get Her to be strong. His brown eyes met Her golden ones and, with a shaky hand, She grabbed hold of His and the two walked together into the darkness. The monsters, all at once, suddenly then charged forwards like horses in a horse race. Gregory readied His sword, as Vanessa stood behind Him, ready for the attack.

A blinding red and gold light came from Vanessa’s lantern that funneled into Gregory’s blue blade, giving it a red-ish hue. Gregory sliced and diced as the Shadows filled into the room from the darkest corners. The duo fought through the shadows, the many faces of the monsters trying to grab onto Vanessa, but Gregory got to them first before they could. On one group of three floating rabbit heads, Gregory jumped into the air and spun in a circle like a top, skewering the heads on His sword like a shikha-bob and the three heads disintegrated into black dust.

A bigger rabbit man tried to reach for Vanessa, but She channeled Her red energy into the lantern and a beam of fire erupted from the light and hit the Shadow in the face, As Gregory jumped onto it with ease and dug His blade into His forehead where the fire hit and it disappeared into black smoke. Wave by wave, room by room, the two searched for the key. One fight looked particularly perilous as the room had a whole bunch of conveyer belts that moved in various directions. In order to progress, they had to light a number of lanterns around the room. Gregory carried Vanessa through the belts, avoiding the floating rabbit heads that tried to nibble on the pair as They lit up each lantern around the room. On one of the lights, Vanessa almost fell into a chasm in the ground when one of the rabbits tried pulling Her from Her feet into the hole. Gregory used His blue energy and shot the head, making it explode so the two didn’t fall in. When they finally lit all of the lanterns, the next door opened and they jumped through, slamming the doors behind them and finally onto the next room.

In this room, a single pedestal was in the middle of the room, with a whole host of Shadows around it. The pedestal had a purple key that floated like a video game item to be collected. The Shadows all turned towards the duo, as Gregory and Vanessa saw their goal in sight. “You ready to brave the dark Vanessa?” Gregory asked His companion, pulling His blade again and focusing His blue energy. “Yeah! Lets light up these suckers!” She said, as She readied Her light and nodded. The two charged into the room, dicing up the monsters as they ran and working together on a various set of moves. Gregory kneeled as Vanessa jumped from His knee into the air and rained fire from above, While Gregory used a spinning move to slice into the groups with ease. The Shadows, realizing they were probably going to die, then began to flee as Vanessa ran for the key and grabbed it with a free hand. “I got it! Lets get out of here!” She exclaimed to Gregory, who smiled and nodded.

As the two got to the door they came through, they burst open to reveal a multi-headed bunny monster with the body of a four-legged animal that suddenly started spitting balls of purple goo at the two. Gregory sliced one of the balls towards Him, While Vanessa dodged out of the way and shot fire at a few blobs that made them explode even harder than Her normal fire could achieve. The bunny-hydra tried to eat Gregory, but the now-seasoned knight was able to dodge out of the way and stab it right in one of the heads. The creature roared as it was in pain, trying to nab onto the two heroes as they tried to escape. Vanessa then shot a beam of fire at another face, As Gregory jumped up from behind and sliced off the last head, making the beast tumble to the ground and fall limp as It disappeared into shadows.

“So you’ve been living in a videogame all this time? Kinda cool I guess?” He asked with a hint of sarcasm. “At night yeah, but in the day I am perfectly fine. But as the nights went on, it was getting harder and harder to sleep in the day and it seemed like this curse was taking a toll on my mind. Most days I can barely function anymore. This thing is taking me over slowly more and more…maybe once I’m free I’ll grab a nap.” She jokingly said, although a nap did sound good right about now.
As the two got to the massive doorway with the purple lock, Gregory took the key and slid it into the lock and twisted His hand. The key accepted the lock perfectly, a groan like the twisting of flesh was the sound from the lock as suddenly the vine-like structure behind the lock started disappearing into smoke like the monsters when they were slain. Slowly, the purple door behind was revealed, as the lock fell to the floor and melted into black and purple smog. Slowly, the purple door opened to reveal a long walkway that lead to the center of the room that was illuminated by yellow fires on braziers that lead towards the center platform.

Gregory walked forwards into the room, cautious of anything that could try to jump Him as He went deeper into the room slowly. Vanessa was behind Him as the two made their way down the walkway of stone. The dark expanse of the room felt infinite as the two walked further and further towards the center stage. As Gregory walked forwards, He realized the floor was changing. It went from the stone floor to a checkerboard like floor of black and white tiles, with confetti all over the ground. Was it the finish line? Did they win? Was Vanessa going to be freed now?

In the center room was a desk with a computer on it that was filled with black and white tv fuzz. A purple fan was blowing wind as to keep whoever sat here cool. A newspaper was laying on the desk that had the title ‘Bite of 87?’ on the front, with a picture of the robot that did it, Fredbear, on the front that was covered in blood around the lower jaw where the head of the victim was bitten. As Gregory and Vanessa looked around the space, Vanessa looked up and gasped in horror at where they were. “Gregory…this isn’t good…” Vanessa said, pointing at what She was seeing. Gregory looked up and He too gasped as what He saw was a face looking directly back at Him.

The face was of that of the rabbits, but it was MUCH bigger than them. The creature’s rabbit head was MADE of the rabbit heads. Its purple smile and eyes were vibrant like the stars, the multitude of rabbit monsters looked down at the two heroes as Its smile grew wider. The creature was like a mold, growing from everywhere and floating around them like a storm-cloud. The monster’s body had its own faces all over, looking down at Gregory and Vanessa with a smile of insanity and joy. It had been waiting for them for so long, and now it could see them. “Look you decided to join us? It’s Vanessa and Gregory! My My have we been expecting you!” The multitude said, as if the entity was just that, so many spirits and creatures in one body that were already corrupted by Afton to such an extent it was impossible to tell them apart. “Our maker has been expecting you Gregory…now we can all play our game together forever! We always love to play! Playing is our favorite!” The multitude said, laughing as it spoke. Gregory went t reach for His sword when nothing but air met His hand.

Gregory looked down and saw that He was how He was before the arcade cabinet, with no armor, shorter, and missing His weapon. As He looked around, He saw that Vanessa must have been reverted too, because the princess clothing had completely disappeared. She looked like an older lady now, with golden hair and eyes that were looking directly looking towards Her torturer. She wore a security outfit like the people of the PizzaPlex wore, with a had that matched Her look. She looked exhausted, ready to collapse as She looked at this monster. “We grow bored of the princess game! Lets play another! We have so many games to play!” The Shadow said, smiling like a child on Christmas. Gregory then stepped forwards.
“No! We are done playing! Let us go or else!” He demanded, looking the monster in the eyes. The creature was surprised by the defiance. “We are the leader here! We say what we do! We are going to play and you are going to like it!” It said, as a mass of purple shot out towards Gregory. The boy held up His power hand and blue light blasted the purple blob, destroying it into blue steam. The creature gasped at this, now suddenly afraid. “How…how did you?” Gregory then blasted blue energy towards the monster at one of the heads, which popped like a zit and purple sludge went everywhere, the monster shrieking as this happened. “THAT HURT! WE ARE GOING TO BREAK YOU!” It screamed, as Gregory shot another blue light at a head and popped it. “Either you let us go, or I bring Cassady over here and make stuff worse! You know who Cassady is right?” IT asked mockingly. The creature suddenly looked VERY worried.

It then expanded, becoming scarier as it inflated itself to look bigger. “You! You freak! We will break you before that girl tries anything! Kill them! We need to change the game! Quick!” It moaned, scared of dying or something else to go wrong. Gregory then went to Vanessa’s side and shook Her from Her staring. “Listen to me! I have an idea! Just trust me! Hold out your right hand and focus on it! We can still fight!” Gregory said, trying to get the adult to snap out of it. “I-I’m scared…I can’t do this! I’m so scared!” She said, falling into the fetal position as the darkness began encircling them and getting closer. Gregory saw the monsters spawning in from the distance on the walkway, with the massive blob of the main storm coming closer and looking incredibly angry.

“Listen! I know this is scary! But remember what I said, you have to fight the fear! We have to stay brave and fight through this! I’m right here Vanessa! We can still do this!” Gregory encouraged, the Shadows growing ever closer to the duo. Vanessa was unable to be reached, a red glow circling around Her body as She ignored the monsters and Gregory’s plea.
As the Shadows grew closer, Gregory looked for anything on the desk that could be a weapon, not seeing any way out in sight as the Shadows on the walkway were a few feet from them. The monstrous Shadow Rabbit storm overhead smiled as It eyed its prey. With a booming echo, it gave its last words. “Our Master shall be whole again. All shall be how He dreams. All this time, all this Agony, shall be worth it…for Him to see His son and daughter again. It’s time for a new game.” Gregory held onto Vanessa, hoping and praying for a sign. Gregory closed His eyes and, while holding onto the only person He could trust, called out. “Bye Freddy”

Suddenly, Golden light blasted into the Shadows, the light a shimmering sparkle that ignited all that touched it. The golden light was magnificent, like an angel glowing its wonderous brilliance into the expanse and shielding both Vanessa and Gregory. Gregory shielded His eyes, as Vanessa looked up in surprise, Her golden eyes staring at the center of the light. The Rabbit Storm growled and then shrieked in horror.

Standing on the desk, looking directly at the storm, was Cassidy. She looked like an entirely different girl, Her red eyes looked so much more vibrant than when He first saw Her. Her long golden hair was long and flowing with gold and red light shimmering like the sun, with the bow on the back of Her head perfectly tied. She now had a flowing gold and red dress, with a golden stick in Her hand that had a red aura on the tip. She looked back at Gregory and Vanessa, smiled and nodded, then turned to the Rabbit Storm. “Hello Afton. It’s been a while…” She said coldly, pointing the wand at the rabbit. pure light that was shimmering red blasted into The Storm and hit it straight in the head. It shrieked in pain as the Shadows on the lone walkway behind the three started to run. With an arc, Cassidy pointed the wand at the walkway and blasted another ray of red light and disintegrated the host of Shadows with no trouble. She then focused Her energy on the doorway they used to enter the room and blasted a golden and red ball of light at the door.

The door changed from its purple color to an open archway of pure gold that looked mystical. Warm air came from the doorway, like a kiss of the sun. Cassidy looked towards Gregory and Vanessa. “I don’t know how long I can hold This Afton Shadow here, run…don’t worry about me. Stop Afton, make Him hurt. Your friends already have a plan…I watched them from the Shadows. Find a way down…help Them. You only have so much time.” She said, before bowing to them and then turning Her attention to the Shadow Storm. “Go! Before I cannot help You!” She ushered, before blasting The Storm again. Vanessa looked at this Spirit with awe, as Gregory pushed Her towards the walkway. “Yeah yeah pretty Spirit and all that! Go!” He said, trying to get Vanessa to move. Vanessa gave a breath, before getting to Her feet and running with Gregory towards the golden light doorway. As the pair ran, several Shadows tried to grab at them without getting onto the walkway. Gregory focused His blue energy and blasted at the hands as They ran, completely in tune with Evan’s energy. Vanessa looked back towards Cassidy as She ran. The Spirit was blasting balls of energy, but the more She fired, the less powerful Her aura was becoming. Cassidy then took a knee, seeing the Shadow of Afton completely encircling Her as Vanessa and Gregory got to the doorway. Gregory called out to Cassidy. “Run! Come on!” Gregory called out, the two just at the door. Cassidy looked back towards them, forming a smile. “See you later…Gregory.” before the Shadow completely surrounded Cassidy.

As Cassidy tried to fight back, beams of purple and black shadow shot through Her body and started consuming Her Spirit. The red was slowly becoming dim as the lights of red and gold began disappearing and Cassidy, the Spirit Afton shouldn’t have killed, vanished into non-existence. all that was left was the purple and black storm. “Cassidy!” Gregory called out, terrified. The Shadows then turned towards Gregory and Vanessa, the Storm now floating towards Them. The Shadows now began crawling onto the walkway, now running towards the two. Vanessa gasped, grabbing the boy and the pair running through the golden doorway. As the two ran through, the Storm shrieked out one more cry, as the two disappeared into the golden light.

As Gregory and Vanessa flew through the Golden beam of light, the two separated through the beam. Gregory tried to hold on to Vanessa but it was impossible as They flew through the golden light. Almost as soon as They entered the golden light, Gregory was spat out from the screen of the arcade cabinet and into the hideout that hid the Princess Quest arcade Cabinet from before. As Gregory pulled Himself off the floor, The Arcade Cabinet screeched as purple goo started flowing out of the screen and bottom of the machine. Gregory stumbled backwards from the cabinet as it shook violently and veiny, purple and black tentacles erupted from the screen to pull Gregory back in. Gregory looked around, not seeing anything that would break the machine.

Over in a corner were a few construction materials; a couple hammers, a screwdriver with detachable heads, a box of nails, and various other construction tools. Gregory took one of the hammers, and with a downward swing, cracked the arcade cabinets screen in between the tentacles. The machine winced in pain, several purple humanoid faces appeared on the screen, trying to communicate. “We…Want…T-to…PLAY.” Gregory swung down onto the screen over, and over, and over. Finally, with one more swing, focusing the blue energy, He swung down onto the screen and the machine’s screen went black. The tentacles melted away and to the floor, disappearing into blackened ash, and the machine going quiet.
Gregory stood back, holding tightly onto the hammer and surveying the machine. He saw that His Fazerblaster was laying on the ground. He picked up the gun and held it forwards at the quiet machine. The machine seemed dead, not moving or attempting to do anything as Gregory realized His nose felt strange. A smell that was rank and melty was filling His nose. Gregory covered it, before looking at the bottom part of the arcade cabinet. The front, where the coins could be inserted, looked like it could be opened. As Gregory fiddled with the latch, The smell got even worse. The smell was rotted, with this stench that clung to His nose and made Him feel sick.

As He opened the front, the sight was confusing. The smell was rank, almost enough to make Gregory sick. Inside, the usual technical bits for a game were there, but there was also a jug of a purple and black goo that was connected to the ventilation of the game that did not fit the style of the game at all. It was an ornate, golden jug that housed that same purple goo that leaked. The glass that held the liquid was cracked, leaking the juice out onto the circuit boards. The liquid had the same faces on it, but there was one face in the mix Gregory recognized. He gasped in horror as He realized who it was. The face was Cassidy’s.

She looked right at Him, just as the other faces, but while the others were crying or yelling, She was smiling. She was not crying, nor did She angry. She looked at Him and nodded, Then disappeared into the crowd of liquid, as if understanding what needed to be done. “I’m so sorry Cassidy…” He said, as He raised the Fazerblaster. He focused His energy and fired a round at the glass. All at once, the liquid simmered bright blue, dissolving into blue ash and disappearing. The jug, now shattered, was completely empty. He gave a final respect to Cassidy, sorry He couldn’t save Her.

Gregory was shaking as He knelt down onto the ground in front of the machine, tears beginning to form in His eyes. He then raised a fist and punched the machine in anger, throwing garbage around the room in frustration. Yet another person who sacrificed themselves for Him and what did He have to show for it? Freddy, Mark, now Cassidy? All the people throughout the night as He bumbled around a vacant Mall in search of an answer and an way out. The mere thought of all these people sacrificing and He may not even make it through this.

Gregory curled up into a ball onto the floor, looking out the side window of the storage room and seeing the rising orange and red of the fire in the bigger room outside. Gregory quietly started sobbing as He laid before the arcade machine, bitter and exhausted. He felt so tired, so spent. He felt His skin become dry and coarse, the blue energy inside of Him slowly becoming faint as He started falling into sleep. Maybe if He slept He’d feel better…just for a while.

“You can’t quit now…” The voice came out of nowhere, seemingly around Gregory as He shot up from the floor and looked around for the source. “Get up…” It said, the voice sounding like a little boy’s. The voice repeated Its phrase a few more times until Gregory was off the floor. “Remember what Freddy said…Keep moving…” The boy said. Gregory felt a sizzling energy that was beginning to feel faint. Gregory felt the walls, trying to listen for the voice. “Beat my dad Gregory. Beat Him…” The voice said, before Gregory felt the electric energy of The Sorrow of Evan.

The energy felt like it filled Gregory. Gregory felt like after He got the energy, It was like He was sleepwalking the whole night. Suddenly, this feeling, was almost like being whole. Gregory felt His head on fire as He suddenly had a flash of thoughts, So many that seemed to fill Him with a feeling of sadness but also acceptance. He saw His right arm’s electric symbol begin to flash, the blue light so bright it was like looking into a flashlight. The light started dimming slowly as Gregory looked towards the exit and then back towards the Cabinet. “I’ll stop Him…I’ll give you your rest Cassidy.” He said, then turning to look up at the ceiling as if unaware of where to look. “Thanks for the boost Evan…” He said with a smile, before placing the hammer down onto the ground and heading out the room.

Gregory looked out from the doorway of the hideout of Vanny and the Arcade prison. The fire of the Fazerblast arena was now massive. The fire covered absolutely the whole arena, making it impossible to get to the lower levels now. He stood on the catwalk again, with one direction forwards and another towards the spiral staircase that before could let Him down onto the lower levels. The smoke rose to the ceiling, but the fire alarm didn’t seem to go off yet. AS Gregory looked over the side, He saw no sign of Vanessa, Dawko, or anything that was chasing Him before. On the overhead speaker, a voice could be heard that was robotic and soulless. “Attention all Mall employees! Several fires have been detected through the Mall. Please contact you supervisor and move guests to safety! Authorities have already been called, and will be granted access!” Gregory scoffed. “Little late for that buddy.”

As Gregory looked around, He saw a doorway on the opposite side of Him that led to another backroom area with the sign that said ‘Prize Counter Entry’. Gregory, feeling the heat of the fire from below, ran towards the doorway, feeling His feet pushing off the grated floor. As He ran, a mass jumped from the fire and landed in front of Him. Gregory fell backwards, surprised by the form. However, As Gregory looked at it, He had no idea what the heck it was.

Its body was huge and grotesque. It had arms coming out of its back, one of its two legs that somehow supported its form, and several faces coming from behind its bare back, its chest, and from a head on top that limply lay on top. The body had multiple organs that were human that beat like hearts, all beating in quick sensations. The creature had eyes for each face, all looking at Him with a distasteful rage. The mass’ one and only arm then pulsated as multiple, purple arms sprouted from it and reached for Gregory. The kid jumped to His feet and ran away as fast as He could towards the Vanny room. However, debris from the roof that was flaming got into the doorway and blocked Him from hiding. His only option was the catwalk over the fire.

The creature roared as it sprinted towards Gregory. It screamed multiple phrases that sounded hollow, like a groan from a zombie. Gregory ran across the catwalk, facing towards the creature. As the monster joined Him on the catwalk above the fire, Gregory got a better look at the creature in the firelight. On one of the faces was that Charles person, with His hair being completely ruined and bloody. Parts of the Ryan guy could be seen, but He was missing His mouth and grew off of the main body like a cyst. The only person absent from the mixture seemed like the scientist, but as Gregory looked, He was the limp head on the top, growling as He tried to raise its head but was unsuccessful.

As Gregory looked at the monstrosity, He gasped. “What the heck happened to you?!” He screamed, aiming the fazerblaster. The creature didn’t respond with words, only growling with its rage. A purple steam emitted from Its body and mouths, as It stomped forwards to try and corner Gregory. Gregory popped a shot with the blaster, hitting one of the open hearts and the creature screamed as it coiled back in pain, hitting one of the support beams that made the bridge tussle. Gregory lost His balance and dropped the gun, it landing to His side and almost falling off the edge. He reached for it as the creature then hit another support, this time on purpose, and the gun was shook free and began to fall. Gregory screamed; “NO!” Before reaching out His hand to grab the gun.

Without thinking, He focused the blue energy and suddenly the gun stopped falling. It was simply floating, not moving as a blue aura surrounded the weapon like a highlight. The grotesque gang then ran forwards towards Gregory. The Boy gasped, then whipped His wrist upwards. The gun followed the direction upwards and as It fell before Him and before the amalgamation of men could get to Him, Gregory caught the weapon in the air and fired a round into the Razz head and stunning it temporarily. Gregory then tried to get around it with it stunned, but the creature grabbed Him with its only hand and lifted Him into the air and threw Him backwards.

Gregory landed backwards with a thud, hitting His head on the ground and becoming dazed. He didn’t dare let go of the weapon, but He was stunned and unable to fight the creature cluster as It reared a punch. Before it landed a hit, one face emerged from the chest of the creature like a mold. It was Dawko’s face. He smiled His insane smile, missing several teeth and half His face, the purple-eyed side’s, being melted off to reveal His inner endo skeleton. The endoskeleton looked exactly like Gregory’s endoskeleton when in the white space with the real Evan and Cassidy. He garbled a laugh as He watched, ready to capture the boy once and for all. “Goodbye, little me…I will help master put you back together…” He moaned, moving the single arm and reaching for Gregory.

Suddenly, a red beacon of energy blasted the arm and made Mutated Dawko do a double take. Behind Him, a woman with golden hair and glowing red eyes had Her right arm raised and blasted the red energy. The woman, was Vanessa, uncontrolled and free. “Hey Dawko! Over here you messed up jackrabbit!” She called out, before summoning the red energy and hitting Him square in the face. She ran forwards, the beast stunned, and sprinting forwards. She picked up Gregory from the ground and checked Him. “You okay kid? We got to go!” She yelled over the fire and the roars of the beast. Gregory smiled, nodded, before pointing behind Her. “Watch out!” HE yelled, pulling Her arms back.

The creature had tried a sneak attack, lunging its arm to grab Vanessa. Gregory and the guard watched mutated Dawko then go for another support cable and break it free, making the whole catwalk unstable and unable to hold the weight. The catwalk shook as Dawko smiled a hideous smile and then ran forwards towards the shook duo. Gregory, able to steady, aimed the blaster at the Dawko head and fired. The head receded into the chest, making the creature unable to see as It jostled its senses around. The blast of the gun still stunned it, giving Vanessa a movement to get behind it and blast a red light behind it and knock it forwards. Gregory then summoned His blue energy and jumped up on a lowered part of the body and clear the creature, before running towards another support and loosing it. “Kid! What are you doing?!” Vanessa called. Gregory looked back to Her. “I have an idea.” He said, before pulling Her arm and getting Her off the catwalk over the fire.

Dawko, reforming His head, then turned around and chased after them, the bridge even more unstable. “You cannot escape twerp!” He groaned, as Gregory and Vanessa then got to the other side. “Hey Dawko…you look cold, take a nice sauna break!” Gregory said, before placing both hands down and focusing His energy.
His blue energy then flowed through the metal of the catwalk, blasting it and making the whole thing shake violently. Mutant Dawko then tripped on the shaking platform as more wires came loose, making the bridge looked like it was sagging. As Dawko realized what was happening, He moaned a ‘NO!’ before all the cables came loose and the whole bridge began to fall.

It all happened in slow motion, as the mutant fell into the flames below with the catwalk. “NOT LIKE THIS! MASTER! SAVE US!” Dawko screamed, falling into the flames with His gang melted onto Him and down into the flaming ocean below them.
Vanessa and Gregory looked down into the fire, seeing if the creature could survive such a drop. When nothing seemed to move, the two looked at each other. Vanessa was wearing the white part of the rabbit suit, but Her red eyes slowly became golden again. She smiled as tears came to Her exhausted eyes. She grabbed Him and hugged Him tightly. “My knight in shining armor.” She said, hugging the boy. Gregory wasn’t sure this feeling He had. It was warm and fuzzy, making Him feel relaxed and letting Him breathe. For the first time tonight, He felt brave like a Hero.

Chapter 20: Chapter 19, 4:00 am

Chapter Text

Jeremy was looking down onto the kingdom of robot children with a sour expression. All of the kids were busy preparing for the fight that most surely will end their lives. Several kids were packing up and heading towards the heavily armed area by the opposite corner of the massive cave, flags raised that were made of party streamers and table runners that were sewn together. Freddy and Fiona were together and repping their groups together. Fiona, being a pirate captain’s daughter, knew exactly how to hype Them. Freddy seemed unsure of His position, but gave encouragement none the less. He looked towards the castle and locked eyes with Jeremy for a second, giving a half-baked smile. The group were still strugglingly with the news Erin and the Possessed Daycare Attendant had told Them. Chica seemed troubled, looking towards the built-up guard post that the battle would begin at and seemingly frightened. Jeremy looked down towards the castle entrance, seeing king Erin and His Right Hand Guard Zecora discussing business or perhaps telling Zecora that He told the group the truth of their existence. Jeremy held His trusty Axe in His left hand, clenching tight at the fight that was ahead for Him. He felt a pressure in His chest as He contemplated what King Erin had told Him. Was it true He really was just a ghost in a robot? All this time He thought His mind was His own and yet every night He was corrupted just like everyone else? He was sure He had a life before the Plex, but as He thought through His memories, nothing felt like they clicked together.
He remembers Freddy’s, He loved Freddy’s, He remembered His mom and dad vaguely, He remembered He had a brother and sister that He didn’t see often…but Then that’s where it gets odd. He remembers being sick once, so sick His stomach hurt like it was stabbed with a spoon. Then He remembered being sunburned so bad He passed out…but then again, a dead end. It was like He very memories just were non-existent. How could any of this make sense? His eyes blinked hard to work out the passionate tear in His eye as He contemplated how to move forward.

“You aren’t alone champ.” The voice of Helpy, the cartoon that seemed to follow Him around everywhere. Jeremy didn’t react to His presence, only staring off the balcony of the child-built castle in the underground world of the PizzaPlex. This time, Helpy didn’t seem to be in the same location as Him. The voice was just echoing behind Him like a ghost. “Hey…I was able to beat Father before and did it…We can do it again Jeremy.” Helpy said, trying to encourage Jeremy from the shadows of Jeremy’s mind as The Man Machine looked over the railing. Maybe He could jump and He didn’t have to face this? He wouldn’t have to face Father again?

Jeremy then shook His head as He thought about that for just a second. It was like the thought came from nowhere. Who the Hell was He talking about? “We can do this. Find Gregory, You three can do this Jeremy. Fight the fight we should have won! You can do it!” Helpy said, before His voice faded like a ghost into the back of Jeremy’s mind.

As Jeremy looked behind Him, He thought that just for a second, He saw someone standing there. The face was blank, but it was instantly recognizable to Jeremy. The figure was giving a thumbs up and cheering, before disappearing like a hazy dream. Jeremy felt alone, for the first time ever in a way that was heavy. The spirit disappeared from Him, but the energy It gave was something like a dose of adrenaline. He felt a cackling green energy fill Him, His mind diving into ideas and feelings He hadn’t quite understood, but felt so real in His mind. Jeremy looked down towards His right hand, seeing the lightning symbol on the back of His hand. The green symbol glowed brightly, the light making Him feel more alive and awake. Jeremy sighed, throwing His hands up and saying; “f*ck it, lets be a hero Jeremy.” He said to Himself, before leaving the balcony and heading down towards the army.

Jeremy ran into Erin and Zecora at the entrance, the Daycare Attendant had joined them in that time and was silent. Jeremy looked down at the King, unsure of His feelings. The King was silent as He looked back, still in His garb that was sewn together from bits of cloth He had found throughout His stay here. Zecora nodded towards Jeremy, as if to say that She understood Him and His feelings. “It’s a lot. I’m sorry how You had to learn it…are You Michael again or are you still Jeremy?” Zecora asked, worried for this Machine Man before Her. Jeremy didn’t seem comforted by anything they said, only feeling a sense of guilt and disgust at this place and Himself.

The Daycare Attendant then changed the subject. “If I may…I believe we have something for you My friend.” The robot said, before nodding towards Erin. Erin then guided Jeremy towards another part of the castle. As Jeremy gazed around the castle, He noticed It was honestly a well designed fortress, built clearly to withstand most attacks if Monsters ever sieged the castle. In the walls were weapons that were designed to have ranged weapons aim from out of them, with bows and arrows tipped with the flammable soul liquid on the tip. “Curious question…have you ever been attacked Erin?” Jeremy asked the king, of whom replied with a nod. “It was devastating, We couldn’t allow another incident like it and thus built Fort Freddy’s. The toll on the numbers was vast…I was afraid it had done us in on actually stopping the Necromancer.”
As the group neared the end of the hall, a big door was before Them. “I actually based the location on an Arcade Cabinet I played once…until it too was touched by Afton.” He said sadly, as He pushed open the doors. Inside, a room with weapons, tools, and even full suits of armor that were made of Endoskeleton parts and machinery were lining the walls and displayed. The room was dimly lit with candles that burned bright red, making the room feel dark but also atmospheric. At the far end of the room, on its own stand, was a set of armor that was built from metal parts of old robots. It was spray painted lime green with a tank of something on the back. Straps with thick leather held the armor together and the metal was polished and shined in the low light of the armory. There was no helmet, with only the shoulders, chest, knees, and back. “This…is for you.” Erin said, walking up towards the armor and pointing. “It will protect you from the Chippers when we engage if plan goes south…but also against most other threats. It will serve You well. There is also an energy bank on the back that can connect to Your arm so that when you use Michael’s Remnant, you will be able to expend more energy.” Erin explained.
Zecora and the Possessed Attendant helped Jeremy into the armor, and Zecora then took to Jeremy’s hand and was trying to do something. “What are you…?” Jeremy asked. As Zecora then pressed a part of Jeremy’s skin, a small slot opened on His wrist so that the energy tank could be applied. Jeremy wasn’t even sure how to respond, only nodding and just letting the duo set Him into the armor. “Now this won’t protect you from fire, so being careful…flames are our weakness Jeremy, be cautious.” Zecora warned, as the group finished with Jeremy.

He looked like some kind of warrior of legend, ready to be a knight and serve to destroy this evil that was plaguing the underbelly of a kingdom. “This feels cheesy.” Jeremy said, before walking out the door. The group joined in with Him, ready to go into war.

The field was filled with kids, all with red, green, and blue colors to signify their spirit. The army was ready for battle, all with their miniature weapons and their gear to combat The Necromancer. “Commander Jeremy! All of our soldiers are ready for you! Whenever you are ready!” The side commander of Jeremy’s part of the army, a girl in green attire and a bunny mask with a green lightning strike on the front called out. She removed the mask when She spoke, revealing Her soft white skin and bright Green eyes underneath. She had Fiery red hair, and a set of green earrings that were little rabbits. Erin then pointed to Her. “This is Captain Lacey, She can help in directing orders.” Erin explained. Jeremy looked over the army, it was a good fifty kids at least. “Right…um. Well, I think we got some catch up to do! Lets get moving folks!” He yelled, walking out from the castle entrance and nodding towards Lacey. HE whispered something in Her ear. “I’m going to be 100% honest with you I have no idea what I’m doing.” He said with sincerity. She giggled. “I can tell…don’t worry old man, that’s why I’m here.” She responded, before walking over towards a open building and pulling out a machine.

It was some kind of steed? It was hard to tell. It looked like it was trying to be a horse but the creature was kind of a mess of metal and robotics. The head was a endoskeleton head with a few pieces of metal to make the face longer, and the robot was deigned to be on all fours. The creature seemed to walk like a horse, but It definitely didn’t look like a horse to Jeremy. “This is Tin Tin…He’s a eye-sore but He’s are best ‘horse’” She said, also not really seeing the horse it was supposed to look like. Jeremy seemed unsure of this when Erin then nodded towards Jeremy. Jeremy sighed, as He walked up to the horse. He remembered from movies that you kinda had to do a weird hand motion towards the face and like kinda befriend it, when Lacey looked at Him confused. “You good?” She asked Jeremy, who then just normally walked over and nothing seemed to happen. “Huh…good horsie.” He said, petting His ‘Mane’ of synthetic wires and hopping onto the beast.
The flag of His group was raised on the back of the horse, with the number 4 in big font symbolizing His group. “Right! To battle…I think!” He said, raising Axey and moving the steed forwards. He looked around Him, all the kids marching with Him and Lacey to His side. Jeremy looked behind Him and saw that Erin and Zecora were also hopping on their own horses, who actually looked more like horses, and were going to be joining the main army. Jeremy looked ahead, seeing the rest of the army standing in front of the massive metal doors that separated the kids world from the land of the Necromancer.
When They got to the gate, Jeremy could see the intricacy of the defense. It was manned by several kids, all moving and swapping things around to open the gates. The walled off post was very well thought out, with several defenses like in the castle that gave the wall a advantage. As Jeremy moved to join the other parts of the army, He saw Freddy ahead of His group, looking up in awe as He watched the kids moving parts of the gate and unlocking mechanisms to open the doors. Fiona and Chica looked ready, clenching onto their flags and looking towards the wall. Jeremy used Tin Tin to get closer to Fiona and tried talking to Her. “Hey. How you holding up?” He asked in a low voice, as if Her feelings were secret. She didn’t look away from the wall, only sighing. “Jeremy…I’m scared…and I’m sad.” She said with a matter of fact tone. “I’m scared of the Necromancer…and I’m sad that even if We win…I’ll never see the sun.” She whispered to Jeremy, still not looking away from the wall.

Jeremy looked towards the wall, the mechanism almost finished. A loud set of three clicks could be heard as the massive locks on the door began to open, then a four click and the ground began to rumble. “Fiona…We are going to make it out of this…I promise.” He told Her, grabbing hold of Her free hand and trying to comfort the robot. She smiled as She looked down at His hand. “You’re a good soul Jeremy…Thank you.” She said, before Her Captain to Her side nodded His head as if to signal it was time. Fiona looked towards Jeremy and nodded. “Lets make my Daddy proud yeah?” She said, smiling towards Him warmly.

Jeremy rode Tin Tin over towards Freddy and Chica, who were talking together and accepting the knowledge They had been told. “Are you guys ready?” Jeremy asked Freddy. The Bear looked back to Him with a frown. He seemed in despair behind that face. He was dirtied from the night and His degradation was pretty bad. His paint had slightly chipped off, even though some of His parts had been replaced not too long ago. Freddy nodded to Chica, who took the acknowledgement and headed back to Her army to prepare. Freddy clenched onto the ropes of His ‘Horse’ and was being quiet.

The Bear was so lost in His despair but He kept fighting through the night. Now, with the end in sight, what would happen to them? Jeremy wasn’t sure what to say to Freddy, but as He went to try and say something. “Listen…Freddy, We can do this. We’ll find Gregory and We’ll get out of here. We can do this…” Jeremy started riding back to Lacey, before Freddy began to speak. “Jeremy…Tonight has opened my eyes to the lies. Freddy’s cannot be opened after this…It would be against my programming. I cannot harm mall guests, and letting people be here would endanger them. I feel so confused, angry…I want to destroy it all…and yet I love it. What is this confusion, Jeremy?” He asked, a deep mellow in His voice as He spoke. “I can feel it…the anger and sorrow. It is on the face of every child in this cave. It is written into the very fabric of my body and my friends. These memories they gave me balanced it and yet now the scales are forever broken. I feel so sad Jeremy…I feel lost.” Freddy said, His claws shaking as He tightly held the reins of the horse He rode. “Bonnie would know what to do…” He quietly moaned, His voice cracking and sounding mournful. “…Bonnie always knew what to do.”
Jeremy looked towards the eyes of the robot. Even Jeremy struggled to swallow that pill. It was hard to accept that reality that everything, everyone that they knew, were fake. It was designed to keep you…contain you. Jeremy felt for Freddy, this thing that He now suddenly felt so close to. It was like looking at a brother, an ally and family in some strange way. Jeremy wasn’t sure how to feel.

He said, before looking forwards towards the slowly opening door. A fleet of kids soon were ahead of the four armies, with the electric spears for the Chipper Holes ahead to let the main army get through. The group were slowly walking forwards, the four captains looking towards the opening now created from the open doorway. Jeremy, taking a breath, looked into the darkness ahead.

Darkness. Darkness in the massive cave was all that could be seen. Stalactites of massive scale were hanging from the ceiling that lead to stalagmites on the ground. Open space in all directions as far as the army could see. As the front force walked forwards, Erin joined in the center on His own steed, looking through the darkness. He had His own flag that He raised up higher so that all could see. It was a tri-colored flag with a triangle in the center that looked like a pizza.
The army moved slowly through the caves, watching for any sign of movement that was considered a threat. Huge numbers of the robot kids and orphans moved through the cave, all doing their tasks of keeping the army together and moving swiftly through the caves. Erin then called to Zecora to Take lead and handed off His flag so that the army would stay motivated for the flag. Zecora appeared on a steed, taking the flag and His place. Erin then slowed down towards Jeremy and talked Him through the plan again. “First is the Chipper Holes. Now this will be a fully open cave that is big enough for our army but it will leave us in the open. Remember, Your job is get your part of the army through…I’ll keep our weapon safe.” Erin said, revealing the Remnant bomb that was tucked away into Erin’s coat He was wearing. “We can do this Michael…” Erin said, before joining back up front.

At first, when Jeremy met Erin, He felt joy. Now, He looked at this ghost in a boy’s body with a sense of disgust. How could He use such a terrible weapon? Then again, was He any better? Axey was imbued with Remnant, specifically Agony, Afton’s Remnant…The whole situation was bitter in Jeremy’s mouth as He rode forwards into the darkness. The only lights they had were flashlights taped to metal sticks that every person in the army had attached to their back that was the color of their soul they were Remnant of…Red, Blue, and Green.

Further into the cave, they came to an opening, the largest of the cave so far. As the army moved into it, the spear front preparing themselves, they entered a cave that looked smoothened and mined out. Tools laid everywhere on the ground, with mining equipment dotted around that was either tipped over or broken. Several crates were scattered around, all in disorder and had cobwebs decorating them as they hadn’t been touched in a while. Erin and Zecora looked through the darkness, as Zecora gave a shutter. “I hate this place.” Zecora said under Her breath.

One of the kids in the electric line lowered His spear just a bit and looked through the dark. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and began to relax. Zecora then turned to looked at Him specifically as if She could read His mind and looked at Him with the sharpest glare imaginable. She then called out to the army. “Don’t get comfy…They know we are here. They are waiting for us to drop our guard. Back army, you know your job! Follow your captains, even if Erin and I go down! Understood?” She called out, a few kids responded and She called out louder. “Am I Understood?” and at once the army responded; “Yes Ma’am!” Zecora then nodded towards Jeremy and the robots, as She looked ahead into the Chipper Holes cave.

Jeremy didn’t see anything in the opening, but as He looked around the cave walls He noticed something odd. The wall seemed…weird. It was like the wall was covered in circles, all of them perfectly symmetrical. They looked like whack-a-mole holes but built for multiplayer and for giants. The holes themselves looked calculated and designed…almost like someone was digging for something. The cave clearly hadn’t been used in a long time…but what could this place have been dug out for? As Jeremy rode, little flecks of redish-greenish-bluish sparkles on the ground could be seen but it was hard to tell what it was. He stopped His steed and jumped down to admire the glitter. Lacey noticed it and ushered the army to stop. The Back army looked towards Jeremy and the Captains were confused. “Everything okay Jeremy?” Freddy called out.
Jeremy admired the multi-colored glitter in curiosity. The glitter seemed sharp but also soft. It was so dusty and yet was the clearest thing He had every gazed at. As He played with it in His fingers, He noticed the front army getting ahead and quickly mounted His horse and ushered the group forwards. “Just looking at something. You see the colored dust on the ground? What is it?” Jeremy asked, looking at the other Captains. Chica and Freddy didn’t know, but Fiona seemed to recognize it. “Oh! I know that! Its Fairy powder! Father used to have some that He said He got from a magical Fairy but He used it all up making the crew and especially me…Maybe that’s what the Necromancer used to make the Monsters?” Fiona then gasped as She looked around. “This was a mine! They were mining the dust! Maybe the dust can be changed into the liquid Agony?” Fiona suggested. Erin then shook His head. “From what we understand, Remnant is a liquid based system…Whatever this dust is couldn’t be connected.” Erin said, looking ahead. “Also your ‘Daddy’ lied to you Fiona, there is no such thing as Fairies…” He added, not looking behind. Fiona sulked, the little joy in Her face disappearing. Jeremy growled at the King. How dare He do that? She has almost nothing in this state and He said those things. “Hey…give Her something dude. It’s not a bad idea.” Jeremy muttered, as He looked towards the others to back Him up.

However, as the army moved forwards, something in the area began to change. At first, it was small, a shake here or a clatter there…From the holes, creatures began crawling out of two kinds of size; The big ones that Freddy instantly recognized as Chippers. These ones actually had Beaver tails, all broken from whatever mining they were doing. They had the brown fur and tools in places of hands that were used for the mining operation in the cave. The other creatures were harder to see, that were white but dirtied by the cave they found themselves in. they had soulless eyes and two golden tools that clamored and looked like tambourines. The duo of creatures were watching the group from the walls as the army walked forwards. A few hissed at the lights and electric spears, clearly aware of the danger. Erin watched the creatures diligently as He lead His army forwards.

Suddenly the room was shaking and as the crew walked forwards, the dark cave ahead had a sound emanated from inside the darkness…It made everyone jump, the cave echoing the sound as It bounced from floor to ceiling. The creatures recognized it and began forming together, making their own army. The sound that broke the silence of the massive abandoned mine was the sound of a great big pair of Golden Yellow Tambourines.

Gregory filled in Vanessa what she had missed in the last few hours and what had happened. He told Vanessa about the monsters taking people over and about Mark and the trash goddess in Roxy Raceway. He told Her about Jeremy and also what He knew with Freddy. “I haven’t been able to contact Him for a while! Do you know what happened to the communicators?” Gregory asked. Vanessa nodded. “When I was being controlled, I was told to shut down the system. I can boot it back up in the Prize Corner area up ahead.” She said.

The duo burst through a set of doors to enter the main Prize Counter area from a back entrance. The Prize Corner was a big, circular room with a few different counters for people to cash in prizes from the arcades around the Plex but also to get merchandise of the location. In one area of the room was a massive pile of Freddy plushies that all had noses that could be pushed and a cute little squeak could be heard. A small VIP room for those that paid for It had its own Prizes that were limited edition, like the golden versions of the plushies that were actually very good quality. However, most of the place had been trashed. The place was already swarmed with Endoskeletons…but with the new weapons at their disposal, Vanessa blasted with Her red power at the endoskeletons while Gregory jumped up onto a higher vantage and fired headshots at the robots. “I’m getting really good at this! I’m gonna set a high score!” He said, running around like a child and was doing flips over ledges as He fired at the endoskeletons. The duo cleared the room easily, hitting a few of the prizes on the wall that were hug from the circular room.

Vanessa lead Gregory to Her security office a little from the Prize Corner and pointed at a machine that was sitting on the desk in front of Her. “Blast it!” She said. Gregory aimed and then pulled the trigger. The machine suddenly sprayed purple and black goop, before breaking down and the communicators for the building were restored.

Gregory flipped up His Fazwatch with excitement and called Freddy. “Freddy! Come in Freddy! It’s me! Gregory! Where are you?” Gregory called out. For a second there was silence, then suddenly the watch got a response. “Superstar? Is that you?” Freddy responded, the sound of yelling and smashing could be heard on the other end. “Gregory! Oh thank goodness! Listen! I don’t have much time! Find a way down into the caves! I am with Jeremy and some of my friends! We are going to find whoever is doing all of these awful things down here! I think you, Jeremy, and I are connected to this!” Freddy explained, but as He was talking it sounded like He was dodging things around Him and on the move. “Wait! Are you going to Afton? Freddy that’s too dangerous!” Gregory said, pleading to the bear from His watch. “Superstar…I’m tired of being afraid. It is time to end this, so that We can move on. I finally understand why this is happening. We have a job to do…one we should have done a long time ago.” Freddy said. “Gregory…We are a part of something sinister, and it’s time to fight. Please Gregory, We don’t have much time.” Freddy added, before halting His responses. “Freddy? Freddy!” Gregory called out.

He stomped His foot in frustration before turning to Vanessa. “How do we get to the lower levels? We need to act fast!” Gregory told Vanessa, who nodded and lead Him in a direction that went out of the Prize Corner and down a flight of stairs into Roxanne Raceway through a back area. “There is an elevator we can use that is over this way to get to the lower parts of the Plex…” Vanessa explained, but Gregory already knew this.

When the duo entered Roxanne Raceway, something was wrong. Where the entrance to the Trash Queen’s lair was, more of the moss was growing out of the cave, almost taking a third of the whole place. The moss was over absolutely covering certain parts of the raceway, making everything look old. It was like the moss was sucking the life out of the area around it. A few of the moss monsters were stumbling around, falling down onto the floor and then melting into the ground and spreading more of the moss. The Trash Princess couldn’t be seen anywhere, but down on the racetrack, The Mangle was observing the area for trespassers. The creatures multiple heads could be seen that were making red spotlights down on the ground and keeping lookout as the moss spread further and further.

Vanessa and Gregory peered over the second level balcony to see down into the Raceway. The area that Gregory and Vanessa needed to get to was on the opposite side of the room, hidden away from view. A sign that read ‘Employees only’ with lights around the yellow sign marked their destination of where they needed to go. They hid back behind the halfway and discussed a plan of movement. “Okay…clearly there is a lot of protections here. We need to move slowly and methodically.” Vanessa said, as Gregory had pulled out His blaster and then sadly tucked it back away. “So how are we going to pass them?” Gregory asked.

Vanessa pointed towards the left at an area off to the side, where a couple of fake palm trees could let them slowly climb down and hide towards the backend of the Raceway and stay out of view. As Gregory and Vanessa moved towards the trees, Gregory heard someone call out for help. “Mark! Gregory! Anyone?” Clementine called out, who was being carried by two endoskeletons towards the Moss Cave against Her will. She tried to break free, but the endoskeletons had a grip on Her that wouldn’t allow Her to escape. “When I find who’s responsible for this!” She yelled, fighting.

From the darkness of the cave, a creature was walking forwards. Stumbling loudly, the Trash Queen emerged. Her heart was leaking, clearly damaged by Mark’s gun and was struggling to stay together. It was taped together with moss, clearly still in a very bad state. The Queen towered over even the two endoskeletons, looking down at the Caretaker and laughing with a hollow voice. “She’s old…but it will do.” She said, as She raised a hand to begin sucking Her soul from Her. “Don’t move…this won’t hurt a bit…I’m going to become more beautiful…thanks to you.” She said, as Clem tried to fight back against the Queen. Clem was horrified, trying to break free but to no avail.

Gregory was shocked, wanting to go and help Clem. Vanessa put a hand on His shoulder, stopping Him. “We can’t…it’s too dangerous.” She whispered calmly, feeling sorry for the old woman. “I can’t let another person die! Please!” He said, looking back at the scene. It was like it was happening in slow motion, and Gregory couldn’t do anything. “Gregory…all of this is going down…we have to get to Afton now. We can’t risk it…I’m sorry.” She said, pulling Him along.

Gregory watched, as the hand of the Trash Queen laid onto the woman’s face and began sucking Her soul from Her body. Her arms began to grey like a rotting corpse, as a orange color began draining from Her and slowly, Her body wilted and began to blacken like the moss monsters. Her hair was becoming like the pigtails of the zombies and it began frilled and mossed, like vines of a tree. Her body molted and fell apart, melting and breaking down as the last bits of Clem disappeared and the form hunkered away. Clem’s glasses fell to the floor, being smashed as an endoskeleton stepped on them, and walked away to find another victim.

Gregory, angry at what He watched, was pulled along by Vanessa, as They slowly climbed down the tree and snuck away from the scene without causing alarm. As they neared the exit, The Mangle was still looking in the opposite direction, letting Them pass through. However, as Vanessa and Gregory got to the elevator, Gregory stumbled over something and caused a small sound. He looked down and saw a wrench had been left out on the ground, making a clink sound as It slightly slid on the surface of the marble floor. The Mangle instantly spun to the sound and the red lights shined onto Gregory.

All at once, a ear-piercing scream was heard and The Mangle jumped from The Raceway and sprinted towards Gregory. The Boy sprinted towards the elevator lift, with Vanessa yelling ‘RUN!’ as they entered the open doors of the elevator. As Gregory ran towards the elevator, He tripped on wiring on the floor, falling to the floor and hitting the cold concrete. The creature was gaining onto Gregory as the Boy stood up. The Fazwatch on His arm hit the concrete as He fell, the screen cracking slightly as He turned towards the creature. Gregory didn’t waste a second and got back up quickly, sprinting toward Vanessa. Just as they tried to shut the doors, The Mangle got an arm through the slightly open elevator doors to get inside.

It hissed as It tried to fit through, wiggling and moving its body parts to slide through. Gregory focused His blue energy and tried to touch a part of The Mangle in the doorway, but the creature had learned from previous encounters and slid another hand in to avoid Gregory and still keep a hand in the doorway. It was spreading the door open farther, able to avoid Gregory like Whack a Moles and being difficult to touch as the doors were being forced open. “Crap! I can’t get it! It’s dodging me!” Gregory said, as the Mangle was slowly getting in. Vanessa was repeatedly smashing the close door button, before finally summoning red energy in Her right arm. The Fox head of the creature was slowly moving into the elevator, the center mass of the robot, and just as It did Vanessa punched It with Her red-energy and instantly the beast shrieked. “S-I-S-T-E-R! W-H-Y?” IT screamed, saddened and angry at the aggression of Her sibling. “I’m not your sister you freak!” Vanessa screamed, punching it again and the creature exited from the elevator, the doors shutting and the elevator finally descending downwards towards the caves below. The creature screeched as the elevator left Roxanne’s Raceway and the two descended downwards.

The duo took a breath as the elevator rode downwards, unaware of what they could be getting into going lower into the elevator. The two were in silence as they continue downwards, the air of the elevator feeling stiff. Gregory sat on the floor, as Vanessa was stood leaning against the wall and taking off the bunny bodysuit. Her nightguard outfit was still underneath, but She had lost Her hat at some point. As the duo were riding, Vanessa looked over the sewn together suit with a glare of anger and sorrow. “The things I did in this thing…” She said, a small tear in Her eye. She then looked at Her security badge that was on Her chest and sighed. “Kind of a sh*tty nightguard if you are killing and kidnapping your guests I guess.” She laughed lowly, before feeling Her fingers through the fabric of the suit.

While Vanessa was thinking, Gregory reached into His pocket and pulled out Roxanne’s Chip, eying the tech and thinking about the night. The chip glistened as He held it in the light of the elevator. He wasn’t sure if He could get a new body for Roxanne, but maybe He could do it…He wouldn’t let Mark’s assistance be of uselessness. Maybe someone on the outside could help clean the mess, but right now, He needed to get to Freddy and Jeremy. As the two moved down the shaft, Vanessa asked Gregory a question. “You know…I don’t have memory of before this place. I never thought I’d get out. I thought that it was impossible and that after tonight, I wouldn’t escape. I craved to die but I knew what would happen. Gregory…” Vanessa looked up at the boy, a warm smile on Her face. “Lets get out of here together, okay?” She said, as She dropped the outfit to the side. Her golden hair was wavey and began covering part of Her face. Her golden eyes looked towards Gregory, who smiled in response.

As they neared the bottom, the elevator rattled, slowly opening after a ding sound rang in the elevator. Before them, the dark cave was before them, and with extreme caution, the duo moved forwards into the darkness.

Chapter 21: Chapter 20

Chapter Text

Loud clanging echoed off the walls of the cave as the Massive DJ Music Man smashed the ground with His symbols, trying to crush the army of robot kids. The wave of Chippers and Mini Music Men were diving towards the army, clamping at the legs of the army. King Erin was clearly not expecting the extra assistance. “What the hell? How did He get down here?!” Erin cried out, as Zecora helped keep the front line together. “Doesn’t matter how! Watch your six! Everyone stay together! Don’t break formation!” She yelled on Her steed as She swept the lines. She pulled out Her own tazer spear and began jabbing them into the Chippers close by, the robots dropping like flies. She lead a few of the front army towards a group to the side of the mass of Chippers coming from the east to slow them down, but it left the back army more exposed.

“I’ll have the group pull the forces away! Focus on Music Man!” Zecora said, calling to arms the army. Erin looked towards Jeremy. “I can’t get close without putting the bomb in danger! Jeremy?” He called out to the nightguard, who was riding close to the Child King and was trampling the Mini Music Men. “Are you out of your mind?” Jeremy yelled over the confusion. “I’ve heard you are better than you think! Get us through! I can guide your captain and army!” Erin said, riding past Jeremy on His steed and pulling His flag for group 4. Jeremy didn’t think there was much of a choice here.
The giant spider robot looked towards Jeremy, who was oncoming on a cobbled-together horse robot that quickly galloped through the cave. The music man’s big toothy grin then suddenly open and a ray of purple energy that was like a soundwave echoed from the mouth. Jeremy dodged to the side to avoid the ray, just barely missing it but still getting closer with His pace. “Freddy! Chica! Fiona! Head around Him!” Jeremy called out, the three other leaders hearing Him and nodding. The Spider fired another beam of purple waves that very nearly hit Jeremy, As the nightguard dodged to the side once more. He then pulled up His free hand that wasn’t holding onto Axey and focused His energy to fire a blast of His green energy.

The energy was like an arrow, firing with breakneck speed and stabbing into Music Man’s chest. The energy compartment had been drain slightly, but it wasn’t a large amount. Jeremy fired three more shots of the sharp green energy; two in the chest again and one in the eye. When the shot to the eye hit Music Man, the Giant Enemy Spider then stumbled backwards as Jeremy neared the creature. Jeremy then tried to focus a deeper energy but when it fired it wasn’t a stronger beam, it was like a thick stream. Suddenly, Jeremy was pulled from His horse as the green stream blew past Music Man. “Heeaayyy!!!!” He screamed as He was pulled into the air and flew past the robot. Jeremy then spun in the air and focused the flow again, this time aiming for the head and the green wind appeared again. It pulled Him in the direction and let Him fly around the robot to try and get closer.

“So this is what having superpowers feels like!” He whopped, flying around the robot to confuse it as much as possible. Freddy and the others watched as Jeremy blasted around the robot to keep it distracted. Freddy, calling to His captain to lead the group forwards past Music Man, then galloped to Jeremy to assist. “Jeremy! DJ Music Man has balance stabilizers in His top hat! Break the hat!” Freddy called out. Jeremy heard Freddy and nodded. He focused the energy to the hat and flew straight towards it. DJ Music Man must have also understood what was happening because suddenly the spider robot then raised the giant, golden symbols and slammed them together. The blast was so powerful it shot Jeremy backwards and away from the robot and spun Him around in the air.

Jeremy couldn’t stabilize His spinning, making Him nauseous and unable to focus. Freddy galloped towards Him, catching Him just before He hit the floor. “I have got you Mr. Fitzjerald! We must break the top hat to destabilize DJ Music Man! The smaller army appears to be fighting a losing battle!” Freddy said, pointing towards Zecora.

Jeremy saw it. Several robot kids were already on the ground. Most of them had arms that were ripped off, heads broken off, or several that were hanging on by a thread. IT was a horrible scene. A mixture of fascinating and frightening as these robot kids were being broken apart and completely ravaged by the attack. Zecora was trying to lead the kids, but many of them started abandoning the field in fear. “Don’t run! That’s what they want you fools!” She called out, but Her words were falling on deaf ears. She fought as much as She could, but the fight was not looking good.

Jeremy saw the dead robot kids on the ground, their eyes were hollow and dead. They bled a liquid based on the soul they inhabited. Mixes of red, blue, and green were splotched all over the ground like a messed-up art piece designed by a sociopath. Several kids had been split in half and throw away, their top half still functioning as they slowly bled out and went limp. That was when the feeling of the war started to hang in Jeremy. The pang in His heart that hurt that made Him realize the seriousness of the situation at large.

If they lose…its over. William, the monster, the Necromancer, whatever or whoever the f*ck He was…would win and the world could be in serious danger. Jeremy looked towards the approaching Music Man and took a breath. “Freddy…stay close. I’m gonna sing this f*cker a new damn tune.” Jeremy said, before focusing the energy and blasting forwards again. As Jeremy was in the air, Music Man then tried to blast Him with the mouth wave. Jeremy pointed in a different direction and blasted away, easily missing the blast. Jeremy slowly worked His way towards Music Man. Suddenly, the machine in Its low and powerful voice spoke as Jeremy neared it.

“You cannot stop Him…You cannot stop us…We are agony…We are great…You are too small.” He said, slamming His symbols together to try and destabilize Jeremy. Jeremy focused the energy in Himself towards Music Man and fought through the soundwave that tried to push Him away. He pulled Axey from His side and with a spinning slice, landed the blade of the fireman axe into the hat of Music Man. The robot was not happy, as much as the plastic smile seemed to tell. It screamed as the purple liquid of Afton’s Agony began leaking from the hat. Several hands appeared from the liquid, trying to grab onto Jeremy. One did, and seemed to be sucking His soul out from His arm of power. Jeremy broke free, moving around the top of the robot head and grasping onto His arm as the pain of the leech-like monster in the protective shell of the tophat tried chasing Him. Jeremy broke another part of the hat, more liquid pouring out and Music Man becoming more unstable.

Jeremy looked down at His wound, the purple was slowly disappearing as the Afton Agony seemed to wane. Jeremy felt sick, like He very nearly just dodged the worst disease He could ever imagine. “Don’t let it touch you…got it.” He said to himself. He broke more of the hat, revealing more Agony that tried to grab onto Him. Suddenly, all the Chippers and MMM then looked towards Their Big Mother and screamed. They ran towards it, all trying to climb onto the robot to help Their strongest unit. Freddy noticed what was happening and called out to Jeremy. “Jeremy! You must finish this! You have company!” Freddy called out, trying to ride closer so that Jeremy could jump down. “Hurry!” Jeremy nodded to Freddy, before looking down at His axe. He took a breath, focusing the last bit of energy from the reserve tank into His swinging arm. He raised the axe high into the air, the green glow of His soul power being focused into the blade of the axe. And, with a swing and powerful downward swing, broke into the Top Hat of DJ Music Man, and the hat exploded in a simmering green light that sucked in all the Agony inside and shut down DJ Music Man.

Jeremy was blasted off of Music Man as the Giant Spider screamed one last time and fell to the ground limp. The giant corpse rumbled the cave, sending Afton’s Army into shock and scramble away. All of the remaining Chippers crawled back into their holes and deep into their caves, with the Mini Music Men all simultaneously falling over and going limp. Purple ooze came from their eyes like they were mourning, and in unison before they died, sung a note. “Why do you hide inside your walls? When there is music in our halls? All we see is an empty room…no more joy, an empty tomb.”
Zecora and a few of the surviving robot kids saw the king and the army go deeper into the caves. Some of them wanted to continue on, but Zecora told them no. “We have dead to mourn and people to help. They are on their own as the plan was decided…It’s in their hands now.” She said, looking down at a fallen Music Man. She bent down and picked it up, the toy limp in Her hand. “I wonder who you were before.” She said, before placing it back down and walking towards Her army.
Jeremy was holding onto Freddy as best as He could, when Erin appeared on His horse with Jeremy’s horse by His side galloping along. “Here! Get on!” Erin said, As Jeremy hopped from horse to horse to get back onto His. The main army was still ahead, patching wounds and trying to decide their next move. “Erin! What the hell? I thought Music Man was with us!” Lacey, Jeremy’s captain called out. “Well it seems We were either wrong or He was and we lost Him. Either way, doesn’t matter, We go forwards!” Erin said, gathering the troops together. “Erin! We lost a lot of people…more than I think we planned. This may not be smart.” Another captain, Chica’s captain Markus, had added. “It doesn’t matter! IF anything that’s encouragement to keep going! We don’t have another chance at this!” Erin commanded. He seemed to be growing impatient, trying to get the group to go forwards. Fiona looked at the numbers they still had. Their army had been at least one hundred and twelve split evenly for twenty-nine, now the whole army combined was only half that now, with some of them being in bad shape. “We’ve been horribly reduced King Erin, I don’t know about this.” Fiona pointed out.
Chica and Freddy didn’t seem to know what to add, but nodding in agreement. “This is not safe…I understand the need to continue, this may not work out Mister King Erin.” Freddy tried to communicate, the desperate king wanting nothing more than to destroy The Necromancer. Freddy then turned to Jeremy. “Jeremy! I also must tell you! I was able to gain contact with Gregory! I told Him We are down here and He is hopefully on the way!” Jeremy’s eyes went wide as He said that. “What!? No! He needs to get out! Did He say where He was?” Jeremy asked. “No, but maybe I can contact Him again!” Freddy said, before pulling up His arm with the communicator on it and pressed a few buttons. As He tried to establish a connection, the messenger couldn’t seem to connect to Gregory’s watch. “That’s odd…its not wanting to connect.” Freddy explained, fiddling with the controls. “Ugh! We don’t have time for this! Everyone gather up! We are going deeper! Come on!” King Erin commanded His army, saddling up and leading the charge with His flag. “Either you come or don’t, I don’t care. We are finishing this one way or another.” He grumbled, before leading His army forwards into the darkness beyond that was deeper inside the cave.

Fiona, Freddy, Chica, and Jeremy were not happy with Erin. For one thing, He seemed to be growing impatient. Fiona growled a bit under Her breath as the four looked towards each other and decided to heed the King just a bit longer. “Listen, Freddy. Try to get back into contact with Gregory and see if We can get His help.” Jeremy told Freddy. As long as They continued forwards it didn’t matter.

The cave before them was still open, but the mining equipment was absent, save for support beams that stood to keep the cave from collapsing in on itself. The cave was damp, water dripping from the cave’s ceiling that dripped to the floor. The animals and Jeremy moved deeper with the army, slightly losing sight of them in the darkness of the cave. As They went deeper, a thick fog seemed to make the cave darker. Jeremy shined His flashlight down the caves as He and the Animatronics, following the mass of kids from the back. Jeremy wasn’t playing into the army anymore, it was clear that wasn’t going to do them any good unless going against the bigger threat. “If Erin thinks He’s better then so be it.” He muttered to Himself, as the group went deeper into the hole.

The darkness was so powerful it was genuinely frightening. The shadows casted by the light sources of the kids and Jeremy made some of the army jump in thinking it was a monster in the shadows. The cave was like a long hallway, with several entrances that lead to thinner caverns on the left and right that would go deeper into the darkness. Empty lanterns hung from the cave wall that were empty of their fluid, making them useless. Near the entrance of one of the caverns, marked with caution tape, was a wooden bird cage that was laying on the ground outside the cave.

As the group moved deeper in, everyone was quiet. No child in the army spoke, Erin was silently riding His horse through the darkness, with Jeremy and the Animatronics on their steeds following behind. The cave felt like a tomb, the cave clearly been devoid of life for a while. Occasionally, a crate or two from the mining crew were left behind, toppled over and left behind. Cobwebs hung from the wooden crates that were homes to underground creatures.

Eventually, the group took rest at a point in the caves, reassessing their location. Erin pulled out a paper map of the cave system they had on hand and was talking with the captains like Lacey and Markus about where to head next. Jeremy and Freddy were together, looking through the cave entrances with a flashlight to see down the caves. “Odd that the Phantom has not made an appearance yet.” Freddy pointed out, of which Jeremy agreed. “One less thing to worry about.” He answered. Fiona and Chica stayed on their horses, with Fiona looking up towards the cave ceiling as if She was watching something. Chica looked towards Fiona and asked Her, “You know…when this is over…I don’t know what’s gonna happen to us.” She said, before looking towards the massive cave ahead. “Maybe We die for good or maybe We just forget but…” Fiona then looked towards Chica, who smiled and looked back towards Fiona with a smile. “…I’m at least glad I got to meet the friend that never was yeah? You would have been our Roxy or something right?” She asked. Fiona laughed before looking down at Her hand, observing how the jointed moved as She clenched and unclenched Her fist. “Yeah…guess so.” She answered.

The two sat in the silence for a while before Chica asked one more question. “Do you think We are bad?” She asked Fiona, who wasn’t really sure how to answer. “I mean…we were made of Agony right so…why are we different?” She asked, confused. Fiona sighed as She pressed a point on Her chest. Her front plastic with the fur front slid off slightly to reveal Her inner endoskeleton. “You are code, designed with personality…You were corrupted…I was corruption, but I was given love and it made me free. We are not like those memories…We are not Agony. Agony implies that something bad had happened to make us or happened to us. Jeremy is like The Kids, but He too chose love. I think We aren’t bad, but if we aren’t careful…” Fiona then closed up Her front hatch, before looking towards Erin. “We become rotten like Them.” She finished.
Erin looked exhausted, like His body was beginning to break apart and fall. He seemed ageless, but in a way that made Him more ghostly and hollow. His eyes seemed sunken inside now, as His knuckles began to crackle and His joints becoming more stiff. He was so focused on His anger He was rotting, rotting like a carcass.

In the distance of the cave Jeremy and Freddy looked down, the end of the cave seemed pretty close, close enough that Jeremy decided to go down and see what was at the end. A red light seemed to be towards the opposite end of the short cave and Jeremy discovered the source. It was oil lanterns, all hung from the wall in front of what looked to be some kind of tiny clearing. The cave was relatively built up, with a trash all over the place in corners and in the center of the cave. A few wooden pallets were dotted around that seemed thrown out due to the wood breaking apart and being drenched and unusable as firewood. A set of double doors that were like barn doors were at the opposite end of the wall of the cave, which were unlocked but closed, too heavy to be opened alone. Neon lights hung from the cave that illuminated very little of the damp cave.

Jeremy looked towards the barn doors and called to Freddy. “Hey, come help me open this.” He asked, issuing the bear over from the entrance. Freddy wasn’t sure about this, seemingly afraid. “I…do not like this place Jeremy.” He told the guard, only looking from a distance. “Listen, nothing can hurt us. I’ve got Axey and a good arm, we’ll be fine.” He said, issuing Freddy. The robot looked around the cave, before looking back towards Their companions and giving a gulp. “Alright…I am on the way…” He said, scared.

Freddy didn’t feel fear often, but this cave and what He had seen thus far made Him hesitant to walk into the darkness. The cave felt long as He walked through the dark, afraid and timid like a lamb. He stumbled forwards, the darkness wrapping around Him and making Him frightful. As the two neared the big barn doors, Freddy helped Jeremy pull one of the massive handles to open the door with a creak. The old, soggy wood bent as The door slowly opened with a crackle and shake.
Inside, It was chaos. Post it notes were scribbled all over the walls of pictures of stick figures at birthdays, presents, weapons like knives and guns all over the walls, and other bizarre sets of numbers and shapes were plastered everywhere. It was like an art’s and crafts explosion was set off inside the building. Endoskeleton parts and STAFF bot parts were littered across the floor as Freddy and Jeremy stepped inside. “I do not like this place Jeremy.” Freddy said timidly. “Me neither, something isn’t right here.” Jeremy answered. On several of the notes, the phrase of ‘Who was I?’ was scribbled all over the ground. The words ‘Who was I?’ seemed only scribbled on note pads that were purple, and the letters were never perfect or shaped right.

As Freddy and Jeremy went deeper in, there was a staircase that lead to the upstairs of the barn-like design of the location. As the two looked towards the staircase, a assortment of lights could be seen being cast down the stairs. Jeremy pointed silently over to the stairs, and Freddy followed suit. Jeremy creaked up the stairs, looking for any sign of people, the creak of the wood making Him slow down as to not create sound in case someone was here. Jeremy peered over the floor as He looked around the second story. A table was visible from Jeremy’s perspective that had a few STAFF bots repositioned to be sitting at the table. A birthday banner was overtop the party of bots that sat motionless at the table, saying the words ‘It’s Your Birthday!’ with rainbow colors and confetti.

As Jeremy looked around, He couldn’t see any persons up here as He got up to the second floor. A few colored lights shined down onto the table of five robots. One of them was headless, the name ‘Evan’ painted crudely onto the chest of the STAFF bot. One of them had wires for ponytails that were glued on haphazardly that had the name Liz painted on its chest. One of them, the name Michael, with a hat with a helicopter propeller on the top had its eyes broken and Its chest laying on the table in front of it as if the robot was attacked. Another robot had a stitched outfit of a maid on it that was dirtied and was named Sally, and Finally the last robot was at the head of the table with no name. It was dressed in a fancy suit, with a broken top hat that’s top was popped off and threatening to come off.

“What the f*ck?” Jeremy asked, looking around the room. As Freddy entered the room, the two gazed on the scene with complete confusion. Just as Jeremy turned to Freddy to ask Him a question, He saw the mural that was on the backwall of the room. It was painted with purples, reds, and yellows, all painted like someone was going wild with arts and crafts. Glue stuck black sheets together to form some letters and some letters were spraypainted and others had wires and other electrical bits that formed those letters spell out a phrase. “I Remember. I will put them back together.”

Almost instantly, Jeremy had a headache when He read the words, the place felt like a curse, suddenly making His head spin. Freddy seemed to go on alert after reading it to, the panic He felt was instant and made Him run from the barn.
“I…I don’t like this!” He said, His voice slightly cracking and sounding younger before running out towards the cave to the group and towards Chica and Fiona. Jeremy called out to Freddy, but the robot ran away too fast for Jeremy to catch up with.

Freddy was grabbing onto the side of His robot horse, His body shaking as He held on tightly to the reins and body of the creature. Freddy felt His head was going to explode, the rush of emotions and fear washed over Him. It was like the feeling He had before in the long hallway towards Parts and Service when the night first started, when He first saw the Phantom. Was it close by? He had no way of knowing. He must have looked panicked because almost immediately after Chica and Fiona were trying to talk to Him. “Freddy? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Chica asked, trying to understand what Freddy was doing.

The Bear was silent, millions of thoughts swirling in His brain as He tried to focus. He got those same flashes from the Hospital, of the Boy who was lying in the Hospital bed. It made Freddy do a double take so that He could remember who He was. Freddy began kneeling to the floor, the distance cries of His friends feeling so far away.

As He fell through these feelings, He saw another vision before Him. It was at a house. The style of the house seemed hard to focus on, but it was like He was looking through a arcade cabinet, watching it as if it was a videogame. He watched as the video moved towards the door of the front of the house before Him, yellow flowers dotted around the landscape as He moved towards the front doors. From the corner of His eye, He thought He saw a bear head in one of the yellow flowers, but when He turned to look the bear was gone.

As He entered the house, It was a living room that greeted Him, A red couch before Him that was facing a Television that was airing an episode of a show called ‘Freddy and Friends’ that was silently running in the background. The colorful characters were four different animals in four bright colors that moved and danced to the muted music of the show. The living room had a few pictures on the walls but in the low-resolution the faces were hard to make out into any meaningful shapes. The house was a one-story, with three bedrooms down a hallway to Freddy’s right, the master bedroom towards the left, and directly ahead and a bit to the right was where the kitchen of the house was located.

The sounds of two people talking with exasperation was coming from the nearby kitchen. “He’s dying! We already lost Liz and now We are losing our boy! Don’t you feel anything Will?” A female barked at Him, Her voice cracking as the sorrow and grief of Her words instilled a feeling of fear but also anger at the person the woman was directing it too. “Please, Sally, understand that this wasn’t my fault. Your boy…” The Man who was about to respond suddenly stopped, the sound of flesh smacking flesh then echoed through the house, the Man seemingly stumbling backwards.

Freddy moved towards the kitchen where the action was taking place, observing the sights through the grainy, 8-bit look of the kitchen before Him. The kitchen had a simple stove top with white granite counters that were barren, save for a fruit bowl and a few pots and pans that were sitting on top of the stove. A table was in the center of the room, with a white table runner running down the oval-shaped table and five seats that were around the table. A back door to the backyard was closed shut, the sunlight from outside seemed to just sit at the window and didn’t fill the gloomy room.

The Man who had just been slapped, seemed unaffected by the remark. “Don’t you dare bring Michael into this! He was mad! He was acting out! Your robot is what killed our youngest son!” The Woman had belted, pressing a finger into The Man’s chest and laying into Him. “My Robots are perfect! Your son is a goddamn monster! He does nothing but sit around and be lazy! Maybe if Your son had listened He wouldn’t have been hurt! That’s what happened to Liz…They don’t listen!” He exploded, as the Woman yelled at Him. “EVAN IS DYING WILLIAM! HE’S DYING!” The Woman roared, 8-Bit tears fell down Her obscured face as She screamed at the man.

Freddy couldn’t make out the people, only the colors seemed etched into His mind as He looked through the grainy and fuzzy video. The sound though, the sound was so crisp. The memory of the event was so sharp in Freddy it was sickening. A weight felt like it took roost in Freddy’s stomach as He felt words come to His mouth. “Mom? Dad?” Freddy asked, shaking as the two people’s distorted faces looked towards Freddy and from the sounds of it were mortified. Suddenly, the memory seemed to just disappear. Freddy was floating in a black space between living and dead, the vision seemingly far away as He slowly awoke from the vision. He was back in the cave with a nauseating feeling that sacked Him to the floor.
Chica and Fiona were around Him as He laid on the floor, seemingly ill. “Freddy! What’s wrong?! Are you okay?” Fiona asked, worry for Her comrade. Freddy was shaking as the vision seemed etched into His mind. Jeremy came out of the barn, still clenching onto His head as the headache began to ween. Alone, He looked towards the cave entrance, seeing Freddy being crowded around. Suddenly, Something hit Jeremy so hard that It sent Him flying to the floor.

Pain was all over Jeremy as the blunt force made Him see stars for a moment as He struggled against His sudden adversary. Jeremy struggled to get up, as the person turned Him over and threated Him with a makeshift bat. “Who are you?! What are you doing here?” The voice said, the voice sounding like an older man in His mid-forties. The man had a set of broken glasses on His face, His face looking old but also somewhat alive. He looked exhausted, clearly having been awake for quite a while. His eyes were a deep purple that peered down towards Jeremy. His outfit was a blue security outfit the Man must have found and decided to use to cover Himself, but it was dirtied and clearly needed washed. The man’s long, black hair was a mess and unruly. Jeremy tried to get free, but the Man had Him pinned. “Answer me or I’ll break you!” The man demanded.

Jeremy’s vision cleared for just a second, enough for Jeremy to really understand who He was looking at. It was the Man from Jeremy’s vision that Erin made Him see. It was the man who was the cause of all the suffering and mayhem. The Man who was known by an alias of suspending the dead and of creating vicious monsters. The Strange Man’s arm was glowing a neon pink and white, as He held Jeremy in place. The man had a nametag on Him that was written in a fancy cursive that read the name ‘Winston’.

Chapter 22: Chapter 21

Chapter Text

Deep within the bowels of the Pizzaplex, an ancient evil was resting, waiting for someone to awaken It. In a lone room of a makeshift laboratory, a recharge station repainted a deep purple was connected to a vast array of wires and cables, all feeding a purplish black substance into it and filling the tank for whatever laid inside. The room smelled ancient and musty, covered with a slight layer of dust that made the room look abandoned. This place was home to an evil, an evil that had so long ago forgotten its name that it cannot understand why it does what it does. All that it knows is that this goal of life, this goal of forever and putting itself back together, it forever etched into its psyche.

A black tentacle creature is worming through a nearby ventilation shaft, worming its way inside the room and trying to get to its master, its creator. While the body inside the machine it is sliding to is young, the mind that is inside that tube is far older than anything in this place. The tentacle mass then peeled and revealed the head of the creature underneath, the shattered remains of Monty Gator. Monty’s green paint was stained with the goo of the Agony within His Personality Chip, controlling Him and making Him in this state. The tentacle mass then laid onto the floor before the tank that was silently bubbling with the liquid inside. The Monty pile then shifted as It felt a bigger force inside the room with it.

From a nearby doorway, two forms emerged; One was a blob similar to Him, but made more of wires and was far thicker. Its head was similar to Freddy, only that the head could open up like a multi-headed Venus fly trap and reveal the thick endoskeleton head that piloted the form underneath. The Blob’s red eyes looked down towards the mass of Monty, pitifully like it was looking at a lower life form. It didn’t speak, only giving growls like an animal to signify its needs and desires.
The other figure was a middle aged man wearing a jet black suit and with a red rose in His shoulder pocket. His face wore a simple black mask with two rabbit-shaped ears on it to give the appearance of a rabbit. The mask was relatively simple in design, and up close it had a polish to it that made the mask reflective. Its shape had no visible eye holes but it must have so the man could see through the mask. In one hand, it held the real Monty chip that would be used for the correct function of Monty Gator. With a gloved hand, The man reached into the mass of tentacles for the Monty Head and pulled out the Monty Chip that was corrupted and placed in the fixed chip. Suddenly, the tentacles retracted into the chip like a black hole and the Monty body underneath was revealed.

Monty gasped as He gained control, on His hands and knees as His robot endoskeleton and system rebooted. Monty was completely refreshed and brand new looking. His fiery red mane of hair looked freshly combed and ready for showtime. His line-green body with yellow undertone looked freshly polished. His red eyes nervously looked around the room, observing His fellowship around Him. “What…Where am I?” Monty said, looking around the room towards the Blob and the Black Rabbit. “Relax Monty…you are in good company.” The Black Rabbit said, ushering Him to calm. Monty took and step back and saw the tube that had the flowing and stormy liquid inside.

“Oh…its You.” He said with a growl, A frown on His face as He realized what was happening. “So…its almost done? I didn’t appreciate being overloaded. I thought you said you’d keep me from that.” He grumbled. “William simply was testing you and if you would actually stay the course.” The Black Rabbit explained. His voice had a voice changer inside that made His voice so high it was hard to tell the identity, but Monty knew full well the man underneath the mask. The Rabbit then went into deeper detail of the situation afoot. “We have had an issue with that. Vanessa, Jeremy, Gregory, and all those blasted failures are coming towards us to find Him. We are running out of time. But William Has a plan, and it involves the failures…He has a plan but We must be cautious Monty…” Black Rabbit explained. He adjusted His suit as He was readying Himself and was readjusting His black tie. “William is almost ready to begin His best body yet, He's resting until Its time. The children are bringing Him exactly what He needs to get the boost He requires but we must do this carefully Monty…You won’t let Will down will you?” Black Rabbit asked as The Blob stared down the robot for the correct response to come from Him. Monty looked away, sheepishly being quiet.

“No…of course not…” Monty answered. The Black Rabbit added one more statement before going to the other room They came from. “Don’t forget who helped you get rid of that pesky rabbit for your spotlight Monty…William is thankful for the body but He is why you are the star now…All you have to do is bring the others and soon you will be the only star. Think of all the women and power and fame Monty…and William will bless you with it all. Don’t mess it up.” Black Rabbit finished, The Blob following behind Him.

Monty was left alone with the corpse in the bed at the bottom of the tank. As Monty looked into the Freddy Fazbear recharge station laid sideways, He saw the body of the robot inside. Although it was hard to tell, you could still see the remnants of the machine’s face that was slowly being poisoned with the Afton Agony underneath. The face of Glamrock Bonnie.
Jeremy was laying on His back as He looked up towards the shaggy man standing above Him. The moldy man seemed determined and threatening, holding His weapon, a wooden bat, raised above Jeremy that was poised to strike. The man had the name ‘Winston’ on the tag, which was about the only thing on Him cleaned or polished at all. The broken glasses on His nose seemed useless but really tied the whole ‘old man’ feeling together. “Well? Answer me! Who are You?” He asked, His accent a weird blend of American and British. “You…You are Afton! Help! Somebody!” Jeremy yelled out, panicking and trying to get away. The Man held out His arm and a pink and white string shot out of His arm and lassoed Him like a rope around His waist and pulled Him back. Jeremy hit the floor again, trying to get away.

“Would you stop squirming!” The Man demanded as He wrapped up Jeremy and carried Him back into the barn before anyone else surprising showed up. He placed Jeremy, now tied in ethereal rope, down on the floor with His things and Axey far away from Him. The Man shut the doors and set a deadbolt so nobody could open the doors to get inside. He then turned towards Jeremy and repeated His question. “Now that we are alone again I must ask who you are? It’s incredibly important! Are you a you or a ghost?” He demanded once again. Jeremy went quiet, refusing to answer the question as He turned around from His captor.

Winston gave a sigh as He rubbed the points on His forehead. “Listen I get that You don’t want to be tied up but You were trespassing and I have to be careful who is here. Seeing a place like this in this state…makes You remember too much.” He explained. “It could be too much for one person to handle so I need to know if You are human or machine.” Winston explained. Jeremy hung on the words a bit and turned back towards Winston. “Remember…too much? What does that mean?” He asked. Winston smiled faintly, He got His opening. “Lets be friendly first. The name is Winston. Before here, as I can guess you know, I was William Afton. However, Me and Him are not the same. I was made from His Soul-dust but I wasn’t what I was hoping for. The Afton, the monster not too far from here, made Me. I assume based on that green glow there on Your arm you are the same?”

Jeremy hadn’t noticed, but His arm did begin to glow as the name ‘William’ was spoken, almost like the energy hated the name as much as a person. “Do you know your spirit?” Winston asked, readjusting the glasses on His face. Jeremy suddenly stood to His feet, still tied in the ropes. “Look I don’t have time for this. If you aren’t a threat then get out of My way! I’ve got an army to get back to!” Jeremy said, walking towards His things on the other side of the stick note barn. Winston then ran behind Him and threw a purple rope around Jeremy’s binds and pulled Him away. “Not before you answer! This is serious young man!” He said, trying to get Jeremy to understand the seriousness of the situation. “Oh please! I’ve had enough with magic, and souls, and rabbit people! Just let me finish this!” Jeremy said, trying to break loose. The purple ropes around Him were too tight to break and the old man was holding Him perfectly in place. “Please! Reconsider!” Winston pleaded, pulling back.

Jeremy then focused His green energy and blasted the purple ropes with a flick of the wrist, making Winston fall backwards and letting Jeremy free. Jeremy reached for Axey when suddenly a purple rope wrapped around His ankle and pulled. It made Him trip, just barely grazing His finger across the handle of the weapon propped against the wall. Winston was roping Him in, pulling Him along the floor of the barn as Jeremy then focused His energy as Winston and fired a beam of green light at His face, knocking of the glasses and making Winston fall backwards.

Jeremy got up with His new freedom and got His backpack and Axey in hand. Jeremy felt the drain of energy, no longer with an energy reserve that He had to use for the fight with DJ Music Man. His muscles felt that bit heavier, and His body felt rough around the edges. Winston was moaning as He laid on the ground, getting up slowly as His body struggled. “You have to remember to use…or it will kill you…” Winston explained, grasping onto the wall to prop Himself up. Jeremy was listening as He was undoing the bolt on the door quickly to escape. “You fool! You’ll die if you fight GlamTrap in this state! He will have His new body soon and He will destroy you all!” He groaned, trying to stand upright.

Jeremy got the deadbolt unlocked and was running out when Winston fired His last string and grabbed onto Jeremy’s bag, His last ditch effort to pull Jeremy inside. “Leave me alone old man!” Jeremy said, raising His axe and swinging down to cut the rope. The rope exploded into white light, the light blasting away both Jeremy from the force of the explosion and Winston down to the floor again. The barn doors exploded into fire and lit the place ablaze as Jeremy was separated from the Man. Sticky notes and letters flew around everywhere, the memories of a learning machine scattered to the winds as some burned up from the hype hot explosion.

Jeremy hit the floor, dropping His axe as He looked towards the cave entrance. He felt woozy, using a lot of remnant energy in one go had drained Him so quickly now. It seemed so hard to use it, like the use of the power was somehow just too much to hold connection. The pain of hitting the floor sent ripples through Jeremy’s head. His body ached and His stomach felt like It was on fire. He felt the pain to violently. It was like on the elevator, making Him feel so broken and useless, like a skinsuit. The thought of His insides burning made the pain even worse, as His headache and stomach cramp grew worse and worse.

The pain Jeremy felt was like a shockwave of pain. It would lighten and then just grow so much worse, like an ocean in the middle of a tropical storm. He writhed on the floor, His skin slowly purpling and His body feeling numb and cold. The cave slowly was starting to look fuzzy to Jeremy, the pain becoming almost too much for Him to bare and His soul feeling so broken it was a miracle He was alive.

A mass of shapes were suddenly running towards Him. They were all panicked, all looking over Him and trying to think how to help Him. The voices sounded so far away, it was hard to really pin them and who they belonged to. The shapes seemed to slowly begin to become to fuzzy for Jeremy to make out, with one being a black blob with colorful sweat bands on the arms and legs. “Jeremy? Jeremy!” The voice called out like static, the voice slowly disappearing from Jeremy’s mind. He suddenly felt very sleepy, the pain making Him feel like a ragdoll. As He laid there, the room seemed to almost change.
The walls of the cave went from the brown and beige rock to a metal blue and silver. The location seemed to shrink and change cylindrical, almost like He was being teleported somewhere and He was in between the two places. He felt like where He was, was somewhere He wasn’t supposed to be. The room had various things scattered around; robot parts and limbs, servos and wires, all sorts of junk, but were strangely organized into four neat piles that seemed color coded. Jeremy could slowly start seeing better, the shapes were robot customizations. They seemed hollow, lifeless, just as a robot He thought was meant to be and had learned very quickly was not true at all.

The room had a big window behind It that had one observer looking through, only just faintly being able to be seen through the thick glass of the room. The thing looked at Him with Its purple eyes, with that being the only key feature that was prominent through the glass of the room. The second thing of interest was the big, goddamn machine that was designed like a ice cream scoop sitting in front of Jeremy, poised to strike Him straight in the stomach to scoop out His insides for god knows what reason. Jeremy tried to move, but found Himself strapped down into a chair and unable to move. The straps were fastened so tight He couldn’t even move His wrists to try and get loose.

Jeremy looked at the scooping machine, which seemed like it was being controlled by the creature in the other room. He was panicked at first, when suddenly it felt like He had not only felt like He was here but that He was here before. Not now, but before, a time long before. A time before the PizzaPlex and when the nightmare of Afton was just beginning to really take shape. He suddenly had a dozen thoughts through His head that made no sense; Father, Elizabeth, Evan, names all flew at Him a million miles an hour and the feelings of this moment felt etched into His mind so violently that it was almost impossible to get them out.

The creature on the other end of the glass then spoke, its voice sounding hollow but also like that of a little girl. “You are in the scooping room now. Funtime Foxy has already been here today. Funtime Freddy has already been here today. Ballora had already been here today. Circus baby had already been here today.” Jeremy was frozen in fear, like His mind had already experienced this nightmare before and like He was re-living it all over again. The pain and fear was almost too much to bare and He already knew it was about to get overwhelmingly worse. “I’ve been out before, but they always put me back. They always put us back inside. There is nowhere for us to hide here. There is nowhere to go, when we look like this…” The machine monster said, its body seemed like a mess of wires that contorted together to make an arm and pull down on a lever by a nearby dashboard. “…But if we look like you, then we could hide.” It explained, Its purple eyes following the scoop as It reared back and was preparing for the dive.

Jeremy began to cry, the fear was too much and what was going to happen felt too much. He was so sorry. Maybe if He hadn’t pulled that prank, maybe if Evan was still alive, then none of this would be happening. Mom would still be around, and they would be happy.

Jeremy was no longer Jeremy in this memory…He was Michael. Michael had done the same, crying in the chair of the person He trusted to guide Him through a secret underground lab that created monsters so long ago. These monsters no longer existed, not like this anyway. Michael had destroyed them…but not before becoming a husk. He was scooped of His insides and filled with this monster. He was ripped wide open, His organs pulled out, and was used as a suit. His body was the way that a group of robots that had fused themselves together with the scooper had escaped from the labs to become free.
Michael had died that day…but somehow He lived. Through it all He lived. But not before feeling the most indescribable pain imaginable. “…If we looked like you, then we would have somewhere to go. The Scooper only hurts for a moment.” The machine finished, before pushing the lever forwards and the scoop diving straight into Michael’s chest, splicing Michael’s stomach and chest wide open for Ennard, the creature operating the machine, to slither inside and use His body to escape.
And almost like the haze of entering the nightmare, Jeremy awoke, the pain in His chest still aching. He felt the pain of His chest explode that made everything absolutely exhausting and sharp. His fingers and toes were numb from the pain, as His skin looked like it was turning a deep purple, His body decaying on the spot and His body seemingly rotting from the inside out. He coughed as He crippled over the floor, head between His shoulders as He weakly held Himself up. His eyes were so sunken into His head it was impossible to see them but the tiny white dots that were His pupils. His hair had totally fallen out, revealing a pinkish, bald head that was smooth and barren. His bones, the endoskeleton underneath, was visible from His thin purple skin as He struggled to steady Himself.

Dry. His whole body and the inside of His mouth were so dry it was like a desert, His throat on fire from the pain. It was like the memory itself of the ‘Scooping Room’ seemed to make His body jolt to the memory of that moment. Axey wasn’t too far from Him, and was the first thing He reached for as He grabbed it with a boney hand and fell to the floor with it in hand. He curled up into the fetal position, the weapon clenched tightly in His arms as He began to cry from the pain. He felt like He was dying, but He just wouldn’t die. He couldn’t die. He wanted to die. He just couldn’t die. Why couldn’t He die?
Surrounding Him, Fiona and Freddy were trying to talk to Him. “Jeremy! Jeremy what happened?! Jeremy!” Freddy cried, delicately putting His arms around the walking corpse as He tried to understand what happened. He suddenly hoisted Him up and looked around with the guard in His arms. “Where is a recharge station? We must hurry!” Freddy exclaimed, the dying man unresponsive. Fiona looked around but didn’t see one anywhere. “ I don’t think one is down here Freddy…We need to get back or Erin may leave us behind!” Fiona said, pointing back towards the cave entrance.

From behind them from the flaming barn, Winston emerged with a few burns. He seemed weakened from the flame, His body looking a bit older from being in contact with the flame. He saw Freddy and Fiona, who didn’t see or hear Him. Winston looked at the Guard, a tear in His eye emerged when He saw the state the boy was in. “You two! Over here!” Winston called out, which got their attention. The two were surprised by the Man, who was ushering Them over towards a collection of rubble. “Quickly! We don’t have much time! The Memory will kill Him in this state! Hurry!” Winston exclaimed, throwing the trash pile aside with a wave of purple ropes that tugged out the different pieces of trash. It revealed a hole in the wall that even the animatronics could fit through. Freddy followed without a second thought, with Fiona hesitating for a second before throwing Her claws up and running after Freddy.

The group went down the cave for maybe a few minutes before They arrived at Their destination. An iron door that could be locked from the inside was before the group, With Winston running ahead and opening the door, letting Freddy inside with Jeremy in His hands, who was withering away more and more. The room was cramped but enough for Freddy, Jeremy, and Winston to fit. The room seemed mined out of the wall, with support beams holding the cave room up to keep it from collapsing. White Christmas lights were along the crease of where the ceiling and the walls of the cave met to give the room bright enough light to see the center of the cramped lab. A desk with several robot parts and a few endoskeleton heads were lying on the wooden makeshift table, with a box that was packaged on the table. In the middle of the room was what appeared to be a recharge station that was sliced down from the top and made into a makeshift bed with wires all over and connectors that seemed to have function. At the head of the bed, A vat of some purple liquid was swirling in activity, with wires connecting it to the bed. A small printer was also attached to the crude machine, seemingly deactivated. The bed was the centerpiece of the room, with wires on the floor that connected the bed to several batteries and machines in the room.
“Quick! The bed! Now! Before we lose Him!” Winston explained, as Freddy placed Jeremy into the cradle-like machine. “I’m going to remove His shirt so that He can be connected. He’s falling into a coma-like state within memories. If He falls too far or dies in the memory…We lose Jeremy.” Winston explained, pressing into parts of the machine. Winston pulled off the security shirt of Jeremy to reveal His purple-d chest. He looked diseased and on the verge of death, clearly the memories too strong. Axey and His backpack were placed next to the bed as Jeremy was quivering in the bed. “I’m c-cold.” He moaned quietly. Winston quickly moved to the head of the bed and gave Jeremy instructions. “Jeremy! Whatever You do…You have to survive the memories Jeremy. Don’t lose yourself! If you can make it to the other side, you will be okay! Follow the instructions and don’t get caught!” Winston explained as He stuck on the ends of cords and wires to Jeremy, as well as slid a strange helmet over Jeremy’s skull that seemed connected to the headset. “We are here Jeremy…You can make it!” Winston said, the last thing Jeremy heard, as He fell back into the comatose state.


The cave was how Gregory remembered it. As the elevator came to its stop, it opened to a cave before Him and Vanessa as They walked forwards. A little farther into the cave and to the right was a opening that had a purple light coming from it that ominously hummed in the distance. As Gregory and Vanessa walked forwards, Gregory held His fazer Blaster forwards and Vanessa still had the knife from when She was controlled. They walked forwards through the damp cave, the dripping of the stalactites making them jump at first. The cave opened up the further They went, but Gregory made Them take a detour towards the purple room.

The room was as before, but the purple liquid inside the container was far brighter and more violent than before. The room had purple veins growing from the container, which were starting to infect everything and consume everything around it. The liquid had dozens of faces swirling in the liquid that made angry and frightened faces as They swarmed the giant tube. The room was emitting a purple haze that made the air taste moldy and bleachy. The room was intoxicating and disgusting at the same time. Gregory and Vanessa didn’t like the room, making their stomachs turn. “So these are all…people?” Gregory asked Vanessa, who nodded with a frown and a twitch. “Their souls tortured with fear and pain, then murdered and harvested. It’s a whole process…and its revolting.” She explained, as She gazed around the room that was slowly becoming corrupted by the mold.

Gregory felt awful for these people. They had no idea what was going on and clearly didn’t understand where they were. They seemingly felt pain but was there even a way to end Their misery. “Can we help Them?” Gregory asked Vanessa, who shook Her head. “They would attack us…not because they are evil, but because they are afraid and angry. William has made Their last living moments hell to make them a powerful force together…It was stronger and easier to control the liquid of Agony rather than the dust of Memory.” Vanessa explained. Gregory watched the swirls intently, fearing Them. “We are Dust…memories of the past that guide us into being alive…but Them? William? The Blob? They are all…This.” She added, turning from the room and going to leave.

Gregory thought about how He could help Them, but if they would attack Him too then there was frankly no point. He knew His spirit was strong enough to push it back but how to actually stop it? He remembered that Dawko seemed weak to fire and that fire seemed to melt Him and dissolve Him, so much so that He fused with His unwilling teammates just to get an advantage. Maybe if He found a way to light Them on fire then that could work. But how would He achieve a fire that strong? The fire would need to be massive and even then would it stop it entirely?

As Gregory turned to join Vanessa, a creature moved in front of Them. A single eye was visible in the darkness that stared at Vanessa. It swung into the room with multiple limbs, lead by a white Foxy head. The exposed eye was glistening a deep purple, angry and frustrated. “Mangle! Vanessa watch out!” Gregory yelled, but it was too late. Vanessa was grabbed by the throat and dragged into the darkness of the cave. “F-O-U-N-D Y-O-U” The Mangle screeched in joy, taking its prize deeper into the cave. Gregory watched as Vanessa was helplessly pulled into the dark. Gregory ran after the monster as It dragged Vanessa deeper into the cave. Vanessa dropped Her knife as She was pulled by the neck into the darkness like a mother bear pulling along its cub by the nape of the neck. Gregory fired a few shots into the robot’s eyes but the head was never in good view as It snaked around the caves and pulled Vanessa around with ease.

Gregory could seem to catch up to the monster, until suddenly He had an idea. He slid to a stop with His feet, sliding His gun to His waist, then raised His power arm at the creature and focused His energy. Just like with the weapon, A blue haze surrounded Mangle and Gregory pulled back with His arm and made the creature dislocate from the wall and fly towards Him. The creature screamed as It hit the floor and released Vanessa. Gregory then let go of the creature, before focusing the energy into His legs and gave a leap as hard as He could.

Not only did Gregory clear over the Mangle, but the jump made Him fall slower too. He pulled out the gun from His waist and aimed another round to hope for the head. He pulled the trigger, praying to god as He aimed the gun at the one exposed eye in the White Foxy head. The beam of light landed a direct hit into the eye. The creature was now completely stunned as It seemed to unravel its tentacle body and lose shape. The eye was now shut as it tried to refocus and see again. As it opened its only eye, the pupil was suddenly bleach white.

Gregory got to the ground and helped Vanessa to Her feet. “Come on! Run!” He exclaimed, as the two ran further into the cave. The creature screamed helplessly for someone, anyone to help. “B-L-I-N-D!” It screamed. “G-O-N-E! G-O-N-E!” It bellowed, the sound reminded Gregory of Scraping metal against a rusted surface. The duo ran further inside, the cave becoming darker as They ran. “I can’t see anything Gregory! We’re lost!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Don’t you have a flashlight?” Gregory asked. Vanessa couldn’t find the light, looking panicked. Her eyes were becoming a slight tinge of red and Her body was beginning to shimmer a red aura as She grew more frustrated. Gregory realized what was happening and immediately tried to calm Her. “I-its okay! We can still find a way! Come on! I think Its deeper this way!” Gregory exclaimed, pulling Vanessa by the hand forwards into the cave.

As They continued, the screaming of The Mangle couldn’t be heard anymore. The deep cave echoed parts of the scream but it was so distant you wouldn’t be able to tell what it was. The cave they now found themselves in was a massive cliff that could look over a large part of the cave before Them. Winding paths could be seen down below, and they all looked like They were carved from the wall. The cliff had no railings, making Gregory nervous as He peered over the edge. The cave floor from up on the cliff looked like there was something on the floor, all scattered around that seemed vibrant with color at a distance. As Vanessa looked over the cave, She realized where they were and the red aura and red eyes disappeared. “This is the Memory Cave! This is where the Memory Dust is! We are close to William! If we can get down there, then I know where to go!” She told Gregory, keeping Her voice low. Gregory felt the energy of this cave feel off, but as He looked deeper in, He realized that He could see something.

A group of things, moving with care precision. The group was comprised of Blues, Greens, and Reds. The groups were moving through the cave orderly. Lead by someone at the front on a steed of some kind. As He looked closer at the leader, He realized that it was a kid like Him riding forwards and leading the charge with a flag attached to His steed. “Wait a second…” Gregory said under His breath. When He looked at the details of the face, He realized another thing about the kid…It was Literally a kid like Him.

Chapter 23: Chapter 22 / ??? / 11:59 AM

Chapter Text

Jeremy awoke from His office chair with a start. He coughed on the dusty and moldy air as His lungs burned from the sudden jolt of rotten oxygen hitting His chest. He fumbled as He woke, falling from the swivel chair He was laying in and falling to the floor of the cramped office space that He found Himself in. The floor was dusty, clearly not been mopped or swept in ages. The floor was a checkerboard pattern that was black and white, with little bits of confetti sprayed across the floor. The room was lit only by a single overhead light bulb that every so often flickered and covered the room in total darkness, only to come on seconds later.

As Jeremy pushed Himself off the floor, He took observation of the room He found Himself in. The office space was cramped and small, with only a desk filled with camera equipment and a tv screen that was blank, a small mug of something on the messy desk, and the office chair He woke up in. Jeremy was confused as He looked around, unsure of how He was where He was. “Did I pass out? Freddy? Fiona? Anyone?” Jeremy called out, leaning out of one of the office doors to see if anything was nearby. The office had two doorways on the left and right, which had a set of two buttons that were red and white. As Jeremy peered out the doorway, the hallways stretched on in the same direction towards a bigger room on the other end of the hallway. Trash and boxes were placed throughout both sides of the hall, with the left side having a closet door in sight and the ride side being covered from floor to ceiling in posters for a group of animatronic animals.

The hallways were dim and impossible to see through, completely obscured by the encroaching darkness that made the halls impossible to see through. Jeremy was completely confused as to where He was, the squeezed space making His head spin as the room felt anxiety-inducing. He felt like He knew this place, but He couldn’t quite understand why. It was like the place was sitting in the back of His mind and that He knew this place had an evil within it. Something about this place felt wrong, unsafe, and hostile. It was like sitting in Hell itself, fear grabbing hold of Him as He sat Himself down in the office chair and tried to think about what He remembered before passing out. “I was with Freddy…and then I saw something or remembered something…then…” He tried to understand what He was missing, becoming frustrated. He sat back in the chair, unable to do anything as of the moment and not daring to enter the darkness that was on both sides.

As He looked up at the wall before Him that was hiding behind the mountain of camera equipment, He noticed a host of decorations that made Him instantly realize where He was. Child drawings of a quadrant of animatronic animals were hung on the walls. One of them was of the titular Bonnie the Bunny, rocking on His guitar and a child hugging His Bonnie plushie as He shouts ‘My Best Day At Freddy’s!’. Another, with Chica holding a cupcake with a whole host of kids was yelling; ‘Best Day Ever!’. Another was of Foxy, with Him holding His hook hand up high and a kid hanging from the hook as He played with Foxy. Finally, on the far left side was a picture of Freddy, who was singing with His Microphone and a whole host of kids were yelling; ‘Go Freddy Go!’

Jeremy had found Himself at one of the old Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzas. How could that be possible? This seemed impossible but clearly that had to be the case. Maybe He was dreaming? That could be possible. He looked around to see if maybe there was any sign of anyone He knew around, but the darkness seemed to thick and difficult to see through. He was too afraid.

Jeremy saw a small digital clock that was on the table that had the red numbers of 11:59 on the display. Next to the clock was an office phone that was disconnected from any wall outlet so it clearly didn’t work. As He looked at the clock, it read 11:59.

“Hello…Michael.” A child voice spoke from the darkness. Jeremy jumped from the voice, looking around for the source. “Hello? Whose out there?! Show yourself!” He demanded the voice. The disembodied voice giggled as it seemed to laugh at Him. It could see His fear. As Jeremy looked out one of the doors, a small creature wormed away just out of view into the darkness. Jeremy stepped back from the doorway, only seeing a small worm slithering away. “Come find me Michael, It’s Me.” As It spoke, the digital clock’s time moved over from 11:59 to 12:00 and at once the building activated.
A distant bell rang out that sounded like that of a grandfather clock, the place felt like it rocked from the sound penetrating the walls and floors of the building. Jeremy felt the room come to life as the overhead light glowed brighter to better illuminate the room. The small camera tv on the desk sprung to life as They snowed for a second before showing a variety of images that were of around the Pizzzaria. There was 11 cameras in total, with only 1 on screen at a time. Two cameras looked down the left and right side of the hallways. One was far away and the other was right by the door but looking just out of view of the doorway. One was in the kitchen but only audio was available, one looked towards the bathroom entrance, one was the dining hall in the center of the building that was lined with dining tables that were decorated with white table covers and party hats for everyone, one was of a attraction that was deemed ‘Out of Order’ with a purple curtain drawn on the attraction, one camera was of the ‘Parts and Service’ room that was filled with robot parts and endoskeleton skulls, one looked into the broom closet on the left hand side of the office, and finally the last camera looked onto the stage where the crew of robots sat.

Jeremy flipped through the cameras to see all the locations before Him and fell to the stage camera last. He looked at the three robots that sat facing towards the dining hall that their stage was built inside of, looking at Them intently. On the stage were three robots; a brown bear with a black top hat and black bowtie that held a microphone in His hands that He clutched onto. A purple rabbit with a red vest and a sweet guitar that was painted bright red. A yellow chicken who had a baby bib on that had the words ‘Lets Eat!’ that was printed on the front and a cupcake in a free hand that had eyes and a lit candle.

Jeremy stared into the stage animatronics intently, afraid that they could be dangerous. The memory of this place felt like it stung inside Him from the inside out. He was here for a reason though, and that reason was because of something someone did to these things. He remembered that something happened to Him…changed Him. When He learned that someone was doing something like what Had happened to him to other places, He sought after those locations to get rid of It all. He remembered a name stuck to Him as He worked in these office spaces, a name that when He spoke it He felt like an anger could overtake Him; ‘Afton’.

As Jeremy peered through the camera for the stage however, He noticed something moving in the background. He couldn’t quite see it at first, but it seemed like it was slithering on the ground. A black cord was moving from a point off screen that slithered its way towards the three robots, wrapping around Chica first and a electrical energy shooting through the cord as it let go of Chica and moved to the next. As It made its way down the line, the robots had stayed motionless. The cord then slithered back from whence it came and all at once the three animatronics eye’s lit up bright red and the three robots looked towards Jeremy’s camera, before walking off the stage towards the dining room. Jeremy could hear distance laughing like a child as He watched to robots walk offstage.

A feeling of dread came over Jeremy as images flashed into His mind that seemed unconnected. Reports of people that were missing that were all children were flashing before His eyes like blind spots in His brain. They disorientated Him, making Him queasy. Was He being attacked by the past? Jeremy’s heart began to race as He looked out the office doors for something to happen.

He looked down the hall on the right side with the posters that covered the walls but didn’t see anything so far travelling down the hallway. He then looked on the left had side and saw a pair of red lights at first walking down the hallway. A heavy clunking of metal echoed from down the hall that as soon as Jeremy dipped out His head, sped up as the creature ran down the hallway. The eyes belonged to Bonnie, who had raised His guitar like an axe and was now sprinting down the hall at an alarming rate. It screamed as it ran towards Him with breakneck speed. Jeremy looked around the office for something but nothing like a weapon could be used.

He then looked towards the buttons on the wall next to the door and slammed a hand down on the red button. A large metal door slid downwards and covered the doorway, making it impossible to enter the room from that side. A window was on the side of the left, which let Him see into the hallway. Standing in the window with two bright red eyes was Bonnie, who looked incredibly angry that He was stopped. Jeremy gave a sigh as He heard the squawk of a chicken from behind Him. He turned to the right doorway, where He saw Chica the chicken with the same angry expression in the doorway. Her eyes were also bright red as She hungerly looked at Jeremy. The guard sprinted towards the red button, slamming the door before the bird. The window that looked over that side with the chicken had been boarded up due to the glass being broken.
With both doors closed, the robots began pounding onto the doors, trying to break them open. On a monitor to the side, A power gauge that had three states of energy use was shining bright red. He was using way too much power, but didn’t have a way of escaping the robots that He could see. Jeremy looked around the cramped office to see if there were any tools for escape, but it seemed like He was out of options.

Jeremy then had an insane idea. As Bonnie pounded on the doors, Jeremy timed the smashing and as soon as He knew Bonnie was going to hit the door, He opened it and slid underneath the door as It opened. He rolled past Bonnie, who lost balance and tumbled forwards into the office as Jeremy slid out. Jeremy ran into the darkness, unsure of what lied before Him and simply just ran through the dark. He could faintly see in front of Him the dining room where the party hats were. The room was a relatively decent size that could fit a big gathering of people. On the opposite side of Him was a set of double doors that lead to another part of the building. Near the parts and service door, Freddy was sauntering around when He turned His red eyes towards Jeremy and gave a deep laugh as He gave chase. Jeremy dashed away, moving around the tables to try and lose the hulking bear as He wormed around and made it to the double doors. Bonnie and Chica had just come from the hallways, joining Freddy in the chase as Jeremy burst through the doors and into a hallway that went left or right.

The hall had no windows to the outside world, making it feel even more cramped of an environment than before. To the right was another doorway that also read ‘Parts and Service’. There was also another hallway that turned towards an illuminated room. To the left was towards another big space that Jeremy couldn’t quite see into. Behind Him, The three robots were making Their way to Him. Jeremy shut the doors and locked them before the trio could get to Him. As The doors were banging to be opened, Jeremy felt a rumble in the place that made Him tremble.

Jeremy looked towards the bigger room. Before Him was a room that was filled with Freddy’s Merch but with a new cast of plastic-looking characters. In one corner of the room was a prize counter for where you could spend your precious tickets on Freddy merch, with several arcade cabinets dotting the location that weren’t clumped to just one space. On the opposite end was a unmoving carousel that had a blue rabbit, brown bear, white fox, and yellow chicken that could be ridden on the metal amusem*nt. Several dining room tables were lined up in the center of the big room that had the same party hats as the first location. It was clear this location had a bigger budget than the previous, being more forwards in time, but there was also something wrong here.

By the prize counter, a creature was hung up on strings that seemed to be staring at Him no matter where He looked. It was long and spindly, hung up on strings that were connected to a conveyer system that was built onto the ceiling to let the puppet move around. Th creature was completely black, save for the white mask which had tear marks crying down the front of the mask with two red cheeks that were about the only color on the creature. Its eyes had two red dots that stared at Him from across the room, as it began to shake violently in the distance.

“We were designed for so much Michael…so much you never knew. He had His finger wrapped around them all…They didn’t like that.” The child-like voice from before spoke.

From the stage, another set of the Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie robots were shaking, Their anger and violence powering their movement. Jeremy saw the cord that powered the robots from before, wiggling like a sack of puss for just a second as it seem to suck itself back into the wall behind the Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica and disappearing. The three robots on the stage were plastic rather than fake fur. Freddy was plumper, with the same red cheeks as the puppet that was writhing around in the prize corner. The Bonnie and Chica robot also had distinct differences too, their bodies more cartoonish and less boxy than the previous versions. These robots clearly were more complex and better designed than the previous. The Freddy looked at Him, its cartoonish mouth opening and screaming as it noticed Jeremy and started sauntering towards Him like a zombie.

The other two robots also noticed Jeremy, with the Chica robot losing Her beak as it fell to the floor to reveal a creepy, designed in smile that revealed Her endoskeleton underneath. Jeremy ran back down the hallway towards the other direction. As He ran, the double doors He ran through before had suddenly exploded, like something massive punched a hole through the doorway. Jeremy fumbled to the floor, dazed from the blast. As He looked up to see what the hell had happened, a creature unlike anything Jeremy had seen fore greeted Him.

It was like a hydra, with four heads snaking around a massive body constructed of robot parts. The creature had a little arm that had just the endoskeleton arm hanging limply to the side while the other arm was long like a tentacle that was the outer shell of the other robots all tied together and melted onto each other. The multicolored limb reached for Jeremy, who rolled to His side to avoid the slithering arm and dashed forwards from the horde of robots that were appearing behind Him.

As He made His way forwards, the ‘Parts and Service’ door head of Him suddenly burst open and out crawled a broken robot that was a mess of wires itself. The head was completely bleach white, with a single working, yellow eye that stared at Him and tried to lunge at Him. Jeremy dodged down the hallway and away. The hall before Him was columned with party rooms that were open to his left and right as He ran down the hallway. Jeremy ran as fast as His feet could carry Him. The creature behind Him gave a shriek as Jeremy turned to see what had happened. The white fox head monster was crawling away from the giant robot, which reached for it and pulled the robot into its mass. The Blob was forming slowly, wrapping itself around its prey and sucking it into Its mass.

The body grew bigger as the fox Head nestled itself into a pocket of the body and a tail of robot parts emerged from behind itself as the Freddy head then turned towards Jeremy and directed the group forwards. Toy Freddy’s head was also in the mass, growing like a fungus over the bonnie head like it was consuming it.
Jeremy continued running down the hall. Another office space was before Him, bigger than the last one but unlike the last one this one didn’t have doors. It had security cameras but the screens were nothing but snow. In the corner of the room was a broken robot that looked like a stereotypical annoying kid with a propeller beanie on His head as He laid on the floor with batteries laying around Him. He looked for a weapon but again had no luck. On the desk was a newspaper that had the headline ‘Freddy’s strikes again! More missing kids!’. On the left and right were two vents close to the floor that He could crawl through and were His only exit away from the Blob. Jeremy chose the vent on the right and crawled away as fast as He could.

He zoomed through the vent, the creature following close behind as He crawled away. He looked behind Him in the vent, seeing a length of wire coming to try and wrap around Him. He sped up, taking the next right in the vent shaft that He could to escape the wire. Eventually, they wrapped around His foot while in the vent, trying to pull Him out. “Crap! Let me go!” He yelled, shaking His foot as the wires pulled on Him. As He tried escaping the monster, more wires began to appear as the creature fit itself in the vent to chase after Him. Jeremy then tried to focus His green energy on the wires, but as He did a shock of black energy seemed to shut down His power that came from the wires. The power didn’t seem affective against the creature, but maybe it could be His escape?

He focused the dash ability from before and faced forwards. All at once, the green energy pushed Him forwards out of the vent and into a party room from the hallway He just ran down. He hit His head against the bottom of a table, slightly disorientating Himself for a second, before shaking His head clear and watching The Blob arise from the vent. Jeremy didn’t stay around for long, bolting from the room and back towards the main hallway. The creature seemed slowed down for the moment, as Jeremy made His way towards the stage room. The puppet creature was really angry now, violently trying to break free of the strings holding it in place.

To the right of the prize counter was another door. This one looked like it was decorated with Halloween decorations as He observed the exit. As He ran to the door, the puppet broke from its strings and tried to wrap its long, tendril arms around Him to choke Him. He fell to the floor, gasping as the puppet laughed. Its mouth didn’t move, only making sounds of a child laughing as it whispered phrases. “The others are like animals…but I am very aware…” It said, grabbing onto Jeremy and holding Him down so the Blob could catch up. Jeremy focused the dash again, the green energy enveloping Him and firing Him forwards towards the door. The puppet gasped as His prey escaped, as it floated into the air and dashed towards Him angerly. As Jeremy opened the door, He shut it behind Him, with a lock on the other side. The puppet banged on the door with its limbs, trying to get at Him still. “Once the Blob is free of the vent, it will get through…I got to go.” He mumbled to Himself. As He turned around to face the hallway before Him, the room vibrated again and moaned as a loud sound played out.

The hallway was a weird green color, with a buzzing sound that seemed to make the place look even more abandoned than the other locations before. The hallway went forwards, before turning to the right pretty suddenly and continued out of view. A small doorway was immediately to His right that went into a security office that also didn’t have a door but had a few other technical things He could see from Here. It was weird, this pizzeria looked disgusting. It was like it was designed to look bad, which was definitely a strange thing to be. The air was weirdly cleaner than before and didn’t have a musty smell. The walls were painted to look ruined, like the place was currently molding but it wasn’t actually mold.
A endoskeleton was hanging out of the wall like it was built into it, coming to life every so often that gave a half-energized ‘boo’ like it was a attraction that was meant to scare people as they passed by. “Alright…clearly I’m in a chain of locations where bad stuff happened…so I just gotta keep going deeper.” Jeremy said to himself, trying to remain calm. Jeremy walked into the main office, where another desk with a computer that was functioning was watching a part of a hallway that wasn’t too far away from here. A large glass panel let Jeremy see into the right turn hallway that had a few Freddy decorations that looked burnt hanging up to decorate the hallway. It really did seem like this place was built to look bad. As He looked around the office, there was a notebook that was hallway slid from a backpack that had the name ‘Huntbook’ on the front. Jeremy thought the bag looked out of place, pulling it from the sleeve and inspecting it.

He opened the book, with there being several passages and pictures, with collages of images and pictures of what looked to be robots and creatures that were considered paranormal. One of them was of ‘Kids at play’ signs that were apparently multiplying in a city, another was a toy that looked like a bonnie but it was golden and terrifying, with its mouth looking sharp and the eyes too real to pass as plastic. Several other creatures were in this book, all of which were under the Fazbear name. Someone was trying to hunt these things down, and when Jeremy understood that, he found a passage that was left behind by whoever owned this book. “They want them. Not just because that they could be weapons, but because they know how powerful it is. They want them for themselves. Don’t lose yourself Michael. Stop Father.” That was the last passage within the leather binds of the notebook. Jeremy set it down, realizing who owned this book.

Michael was one of the people affected by William. It was clear that at some point He wanted to stop this man from doing any more harm. Had William tried to make an army of monsters? Was the whole story of the Necromancer actually truer than He realized? And what about the ‘They’ in this passage? Was it Fazbear itself that wanted these inventions for malice or are they trying to save Their reputation? The book offered more questions than answers. That’s when Jeremy re-read the last segment, ‘Stop Father’. It seemed insane but were Michael and William in the same family?

“You tried to stop Him, but He always seemed to worm away. Always somewhere else, out of reach. Now He is here, and He isn’t afraid…but We don’t like either of you.” The ghost child spoke. Jeremy looked up at the window. The cord was slowly moving off the wall on the opposite side and slithering away towards an open doorway.

Jeremy scooped up the book and bag and ran out the side door and down the hallway after the cord. The building was much more winding than the last two pizza places, almost like it was designed to be walked through to be scared. The halls had a moldy green dust that made Jeremy choke as He ran after the snake. The cord seemed to be as fast as Him, slithering away like a tentacle of a beast retracting itself. As He neared the end of the hall, it took a sharp left, making Jeremy slam against the wall as He ran after it. He pushed off the wall to sprint after the cord, not slowing down.

On the wall as He ran, pictures like from the first pizzeria were plastered onto the wall at weird angles, with weird spots and rips that looked hand-done to make them look old. Some were old newspapers that had certain words highlighted or marked like ‘Murder’, ‘Dead Kids’, ‘Children’ , and so on. At the end of the hallway, a bulky Foxy head was hung on the wall that had its eyes illuminated to look possessed. The mouth hung open, and revealed to be the end of the cord. As Jeremy reached out for the cord, it began slithering back into the wall through the mouth of the Foxy. Jeremy jumped towards the cord, dropping the book and bag and grabbing the cord and pulling. The cord seemed to shriek as the whole building began to shake and rumble, the very fabric of wherever this was beginning to break down as Jeremy pulled on the cord. The cord gave a shock, making Jeremy release in surprise and fall backwards where the book and bag were.

Jeremy hit His head on the cold floor, aching as He groaned there in the dirty floor. He sat up slowly, seeing the cord escape through the Foxy mouth and disappear in the darkness. Jeremy put a fist to the floor in anger and quickly got to His feet, grabbing the book and shoving it in the bag. To the left, a hallway with another hallway to the right at the end of the stretch was there, where a flashing light was blinking in the distance that seemed to come from the end.

Suddenly, a loud clamor came from behind Jeremy. His skin crawled at the sound as He turned around down the hallway He just came from. A robotic claw reached out from the open doorway and pulled a creature into view. The creature was a moldy green color, with black and dust covering the creature from head to toe. Fleshy and metallic footsteps followed the monster as It rounded the corner. It had two human-like eyes that glowed a bright purple that traced the room and landed onto Jeremy. Its face was like a rabbit’s, with two long ears with one broken on the end to reveal wires jutting from it. Wires did seem to be coming from the open gaps in the armor. The creature had a groan that was wet and rough, like a zombie moan. The head of the rabbit began to lift as it saw Jeremy, revealing something disgusting underneath. It revealed a monster unlike anything Jeremy had ever seen.

A human was in that deathtrap, a suit of armor masquerading as a robot for kids that clearly had gone wrong. A dried-up corpse was inside the suit, its fleshy head contorted from the suit as It looked straight at Jeremy. It gave a deep and raspy laugh as the head of the rabbit costume closed and the creature suddenly began quickly running towards Jeremy. Jeremy didn’t think twice and continued down the hall, running as fast as He could away from the creature. He rounded the hallway, running past a set of presents on the floor that almost made Him trip as He ran. The rabbit man behind Him was beginning to close the distance, running at His pace as he slowly caught up. The hallway before Jeremy was aa straight away towards another door for escape, this time a metal door with the words ‘Main security desk’ on the front with an image of a little white cartoon bear. It was Helpy!

Jeremy ran as fast as He could, the rabbit man beginning to catch up. Suddenly, the walls of the horror attraction began to come loose and tentacles began emerging from gaps in the wall. At first, Jeremy thought the tentacles were going for Him, but as Jeremy looked behind, He saw the rabbit man had been grabbed by the ankles and dropped to the floor, the tentacles wrapping around Him as they pulled Him away and towards the wall to be sucked in. The building rumbled as It pulled the rabbit man away, sucking Him into the wall and disappearing into the wall. Jeremy stopped to see what was happening and almost immediately another round of shaking and revealed tentacles emerged, trying to grab at Him and pull Him too.

A tentacle wrapped around His foot, trying to pull Him into the wall too. Jeremy fought back, hitting the tentacle with the book to make it release Him. As He hit away at the tentacle, a roar came from the end of the hall He witnessed the rabbit man disappear from. It was the tentacle monstrosity, finally caught up with Jeremy. Its Freddy head on the end of the mass of tentacles then turned towards Jeremy, its head giving what sounding like the grinding of steel as its laugh as it wormed towards Jeremy. He bashed at the tentacle, finally freed and got to His feet to run. The creature screamed as its prey escaped, the monster now speeding up to catch Jeremy. Jeremy ran with all His strength, every foot heavier than the last to give Himself more push forwards. He slammed Himself into the door as He ran, opening the door and sliding inside to deadbolt it. The creature tried to put a tentacle in the door, but Jeremy closed it just in time, the door locking as Jeremy stood back.

Just as the door closed, the building gave another rumble and almost like magic, the door simply just disappeared. Jeremy panicked, tracing His hand where the door was, but all that was there was just a blank wall. That shouldn’t have been possible! Doors don’t just disappear! But then again, considering what was just chasing Him that probably was a good thing it was gone. As Jeremy looked around, He found Himself in a room that was cramped and warm. On a desk in front of Him was a computer that had a list of services He had on quota. To His left and right, open vents that something of notable size could easily fit through, with no doors to close or lights to use. He was completely out in the open, with no way of escape.
Jeremy felt His heart beating so fast, the fear in Him began to bubble as He looked towards the left and right vents, open to attack Him at a moment’s notice. The cramped office space made Jeremy uneasy as His eyes tried peering into the darkness. Jeremy looked deep into the right vent, seeing if the vent even had an end to it. As He looked into the darkness, Jeremy couldn’t make anything significant out, only that there was a pair of lights at the end of the vent that seemed to look back at Him. As Jeremy looked, the body that owned the lights became slightly illuminated. The face was like a child’s, but most of the face was still dark. The eyes, mouth, and general shape of the face could be seen…but most bright and visible was the long, golden hair.

“We were so tired. We were angry. He thinks He controls us but We are playing Pretend. Someone taught us this game a long time ago…Now we all are playing the game. She is getting stronger, and We will no longer play Pretend…We will play our own game.” The voice said, as the ghostly face disappeared and the room shook as Jeremy gasped in fear. On the wall, a clock was silent on the wall, already at 5:00 am. As the room gave another shake, the clock began to tick, and the end of the memory began.

A clamor of sounds could be heard from the vents, as something massive seemed to move through the vent system like a snake. Jeremy had taken to the desk and began to look for any signs of a system for help. Sweat ran down Him as He panicked through the computer. The computer had the first screen with the services needed to be done, which were making the computer run slower. On the computer’s homepage, there was three icons; a Top Hat icon that went back to the work page, a icon with a notepad that when clicked needed a passcode, and a camera icon that went to a strange map layout. The style of the computer’s screen was in the style of an 80’s computer, with the whole display having various shades of green that buzzed and hummed. The computer was pretty old looking, definitely out of style hardware that needed updated.

Jeremy also noticed a thermostat on the system’s bottom right portion of the screen that seemed to measure the room’s heat. As He used the computer, the heat went up. Jeremy looked through the camera app and saw that it looked like a system of vents that all went in different ways in a grid-like pattern. A toggle for a ‘voice’ was also available when He hovered over what looked to be junctions between lines that formed boxes in the crossroads of the vent system. He clicked it, the sound of laugher then coming from the direction He clicked. The voice made Jeremy jump out of His skin at first, when it then was followed by a distant scratching sound, like something had moved towards the voice.

Jeremy listened down the left vent, the sound He heard the laugh and movement from, listening if anything else changed. He heard only His breathing for a second, not hearing anything but His shaggy sounds. It seemed like whatever was moving had lost interest. He moved from the computer and looked around the office for anything of use, but it seemed completely vacant. The desk had no visible drawers or potential for secret ones, and the desk itself had no notes tapped to the bottom or anything lying on the ground. Logged back onto the computer, going to one of the work quotas on the tophat icon and clicking one to start. The task was labeled ‘print 30 flyers’, and as He clicked it the sound of a printer could be heard in the office. What was odd was there was no printer to be seen, with no clear sign of where the sound was coming from. What Jeremy could tell was that it was loud…not just clear, but incredibly hard to listen to. The sound was slightly unbearable…and something deep in the vents heard it too.

Almost instantly, the creature made a break for the room Jeremy was in. The task was only 12% through before Jeremy paused it and stared down the left vent the sound was coming from. At first, the sound was quick, then suddenly it stopped. Jeremy could be His heart racing as He looked down the hole in front of Him, trying to make a shape out of anything in the darkness. Without looking away, He played another sound cue down a distant area, keeping His eye intensely on the vent. The sound of metal in the distance followed the cue towards somewhere else, the sound of metal scraping away.

Jeremy then went back to the printer task and continued it, His palms sweaty as He watched the progress bar continue. felt like it was taking forever, making Him suffer through the loud sound it knew it was attracting something unsavory. At about the halfway mark, the scraping metal returned, making Jeremy have to pause what He was doing and make another sound cue. He looked down the vent, more confident this time and keeping His room quiet, playing the sound cue down a different direction. The metal sounds stopped for a second, but then continued down the vent and away. Jeremy then turned back and continued on the printer. As He watched the progress, He was contemplating what this all meant. Was He going through the past? Had He been in this situation before and now He’s remembering?
The room felt vaguely familiar, but it was hard to pin. As of now, He wasn’t even sure He was Him. It was a question that clung in His mind when He realized the truth of it. In fact, the thought had really sunk in that His life…His entire existence…may have not even mattered in the grand scheme of things. He was lucky. He was granted a freedom from the curse and yet He clearly was being subjected to the horrors of the past in such a visceral way. What would happen to Him when it was over? Could He go back to a life of normality, if He even had one before? What about Vanessa and Gregory? What about His job and His life? Why was it so hard to picture anything before tonight?

Then, as He sat back in the office chair of the room, He began to cry. It wasn’t like before, where He thought He was infected…it was a realization that even if He survives tonight, the future won’t matter. Nothing He does here will matter. He will die doing this plan, and His life was for nothing. He existence was for nothing. Nobody would remember Him…His parents may not have even existed if they were even to mourn Him. Everyone dies tonight whether He succeeded or not. A feeling of hopelessness made Jeremy realize the futility of it all. It made Him feel different. Before tonight, He saw the world as a place of joy. His life was perfect; a good job, good friends, and a world of parties and cake. Now, He understood it. It was a façade, a dance around a flame that was bitter and violent. This place, this world, everything here…exists purely because of a bitter man and a bitter plot. It made His existence seem pitiful at best, and exhausting at worst.

Then, with a click, the printer stopped and the task was completed. Jeremy looked up from His gloom, clicking on the next task that said ‘Mop Floor’. Jeremy tilted His head in confusion, before just waving His hand and starting the task. No sound played, with no attention being brought to Him. He looked up at the clock on the wall, the time read 5:14. He was making good time at least. As He slouched in the chair, He stared at the task in front of Him, watching the progress bar go forwards, blinking slowly as He was crying in His room.

Then a voice called from the right. A voice He thought He recognized. “Michael…Michael its me…” The voice said. It was a feminine voice. It sounded familiar, and yet Jeremy could piece it. The girl sounded like a strange child that had a strong voice as It spoke. “Do you remember me? I remember you.” The voice spoke, Its delivery of the lines weirdly aggressive. “The others, they are here too. Father is playing a game Michael. Come play.” It said, almost like it was luring Jeremy into the vents. Jeremy looked down the right vent, not seeing anything in the distance that stuck out to Him. As He looked into the darkness, a pair of green eyes looked back at Him from the dark. “Why are You hiding Michael? Hiding in a shell? Hiding like Evan? Do you not love me anymore?” The girl asked, tilting its head and cooing like it was sad. Jeremy was now alert.
He looked towards the monitor, not sure if He should try a sound cue or not. “We miss you Michael…I missed being INSIDE of you. Won’t you help your dear sister? You helped me before…” It asked, slowly approaching the vent. Jeremy’s eyes then went wide as He shouted ‘NOPE!’ and tried a sound cue on that side to pull the creature away. The cue was behind the distance monster, which made it turn around and skitter away towards the voice. “Hello? Who’s there?” The girl monster asked, the orange wires of Its hair was vaguely visible as the creature turned around. Jeremy didn’t like that one.

He looked towards the computer, the temperature on the side was steadily rising as He used it. Jeremy then looked through the computer to see if He could increase the temperature. He started the next task, already helping the temp raise. He then found a toolbar that controlled the AC on a separate tab. He raised it as high as He could, making it 90 degrees in the room. The computer temp steadily rose, the distant monsters suddenly moving more and more. The scraping metal to the left got faster, the female voice on the right getting louder, and a distant laughter from some kind of British male was growing louder. The voice of the British Man came first, sounding robotic and glitchy. “W-w-ell! Well! Little Michael’s g-g-getting smarter! C-c-come on B-b-b-birthday Boy! AH Ha ha ha!” The distant voice mocked. Jeremy recognized the voice, the voice of Funtime Freddy from the memory King Erin showed Him before.

The scraping metal then stopped before the left vent, making Jeremy turn towards the vent to watch the creature appear. Wires began slithering out of the vent like a twist of snakes that were working together to catch their prey. The wires moved across the floor as the creature slowly slithered forwards. Jeremy quickly played another sound cue, hiding behind the desk and hoping the creature didn’t actually see Him. The voice came from behind the creature, making it stop, then slowly retract and slither back into the hole. Jeremy gave a sigh of relief and continued raising the temperature. The temperature was now in the 80’s, steadily rising and making Jeremy begin to sweat.

Jeremy looked towards the book, flipping through the pages as the temperature slowly began to rise. In the book, a set of images were before Him. One image was of a golden bunny outfit in the style of Bonnie. In the next image, someone seemed to be suddenly struggling, cringing inside the suit as a red liquid was leaking from every orifice in the gaps in the suit. Then in the final picture, the moldy rabbit that had chased Him before, the monster in Fazbear Frights, was in the image. It reached out like it was calling for help, the man inside being ripped apart by machinery that was inside of the suit. As the temperature of the room rose past 100, the heat sparked flames that began to ignite the room around Jeremy, as the creatures hiding in the darkness began to scream in anger, realizing what was happening.

Suddenly, from the vents, the tentacled creature that had been chasing Jeremy began worm through the right side, screaming as It finally caught up to Jeremy. It massive body of wires twisted around and formed a long neck for a moldy and broken white Freddy head. The eyes of the creature were bright red, the malice of anger becoming stronger within the Blob as It stared down at Jeremy like a wolf and its prey. Jeremy stepped back from the vent, completely backed into a corner. “This won’t be the end Michael, the game is still in play. We will consume Him, or he will consume You. Afton will feel our wrath, and We will wash over this place. We will take it all. We will no longer play pretend.” The creature spoke, the voice of the child echoing through Jeremy’s mind as He watched the creature come close to His face and reach out for Him.
The room’s blazing fire grew stronger, as the vision slowly began to turn to ash and to white, as the office melted and burned away, Jeremy feeling the burning sensation all over His body. The fire scorched Him, sending blades of pain inside and making Him begin to lose consciousness. The last thing Jeremy saw before the vision ended, was the fright of ghosts staring down with their contorted and melted together faces of the victims of William Afton.

Chapter 24: Chapter 23, 4:45 am

Chapter Text

Gregory and Vanessa watched the child army move through the cave, their flags waving inside the cave from a distant breeze. The army was small, but still of considerable size. The small Gregory that was leading the charge seemed unaware of Vanessa and Gregory’s existence, hiding away a small object to His side. As Gregory leaded over the cliff They found themselves at, trying to see over to observe, Vanessa pulled Gregory back from the edge. “We should be careful, We don’t know who they are or what they want.” She told Him, which made Gregory crouch down and observe around.

“So now what?” Gregory asked. The two watched as the army moved through the cave, disappearing around a corner that went deeper into the mine. Suddenly, a loud scream from a man came from behind the army, baffling Gregory and Vanessa. The sound reverberated off the cave walls, making it sound terrible and monstrous. Gregory thought He recognized the voice, making Him make His way down the cliff carefully. “Gregory! Wait!” Vanessa called out, trying to stop Gregory. “We gotta keep moving! Come on Rabbit lady!” He said, before hopping down the side and landing on His feet, chasing after the voice. Vanessa fidgeted around a second, before sighing and following down the cliff after Gregory.

The two got down to the same level and ran through the cave, the holes of the old mine to their left and right, eerie and ghostly. A quip of cold air slicked the back of Vanessa, making a chill run down Her spine as the two walked down the cave. The cave was wiggly and unsymmetrical, going up and down in spots and moving like it was following a vein of ore that was precious. As Gregory rounded one of the corners, He saw one of the cave holes that had a billow of smoke coming from it like something inside had caught alight and was burning down. Gregory ran ahead into the burning cave, met with the charring remains of a barn. Red and white paint was still visible in the sunken barn that was smoking and still burning, the now crimson wood charring and becoming charcoal as the few bits of flame began to billow. Several post it notes and papers with various pictures and phrases were scattered everywhere, some burnt and almost illegible. In the barn itself, A mess was left behind of robot parts and machinery, with a table of broken robots that were broken apart and laying around the table in a limp circle.

“This just happened…whatever transpired here was bad.” Gregory said to Vanessa, who agreed. Slam! A metal pole smacked against the back of Vanessa’s head, making Her tumble forwards and to the ground. Gregory spun around to Vanessa, seeing a fox robot standing over Her with a makeshift weapon in its claws that raised it to smash down onto Vanny. The robot was wearing a skin tight racing outfit with the name Fiona written into the sleeves of the racing suit. Gregory turned His foot to push Himself forwards and raised a hand to blast blue energy with His hand and hit the robot. The blue blast shot forwards and pressed into the chest of the fox robot, sending Her backwards and towards the cave entrance.
Gregory ran to Vanessa’s side. “Are you okay?” Gregory asked, before a squeaking interrupted Him and another robot appeared. The squawking chicken was trying to hit with a wooden plank but Gregory dodged it and pushed the robot to the floor. After some scrambling and Gregory had time to see His attackers, He realized who He was attacking and gasped. “Wait…Chica?” Gregory said, seeing that the creature was now uncorrupted. “Oh wait…you aren’t evil anymore?” Gregory asked, backing up. Chica’s earrings dangled as She sat up, observing the kid. “Gasp! You’re Gregory! I thought you were a monster.” Chica then called over to Fiona, who stood to Her feet. Vanessa stepped back from the duo of robots and Gregory.

The two groups were consoling, trying to get an understanding of the situation. Chica and Fiona explained their part of the night, how the personality chips were too blame and that there was an evil necromantic sorcerer named William Afton behind everything. They explained the vision and the king and His army, how they all were apart of some deeper problem and that there was a secret war being fought underground that could spell demise of the world if William gets His way. “Wait so where’s Jeremy? Isn’t He with you?” Vanessa asked. “Yeah well He’s struggling in the other room with something. Something happened to Him and that dude in the other room is working on it.” Fiona explained, adjusting Her outfit. “Wait so you are a robot that was cancelled for Freddy’s?” Gregory asked Fiona, who nodded in agreement. “Have you actually seen my father? He’s Foxy the pirate.” Gregory and Vanessa shook their heads in response. Gregory and Vanessa then explained their part of the night, about the game that was imprisoning Vanessa and making Her into Vanny at night to be controlled. He also explained the ghosts of Cassidy that was trying to get to William and that the spirit had sacrificed itself to save the two of them. About how the henchmen and Dawko had melted together and tried to kill them, but also about the powers they had and that they were robot people that had the ghosts of people long dead inside them, confirming the things Chica and Fiona told them about the other robot kids. “There are many of them like you, but I think they don’t like that they exist this way…they are dead set on stopping all of this.” Fiona explained. Gregory also told them about the Roxanne chip and that Mark sacrificed himself to save it to prove tonight happened should they make it out. The glint of the chip was in Gregory’s hand as He showed it off.

Chica loving help the chip and started crying. “Oh Roxy! What happened to you?” She wailed, mourning Her friend. Fiona smiled, “She’s fine…we can get Her a new body and everything will be okay. For right now, we got to focus on getting forwards. Gregory, hold onto Roxy and don’t lose Her. We can get through this. If Jeremy and the others come out before the King Erin and His army followed out their suicidal plan. “Wait He wants to blow Himself and everyone up? That’s crazy!” Gregory exclaimed, the others seemed to also agree. “Erin wants to go down with the ship…but we don’t. This place is our home, and we can’t do this…” Fiona said with a flair of honor. “Right so, Jeremy’s in the other room? Where is it?” Gregory asked. Fiona then looked towards the left of the barn and pointed, responding with “There, but as of right now we can’t enter.”

A iron door that was bolted locked was standing in their way, with no viable way to see inside and no way to access the room. “They wanted us to stay guard while the man and Freddy help Him. We believe He’s fighting…something in His mind.” Fiona told them. Gregory had a feeling He knew what it was, but Vanessa gasped. “Did…Did He get to Him?” Vanessa asked Them, to which she elaborated; “William?” Fiona’s eyes opened wider and She shook Her head. “No, something else. We just have to wait.” Gregory was worried, because if Jeremy died, then tonight was going to get harder than it already was. What if Jeremy was controlled by William? What if He attacked? IT means William could have a chance at getting Vanessa again, and there was nobody left from the Pizza Plex to help. It was them against the whole of the Pizzaplex. All they could do now was wait.
Jeremy woke with a start, the pain of the fire from before seemed to flow through His body, or at least the memory of it. He could feel the flames on Him, but He was clearly not on fire. He flailed on the bed He was laying on, trying to put out the fire in His mind. He patted Himself madly, shaking as He was becoming aware of His surroundings. Winston and Freddy tried to gain control of Jeremy, trying to get Him to calm and hold Him still. “Jeremy! You made it! You got through the memory!” Winston called out, trying to hold Jeremy down. Jeremy threw off the helmet, pulled off the wires, and sat up as He flailed around and was still hybrid-ly connected to the machine. His brain was struggling to wake up, only slowly coming into focus and feeling more awake and separated as He was out of the machine for a few more seconds.

Jeremy looked around panicked, before suddenly stopping and realizing where He was and gave a breath. He saw Freddy and Winston around Him, able to gain control of Himself. He then realized it was Winston and immediately jumped off from the bed in the makeshift lab and reached for Axey. He broke off Winston’s hold and grabbed Axey, raising it threateningly towards Winston and keeping His eyes on Him. “What did you do to me?” He barked, not willing to put His guard down. “Your Remnant was spiraling out of control. It was pulling itself apart after being exposed to too many painful memories, so I had to course correct your soul.” Winston explained, His ragged form before Jeremy making Him look like a homeless bum. “The memory was of when Michael was gutted by a robot trying to escape a prison, using His corpse as an escape route. Michael had died due to it…but had become resurrected through remnant processing…”

The old man looked exhausted, His eyes sunken in and His body pale. As Winston raised His arms in showing His peace, the room’s tension began to wane. Jeremy stood close to Freddy, not wanting to leave His side as He was an ally He could trust. “You had fallen and gone comatose. Winston here was trying to help. What happened?” Freddy asked Jeremy, checking for injuries beside what He already had. As Jeremy was coming to, His skin and His body looked…dry. It was like His insides were missing, but somehow He was still here. His body was mimicking what it thought it was in that moment, clearly mimicking whatever the memory was telling Him.

“I…I don’t know what happened…I think I had been somewhere else. I think I was IN the blob somehow.” Jeremy said, taking up His backpack and still being wary of Winston. “That’s because you were. I aligned your soul with the tiny amount of the Blob here for you to gain control. Your soul had been on autopilot for so long that the memories were too much and it was making your true Physiological self-become confused and make itself die to replicate the memories. You’re stable now young man.” Winston explained, “But the monster is becoming stronger.” Winston explained, not facing the duo and was standing over a table with tons of machinery and tools laying about. Wires, nuts and bolts, and tiny pieces were in piles on the table sorted and neat. The back wall had a tool rack with screwdrivers, hammers, and various other tools. The table had notebooks and papers, all with varying bits of information on them that seemed like blueprints. However, there was also a box, just recently sealed for safety. The box was labeled ‘To Michael’. Winston pushed His shaggy hair aside and looked over His horde, thinking quietly.

“Alright…fine. What do you want? Who are you?” Jeremy grunted, keeping Axey close and keeping His eyes on the old man. “Who am I? Well…that’s a pickle isn’t it?” The man replied, as He flipped a switch on the wall that lit up the dim room and revealed even more things taped, thumbtacked, and stickered on the cave walls of the small laboratory, His den, His safe room.

Various pictures of the same three children were everywhere, some without all three and some with one or two, all having fun in whatever they were doing. One was a little boy in a red shirt as He was playing with His older brother. The older brother was trying to teach Him football by tossing the ball towards Him. In another, the little boy was playing with His sister, playing with a small golden rabbit plushie and a small golden bear plushie. The two were having a tea party of some kind, having a great time and sipping imaginary tea. In another picture, the older brother is posing with a woman, assumed to be His mother, with a car license in His hands and a victory pose. The picture was incredibly distorted, with the mother’s face completely unrecognizable for save the orange frames around Her eyes that could be glasses. There were even photos of a man in a purple swimming suit, enjoying time with His kids at a lake that the family chose for the day to entertain themselves with. With each photo, they were tied together on the cave wall with a string, all leading to a singular photograph that Jeremy instantly recognized.

In the Fazbear theater, there is a mural of the Afton family, a frame that is kept in honor of the family who started the Fazbear company, along with Henry Emily, that were seen as the ‘poster perfect family’ according to Fazbear themselves. A mother, A father, two boys, and a girl. The Girl sat in her Father’s lap as he was on the chair. The Mother stood to the side of the Father. The two boys were together, with the brother holding the shoulders of his younger brother. The boys looked each other with a smile, while the daughter and the Mother gave a smile to the camera. The Father sat, his purple eyes felt like they stared out of the picture. Jeremy didn’t know the individual names of the members, other than William Afton, who was the father in the image.

This image was like a centerpiece for the room, a perfect collage of the family that no longer existed in life and were nothing more than a memory now. Jeremy looked to the man, who smiled at the picture and walked towards it with a heir of sadness. “On the outside, I was a father and a businessman. I wanted to fulfill a dream…and that dream became a nightmare Jeremy.” He didn’t turn to Freddy or Jeremy, acting as If the two didn’t exist in the real world and as if He was talking to Himself.

“These images…they are made of Agony, images that I pulled from the Blob in an attempt to understand myself and the world around Me. I was like you once, separated from it all and unawares. However, I found a way to mentally put myself in the blob with the memory bed you see before you. This lets me connect to the monster, able to pull the memories inside of it out and display them in these pictures. I’ll warn you, they are cursed. They tell a very sorrowing story Jeremy, if you would be listen…”. Jeremy was uncertain at first, but as the man faced away, He seemed like no threat. Freddy nodded towards Him in acknowledgement that He was willing to listen. The two lowered Their guard, and Winston explained the story.
“In truth, I was a monster. I was a narcissist, a butcherer if you will. It was a road that an older Me paved with no care of the repercussions…and there were many...” He stopped to take a breath. “I am not that man. Not entirely. I am the man that was good, the lie. I am a delusion of self Jeremy, such as you are. Such is all of us. Delusions of a hope of being someone that no longer exists.” As Winston spoke, He pointed to pictures that contained the content of the story, each image more distorted or grizzly than the last, showing that these images must have been difficult to gain. Winston pressed a button on the printer and the machine came to life, a picture of William Afton as a child slowly chipping out of the machine.
The boy was nimble and thin, clearly a more delicate kid. His black hair was a mess and His purple eyes were bright and excited. He was in His Sunday best, going with His family to church, who were just out of frame in the image. He was smiling, like He was having His happiest day. Winston took the picture and tacked it onto the wall, showcasing the image and beginning the story;

“William had a dream, a dream to bring life to creatures with no soul. When He was a boy, He went to church often, always told that the soul was so important to life and that no other thing on this earth had one.” Winston printed an image of William listening to His pastor as He preached on stage, looking confused and questioning as He listened. “Then, He went to the circus, and watched animals perform a myriad of tricks, things He had never seen a person do and that for an animal should have been impossible. He thought to Himself, ‘well these animals have no soul according to the bible and yet they do this! Surely that couldn’t be true!’ So He set out to make things with no soul. His father worked for a company that specialized and machinery for factory work. William convinced His father to let Him tinker with any junk that they couldn’t find a use for, searching for a way to make something without a soul that could live.” Winston printed an image of William as a child playing with several gears, wires, electrical parts, and even copper cans. He was wielding things together, crossing things together and making machine constructs that were simple and creative. “He practically lived within His school and college, trying to make His dream a reality. During His inventing, He met a friend who too was looking for a way to bring things with no soul to life. His name, was Henry Emily. Henry was far more intelligent than William, but seemingly also just as kind. The two worked together through their childhoods, trying to find the solution. In truth, William only came about as close as an animatronic, a tool that followed only set commands and set truths. ‘What was I missing? I’m so close but what is missing?’. He never found it.”

“In time, He forgot the dream. He stayed with robots, making who were known as Fredbear and Golden Bonnie, the mascots that William had especially designed. they made plenty enough to support the family He had built, the woman He loved, and yet He still had not gotten any closer to that truth. He had shoved it to the back of His mind, living now for the family and business He had. However, fate had happened to this man…His friend and business partner, Henry, had found a loophole in the contract the two signed and forced William’s hand. Henry had then copied the designs of the robots and made the robots well known today; Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, who was actually from a different company and had simply transferred over, and Foxy. Henry then took ownership of everything, leaving William with nothing. He was angry, no, His was infuriated. This boy, this Henry, had been His closest and only friend. Henry had helped Him with the work, investigating the machines and building the robots, even giving Him ideas and helping Him, and Henry had gone and betrayed Him…taking all the credit.” Winston then printed an image of William, fighting verbally with Henry, who seemed soulless in the picture and disgruntled. Henry looked a little bigger than William, who looked incredibly angry.

“He left the restaurant, unable to face His wife and tell Her what had happened. He went to a bar, drunken Himself to a stupor, and drove Home in the rain. But in His drunkenness, He ran over the family dog in the driveway, unable to see it in the misty rain and through His drunken rage. It must have gotten loose, sneaking out the back door through the doggy door. The dog was laying in the street, whimpering as blood was running down its leg that had been crushed by the wheel. Hazy and confused and angry even more, He carried it into His garage where His workshop was at the time, His rage of the night and of what He had done spilling over into the corpse with his tears. Drunk, He dropped the dying dog and fell down to the floor and sobbed Himself into sleep.”

“It wasn’t until He heard barking, that He began to awaken. William looked over the corpse of the family dog, the smell was becoming a curse. However, the body was dead. The barking came from a pile of metal nearby. As William investigated the pile, the metal seemed to move. It made sounds and nips like a dog, trying to stand up and confused as to why it couldn’t. The mess of wires seemed almost alive. In that moment, William thought He had lost His mind. He experimented on the wires, turning and twisting them into a shape, giving it a head and eyes, and adjusting the machine. Eventually, before His very eyes, a cartoonish-looking version of His pet was before Him. The creature was clearly a robot, but it behaved like the dog. It followed commands by ear, it knew its owner and its bed, it knew how to bark…It was the dog! Somehow, the dog was inside the machine…or rather the machine at the very least was able to mimic the dog! It was a breakthrough! He found it! The way of life! To live forever! Right Here, in His own home!”

It was at this point, Winston began to cry. “Oh how this event was a foresight to the future…the death and terror this would mean. He became mad Jeremy…He then moved on to human patients. He snuck into the Freddy restaurant that Henry had built, killing several guests while being in disguise” He then pointed towards a photograph of what looked like a golden animatronic that was in the style of bonnie. Only, this bonnie looked basic and rudimentary. The suit was like an old style of animatronic, with pins that stuck out of the suit at the joints. “He then stuffed the bodies away, to destroy the company and making it go out of business. He brought samples of the possessed metal home and tinkered, using the dead children as His vessels and building simple creatures at first, but then becoming more complex as He took more kids. He would take kids off the street, kids in groups, lure them with various treats and soon His soul count was in the hundreds, creatures of all kinds and several makes waiting in the open to then bring in more kids and give Him all the Remnant He needed.”
“Eventually, His ‘robots’ became sensational! He was everywhere, and Freddy’s started to wither away until William bought it back as a double revenge to ‘help’ the company of Fazbear. But…as all things are…karma came to William. Two of His children suffered death at the hands of His own creations, Evan and Elizabeth. Evan had been bitten by one of the robots when Michael shoved His head into the robot, unaware the machine was designed to hunt souls, and killing His brother in the process. Elizabeth’s fate was even worse Jeremy. She was captured by another robot, one that William had dubbed ‘Baby’. It was another restaurant that was designed to have its robots rented out and taken to somewhere…William could now hunt kids on the go. Elizabeth was warned not to get too close, but unfortunately, she didn’t listen…and was captured by Baby during Her first ever outing. But William didn’t despair, even if His wife was outraged at His insanity. Henry couldn’t stop Him, His wife couldn’t stop Him, nobody could…except the one He shouldn’t have killed…”
Various pictures collaged the incident, making it clear that this whole set of events were more tragic than the last. The horror was even worse than Jeremy could imagine. Several images were of children’s faces that had been killed, distorted and uncomfortable to look at. So many faces, so many kids, all for the gain of a man who had clearly lost His mind. “Eventually, It caught up to Him. One night, when He was investigating Freddy’s, the souls cornered Him. They came together, all except Baby and the Funtimes, who were locked away in their rental space deep underground. Cassidy, one of the legion of souls, declared to destroy Afton. But Afton was cunning, hiding inside His rabbit suit and sure of Himself that He could not be killed. It was His armor! His protection! It couldn’t fail Him!”

Winston then snapped His fingers, taking Jeremy out of the trance He was in as He listened along to the story and bringing His mind back into focus of the lab. He looked towards the old man, tears down His face as He recounted the violence and the story. He looked towards Jeremy, apologetic and detached. “You see, His ‘armor’ was designed to be a mascot costume and a robot, and could be swapped bath and forth when need be…This was known as a springlock. The locks could be cranked so someone could fit inside the robot, and then slide out and detach the loaded springs so the robot could function again. It’s only weakness, sweat and liquid. Should the locks get moist, they retract and return to place…with the person inside…He was stuck there. The suit had crushed Him, tearing His body to pieces and breaking every bone in His body and destroying His corpse to the point of unrecognizability. He was then left to rot in the backrooms of the Freddy pizzeria…at least, for a while. He had died in that suit, but like His machines, He used the metal and possessed it, becoming a remnant collector Himself. He wandered like a zombie, avoiding people but still collecting Remnant to become a god.”

He then looked up at Freddy. “That’s where Michael came in. He discovered what His father had done…Michael had put Himself through Hell to stop His father, chasing Him down and even died Himself, becoming a walking corpse to make sure His father’s crimes had been undone. As Michael went location to location, capturing all the remnant collectors and machines, He burned them all, hunting them like an exterminator and culling William’s collectors. He then tracked His father down and burned the rest of His father to the ground…finally, it would all be finished and put to rest.”
Jeremy then looked confused, “So then how the hell is any of this happening? If it was all put to rest, then why are we still here? That doesn’t make sense Winston.” Jeremy asked, overwhelmed by the story that Winston put before Him. “Ah…and that’s the ticket. I don’t know…I can’t find it. It’s like whatever happened was a force outside of the body. Someone or something that isn’t apart of the main Agony storm that is brewing in the Blob underneath the Pizzaplex caused all this commotion, restarting the wheel. It is possible that whatever began it again was someone within Fazbear, but I do not know who…what is clear to me is that it cannot be found in the Blob…of this I am certain. It was something outside these walls. It is why this place has The Blob in the first place. The Blob is the agony of the whole of these events, built up over time and summoned to bring a catastrophic end to everything and everyone. It is Why the building must have been built here and why this place is so enchanted with necromantic magic…someone, like William, wants this power over death too. That is the more horrifying part.” Winston then pulled out a jar of sparkling dust, the dust that could be found in the mines outside of this safehouse. “When the place burned down, I believe the Remnant hadn’t completely died away. Its energy was melted into the ground and cursed the land itself. The remnant in this jar is different, it is more controlled and hardened. This is what is flowing through you Jeremy…it is this energy that is more pure and concentrated.”

The information was spiraling. There was so much to think about and so many holes and confusion, its no wonder Erin was miserable when He met Him. “So then what are we? Are we Michael? Are you William?” He asked Winston, who simply gave a chuckle. “Is an apple an apple tree because it comes from an apple tree? No. We are like fruits Jeremy. We are not them, but we come from them. We are something that was given soul through the soul of another. We are only pieces and memory of them, with the potential to become them should we want to. But let me ask you this Jeremy…” Winston asked Jeremy, taking His shoulder gently and looking into His eyes. There was a strange fatherly love behind them, like He did genuinely care about Jeremy. “Who do You want to be?” He said, as He turned away and towards the box labeled ‘To Michael’. “I know you aren’t Michael, but you spirit may find this useful. It is something that can help You Jeremy. I’ll admit, I’m too afraid to go deeper than this but I think you are braver than me Jeremy. Take it.” He asked Jeremy, before placing the gift in His hands. Jeremy inspected the box, before opening the lid and seeing what was inside. The box was containing a book, with the word ‘Huntbook’ on the front in a leather binding and with the name ‘Michael’ on the front. Holding the book in His hands, Jeremy gave a sigh, understanding His role in the terrible play before Him. “This…will be difficult Jeremy, but I think You can do it. The power of Michael’s soul is through you. You can still stop all of this, along with Gregory and Vanessa, but you must work together.” Winston then placed His wilting hands onto Jeremy’s, looking solemnly into His eyes. “Jeremy…I have no right to ask this of You. Will you stop what I’ve done? Can I ask for your forgiveness?” Winston asked.
Jeremy didn’t respond, only taking the book into His hands and sliding it into His backpack. He locked the pack and walked out of the lab. Freddy glancing over at the sad man, before leaving with Jeremy.
Gregory and Vanessa, along with Fiona and Chica were waiting around the outer ruins of the memory barn, waiting for the iron door of Winston’s lab to open. The cave was feeling colder by the minute, like the very soul of the cave was slowly being drained and being pulled somewhere else. The cold air of the cave made Gregory give a shiver. Chica was pacing around the outside of the door, She was twisting Her claws around anxiously as She was staring into space. Fiona was sitting next to Gregory, looking towards the remains of the barn as She sat on the dirt floor of the cave. Her eyes traced over the burnt remains of the building, inspecting for life. Gregory was inspecting the Roxy chip’s holographic design, spinning it around and taking note of the card. “You know, I bet that Roxy probably is still in here and is okay…maybe we can build new bodies for everyone!” Gregory said, focusing on the chip. Fiona looked down and smiled at Him before looking back towards the barn. “I think its deeper than that Gregory. I think all of it is cursed.” Fiona spoke solemnly and deliberately. Gregory looked towards Fiona and then back at the chip, His grip slightly tightening on the card. “I can fix Her…I know I can.” Gregory whispered, “I promise Roxanne Wolf, I’ll fix you. I’ll make you pretty again.”

Vanessa was standing by the entrance of the Barn cave, watching the entrance with Her arms folded. She looked into the darkness, unblinking as She stood. Her eyes darted around the cave, looking for anything that could be moving in the darkness. She brushed Her golden hair aside that she pulled down from the ponytail it was in not a few minutes ago, Her hair pressing against Her face and going down to Her fore back. As She watched the hallway, She was mumbling under Her breath. Chica saw that Vanessa was stressed, and walked over towards Her.

“Hey Girlfriend! Ya ok?” She asked Vanessa, not responding to Chica and continued mumbling. “Don’t…us…don’t hold…” Chica then put a claw onto Vanessa’s shoulder, which snapped Her out of the trance and making Vanessa turn towards Chica violently and gasp. Chica let go and backed up, with Vanessa steading Her breath and looking back towards the entrance. “Sorry, blanked out. Are They almost out?” Vanessa asked. Chica looked back towards the iron door, not seeing anything changed. “I think They are still trying to help Jeremy…Are you okay? My memory is a bit fuzzy but I remember hearing you sometimes but not seeing you. Are you okay?” Chica asked. Vanessa didn’t say anything more, just looked out the entrance and petting Her hair with Her fingers.

Suddenly, the iron door to Winston’s lab loudly clicked and swung open with a creak. Jeremy and Freddy walked out, both Their faces were gaunt and shallow. Everyone turned around towards the door, with Fiona, Chica, and Gregory jumping up and running towards the duo. Chica and Gregory ran up to Freddy, with Chica pulling on Freddy’s arm and Gregory looking towards Freddy’s eyes. “Freddy! Are you okay?” Gregory asked, placing His hand on Freddy’s stomach cache. Freddy smiled down towards Gregory, petting the top of His head. “I am alright Superstar, just very…thoughtful.” Freddy explained, Chica holding onto Freddy’s arm and not letting go. “I worried about you! Both of you! How’s Jeremy?” Chica asked, looking towards Jeremy, who was talking to Fiona.

Jeremy was holding Michael’s Diary in His hands. In just the last few minutes, His body had segregated to such a state that His body looked like it was just dug up from the ground. His gaunt face looked lightly purple in the dim light of the cave. His eyes were almost greyed out, the color in them practically disappeared. He looked more like a corpse than before, like a skeleton that was covered in a fleshy exterior. His hair had practically all fallen out, revealing His balding head. At some point, Jeremy lost His guard hat, which He now wished He had to cover His head. Jeremy’s hands were like monstrous claws that were shrunk to look like they belonged to a smaller creature. His veins were so thin they were almost invisible. His whole appearance made Him look like a zombie, but unlike the ones upstairs, He hadn’t caught the rabies-like behavior.
As Jeremy left the bunker, He saw Vanessa in the distance and His eyes went wide. Near the entrance was Vanessa; Who, according to what He knew, was another soul person like Him. However, He realized that She was one of the few who actually knew what had to be going on. She was every night shift, the only person being able to grant access to the codes and doors of the Pizzaplex to let the bad people and the monsters in and let them get around. She was the TaskRabbit, the one who let Freddy’s security be completely destroyed. His muscles, whatever was left of them, began to clench tightly.
Stepping in front of Jeremy, Fiona looked over Jeremy in the light and concerned for His health. Jeremy felt fine; numb more than anything else. “Jeremy? What happened?” She asked, worry all over Her face. Jeremy didn’t respond, simply walking past Fiona and towards Vanessa, who looked back towards Jeremy and tensed. Jeremy simply looked at Her, swallowed, then spoke. “Do you know everything too?” He asked Her, to which She gulped Herself and sighed. “Yes Jeremy.” She responded. Jeremy’s disposition didn’t alter to the answer, but then asked another question; “Did you know all this time? Everything about the ghosts and William?” Vanessa nodded, a tear beginning to form in Her eye. “Yes…” She answered in whisper, looking down towards the ground and tried to defend Herself. “Jeremy, you don’t understand! I didn’t have a choice!” She explained, Jeremy gave a sigh. “How long had this been happening?” Jeremy asked quietly, His hands shaking as He looked Her in the eyes. Vanessa felt a weight in Her chest, Her face beginning to wet with tears as the words struggled to come out. “I-I couldn’t…I was controlled. Jeremy I’m really sorry…” Jeremy then gave a sigh, His eyes not breaking from Vanessa’s.

“Well I’m handling it now Vanessa…and you’re going to help me…and when we are done…you are going to help me with Gregory.” Jeremy said, pulling to book to His side. “W-wha…what do you…?” Vanessa started, but Jeremy didn’t let Her finish. “You are going to help me and Gregory, and we are going to give Gregory a chance at life. Nobody is dying tonight. Me, you, and Gregory are going to leave this place and We are going to stop the monsters in the basem*nt.” Jeremy left a second for silence, the rest of the group watching the altercation tensely. “I don’t know how much blood you’ve spilt and how much you’ve done…but I can never forgive you.” Jeremy admitted, before placing a hand on Her shoulder. He smiled and then, in a surprising gesture, hugged Her. “…And its going to be okay.” He whispered, before releasing Her and giving a smile with chapped lips. “Alright?” He asked Her, to which She smiled and nodded.

After the group came back together, Jeremy explained the situation. Jeremy told them what He experienced in the Memory, about the blob and that its not actually being controlled. He explained the backstory that Winston gave Him, and also explained the book and what it meant. Jeremy also explained that they may be running out of time. He explained however that He thought of an idea. “This place is built over the place where it ended before…This place can be used against Them. The building underneath was designed to be burned down. We can use that system against them.” Jeremy explained. Fiona then pointed something out. “Wait…what about Erin’s bomb?” Fiona asked, confused. Jeremy then immediately turned towards Fiona. “f*ck.” He shouted, immediately running out the exit and motioning the others to run after Him. “WE HAVE TO STOP THEM! THAT BOMB WON’T WORK! IT’S A TRAP!”

As the group ran out of the cave and went deeper inside, Winston watched them from a distance disappear deeper into the cave and towards the enemy. Winston felt shame as He watched, the children His older-self had returned to life having to fight a monster He in a way created. He sighed as He watched them disappear around the corner, vanishing from view. As He went to turn back towards His burnt home, He saw something on the opposite side of the cave come into view. He saw the flag first, then laughed out loud as He realized who had just caught up with them. “Well I’ll be damned…You’re still kickin’ around eh ol’ Wizard?” A voice responded.
Agony, that was the feeling that Erin felt was feeling coming from the hole that lead into the depths before Him. The cave was a tight fit for Erin’s army, but it was just wide enough for them to fit through. The cave was like a tomb, its spirit was leaking out of it in a cold breeze that blew out of the crease of the ravine. The stone was brittle like sand, making the whole cave feel unstable and unsafe to be near. Erin adjusted His trash crown to keep it out of His eyes and looking ahead from His steed.

King Erin looked at the entrance into hell before Him, sighing as He looked at the weapon that was tucked into His coat. The kid king had felt a hole in His heart, like He was just floating in His mind and was stuck. He couldn’t explain the feeling, but it was agony to live like this, of that He knew. He was split about doing this, but He also wasn’t able to keep living on in this way. He felt like Evan was calling onto Him, making Him move this way. He began to reminisce about how He got to this point, of feeling some incredibly empty and dead inside.

At first, He couldn’t see around Him. It was like sleeping, but still being conscious. Erin felt like He was swimming in an endless expanse, until suddenly He was taken. It was like a hand had reached into his very fibers and pulled Him out. When He awoke, only small parts of Him came out, like soap bubbles sticking to an arm pulling out their hand from a cold bath.
Then, He took a breath. His eyes grazed around the empty space. A slime gathered around Him, the purple goo circling around Him with a gluttonous glow. Erin remembered the face of the monster that looked over Him with a melted stare. The smile of the rabbit head gurgled as it looked down on Him. Erin ran into the darkness, not looking back. He was chased for so long, until finally He was alone in the caves. He hated this life, this constant state of sleep. He was living like a shadow, unable to remember Himself or remember His purpose. He felt like a puppet with no puppeteer, with no way to exist on His own. He felt weak and abandoned by whatever god let Him walk the earth.

As He wandered the caves, He found more like Him. Failures, that were what the creature wanted. Children of memories that were unfinished, broken, and soiled. He joined them, becoming friends with one of the appointed leader, Zecora, before leading the charge in attacking the monster that brought them to life. They hated living, desiring nothing more than to destroy the Necromancer. It became a war, with the monster creating creatures to gather the broken children that escaped, while the escaped children channeled their powers and fought back the forces of darkness.

As Erin thought back towards present day, He found a sense of purpose in this fight. His purpose was to end the nightmare, and stop this monster from spreading. They worked so hard for so long, that Erin found purpose in destroying the evil, rather than live past it. As He looked down towards the remnant bomb, a liquid of holy fire that would hopefully over power the darkness, a sense of joy since finding the broken kids gave Him the strength to do what must be done.

The spirit that possessed Daycare Attendant told Him that He tried to stop this once before, but the fire wasn’t enough. Maybe, just maybe, this holy spirit would be enough to stop this. To bring the fury of god down on this satanic monster, so that the pain that started all of this can finally begin to fade away, as the agony of every tragedy should. For them, Erin believes that there was a chance of peace and perhaps more, waiting for after the smoke clears. Although for the Necromancer, Erin believed the darkest pit of hell was waiting for this monster. Erin wouldn’t let the devil wait any longer.
As the army moved into the cave before them, a large room was before them, carved from the cave wall. The room had pipes along the ceiling that flowed purple liquid through them, funneling into a tank that sat in the center of the room. The room was decorated with trashed party decorations, with even a ripped banner in the back that said ‘Happy Birthday’ in bright purple letters that had several holes in the party banner. Several tables with tools and equipment were littered around, abandoned by their users. Erin looked around the room, seeing an entrance way towards something else down a hallway on the opposite end of the cave.

Erin looked into the tank before Him, the largest thing in the room. This tank was absolutely massive, with the swirling liquid on the inside bubbling with rage. The glow of the storming liquid was violent and terrifying. The musky room seemed to sponge in the dark energy from the center of the room. At the foot of the tank however, a sideways tank was laying before the tank, with the purple liquid fueling the bed. Something was inside the tank, resting as the goo was being funneled into the bed. Erin had dismounted from His steed, carrying the bomb in His arms gently. His army guarded the entrance as a few men had followed Him inside and the creator of the bomb, the nerdy kid with big glasses and messy brown hair, followed close behind. “Jackson, you ready?” Erin asked the boy, nodded in response.

As the two boys stepped into the room, they looked around the evil room for any threats. The trashy decorations made the room seem haunted by the spirits of children who never received their birthday. Erin felt a chill up His spine as He looked at the liquid that created His very existence. As the boys neared the bed, a sound of footsteps could be heard coming around the corner. Erin tensed and handed the bomb secretly over towards Jackson, before unsheathing a dagger-like blade made of corrugated metal.

“Hello there, spirit.” The man spoke, dressed in a dark black suit and fitted with a plain black rabbit mask that could only be considered rabbit due to the two ‘ears’ that stuck up the top of the mask. The man’s features were undistinguished, making His design very futuristic and modern. He looked almost like a mannequin with His stance, looking over the two boys with no visible pupils on the mask. In fact, the mask was plain black with a gloss to make the mask look fancy. The man had a impossibly deep voice that made His speech seem robotic. “I presume you have your little bomb? Adorable.” The Black Rabbit spoke, giving a chuckle as He laughed at the boys. “I applaud your efforts, but I hate to inform you that this plan of yours is a bust.” He explained.

Simultaneously, screams from the entrance could be heard. The ripping and tearing of metal could be heard. One robot kid ran into the entrance to tell what had transpired but as the ginger kid ran inside a tentacle shot directly into His heart and rooted inside of the kid. The child robot bled oil from His mouth and wound, as He was pulled into the darkness of the entrance. Two red eyes then appeared from the cracked hole in the wall, as the Freddy head of the blob then slithered and stretched its way like a slug into the lab of the Black Rabbit and up the wall like a slime, eyeing the two boys like a hungry wolf.

“It seems as If your little army wasn’t enough eh little spirit? You slithered away before I could finish you off. Not to worry, you will join the collection…and I will bring forth the perfect version of you. It just takes time.” The Black Rabbit explained, walking towards the boys. “Stay back! Quick! Jackson! The weapon! Now!” Erin commanded. Jackson nodded, running towards the recharge station that was laid like a coffin bed. He placed the bomb down, prepping it. The Black Rabbit held up a hand towards the blob, who started leaning over the two boys to attack. Erin went to attack the Black Rabbit, but the man seemed to float backwards with a misty black goo following Him and making Him avoid the attack. Jackson’s weapon gave a click as it was armed, the countdown of 5 seconds beginning. Jackson looked back towards Erin with a smile. “Bomb charged…” He said with a tear in His eye. “Goodbye King Erin.” Jackson whispered, as the bomb then beeped loudly, and all at once the room was engulfed in white and red light.

But as Erin embraced what He thought was the end, The energy seemed to suction away from the blast zone, as The Black Rabbit held up a hand and seemed to controlled the explosion. The power of the agony bomb twirled through the air like a eastern dragon, swirling and flowing like a snake through the air. The spirit power swirled with its glowing orange light as the color was becoming diluted and corrupted. Jackson, half burnt, watched as His weapon was being turned against them and as the stream of liquid soul reached its highest crescendo, it dived into the bed before the foot of the tank, seemingly fazing through the metal tube and being absorbed into the bed. Bright, purple light of corrupted soul power glowed from the small window in the doorway of the coffin-like recharge station. “Yes…Yes! Perfection! Just what this body needed…Master! Join us!” The Black Rabbit called out to His master, as He raised His hands into the air.

From a tube, a black and purple matter oozed out from the wall. There was a sack-like object floating in the matter that the oozing liquid threw aside as it quickly slinked over towards the bed. Erin tried to intervein but the Black Rabbit dashed towards Erin and held Him back. “King Erin!” Jackson called out, trying to stand but finding His body too weak. He only survived the initial explosion because of the Black Rabbit diverting the power. As Jackson tried to stand to His feet, A wire wrapped around His foot, tightening and dragging Him away. “King Erin!” Jackson called out, smashing His face on the cold stone floor. His glasses dropped from His face as He was pulled away by the Blob. The Freddy head was still watching from the ceiling, patiently waiting as it captured Jackson and pulled Him up into the mass above.

Erin turned towards Jackson, who was being pulled by His leg up into the air. His nose was bleeding as He was being raised into the air, being slowly absorbed into the air. As Jackson was absorbed into the wires, black liquid of His crushed body parts started bleeding as Jackson aimlessly tried escaping His predator. With one more final crunch, He was snapped in half, making the boy double over and give into subconscious and the rest of Him sucked into the Blob, becoming one with the legion of spirits once more. “Jackson!” Erin called out, panicking as His plan was crumbling apart before Him. Maybe Zecora was right, They should have regrouped…He shouldn’t have gone on without Jeremy and the others…He was a fool.
Erin watched as Jackson was being consumed against His will into the wire tangles, disappearing from view. “Jackson!” Erin called out with a cry, not noticing the purple and black liquid oozing its way through a pipe entrance on the back of the bed to enter into the tankard bed to join whatever was going on inside the bed.

“This will all be over soon…We will be greater than before…perfected creations…living forever in a never ending party that will be all for us…Join the cause Evan Abomination. Join GlamTrap.” The Black Rabbit taunted, Pulling Erin towards the mass of the Blob. Erin looked towards The Blob, which was steadily making its way down the wall with its wired connections. Erin called out for help, but nobody was coming…He was alone.

He made a grave mistake, so passionate to escape the confines of this existence. He thought about His short life with Zecora, about the fear and bravery they had against all this pain…and now it was wasted. Wasted because He tired. Well now He could rest. As The Black Rabbit carried Him towards the mass, Erin accepted His death with a sigh and a smile. “Goodbye everyone…” He muttered.

Suddenly, a green electricity shot out from the dark crack in the wall that was considered the entrance of the lab. The electric line pulled a mass forwards from the darkness, in the shape of a man. The man blasted forwards, yelling something He must have thought sounded awesome at the time and ran straight into The Black Rabbit, pushing Him away and releasing Erin. The Black Rabbit tumbled to the floor, the mask falling from His face as He rolled away. Erin turned to look at who His savior was, and laughed with joy. Jeremy and the others had arrived just in time.

Jeremy helped Erin to His feet, holding Axey who was enchanted with the power of remnant in His hand. “You ok my lord?” He asked sarcastically. Erin hugged Him tightly, whispering; ‘Thank you’. Freddy, Chica, Fionna, Vanessa, and Gregory got through the entrance, trying to not step on the child robot corpses at the entrance. “Erin! Are you alright?” Freddy asked, dashing forwards and to Jeremy’s side. Erin suddenly gasped, pushing Jeremy aside and jumping of the way Himself.
The Blob tried reaching for the group with a tentacle. The massive wire pile stared down at the group intensely, Its Freddy head looking around for any prey easy to capture like a spider in its web. Gregory, knowing how to deal with these kinds of creatures, raised His fazerblaster and called to Vanessa. “Fire at it! Now!” Gregory called out, aiming His sights. He fired a few rounds, hitting a few weak points on the creature to hopefully push it away. The creature screamed as the rounds of light hit a sensitive spot in the wiring, making it recoil like a snake and slither up the wall towards the center of the room and above the massive tank of purple liquid. Vanessa aimed for where the Blob was moving towards, making the creature double back. As the creature screamed, it tried escaping out through the crack in the wall that everyone had used as an entrance. Jeremy met it in the air, using His green dash to fly towards the beast and run Axey through its wires and cutting several strands that held the creature together. The beast screamed as it felt the weapon that was enchanted slide through its skin with ease.

The beast doubled back, writhing in pain as It slipped from the ceiling and fell to the floor, curling itself into a circle and screaming as Jeremy, Gregory, and Vanessa had it cornered. The Freddy head then started to shake, its faceplates then splitting to reveal its facial workings and give a hard scream. “LET US FREE.” It screamed, before trying to dive away. Gregory fired a round on the floor to scare it back. “You stay right there! Its over guys…We know what you are trying to do, we can handle it from here.” Gregory explained. The Blob seemed unhappy with this decision, as it wormed away from the group and slunk its mass backwards against the wall and hissed.

As Jeremy, Gregory, and Vanessa were preoccupied with the Blob, Freddy and the Glams looked towards the purple tankard. The liquid inside seemed rageful and violent. Its mass was swirling in the tank that was slowly draining into the recharge station at its feet. As the tank was about halfway empty, the liquid stopped emptying and the recharge bed gave a whirr of life. Fiona ran over towards the Black Rabbit, who was keeping His face away from the group. Fiona pulled the man up by the suit, demanding answers. “Who are you? Are you the Necromancer?” She demanded, Her claws tight on His suit.
Freddy looked towards the man, when He suddenly gasped in surprise. A mixture of horror and disgust formed on His face. “IMPOSSIBLE!” Freddy yelled, pointing towards Fiona and the Man. “YOU WOULDN’T! WHY?” Freddy yelled in anger. Chica was silent, completely lost in confusion as to what this meant. Jeremy looked towards what Freddy was in uproar about, which the Blob used as Its moment to slip away. It dashed by Jeremy, pushing Him to the floor and worming away through the crack in the wall. “Damn it! It got away!” Vanessa yelled, who ran towards the entrance to try and get to it but it was too late.

Gregory and Jeremy looked towards each other before Gregory saw who it was and His eyes went wide. “What the f*ck?” He muttered, pushing past Jeremy and looking just as concerned. Jeremy turned around, seeing what everyone was worried about. It was then that The Man and Jeremy locked eyes, and suddenly Jeremy felt a rage hit His brain that made His soul instantly blast to life.

A man with slick black hair, well-groomed and a beard to match. His build was strong and healthy, with a smile that could make anyone smile. His beard was well groomed and perfected, with a small purple line on the left-hand side of the beard. The man’s eyes were bright purple, clearly powered by the liquid in the tank. The manic man behind the mask, was none other than Mark.

“Hello everyone, nice to see you.” Mark chided with a laugh. He snapped His fingers and suddenly a purple light blasted Fiona away and destroyed Her hands. She whimpered as She fell to the ground, not feeling the pain of Her limbs breaking from the blast. Jeremy held Axey to His side, ready to attack Mark should He try anything. “Well well well…look what we have here. A few friends, some robots, and even a pile of garbage that poses like one of them eh? Foxy’s creation Star? Pathetic.” He laughed, retreating His smile and walking towards the Recharge station at the foot of the machine. The air was poisoned with stress and fear, pain incarnate laying within the mechanical tomb.

The dark lab was the home of an ancient evil, readying itself for its awakening. “Only one hour left…and the world will learn real horror and power…” Mark said, looking into the tomb’s glass window that was filled with a dangerous substance that soaked the body inside. Freddy spoke first, immediately enraged. “You! It was all because of you! Those people who hunted Gregory, brainwashed Vanessa, and killed all those children and controlled my friends! It was you!” Freddy j’accuse, clenching His fists tightly. Mark laughed, looking back towards Freddy and giving a smile. “Surprise…” He answered, shrugging. “But I watched you drown! In the river of the remnant! How…?” Gregory started, confused. Mark simply pointed towards His beard. “I haven’t truly been on the surface for years my boy…a clone, made just like you and Jeremy and Vanessa here…but I’m the real thing, the real Mark.” He greeted, as if some earthly preacher of the gospel. “Yes its true…I set the wheels in motion. It’s a real banger of a story if I must admit.” He said, like He was proud. “In truth, I think myself more as a…adventurer.” He explained.

Chica was nursing Fiona, looking over Her claws. “They’re totally busted…” Chica whispered. The fingers of Fiona were so broken that they couldn’t move. The thumbs were blasted right off, with the fore finger on the left hand and the left hand’s ring finger also missing. The right hand’s wrist was completely broken from the fall to Her side. She had been thrown a powerful distance, also damaging Her right hip parts. “I’ll be fine…” She spoke softly, before looking at the sight before Her. Freddy was shaking, like He was going to explode, while Gregory had His weapon primed and Jeremy was tightly holding His axe. “Why would you do this?” Chica yelled out, worried for Her friends. Mark sighed, inspecting one of His hands as He formed a purple and black mist around His fore finger and index finger.

“Power…strength…going beyond. Usually what could be considered the ‘evil’ traits. It’s not that I’m evil…I just want to see how much My body can take…you know?” he smirked, before locking eyes with Jeremy. “Mr. Jeremy…my faithful and diligent worker…who for so long has worked here since your creation.” He complimented. He then turned to Vanessa, “And dearest Vanessa, a hard and resilient worker…always willing to do what was asked of you.” He taunted, blowing a kiss. Vanessa cringed, uncomfortable. “And…Gregory is it? Such a powerful little man, definitely my favorite so far.” He said, pointing towards Gregory, which made the boy tense in thinking that an attack was about to charge.

“Its such a pity you aren’t on my side here…after all, this tank was what gave you life! Why are you so against me?” He asked, as if genuinely confused by what they were so against. “You kill people Mark…innocent people! Why? Are you cursed or something like Vanessa was?” Jeremy questioned. Mark’s laugh echoed the chamber as He bellowed. The Madman collected Himself before stating, “Oh I am in perfectly sound mind…I am just so tired. You know, when William created me I think He had different intentions of His design but I have done exactly what He needed of Me.” Mark explained, sitting on the top of the recharge tomb. He then lifted a hand and pressed onto the left side of His face, removing the top of His face smoothly and methodically. Underneath the ‘skin’, a host of electrical parts and a part of the face of an endoskeleton could be seen. “See Dawko was just a human filled with William’s desire but I am, from the ground up, a design to beat all others. I am as human as you…only filled with wires rather than veins. Gears for bones. Oil for blood. My creator had many creations but none were like me…designed for one purpose. Collection.” Mark explained. As He showed off His inner workings, several pieces of machinery could be seen moving and clicking in unison. He pressed the side of His face with the faceplate, which muffled the sounds of the machinery and returned Him to a natural state.

“We are all machines here my friends. Some of us were looser than others…some more restrictive…but that won’t matter soon.” Mark explained. “Because something really magical is about to happen.” Mark was walking over to a control panel off to the side of the machine, pressing down on machinery. From the entrance in the back of the room, several Endoskeleton zombies like from upstairs started moving into the room. Vanessa was the first to try and escape from the crack in the wall, but was stopped when a white fox face dashed from the hole into the room and grabbed Vanessa by the neck and hoisted Her up into the air and held Her hostage. “H-E-L-L-O S-I-S-T-E-R” The machine groaned, Her radio static voice was becoming more distorted. Gregory tried to aim towards Vanessa’s capturer, the Mangle, but was grabbed and beaten with a few punches by a trio of Endoskeletons who snuck up on Him.

Jeremy realized what was happening and tried to fight back, the endoskeletons were diving by the multitudes. He landed His axe into one’s head, which made it scream but left Him open to be attacked and captured by a endoskeleton that held him in a bearhug to keep His arms restrained. Freddy, Chica, and Fiona were all easily over powered, making them kneel and watch as the humanoid bots were being held tighter to keep their powers in check. Gregory was bleeding a synthetic fluid from His mouth and nose, His body showing what looked like bruises on His face. Jeremy was held down on the floor, with His heads kept still. “Let me go!” He commanded, but to no avail. “I’d be careful if I were you…they misstep and suddenly there’s no more Jeremy.” Mark warned.

Erin, who was spun by the whole situation, was grabbed by an endoskeleton and was thrown towards the tomb-like recharge station Mark was guarding. As Erin grappled on the floor, He looked towards the left side of the tank, seeing a creature come into view that He gasped at on sight. “The Trash Queen! No!” He screamed, crawling away. The Pigtailed queen that had control of Roxy Raceway walked into view, more towering than before. The make-shift tiara on Her head was starting to fall off its head with the goo that puddled by its feet. Its chest was beginning to froth like it was infected, clearly still damaged by the gunshot of the clone Mark. Its claw arm was still somewhat intact, held together by the black spider webbing of the goo she puked. Her green eyes peered around the room at the catch, looking hungry. “Ill admit Mark…your plan for Daddy worked incredibly. I was worried that you were unfaithful when your clone shot me. I was almost dead.” She explained with Her soft voice. Jeremy recognized it like from the dream inside the Blob, recognizing it as the voice from the final office that called out for ‘Michael’, Her brother. That must have been the daughter that was killed by Afton’s creation…guess she really was a Daddy’s girl.

“Apologies, I was unaware that my clone would last that long. I had to be sure that He didn’t understand what was going on so that the ruse could be kept Elizabeth…but have no fear, this will all work wonderfully.” Mark comforted. “How’s the ooze? Working well?” He asked. Elizabeth laughed wildly, “Oh so wonderfully! I am so pretty now! So much prettier than Baby ever was…I even had a little doggy. But I don’t know where Her chip went…It was very lonely without my puppy.” She explained, talking about Roxanne. Suddenly, Freddy shouted in a rage that surprised Chica AND Gregory. “DON’T YOU DARE BRING ROXY INTO THIS YOU BASTARD!” He roared, twitching violently as His eyes suddenly turned black like soot, with two green pupils in pair that looked around the room frantically. Mark and Elizabeth were surprised by this explosion of rage, green energy was slowly melting from His eyes like mist of morning dew and tears. “Well now…found a nerve? Do you care about Her Freddy? I know you have Her chip…maybe we can make you a new Roxy when everything is done?” Mark offered mockingly. “No! My Puppy you ugly bear! Be grateful we are letting you witness this greatness unfolding.” Elizabeth crowed, hissing at Freddy who tried to break free of His bonds. Suddenly, a voice that Freddy and Chica recognized called to Freddy. “Freddy! Dude! Calm down! Its alright!” The gruff person called out.

From the right side, slowly walking confidently into frame was Monty gator. He looked shiny and brand new, His green was even more vibrant than before. His star shades, identical to Glamrock Bonnie’s, were sitting on His forehead, revealing His crimson eyes underneath. Freddy and Chica were surprised by His wellness, with Chica speaking first. “Monty? But we saw you! How…?” Freddy then understood what was happening. “…He’s a traitor.” Freddy answered to Chica, who gasped and looked towards Monty sorrowfully. Monty cringed as he gave a sigh, looking down glumly at the floor. “I…didn’t want it to go this way Freddy…You…” Monty struggled to finish, leaving a quiet moment in the room that felt tense and thick. The only thing that could be heard for the moment of silence was the raspy breath of the ‘humans’, the moan of motors in the Endoskeletons, and the radio waves of Mangle. “Are we good? No more Suprises?” Mark asked with a forced smile. “You know, I got to thank Monty here however…It was because of Him we actually got a body to use for good ol’ pal in the coffin here. Why not I explain huh Monty?” Mark asked the robot, who looked away from the scene and didn’t respond.
“See, I’m not mechanically gifted…but I can work with what I got. See, we have tons of robots and the endoskeletons here were okay but for our friend in the coffin here I wanted something special…and what’s more special than a robot that this man designed Himself years and years ago?” Mark asked. “To answer your question Jeremy…I am not the necromancer, nor am I cursed. I am but a faithful follower, designed by yours truly!...And sitting in this bed, designed and protected, is the one and only Necromancer. My uncle William Afton…I call Him my uncle anyway.” He explained. Freddy suddenly remembered the news stories that He wasn’t allowed to talk about with park guests about…the missing kids and the killer. “You mean…you used a rabbit robot? But there are no rabbits here…not anymore.” Freddy said confused, until He suddenly gasped. “Wait…are you meaning to tell me…”

AS Freddy finished His sentence, Mark pulled a lever that activated something within the life-preserving machine that moved the coffin upright and turned it towards the group. As Freddy stared at the machine in horror, the small glass window turned towards the group, and Freddy could see the corpse that lay inside the machine before Him.
The robot’s face was bright blue with red stars on the cheeks. His eyes were closed, with a set of black, plastic eyelashes. The jaw was brighter than the rest of the face that naturally formed a smile. His two ears were long like a rabbit’s and had a set of golden ear piercings that floated in the purplish liquid. Freddy then moaned and looked like He was crying as He saw that the corpse in the machine was his lifelong friend and musical inspiration…Glamrock Bonnie.

Freddy pulled away from the endoskeletons holding Him down, moaning as He smashed the floor repeatedly. “NO! NO! NO! This isn’t real! Stop! Stop!” He moaned, the endoskeletons trying to hold Him back as He crawled forwards. “LET ME GO! LET ME FREE YOU BASTARDS! BONNIE!” He screamed, crying as He fell to the floor in embarrassing frustration and agony. Jeremy couldn’t help but stare as He felt like He was looking at something He shouldn’t have. Gregory felt terrible for Freddy, wanting to help Him but was restrained with bruises on His face.

Chica looked upset too, like She was ready to throw hands at whoever did this to Bonnie. That’s when Chica turned to Monty. “Monty…did…did you hurt Bonnie?” She asked Him. To which Freddy stopped and turned towards Monty. Monty was always the awkward one of the group, standing by and being quiet. He inherited Bonnie’s things by company order, and even got a pair of Bonnie’s shades. Monty only replaced Bonnie simply because Bonnie went missing, and they never found where He went. The urban mystery was something that always sat in the back of Freddy’s mind. Maybe Bonnie left? Found a new life somewhere or was moved by the company. But to find out that His friend was buried underneath them, hidden away like He was a monster. But if Monty was the reason…

Freddy stared with His hollowed eyes and green pupils, waiting for an answer. “I…I don’t know what happened! I just wanted a piece of the stardom and I tried talking to Bonnie…We were on the catwalk of Monty Golf and He wasn’t listening to me! I…” Monty looked incredibly uncomfortable, turning away from the group as He looked towards the purple tank, which looked like it was trying to push its way out of the glass and break free. Monty pushed His shades back up His face, not looking back towards the main group. “He pushed Bonnie off the ledge, making Him break His legs in the fall. Then, when Bonnie fell into the ball-pit waters, He turned Him off and hid Him away. William, through the weak form He has been trying to hold together recruited Him and I took the body off His hands…using it as a way for William to have a better form once more. I have fitted Bonnie with the best tech I could, built for perfection. All thanks to Monty!” Mark explained, bowing towards Monty.

Freddy couldn’t believe what He was hearing. He never would hurt someone, but in this moment He was ready to Kill Monty. He wanted to tear Him apart limb from limb. How could He do something like this? “Monty…Is this true?” Freddy asked the Gator, to which He responded with a simple: “Yes”. Freddy was twitching even more so, wanting to break free. “I saved you…I did all I could for you and you betray me and my friends…” Monty did not look towards the group, only looking towards the tank.

“I do not know if we can go to hell or heaven Monty, but if there is one for us…the darkest hell will come for you if I don’t first.” Freddy threatened. “You are not one of us…not anymore.” He growled. Monty sighed, finally turning towards Freddy. He slowly hunkered over towards Freddy, placing a gator claw on His chin and pulling His face up towards Him. “When we are done here…it won’t matter either way. I’m the star now Freddy Fazbear.” He said, frowning. “They will throw you away Monty…they are using you. When you are no longer useful, you will throw you to the garbage. I will not save you then Monty.” Freddy promised. Monty chuckled, “That won’t happen.” Monty asserted, before walking towards the opposite end from where He appeared from and folding His arms.

As Freddy and the others watched the coffin buzz to life, Mark pressed a few buttons on the console before Him, before sighing in joy. “Oh what a day! It’s going to be glorious! He’s ready everyone! Are you ready? I think this little sound bite I made suits the situation perfectly! I used to do something similar on a podcast once before.” He added with a sense of pride. He pressed a button and a voice from the overhead announcer that usually spoke the announcements of the Mega Pizza Plex could be heard in the lab.

It spoke in the usual text to speech voice, a little distorted to be deeper but with the same bumpiness and lifelessness of usual. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! We hope you enjoyed your stay here at Freddy Fazbears MegaPizzaPlex! Today, we have a special show just for you! This will be the last show we will ever do, and may be a show you could never see ever again! We hope you enjoyed your visit as our last entertainer bids you and your life, Aude! He’s the rabbit of the hour! The hoppy and happy face that all the kids know and love! He’s Glamrock Bonnie!” As the voice’s echo in the chamber silenced, a song began to play that was similar to the famous song that Freddy was known to sing. All building power was cut as a surge of energy was powered into the coffin bed.

Suddenly, the door of the recharge station hissed, unlocking and cracking open slightly. A purple smoke billowed out of the machine, smelling like burning gas. The purple smoke hid the body inside as the door of the recharge station opened completely to allow the creature inside to exit the container. For a moment there was no movement. A deep growl came from inside the tube, as Mark, Elizabeth, Monty, Mangle, and all of the uncursed robots looked on towards the creature.
Two purple eyes shined through the smoke as a singular, five fingered claw made of blackened metal grabbed hold of the side of the machine. It pulled itself forwards and as it slowly moved from the smoke, it’s reinforced feet stomped mightily onto the ground, birthing from the tube of power as the form stepped forwards from the bed. Its skin was neon purple, with black lines on the creases of the body that shimmered like opals. Its form was glittery and beautiful. No flesh, only machine was in this body. The paint was glossy, shimmering in the deep color of the lab. Its two ears were decorated with golden pins of rabbits and bones. Its left hand that it used to pull itself out looked like it belonged to the hand of a monster made of silver bones. Its other hand was four fingered like the rest of the Glamrocks, with a black, fingerless glove that was stretched over it. The creature had a giant black tail that was like a cotton ball, painted with a thunderbolt of purple. The red stars on the cheeks had purple outlines, shimmering in the light. Its eyes were so bright they were like spotlights, looking over the group before it. It wore nothing but a pair of black suspenders with purple stars on the design at random pattern. Its Glamrock fist was fitted with a black wrist guard that was spiked around it. The creature’s face had a small black nose, with four white whiskers poking out. It then raised its monster hand up, tensing its arm.

At once, a black goo shot from the arm and latched onto the star glasses on Monty’s face. Monty recoiled back, not expecting an attack. However, Monty wasn’t attacked. The monster stole the sunglasses, pulling them back towards itself and then placing the glasses onto its own eyes. The creature then took what could be considered a breath and released it like it had finally breathed for the first time. “I always come back!” He called out, laughing maniacally as It reared its head back and sighed. Before them, returned to live again, was the Necromancer…William ‘GlamTrap’ Afton.

Chapter 25: Chapter 24, 5:00 am

Chapter Text

“So this is the Jeremy and Gregory I’ve heard about…” GlamTrap taunted, stepping forwards from the tank He emerged from and gravitating towards Jeremy and Gregory, who were kneeled down to bow to GlamTrap by a duo of endoskeletons. GlamTrap’s earrings jingled as He leaned His rabbit-like face forwards to get a better look at the duo. He pulled up His corrupted hand and gently stroked the face of Jeremy, before grabbing His cheek and pulling Him closer to GlamTrap’s face. William GlamTrap observed His prey intensely and gazed into Jeremy’s eyes with His purple voids of darkness from His eye sockets. He then turned to Gregory, letting go of Jeremy and smiling wickedly. “We meet again…Gregory. I believe an earlier version of Me greeted you the first time yes? He was so excited…but He is with His whole now. I am here for you boy…” He said, as if that was some kind of good thing. He then turned towards Erin, who was captured and laid on the floor.

William sneered as He looked down at this…creature. He seemed disgusted by the boy, like a righteous anger flourished from Him. “You…you blasted bug.” He crowed, looking flustered and pained. “If it weren’t for you…Oh this I’ll take good pleasure in.” He said, shooing away the endoskeleton robot holding the boy down. Erin tried to get up and get away, but was grabbed by William before He could escape. The boy was grabbed by the collar of His shirt, being pulled into the air and held aloft to everyone could see. “Since the start…I recognized you for your likeness. Now…I see only a failure. You would never become my son.” He said, as His face plate retracted like The Blob’s face could, and a spaghetti of tentacles of black and purple erupted from His gape. The tentacles wrapped around the head of the boy, as Jeremy called out ‘ERIN!’. The tentacles pulsed, like they were sucking something from Erin. The group watched in horror as Erin struggled to get free of the eldritch being, unable to break free.

A bright blue glow was shining through the gaps of the tentacles, but Erin wasn’t able to break free. As the creature sucked more and more, Erin’s body that was exposed and dangling in the air suddenly went limp. Just as the blue lights died, the tentacles glowed bright purple and retracted into the beast and GlamTrap released the boy. Erin, or what was left of Him, fell to the floor with a thud. His face looked like His eyes and teeth were pulled out of His face, along with His skeleton. His eyes were black holes with nothing inside. His face looked like it was stretched like taffy, leaving a gasping face that laid on the floor and looked towards the group. Everyone was startled, the corpse of the king of kids lay dead on the floor. Freddy could do nothing but look towards the corpse of His friend, Glamrock Bonnie, speaking in words He would never do. His face was gaunt with sorrow at the loss of His friend, the pain He felt back then returning as His mind struggled to wrap around it. Chica looked on in terror, afraid of the monster that Monty helped create.

GlamTrap’s black tongue emerged from its throat and licked its lips, enjoying the meal of Erin. “Delicious…” He said, like a vampire admiring His kill. He then picked up the corpse and threw across the room, the machine smashing against the wall and out of view. He then looked over the other meals before Him, laughing. “Oh how delicious the soul is. How its taste graced my sweet ambrosia-less lips. The love of death so close in my empty tomb and yet so hostile. Shall you taste death? Nonsense.” He assured. He then turned towards Vanessa and Mangle. He called to Mangle to lower Vanessa down with a hand and sturdy voice. The beast did as it was told and lowered Her from the ceiling to Its master. Vanessa felt air in Her lungs, as the monster walked now towards Vanessa, who was starting to cry. Her

black mascara was starting to run, He body feeling weak as the monster leaned towards Her. “MY little bunny. My poor little bunny. Come to me…lost sheep.” He motioned, allowing Her to stand. He guided Her by the hand, as if a god. Jeremy called out to Vanessa. “DON’T! Don’t do this Vanessa! Please!”

GlamTrap snapped a claw and the Endoskeletons held down Jeremy tighter, making Him unable to speak. Freddy watched as the corpse of His friend lead this girl from the group and kneel before Her. GlamTrap was visibly very tall, having to kneel to talk. “My dear rabbit…how wonderful to see you in person it is.” He spoke, brushing through Vanessa’s golden hair. She looked conflicted. “You controlled me…you tried brainwashing me.” She growled. William looked at Her pensively, “I was training you! I wanted you as powerful as me…you did wonderfully. These creatures are imperfect…but I can make them better. I can put them back together correctly.” He promised, reassuring Vanessa as He snapped His fingers again towards an endoskeleton. The robot then walked away to grab something, as William continued. “This world doesn’t understand what we are Elizabeth. But I promise that I can help them. We can show them what we are.” He offered Vanessa. She at first seemed afraid, but then was confused. “W-who…” But looked over to Gregory, who was aggressively shaking His head. Vanessa just accepted the name, before looking back towards William.

“I’m scared…” She whispered, as William smiled sweetly. “Oh don’t be frightened little lamb. I promise…all will be well. I will keep you safe. I will bring everyone back and we will be happy again.” GlamTrap promised. The Trash Queen then spoke up. “Wait! This cannot be! I am your Daughter Daddy!” Elizabeth called out, to which GlamTrap spun towards the monster and hissed. “YOU ARE NO DAUGHTER OF MINE. SILENCE!” He roared, the ground trembling as He spoke. Elizabeth quickly silenced Herself, looking glum and hurt. Her heart began to wilt as She looked at the two. It was then that Mark cleared His throat. “Um If I may Mr. Afton. I believe we have a business to discuss? I brought you back and you promised me something I believe?” Mark asked with as much politeness as possible. “What could you possibly want from Him? He’s a monster!” Fiona called out, still restrained by an endoskeleton. Mark chuckled as He walked over towards Fiona. “You don’t get it do you? Why any of us are here tonight? This man has something that could change the world as we know it. He can bring the dead to life…bring life to creatures made of nothing but wires and screws.” Mark explained, pressing a finger against Fiona’s chest. “Bringing things like you to life, Fiona…Like Freddy to life…like all of us.” He explained, showing off the room to the victims. “All of us are here because of Me. Because I, like my uncle, had a dream.” Mark explained, as He then moved over towards William Afton’s side. “And through it all, I brought My uncle back to continue His wonderous work. William, My dear Uncle Willy. Will you teach me your power?” He begged, a tear in His eye as He looked up towards the Rabbit Robot that gazed back, empty of empathy.

There was a silence in the room for maybe three seconds, before a mass of tentacles blasted from the corrupted side of GlamTrap’s arm that pierced through the flesh and bone of Mark. He gasped in horror as the creature filled His body from the stomach with black, inky tendrils that broke Him apart. Blood gushed from every hole made in His body, breaking off His arms and legs, and making blood pour from His eyes, nose, and mouth, as He was dead on the spot. The tentacles retracted and returned to GlamTrap’s body, leaving the corpse on the floor that lay before William’s Feet. “No.” He responded, betraying His deal to Mark. Vanessa looked towards Her dead boss with shock and fear. She quivered, watching as GlamTrap looked back towards Her. “There are two options…you either die like Him…or Join me once more. This world is going to know me again, Elizabeth.” He said, coming close to Vanessa’s face. As GlamTrap held out a claw to Vanessa, the creature believing He won this night, Gregory and Jeremy called out to Vanessa. “DON’T DO IT!” They called out, their auras glowing blue and green respectfully with dim hue. As Vanessa looked towards the claw, A explosion came from the entryway of the Laboratory. Dust flew in all directions as rocks blasted in all directions. The cave rattled like skulls, throwing garbage everywhere and disorientating everyone in the room. Fog and dust bellowed, hiding the boulders that fell from the wall and landed on endoskeletons that piled onto the friends. Fiona used the disorientation as a means to break free from Her capturers and fought to be freed. Chica was able to break from the endoskeleton holding Her down when a boulder the size of a tennis shoe hit Her enemy endoskeleton’s head at mock speeds, breaking it clean off. She then ran to Freddy and attacked the endoskeletons on Him. Freddy was freed instantly, letting them free Gregory and Jeremy as well.
In the confusion, the Real Elizabeth, the Trash Queen, ran away behind the giant vat of soul juice. William made a shield of tentacles around Him and Vanessa as the debris attacked them from above. Monty was grazed by a boulder, scratching His green face and revealing a slight bit of His endoskeleton underneath and taking out an eyeball in the process to reveal His endoskeleton eye. As the dust settled, in the sky was visible a flying vessel. The ship was like a pirate ship, with several bits of metal hastily put on the bottom of the hull to give extra protection. Several cannons were placed on the front of the ship that gave extra fighting power as the ship was facing the lab before itself. A flag of the Jolly Roger was flying through the wind of the cave behind it.

Emerging to the front of the ship was two figures. One looked like an armored robotic Fox with a magnificent blue cape. He wore a signature Pirate Foxy Hat with several feathers of color that flowed in the wind. He had a neatly polished Hook that raised to the skies to hold fire on the lab. The other figure looked like an older man, with a nightguard outfit that was in need of cleaning. Fiona gasped as She realized who Their saviors were. “DADDY!” Fiona yelled out. “Ahoy down there you land lubbers! Did We Mis’ anythin’?” Captain Foxy called out. Jeremy’s eyes went wide as He realized that He may be in a bit of trouble.

“Hey down there! You need some help?” Winston called out, unsheathing a sword He borrowed from Foxy, as He held out a free hand. A purple rope came from His arm that roped onto the ship. He then dropped down and swung down to help in fighting. He swung His blade towards an endoskeleton’s approach towards Freddy, knocking it to the floor and stabbing His face with the sword and pressing a hand on the robot’s chest. The soul of the robot seemed almost to get sucked into Winston, making Him begin to change. His body became younger and His hair grew shorter, like time itself on is face and body was reversing. “I thought you were too afraid.” Jeremy called out. Winston, with hair out of His eyes, simply said; “I changed my mind.”

As GlamTrap and the rest of the corrupted looked on, GlamTrap growled in anger. “What is the meaning of this? Foxy! How dare you!” He demanded. The Fox Pirate looked on in pride and with a smirk. He polished Himself up for this very moment. For years, He lived in fear of the Necromancer. Now…Now was the time to free His Family and Crew for real. “I used the last bit of Fairy Dust to raise the old girl…When I’m done, I won’t need a dus’ from the likes of yeh!” He bellowed, cackling like a mad man. “Now Maties! Charge!” Foxy called out. “AYE AYE CAPTAIN FOXY!” The Crew behind Foxy called out. Lanky, The Chef, Old Moldy, and even some endoskeletons that were here to help that Jeremy didn’t know had jumped from the ship and were combating Endoskeletons from Afton’s Army to fight.

Foxy then jumped Himself, pulling a sword from His waist as He did and rushing towards Fiona. “Star…Aye is sorry for keepin’ you locked down ‘ere. I shoulda told yah the truth of yourself.” Fiona was confused at first, when she remembered what She was wearing. “Aye…You know I love you, My Northern Star.” He said, hugging His daughter in the fight. “Don’t hate your old man, okay Fiona?” He asked, Foxy’s long, bushy red tail circling His daughter. Fiona simply laughed. “I never hated You Daddy.” She said, as She broke from Her Father and smashed the head of an Endoskeleton that was upon them. “I never will.” She said, smiling back at Him. Foxy nodded with a smile, before looking towards Jeremy. Jeremy was fighting off an endoskeleton going towards Chica, who was already knee deep in trouble. Foxy and Jeremy locked eyes for a minute, before Foxy came sprinting over towards Jeremy. In that moment, Jeremy closed His eyes and made a quick prayer. “God, I apologize for literally everything I’ve done. If my soul goes to heaven…” But as Jeremy was saying His prayer; in a surprising twist, Foxy pushed Jeremy aside and attacked an endoskeleton behind Him and saved Him. Foxy stabbed the endoskeleton in the head and kicked it aside. “You kept Her safe from this madman…” He pointed towards GlamTrap. “…I think that’s sorry enough for kidnapping Fiona.” He laughed as He pulled the man up and picked up Axey to hand to Jeremy. Jeremy sighed in relief and joined with Foxy in smashing the Endoskeleton swarm from Afton.

It was chaos. Robots falling left and right in the rampage. At one point, The Trash Queen joined the fray and used Her claw arm to try and grab onto Gregory, but Freddy grabbed onto Her head from behind and body slammed Her backwards and pulled off Her head in the process. “Keep your claws off My Superstar!” He yelled, throwing the creature aside. AS Elizabeth tried to repair Herself, Her rolling head saw Her body then thrown to the side and crushed by other robots. As the last of Her power drained and Her soul was demised, she cried as Her life left Her once more. Green gas-like energy flowed out of Elizabeth’s body and into a vent shaft above that circulated into the giant tank in the middle of the room.
As Gregory smiled towards Freddy, He saw Monty who was exiting through the back door. He pointed it out to Freddy, who saw Monty at the last moment. Freddy looked back to Gregory. The two nodded in agreement, as Gregory climbed back into Freddy’s stomach hatch once more and the two chased after Monty Gator. Down the trashed hallway, Freddy ran as fast as He could. “MONTY!” Freddy called out to the imposter, picking up speed. Freddy saw Monty and the Gator panicked. The robot ran down the hallway and hung a left turn as fast as He could. Freddy slammed into the wall, but being sure that Gregory was okay. “You okay Gregory?” Freddy asked, but Gregory yelled out; “He’s getting away! Hurry!” As if to say He was fine.
Monty was already down the hallway, bursting through a set of double doors at the end of the hall. Monty ran into an open room where a collection of generators were placed in vertical succession that powered the lab. Freddy wasn’t too far behind as Monty tried to find a place to hide. When Freddy burst through the doors. Another set of double doors were ahead that Monty could have run through. The generator room was running, but the dim, red lights for the emergency power made it hard to see. As Freddy ran to the other end of the room, Monty jumped from the darkness and pounced onto Freddy, making the Bear tumble to the floor with Gregory inside. Gregory instantly jumped from the chest cavity and gave a spirit blast from the Fazer Blaster into Monty’s exposed eye. Monty roared as He tumbled backwards and fell to the floor. Gregory was now outside of Freddy, trying to help the bear up. Freddy got to His feet, as Monty was unblinded and tried to charge for Gregory. Freddy stopped Him and grabbed Him by the shoulders. Freddy then pushed Him against the generators and held Him close to exposed electricals. “He trusted you! We all trusted you!” Freddy bellowed in anger. Monty shoved off Freddy’s left hand from His left shoulder and tried to spin Freddy around to the electricals. But Freddy was stronger than Him, and pelted Him to the floor by holding down Monty’s right arm and holding it against His back. “He taught you the guitar and everything! He welcomed you and loved you! You took Him from us!” Freddy roared.

Monty then kicked Freddy in the knees, making Freddy buckle enough that Monty could crawl away. Gregory tried to hold Monty down, but the little boy stood no chance and Monty grabbed His neck and threw Him at the double doors on the other end of the hall. Gregory was slightly stunned, struggling to get up. Freddy couldn’t see what happened, His front faceplate being messed up that Freddy had to click it in place to fix it. He then charged for Monty, punching His face with a hard fist. Monty was stunned a little, before kicking out Freddy’s legs with His gator tail and hopping on top of Freddy to hold Him down. Suddenly, Monty screamed as a light burst was fired from Gregory as He was still getting up from the floor. Monty punched Freddy, then got up and charged towards Gregory. Gregory jumped out of the way just in time as Monty charged through the double doors.

Gregory got up, His forehead bleeding black and red and helping Freddy up to His feet. The two charged through the double doors behind them to the other room. The room was a catwalk that was suspended over a ravine-like room. The ravine was filled with Chipper Holes, with Chippers resting inside peacefully. A giant crane with a walkway over it could be spun to let a person down into the Chipper hole. The crane had a computer that was somewhere in the room, which let Afton see their progress for mining for the spirit dust. Monty was getting to His feet on the railing that kept people from falling off. Freddy charged towards Monty. “I saved you! When you were corrupted I saved you! When all along you took Bonnie from us!” He punched Monty repeatedly, listing His crimes. “You took Bonnie from Chica! You took Bonnie from Roxy! You took Bonnie away from everyone!” and as Freddy was crying softly, attacking Monty with as much ferocity as He could muster. “YOU TOOK BONNIE FROM ME!” He screamed, weeping as He broke Monty apart. Monty growled as He pushed Freddy off of Him. The two locking together and beating each other to death. Freddy was already getting very battered, but Monty’s face was almost completely missing. Monty gave a wind up to Freddy, knocking the Bear to His back and hitting the catwalk floor that rattled precariously from the extreme weight. “Don’t you get it Freddy…it’s not real. Its just in our heads. I didn’t kill anyone…I shut down a system. We are real Freddy.” He explained, getting to His gator feet. “When we shut down at night, we are given memories…new chips…nothing is real.” Monty said with a monotoned and distant voice.
Freddy didn’t accept that answer. Gregory helped Freddy up before shooting at Monty to try and stun Monty. However, the gun seemed to lose the effect now that Monty was used to the blasts. Freddy charged forwards, now gridlocked into a shoving contest with Monty. “And when we are done here, I’m going to be given the memory of being the best…being the ring leader. Then I can be shut down. I can be free of the cycle at night Freddy. Remembering nothing and all the things I want to remember Freddy. I will be great.” Monty explained, shoving Freddy away and breaking off a metal pipe on the catwalk. Gregory looked for a loose pipe and gave it to Freddy before Monty attacked.

“Freddy! Take this!” Gregory said, giving Freddy the pipe. “All of this is fake…Bonnie loved only those who He was programmed to love…” Monty spoke, the echo in His voice becoming louder. Freddy dashed forwards with the pipe, trying to beat at Monty. It was like a sword fight, the two smacking pipes together like two knights in a duel. Monty did a downwards strike, trying to hit Freddy’s head, but Freddy saw the movement and blocked it, sliding Monty’s weapon downwards to try and knock it from His hands. Monty then jumped back, then dashed forwards with a piercing action to then stab Freddy’s chest. Freddy then jumped to the side, almost falling backwards, and attacked with a horizontal swing with the momentum of the jump to hit Monty’s back. Monty fell into a roll to avoid the attack, spinning around and then going for the knees of Freddy.

They exchanged movements, each not letting the other get the advantage. Gregory watched on, unsure how to help Freddy. Gregory then saw a computer on the opposite side of the duel and dashed in between to reach it. On the terminal, the system needed to be hacked into. Gregory, using His blue spirit to try and mess with the controls, was working on the computer as the duel continued. Monty finally had Freddy pinned against the railing as the two’s blades were in a shoving contest. Monty was pressing ahead as Gregory finished His plan. “Bonnie never really loved you…You were just a puppet.” Monty said, laughing like a madman. Freddy held back a roar, as He leaned into Monty. “You’re wrong…I love Bonnie…and I know He loved me. You were never meant to be one of us.” Freddy growled, as Freddy fought against Monty.

Suddenly, the back of the railing gave out, making Freddy topple backwards. He was caught however, as the crane walkway caught Him just in time. Monty growled as Freddy was raised upwards and He got up onto the walkway moving. Monty jumped up onto the rising catwalk, as the two began their duel once more. “Go Freddy!” Gregory called out. Suddenly, the Chippers were becoming restless as they were awakened from their slumber. Gregory ran towards a doorway behind Him and out of the room, hoping Freddy could take Monty on. The Chippers surrounded the lift, as the two continued to duel.
Gregory ran down the hallway, with a few endoskeletons for Afton were appearing from side room down the hallway. Gregory continued to run, heading towards an open doorway ahead of two double door. A growl came from a vent behind Gregory as He ran down the dusty hallway of bland colors and checker board floor. Knocking the endoskeletons out of the way and quickly sprinting towards Him was Mangle. “T-H-E-R-E Y-O-U A-R-E.” It hissed, chasing the boy. Gregory ran through the double doors, hanging a right that lead to another room that had the words ‘Scooping Room’ In bright white text on red wood over the door. Gregory busted through the doors and blocked them with a chair that could hold the door for a while.

As Gregory looked around the room, a giant machine that with inside a circular room was hanging visibly in front of Gregory. The machine looked like an arm of a giant monster, with four claw parts that could grab onto objects of any size. A collection of buzzsaws for cutting off unneeded parts were attached to the machine that looked sharp enough to cut metal. Gregory suddenly had an idea. “Wires monster only functions if it has wires right?” Gregory looked to the side of the machine and saw the computer terminal and began working at it. The dark room hissed to life as Gregory started messing with buttons and controls. The mixed-put together monster was trying to break through the double doors Gregory blocked with the chair, slowly making its way through. The foxy head was trying to look through the crack in the doorway, slowly able to shove itself through as Gregory was messing with the Scooper controls.

The Mangle then slammed the doors, enough to shake the chair loose and then burst through the double doors. AS Gregory was just about to activate the machine, The Mangle grabbed the boy’s foot and tried pulling Him away. “NO NO NO!” Gregory yelled out, blasting from His hand this time for a stronger effect. The blue light made the creature release and try for a different angle at grabbing the boy. “Y-O-U B-E-L-O-N-G W-I-T-H U-S…B-R-O-T-H-E-R.” Mangle Screamed. As the monster tried for Gregory again, the Boy activated the Scooper and the machine buzzed to life. The buzzsaws began spinning and the grabbing arm reached out towards the Mangle. When Mangle realized what was happening, it was too late. Gregory dipped out of the room, just as the machine grabbed Mangle and started cutting away at the machine. The creature had then screamed unlike it ever had before. The shrieks were like radio static, making the room shiver and Gregory’s eardrums to ring violently and knock Him to the floor. Mangle couldn’t reach Him, and piece by piece the machine sliced and sliced away torturously on the machine. It’s arms, it’s second head, and every other part in between. The machine then finished off with the Foxy head and with a release of steam, the robot arm released what was left of Mangle.

The creature laid dormant, the machine sliced to death from the Scooper. Gregory sighed with relief, when the cave gave a shake, making Him refocus and try to join the others. Alone the first of the machines sat. Left to rot in a useless room and forgotten.
Back in the main room, the fighting was intense. GlamTrap was keeping Vanessa away from the rest of the fight. The room was filled with bodies of robots, with the surviving robots of Foxy and the Glamrocks trying to face the onslaught of never ending it seemed endoskeletons. GlamTrap was unsure of what to do, His plan beginning to fall apart at the seams. He suddenly looked up at the giant vat of purple soul liquid and had an idea. “Vanessa…this is your last chance. Join me…” He offered, His claw slightly shaking. Vanessa knew Her answer. “Never…” She growled, before breaking away from Afton. The monster looked genuinely hurt for a moment, before sighing and smiling villainously. “Then die with the rest of them, traitor.” He growled in anger. He then blasted tentacles from His corrupted arm into the tank of soul juice and began sucking it all inside of Him. The liquid swirled angerly as the energy of all the souls He tortured and created began flowing into His very being.

He started to grow, like a cyst. His arms and legs began to writhe and expand. His eyes went bright purple as His very being was bloating and ballooning. Jeremy looked on in fear as the creature was growing stronger and the vat was emptying. “Shoot the vat! Quickly! Someone!” Jeremy yelled out. Foxy answered the call, using a rope on the side of the ship to climb up. He ran to a cannon and aimed it at the vat of poisonous souls. With a swipe on the cannon’s firing rope, the cannon then blasted a cannon ball at the vat. The metal ball shot right through the tank,