Murder on the Nile - REP Entertainment (2024)

Murder on the Nile - REP Entertainment (1)

Na het succes van TheMousetrap en MurderontheOrient Express, komt dit seizoen Murder on the Nile naar de Nederlandse theaters.
Laat je meevoeren op de schilderachtige Nijl, waar liefde, jaloezie en wraak samenkomen tot een dodelijk hoogtepunt. Een moordmysterie, georkestreerd door deGrand Dame of Suspensezelf: Agatha Christie.

Wat begint als een romantische cruise, verandert in een nachtmerrie. Wanneer er in het holst van de nacht een schot klinkt en er een levenloos lichaam gevonden wordt, staan alle passagiers op scherp, en is niemand meer onschuldig. De spanning aan boord stijgt als Canon Pennefather te dicht bij de waarheid komt, en op het punt staat om een schokkende onthulling te doen. Wie blijft er met zijn hoofd boven water? En wie gaat ten onder aan zijn eigen leugens?

Murder on The Nile is een spannende, eigentijdse whodunit, waarbij je als bezoeker wordt meegenomen op een intrigerende reis vol suspense, passie enonverwachte wendingen.Ontmasker jij de moordenaar voordat het schip de haven bereikt?


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Stanley BurlesonAmbrose Pennefather

Wilbert GieskeDokter Bessner

Rick EngelkesDokter Bessner

Anne de BlokKay Ridgeway

Doris BaatenMevrouw Ffoliot-Ffoulkes

Sjoerd SpruijtSimon Mostyn

Jeske Van de StaakJacqueline de Severac

Alexander Schuitema William Smith

Julia LammertsChristina Grant

Lotte van der MadeLouise

Silyan El KattabiSteward





JASPER VERHEUGD regie en script

JORIS VAN VELDHOVEN decor en kostuums


URI RAPAPORT lichtontwerp

MAARTEN HOUDIJK geluidsontwerp


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Posted on March 11, 2024

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Murder on the Nile - REP Entertainment (2024)


Why was Bouc killed off? ›

Unfortunately, he got killed on the Karnak when he saw the killer trying to cover up Linnet's shooting. Bouc was only in the wrong place at the wrong time because he was trying to steal Linnet's necklace, which he intended to pawn so he could get money for marriage.

Why was the new Death on the Nile so bad? ›

Death on the Nile here is a little different from the plot of the novel. Instead of being able to present a dense mystery story, this film has too much lip service in portraying the character of Linnet Ridgeway.

What happened to Poirot's wife? ›

Katherine, Hercule Poirot's first wife and great love, haunts him throughout A Haunting in Venice, impacting his relationships and beliefs. Katherine died in a train accident while on her way to visit Poirot in the hospital, leaving him closed off from love and full of guilt.

Who killed Lynette in Death on the Nile? ›

Locking the surviving guests in the boat's bar, Poirot reveals that Simon killed Linnet, with Jackie acting as mastermind. They are still lovers, and arranged Simon's romance with Linnet to inherit her wealth. Jackie drugged Poirot's champagne and pretended to shoot Simon with a blank.

Who is Bouc in love with in Death on the Nile? ›

Bouc heralds Poirot as the greatest detective of all time and provides him with a rundown of all the guests as well. As Death on the Nile progresses, Bouc is shown to be in love with Rosalie Otterbourne (Letitia Wright), the daughter of Salome Otterbourne (Sophie Okonedo).

What was the controversy with Death on the Nile movie? ›

For those aware of the Hammer allegations, though, the film has a surreal cast. “There's a scene in Death on the Nile in which Armie Hammer aggressively kisses a woman's neck, and I swear I thought he was gonna take a bite,” wrote one Twitter user, alluding to the actor's alleged cannibalism kink.

How old is Poirot when he dies? ›

Taken at face value it appears that Poirot was over 125 years old when he died.

What illness did Poirot have? ›

Coronary Heart Disease and the Ischemic Demise of a Beloved Fictional Hero: Hercule Poirot of Agatha Christie Fame.

Is Hercule Poirot autistic? ›

He has also been depicted in film and television by an array of actors, with Kenneth Branagh's latest iteration, A Haunting in Venice, opening on the big screen in September 2023. Poirot's characteristics have led us to speculate that he may be autistic, even though Christie never explicitly said so.

Why did Poirot shave at the end of Death on the Nile? ›

The film ends with Poirot shaving off his mustache in a bid to open himself up once more to the possibility of love and life outside of his work, especially after realizing he may have been using his mustache to hide parts of himself and keep others at arm's length.

Why did Simon marry Linnet? ›

As it turns out, Simon's marriage to Linnet was itself a plot that Jacqueline came up with in order to help her beloved Simon get the wealth he always wanted—by marrying and then murdering Linnet. As with all of the other criminals in the novel, Simon is motivated by greed.

How do Poirot and Bouc know each other? ›

Monsieur Bouc, the director of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagon Lits, is an old friend of Poirot's from their days of service in the Belgian Police Force.

Why did Agatha Christie stop writing Poirot? ›

By 1930, Agatha Christie found Poirot "insufferable", and by 1960 she felt that he was a "detestable, bombastic, tiresome, ego-centric little creep". Despite this, Poirot remained an exceedingly popular character with the general public.

Why was Poirot killed? ›

Poirot dies from heart condition complications after refusing to take his amyl nitrite pills. By the final novel, Poirot is already older and weaker, but pretends to use a wheelchair to trick people into thinking he was more infirm.

Who killed Bouc's Death on the Nile? ›

While Jackie distracted Bouc and Rosalie, Simon killed Linnet and, returning to the saloon, shot his own leg, muffled by Van Schuyler's scarf. Jackie killed Louise with Windlesham's scalpel and Bouc with Andrew's gun.

Why did Poirot shave his mustache at the end of Death on the Nile? ›

The film ends with Poirot shaving off his mustache in a bid to open himself up once more to the possibility of love and life outside of his work, especially after realizing he may have been using his mustache to hide parts of himself and keep others at arm's length.

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