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Live from the Car Care Studios, it's the CNC Auto Show. With your personal on-air and online automotive service advisors, Aaron Clements and John Ryan Mooney. So climb in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride on the CNC Auto Show. And we do welcome you to the CNC Auto Show.

You jump in, buckle up, and hold on. I'm Aaron Clements, and I'll be your driver or host driver today. As we ride, I'll share information on ways to keep your car safe, dependable, and long-lasting. Your co-host is Jimmy Braswell. Jimmy is the Director of the Atlanta South Region of O'Reilly Auto Parts, and he is here to answer car questions and automotive parts questions. Jimmy, welcome back. Thank you, sir. Glad to be here. All right, we are ready to go.

If you have a question about your car truck SUV, you can give us a call at 800-224-9090 or 706-863-5800. That's any Saturday morning, 805 to 10 Eastern. You can also watch the show live on Facebook. And I have to mention this. We cut up a lot in the studio, and I was just talking to our show producer, Mason Rogers. Now, he's a member of this thing to where you pay so much a month and they just send you something. A little subscription box.

Yeah, a subscription box. Okay, so a knife. He was showing the knife that he got. Now, he has this other item in his pocket that they sent to him just in case of an emergency. Where is it, Mason?

We need it. It's a very elaborate-looking valve stem just in case you're riding down the road and your valve stem falls off. Hey, I mean, you never know when. Maybe it gets dry-rodded.

Maybe you've been at the beach and the salt gets to it. I don't know. That's an odd one. And like 10 years from now, the valve stem finally falls out and he says, wow, now I got it. You just wonder what their thought process is to send that. Exactly. But hey, better be safe than sorry.

But also, if somebody's valve stem is fell out on the side of the road… You've got bigger problems. You can also… Hey, let's go to a Tech Tip quiz. Oh, wow. If someone knows the answer to the Tech Tip quiz… You good? You got to make it?

You probably need to order a bunch of those to keep you here. If someone knows the answer to this and they can win the coffee mug… Now, this Tech Tip quiz has been in the fridge a little bit. We really didn't get an answer to it.

It was last week. So we're bringing it back out for someone to be able to answer this because I think it's sort of an important Tech Tip quiz. Susan had a great job where she only worked on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but this year she found that her kids had to be at school at the same time and she had to be at work. That she had to be at work. She was worried that she may need to quit her job, but she came up with an idea that not only made it possible, but it also saved her a lot of money.

What did she do? And if you know the answer to that, you will win a prize package, which includes the official Tech Tip quiz winner coffee mug, but also you can win a valve stem. We will ship it out to you immediately.

Just in case your valve stem ever falls out. Okay. Again, number to call is 706-863-5800 or 800-224-9090. Mason, are you going to be alright? Everyone… There it is. Keep it in that pocket.

You never know. Everyone now knows about that. I bet that's going to be the hottest selling item for today. Everybody's going to go buy one. Yeah, everybody's going after a valve stem. I'm going to put those in stock at all of our stores. I think I'm going to just go get a regular valve stem and keep that in my pocket instead of getting a real fancy valve stem.

Look, somebody's calling to get one right now. Hey, Jimmy, I want to ask a question. What in-service training do you use or does Team O'Reilly use to be able to keep the parts people up to date on how to look up the right parts? And new technology for looking up parts. So we have a training system called Fast Track. It's kind of like a video game learning system, if you will. So you can go in and it gives you anywhere. It may have a video that you need to watch and then it will have questions that relate to the video or it may be a certification that you have to get for that day.

But it's something less than five minutes. So you'll watch the video or it may be something that you already think you know and you can skip the video and some of them and just go take the quiz on the questions. But it's every day you can log in and take it. So it helps keep us up to date on various operational procedures that we may have within the company. Or if we have a new product that comes out, it could be something on there relating to a new product, whether it's a JB Weld product or Berryman.

It could be something if they just came out with a brand new product, it could be relating to their product so that we have more information on it. So they do have programs in place to not only when they're onboarding somebody when a new member comes on, but ongoing training for the people that are there. Absolutely. I sign on and take it every day on my phone. Oh, really?

Oh, that's kind of neat. Okay. Ready to go to the call? Let's go.

All right. Let's go over to William. William, welcome to the CNC Auto Show. What can we help you with? Good morning, sir.

I was going to try that old tech quiz again. Oh, my goodness. We got one. Oh, yeah, we do. Hey, don't make me get mad at William either, because I'm really wanting that cup.

And William, also, you do know that we added to that. You also, if you win, you get the prize package plus a valve stem. The emergency valve stem repair tool. That's where it's at.

That you can carry with you throughout your lifetime. I was listening to that story in a valve stem. I mean, really, just not going down the river. It is one of those things. You just never know.

You got to be prepared. Well, I mean, that's one of those things I would have to actually see in person and probably not believe it myself. Oh, it's a nice-looking one. And, you know, I guess I've been pretty lucky.

My valve stems never fell out. All right, here we go. I've got some vehicles. William, I'm going to read the question real quick. Susan had a great job where she only worked on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But this year, she found that her kids had to be at school at the same time that she had to be at work. She was worried that she may need to quit her job, but she came up with an idea that not only made it possible, it also saved her money.

What did she do? I'm thinking she talked with her boss and started to work online. So she was home the whole time and saved a bunch of gas money.

Ooh. She wasn't able to work online on that. She was actually the receptionist there at the doctor's office. I just made that part up as a wimp.

But, yeah, she couldn't do that online. So, William, I was trying to think of your rooster's name again. That would have been my guess. So, hey, I'm out. Well, the rooster, he's off the quiet. Oh, Blackbeard. Blackbeard, okay. All right, William, thank you.

Blackbeard's off the quiet this morning. Thank you very much. Have a great day. All right, bye-bye. Thank you.

Thanks, William. All right, guys, so let's take a look at this. It's a bunch of brass-looking stuff and it's got, like, a wingnut-looking thing on it to put it on the wheel.

If we're missing what this is, somebody please let us know. I mean, wow. You've got to have a way to pump the tire back up. No doubt. I mean, I would carry...

The compressor comes in an X-box. And what's good about it... Well, it plugs into the cigarette line. No doubt. And years and years that you're going to carry this around in your pocket, just in case your vast of all that, you got to wait till you get four more, you could pull it out and you can kind of, it's a good, interesting piece to play around with, though.

It's fantastic. All right. With the keys in the remotes and stuff, your pocket is so full.

You can't even get your hand in it. That is exactly right. Hey, we're going to, we're going to need to run for just a second. We're going to be back with more of the CNC auto show.

We will get your answer in just a second. We will hold on. Let's head back down to the car care studio with Airman Clements and John Ryan Mooney CNC auto show is brought to you in part by JB Weld world's strongest bond.

JB Weld products can be used on practically anything metal, wood, plastics, glass, ceramics, and more learn more at jb and we were back with you and, uh, we had a, uh, uh, uh, a good time during the break there. We were, we found some new information on this valve stem thing that our show producer, Mason Rogers received in the mail. This thing is, is built very well, but it's supposed to be set up to where if your valve stem falls out, you don't actually have to take the whole wheel off the rim to put it on there.

And, uh, you can just stick it on there. It's built very well. It is whoever makes this sponsor, the CNC auto show. Um, we've talked about this thing for like 20 minutes now.

You're you're welcome. Everybody's got to buy one. Um, contact Aaron Clements.

So keep it for 10 years in your pocket, just in case you need one. Let's go back over to Billy. Sorry, Billy. Hey, Billy.

Welcome back to the show. Hey, good morning. I'm 66 years old. I've been driving for 50 years and I've never asked him how long he's going to have to keep that in his pocket, but maybe an 80 or so. Hey, it could, it could also be a weapon. It's heavy enough. Uh, I can throw that pretty good in case your car's in the water. You would not, you would not believe how well this thing is built.

I mean, it's just, and what are the odds of your valve stem falling out of your car? Maybe the bus, maybe the bus, the windows out in case his car's in the water. There you go. Really got it. Yeah. I think he pays like 60 to 60 a month for these people. He was like, he was like, I've been thinking about not, not renewing it.

This might be the reason to stop. All right, Billy. I need their job. Cause I can put yourself in a box. There you go.

Hey, Billy, we're going to put you on stage. You're ready? All right.

You ready? Charge. You are old stage and we are ready for you to answer today's tech tip quiz.

What is it? I, I would say she had a neighbor that kids went to the same school and she worked out a deal to, if she'd take them on Mondays and Wednesdays, then she would take care of it or Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, if she would take them on Tuesday and Thursday and Friday, she'd take them Monday and Wednesday and any other time they needed to go. Oh, Billy, wait a minute. Now you're not talking about like carpooling.

Are you carpooling? That's right. Oh, man. Let's see what they got. No, we won't give them the really fancy valve stem, but his is just going to be a regular valve stem. Yeah. I'll pass on that. The cup's nice.

I want a cup. Susan decided to carpool. She called her friends that normally take their kids to school. She found one that loved the idea of taking the kids on two days a week and them taking the kids three days a week.

And it worked out perfect. So if you plan to do this, I'd start finding someone right away. The kids are going to be going back to school very soon. And that can give a lot of parents some, uh, some freedom of, of having someone to share in the ride experience. And actually, if you, uh, if you have several that join in, you may only be having to take the kids a couple of times a week can make your life a little bit easier having to, because I know so many people really love taking the kids to school because that is kind of like an honor to be able to, but also many times you work.

So it's very difficult to be able to squeeze that in every time those lines are insane at school. Yes, they, they, they can be very happy, but Billy, you are the winner. Great job. And, uh, and, uh, that way you'll have this in case you ever lose a valve stem. I was going, I was going to say you could drill a hole in it and put it on a lanyard and put his pressure gauge on and everything.

And he looked like a real salesman. There you go. All in one.

Yeah. I'm going to, I'm going to pay my $60 a month and get one. Mason, you don't have to take this.

I could almost buy a tire for that. Hey Billy, thank you very much. Thank you. Appreciate the call.

Okay. The number to call 7 0 6 8 6 3 5 800. If you have a question about your car truck or SUV, you give us a call. And we were talking about, uh, training and I think we discussed some things having to do with how they go with the ongoing training, but what, what's some of the ways that they determine where to put a store? So that's, that's kind of a good question. Um, probably similar, similar to how you would look for where you'd want to put a new shop. You know, we want to look for where there's a lot of residential area, where there's shops, where there's businesses, um, any, anywhere where we could take market share. So obviously our competition does a really good job where they put stores and, and everybody's seen our stores. Um, I live in Atlanta now, so I'm in a more Metro area. We will build a store right across the street from our competition.

We are not scared. Um, so we absolutely believe we have better teams, so we'll put them in the same parking lot. If we got to, I had a store in on Buford highway in Brookhaven, literally you would pull in, if you go left, you would go to our competition. If you go right, you pull in our store. I mean, same, same driveway for both businesses. So, but you know, we want to make sure we're in an area that can support the business and we won't want to be profitable in, and it's got, you know, a good turn in good turnout and a good flow of traffic. So people will be safe when they're coming in, going out and, and, uh, and would be able to, uh, be relatively close to where they would be at. Yeah. Cause I mean, a lot, a lot of our retail businesses nights and weekends, so you're going to want to be in an area where you can, you can be accessible to those customers and not having to drive five, 10 miles down the road. Uh huh.

Wow. Uh, other than parts, what's some other services that they have at O'Reilly Auto Parts? One of the things that I heard him mention one time before is you could borrow a tool or something like that. So we do rental tools and you know, where you come in and you'll pay if the, if the tool costs $60, you'll pay the $60 for the part and you've got 48 hours and then you bring the part back and we'll give you all your money back for the part. So you have that opportunity and you know, we will help install wiper blades. We may, you know, scan and code and then recommend them to go to a shop to get that fixed light bulbs, um, batteries. We can test batteries, alternators, starters, and we can replace batteries in our stores.

So we have a need come in and see our team. And also there's like a shop referral program. Also, you can go to a Raleigh and it's got a shop referral link so they can find their, their closest shop that is in our network.

And that way, if someone is, uh, let's say if you're traveling and you need to know a close shop, you can call that. And we're going to be right back just after this. Yes, sir. It's time for more good stuff with Aaron Clements and John Ryan Mooney. The CNC auto show is brought to you by liquid Molly developed from special oil specifically for German imports. Liquid Molly now offers motor oil for domestic models to learn more at that's Jimmy Brazil of O'Reilly auto parts is here with us. He's he's here and ready to answer automotive parts questions or any other question that you might have.

I'm right here with him. We are ready to go. Uh, we are also going to go to Jerry.

Is that right? Yes, we are. Jerry, welcome to the CNC auto show.

And what can we help you with today? Hi, I'm, uh, I'm interested in the information on our transmission. I have a 2004 Envoy and it has an automatic transmission and I would like to flat tow that vehicle behind the motor home. And my question is, can I put a, a research pump to, uh, pump the fluid through the transmission to keep it cool while it's being plateaued. It's being plateaued, uh, to protect the transmission.

Uh, yes, you can. They, uh, they do make equipment to be able to do that and it will, uh, it will keep the transmission cool and lubricate the parts as you're driving down the road now, of course, uh, whether it's your best option or not, that would be something that you would need to look into, uh, well, on that one, or you wouldn't be able to put it just in neutral, uh, because the transmission, if the, if the transmission pump is not turning, then you won't have the fluid circulating through the transmission to keep in going up to the cooler, to keep the transmission cool or lubricating the parts, uh, but they do make kits that you can put on and on those, and you cut them on and you, uh, lubricate, uh, you pump the fluid through to the transmission as the cars being towed. Now, there are some drawbacks to that, because if you accidentally forget to cut the pump on, you're going to have a toasted out transmission when you get going, where are you going? Um, and plus I would, um, I would be interested unless this, uh, O4 envoy is something that you really want to have above a lot of other vehicles. I would compare the cost to getting a vehicle that can be towed, uh, with, uh, without having to go through that, because there are vehicles that are designed to be able to, uh, pull behind without having pumping mechanism. And of course, always, you may even decide on a standard transmission vehicle can do that very easily, uh, comparing the price to having that installed to switching to a different vehicle. Well, I, I already have the envoy and, uh, it's a, it's a spare vehicle. So any, any other vehicle is going to be an additional cost, uh, and you get one that's flat towable, as I understand it, a standard transmission, unless it's a four wheel drive that you can, uh, put the transfer case in neutral has got the same problem.

You can't just flat tow it in neutral without, uh, possibly burning it up. I was trying to think what cars it is, but there's a, uh, there's some vehicles that are made that are set up for being able to tow behind RVs that are automatics. Also, I see a lot of small cars, like the minis and the stuff like that.

There's some do different things like that. Now, what I would recommend now, this is, this is kind of the best thing in the world you could ever do is I would recommend and join in one of the chat rooms that has to do with RV, uh, systems and ask the question on that chat room, and you would be amazed at how much information and the people on the, a lot of those, uh, on a lot of those are so willing to help or join a Facebook page and has to do with RVs and post a question on there and you will get more information than you could ever imagine. They'll let you know what vehicles are. And the part that I was talking about, oh, for envoy, uh, no doubt you already have it, but used cars are selling for a huge amount now.

I mean, they are unbelievable. So if you were to decide to change vehicles, you would sell your oh, for envoy, get another vehicle that is already designed to be pulled. And then you wouldn't have to hook up this, uh, this unit because once you hook it up, then that money has been spent, you wouldn't be able to change it over to a very, another vehicle very easily. So I would, uh, I would at least weigh it out, do it, but go ahead and grab that option, but I believe I would, before doing anything else, go with the, uh, go with one of the RV, uh, Facebook pages or YouTube or great, great, uh, answer there, Jimmy, uh, a YouTube video and lots of good stuff, uh, other stuff. You could go up to one of the camper stores.

You can go to a camper land, a gander mountain, some of those. And, and ask them have, uh, did they know people that have done this with this particular vehicle because they could probably set it up. I mean, that's what they did. Yeah. And you don't want to buy something and find out that it's a big hassle. Every time you go camping to hook something up and, and make it circulate and what would happen if you forget and all these other things that you can do. So, um, spend a little time, uh, with, with others that have done the same thing.

I mentioned before it, I don't like to be the first cowboy to top the hill. Yeah. You get the arrow. So that sound good.

Yeah. Thanks a lot. Everyone, Jerry. Thank you, Jerry.

Okay. The number to call 7 0 6 8 6 3 5 800. If you have a question about your car truck, as you give us a call and we will go over to Chuck Chuck.

Chuck, welcome to the CNC auto show. How are you, sir? I'm doing great.

Thanks very much. Thanks for taking my call. I've called you before. Um, you worked on my daughter's Malibu at the time. You're the only one that could get that thing to stop cranking so long. Uh, Chevy, nobody else could do it.

And I see Barry over at, at the Martin has office every once in a while. Um, I've got a 2016 Tahoe that my, uh, I call it volt meter in a car. You know, my gauge goes down to 10. And right now it's I'm in the car right now.

It's reading right at 14, but usually should be reading right around 14. Right. Uh, yes. Not a brand new battery. I got a battery. That's about a year old in it. And, um, you know, I, I just don't know what to do. Um, cause it doesn't do it all the time. Yes.

Jimmy may have something. What is it? Come to your local Arati auto parts. We can check your battery and your alternator for you. Uh huh.

Yeah. And your voltage now, and that's very close to what I was going to mention to them myself. Uh, one thing I can tell you is the volt meters in most GM cars are, uh, are, uh, not known to be right very often. Uh, and, and so what I recommend, uh, most people do is let's say that their volt meter is normally running and showing around 12.5, 13 volts.

And they're concerned that it's, uh, that it's lower than it should be. I normally recommend us checking the battery voltage. And then if it reads 14 volts, 13 and a half, 14, uh, even with a load on it, ripple pattern looks good and alternator, everything's good. I would just, from then on, use that volt meter is just a reference point and say, if it went down lower than what it normally runs in something, then I need to have it checked.

Now in your case, would it be an intermittent? And I would wait until that happens and it's reading low and either have your volt meter that you can just hook up just a cheap volt meter. You wouldn't need much and test it and see if it's reading higher than what the gauge is showing. Then you'll know it's a gauge problem or just run by O'Reilly auto parts and say, Hey, my gauge is reading low.

Can you tell me what my battery voltage is? Yeah, cause 10, 10 is no good to have problems. You could have a problem with an intermittent alternator type problem. And you want to determine if that's the case. And also there's other tests that can be run on the alternator to sense problems like a ripple pattern, different other tests. Okay.

Would the O'Reilly auto parts test or test that also? Okay. I appreciate that. Got one other quick question for you. Um, we, I called earlier and I had to dump off because I'd stopped at this lady's house that we look after she's in their eighties. She has a 92, uh, fewer Riviera with 44,000 miles on it. She hasn't driven it in, I don't know how many years.

Um, we didn't do any case like that. She, she, she probably people offer to buy it, but I don't know if they've given her a price or anything. I mean, it's just a lady that we're friendly with and we look after her a little bit, you know, can I answer that as soon as we return? Sure. Okay. We're going to pull over to the side of the road just for a second.

And we have some great input on that. Soon as we come back. When you need auto parts, OReilly is just a few clicks away. We offer convenient options for you to get your parts quickly order online and pick up for free at your local O'Reilly auto parts store. We'll even bring it out curbside. Or you can have your parts delivered right to your door with free shipping on most orders over $35. Visit OReilly Don't bust your knuckles.

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And no one else has it. The blaster pro straw. Look for it on cans of PB blaster and multi-max synthetic lubrication, always use blaster products and work it like a pro. Welcome back to more of the CNC auto show with Aaron Clements and John Ryan Mooney. Questions, the CNC auto show is brought to you in part by Clarios, the world's largest producer of automotive AGM batteries, which are precision engineered to meet the electrical demands we put on today's vehicles. Learn more at and we are back with you, Jimmy Braswell of O'Reilly auto parts is our cohost. We're here to answer your automotive questions and you can join in. All you have to do is dial 1-800-224-9090.

That's on Saturday mornings, 805 to 10 Eastern time. Mention real quick before we go back to the calls, the valve stem, I've got the paperwork on this thing. He showed it to me, Mason Rogers, our producers got one of these. It's an emergency valve stem. It installs from outside the wheel and he's had the same because they sent it to him. Now we did some research.

There's 136 million cars was in the US in 2007, so there's a lot more than that. Now, so I guess what's going to happen? What do you think the odds are of the valve stem falling out of one of them and that particular person's got this emergency valve stem? Hey, we need to talk to whoever owns Colby and see whether why did they think they needed to come up with this thing?

Who needs an emergency valve stem? OK, let's jump back with Chuck. Yeah, let's go back to Chuck. Chuck, we were talking about your volt meter on your Tahoe. And we had some ideas on on things that you could do as far as confirming whether your volt meter is lying to you or if it's telling the truth and you do have an issue, the 92 Riviera. Yeah. And then you mentioned the 92 Riviera. Now you mentioned that this person is no longer driving the vehicle. That's correct. OK, and you're wanting to know what should be done with the vehicle. Is that correct?

Yes, sir. OK, and she can't drive it. She's wheelchair bound and she really does need to do something with it. How long has it been sitting?

Probably five years, maybe even more. Yeah, but it's been in the garage and it's, you know, it's paint and everything's nice, but new tires, 44,000 miles. But I know they're going to have to take the gas tank off and all that stuff, probably. Chuck, you're going to find some people that would go crazy over that.

I really will. I mean, that's a good car. Yeah, you could take that and you could put that on Craigslist and you go have people from all over the country calling you saying we would like to have that car. That's a cool little car.

Yeah. Now, be real careful when you put it on there, though, because I did my little Miata like that. I had a great deal on another vehicle, so I sold my Miata. I put that thing on Craigslist and I put it down for one price. And I mean, within a day, people were calling, wanting to come get it.

They were ready for it. And some person from North Carolina ended up getting the car. But I should have got a whole bunch more. Facebook Marketplace. I said I made this thing way too cheap when I did that.

Absolutely. Price it right. So I would recommend, if possible, contacting some people in some of the car clubs. Now, in this area, there's a place called Gas Car Club. That's G A S C. And they are very nice people and get some worth of idea of what that car would sell for. Because you don't want to sell it real, real cheap and then find out, hey, I could have got some more for it.

Because we want her to be able to get good money for a good money for market value. And like we said before, I mean, used cars right now are selling for a premium. Yeah. And especially cars like that.

Absolutely. I want to take that car and really enjoy having it. So go ahead and find out what it's worth. Then put it in Craigslist or some other online type deal, because you want to reach out to more people than just in our immediate area. Facebook Marketplace. I mean, I sell a bunch of stuff on there, so I would go that direction. Yeah. So do one of those and sell the car and it'll go pretty quick.

Now, you probably want to not put her number down, put it to where they would have to you contact them, and then you'll be able to keep good discrete and safety for her as people are looking at the car. Yeah. I've never been disappointed talking to you guys on any occasion for any reason. So I really, really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

We do appreciate that. Okay. Take care. You do the same.

Bye bye. Steve number to call 7 0 6 8 6 3 5 800. And Bob is the next one by one minute. So we're going to bring Bob in. Winner winner chicken dinner. Yes, he did. Hey, Bob, welcome to the CNC Auto Show.

And what can we help you with? I've got a 2001 F 250, basically a work truck driving down to Charleston, got within, like, 10 miles of the site, and the air conditioner went off for about a minute, and then it came back on. And then I looked at the temp gauge and it's running towards the red. So I pulled over and we stopped. I didn't see anything boiling over. Waited a while and took the cap off and plenty of fluid there for about 15 minutes. Got back in the truck. I left it.

We turned the air conditioner off and I ran around two days in Charleston. The things got actual gauges. It stayed dead in the middle, drove all the way back to Augusta, got the beach island, and it ran up in the red part that I just can't figure out.

Usually when things break, it seems to stay broke. Yeah. So it seemed to me that that air conditioner, something with the air conditioner or the gauges off, but it never acted like it was really running hot. Yeah.

That's a couple of quick questions. One question would be when the vehicle did run hot, were you actually driving down the road at highway speeds or you were in, like, little bit slow speeds or stop and go? No, we were. Yeah, we were going about 65 or 70, and like I said, it just stopped. And then all of a sudden it came back on again. And that's when I looked at the gauge and it just started heading, heading to red. So I drove a little bit farther, but then I pulled over, but then it settled back and driving around in Charleston, you know, Charleston traffic. It stayed dead in the middle and all the way back yesterday until I got the beach island and then it jumped into the red again.

Something just doesn't make sense. Well, it does sound like you have the possibility of a thermostat issue or a bad reading on your gauge, one of the two. You don't want to take a chance at that because when that joker's in the red, I would cut it off immediately and do whatever you need to do. Now, the reason I asked were you in stop and go traffic and be sure that this don't fit in the scenario is ordinarily when you mentioned the AC quick getting cold and then the temperature went up, then I would lean toward a cooling fan type issue because if the car is not moving but just a few miles an hour in heavy traffic or stopped at traffic lights and you see the gauge move up, then if the cooling fans are not running, the car would run hot until you got up to speed again. I think that's got a clutch on it too, so the clutch could be going bad.

Exactly. Well, you know, when we were coming back, we were running on I-26, it would stay in the middle and every once in a while, traffic slowed down a little bit and it started to creep up a little bit and then when I got back up to speed, it would settle right back down again. Being in Charleston, that's in that traffic and it not doing that, that's kind of odd. Yeah, you sound like, it sounds like more you have a cooling fan issue, would you describe it that way and I would recommend having someone check the electric cooling fans on there for the condenser and if it's not working, just a matter of replacing that, that fits right into the case of what your symptoms are. You know, I thought it might have been a water pump, but I've had water pumps go out and you can definitely see that.

Yeah, and plus you'd have a lot of cool stuff all over the place. All right, fantastic question and we appreciate that very much. Thanks, Bob. Thank you.

Okay, the time clock is on E and I need to pull over for now, but we will be back on the road in no time. I'm your host, I guess. You're the man. Here with a valve still, man.

That's it. Got all of our time. We have a cohost, Jimmy Braswell of O'Reilly auto parts, our show producer, Mason Rogers. And we would like to say thank you all for riding with the CNC auto show.

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